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Friday, October 21, 2016

The next time Paul Ryan decides to trumpet the Catholic values of his budget proposal, he better make sure no Catholics are actually around—or, at least, not the very religious ones. Today a group of Roman Catholic nuns embarked on a multi-state bus tour to protest the Ryan Budget, which they have framed as an issue of social justice.

“As Catholic sisters, we must speak out against the current House Republican budget, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan,” the organization writes on its website.”We do so because it harms people who are already suffering.”

The Nuns on the Bus tour will travel eastward from Ames, Iowa, all the way to Washington, DC, passing through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“When the federal government cuts funding to programs that serve vulnerable people, we see the effects in our daily work,” they write. “Simply put, real people suffer. That is immoral.”

The Republican-backed Ryan Budget seeks to reduce the deficit by slashing funds for food stamps programs and Medicaid, while increasing tax-breaks for corporations. In his religious defense of the proposal, Ryan argued “Our budget offers a better path consistent with the timeless principles of our nation’s founding and, frankly, consistent with how I understand my Catholic faith.” Apparently, Ryan’s conception of “timeless principles” involves a deep understanding of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.

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  • ryan’s budget is satan’s plan and romney saids it is ”’MARVELOUS”’

  • Romney would say anything to keep the right-wing guessing. I am amazed that there are people who actually go out to hear him speak.

  • EdC

    Ryan does not understand Christain faith, The Catholic church just like the Protestant Churches are Christain, and read the Bible which teaches us to love one another and to Well lets just Read James 2 8&9 If you are really faithful to the royal law according to scripture You shall love your neightbor as your self ,you do well 9 But if you show partiality you commit sin… As the nuns are saying taking from the poor to give tax breaks to the rich is a sin. but Ryan has a lot of problems like this, his budget gives the military three times what they want and they don’t want the extra, but Ryan says the military doesn’t know what its talking about, even though they have been at it a wee bit longer then Ryan has. And Mittens says he will sign this the day he gets into the white house. Corporate inteligence vs the people

  • He must have studied a different type of Catholicism than I did at my Catholic School. He is praising the almighty dollar and bowing to the GOD’s of corporate America!!!!

  • s27458

    God bless the nuns

  • MikeCassidyAHS

    These nuns, which I admire wholly, would do well not to cross Bishop Dolan’s path,
    They may find themselves at odds with Rome. It’s too bad that the USCCB (U S Catholic Conference of Bishops) can’t speak up on these issues. All they seem to give a crap about is abortion, no mention EVER of the church’s teaching about capital punishment or other social justice issues. I’m a liberal because I’m Catholic, not in spite of it. I’ve got news for my bishop(s), I’m NOT LEAVING my church, I’m a ‘Cradle Catholic’, and will remain and die in Christ’s Church.
    Mike Cassidy
    Utica, Md.

    • These Nuns have a moral right to say what they feel they need to . Women have always been put down , in the Catholic Church. If these where men I doubt if it would receive as much attention from the Church. The church likes to keep women in their place under men. They have every right to speak out ! I also am a cradle catholic in recovery.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Even the leftist nutjobs have infiltrated the Catholic Church and these nuns are no exception. The true teachings of the Catholic Church, and for that matter all of Christianity, is for individual salvation through acts of charity and good will, NOT collective salvation and the strawman argument of “social justice”. The “social justice” term has been coined as a means of hiding the true meaning which is nothing more than a retread of old and tired socialist policies that the world has come to know are destructive to civilization.

    So while it is admirable that a couple of nuns want to do a bus tour to make their opinions heard, the reality is that they are unwittingly (or maybe to wit) being used as useful idiots of Obozo’s campaign propaganda machine. Too bad for them! 🙁

    Have a nice day!

    • MikeCassidyAHS

      There’s nothing that I know of which forbids ‘Collectively Helping their fellow man’, if there is, please enlighten me.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Mike… please explain “collectively helping”… not sure what you mean and I dont want to incorrectly infer meaning to your statement.


        Have a nice day!

        • MikeCassidyAHS

          You probably hoping that I’d say communism, no I won’t. Take another twist on it;
          Have you ever head the church condemn the voluntary collectivism of Northern Europe,
          Belgium, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. By voluntary, I mean by ‘Majority Rule’.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mike… no. Not hoping anything. Seeking clarity. That’s all.

            Regarding your statement >”By voluntary, I mean by ‘Majority Rule’”< I will challenge you on this because logically, and by definition, what is "VOLUNTARY" is NOT coerced. But in your definition, those in the minority would be coerced by the majority who rule.

            Do you understand?

            Have a nice day!

          • MikeCassidyAHS

            I do understand, and have always understood.

            Your right, the minority is coerced, but an enlightened majority should be able to lessen the impact,
            I guess that’s where the Bill or Rights come in, at least to some extent. It’s kind of like the political philosopher; I think was Kent believed that politically, society should strive ‘For the greatest amount of pleasure for the greatest number of people’. I believe that’s a narrow selfish approach, and in its purity allows society to ignore the needs of the less fortunate.
            This discussion could go on forever

            Have a good day yourself, I hope I didn’t offend you, and thank you for not offending me.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mike… so the the phrase “voluntary collectivism”, as it applies to the original topic of my post and your response, is really code speak for forced, or coerced, socialism and wealth redistribution. By your admission, it is so. And by the way, by historical f act, that is also the case. Knowing that, one cannot with honesty or integrity suggest such coercion by the majorty (also known as “tyranny of the majority”) is voluntary. Clearly, it is not. This is why we do not have a democracy in America. Instead, we have a Representative Republic designed to blunt the wishes of the majority. This is a good thing. What if the majority wanted to reinstate slavery? Would that be a good thing? Do we go along just because a majority wants it? Of course not. We don’t go along because it would be immoral to do so. That’s why. Not because a majority wants it.

            Now, it seems like this is off topic, but it’s not. The whole point of “social justice” is nothing more than a new phraseology of the same old socialist/Marxist visions of the proletariat vs. the bourgeois. In typical leftist fashion, it sounds great. After all who could be against “social justice”. But, in reality, the practice is much more devious than the belief because it involves coercion and confiscation of private property (earnings are private property) for someone else’s socialist ideals.

            Regarding your quoting of Kent… contrast his narcissistic social visions with that of the GreatGhandi and his 7 Dangers To Human Virtue:

            1. Wealth without work.
            2. Pleasure without conscience.
            3. Knowledge without character.
            4. Business without ethics.
            5. Science without humanity.
            6. Religion without sacrifice.
            7. Politics without principle.

            Comparing the 2, I think I’ll stick with Ghandi. You can have Kent.

            Thanks for the good discussion.

            Have a great day!

          • MikeCassidyAHS

            I don’t like Kent, never have he, sucks. Unfortunately he is the cornerstone of our modern day materialistic society.

            I don’t believe it is off point on social justice, M. Luther was one of the original proponent of ‘Sola Scriptoria’, but he had a problem getting around Saint James, such a large problem was Saint James, he even suggested that James be ‘removed’ FROM THE CANNON’. Most Consevetrative Christians today would rather ignore James, wonder why that is. It would helpCatholics to develop some insight anddo some reading about their church and it’s teaching; good place to start would be Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical ‘Rerum Novarum’. I have attempted at least to get through it at least 10 times, and succeeded on just 4 occasions. Each time I read it, I get more out of it.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Mike.. I dont think Kent is the cornerstone of anything except eff’d up people who look for any reason to justify their own narcissism. Regarding your post, I just replied to Jesse Villareal in this thread with a post that sort of answers the same issues you bring up here. I’d rather not be redundant. If you read it, please respond to me here. Thanks.

            Have a nice day, Mike!

    • metrognome3830

      OMG, though I parted from the Catholic church a long time ago, I have to take issue with your view that the churches only espouse salvation through individual acts of charity and good will. I would like to know how you interpret that. I don’t believe that the churches only consider individual acts. As an individual, one may well act in concert with other like-minded individuals. Certainly their participation is considered an individual act as well as acting as part of a group. I don’t see how one’s acts as part of a group would then be discounted. In fact, I believe the church preaches against the person who only extols his own good works to God and ignores the good works of others. Pride is, after all, one of the seven Capital Sins, isn’t it?

      You have a nice day, and keep up those acts of good will my friend.

      • ObozoMustGo

        metro, you are confusing the issue. #1, I don’t care what your religion or non-religion is. That’s your business, not mine or anyone else’s. That said, go back and re-read my post. What I said was that Christianity teaches that YOUR (meaning a person’s) salvation is contingent upon YOUR individual works, and that God does NOT judge you based upon what your group did. He judges you based upon YOUR individual behavior. That was my point, and it was the counter argument to the confused nuns that are being used as useful idiots in the left’s plot to convince people that politicians and government should take more of your money. And you know where I stand on that. That is all!

        Further, my discussion does not say, nor do I believe that an individual cannot perform good and charitable works with other like minded people in a group, say at a church or a local homeless shelter or whatever. What I do say, vehemently, is that I don’t buy the “collective salvation, social justice” mantra of the left. NOT ONE SINGLE IOTA OF IT! It is a LIE!

        Hope this explains things a little more clearly.

        Have a wonderful day, metro!

  • William Deutschlander

    The nun’s protest is honest people, who know the 10 commandments, recognize that we are a nation under God, who are expressing common sense!


    The U S A was built on shared sacrifice not selfishness and greed!

    • ObozoMustGo

      Uhhh…. Nazi Bill…. The nation was formed on men’s sacrifices in the Revolution specifically for the benefits of individual freedom and liberty. NOT for a collectivist ideal, but for individuals’ abilities to pursue their own happiness and the fruits of their own labor without fear of confiscation by government. By your definition, government confiscation of private property is an accpetable practice all in the name of “social justice”. In reality, you are a sucker for believing that politicians will take people’s earnings for the benefit of the poor when in truth, they are just benefiting themselves. What else can you say about a system that steals money from one man, takes 85% off the top, then delivers 15% worth in the form of crappy services to whomever the politician deems by his own wisdom to be in need? It’s robbery. Today’s politicians give Robin Hood a good name!

      Nazi Bill, you most likely have a good heart and your feelings for the less fortunate may be admirable. But you are so blinded by the sales pitch of the left telling you how much they care if only you turn over more of your money or others’ money to them. You have swallowed the crap bait, hook, line and sinker! So sad. So sad.

      Have a nice day!

      • Were not hackking out our homes in a forest and even if we were neighbors depended on each other for protection from hostile natives, and to help is their barn’s burned down or to deliver babies town sprang up so neighbors could be closer together to help one another your version doesn’t reflect true history and is some idiots dream of self reliance by people that never existed. We feed the poor because we ask the poor to fight our battles we care for the sick because we may be sick ourselves, we feed babies because it is the humane thing to do as Christian’s. We take our que from our Lord who said a house divided can not stand, together we rise as one Nation divided we fall apart no man is a island unto himself.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Jesse… Times may change but principles don’t. So whether or not we are “hacking our our homes in a forrest” or buying them from Toll Brothers is of no consequence to the discussion as a whole. You are dead wrong when you think that being a Christian requires you to be a part of a “collective salvation”. It does not. If you are a Christian, your salvation depends on your good works, NOT your contributions to politicians who say they do your good work in proxy. Jesus did not tell the parable of the Good Samaritan as a person that passed by and said “don’t worry, someone from the government will be here soon”. Instead, the parable is meant to teach that each of us individually is responsible for his/her own good work, and our individual salvation is at stake. No where in the Bible does it discuss the salvation of one as being contingent upon the works of a collective. NO WHERE! Whether or not you do your good work toward your fellow man, or not, is your business, not mine. And likewise what is my business is not yours.

          Note that this is NOT an argument over whether or not we should do good works. Clearly, we all have an obligation to do so in our own way. The debate here is over the socialist concept of “social justice” and collectivism versus individual liberty and freedom. I know that in a socialist hotbed like The Memo, I’m gonna get pushback, but I’m not wrong on this at all.

          Those who argue for “social justice” are seeking to legitimize their socialist ends with a takeover of the words of religion. Like I said in a previous post, when you believe a politician who tells you that you are doing good work if only you give him more money of yours to spend, then there is not much hope for you. Even if you look at if from a strictly mathematical perspective, you send $1 to DC, and maybe, just maybe 15 cents of services are delivered. If a person from XYZ Charity came to your door and offered that same deal to help the homeless, you would rightly kick them off your property. Why do you lefty guys tolerate the same lies from your politicians? WHY???? It’s like you have this blind faith in government that defies all logic and past evidence. I just dont understand it.

          Can any of you explain this blind faith to me? And do so without saying “well, so and so….” Focus on your real reason and please explain.

          Have a nice day!

          • EdC

            I’m back! So when Romney says that the Forclosure thing should be allowed to go on and put people out of their homes, you back that as a good work. So when Romney says that poor people should pay moe taxes, so that the wealthy don’t have to, thats a good work, they only way to stop these thing are from a “collective” good work.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Welcome back, Ed. I hope you are well.

            Even though I like you, Ed, you are lost in a fog and, no matter the topic, it’s ALWAYS DemocRAT vs. Republican to you. You are lost, my friend. This discussion doesn’t have anything to do with the political race. Instead, this discussion began with the article and my post about the fact that “social justice” is nothing more than codespeak of the left to attempt to coopt religion for their devious socialist, collectivist goals. And the nuns on the bus trip are being turned into useful idiots of the left. That was my point.

            As well, I asked the broad question of why is it that you guys on the left support the whole idea of “helping the poor” in your collectivist manner when you know for a fact that you give the bureaucracy $1.00 and maybe, MAYBE, 15 cents is delivered in services. If a person representing Charity XYZ came to your door with a request for your donation, you would rightly kick that person off of your property. But you leftists have this never ending blind faith that the same government, where facts have proven over and over and over and over again that they are failures at delivering services with any sort of efficacy or efficiency, will somehow be better next time around. I just dont get it.

            I am looking for someone that can give a coherent answer to these questions. And not the same old typical crap that begins with “well, so and so has more……” or “Bush did ……..” or “the rich dont………” I dont want hear the same old garbage. I really want to know where this faith in government comes from?

            Have a nice day, Ed!

          • metrognome3830

            If Charity XYZ came to my door, I probably would ask them for literature describing their charity — then kick them off my doorstep. Then I would look for reliable information about their work. If they were reliably reported as actually donating at least 90% of the funds to charitable work, I would probably contribute. If Paul Ryan came to my door collecting, I would kick him off my doorstep. And then, when he landed, I would continue kicking him further down the street until I could no longer kick. Let’s face it, OMG, there are two kinds of politicians now. The out and out crooks and the ones that are too stupid to be crooks.

      • This guy Obozo etc the only thing he wants is to get rid of a black President. He shows his hatred, he’s not a Christian. U.S. is evolving in the good direction and the nuns are wright.

        • ObozoMustGo

          newborn… you have not succeeded at mitigating your own ignorance since birth.

          Have a nice day!

          • metrognome3830

            OMG, You are right, this nation was formed through the sacrifices of men (and don’t forget women). But, I don’t think our ancestors fought for their freedom just so they could be free to keep everything they earned while disregarding the welfare of the rest of the nation. I don’t think you mean that either. I don’t have a definite answer as to what they wanted, but somehow I don’t think their attitude was “I got mine, screw you!” Well, probably some of them but not most of them. I had ancestors that fought in the Revolution, but even at my advanced age, they had passed from this earth before I was born, so I have no first-hand information as to what they fought for. But, once again, I have to concur that today’s government leaders, regardless of label, are mainly in it for themselves. Paul Ryan, who would be a disgrace to my Irish relatives, I believe, comes under the previous description: “I got mine, screw you!” But I have come to believe that is in the mainstream on Capitol Hill.

            Have a great day!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hi metro! How’s my AZ buddy today? I hope you are well, my friend.

            In response to your post, we actually do know very well why our ancestors fought the Revolution… for freedom from a tyrant and the right to self government in a grand experiment called a representative republic. They fought for private property rights. They fought for individual liberty. They fought for the rights of self determination. And without question, they fought AND died for posterity. For no man would go to his death without a greater cause. We know this to be true. Even a passing fancy of the American Revolution will reveal this fact to anyone.

            The interesting point that I take from your post is that you somehow believe that anyone that disagrees with the left’s definition of the “greater good” is somehow selfish, somehow out to “get mine”. This is another misconception of the left. You guys love to place intentions in others’ words that just are not based in reality. The absolute truth is that pursuit of one’s freedom and liberty from oppressive government IS NOT a selfish endeavor, no matter what you think. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite if said freedom and liberty is desired for all. Who in this world could have more than their complete freedom bolstered by private property rights and a government who’s primary purpose is the protection of those rights? It’s the greatest value a human can have.

            So this whole notion of a “collective obligation” is nonsense. It’s double speak for “I’m a politician and you should give me more of your private property (money) because I know better than you how to deal with social problems”. That’s all it is. And you know it.

            The real trouble with a citizenry that relies upon government to perform their charitable acts is that ultimately, the purpose behind the government “charity” NEVER is met, and instead grows worse and worse and worse over time. Witness the devestation our own social programs have created. It also results in a significant decline in personal and private charity. Look at the welfare states of Europe. Almost no one gives to private charity over there. That’s because they all rely on government to do their charity work. And now look at them. The piper is looking to be paid and there’s no money left. What a horrible shame. And we are on the same path because people are buying off on the concepts of socialism. It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

            Metro, if you read Paul Ryan’s suggestions and someone had switched the name and party affiliation to a D, you would like the common sense approach to dealing with our financial fiasco that exists today. Unfortunately, you have been suckered by the demagogues that are trying to demonize someone that does not advocate a neo-Keynesian borrow and spend, borrow and spend, powerful centralized federal government model. The fact is that while all of you argue about and demonize Paul Ryan, or anyone else that seeks to alter our financial destiny from certain demise, the train just keeps on rolling toward the cliff, and the pace is picking up. So ultimately, you will have ignored the problems until such time as NONE of your vaunted social programs that you on the left value so highly will even have any funds to keep them solvent. They will ALL be gone.

            So you decide. Do you want to keep fighting common sense in the face of reality? Do you want to keep supporting the same neo-Keynesian policies that have put us in this position? Or do you want to be an adult and realize that we have already spent too much of our future on today’s goodies, and now a diet must be prescribed or the patient dies? Which one is it, metro?”

            I know this has been a seemingly meandering response, but this is all intertwined, my friend. Our present circumstances have been born of a “collectivist mentality” and an unexplainable blind faith in politicians and bureaucrats to solve social problems DESPITE all of the evidence to the contrary right in our faces.

            I hope this clears up some things for you.

            Have a great day, metro!

          • metrognome3830

            A Happy Wednesday to you, OMG.

            We don’t disagree on the motivation behind the Revolution. The only point I wanted to bring up is that you only point out that people fought against tyranny, for religious freedom and private property rights, etc. while failing to mention that they also may have had the idea of improving life for all citizens as well as improving their own lot. And contrary to your belief that us “lefties” believe everyone is entitled to a life on ease and contentment with everything guaranteed by the government, that is your slant, not reality.
            Of course their are those relatively few people who believe they should be cared for by the rest of us. And there are some who do need help. But the motivation of the majority of the multitudes of ordinary working stiffs is to have a more level playing field. What we see is a growing gulf between working people and the upper tier of income earners. Wages have practically flatlined over the past three decades while executive compensation continues to go up, even during a recession. What we see is a government, regardless of label, complicit with the ultra rich while ignoring the majority of the population. The fairy story here is that if we lower taxes for the corporations, they will “create jobs.” They are payng taxes at a lower rate now than they have in decades and jobs remain as scarce. Yet, no one wants to change the tax structure so that it would be fair for everyone because no one wants to give up their tax breaks. And, unfortunately, no one trusts the government anymore to do the job of cutting taxes across the board, eliminate all the myriad deductions and special tax breaks, and do it fairly and honestly. Or even fairly honestly. Frankly, OMG, I have no objection to seeing someone get rich if they produce a product that people want. That’s fair. I don’t want to take their money away. I am aware of the fact that I am not creative enough to develop a saleable product or enough of a promoter to go out and raise capital for a new venture. I am satisfied with working for the man who has the idea. I just wanted to be compensated at a fair wage. A wage that will allow me to own a modest home, a mid-range automobile and be able to take my family out to dinner on occasion or on a vacation. I have no strong inclination to be a multi-millionaire. I just want to be able to acquire enough savings and a pension so I might enjoy a peaceful retirement and affordable health care. There are many people, from all levels and walks of life who are responsible for our economic woes right now. It is not just us “leftist nut jobs.” But a lot of blame goes to a dysfunctional, do-nothing government. I don’t know if they want to do nothing or if they don’t know what to do.

            Well, now I’m rambling on. I’m probably not making sense anymore. That’s what happens to old “lefties.” We ramble on.

            You have a nice day!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Metro… You are not rambling on. You always make sense to me. It’s one of the reasons why I love you. You’re honest and true to yourself. I have tremendous respect for you. Thank you.

            Reading your post, I don’t disagree with what you said at all. Where we disagree is in practice. I know that if we leave it to Politicians to level the playing field according to their own dictates, the system is corrupted. Don’t you see this? One day it’s my ox getting gored, the next it’s yours. My point is as it always to not trust men with power over us. Instead, like our founders knew, don’t give them

          • metrognome3830

            Oh I agree wholeheartedly that we cannot leave it to the politicians to level the playing field. We definitely need to do it ourselves. Unfortunately, once again, that damn human element comes into play. Too many of us leave it to the politicians. Too many of us ordinary citizens have the same attitude as the politicians. “We need to make changes to everyone else’s life — but leave ours alone. Somewhere back in the past, the country has lost sight of the fact that the politicians are elected by the people to represent all the people. Not just the people who come visiting them with suitcases full of money. I believe the politicians have come to believe that the people are there to serve them. My frustration is with the fact that not enough people have the will or the know-how to make the changes we need.

            Thanks for your kind words. I respect your viewpoint as well. And I do enjoy your sense of humor.

            Have a good night!

          • ObozoMustGo

            My post never finished because I cannot type on iPhone well without screwing up. Tried to finish in separate posts.

            Bed time. Good night my friend!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Metro… My last post is incompete because I despise typing on my iphone. It always fugs up.

            But I was saying that politicians that sell you on the idea of taking more of your money will solve societies ills are the dangerous ones. They use your compassion against you for their own desires for more power. This why the saying of the road to hell is paved with good intentions is so frigging true.

            I support a fair system where everyone is treated equally. We all pay the same. No deductions, no special treatment, no bullsheet! No opportunity for politicians to pick their favored groups. That’s fair.

            As to corporate taxes, there should be none. They are only pass through taxes that consumers pay in the end and they artificially inflate prices. It sucks but it’s true. If you want to see job creation in America, watch the investment flow here when there is no corporate income tax. We could not stop the massive job creation that would result. Incentive is a very powerful motivator when one is allowed and encouraged to profit. For those of us that don’t want to be millionaires or CEOs, more opportunity and demand for our labor raises our wages. It’s not really that hard to figure out.

  • Ed

    It amazese how Mitt acts as though the congress has no role in anything he intends to do.

  • Paul Ryan is the man the GOP looks too for guidance on fiscal responsibility and policy. He is considered the brightest and the best they have. Seriously? He has already tossed his dream mentor Ms Rand under the bus of inconvenience, showing his lack of character. He can try and try again to paint his view in Christian values, but nobody will buy it.

  • howa4x

    News flash: the republican party has just re invented Jesus: He is now a corporate CEO concerned with bigger profits for his shareholders. He just approved a 4 yr plan to bust the union, cut salaries, trim benefits, and lobby against all pollution controls. He rained in subsidys for the United way, and stopped sending those inner city kids to camp. He seeks a 4.2% return to his investors. Initial response from the WSJ is positive and sent his corporate stock up 5% and increased his personal wealth to 250 million of which he gave a record $ 3 million to the republican party which he termed the party of god.

  • rustacus21

    Nun rushed the bum!!!! Who’d of thought?! “Politically” active Catholics no less! I, for 1, say it’s long over due – that they involve themselves in more than just the abortion or contraceptions debates. McConnel is out 2day spewing madness about poor people not sacrificing enuff. Not “SACRIFICING”… Think about it a minute. Then think about no grocery stores in ‘yo hood’. No new appliance stores. No quality schools. No quality, affordable day care centers. No full-service library. No community bank. No legislators local office. What a life!!! That must mean there’s cadillacs, bmw’s & mercedes in every driveway, U know, like the welfare ‘kings’ & ‘queens’ of Reagan fictionarials. I know no person of conscience voted for either 1 of them!!! How could an PATRIOTIC American cast even 1 vote between the TWO OF THEM?!!!?

  • DG

    Nuns know who is naughty and nice.

  • I Loved When The Catholic Bishops Ripped Paul Ryan A New Asshole!!