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Friday, October 28, 2016

Obama Failed To Defend Government From Romney’s Bluster

Obama Failed To Defend Government From Romney’s Bluster

Obama failed to defend his policies or the positive role of government. But next time he’ll be ready.

President Obama lost the debate. A bad night’s sleep did not change my mind about that. But let’s be clear that, even if more relaxed and lucid, Romney was the same as ever. There is no “new Romney.” He dissimulated, did not address details, and refused to answer what few charges Obama brought up.

He opened with a brilliant debating tactic — really a war tactic: open a second front and retreat on the first one. Romney tacked to the middle. No, he won’t cut any taxes he can’t pay for. No, it isn’t a $5 trillion plan. Obama wasn’t ready and didn’t seem able to adjust. But what is the Romney policy? He never said. More upsettingly, Obama noticed but never truly pressed him on it.

In fact, Romney’s is the same old George W. Bush policy, and it didn’t work then. Obama got to this point, too, but didn’t bring it home strongly enough. Job growth was the slowest under Bush of any other postwar president. Obama said it. Doesn’t anyone remember his saying it? But Romney dissimulated again, because he can’t pull this grand four- or five-point strategy off, just like he couldn’t pay off his original tax cut program. Obama could have asked him how much he plans to cut tax rates. He would have dodged it, but in dodging it he would have looked more like the old Romney than the new, bold Romney. Obama could have pressed harder on the details of closing loopholes. He didn’t.

Romney ignored the facts time and again, a tried-and-true debating technique. Obama pointed out that in a Medicare voucher program with choice, the insurance companies will steal the elderly who are healthy and raise costs for Medicare, jeopardizing its future. Romney simply ignored the point and went on to say, as if Obama had said nothing, that Medicare would still be there under his voucher program and if it worked better, it would stand.

In his attacks on the role of government, he persistently said the private sector can do better. But private sector health care costs have risen faster than Medicare. Why is that? He pushed the old ideological sticking points. Government is bad, private enterprise good. No facts, mind you. Just shibboleths. Keep the federal government out of health care. Give it to the states. Should we keep the federal government out of Social Security and Medicare — both very popular government programs — too?

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  • Obama let Romney set thye tone. Now he’s set to call Romney on it.

    Given the Hell that Mitt has faced from neutral fact-checkers all along, this is actually a wise strategy.

  • I can’t understand why Obama didn’t defend himself. Maybe Obama is a very respectful person. But my my daughter who is a very kind and respectful person, told me, when I told her that Romney was a liar “Obama sould have told in front of the cameras that what Romney was saying, were a lot of lies, that he’s a liar.” The public don’t want politics. they want agression, which is not good, but look at the polls now!! I hope the real honest journalits analyze the debate and put in black and white, who really won the debate. The honesty or the dishonesty!!

    • smartandsure

      You have a very wise daughter! I agree with her. Also, on CNN late this afternoon, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders (who would make a great president, by the way), and he said that the president’s advisers cannot take the blame for the president’s performance the other night. No matter what they advised him to do or say, or not to do or say, the final responsibility lay with the president himself. I agree with Bernie Sanders. The president missed a lot of golden opportunities to nail Romney to the wall, and he failed to do it. He has a lot of making up to do in the next two debates, and I have a feeling that he’s going to come out swinging next time. Meanwhile, I’m going to be sure to watch Joe Biden debate Lyin’ Ryan because I don’t think Joe Biden is going to let him get away with anything!!!

      • neeceoooo

        That will be one to watch. I wonder if Barack was just so floored and shocked that Romney would lie like he did that he was speechless.

    • Because no matter what the President said, Romney acted as if he did not hear him and continued to repeat the same tired phrases over and over. The President took notes and kept hearing the same tired attacks on his policies, the economy, spending and that Romney is the best thing since baked bread. There is a time and place for everything and that man Romney told the world he was going to get rid of PBS Educational Broadcasting and guess what NOBODY out here in the listening audience said anything. EVERYBODY is set on bashing the President. Lord have mercy.

  • SeekingOut

    As soon as the President entered the arena, I thought, “Uh oh….” because I thought he carried a totally inappropriate grin. I’m not sure what it said but knew it wasn’t right. Why is this relevant? Because my “Uh. oh…” continued all through the debate. The problem is that the President still believes that one needs to be civil, that a discussion can proceed in a logical, sane and responsible way, that one must be consistent and make sense.

    Has he not yet learned? He can’t be civil. He must learn to match cut for cut and thrust for thrust; he must be prepared to scrap. The Romney guys do not allow themselves to be fettered by facts or logic and have no concern for the integrity of their positions and arguments.

    The President has to find a way to fight fire with fire without going down to their level.

    • smartandsure

      Excellent analysis, SeekingOut! Excellent! THANK YOU!

      • SeekingOut

        Thanks, Smart

    • No matter what the President says or does, it seems EVERYBODY is set on bashing him. Romney repeated the same tired phrases over and over about the economy, spending, etc. and it would have been more like an ARGUMENT rather than debate. The President knows this. If people know about debates, it does not wind down into an argument, which this would have been. The President had already told Romney his position on everything he brought up, but Romney kept repeating the same stuff. DID NOT ANYBODY HEAR THIS. Then lo and behold he said he was going to get rid of PBS Broadcasting Educational. NOBODY said a mumbling. Gave Romney the points and bashed the President. Lord have mercy.

  • DurdyDawg

    I believe it was two fold (1) his foes were looking for anything to shower him with sarcasm, they didn’t find it (2) he wanted Romney to show his ass (which he did what with the backlash that’s beginning to crop up). Yes, he showed weakness to his most allied but I think that was pre-determined. In other words, I’m looking forward to the next debate especially after all the myths Romney spewed in the first that will then be exploited. Am I giving Obama too much credit? Maybe he’s not as smart as I presume.. You tell me how intelligent you have to be as a leader (my opinion only).

  • OleSGTJoe

    A “Business Man” vs a Lawyer. The “Business Man” didn’t get to where he is by being nice, or truthful. He would do anything or say anything to attain the next position. Bottom line, he has no conscience. The Lawyer on the other hand plays by hard established rules. He knows that if he strays there are firewalls that will reel him in, thus he has next to no experience dealing with these thugs. It will be an interesting next couple of weeks to see which way the population swings.

  • duchess647

    Obama did just what he was suppose to do, let mitt Romney dig his own grave. What good would it have done to play tit for tat. You did this, naw you did that. You said this, naw you said that. Unless you walk in another man shoes, how do you explain their action. If he had counter attacked he would have been seen as “an angry black man” Not the President of the United States. It wasn’t necessary for him to say all that Romney had done or said, we already know what he said and done. Anyone who don’t know all that Mitt Romney has said and done, must have been living in a cave with no communication at all for the last year. There was no need to go back and forth on an issue that he knew Romney was going to lie about. Sometimes you learn more by keeping your mouth shut.Do you honestly think reminding Romney of his dishonesty was going to convince voters to vote for him? I don’t think so. See we can get down and dirty, we are not the President. A president has to show restraint , keep a cool head. It is easy for us to say what he should or shouldn’t say but in the end he had to do what his position called for. He didn’t stoop to Romney’s level, I like that. Water seeks it’a own level? Obama is not even in the same ball park as Romney. If he lose by being honest and respecting the office of the President, he shouldn’t want another four years anyway.

    Frankly I wish he had of grabbed Romney by the throat and shook him but that is NOT what the President of the United States can do. I wish he could afford to get down and dirty, but he can’t do that either. All he can do is say what he will try to do and what he has already done. With that said I ain’t mad at him, just hope and pray the American people understand his reason for acting as he did, and get off their a@@ and vote. We won’t, not can’t, won’t go back.
    I lived during the 60’s and it was not pretty. Romney gets in we all go back, all the way back!