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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obama Foreign Policy Boiled Down To Four Words

Obama Foreign Policy Boiled Down To Four Words
  • sigrid28

    Or try these four words: “Don’t listen to Republicans.”

    • How about don’t listen to liberal lies?

      • sigrid28

        For two people, ken and deb, your math isn’t very good either. That’s five words, not four.

        • Sorry. I didn’t know this game had rules. As you seem to want to be critical, it is actually six words.

          • sigrid28

            Most of us do try to stick to the basic rules of grammar and math on this website.

            The title of the article refers to “Four Words”: “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff.” The cartoon refers to the same four words.

            So, in my first post above, I suggested substituting the four words, “Don’t listen to Republicans.”

            Your recasting of my four-word reply seems irrelevant because it has five words not four. “Don’t listen to liberal lies.” Five words. See?

          • terrorsaurus

            I think by six words they were referring to “don’t” as two words. And no, don’t is a contraction so it is not two words.

          • ralphkr

            Well, kenndeb, I suggest that you learn to count as your entire post contained SEVEN words and, if you discount “How about” your advice contains FIVE words. I do agree that one should not listen to liberal lies but that it is even more important not to listen to Republican lies. In other words, sigrid is correct because any time a Republican spouts anything you can be sure that 99.9% of what he is spouting is a lie based upon fictional “facts” generated in an alternate universe.

      • Allan Richardson

        Is there a difference between liberal lies and conservative lies, other than there not being nearly as many liberal lies, and their not being nearly as nasty and clueless?

  • ManWhoThinks

    As much as I respect the job the military does, history has shown that every time a country allows its foreign policy to be determined by it’s military, the result is disastrous.