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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WASHINGTON — Stay wide awake in the coming weeks. This is a historic moment when all of the divisions, misunderstandings and hatreds of President Obama’s time in office have come to a head. We are in a different place than we were. We are also in a place we were bound to get to eventually.

Obama’s decision to back away from our government’s policy of ripping apart the families of undocumented immigrants has called forth utterly contradictory responses from Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and progressives. It should now be clear that the two sides don’t see the facts, the law or history in the same way.

Conservatives say the president’s executive actions on immigration are uniquely “lawless” and provocative. Progressives insist that Obama is acting in the same way that President Reagan and both Presidents Bush did. They recall that after the second President Bush’s immigration reform bill failed in the Senate in 2007 — it was very similar to the 2013 bill Obama supports — White House spokesperson Dana Perino declared flatly of the administration’s willingness to use its executive powers: “We’re going as far as we possibly can without Congress acting.”

Yet perhaps facts are now irrelevant. There was an enlightening moment of candor when Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) visited MSNBC’s Morning Joe on the morning of Obama’s immigration speech. “The president ought to walk into this a lot more slowly, especially after an election,” Coburn said. “This idea, the rule of law, is really concerning a lot of people where I come from. And whether it’s factual or perceptual, it really doesn’t matter.”

Yes, for many of the president’s foes, the distinction between the “factual” and the “perceptual” doesn’t matter anymore.

But mainstream Republicans seem as angry at Obama as the Tea Partiers. They argue repeatedly that by moving on his own, Obama has made it impossible for Congress to act.

You’d think that Republicans who genuinely support immigration reform would want to prove the president wrong in a different way: by passing a comprehensive bill. That only a few of them are saying this is an obvious sign to the president’s supporters that Obama is right in suspecting that the House GOP would continue to bob and weave to avoid the issue — as they did for the one year, four months and 24 days between the passage of the genuinely bipartisan immigration reform bill in the Senate and Obama’s announcement.

In a superb reconstruction of why the president decided to move on his own, Washington Post reporters Juliet Eilperin, Ed O’Keefe and David Nakamura note that the last straw for Obama was House Speaker John Boehner’s refusal to say after the election that he would bring up an immigration bill if the president agreed to postpone executive action. In the absence of concrete pledges that something would get done, there was no point in waiting any longer.

All this explains the jubilation among progressives. They not only agree with the substance of what Obama did but also see him as finally calling the bluff of his opponents. He has forced the contradictions of the Republican establishmentarians into the sunlight.

Such Republicans were counting on Obama to be an enabler. He’d once more accept their quiet (and now obviously hollow) promises of good will and thus allow them to avoid a straight up confrontation with the right wing of their party.

Now, they can no longer have it both ways. Many of them claim they agree with the substance of what Obama did and also that Congress should pass a broader immigration bill. If this is true, then why should they spend all their energy trying to undo the constructive steps he has just taken? If they punt and simply join in the rancid attacks on Obama as an “emperor” and a “monarch,” they will demonstrate for all to see that the GOP really is dominated by its right wing and that those of more measured views are simply too timid to take on their internal adversaries.

No wonder they’re so angry with the president.

For the six years since Obama’s election, the Republican right has been on offense, continually blurring those distinctions between the “factual” and the “perceptual.” They keep charging that Obama is a dangerous radical even when he pursues middle-of-the-road policies. Their supposedly more temperate colleagues go along because they don’t have to pay a price.

Obama has just told them their free ride is over. The stakes in American politics will be much clearer because he did.

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AFP Photo/Ethan Miller

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  • Dominick Vila

    The most effective way to confront a bigot is to confront them head on. Exploiting other human beings, singling out members of specific ethnic or cultural groups, and inhumane policies such as deporting parents and keeping their U.S. born children here are eerily similar to the powerful criticisms we voiced in the days of the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, and the South African apartheid. Guess whose turn it is to face reality and be subjected to the scorn of the civilized world?
    Our refusal to change our immigration laws – which does not necessarily mean amnesty – has nothing to do with a desire to protect U.S. jobs, with immigrants having tuberculosis, or terrorists choosing to jump fences instead of entering the USA via JFK with a tourist visa. It is all about racism, greed, intolerance, and advancing the work of the anti-Christ.

    • ” It is all about racism, greed, intolerance, and advancing the work of the anti-Christ.”
      Yes, it is Dom. Our Emperor is racist. He is greedy. specially for power that is not granted to him by our Constitution. He is intolerant of any opposition of his power grabs, and he is most certainly advancing the anti Christian agenda of the liberals. He is a tyrant that un-Americans are following blindly.

      • Independent1

        And just more nonsense from the Heritage Foundation:

        Was Lincoln overstepping his Constitutional Authority when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing 3-4 millions slaves??? (He did that with the equivalent of an Executive Order – Congress had done nothing.)

        Was FDR overstepping his Constitutional Authority when he signed an Executive Order not only creating the WPA but actually funding it through the treasury which allowed towns and cities across the nation to pay American citizens who were out of jobs to do projects to repair the crumbling national infrastructure that more than 12 years of failed GOP governance had allowed to deteriorate?? (Once again, Congress had done nothing.)

        Was Nixon outside his constitutional power when he issued an Executive Order creating and funding the EPA – the Executive Branch department that Republicans love to hate?? (He was the last president who could actually issue orders on his own creating projects like the WPA which required funding from the treasury. Congress realized he was such a crook they worried about him expropriating millions of taxpayer dollars and therefore created the legislation that establish the Office of Budget and Management which now prevents presidents from using EOs to establish projects that will require major funding.)

        Your posting continues to consistently demonstrate how ignorant even the Heritage Foundation is in not only the Constitution, but about anything related to how a government should be run.

        See this about just how much authority a President has in issuing Executive Orders (given that our founding fathers set up our government as much as possible, to allow all three branches to have almost equal authority. Therefore, a president’s orders in most circumstances have as much weight and authority as any legislation Congress passes).

        See this on EOs:

        United States Presidents issue executive orders to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself. Executive orders have the full force of law[1] when they take authority from a power granted directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation). Like both legislative statutes and regulations promulgated by government agencies, executive orders are subject to judicial review, and may be struck down if deemed by the courts to be unsupported by statute or the Constitution. Major policy initiatives usually require approval by the legislative branch, but executive orders have significant influence over the internal affairs of government, deciding how and to what degree laws will be enforced, dealing with emergencies, waging war, and in general fine-tuning policy choices in the implementation of broad statutes.

        • Under the assumption that what we have is considered a “president”, and that is in name only, certainly not his moral character or his actions, others have followed our laws. The Emperor does not. His actions do not fit into ANY structure our country has in place for the Executive branch. Laws are made by CONGRESS, not the executive branch, but the Emperor cares not for our laws or Constitution.

          • Independent1

            And you resort to just one more CHILDISH response. A response which any grade schooler would know is pure nonsense. When are you folks at the H.F. going to grow up and stop acting like 4-6 year olds???

          • Just try to get a grip on reality, shall we. You have no clue as to anything you say. It is only what you are told to think by your handlers. I know it must be real hard for someone like yourself to think for themselves, but you should really try. If you need help, ask an adult for assistance.

          • JPHALL

            YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER! You obviously know nothing about government or the US Constitution.

          • You apparently know nothing about being an American. Just being a traitorous liberal is all you seem good for.

          • JPHALL

            And you are not a true American. You are just an old scared bigoted person living in your own fantasy world.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Obama Heightens The Contradictions

          • You assume far too much. You have no clue who I am, or what I have done in my life. You have no respect for anyone or anything. My guess is that you are young and too stupid to know better, and your parents were lacking in their instructions of right from wrong. Try serving your country before you start calling someone that has un American.

          • JPHALL

            Once again. Leave your self delusion behind. As I also have said many times, I am a retiree. Once again your fantasy life exceeds your knowledge. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Obama Heightens The Contradictions

          • Insinnergy

            Paid Troll. *sigh*

          • plc97477

            And way over priced.

        • Grannysmovin

          Does he work for Heritage Foundation or just their puppet and speaks and reacts when they pull his strings? He does know that Obama did not make or pass a law right?

          • Independent1

            My sense is that the screen name kenndeb is not a specific person, but whomever happens to be available at the moment to get on one of the H.F. computers (kenndeb is posting from the website) to post messages intended to harass as many NM posters as possible.

          • As with most of the rabid jackals, you do nothing but lie. Continue to spread your lies and deception. It must be part of your liberal indoctrination, as your messiah has been so good at it.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Speaking of ‘rabid’ and ‘spread’, I sure hope Deb is doing OK these days. I’m a bit worried about her. Please tell me she’s being taken care of.

          • iamproteus

            My God, ken, you are so bloomin’ ignorant! In America, we don’t elect “emperors” nor do we elect “tyrants”. We elect PRESIDENTS! And regardless of what you and your equally ignorant fellow t-partiers choose to believe, Mr. Obama was duly and legally elected President, not once but twice! You and your fellow idiots have done a pretty good job of denigrating and obstructing…I’ll give you that. But in the process, you have set this country back in a particularly heinous and dishonest way. The pity of it is that you and they are proud of it…..and you have the unmitigated gall to call yourselves Americans. You are in fact and deed, nothing more than traitors of the most deplorable stripe. I hold you in contempt!

          • We seem to be at an impasse. I feel those, such as yourself, that blindly follows a tyrant are the traitors to their country. I feel that anyone that support the liberal agenda, of transforming our country into a soviet style regime are traitors. I feel those that go on and on about being an American, without having ever served you country a day are lowlife scum. I guess you now know how I feel about traitorous liberals. Wake up and pick the right side before things get bad.

          • Michael Peterson

            lmao! That is hilarious!

          • joe schmo

            You don’t seem to know the difference between a Republican and a TPer. That’s old stuff….boring, and, by the way, he acts like an arrogant Emperor. Guess that is why he is so well liked by Americans (in case you haven’t noticed, the country went Red) If you were all so excited about the Dude why didn’t your side get out to vote? Suppose In 2008 we seemed to have been suffering from the same affliction that you all did in this last election.

            So well liked by our military, and internationally he is the butt of all jokes.

            Seems like the only people who still think he’s ‘smarvy’ are his cabinet and you fools.

          • WhutHeSaid

            In reality (as opposed to bigot-land), the US is still far more popular and respected than it was when GW Bush was President. The exceptions are some of the Middle Eastern countries with large Muslim populations. This of course defies the Tea Bigot claim that Obama is a secret Muslim.

            Speaking of ‘smarvy’ (whatever the hell that means) — how the heck has Deb been? I’ve been worried about that toothless wonder and I hope you haven’t been mistreating her.

          • joe schmo

            Your joking, right? Muslim, that sounds about right since he just loves the Jews so much and bows to the Arabs. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

            I think you can figure out the term or was I mistaken about your intelligence?

            Ken is around, just noticed him this morning along with 4 others that think along the same lines as myself. I think it was regarding the riots in Ferguson. Funny how we all draw to the most heated issues bothering Americans. 1)Economy 2)Amnesty…..and, of course, Ferguson’s political agenda…..

            I suppose we don’t worry too much about your lunies. I’m sure they are all visiting their proctologist’s as we speak.

          • Michael Peterson

            WELL said

          • Joe T

            Let all the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

            The ignorant are the ones Gruber chides as stupid (uninformed sans valid information to vote) that’s what Democratic party thinks of it’s voters who voted by ignorance, welcome to the Obama think tank ideas for you who think Obama is truthful.

          • joe schmo

            Kenndeb, you know it’s not really lying. They say the same thing to us. It’s more about ignorance and a lack of seeing beyond a tunnel view;) They know not the damage they are inflicting on this Country. Can’t really blame Congress, they really haven’t been involved. Maybe they indirectly want him to fall?

          • Michael Peterson

            that would be the right you refer to geez get a grip

          • Joe T

            Don’t be giving them so many compliments KB
            best regards, Joe T

          • plc97477

            I doubt she knows much of anything.

          • joe schmo

            Judging by your responses, neither do you.

          • Joe T

            Awwww…..give her a brake….Granny’s moving on….

      • Michael Peterson

        now that is the stupidest i have heard yet

        • Joe T

          Staid ex-CIA reflective personnel posited report.

  • WhutHeSaid

    Once again Obama has pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat.

    Immigration advocates have complained bitterly about Obama failure to get comprehensive immigration reform enacted in one form or another, even going so far as to don T-shirts with the phrase “deporter in chief”. They were blaming the wrong person, of course, but that’s often a President’s job: To accept the blame when nobody else will.

    Anti-immigration advocates, on the other hand, have complained about Obama’s willingness to pass immigration reform, and about his previous actions with respect to unaccompanied children arriving on our borders. They have had their cake and ate it too, complaining about Obama’s willingness to address the issue with ideas they don’t like, while simultaneously obstructing any efforts at reform and refusing to put forward any of their own ideas.

    But it seems that the timing of Obama’s announcement was spot-on. Immediately following an election that produced a Republican majority in Congress, the spotlight will now be on that Congress to act, and people will notice. This issue affects millions of real lives, unlike the racist birther accusations, the never-ending Benghazi conspiracy theories, or even the useless and wasteful votes to repeal the PPACA.

    With one stroke of the Presidential pen, Obama has now forced the GOP to address comprehensive immigration reform or face appearing like a bunch of bigoted, do-nothing baboons. Having a majority in Congress, they now have no more excuses for a failure to act. But the difference this time is that they risk attempting to take away a chance to work and live legally in the US from millions of people. Such an issue will not be viewed by the voting public as typical Washington squabbling and rancor, but as the tangible issue that it is.

    Congress must do this just right or expose the fact that they really aren’t interested in immigration reform, an issue that has wide American support and is in obvious need of addressing. Attempting to de-fund activities that were never funded by Congress in the first place is empty rhetoric. Congress cannot de-fund fee collection unless they attempt to shut down the entire Department of Homeland security, which would be political suicide. Congress cannot attempt to specifically prevent legal work in the US unless they are willing to deflate the argument that immigrants are a drain on the economy — by removing the ability of immigrants to pay taxes they would be themselves purposely contributing to an economic drain by removing an obvious source of revenue.

    President Obama has put the new GOP Congress on an immigration tightrope, so to speak. Voters will be closely watching what happens next.

  • James Bowen

    Call your members of Congress and tell them to defund this
    unconstitutional executive order that puts Americans out of work and
    depresses wages. The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121. Also, if you have the opportunity, visit their local offices with this message.

    • GreyK

      Most of the programs involved are self-funding and immune from the crazy, it’s not unconstitutional according to even conservative scholars, and much research has shown recent arrivals with work permits are doing jobs you and I don’t want to do. You’ve perfectly illustrated that facts don’t matter to Republicans, but do call and ask your Congressman to pass a bill. It would make a nice change from “do nothing and throw tantrums”.

      • James Bowen

        Speak for yourself. I do not consider myself too good to do certain jobs. And what you just said is a gross insult to American workers, of which there are plenty who are willing to do these jobs but have seen job opportunities and wages decline due to this glut of illegal alien labor.

        Congress can explicitly defund the collection of these fees in an appropriations bill. Congress did not pass the Senate bill or anything like it because their constituents called and told them not to.

        • Insinnergy

          You are quite frankly deluded. I would pay money to see you picking tomatoes in the hot sun for 10c a pound. Don’t be ridiculous.

          • iamproteus

            Insinnergy, you are being much too generous…the actual number is 2 cents a pound!

          • joe schmo

            Well, as the roles reverse because of promotion and bias all of us may be picking tomatoes in Euphoria before long.

        • WhutHeSaid

          Congress cannot de-fund what it doesn’t fund. De-funding something necessarily means that it has to first be funded, and these fees are not funded by Congress. You are delusional if you believe that Congress can cynically target legitimate agency operations to chase a bigoted pipe dream.

          You nutty bigots keep up the good work. Americans see that vile racism is still among us through your actions, and that accelerates change to one day rid America of bigotry once and for all.

          • joe schmo

            Well, you’re gonna help pay the 2 trillion to make them citizens. Should make you so proud.

          • Independent1

            Say Joe!! Are you ready to start paying thousands more a year for not only your groceries?? But also your lodging when you travel and many other activities you do???

            You push out the illegals that are slaving in the fields of American farms across the country, and that are working as maids in hotels and motels; and on and on. And replace these people with people born in America which would take paying them $5-$10 more per hour – and just watch the costs of everything skyrocket.

            Remember, adding $5-$10 more per hour to the wages of workers who are the foundations of production costs, can’t be flattened out like adding a few dollars to the wages of people working in fast food and other retail companies that sell hundreds/thousands of products and can cover their added labor costs by adding a few cents to each of many of the products they sell.

            The only way farmers and companies can recover the added $5-$10/ hr they would have to pay to American workers to do the tedious, back breaking jobs that many immigrants do, including illegals, would be to pass those added costs directly to the consumer – that’s you, me and every other American Joe!!!

            Are you ready for that??? Paying thousands more per year to get rid of people who are currently paying taxes (the CBO projects that 50-70% of illegals pay billions in income taxes; and contribute over 7 Billion to Social Security and billions to Medicare). Both programs they can’t benefit from which means their contributions are extending the lives of these benefits.

            Wow!! Are you and your RWNJ friends, and even the GOP Congress, complete idiots or what!!!!!!!!

            You’re mindless objectives are designed to skyrocket the costs of living in America for VIRTUALLY EVERY AMERICAN!!!

          • joe schmo

            Hmm, that’s funny just who was doing those jobs to begin with. Many of the jobs were held by African Americans and college students who no longer have that option. They simply got pushed out.

            As for agriculture, it could have been automated a long long time ago…..

          • Independent1

            Nice try joe but no cigar. Immigrants have been doing those jobs since around WWII when t he U.S. actually provided millions of Visas for immigrants to do those jobs because during WWII so many American men and even women were involved in the war effort that immigrants were needed to help out with the farms, with being maids at hotels/motels – etc. And creating fantasies about “what could be” – isn’t going to pay the higher costs having Americans do those jobs now from being passed along to you.

          • joe schmo

            Can’t wait to see this unfold…..

            Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers.

            Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare.

            Obama’s temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, declares up to 5 million illegal immigrants to be lawfully in the country and eligible
            for work permits, but it still deems them ineligible for public benefitssuch as buying insurance on Obamacare’s health exchanges.

            ….and you thought Obama was anti-Corporation…that’s a laugh.

      • joe schmo

        You are dead wrong….see my comments above.

    • Grannysmovin

      First it funds itself. Second it is not unconstitutional nor is it an abuse of power. Taking jobs away from Americans, most of the jobs immigrants take, are ones Americans don’t want,
      President Obam is exercising
      discretion to defer enforcement action on a number of illegal immigrants who
      are otherwise eligible for deportation. He is not granting them legal resident
      status. This is only temporary measure
      and can be reversed by Obama with the stroke of a pen or by Congress passing a
      Immigration Reform Bill. US immigration
      law, as currently written, grants this discretion to executive officials to
      take such “deferred action.” Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and
      George W. Bush all used their executive authority to defer immigration
      enforcement against a class of immigrants.

      • James Bowen

        Congress can explicitly defund the very action of collecting the fees in an appropriations bill.

        There are plenty of Americans who are willing to do those jobs. What you just said their is a gross insult to American workers, not to mention very demeaning to those who do those jobs. Their presence in such large numbers displaces Americans who want to do those jobs and puts downward pressure on wages. That is basic supply and demand.

        Deferred action is for individuals or small groups in special circumstances. This does not qualify, an so is gross nullification of existing law.

        • Grannysmovin

          No they would defund the Department and than they could not pay the border patrol agents. You think they are ging to work for nothing? If there are so many American willing to do those jobs, why aren’t they? I am not demeaning those who do those jobs, they are honest people working very hard for minimum wage and less. Employers are depressing wages, they are the ones determing what they pay people and that is all about their bottom line. Being a parent of an American Citizen is not special circumstances? Children coming here by themselves to escape rape, sex trqaders, murders and recruitment by a drug lords or terrorist is not special circumstances? Perhaps you reserve Special Circumstances for illegal immigrants from Europe and Asia. Defered actions does not limit the size group(s) of those who this action can be applied to. Only in your mind is this a nullification of the existing law, it is in reality excersing an authority the law allows for.

      • joe schmo

        Guess what Granny. We get to flip the bill. All 2 trillion of it and many families with kids going to college will be paying for it. Not to mention a new gas tax and cell phone tax. Before you get overzealous better check your figures…..

        Jobs most Americans don’t want to do! You’re kidding right? I live in CaliMexico, many of these people work a full time job. They don’t get enough so you can add food stamps and other privileges to the bill. I have seen this in action. Now more of them will be getting freebies and tax breaks, and free healthcare etc….and who gets to pay for it. Your looking at em. Not only that, in this state there is a bias for them. Most of them have the jobs. Companies have to hire them and as they do, citizens no longer have jobs. They do what they can to make ends meet and that means everything. You are dead wrong, either they push American citizens out of jobs or they get the jobs Americans want to do. Plus, lawn care, house cleaning, restaurant clerks, hotel clerks, maids, food servers, cooks, medical assistants, clerks, bank tellers, all types of construction, agriculture, nurses and the list goes on and on.

        Thank you for helping to ruin this country with your crazy notion of what you think freedom is.

        • Grannysmovin

          Schmo as usually all bluster no facts – too busy to waste time on you, Have a nice Holiday.

    • Independent1

      Given that immigrants, including illegals, start 17-20% of all new businesses in the U.S., they CREATE MORE JOBS for non-immigrant AMERICANS, than they EVER take away. The CBO projected that the economic stimulus that illegals added to the economy is actually keeping 8 million Americans working.

      You take away these 11 plus million immigrants, and the economy is going to plummet – not only from the loss of their spending but also from the closing of millions of immigrant-run small business jobs. Immigrants currently run over 30% of small businesses – and what the faux pas that Alabama pulled with it’s strong anti-immigrant legislation a couple years ago is that: you drive away the illegal immigrants and you’re going establish such a negative tone with respect to foreigners in general in America, that not only will the illegals leave, but also non illegal immigrants and even some companies in the U.S. run by foreign-owned corporations.

      Your 2-year old’s brain just can’t seem to comprehend reality, can it??????

    • Joe T

      You got brains James……’ve been thinking again…
      best regards, Joe T

      • James Bowen

        Thanks Joe! I must say that I am shocked at the lack of civics knowledge by some of the commenters here. I even had one try to tell me that if Congress fails to pass a budget, the previous year’s budget automatically carries over.

        • Joe T

          It’s to be expected, they were taught “common core” in their heightened educational years….yep taught!

  • Let’s hope the President’s executive action on immigration is only the first of many such executive actions. He should forget the policy process. It’s hopeless while Republicans control it. Instead he should find popular issues and exploit them for the greatest political benefit. The next two years should be about putting Democrats in Congress and the White House not about trying to make the Republicans do their duty.

    • SteveLC

      The Republicans REP) have the power to put the PENDING Bipartisan that passed in the Senate on the House Floor. Folks the Republicans are doing their best to keep any major bills to be passed while the Black President is in the WHITE House. The REP’s refuse to let the President’s Infrastructure Job Bill on the floor,that will create millions of jobs, repairing the 70,000 defect bridges and the roads, the 100 year old sewer, water and gas line, also the 200 dikes and levees that need repaired or replaced. Get rid of government wastes and redundant agencies and programs and raise Federal Tax by 2.cent. Get rid of oil subsidies and many other domestic and foreign subsidies and reduce the Pentagon budget .

      • Joe T

        Hey SteveLC……..Can anyone become a full fledged member of the Democratic think tank?

    • joe schmo

      Seriously, and guess who you are hurting? 2 trillion more in debt all because of frivolous amnesty. These people have more rights than citizens and because most of them don’t have past a 10th grade education guess who is going to be forking out the moola? Aren’t you just so proud of yourselves. Just where do you suspect the money will come from when we are all poor and the dollar is not worth a dime?

    • Joe T

      I wonder why the Republicans were voted to be in control 2015?
      What a dastardly bunch of righteous pundits, with conservative ideas! Strange people these Republicans, don’t cha think?

  • howa4x

    Now it is the GOP that is on defense, and it can be seen clearly as they lash out at imaginary images. They have been put into a Box that has no escape hatch. If they undo what Obama did they will smack the Latino community across the face by shattering hope, and will cause them to unify in opposition against them in 2016. By telling everyone in his speech that this will only last while he is president, it makes it a hot campaign issue. Now every perspective republican candidate will be asked where they stand on continuing this approach and if they will push for comprehensive reform. This will put that candidate into the primary curse of having to appease the true believers(those who vote in primaries) and what they need to say to the broader voters. The tea party response already has shown they are in an anti immigrant frenzy, so what to do? Appease them and loose everyone else or stand up to them and possibly loose the primaries? Worse yet if the establishment winds out and an immigration friendly candidate survives, does the tea party misreading their own popularity run a 3rd party challenge. None of the choices look good. Then again the house could pass the senate bill , and hopefully all will be forgotten come the primaries. If they are smart they will pass the bill but they have never shown they are so stay tuned.

    • plc97477

      Are you saying that the whole gotp will become etch-a-sketches?

  • tranz2deep

    By acting alone, and calling Congress (at last!) on dragging its feet for the last 50 or 60 years, Obama has made it *imperative* for Congress to act..
    Unless the Congressman meant “Impossible to not get real”, as they have been acting like they govern without governing whenever possible for a long, long time!

    • joe schmo

      Could it be because Obama only wanted it his way? Just like Hagle, there was rumor going around that he did not agree with the Obama agenda. They picked him because he was quiet. They did not think he would speak up. Well he did and he got fired. Proof positive the Man is full of it.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Every President ‘want’s his way’. Most Presidents get SOME cooperation from Congress, ergo they get SOME of their way. That’s why they get elected, after all, because Americans like ‘their way’.

        Because of the intransigence of sordid bigots in Congress, the President acted and got something done, which is a far cry from the bigots in Congress who have done nothing. Bigots have nobody but themselves to blame.

  • Will

    You know, this “stuff” drives me bananas! If this Congress had just done their flipping jobs instead of sitting on their hands for the past 2+ years, we would NOT be having these discussions, would we?!

    This Congress has been bound and determined to NOT let this President accomplish anything. It has been sickening to say the very least.

    • joe schmo

      If Obama had just done the flipping job and worked with Congress for the past 2+ years then maybe we wouldn’t have these issues. If he would stop acting like a self proclaimed Emperor then we wouldn’t have these problems. If Harry Reidtard wouldn’t have had 300+ bills sitting on his desk only handing over the bills he thought the Emperor might consider, would we still be in this mess?

      You Liberals are incorrigible. This is getting way way out of hands. Considering Obamacare being FORCED down our throats and now this stupid Amnesty rebuke just because he was angry at the Americans going Red on him . Ferguson and those unheard of riots. The African American revolt that is beyond common sense and decency. Face it, You made this happen. This is anarchy at its finest.

      You just don’t see it. Everything your side has touched is turning to dust. Honestly, I think the Repubs didn’t vote on bills merely to see the King sink his own ship and as he has done that quite well, he’s taken not only you, but us down in one sweeping blow. Adios Amerika.

      • Will

        I hate to break it to you, genius…but I’m afraid you have it sorely backwards… usual. I just love how you “dove-tail” on what other folks say, twist it around, add in some name-calling and then your own version of the facts.

        What I stated was the FACTS…my friend. It has nothing to do with ideology no matter how badly you would like it to be. That is point (1).

        Point (2) is you will see me..rarely…defend Obama. However, if the facts given are in his favor…then so be it. Here is something else that will attempt to surpass your blind ideology…that’s if this can get past your closed intellect. Obama isn’t the first president to have used executive orders on a whole multitude of different topics. Do your own research and come up with something constructive….instead of riding the “coat tails” on information someone else has already brought up. Show us that you have some semblance of an intellect before spewing your childish name-calling.

        • joe schmo

          Set in stone? LOL yah right. We are all Gods in our own minds.

          His executive decisions, and one sided bias, plus favoritism have NEVER EVER been repudiated by any president in my lifetime, Einstein. Presidents don’t act this childish and immature.

          • Michael Peterson


          • joe schmo


          • WhutHeSaid

            Repudiated? Who was talking about Presidential repudiations? Do you even understand what the word means?

            Obama has used executive actions far less than most Presidents before him. You are only upset because he’s black and you are a bigot. We all understand, and we’re all sorry ’bout your luck — it’s just the necessary pain of being a bigot.

          • joe schmo

            Oh God, ‘he’s Black’ that died a long long time ago. We’ve just become immune to that term….yawn…… We keep telling you policies but it goes in one ear and out the other. You’ve got a skip in your record…..

            Bigot – a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

            Guess we can both relate to that term because both sides are bigots. Only I think your side is worse.

        • Joe T

          Will…….can you refresh memories…when Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama aka the new Emperor (sans clothes) presently in the office of the Presidency of the United States of America (USA)…
          ….did the democratic party (that he is the top dog of) have control of both the House and Senate?

          • Will

            I suggest you re-read my post. I know what you are saying but I did NOT refer to the first (2) years of Obama’s presidency. I was referring to events that have transpired (or should I say, have not transpired) since 2011 when the GOP took the Congress.

          • Joe T

            OK Will……but semantics aside…..Pres Obama had full control of Congress with Democratic majorities.
            Why did he delay…and then lay cause and blame else where? He should’ve and could’ve done immigration reform without delay…2 yrs wasted.
            Yet, he complains as of today!

          • Will

            I hear you, Joe. I totally agree 150%!!

            I just wanted to be clear, semantics aside!

          • Joe T

            Will…..furthermore…..I am like you and other USA citizens (voters) who are seeking integrity in a person that’s going to run the govt to the best of their ability sans color bias for it’s people……and staid integrity encompasses honestly, diligence, and unbiased opinions leading to decisions that affect ALL of us in USA and the nations of the world as we know it.
            best regards always.

      • DurdyDawg

        By their OWN words have the conservatives echoed, “Our way or the highway” at every attempt Obama has tried to work and compromise on.. How can you work with a congress who only demands it their way? You are the incorrigible one.. You are one of the low informed gas bags. Tell your heroes to actually work with the president instead of demanding it their way and he will compromise with you as he has said many times in public. Placing riders on a proposition that essentially negates that proposition is not compromising. And if your not confident enough to know that we will survive this then you need to find yourself another country to whine in .. I’m staying here because I lived through Nixon, Through Raygun and through Dubya and I sure as hell can live through Obama. But maybe your talking about future presidents who will have the same damn problems that Obama had, that Bush had and that all presidents have had to face since it’s conception. For some reason human kind will not create a 2015 way of life while having it operate in 1950’s cost of living so as we continue to progress in this new world it’s going to continue to cost us dearly and more so as we try to forceably pound our ideals into the minds of countries who have lived a certain way for thousands of years.

        • joe schmo

          “The deals that Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party have been eager to impose include a comprehensive amnesty bill, gun control, a declaration of war on coal and billions of dollars more in subsidies for windmills and solar panels. Many of these proposals aren’t popular with the public. In fact, Mr. Obama’s program could rightly be called the Raw Deal.

          A two-party system guarantees that one party can’t dominate the agenda to the exclusion of the other. The Founders didn’t intend for Congress
          to bend to every whim of a president. The system is designed to demand debate and encourage compromise. Alas, Mr. Obama’s idea of debate,
          negotiation and compromise is to seize the nearest microphone to demand,like a truculent child, that “it’s my way or the highway.”

          Of course there are tons of examples, but I can deduce this by merely using two examples. 1) Obama and the Military. How many military personnel have either stepped down or gotten relieved of duty under the Obama Administration? Hagle was all ‘hunky dorey’ until he started to open his mouth against ‘yours truly.’ When did he sign on? Wasn’t it in February 2013…. Not very long, and the next individuals in line for the position (Michele Fournoy, Ashton Carter and Senator Jack Reed have all declined) Why do you suppose that is? My reasoning would lead me to conclude that Obama refuses to work with them in a negotiating manner. 2) Bias against Republicans. This is displayed quite often in his speeches as he denounces Republicans in front of the American Public. I have never ever seen this type of behavior displayed before. As a president you just DON’T do that. In my opinion, it shows a definite immaturity and inability to lead. Obviously, this is not sitting too well with the American public because of the resulting election.

          To even have Schumer speak so vehemently against Obamacare was also an eye opener. You can defend Obama all you want but, at the moment, he is not really a very popular guy.

          I wouldn’t even compare Reagan with Obama. There is no comparison.

          “It’s just uncanny how often the Democrat Party, when they get in jam and when they know they’re doing something that is untoward, when they know they’re doing something that’s not aboveboard, like this clearly is not aboveboard, they go back and they cite Reagan. “Well, Reagan did it.”

          It’s not just to persuade conservatives. That’s not why they’re doing it. They know that Reagan actually has credibility with people. That’s the dirty little secret. They know that Ronald Reagan was beloved and adored, and they know that, despite their best efforts, the American people have profound respect for Ronald Reagan.

          Notice they don’t cite Bill Clinton. They don’t go back and they don’t cite FDR. They don’t go back and cite Truman very often. They always cite, they always go back to Ronald Reagan, and they are doing that to justify what Obama’s going to do here with his executive order that will grant amnesty to five million illegal aliens. And they’re out there claiming Reagan did this?

          Reagan had a statute behind him. It was called the Simpson-Mazzoli Act ( Reagan signed the statute after it was PASSED BY CONGRESS. The self proclaimed Emperor went against the Constitution, by passing Amnesty all on his own after telling the Hispanic Community for months that he just couldn’t do it. Well he did and isn’t it odd that it was right after the election. Bush did the same. He went through Congress and by the laws already in existence. BIG DIFFERENCE. The president cannot write law. The president can’t make it up. Whether Congress is a bulwark or not. The Constitution does not say, “In case the Congress refuses to cooperate with the president, the president may, in that case, create his own law.” It doesn’t say that.

          “Obama doesn’t have the ability to say, “I’m gonna do this. It’s legal. I’m President Obama. We’re gonna do this because it’s good for the country,” and have everybody support it because they believe him. Because they don’t support him, and they don’t believe him. So he has to cite, for his own gravitas and credibility, Ronald Reagan — and, in the process, distort, impugn and malign Reagan in order to stand on the same stage with him.”

  • James Crockett

    Obama’s delusional.

  • Joe T

    Barack Obama’s Political Ideology

    Kevin M. Shipp (reprint)
    Former CIA counterintelligence and operations officer
    Former Program Manager, Department of State,
    Anti Terrorism Assistance program

    If this does not send chills down your spine, let’s look at Obama’s background.

    We’ll examine his deep cultural and political upbringing and his personal radical ideology – missed by over half of the voters in America, and concealed by news networks.

    I will examine his direct connections to Islam later. Three of Barack Obama’s primary mentors in Chicago (known for its political corruption) were avowed Marxists. All three of these mentors were trained at the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by avowed Marxist, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s goal was to destroy capitalism and establish Socialist/Marxist principles, not through violent revolution, but through slow, aggressive cultural takeover. His design was to accomplish this through “Community Organizing,” a silent revolution designed to overtake power in the US democracy, much like radical Islamic cultural jihad. Community organizing was designed to implement widespread public discontent, moral and cultural confusion and spark social uprising. The goal was penetration of political parties, churches and private and government institutions and place strategic Marxist/Socialist operatives in these organizations, including the news media. Sound familiar? Barack Obama became a proponent of the Alinsky techniques and taught the Alinsky


    method for several years. He eventually wrote the essay titled, After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois. When Barack Obama ran for the US Senate, his only “political” experience was that of a “Community Organizer,” which was never explored by major news outlets and several major news media and entertainment figures were major contributors to his campaign. But, where did the millions of dollars in contributions necessary for his election come from? That remains concealed, at least for now.

    In his teenage years, Obama was mentored by writer and poet Frank Marshall Davis, a long time member of the Communist Party, under FBI investigation, and member of the American Peace Mobilization organization, decried by Congress as, “One of the most notorious and blatant Communist fronts.” Obama then joined the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organization. As part of its goal of the political and social takeover of America, the DSA veiled itself using the terms, “Liberalism,” “Progressivism,” and “Social Justice.” The DSA’s political ideology could best be termed “Western Marxism,” and “Cultural Communism.” This is why Obama cannot be labeled a pure Marxist/Socialist. For him to be labeled as such would be the end of his political career. So, as covert, cultural Marxist movements often do, these organizations invent terms and craft speeches concealing the roots of their ideology. Then, once in power, they aggressively implement their goal of overturning western political structure.

    Americans bought the deception hook, line and sinker. As a former CIA officer who watched the propaganda campaign of the Soviet Union, I was shocked to see this being implemented in our own country…..continue

    • DurdyDawg

      You speak as if all our problems have been implemented by Obama and his cronies alone.. What about the conservatives? Knowing even an inkling of what you just spewed should have got them going like Eliot Ness instead of trying to dethrone him with smaller/lesser issues.. Had it not been for the insinuations and louder yelling pubs, Benghazi would have gone into history in the same manner as had Bush’s felonious misdemeanors as is the wortkings of a political nation. By not bringing these (facts?) up, not only were they a lazy pack of opponents but they created low information voters by never bringing these issues up but what did they do instead? Allowed a bad haired donut mouth spread rumors about a birth certifcate which no one in congress ciuld challenge once they were faced with the evidense that confirmede his American status and to those out there who fail to believe the law works for Obama, change the law instead of criticizing it. Then they allowed a cowardly malcontent proudly claim his patriotism while spewing Obama hate accusations that no one in congress could challenge as the evidence was contrary to the lies. Instead of wasting the little periods of time during their term fighting for real major issues and subpoenaing gas bags like you to swear in a court of law, they whined, threatened, filibustered and generally turned a large majoriety of voters against them by attempting to cut off all life support while leting Obama continue to manipulate the small band of cronies to destroy this nation.. With Obama gone, the nation will return to milk and honey? What an imagination. Capitalism has harmed Americans far more than socialism and it will continue to harm until socialism comes into thye majority then IT will cause as much damage. Some day people will realize it doesn’t matter who’s in charge .. What party i sin charge, neither are in it to protectg our interests as they have even tgold you this every time they let you knoew they spend YOUR money to protect THEIR interests over seas and around the world.. 95% of us are not being repesented when our country continues to protect the 5%’s interests over seas.

      • Joe T


        December 2, 2014 at 9:34 am — Log in to Reply

        Chris Rock sees POTUS Obama through the eyes of one that sees him as a black Messiah and I see him as a white man as a black devil. We have to competing views. Mine is one where I expect a person to be a leader of all the people not a racist egotistical communist. I might change that to an egotistical Muslim but both come with the same connotations.
        The facts are the facts and Obama is the liar of the century. The racist in him is quite evident from his early childhood his white Grandma did not trust black men. Therefore, I guess his racism started at him. Chris Rock you speak only for you not me. Obama is most wicked deceitful person that has sat in the Oval Office the next closest was Bill Clinton. The Republicans pulled his chestnuts out of the fire more than once. Bill Clinton the first black President and I would have to agree with him taking advantage of a subordinate with her under his desk with his pants down around his knees.


  • Joe T

    President Obama among GQ’s ‘Least Influential’ 2014

    Obama takes the runner-up spot in the magazine’s new list of
    ‘people who took up vast clouds of oxygen, [but] gave us back nothing of use.’………..He doesn’t know it…..shhhhhhh!

  • Tessa Yaeger

    Americans need to remember that Obama’s criminal regime left four Americans to die in Benghazi and viciously tried to deny health care to ten year old Sarah Murnaghan.