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Saturday, March 25, 2017

With his penultimate State of the Union address, President Obama gave the speech that Democrats have always wanted him to give.

After six years of hedges and qualification, the president finally offered a confident, full-throated defense of his economic record, and of his progressive vision of government.

“Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis,” the president declared. “More of our kids are graduating than ever before; more of our people are insured than ever before; we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.”

“It’s now up to us to choose who we want to be over the next 15 years, and for decades to come,” Obama said. “Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort?”

The president went on to lay out a program of “middle-class economics,” featuring tax cuts for working families, the expansion of paid sick leave, free community college, new infrastructure spending, and a higher minimum wage. He also highlighted his administration’s work on several issues close to the hearts of liberals, such as combating climate change, protecting the rights of LGBT people around the world, closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, defending the right to vote, and safeguarding elections from “dark money for ads that pull us into the gutter.”

While nothing the president proposed would have the impact of historically significant Obama-era achievements like the Affordable Care Act or the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, most of his proposals poll extremely well with the American public. And Obama practically dared Republicans to stand in their way.

“These policies will continue to work, as long as politics don’t get in the way. We can’t slow down businesses or put our economy at risk with government shutdowns or fiscal showdowns,” Obama said. “We can’t put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance, or unraveling the new rules on Wall Street, or refighting past battles on immigration when we’ve got a system to fix. And if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, it will earn my veto.”

The president’s speech featured few surprises (in fact, the White House released a full transcript of Obama’s remarks before he even entered the House chamber). But the official Republican response from newly elected senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) contained even fewer. Her sunny speech had almost nothing to do with what Obama proposed; in fact, just seconds in, she flatly acknowleged that “rather than respond to a speech, I’d like to talk about your priorities.”

Apparently, Republicans still think that those priorities include building the Keystone XL pipeline — which Ernst labeled the “Keystone jobs bill,” although it will create just 35 permanent positions — cutting taxes and spending, repealing the health care reform law, and little else.

“Americans have been hurting, but when we demanded solutions, too often Washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like Obamacare,” Ernst lamented. “It’s a mindset that gave us political talking points, not serious solutions.”

That statement betrays Republicans’ central political problem in 2015. For years, they have claimed that President Obama’s policies would lead to disaster. But now, as the GOP takes full control of Congress, those “failed policies” have resulted in a booming economy — an irony that the president noted in his address.

“At every step, we were told our goals were misguided or too ambitious; that we would crush jobs and explode deficits,” Obama said. “Instead, we’ve seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade, our deficits cut by two-thirds, a stock market that has doubled, and health care inflation at its lowest rate in 50 years.”

Meanwhile, the GOP had no response except for  the same plans that it pitched at the depth of the recession.

It’s no secret that Republicans will dismiss most of the proposals that President Obama put forth during his speech. But the rest of the nation might not follow suit. According to a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll, 45 percent of Americans are happy with the state of the economy  — an 11-year high — and 49 percent approve of Obama’s handling of the issue. Democrats’ economic message is starting to resonate, and Republicans still don’t have a serious plan of their own.

If they don’t find one shortly, they risk seeing the national debate leave them behind just as they hope to win the White House in 2016.

Photo: President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

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395 Responses to Obama Leaves Obstinate GOP Behind With State Of The Union

  1. Obama is a great orator. Although he’s way off on his economics, at least he made his minions happy and all giddy. Enjoy the moment folks (those on the left). They are far and few between. It won’t be long now before the next scandal crops up or another Dr. Gruber tells the truth. So, ENJOY!

    • In case you missed it…We’ve enjoyed every bit of Obama’s 6 years. If you thought for one minute your GOP was going to continue to dump hardship on the 99%, you’re a bigger idiot than you imagine.

      When the 99% who have lived in an imposed GOP hardship since Bush took office are going to support more GOP wealth increases for 1% only, you have to be a real moron.

      Dr. Gruber spits out bias. He has to. Just like Joni Baloney Erst was allowed to make the GOP speech and came back with the same old, same old tried and true Confederacy Biblical BS.

      The president doesn’t make idle threats. Your boys thought he would just sit out the next 2 years. Instead, they are up against Muhommed Ali and we all know what happens when little cowards of the GOP tyrant breed try to get in the ring with a real champ…they fail. But what else is new? GOP failures are a legacy by now.

        • That’s it? That’s your response? No..I have no idea what “Media Matters” is I specifically care. When those who call themselves Armericans deliberately skew information and rely solely on biased sources, that’s not in any way fact or truth. It’s an attempt to prove a negative..Not possible. Sorry.

          • Sorry to say this, but what Obama said last night isn’t as peachy as he want’s people to believe. If you READ what he said, you will see that some statements could not have any reality based facts to support them.

          • We will all wait to see your examples, sport. Should we get a truckload of Snickers to chew on while we wait for you?

          • His comment that companies will be raising wages in the near future has no basis of fact and in fact it’s an outright lie. Companies have kept wages stagnant for most of his Presidency and are likely to continue to do so, sans any government mandated minimum wage demands, which is not likely to come from DC. Business’s will stand pat, until the economy actually show’s some significant signs of long term growth. That isn’t happening and not going to happen under the current economic circumstances. Government actions/policies, regardless of which group puts them out are never going to be anything but a hindrance to business. About the only people doing good are the Wall Street gang, but that will be coming down to earth eventually, after the rich make their ill gotten profits.
            After the bailout, how come not one rich guy was put in prison? Charged with a crime? They are stealing from the Middle Class so it must be against the law and Obama and his minions were in complete control from 2009 to 2011. When are all these thieves that you folks on the Left claim are out there going to jail, the world wants to know?

          • It is not a lie, the GAP for one, CVS for two, and there many more, but even if it was just one, that keeps it from being a lie. Companies will keep the wages down unless there is a minimum wage hike. Even when the economy was good the minimum wage wasn’t being increased and that is the problem. Congress let it fall to the cracks, all while they received their hike on a yearly basis. Elizabeth Warren has been working on this. I haven’t seen a republican come to assist.

          • Rising wages do indeed have a basis in fact, and the fact that you are unaware of this just means that you aren’t looking.

            Despite your oft-repeated claims to the contrary, your repeated anti-Democratic posts make you look like a right-wing hack from WND. The economy is doing quite well, and even the most obstinate right-wing zealot can no longer deny it.

            That the Obama Administration hasn’t embarked on a campaign to round up people on Wall Street means less than the fact that the GOP is trying once again to undo financial regulation like Dodd-Frank and bitterly opposed Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Doing so backfired badly, and now she not only defeated their golden boy Scott Brown to become the US Senator from Massachusetts, but she has become a very real contender as a Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

          • “Rising wages do indeed have a basis in fact, and the fact that you are unaware of this just means that you aren’t looking.”

            First, wages are flat with a 0.4 increase last year, basically, FLAT. When companies say “they plan on raising wages” it’s nothing more than hogwash, because ‘plan” and “do” are quite different. What business that you know of “wouldn’t” say this if asked? But you do bring up one thing that should be addressed, minimum wage.

            I would love for all workers to be happy, successful, and drive around in a shiny new Cadillac Escalade. That is and never will be reality, as economics will never allow it. Sorry, but the day McDonalds has to pay 15 bucks to it’s employees is the day that McDonalds goes out of business. NOBODY is going to pay 9 bucks for a nasty Big Mac, nor will they pay 12 bucks for a combo.

            The only way wages rise, is if there is an economic reason for it. When a company is successful, they will raise wages to compete with their competitors. In fast, cheap food, when the government intervenes with high wage demands, they do not consider those who buy the product and why. This dooms minimum wage increases in the long run. It sounds good, but it’s not a realistic move by government, unless they just want more people sucking the teat for survival, which is where most will end up.

            The Obama Administration has done nothing but allow everything you dislike when it comes to banking and Wall Street. He is no different than Bush2, who was no different than Clinton and so on. Their actions are clear. Obama had the chance to fix all the you D clansman bitch about, but did NOTHING! In short, he is no different than the GOPers in DC.

          • A rate of 0.7 in the last 2 months is not ‘flat’. That works out to an annual rate 4.2%. That’s not great, I admit, but it’s far greater than the current inflation rate. This is the current trend, and even the most obstinate right-wing hacks can no longer deny that the economy is trending upward.

            What Obama did or didn’t do with respect to Wall Street means very little. Obama can’t do everyting all at once, especially not with the overwhelming racial hate he’s been faced with. Yes, I know you like to deny it, but that’s irrelevant — it’s reality. Sometimes I’m amazed at what he has accomplished with the unprecedented, bitter opposition — even if I don’t personally agree with every one of his policies.

            Democratic policies clearly take aim at the abuses on Wall Street while Republican policies clearly try to undo any restrictions. That’s also fact. So no matter what was accomplished during Obama’s Presidency, which by the way isn’t over yet, it’s clear that Republican policies are aimed in the wrong direction.

          • Sorry to say but you selfish, self-important little tyrants are finished…done on both sides..toast. What on earth would make a moron like you think we will just “LET” you live like pigs while we all work our butts off trying to make ends meet and then you help yourselves to our tax dollars as if there’s no limit?

            What the President said, isn’t as important as what he WILL do. Something you and your selfish, greedy little asswipes can’t prevent. Your 1% has 99% pushing back. Do you think 1% can do one single thing about that?

          • Well it that’s true, then I’m certain that you would be able to point out such statements here. Feel free to do so.

          • He is a confused closeted cross dresser who whines all day, like a pig. That’s why he likes Joni oink! oink!

    • Oh you mean another GOP-manufactured ‘scandal’ — which comes to nothing? Have at it, instead of creating solutions to issues Americans care about! It does give Republicans something to do, since they lack not only imagination to do anything except increase their personal wealth and that of their minions. It is sad to say, but those who voted for Republicans must like suffering from shoot-in-foot-itis, because they do it again and again. But like the President’s speech so clearly connoted — we’re moving forward and you can stay behind or move with us!

      • we’re moving forward and you can stay behind or move with us!
        I think your forgetting about that pesky little thing called CONGRESS!

          • Kennyboy/DebbyGirl doesn’t even know which gender “it” is. Most mentally ill sociopaths don’t. roflmao

          • I so agree. You hand these lunatic fringe righties facts and they start with their bashing. That’s just their way of not having to admit they are wrong. Which only proves how right we are.

          • I outed you every time you refuse to admit who YOU are. What are you so afraid of coward? Afraid we’ll know you live in a prison cell? Afraid that we’ll figure out you are a mental patient locked in a prison for the criminally insane?

          • My emperor isn’t a money hungry asshat. Yours is. Do tell how much does Charlie and Davey Krotch pay you to troll and which mental ward did they pick you out of?

          • Really? I’m not the one who goes around hating the President…You are Toots. Don’t you have a job? Or are you one of those Welfare recipients?

          • Unlike you and your ilk, I have never taken a government handout. You really need to use that obamacare to get help for your mental illness.

          • You’re a liar. You have NO Job. You sit day after day on the computer bitching about anything that doesn’t go your way. People who have jobs and are not retired don’t spend their time like do because you are unemployed and have been and no one will hire an asshat like you. Employers don’t pay for dipshits.

          • It’s that dang low-T, I’m telling you. We all know that you’ve gobbled up every government benefit you could get your hands on all your life, so just stop it.

            Go see the doc. I’m telling you, that gel would work wonders for you. You’d feel like a man again, if you remember what that’s like. You do remember what that’s like, don’t you?

          • Really? Is that why while McMommy was still wiping your dirty little butt, I was busy teaching 150 children a year and had students who came back until they married and had kids of their own? Are you so desperate to validate your existence? Do you actually have ANY human friends? Or are pigs the only friends who’ll associate with you?

          • It might be a good idea for ken to distance him/herself from joni earst if those are their only friends.

          • Might as well, half the time it’s no show, sleeping on the job, wasting taxpayer money on false accusations. Tell me what you have gained from the republican’s work in six years? I know what women got, they got the shaft.

        • Congress won’t dare try to pull off 2 more years of obstruction. They know why. Right now, the GOP knows it is in desperate need of a facelift and the support of Dems. What on earth makes you think the GOP majority is the ONLY voice Americans have to listen to or take our marching orders from?

          The days of rich boys lapping up our tax dollars is over. Everything has limits..and so does greed.

          If the GOP dares to sideline advancement one tiny inch more, their asses will rue the day.

          • The GOP will continue the illusion that they are different from the Dem’s by sending all kinds of laws for Obama to veto. Then, the NEW party of NO will have been established, which means the GOP will get their turn to continue screwing up the country. Nothing will change, just the color of the shirts being worn.

        • Yes, Congress has been pretty pesky of late. But you are wrong when you say that you are moving forward on your own. You will do what the American people decide you will do and that’s that. Were you under the impression that you had other options?

          • As is the normal attitude of cowards like you, demand government do you dirty deeds because you’ll never be man enough to do it by yourself. Your a pathetic coward.

          • I think you are the coward. It’s one thing to whine incessantly on Internet forums, and quite another to do the work that actually moves this country forward. I don’t demand that government do the dirty work, and I’d be the first in line to go round up armed insurrectionists in person — even at my age.

            But that’s the beauty of a society with laws: Armed insurrectionists don’t get very far, and normal people don’t usually have to be bothered with their cowardly antics. Simpering and spineless sniveling aside, you have no solutions of your own to offer. Read the writing on the wall, fella.

          • You would cower like a puppy dog thinking about going after the peoples guns. Your the idiot that will get good people killed over your stupid ideology that has ZERO basis of fact and is based on emotional lies. Go fuc1 yourself and your lame bravery that is only a figment of your drunk imagination. Stupidity at it’s best. Come take’em bitch!

          • I’m not after anyone’s guns any more than I believe anyone is after mine. Your false bravado doesn’t fool anyone. Armed insurrectionists have no future. Wise up before you are forced to learn the hard way.

      • Republicans have created solutions…their newest: bread bags for children’s shoes. That is a real republican solution to america’s problems that every republican can endorse. a flimsy excuse that doesn’t really fix anything, but, hey, it won’t cost much and the 1% can feel good about themselves and still have money left to buy more politicians.

          • Yes…and you would know most about Satan wouldn’t you? After all, an evil little piece of gnat dung like you knows your own.

          • Go see the doc. I’m telling you, being so fearful and frustrated is heartbreaking to see. The doc will help you, that gel works wonders. Low-T is no laughing matter.

      • Care to detail a single lie he supposedly told? You have a lot of posts here today. But no content whatsoever. Write something worth reading.

      • KennyBoy/DebbyGirl wouldn’t know a lie if it fell on you. Obama has no reason to lie..But now that you mention lies…I suppose you missed Alaska’s Murkowski lying during that Keystone hearing about how there has NEVER been a pipeline spill…What the hell did she think the Bow River in Alberta was? Or the one in North Dakota…Do you right wing selfish little jerks all think we won’t check facts from people who live near these places? Boy are YOU stupid.

          • I’m probably one of few Americans who has ever been to Alberta Canada. I visited a lawyer friend there for 10 days in August 2000. I also have several friends in Stratford AB and another in Red Deer. While in Alberta that year, we traveled north of Calgary where my friend lived. We stopped to see the tar sand mining in Hardisty.

            Anyone who tells you that is not dirty oil is a big time liar. Here’s what I saw…huge mountain movers (these are trucks that remove huge mountain boulders bigger than I am tall) and water shot into the gouges in those mountains from at least 2 dozens water cannons. The water is used to separate oil from the sand. Then, it’s trucked to a refinery. Hardisty only mines the oil. It doesn’t refine it there.

            In 2006, the Calgary Sun and Canada’s National Post both published the account of the case between British Columbia and Alberta. BC refused to allow that dirty oil to be exported through their province.

            The biggest danger to Americans regarding Keystone is that it will travel more than 2500 miles from Hardisty into land taken in several states by eminent domain and piped into Galveston TX. The danger of annual wild fires in MT and NB’s annual tornadoes is one thing..but the cost to truck millions of gallons of US water to Galveston for the actual refining process. We will end up paying higher water rates because GOP governors are hot to sell off state water resources to private companies. We will get less water and higher rates and the rest of the water will go to Galveston. Is this what we want?

    • I’m with you on the next scandal thing. As long as Fox News is around, there will always be a new Obama scandal du jour. No doubt about that. No idea what it’ll be next week, but they’ll have a scandal. Maybe they’ll have him with a secret family in West Virginia or something.

    • How’s that Benghazi scandal working out for whiney Sen. Lindsey Graham or the insufferable dopes at Fox? Oh yeah, a bipartisan committee already concluded there was nothing there.

      Keep dreaming up the scandals, mkay? And take another 50 votes to rescind Obamacare. Lord knows the Repugs are not going to do anything constructive with their power.

    • So that is what you live for another scandal? What kind of person spend his life looking forward to the next scandal? You do realize that a scandal is only a scandal if it is proven?

  2. I am thankful every day that I’m not a lunk headed republican- a science fact denier, greedy, selfish, non Christian loser. The devil republicans keep believing in must be really stoking the fire getting ready for all those ignorant
    people- he’ll need a big expansion of hell to hold all the liars, thieves and hypocrites that people the republican party.

        • The most telling thing that Obama said was that he wanted to steal money from one group so he could steal less from another group. I’m sure your OK with the theft though, it’s what you support.

          • Stealing from exactly what group? The Repuglicant National Committee?

            We need more tax cuts for the richest 1% so they can contribute to the Koch brothers for spreading their lies! God forbid we educate our kids, right?

            Paying their fair share of taxes is not stealing from the 1%. Go to Europe and check the tax rates.

          • What he said,in so many words, was he wants to take back some of the money that the wealthiest have been stealing from the middle class for far to long

          • The average CEO has gotten a raise of nearly 40% since 2009, but the average American earns less than he or she did in 1999.

          • Then move to a country that doesn’t have forced taxation. I for one don’t mind paying taxes as long as they help ALL and not just the rich.

          • I’ve never heard of voluntary taxation working very well. Claiming that taxation is theft is pretty meaningless. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not no matter which political party is currently in charge.

          • No…that is NOT what he said. He demands that if 1% of the population is going to get rich by stealing from the 99%…you owe. Aw….poor lil gary….now he has to be an adult and own up to responsibility instead of being a corrupt little business suck up who eats up the tax subsidies the rest of us pay.

          • If taxing those who have swindled the middle class for decades — like using SNAP as a profit-generating employe plan — is ‘stealing’, then you betcha — we’re gonna steal that taxpayer money right back.

      • Time to give it up, same old dance and song, you and Joni want us to be where we were 6 six years ago. The GOP’s false christians are what we need to worry about, not your delusional mindset.

          • Well, just because you repeat yourself over and over doesn’t make it a true statement, what it makes, is a true fact that you are delusional!

          • You don’t believe in God…You think YOU are god…think again Toots…You are about as necessary to human existence as the next turd you flush.

          • Lol…So true…You know what’s really funny? Remember how all of those plantation owners sent off the poor farm boys to fight for the rights of plantation owners to keep and own human slaves? Remember how the very idea that owning slaves was supposed to last until every last Big Daddy was dead or his entire family no longer existed?

            That’s the same plantation mentality of these two loonies who assume everything lasts and lasts and lasts…even when it is causing the country to go down in flames. The worst part is they actually believed they could keep us in a rut forever.
            Surprise surprise…lol

          • Your low-T is very sad. Go see a doc. Whining about ‘communists’ when there haven’t been any in these parts for too many years to count is just pitiful.

      • President Blackula, right? ROTFLMFAO. It just kills you pathetic racists to see a Black man in charge. Take your meds and turn off the computer. Find somewhere to get your news other than the Fox Fables Channel.

        • No. It kills me that we have a illegal communist in our White House. Someone bent on the destruction of America. It’s racists like you that always brings in race.

          • You can come out of that black box your trapped in and smell the roses, fresh air (while we have it) and maybe get to know others then just the birthers.

          • Please provide empirical, peer reviewed, verifiable and irrefutable evidence that POTUS is an “illegal communist.”
            Jesus H. Christ in a Wheelchair. You teabagging conservitards are worthless.

          • Stop exaggerating. If it really killed you, you’d be silent and we wouldn’t have to hear your pitiful whining. Go see the doc. I’m telling you, they can fix your low-T problems these days. Being so fearful is a sad sight to see.

          • A communist in the White House? Where? I haven’t seen a communist since I was a toddler, we certainly don’t have any in our government these days.

        • Fox News!! They will soon be out of the air. The Mayor in Paris is working on suing them due to their lies of no-go-zone. It seems it was planned because not only one person said it, there are a good numbers of Fox News workers.

          • Two years ago CNN did a story on the “no go zones” in the UK. Try and remember that the French President is an idiot Left winger whose lawsuit will go nowhere.

          • Actually, Yes! I agree with you on this. Boner is an idiot, just like Harry Reid. No difference between them except the little letter after their name.

      • If Obama is the antichrist, wouldn’t the Democrats at least still be in control of the House and Senate? I mean, at least that? Man, that is one lame antichrist I gotta say. I like Obama as a President but as the antichrist, he really sucks.

  3. Barack Obama is back! The man that amazed and convinced so many Americans to vote for him in 2008, and again in 2012, was as eloquent, focused, and full of hope as ever. His reiteration that the our worst economic woes have been left behind, and that our economy and job creation records suggest a bright future for America, was tempered by his acknowledgment that many among us are not seeing the benefits derived from our economic recovery. There are many reasons for the latter, ranging from outsourcing, automation, the Internet, and an education system that must be more affordable if the goal is to compete effectively against our most powerful competitors.
    In addition to the need to invest in infrastructure, as a critical element in our ability to compete, and a good way to create new jobs, he addressed social issues such as the need to provide child care to allow families where both parents must work to make ends meet to do so, he talked about equal pay for women, about gay and lesbian rights, about the minimum wage, paid maternity leave, and immigration, among other topics.
    On foreign policy he acknowledged the gains we have made, as well as the challenges we still face. By asking Congress for authorization to intervene in military activities to fight ISIL, he demonstrated leadership, and acknowledged the reality that the best way to be effective abroad is to project a unified front.
    He was, clearly, not intimidated by a Republican controlled Congress. Instead he seemed to be energized by it.
    I planned to listen to the GOP response, and I was momentarily impressed by what Joni Ernst was saying…until she decided to present the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as an example of investment in infrastructure. I battled between amazement and laughter for a few minutes. The first thing that came to my mind was how can anybody say that transporting Canadian tar sand oil to the Gulf for export to China is an investment in U.S. infrastructure? At that point I decided that the best thing to do was go to bed, and when I did I realized something I had not anticipated. Joni’s statement revealed the centerpiece of what the GOP infrastructure bill is going to be. In addition to truly needed investment in infrastructure, the GOP is planning to include the Keystone pipeline in it. Why? Because doing so will leave President Obama two choices, reject the entire Bill or sign it. If he does the latter he will pay the same price President Clinton is still paying for signing the repeal of Glass-Steall.

    • How can he be back?? He said he wants to turn the page, strange wording after 6 years in office.
      What many saw was a President with a huge disconnect on his foreign affair polices. ISIS(that jayvee team) has grown taking 1/3 from Iraq and Syria. He talked about Yemen and Libya in 2013 SOTU and now both have been over run by Radical Islam.
      WP headline “Shadow of Crisis is Passed” also on the front page is the article of Yemen burning.
      On the economy, yes it is recovering, which is about time. As the WP shows 58% think economy not so good to poor.
      68% worry about their situation collapsing.
      Around 60% say country going in wrong direction.
      People not feeling these Happy Days Again as Obama is portraying.
      Taxation is at an all time high
      Medium income down and is less than 7 years ago
      Jobs are up but not the kind necessary to propel the middle class forward. Part-time and low paying are the norm.
      What many saw was a Class Warfare president, poor against rich. How many time did he use Fair??
      A President that has cemented his legacy as the government guy, the government is the go to for everything. Doubling down on his policies that have have worked.
      No, what many saw was the same old tax and spend, poor against rich, saying nothing is fair, all for the purpose to divide this country.
      At his point this country doesn’t need more ideology but practical politics to get things done. The defiance displayed by Obama last night pretty much says that is not going to happen.

      • Yes, the country is going in the wrong direction. And It Is because Repugs have been dragging their feet for 6 years just to try and break Obama. It’s pathetic.

        • And when you hear commentators from Fox News like Steve Hayes and John Gibson saying the President was lecturing during SOTU! Really! did they say the same when previous Presidents had the same opportunity? What about the woman from Iowa who declared she was going to WD to make them freak around. Wasn’t she lecturing last night? Why are these people always negative?

          • The idea of their incestuous, graven negativity is from an old saying they truly live: Misery loves company. So they have a real ball trying to invite as many as they can to their misery parties. What they don’t ever realize is they are all losers with loser mentalities. Americans are winners…never losers.

        • And yet the mid-terms gave the dems a massive a$$ kicking, at the Federal, State and Local levels.
          I can only imagine the debt and deficit that would have been added if the American people had not felt they wanted a divided govt.. If they hadn’t, they would have voted dems back into the house in 2012.
          PS: it isn’t 6 years it is only 4 years. Remember Obama had complete control of govt. for 2 years and all we got was deeper debt and healthcare that he had to delay parts(some 30+ changes) because it was so poorly written.
          Keep to the party line, comrade.

          • Obama turned around the horrible mess left by the last right-wing zealot, and even the most hardened dolts can no longer deny it.

            The midterms meant nothing. They don’t give right-wingers control of the Executive Branch, which is what they want but can’t win, and all of the 2014 results will be wiped away in 2016. For God’s sake they needed 5 separate rebuttals to Obama’s speech — Five. They can’t even agree amongst themselves, how are they going to convince the American public? Hint: They won’t.

          • A recovery has started but it has a very long way to go.
            It is made up of low paying, part-time jobs and that is about all. 1.7 million fewer full time jobs.
            Gas prices dropping has nothing to do with Obama policies.
            The country is not feeling this euphoria he tried to portray in his campaign speech. He has added higher taxes and medium income is below 2008 levels.
            it is a fragile economy and until the Feds raise rates this suggestion of a rousing economy by Obama just doesn’t exist.

          • Those are old, worn out right-wing talking points — old news. The latest new jobs have been mostly high-paying ones, and there are also less and less people working part-time jobs when they want full-time ones. It’s getting better every single day.

            The facts speak for themselves. Obama has taken the horrible Republican economic catastrophe and turned it around faster than any President in history faced with a similar mess. At every turn right-wing hacks have claimed that Obama’s policies would spell doom for the economy, yet now they are all falling over themselves to claim credit for his success.

            I know it’s painful to be proven wrong on every single point, but in time you will get over it.

          • I know you will do and say anything to make Obama try and look good. Every month the majority of new hires have been low paying part-time. . You seem to want to forget new claims last week for unemployment jumped to 321,000.

            Yes the long awaited recovery is happening but it is far from seeing the high paying full time jobs. Part of this part time status is ACA.
            So that 1.7 less full time jobs is wrong? Really!!!

            You seem to unaware of WP poll this week showing 58% saying economy not so good to poor. 60% country going wrong way.

            No matter you try slice and dice the numbers the majority of new hires are not full time high paying.
            But keep trying.

          • Anyone can pick their favorite ‘spin’ on the latest jobs report, but that doesn’t mean anything. The fact is that the economy has been recovering from a dismal Republican failure for some time, and despite all of the gloom and doom predictions — like yours — the GOP is now tripping all over itself to claim the credit for a recovery they can no longer deny with a straight face.

            Americans are feeling the recovery, and the polls increasingly show this trend also, much to your everlasting dismay. We know that right-wing hacks are siding against America on this, but I’m afraid that you are simply getting your collective butts handed to you with that warm, freshly-kicked glow.

            But please keep up the ineffectual whining — it reminds the rest of us that we are still on the right path.

          • Prove me wrong with what you think are the correct numbers. You can live in denial all you want but the financial experts all say the same thing. The majority of new hires are low paying part-time jobs, if this is not the case by hasn’t there been a jump wages. Medium income down, less than 7 years.
            ABC/WP are wrong, Right?? 58% feel economy is not so good to poor. 68% say they are concerned that their economic situation could collapse. 60% say country going in wrong direction. And you believe that 5+% unemployment rate is because of hiring, high wages and has nothing to do with the large number of people no longer looking for a job and have left the labor force. Right?? Go back undre the rock!!
            All the negative numbers, I just picked out my favorite. Now that is funny!!

            No whining hear, all I hear are those who voted for this ineffectual president trying so desperately to find excuses for his failings.

          • There’s nothing new about what you right-wing hacks are spewing. The problem for you is that 5.6% unemployment rate is measured the same way it has been for years and years. Only now, when you hate the current President (because he’s black), all of a sudden the numbers mean something different. Yeah right.

            Here are some poll results about how Americans see the economy from Gallup — you’ve heard of them, right?


            Here’s another one for your enjoyment:


            The so-called “large number of people who have left the workforce” (so-called by you) would be the Bureau of Labor Statistics U6 number, which has been trending upward since 2000 and was expected. It has little to do with the job market, and started a full 9 years before Obama was even in the Oval Office, so you’ll need to find some other whine to go with your cheesy statistics.

          • Nice try! Any intellectually honest person would know that the U3 is based on people with jobs and people looking for jobs in last 4 weeks. Many people have quit looking and that is a reflected in the U3 #.
            So ABC/WP is wrong, right?

          • The vast majority of people who quit looking for jobs do so for reasons other than an inability to find one. The number of people who say they gave up looking for a job because they can’t find one is infinitesimal. People who really want a job don’t quit looking, and there are plenty of jobs to be had.

            The U6 number from the BLS includes people who haven’t looked for a job for up to one year. Anyone who hasn’t looked for a job in over one year simply doesn’t want one. So you can try selling your snake oil to somebody else.

          • Baloney to your first paragraph. Hell, to both paragraphs.
            Sullivan sure put to rest your low wage part time BS you tried to pull off earlier. He is just one of many that knows the truth about the job numbers.

            Time for you to go back under the rock.

          • Old news — that’s all you have to offer. Sullivan wrote his right-wing hack report way back at the beginning of October, using data even older than that.

            Those who aren’t trying to lie (because they hate a black President) use current data, like these numbers from the BLS:


            It’s not a great increase, no, but it’s an increase — not a decrease. And despite the fact that Obama-hating right -wing hacks like you scour the Internet for bad news to validate their hate for a black President, when people crunch the real numbers they find that Republican sabotage (public sector wages) can be separated out from private sector wage growth, which gives us an interesting picture:


            One by one all of the right-wing talking points are falling. Newt promised gas prices as low as $2.50 if only America would elect him and his right-wing middle-class-killing policies, but now gas prices under Obama are much lower than that at $2.00 or less per gallon. Mitt promised 6% unemployment if only Americans would elect him and his American-job-killing, foreign-outsourcing, taxpayer-cheating policies, but the rate under Obama has fallen much further than that. Right-wing hacks of all kinds promised to lower the deficit, but Obama has cut it by 2/3. All of the hacks squealed that Obama’s policies would kill jobs and inflate the deficit, but now they all have egg on their faces as Obama has restored all of the jobs that the last right-wing hack destroyed in a typical Republican economic debacle.

            U6 numbers include those people who aren’t looking for work because they are ‘discouraged’, and you ignore this because it disproves your Obama-hating claims. Here is a link that talks about such people, and notes that over the last couple of years the change in this number has been flat — not increasing:


            And there’s more. The people who are not part of the labor force are mainly retirees, those attending school, disabled, and ‘other’ reasons including not entering the labor force when reaching employment age (lots of young women and students). The numbers of so-called ‘discouraged’ workers are tiny in comparison. The labor force participation rate has little to do with the job market, and right-wing hacks are crowing about something that was both expected (baby boomer retirement), and happening long before Obama was even in office (2000 onward). And it’s not even new: The participation rate was lower than current rates all through the 1950s and 1960s, and only climbed due to the large number of baby boomers who are now leaving the workforce.

            So all of your right-wing Obama-hating hackery is a load of unmitigated crap. You and your fellow right-wing hacks are running out of talking points. Time for you to find new lies, because these lies are not only dis-proven but old, discredited news.

          • Your own charts show that income is not dropping. After recovering from the spectacular nose-dive under Bush, it has been slowly climbing. And the more recent trend is that it has been accelerating a bit. Nothing spectacular, of course, but much better than the free-fall under the Bush Administration, and it has to start somewhere. So saying that wage or income growth is flat or falling is just plain false, and your own references show it.

          • Median Household Incomes: The Real Truth about the U.S. Economic Recovery, Five Years Later

            i said “medium income is less than 7 years ago”, as to your claim that income income is not flat or falling should be put to bed with this article.

          • It doesn’t affect my point at all. Yes, thanks to the incredible Republican economic debacle under GW Bush ‘median’ income (not ‘medium’, btw) did fall. In recent years, though, it has risen slowly. It’s not the greatest increase in the world and could stand to be a lot better, of course, but it’s not flat and not falling.

          • Sorry, you’ve been debunked. You seem fairly intelligent, that is to say I don’t believe that you are clinically retarded, so I’m not sure why you keep making claims for which you have no evidence.

            The chart I’m attaching shows that real wage growth has been slow but not much different than during the 1990s — except, of course for the huge free-fall at the end of the Bush Administration. Try another story — this one isn’t working.

            Here’s a helpful hint for you: Flat wage growth would be 0.0%.

          • I think you need to spend some more time reading this.


            Here’s more on wages thru 12-14


            And you don’t think they are flat. PS: I never once talked about median/medium-:), flat or down. What I originally said was the “median income is less than 7 years ago.” And that is true.

            Now is the chart you give adjusted for inflation?? 2013 inflation was abut 1.6. 2014 about the same. If not, that “big increase” means little.

          • In case you haven’t noticed, you just posted a link that I posted previously, and it proves my point — not yours. The BLS statistics show that real wage growth for 2013-2014 was 1.0%. An increase of 1.0% is not ‘flat’ — it’s an increase.

            The term ‘real wage growth’ means that the numbers are adjusted for inflation, as opposed to ‘nominal wage growth’ which isn’t. The chart I posted, as well as your own link (which I posted earlier), shows that real wage growth has not been flat. An honest person would admit their mistake at this point.

            Not only is real wage growth not ‘flat’, but it is trending upward. And if you consider the drag of public wage austerity measures (sequester, etc.) on the numbers, the private sector wage growth isn’t exactly terrible, although everybody wishes it was higher.

          • Only you believe a 1% increase is not flat. 1% barely keeps up with inflation.


            Fed, chair Yellen said in the article “There has been little evidence of any Broad-based acceleration in either wages or compensation. Indeed, in real terms, wages have been FLAT growing less than labor productivity.” Has there been some movement? Yes, but nothing to write home about.


          • ‘Real Wage Growth’ means AFTER inflation. 1% is not flat, 2% is not flat, 3% is not flat. 0% is flat.

            I didn’t dispute anything about ‘median income’. What I did dispute was how you spelled it, because you called it ‘medium income’.

            Real median income has been rising for four years now, after a dizzying fall during the latter part of the Bush Administration. It may not be rising very fast yet, but it’s rising — and that’s a whole lot better than taking a nose-dive like it did during the Bush economic disaster.

          • Did you even look at the damn chart? Here it is again.
            From 2010 forward the wages have hovered around the 2% line, going up slightly and down slightly. That is Flat. Do you see any movement going higher?? NO!!! Wages have been flat. More people for fewer jobs, therefore business can keep wages lower. Supply and demand!! For most people that is not so hard to understand. Fed. Chair has repeated that wages are flat.
            What don’t you understand?? I never said they weren’t rising. One more time, I said median income is less than 7 years ago.

          • LOL. I see what the problem is here: You just don’t understand the meaning of ‘flat’. Either that, or you meant to say that the rate of increase was staying ‘flat’. LOL

            A 2% increase every year is NOT flat wage growth. Wages are not flat. Flat means not rising. If it is rising then it isn’t flat, so since you yourself now admit that it’s been rising, and now you’ve learned what ‘flat’ really means, we can finally end your confusion. Wages are not flat, and you were simply confused.

          • The one with a comprehension problem is all yours. Flat means over a specific time period wage growth has moved very little as to increases.
            When wages hover around the 2% line on that chart and never increase they are stagnant, lacking wage growth. Flat!!!! Get it.
            Try this Socialist article, that should help you.



            Hell, I could give you more but I don’t think it is in your capacity to understand.

          • Haha! Flat does NOT mean that the growth rate has remained near a specific rate. If the growth is rate is 2% they are not stagnant.

            Flat means zero or near zero growth. Stagnant means not moving. Wages that are growing — even at 2% per year — are not stagnant, rather, they are moving up.

            You have failed to grasp a very basic concept, so it’s no wonder you keep arguing against the facts. What a dolt.

          • All that proves is that you are roughly as talented as the average parrot — able to mimic others but unable to do any independent thinking.

            Yellen is speaking in relative terms about what the criteria is for the Fed to raise interest rates, and would be the first person to admit that 2 percent growth isn’t really flat at all, but for the purposes of Fed policy the growth rate isn’t enough to warrant raising the rate.

            I’m disappointed in you. I originally thought that you had at least a little intelligence, but you are forcing me to re-evaluate that assessment. It’s a very simple concept to understand, but apparently you lack the mental horsepower. A 2% growth isn’t flat (it’s simple enough English for most 6 year olds to understand), but for the purposes of the Fed they may consider 2% growth low enough to treat the same as an actual flat growth rate.

            Have your mommy read some economics books to you after she tucks you in tonight — you need the help. Tomorrow I’d suggest an English primer.

          • You have made my night. Thank You!!!! I actually burst out laughing when I read your post.
            I haven’t decided if you are having psychotic moments or just an intellectually dishonest person.

            Transcript of June 18 2014 press conference of Fed. Chair Yellen. Page 19 and page 20.

            CHAIR YELLEN. Well, thanks. That’s a great question. You know, I see compensation growth, broadly speaking, as having been very well contained. By most measures, compensation growth is running around 2 percent. So that’s real wage growth or real compensation growth that’s essentially flat rather than rising, and real wage growth really has not been rising in line with productivity.

            As to the mommy thing, it sounds like mommy has been your outlet all your life.
            Hey, maybe it’s your superiority complex getting in your way, what ever it is, you are one screwed up person trying to mask your inadequacies

          • You lost this argument, it’s as simple as that. The meaning of ‘flat’ wage growth isn’t complicated, and wage growth isn’t flat. Citing somebody else saying that it is ‘essentially flat’ or ‘not rising in line with productivity’ doesn’t change anything.

            This shows that when you are proven to be wrong your answer is to lie about it. As for the inadequacy thing, you need to explain why it is that you feel the need to come out here and lie incessantly about Obama, because that’s all you spend your time doing.

            So you were just proven to be wrong, and you aren’t big enough to admit it. Big surprise.

          • I see you are having another psychotic moment.

            Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, a top economist, overseeing the central banking system of the US, is not just “somebody”. You really are delusional.

            CHAIR YELLEN. Well, thanks. That’s a great question. You know, I see
            compensation growth, broadly speaking, as having been very well
            contained. By most measures, compensation growth is running around 2
            percent. So that’s real wage growth or real compensation growth that’s
            essentially flat rather than rising, and real wage growth really has not
            been rising in line with productivity.

            You don’t have an inkling of what is going on in the real world. Sad but true!!!

            Having another wonderful laugh and smile at your asinine post.

          • LOL. If Yellen knew that there were dolts like you hanging on her every word for something that could be twisted into hate for a black President, she might have to lower her vocabulary to a level that you can understand. But she wasn’t talking to you, and she wasn’t even talking about real wage growth. What she was talking about was interest rates.

            I could find all manner of documents online to use out of context and spin the language into something it isn’t, but I’m not fond of looking like an idiot.

            You, on the other hand, appear to be quite fond of looking like an imbecile. Real wage growth isn’t flat, and that’s a simple fact. Flat is zero percent increases, which isn’t the case. A 7 year old could defeat you in a debate like this, and they’d look a lot smarter than you the whole time. You are obviously dumb with a capital ‘D’.

            Obama is black, and he’s your leader. You don’t like it because it reminds you that a black man is better than you in every possible way, but that’s too bad for you. It’s reality.

            You got caught making a mistake, and then trying to cover up your mistake by lying. The only problem with your plan is that it didn’t work. Find some other way to compensate for your inadequacies, because you are getting repetitive and boring.

          • ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!
            The only person lacking the ability to comprehend is you.
            ANNALYN KURTZ. Annalyn Kurtz with CNNMoney. Thank you, Chair Yellen. I’m wondering: What’s the Fed’s general expectation for wage growth this year and next year? And if inflation outpaces wage growth, does that scenario make you more hesitant to raise the federal funds rate next year? Or if, conversely, wages rise just enough to keep up with inflation, they’re moving in lockstep, let’s say, is that enough to satisfy what you’re looking for in the job market?
            CHAIR YELLEN. Well, thanks. That’s a great question. You know, I see compensation growth, broadly speaking, as having been very well contained. By most measures, compensation growth is running around 2 percent. So that’s real wage growth or real compensation growth that’s essentially flat rather than rising, and real wage growth really has not been rising in line with productivity.

            Washington Post Notice the flat wage remark.


            Only you are incapable of grasping the flat wage, stagnant wage fact. It’s the lack of growth, Stupid!!

            Why do I know you lost the argument?? Adding the element of Race, which I never mentioned before, and totally unrelated to the topic tells me you are trying to deflect, detract, change the subject to hide your loss.

            No, you are one delusional and quite frankly a intellectually dishonest person.
            Still having a LMAO moment from your last post.

          • This isn’t the first time you’ve lost an argument and resorted to lying. That seems to be your game plan, because you are usually wrong.

            I have a suggestion for you: Instead of being forced to lie and scour the Internet for quotes that you can twist out of context, perhaps you should adopt a game plan where you rely on facts rather than bigoted hate. Every single minute of your day is spent trying to come up with ways to insult President Obama, because he’s black. Everyone here knows the drill and frankly it’s really getting old.

            Think about how stupid what you do really is: Because you know that Obama is better than you, but he’s black, your sense of self-esteem (which relies on your skin color rather than any accomplishments) requires that you spend hour after hour trying to find ways to chip away at Obama in the mistaken belief that it will enhance your worth. It doesn’t, and no matter how much time you waste and how many lies you tell, Obama is still better than you in every possible way.

            But really, an argument that any 6 year old could easily debunk is just getting ridiculous. Everybody knows what flat wage growth means, and lying about it doesn’t change a thing. Just face reality and admit that the black man in the White House is smarter, more successful, more popular, wealthier, and more likeable than you will ever be and free yourself from the need to make a fool out of yourself on a daily basis. Everybody already knows Obama is better than you, so you may as well accept the fact.

          • You lost the argument. A seven year old could have beaten you. The only thing that you appear to be good at is lying when your arguments are debunked.

          • The Teabaggers have as much of a mandate as there really are unicorns … think on that, wee one.

          • LOL!!! Thanks for the chuckle. Did you notice that there were much fewer Dems in the audience that when Obama started in 2009. How many? Over 85 fewer, wonder why?

          • Gerrymandering, people too lazy to get out and vote and teabagger obstruction at the voting booth. It’s gotta suck to be as ignorant and pathetic as you are, fruit loop.

      • President Obama is the President of the United States, not the Arab world. What he has done is the smartest move possible. Taxes are high for all of us, but the rich have too many breaks that are subsidized with middle class working funds. Medium income down, but the GOP will not agree to a minimum wage hike, Job are up in any form is a plus and on the positive side. What we saw was that the President wants to help the middle class and poor, the only one creating a warfare are those that disagree with common sense approach. And what is wrong with being fair? Ideology is ALL the GOP has to offer.

        • I wonder why these righties never like that photo op of GWB holding hands with that Saudi Prince Bush invited to his Crawford Ranch for a barbeque back in 2006.

          • George’s mom,Barbara, unofficially adopted the guy inot the Bush family. I love the photo of G W Bush holding hands with the Saudi King.

        • Bear in mind that the capital gains taxes are down to 23.8%, and that what President Obama proposed was raising it to the level that was perfectly acceptable for the GOP when President Reagan was in office: 28%.

        • Obama said al-Qaeda on the run, ISIS a bunch of jayvee, which has forced him to send American troops back to Iraq because of his failed policies. Minimum wage is not the answer, better paying full time jobs.
          Common sense approach, Right!!! funny.

          Fact: 1% pays 35% of taxes, 5%-10% pay almost 80%, 20% pay 93%.
          How does taxing the successful more makes the hard working tax payer more successful?

          • Oy. If you take into account how many tax loopholes the 1% pay, doofus, the bottom line is more like 10 – 15%, not 35%. Put down the FAUXCrackpipe son, it’s destroying your last brain cell.

          • You really are mentally challenged, aren’t you???
            Think about what you said, “bottom line is more like 10% -15%, not 35%. ”
            I didn’t say tax rate, I said taxes paid to the treasury. By your thinking there is from 20% to 25% of taxes being declared by the treasury but are not collected yet they are recorded.
            No my ignorant one, the top 1% pay in TAXES to the federal govt 35% of TOTAL TAX REVENUES.
            ONE MORE TIME.
            Have you got it yet.

      • When you have 2 simultaneous wars, one of which was totally fabricated by Cheney for Halliburton’s huge campaign donations to put Bush in the White House and Cheney in as VP, 7 mass shootings in the streets and schools in the US, the Middle East bombings, al Qaeda, ISIS and tell us armchair president…how perfect your foreign policies will be. Or are you too much of a coward to take on the job of the presidency? I thought so.

        • Keep trying to justify your vote for a individual who after 6 years in office and his lack of leadership now thinks he needs to turn the page on his administration.
          My gosh it must get tiring try to find excuses for his letting you and the American people down.
          He said al Qaeda is on the run, ISIS a jayvee team.
          No, he has failed on his policies toward Radical Islam. The American people know it even if you don’t.

          • Turning the page may be difficult for you to understand, it isn’t for me. The focus during the last six years was on saving and stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and passing legislation designed to solve serious social problems, or to prevent another Great Recession. The focus from now on is on how to ensure ALL segments of our population benefit from the economic recovery, how to position ourselves to sustain our global economic prowess, how to raise our standard of living, how to continue to reduce Federal government deficits and accumulation of debt, and what must be done to minimize the probability of foreign terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.
            The last six year were spent mending the damage caused by myopic policies and decisions, the future must include economic and intellectual growth, fairness, and stability.

          • Turning the page sounds like what someone new would say, not one after six years of poor performance.
            Obama has 2 maybe 3 good quarters and he acts as if if was a Gold Rush.
            This economy is still fragile, Stock ownership down, Pension ownership down, Wages down, Home ownership down. high paying, full time jobs almost non-existence, but he thinks he can turn the page and ignore the real problems that still beset this country.
            What he offered is more debt and taxes, nothing more nothing less. Rasmussen latest poll shows 56% see spending going up not down.
            “Stimulated the economy”, give me a break!!! He has been so anti-business with rules and regulations that he has done just the opposite. Business are having a much harder time make the bottom line profitable, starting new business. Obamacare has held down employment. So save me this crap about stimulating the economy.

            On another subject. NYT reporting, DOJ finds no civil rights violation in the Ferguson tragedy.
            That sure doesn’t fit your agenda, does it?

          • Your efforts to find ways to deny the obvious don’t deserve a response, especially when some of the points you made are a cacophony of what Democrats have been saying all along, and what President Obama acknowledged during the SOTU and proposed initiatives to solve.
            The DOJ conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with my “agenda”, whatever that is. The fact that the focus of its investigation was on civil rights violations, and that the bar to prove such a thing is so high that it is virtually impossible to meet, their conclusion is not surprising.

          • Thanks for the chuckle!!! I think the denial/part denial is all yours. Obama in SOTU speech was all about more taxes, more entitlements, and more debt.
            Only you and your ilk think “Happy Days Are Here Again”.
            Your hysteria to the shooting and violations of Browns rights was expressed by you. You wouldn’t even acknowledge the findings after the official autopsy.

          • Yes, President Obama did propose raising the capital gains tax from 23.8% to 28%, the level that existed in the Reagan days. The goal is to use those revenues, and revenues from other sources, to pay for infrastructure, daycare for whose children can’t go to work because they can’t afford it, free community college to improve the chances of those who have been left behind to find a good paying, permanent, job. Imagine that! All I can say, is not a moment too soon.

          • You need to tell FAUXSnooze to change the talking points … they’re old. And stale. And yawn inducing. YAWN.

          • Says the brain surgeon who vomits old, weak and pitiful teabagger talking points … thanks for the laugh, boy … hahahahahaha

        • The right wing hypocrisy fuels their inane comments and opinions. They were in control prior to and during the attack on the Towers on 9/11murdering 2983 of our people while at work. This goes beyond incompetence. It is gross criminal negligence and removal from office should have applied because the right wing–its Leader- failed to protect the American people as required by the Constitution. The right wing then bungled the mission into Iraq, allowing it to fester for another to confront and end, started a phony, misguided, mismanaged venture into squandering lives and treasure, while undermining a once viable economy. The right wing hacks must address their responsibility and accountability for the mess they created at home and abroad until then they have no credibility in what they say and do. i can’t believe they have regained power and control after the last right wing bunch created the disaster this President and the rest of us inherited.

          • Of all the catastrophic events occurring under GOP rule one has reason to be amazed that they keep winning power and influence but what it shows is how completely corrupt our government is. Yes, they failed to protect Americans and then…yes they double our pains and grief by sending our children to fight an unwinnable war and in the process precipitated the most well funded terrorist group the world has ever seen and they got away with it…one investigation no prosecutions! How can this be??? IT IS MEANT TO BE. Nothing happens in Washington politics that isn’t suppose to happen.
            I found the SOTU totally disappointing!!! Our president filled Americans with false hopes just to blunt the objectives of his political adversaries.
            We should all know that populous economics is just another political scheme to get our votes. And worse…you just wait…it is a game both sides will play.
            On the economy, I’m convinced that the American business apparatus doesn’t need American consumers like in times of old because back then they ruled the roust providing goods for the world wide.
            Today, the corporate class is hugely successful without a robust working and middle class. They simply don’t need to support populous economics: Obama hinted at this when him tried to sell TPP stating” most of the consumers are outside of our borders”
            I think middle class revival is not up to the government but up to job creators who are on the cutting edge of technological innovations that can use an educated American work force. The populous economics we heard about in the SOTUA are as far off into the future as the next generation of high tech American works and we know we are pretty far behind the curve from looking at the educational performance of our children–which I might add has been victimized by governmental and parental misguidance

      • I have been wondering how long it was going to take you to bring up the eternal “class warfare” argument. Would you have liked it better if President Obama had said that his time was too valuable to waste on the 47% of alleged takers?
        One of the most fascinating parts of Republican opinions is that they shift course more often than a sail boat. In the not too distant past, when it seemed like President Obama was ready to intervene in Syria, the GOP wasted no time to accuse him of siding with rebel groups infiltrated or controlled by Al Qaeda. When he backed off, he was quickly accused of being an appeaser. And now that he is asking for congressional authorization to intervene, it is too little too late. The part the GOP never addresses is who and what caused the emergence of ISIS. The ISIS hierarchy is composed mostly of former Saddam Hussein loyalists, including senior military officers trained by the USA, who were displaced during the Sunni purge that followed the occupation of Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. A dozen years later, the Sunnis that lost their jobs, influence, and who had no choice but to leave their country to save their lives or stay out of prison are back with a vengeance. Who does the GOP blame for the destabilization of the Persian Gulf and the radicalization of those who were persecuted and deprived of a livelihood? The 21st century equivalent to Oliver North: Barack Obama!
        On the domestic front, it takes nerve for members of a party that engaged in a frenzy of deregulation leading to the near collapse of our economy, almost the end of capitalism, job losses to the tune of 800,000 a month, and millions of Americans losing the ability to hope for a better future, complain about things being, allegedly, tantamount to economic Armageddon. The erosion of full time assembly line jobs that sustained the U.S. economy for several decades did not happen 6 years ago, it can be easily traced to the re-establishment of diplomatic and trade relations with China in the 1970s, and it has been getting worse and worse ever since. Outsourcing, stagnant wages caused by corporate greed and refusal to raise the minimum wage, the negative impact of automation on job creation, new technologies that make it possible for companies to produce or deliver services with a fraction of the workforce they once had, and a lack of focus on hard sciences at a time when most of our best paying jobs are in the high tech and medical sectors, are among the most important reasons for the problems that a fairly large segment of our population are having.
        Some of these problems could be blamed on government, others on industry (greed) but for the most part they are the result of us – the people – not doing what is necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

        • Are taxes higher?
          Is medium income down more that 7 years ago.
          Do 58% of Americans feel economy not so good to poor??
          Do majority of Americans feel country going in wrong direction.
          Rasmussen polled after the SOTU and found that Americans believe they will still pay more taxes even after taxing the one percent.
          Are the new jobs high paying, full time jobs?
          There is a recovery but far from the way he tried to make it the Happy Days are Back Again.
          You can try and give a tutorial on past history, but the fact remains the world has a major problem with Radical Islam and from the “Red line” in Syria, to jayvee with ISIL, Libya, bragging about Yemen, Obama has done a poor job and has made us less safe.
          You don’t want to admit he lives and campaign on Class Warfare but he does and he continues to drive a wedge across America.
          Obama is a big govt guy and that will be part of his legacy.

          • We must have watched different State of the Union addresses. Yes, President Obama highlighted the strength of our economy and the job creation record, but he also acknowledged that many among us have not yet felt the benefits of the economic recovery. Towards that end, he proposed investment in infrastructure and social programs such as free day care so that parents could afford to go to work and support their families, as short term solutions. He also proposed paid maternity leave, and free community college education to raise the standard of living in the USA and enable American workers to get the education they need to qualify for good paying jobs, as a long term solution.
            Instead of focusing on the negative, make an effort and focus on solutions to solve the problems we have. If you don’t think President Obama’s proposals will solve our problems, propose something different, but repeating the same litany of maladies after we have been saying for years that our entire economic system is slanted to help the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the middle class is far from being too impressive.
            Global instability is only a new phenomena in the minds of those who ignore that past, or are those who are focused strictly on the negative. From Pol Pot to Idy Amin, to problems in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Korea, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua, and so many other countries, social unrest, violence, chaos, and abuse have been part of our daily lives since the beginning of mankind. Pretending that the collapse of the government in Yemen, or that the acts of terrorism we are seeing, are somehow something unprecedented is as cynical as pretending that the attacks against our consulate in Benghazi was unprecedented.
            Yes, there are major problems in parts of the world, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, and Syria. Guess what, we had similar problems before, and you can bet we will have similar problems a decade from now, 20, 50 and 100 years from now.
            There are limits to the effectiveness of our foreign policies and our ability to stabilize the world, not to mention the fact that our very presence and cultural influences often serve as a catalyst to violence.

          • What many of us saw was a campaign speech not a governing speech. All to try and set the agenda, after massive defeat of his polices, all setting up 2016. Unfortunately, I think he did for the moment.
            His fantasy list, that he knew was dead on arrival and going nowhere, it was void of any relationship with reality. I was all about his political legacy.

            It was more mantra of more Debt and Taxes.

            There are ideas out there by the Right but you keep forgetting he qualifies every speech with “I will sign if I like it”. If “I” like it!!!

            This instability has been exacerbated by Obama from the red line about Syria, removing Gaddafi from Libya, ISIL and no plan to defeat them, Russia. No, Obama’s wishy washy foreign relation policies have shown the world he is not up for the job. He has made the US less safe.

            SOTU speech was the lowest since Clinton. Hell, even Bush had better ratings.

            Just to show how much of a liar he is, can be demonstrated with the real life story about Rebecca and Ben Erler and claiming it was her letter he received from her is why he wanted to tell the American people. Unfortunately for Obama he got caught again in a lie, he left out the fact he knew her, she worked on his campaign, she worked for Dem. Patty Murray. He miss led the people again.

            People have his number and know SOTU would to be more of the same DEBT AND TAXES

          • “Are taxes higher?”
            Higher than what? A kite? The moon? Than before Bush started his cut, cut cut? Than when Obama first took office?
            The truth? The 1% are paying more, but for the average American taxes are not higher.

          • Your mother must be so proud of your wonderful wit!!
            Americans are paying more taxes under Obama, that’s a fact!
            Think about it, what Bush tax did Obama end ? Plus all the new taxes by Obama.
            Americans paychecks are smaller.

          • But the truth is, say Binyamin Appelbaum and Robert Gebeloff at The New York Times,
            “most Americans in 2010 paid far less in total taxes — federal, state
            and local — than they would have paid” in 1980, when the election of
            Ronald Reagan as president ushered in an era of tax cutting. And even
            when you take Reagan’s tax cuts into consideration (he was sworn in in
            January 1981), “tax rates at most income levels were lower in 2010 than
            at any point during the 1980s.”

          • I think you should ask for your money back on that education thing, you got screwed!!
            Are you that brain dead that you would try and use a 2012 article and expect to get away with it!
            You’ve been had by the school!,

          • Anyone that uses a 2012 article to try and make ones case knowing that taxes have increased is brain dead or just foolish.

    • My guess is that an XL Pipeline bill which included some gratuitous infrastructure spending as an ancillary component, would fall prey to the veto pen if it ever found its way under President Obama’s nose,

      On the other hand, a comprehensive infrastructure revitalization package which included the XL pipeline as an ancillary component would stand an excellent chance of being signed. First of all, I think the pipeline has broader bipartisan support than the media has given us to believe, as evidenced by the fact that a goodly number of Democrats in Congress have been making noises in support of the it.

      Secondly, I think it’s entirely possible that the president also supports the project and that his apparent vacillation is a smokescreen, designed to extract major concessions from the Greedy Old Pricks in exchange for his consent.

      Look for a “grand bargain” in this arena.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that the Keystone XL pipeline will be included in the infrastructure bill, the question is how broad will the Bill be? Infrastructure improvements involve a lot more than fixing potholes and repairing bridges in danger of collapse. Our ports and airports need modernization, the power grid needs improvement to make it more efficient, dykes should be built to protect low coastal areas likely to be affected by rising sea levels within the next 25 years or so, potable water should be diverted from the Salton Sea or the Colorado River to save arable land devastated by droughts, and transition from 19th century rail to state of the art rail systems like the ones in Japan and Western Europe, among other things.
        I don’t consider the construction of a pipeline to transport Canadian oil to the Gulf for export to China an infrastructure improvement, but if there is enough positive investment in true infrastructure projects, I would not be surprised if President Obama signs the Bill. If he does, and an environmental calamity occurs in years to come, the Keystone pipeline will be his Exxon Valdez, or the equivalent to what President Clinton has endured when he caved in to GOP pressure and signed the repeal of the Glass-Stegall regulations.

        • It sounds like you’re saying the same thing I am – that a comprehensive infrastructure package would (a) include the pipeline and (b) that it likely would be approved.

          • Yes, if there is substantial investment in infrastructure, I think President Obama will sign the Bill even if it includes the Keystone pipeline. We need to invest in infrastructure, not only to be competitive, but as a short term solution to the economic problems afflicting the middle class and the poor.

          • Most forward-thinkers would concur with that assessment. Unfortunately, forward-thinkers don’t represent a quorum in the United States Congress.

          • There are other areas where many Americans, and political leaders such as Marco Rubio, are missing the boat. The proposed diplomatic and, potentially trade, rapprochement with Cuba is a prime example of that. One of the most important facets of that initiatives involve the ongoing “war” between the USA and China for control of the Latin American market. That war is being fought in Venezuela, in part because of its vast natural resources, the historical influence they exert over other Latin American countries, and the fact that its communist/socialist form of government is on the verge of collapse. Removing the Cuban sanctions is a step forward to gain the support of Latin American countries that have been troubled by our punitive policies towards that countries, and its ineffectiveness. Another little known development involves the efforts being made by the USA to help Cuban doctors leave Venezuela and move to the USA, under the protection of the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program signed by President Bush in 2006. Thousands of Cuban doctors have taken advantage of that legislation and have settled in the USA during the last 8 years, depriving Venezuela of desperately needed medical help.
            Each of these initiatives, no matter how small, are attempts to undermine the effectiveness of Maduro’s government and guarantee its collapse in the upcoming presidential elections in that country, while at the same time addressing medical professional shortages in the USA. The ultimate goal is limit China’s economic initiatives in Latin America, preserve our economic interests in that part of the world, and reverse the trend to socialism in that part of the world, rather than smoking Cuban cigars and drinking Cuba Libres.

          • That post is highly informative, but it takes me too deep into the weeds. I can’t go there with you because I have no familiarity with the subject. It does beg a question, though: why is it that Venezuela can’t get any love from our Communist/Socialist Kenyan Muslim dictator?

          • For the same reason that right-wing zealots can’t get any love from real Americans. Pay attention.

          • If you reflect on what you just said, and examine the record, you will have no problem finding an answer to your question.

          • The GOP/TP voted against an amendment requiring that the pipeline be built with US steel. The GOP/TP voted against an amendment banning the export of the oil sent through the pipeline.
            The pipeline would involve approximately 35 permanent jobs. The Canadian oil company is not required to pay for any clean up of leaks.
            How could anyone consider this good for America? I consider it a LOSE-LOSE situation.

          • I agree and share your lose-lose conclusion. The only change I would make to your post is that during construction the number of temporary jobs will be much higher. The 35 to 40 permanent jobs refers to the team of inspectors-maintenance people that will inspect and repair the pipeline as needed, after construction is complete. Obviously, a drop in the bucket compared to the number of jobs that are already being created. The GOP obsession with this issue is based strictly on the need to help their largest political donors achieve corporate goals after the Canadian people banned the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline because of the potential damage it could make to their environment.

  4. Bravo, Bravo Pres. Obama yesterday you did something which each individual who voted for you and some who didn’t are very, very proud of you. Yesterday, you did what was never done before. Firstly, putting the speech online before going to the podium. Secondly, allowing for the first time ever people in Cuba to watch your speech in Hispanic and for some of us who tuned to the channel, it was breaking our hearts to see how people were jumping up and down with your very, very touchy words. God Bless you, and you will always be remembered.

    • I also love the enhanced website provided on I was able to listen to the speech on tv, and follow along on my Kindle, posting charts & memes to Facebook in real time!
      A President who understands technology, who is for moving the country forward, not taking it back! Excellent!

  5. I loved the President’s speech too, but can someone put a bread bag over Joni Ernst’s head and tie it around her neck? Seriously. I swear I’m going to start seeing Christian save the children fund commercials asking me to please help the bread bag children of Iowa. Maybe Lawrence O’Donnell can run a IKINBB fund alongside his KIND fund—Iowa kids in need of bread bags. I thought it was just her. Apparently they all wear bread bags for gawd sake.

    • It was painful to watch John Ernst showing up and gave a Statement instead of answering the Speech as we were told earlier. Why send someone who showed was afraid even to read what was prepared in advance for her? Why show up and declare you were elected to dismantle what others accomplished already? What kind of a game is that? Can a country move forward even an inch, if one accomplish something and the other one comes later tear everything in pieces? Does it make any sense at all? I can’t imagine those who are benefitting through ACA now, think about this woman if they watched her yesteray.

    • I must admit that I almost felt sorry for Speaker Boehner. I thought he was going to break down crying every time President Obama spoke about the plight of the poor and the middle class. He used his handkerchief once, and struggled to control his emotions throughout most of the SOTU address.

    • I was born in 1950 and she was born in 1970. Her bread bag story reminded me of my father’s story, he repeated when trying to make an economic point, when I was your age we had to walk miles to school in the snow and we had to put cardboard in the bottoms to stop the snow from getting in the holes in the soles. In addition to farming it appears her father Richard Culver owns Culver Construction Company started in 1975. Funny During a February 2014 interview with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Ernst said she would have voted against the Farm Bill, because she agreed with Grassley’s issues with the bill and there were loopholes that we need to closed. While serving as the Montgomery County auditor from 2004 to 2011, in 2009 and 2010, Ernst’s father’s company, Culver Construction, was awarded six county contracts worth over $215,000. Was that a conflict of interest? Bread bags on shoes, why????

      • I hold out a lot of hope for her too. Between bread bags and castration, she’s off to a great start at the National Memo.

  6. If Ernst is the best the Repubs can send out to respond to Obama, they are in deep trouble. She is a teabag moron. The only way a Republican will get into the White House in 2016 is on a guided tour.

    • Since the gotp member that does the rebuttal goes up in flames right afterwards they probably couldn’t find anyone else dumb enough to do it.

      • They should have given it to Rep. Louie “Gomer Pyle” Gohmert. Everytime that imbecile speaks in public the end of the Goobers On Parade draws closer.

      • If the party had anything valuable to propose they wouldn’t have to go up in flames.
        If Ernst had actually listened to the President’s speech, or even read a copy before hand (it was available), then she could have made an honest response and presented the GOP/TP talking points against anything Obama proposed. Instead she went off on a trip down memory lane, that sounded as if she never walked down that lane in the first place. Ernst “went up in flames” because she stacked the kindling around her feet and struck the match!

  7. Whenever a material structure develops internal rot, rust, or a weakening of its pillars, one can dress up the outside to look all new and shiny, but a final collapse is imminent despite the glossy facade.

    Such is the dynamics at play with ideological concepts, except that in those cases the rust and rot is represented as bigotry, intransigence, rigid conservatism, unbridled liberalism, nihilism, lack of creativity, religious fanaticism, or an unwillingness to want to work for the good of all.
    Such is the nature of our political system, or of those systems in the rest of the world that seek to forcibly impose their wills on the people either through bullying military tactics, terrorism, or the imposition of the myth of hero-worship. “A brutal and rampant materialism” was a phrase used by one of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith as he exhaustively summarized the condition of the world back in the 1920’s and the 30’s.

    And now, that brutal and rampant materialism is apparent wherever we look and is abetted by ancillary and allied forces like racism, zealous nationalism, squandering natural and human resources, misogyny, just to name a few of the key corrosive forces constantly at work attacking the foundation of human security and general prosperity for all.

    But, these are just my opinions and the way I see things.

  8. Repuglicants never have any message. They preach government screws up everything, then they gain control of government and prove it. When are voters going to wake up? Their 2016 campaign can only feature one message. And here it is….

    “Yes, our reckless GOP ideas flipped the country into a near depression. But Obama took 6 years to clean up our mess. So give us control again.”

  9. The funny thing is that these bird brains of the right actually thought they’d get another 2 years of ramming their ideology down our throats while they live like pigs on our tax dollars. The reality is they hoped this president would be the lame duck they labeled him and instead, they are getting a championship boxer like Ali ready to beat them at their own game. Obama does it again! Look at it this way. Obama has nothing to lose pushing his plans. The GOP does. If they refuse to cooperate, they prove who they are really working for…1%..Meanwhile, the 99% are moving on with or without the 1% who need our tax subsidies like an addict needs heroin.

    • So when Obamacare was passed, with only Dem votes, it was OK for them to shove their ideology down everyone’s throats? Sounds like hypocrisy to me Eleanore.

      • Obama care wasn’t passed with ONLY Dem votes. You’re a moron. It takes 62% to get legislation passed. Three GOP politicians were persuaded to vote for it. GEt a life loser.

          • Glad you admit that. The GOPers have been doing it for quite some time. Now they want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.

          • When are you going to get over your childishness?? For 6 straight years the GOP controlled both houses of Congress and ran it like mob rule – they not only wouldn’t let Dems offer bills, they wouldn’t let them offer amendments to bills. And unlike the GOP, during those 8 years, Reid didn’t make it a practice to filibuster everything that the Dems didn’t like – like McConnell has more than 425 times over the passed 6 years. So plenty of legislation got passed during those 6 years with nothing more than GOP votes.

            If you think THE MAJORITY is wrong to pass legislation THAT THE MAJORITY thinks is good for the country – why haven’t you been ranting about THE MINORITY, USING THE FILIBUSTER MORE THAN 425 TIMES TO PREVENT THE MAJORITY FROM DOING ANYTHING THAT WOULD BENEFIT AMERICA FOR SIX STRAIGHT YEARS????????

      • Remember, mental giant. The ACA is based on proposals from the other mental giants at the Heritage Foundation, and is a mirror of Mittwitt’s insurance plan in MA. But, please continue to proudly display your douche baggery and stupidity … rather entertaining …

        • Marsha, you seem to be confusing giants with midgets, and insulting giants in the process. And may I add that “douche baggery” is a wonderfully expressive term; I’ll be looking for opportunities to flog some wing-dings with it. Cheers.

          • No disrespect meant toward giants, trust me! Flog away – I’m glad I could be of services. Cheers.

      • The only reason it passed with no Republican votes is because Mitch McConnell determined that’s the way he wanted it to be and policed the final vote TO MAKE SURE NO REPUBLICANS VOTED FOR IT.

        Until Mitch did that, there were a number of Republicans who had actually supported the bill. It was a bipartisan committee that created the legislation. Go back and read the wikipedia article you copied the voting information from; it explains that suddenly a number of Republicans who were supporting ACA decided to start making up lies about why they chose to vote against it – because McConnell threatened to chop off their hands if they tried voting YAY!!!


      • When have you ever been involved in something when it wasn’t okay FOR THE MAJORITY to do WHAT THEY THINK IS RIGHT???? Every organization works that way!!! And once again – IT WAS NOT EVERY REPUBLICAN THAT WAS AGAINST ACA – IT WAS MITCH MCCONNELL WHO TOLD THEM TO BE AGAINST IT!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP YOU NINCOMPOOP!!!!!!!!!

  10. Even funnier? Look at who the GOP thinks is presidential material…One Canadian Mexican pimp of the Koch bois, a Wisconsin Bible Thumper ready to convert the entire nation to his religion, a NJ double wide with a mouth Hitler is envious of and two recycled fogies, Rip Van Romo who is still battling the Justice Dept. for his offshore Bain Capital fraud and tax evasion and the Huckster Huckabee. But you have to give them credit…they do have some women they will put up for show…The Tundra Tootie ….”you betcha,” Big Oil Murkowski hot to get in on Keystone profits (as if Alaska isn’t already eating up $1.87 for every $1 they pay in federal taxes) and oh…let’s not forget the window dressing of Little Nikki Haley…gotta have a lil southern gal in there somewhere…no brains…just boobs and big hair.

  11. We all knew this was coming. Most of us rued the day the GOP bought the government they wanted in the last election. But, isn’t it wonderful? Now, McConnell, Boehner, Walker, Ryan, Murkowski, Hoeher, Gohmert and the suddenly vapid and vacated Issa realize the ball is so entirely in their court, they can’t hope to succeed without help?

    And if they accept “help” from their biggest campaign contributors (aka Koch Industries), they will have succeeded in proving that which we all suspected all along: conflict of interest and Pay to Play from special interests.

    Prediction: Watch the Justice Dept. go after the Koch bros now that their “interests” are in nearly every type of industry in the country, edging them ever closer to a monopoly. Anti-trust …here they come.

  12. From the Senate records on which Republicans voted to fund the ACA: (I stand corrected…I posted 3 …In fact, it was 24:

    Alexander (R-TN)
    Barrasso (R-WY)
    Blunt (R-MO)
    Boozman (R-AR)
    Chambliss (R-GA)
    Coats (R-IN)
    Cochran (R-MS)
    Collins (R-ME)
    Corker (R-TN)
    Cornyn (R-TX)
    Hatch (R-UT)
    Hoeven (R-ND)
    Isakson (R-GA)
    Johanns (R-NE)
    McConnell (R-KY)
    Murkowski (R-AK)
    Sessions (R-AL)
    Shelby (R-AL)
    Thune (R-SD)
    Wicker (R-MS)

    • On December 23, the Senate voted 60–39 to end debate on the bill: a cloture vote to end the filibuster by opponents. The bill then passed by a vote of 60–39 on December 24, 2009, with all Democrats and two independents voting for, and all Republicans voting against (except for Jim Bunning, who did not vote).[102] The bill was endorsed by the AMA and AARP.[103]

      It seems your facts lack facts. Where do you find this utter nonsense you spew? You lies will now and for the future be destroyed by truth. NO MORE LIES !

      • I see…so you get yours from WIKILeaks and I’m falling for your BS? Mine came from the Senate voting record. Now liar…admit that NO bill passes with only one party’s vote. That would be unconstitutional. Yeesh…are you a moron or what?

          • No…unlike you…I’m a taxpaying American who believes in democracy…of the people, FOR the people, BY the people. You don’t. Your version is Of ME, FOR ME, BY ME…shouldn’t you be out on a ledge preaching your right wing gospels to those who actually care?

          • I’m a taxpaying American Veteran, you are a person who follows along with what ever moron that your told to follow. What’s that saying? monkey see, monkey do!

          • I will say what I want , when I want. That’s called free speech. Move to Communist China if you don’t like it.

          • You are the one that is unhappy, seems it would be better for YOU to move to China, cheap labor, no need to think, they will do it for you.

          • Unlike you, I’m a taxpaying American veteran who believes in our Constitutional Republic, whom Communist’s like you want to change into something different. You don’t even know what kind of government we have and yet you think your qualified to debate me? PLEASE! Get a QUALITY education, not that liberal indoctrination you spout off with.

          • we are no longer a democracy or a constitutional republic the gop sold us out and we are now an oligarchy

          • Oh my — are you another one of those people peering out from between the curtains fearful of something that doesn’t even exist anymore? When is the last time a communist came after you for any reason?

            You might need to see your doc just like kenndeb — low-T is a heartbreaking affliction. They can treat such things these days.

          • To the contrary, this lady is smarter then the average bear. Don’t you know another word then communist. You do sound like a broken record.

          • No, she is quite ignorant on the matters we have been discussion. That is normal with most progressive populist’s, they get their talking points from MSNBC and the Solon more so than trying to find any facts. Don’t go off, FOX isn’t any better.

          • My guess is that Gary doesn’t know the difference between communism, socialism, Marxism and fascism. The dunderhead is a loyal FAUXSnooze viewer, after all.

        • The Communist says “admit that NO bill passes with only one party’s vote. That would be unconstitutional. ”
          Where are you getting this line of BS from? Rather than make yourself look dumber, the Constitution was written BEFORE political parties became popular. There is NO mention of political parties anywhere in the Constitution.

          • Say, when is the last time you even saw a communist, much less one that was coming after you with ill intent? Have you always been this fearful of things that don’t even exist? Are there Mao Tse-tung monsters lurking in your closet?

          • Ergo, you’re screaming your head off about something that was neither encouraged nor forbidden by the Constitution.

            Which makes your post very much like your existence as a whole: A pointless eyesore.

        • He’s a facts-optional anti-intellectual conspiracy theory peddling whore who clearly has no purpose in life except to rage at anything and everything around him. Unless you need some stress relief, don’t give him one second of your time.

  13. The best part of the SOTU address last night? President Obama’s slam dunk to the GOP who threatened government shut down. Looks like their days of using taxpayers as their personal hostages are over.

  14. You have to laugh at the maniacal insistence of the right wing in this country. No surprise how easy it is to prove them wrong. They try to prove negatives. Can’t be done.

  15. KennyBoy/DebbyGirl calls this president a “usurper.” In a communist country, this alien from planet Dipshit, would have “its” butt thrown in jail. But here, the alien right winger gets off…Oh gee KennyBoy/DebbyGirl…guess the president isn’t a Bolshevik or a Communist. By now, your mouth would see you in Siberia freezing your double wide butt off.

      • You are a lying right winger and I doubt you’re even an American citizen…So …fess up …Is lil Gary really an American or a dupe of the Koch bois? The other anti-anti BS artists.

          • And you are a man with no conscience and greedy to the max…Thank you though for showing us how ugly the HAVES in this country get the minute they feel they can’t HAVE anymore from the HAVE NOTS. Showing off and living in excess on other people’s hard earned money…but that’s not Communism right? Right…It’s corporate welfare. Get off the dole.

          • We shouldn’t have corporate welfare. So why didn’t your Messiah fix it in the last 6 years? Your clan could have fixed anything they wanted in the first two years, they didn’t no such thing. It’s not because they couldn’t, but they don’t want to do so because they practice the same politics as the other idiots called Republicans. Are you not smart enough to see this? Never mind, you have proven to be less than intelligent about politics or economics.

          • Why did the biggest US banks completely ignore Obama’s banking reforms and why now is the GOP trying to overturn those same banking reforms so sayeth Mitch McConnell in his state of the mental ward speech.

          • I’ll answer your question with a question…Why didn’t YOU do anything about Bush getting 4,000 Americans incinerated on 9/11? You and Bush both ignored all of the signals. But, you cowards always take the high road and refocus attention on everyone but yourselves. Such is your massive guilt over being passive bullies.

            You fool no one..This president save your conservative butts from a situation YOUR president caused. Do you have the balls to admit that or is throwing everyone but yourself under a bus the best shot you have at validating your existence?

            The President sponsored that bill in 2009 to reform banks. Did you want him to do the very thing you bitchy boys hate most and accuse him of most frequently: Walk into banks and make weekly inspections of their banking practices? And if he “dared” to do that you’d be the first to bitch about this president being a tyrant.

            You are a jerk and a moron.

          • Eleanore, just a reminder: the Dems only had filibuster proof control of the Senate in 2009 for about 10 months because Ted Kennedy died on 8/15/2009 and a Republican, Brown, was elected to replace him. The mindless one doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

          • Ten month’s is an eternity. They didn’t do nothing because they support it , you ignorant twit

          • You’re clearly a mindless idiot. The Dems have had exactly 10 months of control of both houses of Congress over the past 19 plus years. Obama had just gotten elected on 1/20/09 being handed the worst recession since the Great Depression. His focus was getting America running again; not going around trying to figure out every loophole and problem that needed to be fixed.

            And exactly how are you suggesting he would fix the corporate welfare issue? Handing out subsidies and the like to corporations is something that has to be monitored with respect to each piece of legislation being passed – I doubt seriously you could write a bill that says it’s illegal for Congress to pass a bill that provides subsidies to corporations.

            And if you’re talking about revamping the convoluted tax code, that’s not something you take on when you’re trying to resurrect and economy and trying to write the 1st ever comprehensive healthcare legislation passed in America in an effort to try and cut down the enormous drain that our convoluted healthcare system was to America’s economy.

            You are without question the most mindless, tunnelvision poster on the NM. You don’t have a clue about 90% of what you post!!!!!!

          • With all the fillabustering going on, don’t you watch C-Span. The republicans would rather tell you bedtime stories, then get anything accomplished, because it might make the President look good.

          • duh how many times did the republicnat vote down any and all reform bills — read the news you wing nut

          • Sorry, but your idiocy is showing again: the Dems did not have filibuster proof control of Congress for their 1st 2 years; they had that for less than 1 year.

            They gained filibuster proof control on 1/1/2009 and lost it on 8/15/2009 when Ted Kennedy died such that they no longer had 60 votes in the Senate.
            It took a while for Patrick to reappoint a temporary replacement and then Brown, a Republican, was elected to replace Ted; such that at best, the Dems had about 10 months of 2009 where McConnell couldn’t stop everything with his fake filibusters. And during those 10 months the Dems were busy with overseeing the Stimulus and Auto Bailouts, passing some legislation to stop the economic freefall that Bush had left them and concentrating on developing the ACA legislation. Ted’s death threw a monkey wrench into a lot of what they wanted to do.

          • You have already proven yourself to be a complete moron, go play with your sister and leave the adults to fix the mess the Progressives have made.

          • This from the little whore to the plutocrats who couldn’t come up with anything except “You really are a f-ing Communist, PIG,” followed by “you are a Communist hag.”

            Go back to your cave, whore, and don’t come out for anything. Not even if one of the Kochs complains that their penises are getting cold without you.

  16. Aww…Lil Gary is hot under his Koch boy collar. Slam dunk Gary lil boy. tell McMommy to change your Pampers…before Charley and Davey Krotch fire you.

    • ROFLMAO, You are the mindless zombie that others have already stated you are. Prove your Senate vote by posting the link to the Senate vote on the ACA and prove me wrong. You won’t because you know your nothing but a Progressive whore liar. You should be very proud to be an anti-American Communist pig. Wave your Red Flag high and proud. Your disgusting and make me ashamed to have people like you in this great country., I’m using YOU as an example of why I have to apologize to my Grandkids for leaving them such a screwed up country on it’s way in the gutter.

      • What you need to apologize to your grandkids for is voting Republicant. They bring lower economic growth, more wars and more recessions. And ZERO accountability to voters. That all goes to their big corporate pimp donors.

          • You don’t vote GOP and you certainly don’t vote…admit it Joi’re really an anarchist who hates all government, hates all law and order and prefers lawlessness and the freedom to do as you and only you please…How narcissistic do you plan to get?

          • Oh no — the communists are after you again? Calm down, young fella — there hasn’t been any communists around here for over 50 years. You may want to go see your doc, just sayin’.

          • Not quite an Anarchist, but I’d rather be that than a Progressive populist who’s entire political ideology is based on lies and theft.

          • That’s funny because it seems that lately the Republicans are tripping over each other to adopt a populist attitude — even if they aren’t honest about it. Even old Mitt is singing the populist tune despite his previous (and infamous) 47-percent comment.

            But honestly, where current GOP hacks have a questionable future, armed insurrectionists have none at all. You will wise up or face music that you won’t like. Nobody is giving you any choice at all.

          • he doesn’t care about partys or America just like the gop he voices what he is told to from a script

      • You have to apologize to your grandkids because you are making them physically and mentally sick. It’s your polluters of the right who believe they have a right to dump all manner of chemicals and pollution into the air your grandkids breathe. It’s also your grandkids inability to get an affordable college education you need to worry about. Or don’t you care about anyone but yourself? …uh…huh…I thought so.

        • Your first link is to a vote in 2009 on the House version of the law, that was completely thrown out. You second link goes to an error page. Since you don’t have clue as to what you say, I will help and establish some dates and facts to help you better search for your information so that you can “TRY AGAIN”:

          The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Pub.L. 111–152, 124 Stat. 1029) is a law that was enacted by the 111th United States Congress, by means of the reconciliation process, in order to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Pub.L. 111–148). It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 30, 2010.[1]

          The law also includes the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which was attached as a rider.[2] However, small technical parts of the bill relating to Pell Grants were removed during the reconciliation process.

          Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was passed by the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010, by a vote of 220–211, and on March 25, after having two minor provisions stricken under the Byrd Rule, passed the Senate by a vote of 56-43. A few hours later, the amended bill was passed by the House 220-207. President Obama signed the health care reconciliation bill into law on Tuesday, March 30, at Northern Virginia Community College.[3]

          Now go find your vote pages and get your facts straight.

          • Say, are RWNJs like you going to grow up someday and stop whining like 6 year olds?? What’s your asinine point about ACA being passed at its last stage by Reconciliation?? My hunch is you don’t even have a clue what Reconciliation is all about. You realize that Reconciliation can only be used to adjust legislation for budgetary matters, right? It can’t be used to make substantive changes to legislation.

            ACA AS IT STANDS TODAY, was passed on 12/24/09 by a 60-39 vote in the Senate. The Dems had enough votes to override the fact that Mitch McConnell had policed the final vote to ensure that no Republican would vote for it because he knew it was a good bill and he didn’t want Obama to get credit for anything. (More than a dozen GOP senators OUTRIGHT LIED about why they had suddenly changed their mind about the individual mandate and decided to vote against it: senators that had previously supported health bills (4 of them) with an individual mandate.

            None of the gyrations that the Dems ended up having to use would have been necessary if Ted Kennedy hadn’t died and the idiot voters in Mass. replacing him with a mental incompetent like Scott Brown. But because they did that, and the Dems no longer had a filibuster-proof vote in the Senate; the Dems had to work out a solution where the Dems in the House would vote for the Senate version of ACA.

            Given that there were a few Dems in the House who had some budgetary related problems with the Senate version, those problems were taken care of via Reconciliation. But there was still one problem, a pro-life Democrat named Stupak, was concerned that somehow ACA would cover abortions (even though it clearly said it wouldn’t). But to make Stupak comfortable to vote on ACA, Obama issued an Executive Order edicting that ACA couldn’t be used to provide federal dollars for abortions. Once that was done, the Senate version of ACA passed the House by a 219-212 vote on 3/21/10. And again, NO REPUBLICAN VOTED ON IT BECAUSE BOEHNER POLICED THE VOTE TO CUT OFF ANYONE’S ARM IF THEY EVEN PRETENDED TO RAISE THEIR HAND IN A YAY.


            Every time you whine about it, you prove more and more that you’re nothing more than Satan’s slave – wishing that more and more people would die premature deaths!! ACA has saved close to 100,000 people their lives already – and people like you are nothing more than absolutely worthless human beings – as some have alreadly noted – just plain POND SCUM!!!!!!

      • It’s always about the future of the rich kids right? How about thinking of this generation, and how we are going to educate them so that they can continue to make the USA the number one in research, engineering, teaching and the tools to accomplish these tasks. We need to think about the now not the sperm in your kids pants.

        • Another sucker that eats up the “blame the wealthy” for failed Socialist policies, that do nothing to make our economy & lives better, only more debt & government dependency offering false hope. This strategy has been used by Democrats for decades but people continue to eat it up. Basically it is the “Something for Nothing” mentality.

          • “Socialist policies that do nothing to make our economy & lives better, only debt and government dependency offering false hope.” So the GOP are now Socialists?? Really??

            Because it’s the GOP that’s responsible for more than 95% of our 18 trillion in debt: Reagan and the 2 Bushes own the vast majority of it!!

            And it’s the GOP which are By Far worse at improving the economy and even the stock market:

            According to Faux News: GOP presidents since 1900 have only returned a mediocre 5% return on the stock market compared to over 12% for Democrate presidents.

            And whereas since 1929, the GOP failures have only been able average about 2.6% GDP gains in productivity growth whereas the Dems have averaged over 4.2%.

            And in and the GOP BY FAR lead in being disastrous at running the country since 1901, in that, they’ve allowed 14 Recessions and 3 Depressions to occur during their presidencies compared to only 3 under democrats!!

            And even Corporate profits on a GAAP basis have been much better under Democrats with earnings averaging 10.5%/share compared to only 8.9%/share for the worthless Republicans.

            Wow!! You really need to brush up on your economics clueless!!! Despite your lies and distortions – Republicans have really proven to be totally MEDIOCRE WHEN IT COMES TO RUNNING A GOVERNMENT – ANY GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!

          • Your still an economic illiterate. Stick to your specialty, teaching preschoolers how to pee. That’s all you capable of.

          • And I forgot this: according to a Barclays study, GOP governance has been so bad with respect to anyone who has money in the stock market, that on an inflation adjusted basis, under Republicans, the market has returned ZERO gains since 1929; while under Democrats the return has been better than 300%!!!

            From the Huffington Post – take a minute and watch the video; it’s really revealing as to just how great Republicans are at SCREWING UP THE PRESIDENCY!

            Anyone who has their retirement 401ks in the market is AN IDIOT to vote for a Republican!!!!!!!!

            Stock Market Has Performed Much Better Under Democrats Than Republicans Since 1929: Studies

            Wall Street may seem more often aligned with the Republian party but according to several studies, it’s the Democratic party that’s been the best for investors. Since 1929, the stock market has seen real gains of 300 percent while its net gain has been 0 percent during the same period under Republican administrations, The Economist reports.

            The findings echo other, similar studies. For example, the S&P 500 has seen annual gains of about 12 percent since 1901 during Democratic administrations , compared to less than half that when a Republican was in the oval office, according to McGraw-Hill’s S&P Capital IQ, Fox Business reports.


  17. You’ve gotta love how the secret can finally be told. Now that Repukes are in charge of Congress and the Senate… The “liberal” media we always hear the right moan about has finally told us the economy is booming. It’s as if it all started January 6 when the new right wing clowns were sworn in.

  18. Has anyone noticed how the President Speech left republicans fumbling? I haven’t heard anyone so far who is talking sense answering the Speech. The man did throw a granide to them.

    • So what!!! Why not let all Americans hear all the facts not just what Obama wants the American people to hear. 12 years of talks and nothing accomplished, the longer we negotiate the better deal the Iranians can get. We know the Obama would give the cart away to make any deal, for his legacy.
      Help Obama has been rogue for years.

      • The problem is that, when people like you say “facts,” they really mean “Republican propaganda.”

        Nobody said Obama didn’t want to hear the facts. The problem is that Boehner is breaching protocol and at a time when it seems like his only motivation for doing so would be to try to give you tea-bagging whores something to beat your gums about.

        • Baloney!! So Netanyahu is going to spout the rights talking points. Such horse manure.
          Obama does not want the Senate involved, which they should.
          You also have either a short memory or don’t know that a senior official of the administration calling Netanyahu a “chicken$$t and a coward”.
          You also seem to forget 18 months ago that if the talk were not going well, Obama would enforce more sanctions. Now we see that he wants to extend them again, even when there is little accomplished and a bi-partisan agreement to place more sanctions.
          Why is all right for British Prime Minister to lobby the Congress to hold off sanctions, but not for Netanyahu to give us all a first hand look at Irans stalling.
          Obama made boosted about the stopping of enrichment last night with little to no facts to back it up.
          BTW John Boehner had every right to make the invitation.

      • What did President Obama just say about facts? Fact one, is the Bush Administration refuse to join the Iran talks until July of 2008. Choosing instead, the UN Security Council as their venue of communication. Where as they found, Russia, and China were consistently blocking any meaningful sanctions. Leaving Bush for the first 71/2 years of his Administration’s efforts in stopping Iran’s nuclear program, limited to stomping his feet, thumping his chest, and laughably threatening to open up a third war front, against the 60 million plus Nation. While demanding regime change as prequisite to direct nuclear talks. The Iranians were not impressed. As they gleefully watched as Bush, and his NeoCons sunk all the deeper into the oily sands of Iraq. As the clueless Duck, Bush, struggled mightily to stand up an army, and a much needed friendly Shia Gov. next door. To the delight of the centrifuge happy Ayatollah. He, who Bush was supposedly “keeping all options on the table for.” The Iranians I imagine thought, great! What else you got? Fact two. In less than a year, President Obama, working with the World banking community, managed as part of his agreed to sanctions regimen. Literally unhooked Iran from the World banking system.

        • Still living in the past I see.
          Obama will give away the farm for a deal and the Iranians know it. Stall, Stall, Stall.
          Look at the bi-partisan movement to add more sanctions in the Senate. Why doesn’t Obama want a Senate vote if a deal is reached. Is this more transparency from this administration. LOL!!
          Obama is a lousy negotiator and the world knows it.

          • I fail to see how we determine a standard by which to judge Obama on this issue, without looking at past efforts. Do you? In fact, you mistakenly said, there had been 12 years of talks. Which in fact had not been the case. (See my comment) Secondly there is no evidence the Iranians are stalling. But, have said going in, if further sanctions are enacted as they talk, they will withdraw. And then the choice would be to what? Launch another invasion in the Mid East to prevent WMDs? How popular do you suppose that prospect would be with the majority of Americans? How about our NATO Allies, then? The Iranians can read a poll. Furthermore, Netanyahu is a war mongering idiot, I certainly didn’t vote for him. As to your assessment of the World’s opinion on Obama’s negotiating prowess may be based on. I have no idea, and doubt you do either. Claptrap.

          • That’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you think? You claim the boat is sinking without proof, and expect me to convince you otherwise. While insisting my pointing
            out the fact, there is no support anywhere for for a military solution, outside of a few Neocons in Israel, and the U.S. Congress, is BS. Look, you clearly aren’t aware of the history, or the principles involved. Do yourself a favor. If you are truly interested in the issue, educate yourself as best those outside the negotiations are able to. Then, at least your opinions, and assertions will have a some basis. Right now, they really are nonsense.

          • Trying that all deflection ploy again, I see!!!
            It seems I know more than you,

            you seem to forget that 18 months ago Obama said the Iranians had 6 months for substantive results, then he made it another 7 months before sanctions. Now he has Brit. P.M. lobbying Senators not to do sanctions and give it more time, knowing there is a bi-partisan effort to do so in the Senate.
            No one knows for sure what the Iranians are doing. If you trust them go ahead but normal rational people know better.

          • If you believe Britain’s Conservative Cameron is soft on Iran. And that is reason enough to leave to assume his agreement with the U.S. President, is reason to cave to the Neocons, and go to war. That’s an incredibly stupid position to take. As the President pointed out, and Cameron agreed. What useful purpose would additional sanctions have at this point? When the Iranians are fully aware he, or Obama would have no problem getting the votes to levy them, should their actions prove they are not interested in putting the matter to rest? Again, what common sense does it make to continue flogging your opponent, even as you seek concessions Unless you hate them, and want to see them fail at all costs. As the GOP, and Zionists in Congress clearly have an agenda. As clearly Netanyahu wants us to fight this war with Iran for him. Last I looked,
            we don’t outsource our foreign policy for the same Neocons, that lied the Country into Iraq. Besides we’ve seen this pithy little show from the GOP before. As they lionized the KBG, Communist Putin, and called their own President feckless. Now, Putin’s isolated, his economy is on the rocks, and
            and his rebels haven’t shot down a passenger plane
            in months.

          • Trying to puts words in my mouth again, I see. I never said anything about PM position other than to say he did not want more sanctions at this time. Nothing more nothing less.

            What you and your ilk just can’t get through your little minds is we are not dealing with rational people. We are dealing with Radicals whose only desire is kill Israelis and Americans. They will do what ever is necessary to reach their goal, have nuclear weapons. You must punish them in every possible way to get the end results necessary. With a bully you punch him in the nose and put him on the ground.
            Now we learn Iran has made a deal with Russia, who continues to block the UN against Iran.
            Sen. Menendez, a democrat, say “Obama’s talking points looks like they are straight from Tehran. ”
            Stay under that rock old boy!!!

          • You said, ‘Obama has PM Cameron lobbying Congress to hold off on sanctions at this time. And, earlier you accused Obama of being willing to, as you put it, “give the cart away, to make any deal, for his legacy.” Which at least implies Cameron is either soft on Iran. Or, is willing to risk nuclear annihilation at the hands of the crazy, Iranians for Barack Obama’s legacy. Both ridiculous assertions. A more likely reason is, he too actually sees additional sanctions at this time, as not helpful, and unnecessary. And is willing to explore every avenue if it leads to a peaceful resolution. Because his Country has no more appetite, no more political will for another full blown war, than the U.S. If you can’t see that, I’m sorry. It’s just a fact. Perhaps if we had some dry powder. Hadn’t spent the last 12 years at war. Had an extra couple of trillion dollars just lying around to, as you say, punch Iran in the nose, and put ’em on the ground! Then I suppose, rebuild them, and set up a little Jeffersonian democracy maybe? No Sir. I’ll go with Admiral W. Dempsey. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Who said a war with Iran would be a devastating occurrence for everyone concerned. He also said, his perception of the Iranians was, that they are deeply ideological, but, fundamentally rational actors. Or maybe we should just take the word of a very wise, former Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates. When he warned, that anyone considering another ground war in the Middle East, or South Asia, “Ought to have their head examined. This is the guy who worked for Mr. Punch ’em in The Nose, put ’em on the Ground, and See What Happens Next. And overseen the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq. So no absolutely not. Not another preemptive war, never! And, if I’m under a rock, I’ll be happy to stay there with “Old Boys, that have been there, and know of what they speak.

          • New ICM’s discovered, more powerful and go farther, why the need if not for nuclear warheads?
            Dempsey, really!! Now who is his Boss? Do you believe he is going off Obama’s talking points? I don’t think so!
            So glad you want Iran to have nukes, so stabilizing for the Middle East Far more devastation will occur if they do get nuclear weapons, for region and the world.

          • And you can’t prove that they are. Once again, all you’ve got is your own insistence that they are.

            Maybe you subhuman whores never got the message, but in America, the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the defendant. Ergo, you are not entitled to pull something out of the same place you keep your head and insist it’s true because nobody can prove it isn’t.

            The burden of proof is on you, whore. Sorry if that’s too much for you to handle, but it’s the truth.

            Don’t like it? Then get the eff out of America.

          • Wow!!! The America-hating whore can’t respond to actual facts in any way, shape or form except with a single-sentence insult.


            Go back to your cave, whore.

          • So, you think going to war with Iran is going to solve the problem? I’d rather have a president that uses tact and diplomacy to get things done than one than rushes in and starts a ridiculous and illegal war, killing many of our young men and women, for no other reason than he can!!! Let’s ask Cheney how much he made from that war? It would be interesting to know how well his warmongering cronies did also. Personally, I prefer to let our president do his job and get it done without killing thousands of citizens, both ours AND theirs. Iran is NEVER going to lob a nuclear bomb anywhere….because, if they did, Israel would blow them out of the middle east. Think about it!!!

          • Charleo1 talked about the facts — talked about what we KNOW happen.

            You, meanwhile, are screaming your head off about what you think WILL happen — things not rooted in truth, but in your own gut feeling that something WILL happen because. . . Because. . . Well, apparently just because.

            Except that we’ve been listening to you subhuman America-hating whores screaming your heads off about what Obama WILL do — what WILL happen — for six years, and not once have you ever been right.

            Go back to your cave, whore.

          • Once again, the America-hating whore responds with a single-sentence insult and pretends that will somehow compensate for his complete and total inability to ever state a fact.

            I say again, whore: Go back to your cave.

      • Mike – the GOP/TP response to the SOTU was supposed to let Americans hear all the facts. If the GOP/TP did not like what the President said, or thought some it was not fact, they had the opportunity to present their side to the people. Unfortunately, they seem to have not bothered to even listen to the speech. They had nothing to say in “rebuttal”. They had no facts, no policies, no plans for what they would do instead. Just some crazy lady with stories about bread bags & school buses. She made no sense at all. But, I guess the point of selecting her was so that the Tea Party folks could identify with someone so poor she wore bread bags “over her shoes”, (not over her socks and inside her shoes!)

      • America DID hear all the facts. Or they would have if they didn’t have to listen to you America-hating tea-bagger whores kicking and screaming the whole time.

        When you pricks say “facts,” what you really mean is Faux News propaganda. But truth is not defined as whatever would be most convenient for the conservative agenda at the moment. Facts are what are real, and as Stephen Colbert once wisely said, reality has a well known liberal bias.

  19. Great speech, but I would expect nothing less of President Obama. Nor would I expect nothing more from the rude and sophomoric members of the GOP who cheered when the President announce he would not be running any more campaigns. Really, this is the kind of people the GOP vote for, where is their dignity and common sense

    • It’s my gut feel that Obama put that line in expecting a GOP response in line with what they did. They fell for it hook, line and sinker – the result? PRICELESS!

      • Well of course they did, they are so busy looking at the Presidents skin tone, that they miss the incredible man underneath it. They have underestimated him from the beginning and have so bought into their pretend image of him they actually believe they are speaking the truth. In reality they cheer because they know they will never beat him and they think when he leave the White house somehow they will be able to beat anyone who come after him. Just another illusion they cling to.

  20. The GOP members appeared lost in space. They clearly have nothing to offer but more of the same old bromides. Tax cuts for the rich, cut regulation and keep women down on the farm. Goldwater and Reagan must be spinning today.

  21. Big Deal. It’s always so easy to offer promises for votes, further taking more from other Americans. And even that won’t cover the costs, pushing us further into alreadt record debt. Same old same old.

  22. The GOP’s criticism of the President’s address as “partisan” is yet another perfect example of “projection”, a psychiatric ploy whereby one or a group of people wrongly accuse another or another group of people of being something they already are or doing something they’re already doing/or have done. It fits in perfectly with the insanity tenet of the GOP.
    Anyone who possesses intelligence and sanity who watched the address knows it wasn’t “partisan”. In fact, the President mentioned several times about how Democrats and Republicans agreed on something or that, even if the GOP didn’t agree with everything, they could at least work on points of agreement.
    I didn’t watch Sen. Ernst’s response because I pretty much knew what she was going to say: Fascist GOP propaganda, projection, etc. In fact, you can pretty much expect those things to come out of the mouths of GOP politicians whenever they speak.
    Of course, I correctly blame the GOP Progressives and Moderates for this, because, instead of launching the second Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution (first one was 1930-1966) by going to the polls and voting for Democrats (who truly represent them now), they stayed home in “protest”, thereby giving the GOP more power in Congress.
    As the President spoke, I could almost literally see his words go into one ear of the GOP politicians and out the other. There are several reasons for this, the main one being something called “OFIS”. OFIS stands for “Obama’s For It Syndrome”. If Obama’s for it, they (the GOP) are against it. Last week, the GOP emerged from their “retreat” in agreement on just one issue: that they all hate President Obama. They couldn’t agree on ANYTHING ELSE, which is why I can correctly say that the GOP Civil War tragicomically rages on.
    The comment made by someone (I forget who) about how too many Republican voters wrongly think that divided government leads to compromise was a stunningly lucid observation. The obstinance and intransigence of the GOP means that divided government leads to gridlock, not compromise…yet another reason for GOP Progressives and Moderates to have launched that second revolution last fall.
    So, here we are in 2015: the GOP politicians are absolutely insane and have been suborned by their voters; the rest of us sit in amazement as to the stunning ignorance or cognitive dissonance of GOP voters.

    • Look at it this way, neither side could screw things up anymore than it already is. I find it amusing that GOP voters say the same thing about Dem voters. All the while both do the same thing in DC. They say one thing, do another, pretend to be divided, and the sheople are fooled. How’s that wool hat your wearing feel.

      • The notion that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans is just a total load of bullshit concocted by Republicans who were feebly attempting to justify their continued voting for Republicans.

        The argument effectively summarizes as “Well, Obama’s no angel, so it’s time to throw your lot in with the devil.”

        How’s that tinfoil hat you’re (not your) wearing feel?

          • The little whore of Vladimir Putin calling me a POS Communist = G.O.P. hypocrisy at its finest.

            Begone, whore, and don’t come back until you have something other than feces to fight with.

          • Michael: Don’t play into their game….just ignore them. Eventually, they’ll shut up because no one is listening to them and throwing tinder on their so-called fires!

          • Did ignoring the bully ever work for you when you were growing up? No, of course not.

            People like the tea-baggers are all too eager to mistake silence for agreement. Expecting them to shut up if you ignore them is like expecting a kitchen fire to stop burning if you don’t look at it.

            We tried just ignoring them once. It resulted in eight years of Bush / Cheney.

            No, in real life, the longer you let something burn, the more damage it causes and the harder it becomes to stop it from burning. And just as you put out a fire the second you see one about to start, you need to remind these subhuman America-hating party-before-country narcissists that they will never be welcome in America the very second one of them steps out of its cave.

          • Typical reply from a GOP Tea Party loser…..if they can’t come back with an intelligent response based on REAL facts, they just call people names.

        • Again, as I’ve said before, the GOP uses lies and scare tactics to get their “ideas” across. Unfortunately, the mostly uninformed people seem to believe them!

      • Not the same economic plan though, cutting taxes and then cutting programs like EDUCATION did not work and was not needed. Well the cutting education was needed by other countries who WILL dominate us in the future. Don’t you think it would be better to totally focus on educating our people?

      • I’m a little confused….what exactly is screwed up? The economy is growing, unemployment has dropped significantly, the deficit has dropped by, I believe, two thirds; people with existing conditions now have a chance at getting medical insurance, the stock market has gone higher than it has EVER gone, and I could go on and on. I’m not sure exactly what you seem to think that the the current administration has screwed up?

    • I listened to the Ernst “response” to the State of the Union. It seems to me that Ernst had this written a week or more ago, and never bothered to listen to the President’s speech. She had absolutely nothing to say in rebuttal. Nothing to say about what the GOP/TP would propose instead. In fact, she had nothing. And her presentation was less than nothing – just a little freaky.

      • Something which astonished me in her statement NOT a response (to my opinion), was when she said she grew up in a poor family, having one pair of shoes, of which her mother used bread bags to cover them when it was raining. At the same time on her statement she mentioned to repeal Obamacare. She doesn’t think there are poor people as she was having a pair of shoes, who can not afford to pay for their HealthCare. These poor people President is covering their HealthCare the way her mother covered her pair of shoes with a bread bag so that the rain water won’t pass through and make the damage. And still she insisted of repealing ACA? Where is the right thinking Joni Ernst?

        • Excellent point. It is really astonishing that the right can’t seem to understand that not all people in the world live exactly as they do. The don’t understand that some families have to decide whether to buy a child a pair of shoes, a meal or a prescription or doctor visit. There are people whose budgets are that tight. Why should a great & wealthy nation deny doctor visits and prescriptions to sick people?

        • And, she seemingly forgot to mention the farm subsidies that her family received….they weren’t all that poor! If you fact checked her comments, you’d find out, she led a pretty good life and the bread bag story was a bunch of BS!

      • Do they EVER have anything intelligent to say in rebuttal to anything our president has to say? Come on….this is the GOP! They haven’t had an original thought for decades!

  23. As usual, the GOP’s many rebuttals are all the same: “We got nothin’ so we’re gonna continue sticking our fingers in our ears while screaming, ‘LALALALALALALA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! FACTS AND EMPIRICAL EVIDENCED BE DAMNED!!”

  24. Once again the petulant little boy pouted on the podium. AS the GOP will over turn his most of his temper tantrums that were enacted last year

  25. Once again the petulant little boy Cruz pouted on the podium. AS the moderates in the GOP will over turn his most of his temper tantrums that were enacted last year

    • Folks (and by “folks,” I mean “tea-bagger d-bags”) need to keep in mind that saying something doesn’t magically make it come true.

      You traitorous bastards STILL haven’t explained how Obama is “criminal” or a “tyrant,” yet you STILL insist on describing him as such.

      Begone, whore. This is a discussion reserved for Americans only.

    • It seems as though “things” are running pretty good I would say. Nothing is perfect, but what we do have is a very beautiful country

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