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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey finds that of the major decision makers in the government, President Obama is the one most Americans trust to do the “right thing” when it comes to the economy.



President Obama’s approval rating in a recent CNN poll rose to 51 percent, though majorities disapproved of his policies when it came to specific issue sets like the economy, guns and immigration. But the president’s key advantage is that he remains far more popular and trusted than Republicans in Congress, who have almost the inverse of his approval rating on the economy, with 58 percent saying that they trust them “Only a little/Almost none.”

With only 38 percent trusting Republicans on the economy, they’ve nearly matched their lowest point of the decade, hit in 2008.



In contrast, Democrats in Congress are improving, veering closer to the highs they reached from 2007-2009.




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  • docb

    Though I am for good news for the President and Dems..Gallup has not equipped themselves well over the past year! I do see a distinct disgust for the repubs of late though, including friends that no longer claim to be in the party and remain stubbornly tacit! !

    • angelsinca

      The disgust is from the same source, only louder. Looking at the graphs, the republicns seemed to have been favored over dems during most of Obam’s first term. Jumping ship over one quarter of lost favor sounds kind of democratic.

  • clarenceswinney

    1.From Harding In 1921 to Bush in 2003
    2.Democrats held White House for 40 years and Republicans for 42.5 years.
    3.Democrats created 75,820,000 net new jobs — Republicans 36,440,000.
    4.Per Year Average—Democrats 1,825,000–Republicans 856,000. WOW
    5.Republicans had 9 presidents during the period and 6 had depression or recession.
    6.Republicans had a recession/depression in 177 months and Democrats in 32 months. WOW.
    ——————Each “significant” one was under a R president————————-
    7.DOW—1928 to 2003—Stock market gained 11% average per year under D presidents versus 2% under R presidents. Small Cap stocks gained 18% as yearly average under D and minus 3% under R
    8.GDP—grew by 43% more under Democrats. WOW
    9.Income Growth—1948-2005–each increased (percentage wise)under D presidents over R presidents by these numbers– Quintiles–(Top-10%)–(2nd-71%)-(third-127%)-(fourth-212%)-(fifth-550%) WO
    Add in Bush II numbers makes it much worse for Republicans
    source–TimothyNoah– Nov. 2010 in Slate magazine
    Question—Why would a working person vote for a Republican for President?
    Shhh do not awaken democratic leadership!

  • montanabill

    Care to do the same poll that includes Conservatives as well as the tax and spenders?

    • ralphkr

      Judging by the results of the poll and by the Republicans I know it appears that the majority of those polled were the members of the no tax the rich but spend huge party (Republican that is)