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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Obama Must Move Quickly To Counter Latest Romney Reset

Obama Must Move Quickly To Counter Latest Romney Reset

The Mitt Romney who showed up on a debate stage at the University of Denver last week was a commanding figure — warm, engaging, polished and smart. He was the missing Mitt, the one little seen since the Republican primaries began.

This was the Romney who had governed Massachusetts as an enlightened moderate, embracing the art of compromise and working with Democrats to pass significant legislation, such as a universal health care bill. That Romney eschewed hard-right stances on social issues, steering away from the abortion wars and pointedly refusing to bash gays. (I can recall that version of Romney, having interviewed him during the 2008 GOP primaries.)

That Romney clearly challenged President Obama, who had apparently been expecting a different Republican nominee to show up. Obama seemed prepared to debate (if the president was prepared to debate at all) another Romney, the “severely conservative” candidate who was caught on video dismissing nearly half the country as moochers and who wants undocumented immigrants to “self-deport.”

If Obama was flummoxed by the multiple Mitts, the president has time to remind the voters that they exist. He can do so despite the fact that the Republican nominee has spent some time in recent weeks trying to Etch A Sketch his way back to the center of the political spectrum.

It was an act of political malpractice on Obama’s part to allow Romney to spend an hour and a half on stage with nary a mention of his contempt for the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income taxes. But if the president wants to win re-election, he won’t let that happen again. It is central to the different visions that he and Romney (at least the latest version of Romney) have for the role of government: Romney has embraced the Randian views of his running mate, Paul Ryan, who dismisses those Americans who need government assistance as lazy “victims” who should be weaned off the dole. Obama, by contrast, views government as an essential tool for helping hardworking Americans to do those things they cannot do for themselves.