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Thursday, October 20, 2016

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Eric Fanning to become the next secretary of the Army, the White House said on Friday, paving the way for the first openly gay leader of a military service branch in U.S. history.

Fanning is currently serving as acting Army undersecretary, and previously worked as Air Force undersecretary and chief of staff to U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

(Reporting by Yeganeh Torbati and Jeff Mason; Editing by Eric Beech)

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives on Marine One at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to visit wounded service members who are being treated at the hospital in Bethesda, Maryland September 16, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

  • Susan McGraw Keber

    Must the article headline state that Mr. Fanning is “openly gay”? I think it’s more important that Mr. Fanning is qualified for the position, which clearly he is. To make his sexual preference the headline is demeaning not only to him, but sets his being gay apart from other human beings and I find that unnecessary and somehow sensational in the attempt to garner readers.

    • Canistercook

      I agree. While we fool around with gay, women’s, racial issues the world is on fire!

    • ps0rjl

      Can’t wait to he Limbaugh, O’Rielly, Hannity, and the rest of the RW talking heads attack the President. Of course all these talking heads are experts on gays in the military because they all have avoided serving themselves.

      • and its a well known fact that those with the most reaction to gay sex images are homophobes

    • him being gay is the main part of the story, the hurdle jumped. also, if the conservatives found out on their own, theyd be trying to cancel his appointment and impeach obama for some reason or another. as a gay person, i want the whole world to know when the first LGBT is allowed into any government position denied them in the past

  • rednekokie

    This man will do a great job. He has proven himself over the past 25 years.
    However, the congress will continue it’s sniping of anything Obama tries to do.
    Worst congress in the history of the country, and there have been some bad ones in the past.

  • Canistercook

    Why should we care who he sleeps with, the only question I ask is “Can he do a good job”? I am very tired of the media pandering. Let us just get the jobs done. We have spent a lot of time on the pros and cons of the sexes, war on women, climate change et al while the world around us is falling apart.

  • Otto Greif

    Obama is really fixated on men who have sex with men.

  • badforu

    The greatest army in the world… for a while… is now a homosexual army led by a homosexual…. how is that change for you. Obama tore that little piece of work totally down. While tearing down the american army he built up the ISIS army… got them USA built equipment, USA dollar funding, and countrys worth of stockpile. He even has our military given them air support. Our guys dont know who they are hitting, just targets. Fools!!

    • ps0rjl

      Just keep listening to Faux News. I sure there are many people like you who have never spent a day in the military but know all about how we are now going to hell in a hand basket. There have ALWAYS been gays in the military. It’s just now they no longer have to hide it for fear of being thrown out. There were probably a lot in when I was in the marines. This person is qualified to be in this job or President Obama wouldn’t have appointed them . USMC 1969-1971.

    • greatest army in the world ? lmfao