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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obama Optimistic That We’ll See Bipartisan Immigration Reform In Coming Months

Obama on Telemundo

President Obama sat down with Lori Montenegro of Telemundo on Wednesday to discuss his hopes for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship.

Obama expressed optimism that the bipartisan group of eight senators working on a comprehensive immigration bill — four of whom toured the Mexican border in Arizona on Wednesday — would advance legislation in the Senate by April. While the “Gang of Eight” claim to be close to completing legislation, the president has said that he is prepared to step in and act if necessary

The Senate immigration bill is expected to focus on strengthening the border before putting forward a pathway to citizenship that could appeal to Republicans and Democrats alike. In fact, while touring the border on Wednesday, the senators witnessed a woman desperately trying to scale the 18-foot wall separating the United States and Mexico before being detained by Customs and Border Patrol officials, underscoring the problems with current policy.

The Senate bill will also include provisions that make it mandatory for businesses to confirm the legal status of their employees.

President Obama said during the interview, “The most important thing is that we’re seeing a strong commitment to finally solve this problem in a way that strengthens our border security, makes sure that there’s a pathway to citizenship, an earned one, a tough one, but a pathway so that people can live out their dreams and make sure that they have a better life for themselves and their kids.”

A majority of Americans agree with the president on this: A recent poll found that 71 percent believe “there should be a way for people in the United States illegally to remain in this country if they meet certain requirements.” A majority of that 71 percent would like illegal immigrants to be eligible for either permanent residency or citizenship. More than half (52 percent) of Americans surveyed “say the growing number of newcomers in the U.S. strengthens society.”

When asked what he expected to see come from the Senate bill, the president answered, “Well, we don’t know yet what the legislation’s going to look like. So I’m not going to guess. But what I do know is that if we have a smarter legal immigration system that is more streamlined, there’s a smoother verification process,  and we’re reducing some of the red tape and bureaucracy, then we can make sure that those who are already in line are processed more quickly. People who are currently undocumented, living in this country, have to go to the back of the line. But if the front of the line is getting shorter, that means that they can move forward in this process more quickly.”

President Obama’s political pressure and the bipartisan collaboration in the Senate have raised hopes that comprehensive legislation will reach the president’s desk in the coming months. Obama told Montenegro during the Telemundo interview, “I’m not going to presuppose failure. I don’t know why you keep on asking about failure, because I think this is going to succeed. And I’m not concerned about the Democratic Party, I’m concerned about the people whose actual lives are going to be impacted by it. And I want to make sure that they have the capacity to move forward and live out the dream of immigrants that has driven this country for so many years. I think it’s good for our economy. I think it’ll be good for these families. That’s my number one priority.”

Watch a clip of Wednesday’s Telemundo interview, courtesy of NBC Latino:

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  • charleo1

    The Senate, that needs 60 votes for everything? Where it’s unusual for
    six out of ten Senators to agree on anything? That Senate, is going to come
    up with the framework of a plan, that will reform, simplify, and streamline,
    immigration? Oh! And, by the way, did I mention my wife, and I will be taking an all expense paid trip to the Moon. Where we will dine on green cheese! Look, as we all
    know, and would like to forget, the U.S.A. doesn’t have a functioning Senate.
    It’s too bad, because we could surely use one, right about now. But wishing
    a thing, doesn’t make it so. Senate Majority Leader, Reid, had an opportunity
    to fix some of the dysfunction, by lowering the number of votes required for
    cloture, to a simple majority. But, refused. I guess so he could continue to
    come before the public, shrug his shoulders, and act like a hostage, on a
    runaway train. With no idea as to how to stop the train. Having never seen
    an actual train before now. So, having said that of the Senate. The House,
    is the true graveyard, where all hope, faith, and optimism come to die. The
    place where the T-Party reigns supreme. The Party who’s sincere desires
    when it comes to fixing a broken immigration system, would look more like a
    scene from Schindler’s list, than any effort to bring the 12 million, or so
    undocumented, out of the shadows, and give them a clear path to citizenship.
    Immigration is a big thing. We don’t do big things anymore. Not for us, anyway.
    Spending trillions on Iraq, and Afghanistan was a big thing. But it really doesn’t
    count, as doing anything for us, here in our own Country. We’ll build a pipeline
    for China across our Country. But, we won’t repair a single road, or build a
    bridge to improve the Country for Americans. And we won’t do immigration
    reform. Not now. Not for ourselves.

    • howa4x

      Common cause is challenging the senate in US district court as to why they need a super majority to pass anything. In the constitution there is only a simple majority needed to pass most legislation and a supper majority to change a section of the constitution

      • charleo1

        I will not hold my breath, on a challenge to the almighty Senate.
        And, the Constitution allows for the protection of the minority.
        However, what the filibuster has done, when used with heretofore, unprecedented, frequency, is make a mockery of the
        foundational principal of democracy itself. Majority Rule.

        • howa4x

          totally agree

    • howdidisraelget200nukes

      I find it puzzling that the dems, with a majority, just cannot get anything done. I do realize that it is easier to blame the republiCONs for everything and that most Obama supporters are stupid enough to drink the Kool-Aid but could some dems actually grow some gonads somewhere besides the petri dish?

      Both parties are the same. good cop, bad cop. both robbing the bank.

      • charleo1

        There is among some of the more pedestrian observers, and cynics,
        the notion the entire political apparatus of the U.S. is owned by big
        money interests. And all of it, the elections, courts, The Constitution,
        are merely a hoax played on a witless, American Public. This is what
        the Soviet propagandists told their citizens throughout the Cold War.
        They also told them the Berlin Wall was to keep out the starving
        West, Berliners. The reason you find yourself puzzled, is you’re
        trying to come to conclusions, without first applying the facts.
        The first one being, the Democrats do not have a Congressional
        Majority. And as blame goes, the Republican Right, owns the lion’s
        share. When history looks back on the Republican Congress
        that stayed in power from ’94 thru ’05, it will tell a story of economic
        policy failure, needless war, and staggering debt. And by far, the
        majority of it, in the five short years Republicans controlled both
        houses of Congress, and the Presidency. And, the Country is in no
        hurry to bring them back. With, or without gonads.

  • howa4x

    Immigration reform will pass but there has to be some drama 1st. Republicans have to show their base that they are going to hold the line before caving in. They see the vote tally’s and see that Latinos are a fast growing population. Coupled with the issue that republicans are out of touch with those under 40, if they loose the majority of the Latino votes that will be the end on them as a national party. There is one problem that the senate republicans can’t control, and no matter what they do it still won’t go away, and that is the states. Already republican governors in Arizona, and Georgia passed restrictive immigration stop and search laws and statements by Arpio the sheriff won’t help them win any fans. If the republicans filibuster reform, because you never know what some members like Paul and Cruz will do, they will be finished nationally. Also having constant reports that the Base in against reform doesn’t help the republican image on this issue.

  • howdidisraelget200nukes

    Will that be before or after a jobs bill? After all, its only been 5 years and I realize that forcing us all to buy into the failed republiCON concept of “for profit health care” can consume a lot of effort but the U.S. has been shedding jobs ever since clinton signed NAFTA.

    Do you think you could spare a couple of minutes to possibly consider a jobs bill or maybe even a little legislation pointed at investigating the banks?

    Oh, I forgot, those board of director jobs for Obama would be on the line.