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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Obama Talks Immigration, “47 Percent” At Univision Forum

President Barack Obama told a Univision town hall today that his inability to achieve comprehensive immigration reform was the greatest failure of his first term.

Early on in the forum, co-host Jorge Ramos told President Obama that “I want you to acknowledge that you did not keep your promise” to tackle immigration reform in his first year in office.

Obama declined to apologize, explaining that the financial crisis pushed immigration off of his immediate agenda after his inauguration. “My first priority was making sure that we didn’t go into a Great Depression,” Obama said.

The president went on point to his executive order halting the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible youth as an example of his continued commitment to immigration reform. He also explained that when he tried to bring Congress together to discuss the issue, he was surprised and disappointed to see that the Republican party would not partner with him.

“What I confess I did not expect,” Obama said, “is that Republicans who had previously supported comprehensive immigration reform…would suddenly walk away” from discussions on the topic.

Later in the forum, Obama was asked to name the greatest failure of his first term. “My biggest failure so far is that we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform done,” he explained. “But it’s not for lack of trying or desire.”

“I haven’t gotten everything done that I wanted to do,” Obama later added. “That’s why I’m running for a second term.”

President Obama also used the forum to harshly rebuke Mitt Romney’s secretly recorded comments labeling 47 percent of Americans as “victims.”

“When you express an attitude that half the country considers itself victims, that somehow they want to be dependent on government,” Obama said, “my thinking is, maybe you haven’t gotten around a lot.”

He went on to explain that those who are not paying income tax “want a hand up, not a handout.” Obama also pointed out that people abuse the system on both ends of the economic spectrum. “There are a bunch of millionaires who aren’t paying taxes at all,” Obama said.

In addition to immigration and Romney’s comments, President Obama also fielded questions on the recent embassy attacks in Libya, the drug war, and education, among other topics. The full forum will be rebroadcast on Univision tonight at 10pm.

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134 Responses to Obama Talks Immigration, “47 Percent” At Univision Forum

  1. Pandering to the Hispanic people makes him look cheaper than he already does. He doesn’t care on wit…..unless he can talk them into voting for him. He could have fixed this much sooner if he meant it.
    No..he worked on screwing up the US with Obamacare, etc. No jobs……..not stability and no program………just words. He is an abject failure and shouldn’t be re-elected.

    • My biggest fear is that Romney will be elected, he and his cohorts the KKK (the two Koches and Karl Rove) will tank the economy again. Finally the American people will wake up to the emptiness of the Republican Party’s policies and vision, but won’t be able to rid themselves of it because they will no longer have the right to vote.

    • Pandering is not the word for trying to help ….be it Hispanic or any one. Jobs are improving, housing is improving….do some reading and watch MSNBC along with Fox News etc,…and open your mind and think about what you are saying and look at history and you will see failure and success through the years. There are some in Congress that did not want Obama to succeed and they set about to be sure he did not….considering what he had to work with, he did well and will do even better in his next term!!!!

    • How is he screwing up the US with Obamacare? He is not the one sending jobs overseas, and what makes you think he could have fixed it earlier, when the support of the republicans was missing. We are very lucky he was voted into office, otherwise we would have been in a depression.

    • I’d be very interested in hearing how you think Obamacare is “screwing up the US. Seems to me it’s doing a LOT of good.

    • Interesting that ObamaCare, the best thing to happen for the US since 1970, is an item that you choose to denigrate. You must either be a millionaire who has never had any need for health insurance or merely one of those many ignoramuses who eagerly suck up the lying TEA Party Kool-Aid.

  2. Obama Biggest Problem Is Thinking He Can Get Help From He Fellow GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Racist Thugs In Helping This Country Get Back On It’s Feet, Little Did He Know That What Once Was A Half Way Decent Party Now Is Just Filled With Terrorists And Traitors, GOP/Tea Party Give Less Than A Damn About This Country Or The People That Live Here, Their Only Agenda Is Power , Control And Money!! Number 1 MONEY And How Much Can They Hoard!!! Why Else Would They Pick A Low Life Sociopath Like Romney Who’s Been Gutting Out America Companies And Destroying The American People Lives For A Living!!

        • Calm down. I agree with what you said, but it just bugs me that each word is capitalized. It sort of makes it hard to read in a way…just saying…

          • You are mean. While I agree with what you said, I wont read what you write any more. Because you are mean.

          • Great!! I’m Just Keeping It Real!! I’m Far From Being Mean Just Don’t Care To Answer Stupid Question!! My Writing Style In Not What’s Being Asked Here So It’s Annoying To Me Why You Just Don’t Give Your Opinion To The Question Asked And Don’t Worry About How Other People Are Writing Their Statement!! My Statement My Way IT JUST THAT SIMPLE!!

          • I know what you mean, it was annoying to read…then she goes all tea bagger like on you for saying something. Geez!!!

          • Just When You Think All The Roaches Are Dead Then Here Come King Roach!! Would Somebody Please Get The Orkin Man On The Line So We Can Get Rid Of This Tea Bagging Bitch Eduardo!! You Just Like A Little Puppy Following Me Around!! Now We Know What Rick Santorum Meant When He Said We Will Never Get Smart People On Our Side!! He Was Talking About People Like You Dumb Ass!!

          • Well Fern Woodfork If that the only problem He have it very small one, We Can Look Over It Too. Because I Like To Capitalize Each Word Too. Because We Do Have Something Important To Say… Love You Fern Keep The Guns Ready At Less You Aim Before Shooting

          • You Mother Is A Moron How Come You Haven’t Got On Your Banana Boat Yet GO!! You Can’t Bully Me Little FAG So You Need To Stop Trying Score 187 Comments You Gave And Only 63 Likes LOL ROTF You Are Pitiful!!! That’s Not Even A 1/2 A Like For Each Of Your Comments LOL ROTF!!!!

          • I tried to ask Fern about her use of capitals. She schooled me and I respect her for her own sense of individualism. You gotta love Fern for what she’s saying, not how she’s typing it!
            You go, Fern!

          • Janet you don;’t know anything about government. The President does not have control. He can put forth a plan or a bill, but the House has to approve it and then it goes to the senate and if he senate pass it then it goes back to the President to sign. If the bill does not pass the house it does not go any farther. If the house pass a bill it goes to the senate and if the senate pass it then it goes back to President and if the President does not like the bill he will veto it, then it goes back to the senate for a vote and if the senate has enough votes to over ride the veto then it is made into law. So in other term, the President is just Commander and Chief and a foreign figure head.

      • Here’s Some More News I Found Out This Morning Romney Is The Reason Why Monsanto Is The Big Biotech Giant It Is Today!! You Know Monsanto The One Who ‘s Putting The Poison In Our Food!! This Should Be No Surprise To The People Who Knows The Real Mitt Romney!!

    • Wow, You have a lot in common with Right Wing Republicans !!! ANGER
      Nothing like demonizing those that disagree with you

      You will probably fit right in with the communists

      • More SOUR GRAPES from the right….tsk, tsk, tsk…there’s no need to be such a poor loser. You’ll lose your representatives in both the senate and the house. Too many have backed the wrong guy and the people–YES, the 47% too–will NOT forget. The republican party has become a bad joke. It’s losing it’s legitamacy because of extreme positions and demonizing the poor, disadvantaged and disabled. It’s no longer the grand old party. Pity…there hasn’t been a decent republican with true integrity since Eisenhower. You republicans have chastised and shunned republicans who’ve represented progressive, moderate and yes, liberal views. What a idiotic mistake that was. Any legitmate party gathers it’s platforms and policies that come from all points of view—you may know those ides as “a thousand points of light,” or “compassionate conservatism.” But instead republicans embraced the dark side of greed and arrogance. I wish I could pity republicans- but your party’s platforms and policies are so grossly underpinned in self righteous arrogance and selfishness, I can’t stop having the feeling that I’m smelling decomposing flesh every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth.
        Call me a “leftist,” a “marxist,” a “communist.” My party is STILL going to be the winner. Suck on those SOUR GRAPES!

        • You and Fern are missing the point. I may not be communicating properly.

          First, Integrity is nice, but a world leader does not make. Try reading “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Reagan was a much better President than Carter, Johnson was an scheming nasty SOB, but he got stuff done by being that way. I dare to say, there has never been any country leader with a perfect “Integrity” score…and yeah, that also include Eisenhower , who I liked a lot.

          I have been a poor inmigrant, I have been a well paid employee paying over 100’sK in taxes, I am an investor and now a business owner…so I can see ALL sides and understand their point of view

          I am a Republican that have voted Democrat in the last 3 Presidential elections and probably may vote Democrat in this one as well
          The politics of extremes (both left and right) is where you demonize your oponents insulting them and treating them like enemies.

          It is my point of view that Republicans have some good ideas and so does Democrats and the key is not one party obliterating the other EVIL party (a las Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia) is to maintain a balance and force both sides to reach an agreement. Communists and Fascists treated their oponents as enemies and look where they got

          This polarizing we are experiencing now was seem in our nation in the 19th century and that tooks us to a Civil War when the HOT HEADS on both sides were not able to sit down and discuss the point.

          But for people to sit down and talk we all need to avoid insulting one another and understand that some people may have some real concerns about Obama’s policies and the direction our nation is taking.

          If Obama wins and 45% of the country end up really angry he will not be able to implement any of his policies. Obama is smart and knows that……..Do you?

          • Thank you for a great comment! Very thought provoking, easy and enjoyable to read. We all really need to get along and put our heads together…

          • Well said Germansmith. I am a Democrat that has voted for Republicans in the past. Not recently though, as all the hate and obstructiveness has turned me off on the other side. Somehow, someway, this country needs to heal. The recent voting down of the Veteran’s jobs bill became partisan, even with all the bi-partison portions written by Republicans. By the way, this bill was paid for. and was expected to pass. This is proof to me how this partisan sickness is affecting ordinary people. They did this for political purposes. I feel we all are paying the price because they don’t want it to appear that Obama has had any success. It’s like wishing the failure of the American people. It’s not right!

          • That vote was not only NOT RIGHT, but it will come back to explode in their faces
            Veterans not only need jobs, but they also need a lot of mental healthcare to overcome what they went thru.

            It seems to me that the Republican are really NOT trying to win this election???? If I was Romney, I’ll be furious with Tom Coburn

            Like Jon Stewart show said…In the road for Jeb Bush 2016!!!!

      • Like Rick Santorum Said ” We Never Have The Smart People On Our Side” I’m Way To Smart To Ever Go Near The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Bullshit They Are Racist Thugs Out To Gut Out America For All She Worth!! I Love My Country And My Fellow American ALL Of Them!! I Have No Hate In My DNA I Just Don’t Want Them Running Our Country Cause I Know For A Fact They Don’t Give A Damn About This Country Nor The People That Live Here Cause If They Did They Would Never Back A Man (Romney ) Who Made His Living Stripping American Companies And And Shipping American Jobs Overseas, And Who Brag About Destroying American People Lives For A Living!! You Do The Math!! Oh I Forgot Math Was Not Taught In Tea Bagging Home Schooling!!

      • You Seem Like You Have A Problem Seeing That The GOP/Tea Party Has Declared War On Everyone But The Rich!! I Have No Problem Letting Them Know There’s People Out Here That Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night, There’s People Out Here That Is Willing To Stand Up Against Them And What They Stand For!! I Just Happen To Be One Of The Many People Who Willing To Stand Up And Let It Be Known We Had Just About Enough Of Their Crap!!! I’m Not Angry Just Tried Of Hearing A Campaign Built On A Foundation Of Lies And Obama Bashing When We Know They Are The Ones Screwing This Country And The People Who Live Here Trying To Get This Man Out Of Office!! If McCain And Palin Would Have Won Right Now We Would Be Just Like Any Third World Country By Now!!!

    • who would you rather have as a Republican candidate? Bachman?, Nasty Newt? Pizza Man?
      All the other choices (with the exception of Huntsman, the better Mormon) were even worse than Romney.

        • I like and respect Ron Paul and I do share some of his beliefs, but his ideas are way to extreme for me (or for most of our country)

          I hope his libertarians ideals prosper and both Democrats and Republicans take more from them

      • It’s her ego. She does it so she can find her posts and read them over and over to feed her ego’s needs. I won’t read what she writes any more because when I asked her about it she became very defensive and just plain MEAN! On the bright side, it makes her posts easy to pick out so I can skip right over them.

  3. I think He has done good considerig what a mess we were in when he took office after Bushes war and all the boy who were killed on his account and the DR>s I have talked to are glad for the insurance think it is a good thing Dont maatter to me I am on medicare and caarry an other insurance

  4. I think Obama has done as much as he could in three and 1/2 years. Bush had 8 years to deregulate, give tax breaks to the rich, lie to the American people about why we went to war in Iraq, and never did anything about Health Care for all Americans. We are paying now for people who don’t have health insurance and would save a great deal of money if all of us had health care so people would quit using the Emergency Room for a Doctor’s office. WE COULD SAVE MONEY!! The problem is, we Americans are very shortsighted, so we can’t see beyond tomorrow and we think our problem is the “entitlement” programs. How much of the budget goes to these programs?
    How can Obama fix 8 years of mistakes in less than 4 years? Every industrialized nation on this earth has a health care plan for their citizens! Yes their taxes are higher, but no one in those countries is going broke trying to pay for their medical bills!
    Obama inherited a real mess; just think about it. We didn’t get into this mess over night; the banking, housing, wall street, and auto industry all were running amuck way before Obama came on the scene.
    I am sickened that a bunch of old men want to take my rights away as a woman; we fought that fight more than forty years ago! How dare someone tell me what I can do with my body! Not one of these people will ever go through a pregnancy yet they feel that they have the right to take my rights away as a very proud American woman!
    I know I have gone on too long, but now is the time every American citizen needs think before they VOTE>

  5. The Dream act should have been passed and the Obama campaign needs to play Romney standing up against Governor Rick Perry on the campaign nominee trail. They need to show his record with Arizona and his prejudice as a right winger against Hispanics. Romney has a horrible record with them and it could cost him Florida. Obama already has Ohio and if he wins Florida it will be a slaughter. The Latino vote has been so over looked by the republicans and this is a fatal mistake.

    • Say it ain’t so Joe! Really? The dream act should have been passed? Isn’t that rewarding criminal activity? Why are Mexicans so fu*king special? Really Joe? I think we have enough toilet cleaners, floor scrubers and ass wipers here already! Do you have any idea what they cost us? We aren’t even taking good enough care of our own! Did you see the unemployment numbers lately Joe? Are you connected with this planet Joe? The republicans realize that the illegal alien criminals can’t vote and the legal hispanics don’t vote……….making the hispanic block…………….. INSIGNIFICANT!

      • 13, Children brought here by their parents are not criminals, get it? In fact people that are undocumented are not criminals either. It is not a crime to be here without proper documentation. You can be deported but not imprisoned because that is the law. When I read some of the crap, from folks like you, I just can’t believe it. Would you put in prison a 4 year old girl because she is undocumented?
        I guess you would after reading your ranting.
        Sorry to inform you but documented Hispanics vote in large quantities so be prepared for the loss of Florida in the Presidential election.

      • Observer needs to observe something more than Fox News. By the way, the act is not just for Mexicans. You couldn’t be more wrong about the insignificant Hispanic vote and why not get people who are going to be here anyway legalized so they can pay taxes and contribute.

      • 130observer: Don’t criticize illegal aliens; many of them will give our Odumbo SEVERAL votes !! (… and so many dishonest DemoCraps, including Odumbo and Holder LIKE it that way !!)

    • The American Taliban Has Declared War On All But The Rich White People And That’s The Problem America Is Not Made Up Of Rich White People!! We Need A President For ALL THE PEOPLE And Romney Is NOT The Man!!

    • Not to mention that he lost the women’s and gay’s votes entirely (well except for a few Michelle Bachman fans) with the GOP platform.

  6. No money for it now and in the future. It’s add $500 Billion per year just o manage it, We don’t have the trillions and we don’t have the money to manage it. Gov just grows. PLUS, as physician, the service is less but the care costs much more. It’s a typical government program. Costs a lot and the care if less than now.
    AND…30 million people are still uninsured.
    $8 billion in fines for those who don’t participate nad most of that fine ( 6 million people) are iddle class. SOunds good to you??

  7. Now, folks, in Tampa a few days ago, we heard a lot of talk —— all about how the president and the Democrats don’t really believe in free enterprise and individual initiative, how we want everybody to be dependent on the government, how bad we are for the economy.

    This Republican narrative — this alternative universe — says that every one of us in this room who amounts to anything, we’re all completely self-made. One of the greatest chairmen the Democratic Party ever had, Bob Strauss —— used to say that ever politician wants every voter to believe he was born in a log cabin he built himself. But, as Strauss then admitted, it ain’t so.

    We Democrats — we think the country works better with a strong middle class, with real opportunities for poor folks to work their way into it —— with a relentless focus on the future, with business and government actually working together to promote growth and broadly share prosperity. You see, we believe that “we’re all in this together” is a far better philosophy than “you’re on your own.” It is.

    So who’s right? (Cheers.) Well, since 1961, for 52 years now, the Republicans have held the White House 28 years, the Democrats, 24. In those 52 years, our private economy has produced 66 million private sector jobs.

    So what’s the job score? Republicans, 24 million; Democrats, 42 million.

    Now, there’s -— there’s a reason for this. It turns out that advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics.-Why? Because poverty, discrimination and ignorance restrict growth. When you stifle human potential, when you don’t invest in new ideas, it doesn’t just cut off the people who are affected; it hurts us all. We know that investments in education and infrastructure and scientific and technological research increase growth.

    They increase good jobs, and they create new wealth for all the rest of us.


    • Very nicely said!!!
      Why is it that most posts by democratic thinkers are usually articulate, common sense induced, and rarely blatantly belligerent. Total opposite when most Republicans throw out their thoughtless, non fact based, name calling, racist rages
      I miss hearing from the Republicans of old when they made sense and what they said was a good read.

    • Brilliant! Thank you for restoring my faith in Americans. I was beginning to think only illiterate, racist, rednecks wrote in these blogs.

  8. In Tampa, the Republican argument against the president’s re-election was actually pretty simple — pretty snappy. It went something like this: We left him a total mess. He hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough. So fire him and put us back in.

    Now — but they did it well. They looked good; the sounded good. They convinced me that — — they all love their families and their children and were grateful they’d been born in America and all that — — really, I’m not being — they did.

    And this is important, they convinced me they were honorable people who believed what they said and they’re going to keep every commitment they’ve made. We just got to make sure the American people know what those commitments are — because in order to look like an acceptable, reasonable, moderate alternative to President Obama, they just didn’t say very much about the ideas they’ve offered over the last two years.

    They couldn’t because they want to the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place. They want to cut taxes for high- income Americans, even more than President Bush did. They want to get rid of those pesky financial regulations designed to prevent another crash and prohibit future bailouts. They want to actually increase defense spending over a decade $2 trillion more than the Pentagon has requested without saying what they’ll spend it on. And they want to make enormous cuts in the rest of the budget, especially programs that help the middle class and poor children.

    As another president once said, THERE THEY GO AGAIN!!!!

    • The policies that we need to return to are not the Bush-Frank Policies. They are the Reagan-Clinton policies. If this President endorsed the Reagan-Clinton agenda of less government and reduced regulation our economy would soar just as it did between 1983 to 2006.

      Instead we have entered the Bush-Obama era. Over spending on Wars and Programs we can’t afford. Over regulating and ever expansion of government. If we don’t stop soon we will all experience the “California Syndrome”. Complete financial failure. Where will we be then?

      Reform in Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Defense Strategy and Reducing interest payments on the National Debt are needed soon. Why are we talking about immigration reform?

      • Fernie: Shut up, Fern !! TheOldNorth and seagazer (to a lesser extent) were having an intelligent exchange here which you, of all people, should not interrupt because its content was wayyyy above your (low, very low !) level …

    • You forgot the part about how half of us are welfare kings and queens and they don’t care what happens to “those people” because they’ll never vote for him. Along with that is their stated goal to eliminate birth control from health insurance, and eliminate abortion EVEN IF THE PREGNANCY WILL KILL BOTH MOTHER AND BABY. Some nice guys, huh?

  9. “I haven’t gotten everything done that I wanted to do,” Obama later added.

    Why would we believe that if you were incapable of getting anything done in the first term, that you are capable of getting anything done at all? The economy is getting worst not better. If there were 4.5 million jobs created by private businesses, then there were 3.0 million lost, because the workforce has only grown by 1.5 million.

    This President is not capable of working or leading. Bill Clinton did not have a Democrat Congress and was able to accomplish an agenda, why can’t this President? We are going to see another recession in 2013, this time coupled with inflation. Do we borrow another $6.0 Trillion?

    • oldnorth, you have to allow for a republican congress that stated its first priority is to make sure Obama fails even if the country fails.
      I don’t think I know of another congress that was so traitorous.

      • Every Opposition Congress has fought the other side agenda. The Presidents job is to bring the country together not focus it on scape goats. Clinton had the “Contract with America” to contend with. He effectively led the Country. If Clinton had adopted the attitude that he won and the Republican’s lost do he think he would have been successful? If Obama is sincere in is message he would have reached a working consensus with Congress. He could not even get his own budget passed by Democrats in the Senate.

        Obama is just another “Raised in Privilege” member of the “Political Class” he cares only for his cronies and for being in Power.

        I would bet that you and I could come to solutions for this Country that would not bankrupt our grandchildren and would preserve our freedom and personal liberties. I am more “Conservative” and I am betting you are more “Liberal”. So why can’t this President really compromise?

        • That is not true: Actually Democrats are much more flexible – They have voted against their president and don’t go along on party lines. That is the reason even when there is Democratic congress or senate there is challenge. Democrats think not of party but country also.

          You talked about Clinton for balanced budget- Not a single republican voted for it. Again not a single republican when they talk for fiscal responsibility. That was not the only problem – even some of the democrat senators and congress members didn’t vote. Democratic Senator from Nebraska – Bob Kerrey was on the fence and had to be convinced.

          Not lets look opposite – During Bush – Democrats voted for TARP and also the more controversial – Iraq war authorization – Democrats supported Bush

          • Recheck your information: Arguably, Gingrich’s finest hour as Speaker came in March 1995 when he rallied the entire Republican House caucus behind the idea of eliminating the deficit within seven years. Recall that it was the Clinton White House that fought Republicans every inch of the way in balancing the budget in 1995.

            It was Bill Clinton who, during the big budget fight in 1995, had to submit not one, not two, but five budgets until he begrudgingly matched the GOP’s balanced-budget plan. In fact, during the height of the budget wars in the summer of 1995, the Clinton administration admitted that “balancing the budget is not one of our top priorities.”

            The Budget was balanced in 1998, Congress make up was House R-228 D- 206, Senate R-55 D-45. You see Clinton did know how to work with the Republicans and the Country benefited from it.

        • Apparently you don’t remember the big compromise, you know, when Boehner could not control his own caucus and let the baggers downgrade our credit ? Selective memory seems to be a common malady of the republican party, just like the 4 R senators who wrote the bulk of the veterans assistance bill which had bipartisan support and was FULLY funded to help returning veterans find and keep employment, which was then filibustered and voted against by the same 4 R senators for purely political reasons so deep is the hatred for this President. Despicable.

          • Read the Bob Woodward book on this issue. This President does not have what it takes:

            “Gaps” in President Obama’s leadership contributed to the collapse of a “grand bargain” on spending and debt last year, with the president failing to cultivate congressional relationships that may have helped him break through Republican opposition, author Bob Woodward told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.

            Woodward’s reporting in his new book, “The Price of Politics,” reveals a president whom he said lacked the “stamina” in turning personal relationships with congressional leaders into action the way some of his predecessors have done.

      • Justin: As always, you conveniently “forget” something: Congress had a DemoCrap majority in 2009 and 2010 !! And they (and Odummer) STILL didn’t do sh.. !!
        LOL !!!

    • That is not true: Republicans think about their party not about country or what is good from their citizens.

      Actually Democrats are much more flexible – They have voted against their president and don’t go along on party lines. That is the reason even when there is Democratic congress or senate there is challenge. Democrats think not of party but country also.

      You talked about Clinton for balanced budget- Not a single republican voted for it. Again not a single republican when they talk for fiscal responsibility. That was not the only problem – even some of the democrat senators and congress members didn’t vote. Democratic Senator from Nebraska – Bob Kerrey was on the fence and had to be convinced.

      Not lets look opposite – During Bush – Democrats voted for TARP and also the more controversial – Iraq war authorization – Democrats supported Bush

      If you do the research you will find their are tons of cases like that.

      Actually the health care bill could not be passed easily in congress when democrats had majority as blue democrats didn’t support it

      Same thing happened during Clinton time.

      But on all the case other then some exceptions the support from republican support was zero.

      Therefore we need to vote out the candidates who put party before the country or citizens. Also the congress men/senators who are too dumb or selfesh for example who started Lewisky investigation against Clinton to bring his presidency down while having their own sexual affair

      • Regarding the Affordable Care Act. The House did not represented the will of their constituents. The American public was clearly 58% against this bill as it is written. That is why so many congress members lost their seats in the mid-term. The American Public is still against this legislation by a margin of 53% to 43%.

        By the way I voted for Clinton in 1996. I will not vote for Obama in 2012. He is not the right person for the job.

    • Why didn’t Clinton have these problems? He’s not Black, you moron. As if you didn’t know what the issue is; keep saying it to yourself: I’m not a racist, really, I’m not. Maybe you’ll convince someone, but it won’t be me.

      • seagazer: Keep “gazing” at the sea, because I think YOU are the moron here. Every time you imbecile Lefties hear somebody criticizing Owebama you come out with the moronic cop-out that “he is being criticized for being black!!” Boo hoo !! Hey, stop the WHINING and learn that there are REAL reasons (and being black is NOT one of them !) for criticizing Owebama.

        BTW, I noticed that you did not address, much less answer TheOldNorthChurch’s comment to the effect that: “He could not even get his own budget passed by Democrats in the Senate.” Was THAT also because he is black ??!!
        Oh, brother, what a moron !

  10. if you are breaking the law……… are a CRIMINAL! A four year old should never be put in jail regardless however, child custody works until proper placement can be arrainged! How are we going to stop this scurge otherwise? We are only getting the poor who are looking for a handout and welfare subsidies we can’t afford!!!!! They want to have as many kids on our dime as they can and move about freely…………send their earnings back to Mexico and swear alligience to Mexico!

  11. I don’t know why Obama wants the job ,many of the people that should appreciate what the President is doing are voting against him and for the guys that want to destroy any safety net the government now give.
    These guys are not going to be satisfied with anything less than total eradication of all the progress that’s been made,some benefits were even installed under republican administrations. Will they be happy when half of the people are destitute? They better remember why these program were started.

  12. o bama biggest failure was not knowing when he was born, his birth date, number of states we have in our country, not being a leader, not being a American President, not doing anything for 4 years, except campaign for a job. When America loses jobs everyday and trillions are owed to China, tax money wasted on family vacations and golf…this putz hasn’t done anything except slack…don’t blame him for being a lazy, useless liar…blame all the stupid azzez that fell for BO’s BS..
    The WORST president EVER!
    Dummer than Carter.
    Worst than osama for America.
    an Impotant president…
    Lymp richard cranium…
    Racist islamic muslin …
    First term failures? last term failure…
    No Second Chance for First Time LOSERS!!!!

  13. That the Prez can admit failure is a huge improvement over the competion. I would guess that the past three and a half years have been brutal. Despite the gridlock and the gross partisan effort to make Barack Obama a one term president, he has stayed the course, re-mained basically true to his original hopes and goals and easily deserves another four years to finish what he started. As he said on Letterman, if re-elected the obsession with getting him out of office ON THE GOP’s terms end. Perhaps then we might see some compromise and maybe even progress where all we have had so far is buck passing and heel digging from the majority of the republicans. Obama in 2012! FOUR MORE YEARS!

  14. Obviously, he doesn’t consider the 23 million out of work or underemployed to be a failure.
    I wonder where he ranks having an ambassador killed on his watch or a border patrol agent killed because of his DOJ, or having 6 million in line for fines for not having medical insurance, or causing the country to be $6 trillion further in the hole, or having everyone paying twice as much for gas, or bankrolling his buddies failed businesses, or most people seeing their net worth fall by 40% during his presidency, or 46.7 million people on food stamps.
    Move along folks, no failures here.

    I guess all that is ok, because he seems like such a nice guy. He did ok killing bin Laden.

    • You are a huge failure: failure to read the text above has prevented you from seeing that the Republican-led Congress has prevented his wonderful jobs package from passing, that and almost everything he has tried to do. You guys would even take back his greatest feat, the one that every president (not counting the Richie Riches) has attempted to do for decades, the Affordable Care Act. I am well aware that you idiots think it’s bad, but , Baby, just wait until you have a catastrophic illness in your family and you have to declare bankruptcy because you don’t have good enough insurance, or it was a “pre-existing condition”. Also, after that catastrophe, you will be uninsurable. Good luck!

      • I’ll take my “LUCK” and vote this inept muslim, America hater OUT! U see, as a senior I know his deat squad is waiting to stop those of US in my age bracket from getting needed health care, and giving it to u dole takers, the one’s on medicaid to help a chain smoking, wine dringing, never worked a day in his life BUM to get MY needed liver transplant! Throw in the fact this fetid marxist maoist Obama is taking MY hared earned MONEY and re-distributing it to that lazy drunk and his non-working family! Yes, indeedy, the “slavemaster” Obama will bribe the fools on the take to keep voting for these democRATS!

      • Jobs package? It was another stimulus with borrowed money.
        Three things you should know about ‘stimulus’.
        1) government cannot ‘stimulate’ by taking a $1 out of the economy (taxes) because it can only put back a smaller percentage of the $1. Negative result.
        2) government could stimulate with borrowed money, if and only if, the resulting increase in the economy resulted in more revenues to the government so that it can pay back not only the loan, but the interest as well. As you can see from the first stimulus, the usual result is a negative situation since the economy didn’t get any better and now we own even more money.
        3) government is currently trying to stimulate by printing money. That devalues our existing money supply. The price of commodities will automatically increase to maintain their relative current value. When they inflate, everything follows. Bought gas lately? Other countries do not want to loan to a country inflating its currency because they do not want to be repaid with devalued dollars.

        I can hardly wait to have a catastrophic illness, where I won’t be able to see a doctor because he has a six month wait time and where, once I do see him, I’ll have another six month wait for treatment. We just added millions more people to health coverage but didn’t add a single doctor (actually they are leaving the profession because of this kind of junk).

    • Not sure if it’s actually 6 million who will be fined, but honestly… You guys just buck up and pay the $95, and in return we agree not to leave you dead and bleeding on the floor when you stumble into the emergency room to get medical care on the taxpayer’s dime. Agreed??

      And our gas was $4 a gallon this time back in 2008. It’s $3.50 now. Not sure where this “twice as much” is coming from. I seem to remember Republicans telling us the POTUS can’t control the price of gas then, so…….

      • Sad to see u have Memory loss, ask Obamacare for some meds to help u remember! Listen asshole, gas was never over $1.80 when President Bush was in office! It’s now $4,35 for regular, and I am voting this inept clown OUT of office with true America lovers to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from this marxist-maoist muslim shill!

        • BUDDY. I waited in line at the pumps for over an hour in Oct 2008 for $4.25/gal gas. This isn’t FOX News… You can’t just lie about facts and expect everyone to go along with it. And if you’re gonna vote for Romney, come up with a better excuse than “cheaper gas.” Cuz we’re using 33% less foreign oil now than we were in 2005. If you want to blame someone for your $4.35 gas, blame Exxon. $10 billion in tax subsidies that come out of YOUR pocket so they can gouge you at the pump.

          But you’ve already been brainwashed, so it doesn’t matter. Maybe you can ask Exxon and Romney to trickle down some cheaper gas to you if he ever gets elected… hahaha….

      • People were stumbling into emergency rooms and getting free care long before Obamacare was passed. Now, we have at least 10 million more people required to see the doctor on a regular basis and no new doctors. In fact, this legislation is so good for them, many are finding other professions. So, while you may stumble into an emergency room waving your health insurance card, you may not find anyone who can help.

        The national average for gas is near $4. More than double when Obama took office and decided we didn’t need to do any more drilling on public land. Actually, the price has more to do with Bernanke’s money printing than oil supply, and POTUS does control that.

    • Nice guy? My ass, he’s a nasty, self obsessed meglomaniac who thinks he’s the smartest man in a room. FACT is in any room he’s a nothing!

  15. Obama was not going to try any inmigration reform as long as there was a re-election to worry about
    His base supported gay in the military and marriage, maybe even expensive healthcare to bankrupt the country…BUT Mexicans coming to the US to take blue collar jobs? His Union and African Americans base would eat him alive.

    In the maintime, he goes on TV to pander to Latins. I hope they remember that Obama’s ICE has deported more people than any President before him.

    Of course Republicans are NOT any better

  16. His greatest failure was being elected President! Wasn’t ready, willing or ABLE to govern, lead or manage this once Great Republic! Has made a total shambles of every thing he’s touched. With out a doubt, the worst man to ever be in the Oval Offcie, albiet, he’s never spent one full dy working there! IN FACT, Obama’s never spent ONE FULL DAY working on the People’s business! AM abject failute, a fake phony and fruad! This inept snake oil salesman is a forked tongued LIAR! A marxist-maoist muslim shill! WE, the PEOPLE are ready to vote him OUT in a landslide on November 6,2012! God will BLESS the United States of America by insuring the end of this tyrannt!

  17. its strange how the ppl. of this country can think one man can clean up a mess that took 8 years to make (the dirty bush mess ) in just 4 years . but i tell you if there wasnt so many GOP ding dongs hater in the goverment we would be doing alot better off with out the party of know . but one can understand to a point that the GOP ding dongs were busy thy all had to go put their white dresses and hoods on and go to the feilds and woods to burn crosses when it was time to vote . for a man (Obama ) to have got as much done as he did and by him self is a good thing . and the mitch oconnell,s that state right out in there jobs that all he,s going to do is work on makeing sure that Obama only gets one trem . he has to be the leader with the white dress and hood too much hate from him and it grows on the other GOP ding dongs what should be done is he and his white dress and hood should be voted out of office its funny he gets a job and then says he not going to do his job at all but will only work on getting the Pres. out . hmmmm who should get payed for a job thy admit thy are not going to do ? and for all of you that might say something stupid (as the GOP and there klovers do ) im a white male and do i hare ?” yes i do i hate the ones who hate

  18. Rich Prove that u were waiting on a gas line in 08 and paid $4.25 a gal. Where? Mars? I don’t believe u for a min. U vote in this marxist maoist muslim shill and gas will be over $5.00 a gal in 6 months! Brainwashed BS, anyone who thinks we will remain the Greatest Nation in the World under 4 more years of this regime are NUTS, or want US to fail! That’s Obastrd’s agenda, Make US a 2nd rate nation. He HATES this great Constitutional Republic and is out to destroy US from within! DO u hate US?

  19. When I think about the animosity and hatred that is caused by exclusivity, here and around the world, I fear for the future not just of our planet but for our human spirit.
    There’s no way to deny that we are all in this world for only a brief time. If we cannot remember the needs everyone have for security and clean air, land and water, adequate food and shelter and the benefits of education and health, it is not going to work. The cleverest, most knowledgeable species will become extinct.
    Our insecurities are the basis for greed and envy, conflict and warfare. No matter how much we squirrel away in lavish homes and Swiss Banks, we will still die. So, instead of wasting our time on futile efforts, let’s do what we can to make this a better place for all – cleaner, healthier, more peaceful, more helpful and more loving.
    Reject the ideas of those who would exclude others from the rights and well-being we seek for ourselves, but do so with kindness and patience -after all, they’re only human.

  20. The Republican party showed their mentality in the beginning of Obama’s term when ( believe Watson) a Republican Congressman blurted out and called our President a “liar”on national TV. Really showed some class huh. Then later Mitch McConnell stated on national TV, when ask what his and the Republicans top priority was? He didn’t hesitate to say “get rid of Obama”. The interviewer ask him even if this ment losing American jobs, not working with Obama, again McConnell” said very clearly their top priority was to get rid of Obama”. Wether this is racial or otherwise we don’t need people like him, and people ,running our Congress. As almost all of you already know, these people in Congress that are supposed to be working for the American people to help get jobs so Americans can keep their homes and feed their families, and make their lives better don’t need these deadbeats. Let’s show these people like this ,this election, that we are smarter than they give us credit for and get rid of them.As most already know the jobs chart would be a lot more if Obama had , had some cooperation. And if we can get rid of these deadbeats, our job’s will grow in leaps and bounds. With jobs most everything else will fall into place. Then we have Ryan (for some reason I keep wanting to call him Ruffas) trying to fool the seniors with this voucher handout, not covering near as much as Medicare. Give vouchers which won’t cover near as much as Medicare, leaving us to pay big insurance premiums, and we all know from our lives how insurance companies are. I heard one of Ryans people telling us that insurance companies are rushing with small premiums to take over where the vouchers stop. Please don’t fall for these Republican lies again. Republicans fish a lot and have learned that if they stand and lie enough to you and throw out enough bait on TV that they will catch millions of fish. And Romney connects with people about as a bull and heffer in heat connect, it’s the rich man’s way or the highway. In conclusion, it’s like Clinton says(and knows) we are on the right track and have a great chance of restoring America to what it’s supposed to be.

  21. montanabill
    No, we are not talking about The President I am talking about Barack Obama! As far from a President as on can ever be!

  22. Lex, if you must realize these illegal alien criminals don’t work jobs that pay enough TO PAY TAXES! So, they would be filing for “earned income tax credits” that would cost us more than having them here is worth. Don’t take it personal, there are LEGAL immigration limits for a reason! AMNESTY is a magnet that assures one thing…………… MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

  23. If promoting the “rule of law” is “racist” then I guess I am! Be careful how much you use that word “racist” to defend law breakers as some might start to associate law breakers with minorities and that wouldn’t be right.

  24. The American people can make the distinction between a “racist” and promoting the “rule of law”! Illegal immigration costs us alot of money. It is the importation of POVERTY and we don’t need anymore as the Obama unemployment problem is huge. If Obama is re-elected, he will try to give more AMNESTY to the rest of the illegal alien criminals and then we have an even greater PROBLEM!

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