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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Obama To Receive Presidential Medal Of Distinction On Israel Trip

Obama To Receive Presidential Medal Of Distinction On Israel Trip

President Barack Obama will receive Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction when he visits the Jewish state next month, making him the first sitting U.S. president to receive the honor.

The office of Israeli president Shimon Peres announced the honor in a Monday afternoon statement. “Barack Obama is a true friend of the State of Israel, and has been since the beginning of his public life,” the statement reads. “As President of the United States of America, he has stood with Israel in times of crisis. During his time as president he has made a unique contribution to the security of the State of Israel, both through further strengthening the strategic cooperation between the countries and through the joint development of technology to defend against rockets and terrorism.” Specifically, the Obama administration has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system.

The statement goes on to praise the Obama administration for “an unswerving belief and ongoing fight for equality without any regard for religion, race, sexuality or gender and the strengthening of the weakest in society in the United States; and for the fulfillment of the values of democracy, human rights, solidarity and peace across the world.”

Peres will present Obama with the award, which the Times of Israel describes as being comparable to the French Legion of Honor and the Order of Canada, during a state dinner in Jerusalem. The specific date of the event has not yet been announced.

Obama’s March visit to Israel will be the first of his presidency. He is also expected to travel to Jordan and the West Bank on the trip.

The award could represent the unraveling of a popular right-wing talking point. Throughout his presidency, Republicans have repeatedly charged that Obama is the most anti-Israel president in United States history. Apparently, the Israeli government disagrees.

Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster, File

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58 responses to “Obama To Receive Presidential Medal Of Distinction On Israel Trip”

  1. Mardi says:

    Are you kidding me?? Benjamin Natanyahu can’t stand looking at Obama, never mind getting some award! Give me a break!!

    • hilandar1000 says:

      I know, I know — the inner workings of the mind of Natanyahu have been magically revealed to you. What other ways are you going to find to spin this into something you can use to benefit the political and personal ambitions of the GOP?

    • Actually, only 41% of Israelis like the way Bibi is doing his job- more than 56% like the way Obama is supporting their country. Bibi isn’t a very popular PM.

  2. Richard says:

    Isreal will lose all credibility if they give Obama Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Wrong — it is you and your ilk who have lost all credibility. The rest of the world recognizes and respects our president. It’s high time the minority in the U.S. realizes the reality and accepts what the rest of the world has known for some time.

    • Richard, you sound like one of those: that no matter what Pres Obama does, it won’t be the right thing even if it was the right thing when those you liked did it.

    • CPAinNewYork says:


      Tell us why you believe that.

    • Why Richard, because you chose to believe the lies and distortions the GOP has been spewing for the past year about how Obama has thrown Isreal under the bus?? If you paid any attention to the news, you’d have learned that more than 56% of Israelis favored the way Obama was supporting Isreal; while only 41% of them supported Netanyahu.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      No, it just means the right-wing zealots will lose another ridiculous claim. Losing is something they are getting very good at.

  3. smugsy says:

    Just love it when the republicans are so upset when President Obama gets honors of distinction. Suck it up for the rest of his term. He is so much better then the other nitwits that wanted the JOB..

  4. nickoury says:

    Total BS.

    • You’re right – the lies and distortions by the GOP over the past year about Obama failing to support Israel have been total BS.

    • nickoury says:

      zero and the liberal/leftist/democrats are complete disasters.

      • I guess that’s why the stock market is at its highest level in 7 years; and why there have been 36 stright months of job growth; a despite the GOP’s every effort to trash the economy, consumer confidence is back up to the highest level it’s been in 5 years; and why the Dems have reduced deficit spending faster over the past 3 years of any time in American history; and its why the war in Iraq has ended and the war in Afghanistan is winding down and very few Americans are losing their lives in wars again; and why the auto industry is humming again and more than a million folks didn’t lose their jobs like the Republicans would have liked them to; and why the terrorists that perpetrated 9/11 are most all dead; and why America is recovering from the worst disaster it had seen in over 70 years. Yep!! the Dems are just a complete disaster all right to complete idiots like you.

  5. 1scorpion2 says:

    Obviously, Peres and the Israeli populace feel most differently! The poor US right wing–Obama just keeps beating them like a drum–playing Chess while the “Republic” loonies play checkers, embarrass themselves and self destruct.

    beautiful to watch!

    • It’s not Peres and the Israli populace who feel differently, it’s Perez and Netanyahu who see Isreal’s relation ship with Obama differently. In a survey done last summer, more than 56% of Israelis approved of the way Obama was supporting Isreal, especially with respect to Iran. Whereas only about 41% supported the way Netanyahu was handling things.

    • lessthantolerant says:

      I hear they liked the smell in the showers also.

  6. I wonder how the GOP feels now, after months of criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy and suggesting our president was an enemy of Israel. Not only did he carry the Jewish American vote in November, and managed to turn Florida blue, he is now getting the highest award bestowed by the Israeli government to a foreign leader.
    Contrast that with the calls to arrest George W. Bush on charges of crimes against humanity when he planned to participate in a fundraiser event in Switzerland a few years ago. Mercifully, he had enough common sense to cancel the trip.

    • Clarence Leverette says:

      I agree with you Dominick, wholeheartedly. I am very proud of the President for doing things that seem to “show” up the agenda of the right wing. I thank God that this country prevailed in re-electing this President for all the right reasons which are for all the people both here and abroad. I wonder when the Republican party will realize that they are becoming a cancer to the health of our political system and democracy itself. I wonder when “good” Americans will stop electing these people who don’t legislate in the best interest of their constituents. These guys seem to be on a hate trip that consistently exposes their “small minded” perspective on getting things accomplished for this country. I am so happy that President Obama stays above the fray and frivolous.

  7. CooofNJ says:

    It doesn’t look like it is much of a prize except political. The President of Israel is selected (elected) by the Knesset and can be any citizen (and is sometimes someone who is really non-political). His/her job is largely ceremonial. It appears that schmoozing (if there is such a word) is a big part of the job. So, yeah, hurray for Mr. Obama, but I doubt if Bibi will lose sleep over it. It seems to me that it is simply a prudent thing to give to a visiting American president. The US does, after all, send lots and lots of bucks to Israel. Why not give him a medal?

    • It hurts, doesn’t it? Like President Obama says, “Eat your peas.”

    • utiltxut says:

      If Mittens was in the White House or their was a Tea-Bagger that miraculously received an award for “an unswerving belief and ongoing fight for equality without any regard for religion, race, sexuality or gender and the strengthening of the weakest in society in the United States; and for the fulfillment of the values of democracy, human rights, solidarity and peace across the world” – which will never happen by the way, you’d be lauding the praises of the award and its prestige.

    • Just for your info, it’s not just Perez that likes the way Obama has been supporting Israel, it’s the Israeli people too. In a poll last year, more than 56% like how Obama was supporting the country, especially with respect to Iran; whereas only 41% gave their support to Bibi.


    • You talk about murdering – were you as upset about the Bush administration allowing terrorists to murder 62 people during 11 embassy/consulate attacks in his 8 years in office? or when his Dad allowed 60 people to be murdered during 12 attacks during his 4 years? or when 32 were killed during Reagan’s 8 years? or when the 241 marines were killed while sleeping in their Lebanon barracks during Reagan’s terms? And how about when more than 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11 when Bush and Cheney had been warned repeatedly (7 times)that a an attack was imminent?? Talk about LIES, how about all those Bush and Cheney told to start the Iraq war that saw almost 5,000 more Americans killed?? Were you upset about those too? You’re so clueless it’s pathetic. The four years under Obama have been by far the safest for our overseas diplomatic corp in more than 40 years (2 attacks and 4 people lost their lives in Obama’s 1st 4 years). Get a life and wake up!! You’re brain dead!!!

    • Listen to yourself Regina. Who has he murdered? All politicians make promises that they later find that they cannot keep. What is bulls?!t, is a lot of these problems started long before Obama came into office when the GOP had control. They never tried to fix those problems then. It was not until the President got into office, that they all have the answers to all the problems. What is more bulls?!t, is when you say he has divided the country. The majority of the people believed in him , regardless of what the right wing was saying. Rush Limbaugh said it best the day after election “What happened” . He also stated that “if you tell people something long enough, they will start to believe it”. That being said, he was too dumb to realize that is exactly what the right wingers had been doing all along, and divided the people. The less than half the people believed their Bullsh?!t and voted against Obama. You cannot deny the economy is slowing coming back because of the President. He has ended one war, and on the road to ending another, thereby saving more troops lives. You right wingers are a pathetic group and you need to quit whinning. The GOP is on it’s way to self destruction.

      • Jerome, just a little on Obama’s promises: a research group tracked the promises Obama had made since he started campagining around 2007 and determined that he’d made over 500 promises. They assessed his promises and concluded that he had fully followed through on over 250 of them, and had partially followed through on well over another 100. The remainder were either somewhat inconsequential promises or were ones that the GOP has fully stonewalled and there was really no way Obama could follow through on them. Having been around long enough so I remember FDR – I’m hard pressed to think of a president I’ve lived under who was conscientious enough to have made the effort to follow through on well over 350 of his promises. And I’m sure that if the GOP hadn’t been so obstructionistic, he would have followed through on even more.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Aside from the fact that you are a drooling, bigoted nut-bag — you appear to have forgotten to take your meds. Calm down, take your meds, and clean up your trailer or something else useful.

  9. CPAinNewYork says:

    Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda and more baloney from a disgruntled Republican.

  10. CPAinNewYork says:

    Do Mittens and Bibi know about this?

  11. Just one more proof of the value of our president. The world knows what he is trying to accomplish, even if repugnicans don’t. They never have. Be sure to watch MSNBC tonight at 9 for a documentary telling us all how the Iraq war was sold – total lies, and many American deaths paid for those lies. Bush and Cheney belong in jail. Why aren’t they?

    • Very good question – at a minimum, they should be tried for the manslaughter of close to 10,000 Americans (including the ones who died on 9/11 because they chose to do nothing about 7 warnings from the CIA that 9/11 was coming).

  12. jakenhyde says:

    Poor, poor, gop….sob, sob(take those last two anyway you wish). They just can’t seem to catch a break.

  13. Pamby50 says:

    Oh to hear John McCain & Lindsey Graham now.

  14. Toyin says:

    I just LOVE my Republican brothers and Sisters. They engaged in self destructions. Sometimes, it is very good to have patience and wait for your enemies to self dustruct. Self destruct, the Republican Party did. Now, let us wait for the next mid-term election and shut them all up for good. and send the Speaker back to Ohio. Congratulations and Good Job Mr. Obama.

  15. RobertCHastings says:

    Where are all the Republican Obama-deniers? This is the best news of his new term in office. It must be as demoralizing and confusing the Republicans as finding out their pundits had it all wrong about the election. It should, however, highlight one issue, and that who actually wants the destruction of Israel. For those conservatives who see Israel as the future site of Armageddon and are doing whatever they can to hasten the day, the Democrat in the White House is doing everything he can to delay it.

  16. Nice to know we are keeping good terms with all our friends. We may be able to favorably influence the decisions that can promote peace in the Middle East.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Not as long as rightgwinged TP’ers, neocons and profit hungry warmongers remain in charge.. Let’s put ’em out of their misery in 2014 and refuse to allow them to slither back in during 2016.. Maybe then their fans can erase the dumbass off their collective faces.

  17. Mikey7a says:

    Where is OMG? What no draW anaL either? Montanabill??? Guess this kinda shoots the whole theory that President Obama is a Muslim, and an Al Quida sympathizer right in the ass!

    What a magnificent President you are sir! Please keep up the good work, both abroad, and right here at home.

  18. 1standlastword says:

    I just find this amazing! All the conservative diatribe about Obama comes down to Obama being the first sitting president to receive this distinguished award. Congratulations Mr. Obama!!

    And we should serve up some bacon to go with the egg on the faces of your critics

  19. Obama is so lucky! First his Nobel Prize for Peace and now this Israeli Award. I wonder when he will be awarded his well deserved third, the Don Quixote Award for Mercy Killings! Wouldn’t it be something when this happens?

  20. george daghlian says:

    Yes Sir…..Ole Three Plane crash McCain will continue to stir up trouble in the world with his tune….”Bomb! Bomb! Iran!…..He just cannot wait until more Americans become prisoners of war as he was. Then years later he will have a buddy to buddy meeting with his prison warden. What a guy! His daddy had to send him to a private college to complete his degree before he could compete in the Appointment to Annapolis Naval Academy. How many other pilots would have been grounded if they had his flying record? He had a legacy connection with his high ranking Naval officer father. Sounds like the Tea Party folks who think their “White, Pro Slavery, anti minority” legacy gives them the right to not pay taxes and contribute to the general welfare of other Americans. It is like the saying ” I have mine, and I will be darned if you can get yours”! And, I can afford this super duper military gun that I can afford, so I will carry it around to intimidate you poor folks who cannot shell out two thousand dollars for such a toy. And, if for any reason you challenge my authority, I will have laws passes so I can shoot you and your minority kids and claim self defense. And by the way, my rich kids will not be serving on the front lines of wars, my pals in Washington dream up. No sir. They will be collecting and maximizing our family profits by paying off congress so we will not pay taxes. Sound like the Romney and Ryan families?

  21. george daghlian says:

    This proves the point Richard’s short form name is “Dick”….Like “Dick Nixon” or “Dick Armey{. A common name for Republican Con men.

  22. george daghlian says:

    I think Regina is a kid who is posing as a woman to make these comments. Guess he might be a little woman like in his pre mansural hormone outburst. Hope his Mangina survives this!

  23. lessthantolerant says:

    These are the same people who ran into trenches so the Nazi’s could shoot them. they don’t know any better and love being victims. Obama I a supporter of Islam and will help the Islamic crazies attempt to eradicate Israel.
    it will be funny when Iran sets off a dirty bomb in Israel and these idiots wonder how it happened.

  24. frida says:

    Congratulations Mr. President. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Every creature of every corner in the world can see it through. Pile them up (Nobel Peace Prize, All Medals, Two Terms President, The First US African-American President) and let the right wingers scream as much as they want BUT you are already in history books.

  25. JChisholm says:

    I am very happy for the President getting this award from the Jewish people. Here in the United States they sure make it like he was anti-Israel. You listen to the radio or to some of the so called religious pastors, and you believe God will be here shortly because the way the President treat the Jewish people. And now we all know this is so far from the truth, which the people of Israel who knows what the truth really is?

  26. MOOSE4U2 says:

    He has provided hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money & American people think this is alright ?? How about spending that money right here where American people are losing their jobs & their houses the economy is going down the drain, gas & oil prices through the roof we are in serious trouble & hes sending money over seas to israel ??I can’t believe it PEOPLE WAKE UP THROW THESE BUMS OUT while we still can!!!!!

    • Just for your info, the president has no authority to provide money to anyone without congress approving the payouts. Also, the payouts to Israel are much larger than you’re suggesting, in fact, the foreign aid to Israel for 2011 was 2.994Billion and for 2012 it was 3.01 Billion and it will be 3.1 Billion for 2013. But by approving these payouts to Israel, Obama and Congress are actually following a memorandum from George Bush dated 4 days before he left office in 2009 recommending these foreign aid payments be made. Therefore, Obama and congress have simply been following through with recommendations made by George Bush. So from your standpoint – George strikes again!!

    • Oh Yes!! And I forgot to mention. Several studies have shown that on average, America gets back $4 of economic value for ever $1 of foreign aid that it provides to some other country in the world. Despite what many posters seem to believe, providing foreign aid is not a losing proposition for our country.

      • MOOSE4U2 says:

        Thats not true that america gets back 4 dollars for every 1 dollar we send them . If that were the case we all would be rich. How it works is politicians are getting free trips ,vacations + spending money on kick backs not the average person . the taxpayers get nothing in return they get all the thank you’s & we pay the price . How long are we going to blame bush obama has been in office over 4 years & spent trillions on banks who caused the crisis in the first place with no accountability .Congress & the senate are working for israel also why don’t go live there if they like it so much!!!

  27. RobertCHastings says:

    And the Republicans will receive, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Dysfunction.

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