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Friday, October 28, 2016

Obama Warns Governors On Sequester: ‘At Some Point We’ve Got To Do Some Governing’

President Barack Obama urged the nation’s governors to lobby Congress to avoid sequestration cuts during a Monday morning speech to the National Governor’s Association.

Speaking from the State Dining Room of the White House, the president warned that the sequester will kill jobs and devastate the economy — and reminded the governors that “these cuts don’t have to happen.”

“Congress can turn them off anytime with just a little compromise,” Obama added. He then renewed his vow to agree to spending cuts — including “modest reforms” to Medicare — in exchange for closing tax loopholes that benefit the highest-earning Americans. With just four days to go until the sequester is scheduled to take effect, however, there have been no sustained negotiations to avoid the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts.

To help break the stalemate, the president urged the governors to speak to their states’ congressional delegations, and “remind them in no uncertain terms exactly what is at stake, and exactly who is at risk.” There is some reason to believe that the nation’s governors will be prove to be a more willing partner than Congress; over the weekend, several Republican governors spoke out to urge their congressional counterparts to protect their states from the devastating cuts.

Video of a portion of Obama’s speech is below, via NBC News:

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President Obama also urged the governors to support some of the elements of his second-term agenda that he laid out during his State of the Union address. Name-checking Republican governors such as Tennessee’s Bill Haslam, Georgia’s Nathan Deal, and Wyoming’s Matt Mead, Obama made the case that new investments in infrastructure and early-childhood education have broad bipartisan appeal.

“Democrat, Republican, blue state, red state, it doesn’t matter,” Obama said.

“At some point, we’ve got to do some governing,” the president concluded. “And certainly what we can’t do is keep careening from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.”

President Obama’s full remarks to the National Governor’s Association can be seen here.

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  • President Obama is correct, our leaders should not spend their time moving from an economic or fiscal crisis to another. It almost seems as what now passes for governance is limited to dealing with the fabricated crisis of the month. This latest “crisis” was precipitated by the GOP insistence on spending reductions as a condition to agree to raise the debt ceiling two years ago. I guess we should be thankful they did not do the same when the debt ceiling was raised 18 times when Ronald the Merciful was in office, or when it was raised 7 times while W the Puppet was chopping wood in Crawford.
    It is good that our “leaders” finally became aware of the dangers of deficit spending, borrowing, and accumulation of debt, the problem is that the medicine they are proposing is worse than the ailment. Drastic reductions in the budget of agencies that have already experienced significant budget reductions is not the way to go. Laying people off, furloughs, impacting the benefits that senior citizens and children depend on to survive or get an education, and compromising our national security is not the way to accomplish a goal that should be pursued with surgical accuracy rather than amputation.
    The problem is that Republicans put themselves in a box and don’t know how to extricate themselves from the mess they created without losing face. As a result, they hope President Obama will come to the rescue and agree to share the blame for the mess they created. In the meantime, this game of chicken is, once again, undermining our international credibility, investors and consumer confidence, and sending the wrong signals to the creditors we depend on to keep our government functioning.

    • carsrus

      PLEASE Obama CORRECT? What a JOKE,,,,,,,,,,he’s a DO NOTHING,
      SHILL! and, Mr. Vila………..please, u have far too much time on your hands, go volunteer at the nearest shelter, for man or animal, OR, a hospice for the ill, or Hospital,
      perhaps a House of Worship…………………whatever, we need not read your DRIBBLE, endlessly!,

      • First, you don’t have to read my posts, if you find them so distasteful. Secondly, what I do with my time is none of your business. Third, you may want to focus on selling used cars instead of criticizing others. Fourth, if President Obama is a DO NOTHING, why are people like you constantly criticizing everything he does? He hs proposed more legislation and achieved more goals in four years than his predecessor did in eight, with a Republican controlled Congress during his first six years in office. President Obama’s record, in spite of all the obstructionism and demonization, is among the best in modern history. That’s one of the reasons people like you hate his guts.

        • carsrus

          I plan to read and criticize each and every post you write! I will continue to use my FREEDOM of speech to suggest you need a hobby, or should use your time to HELP others. Read my reply to # three! SHOW me WHAT legislation HE has proposed other than Obamacare, which is more out of control spending, and will eventually be tabled! WHAT specific goals has Barack Obama achieved? His record is a complete failure!

          • There’s no sense in listing any accomplisments of your president since you feel he has done nothing. Just being the President of the greatest nation on earth is a major accomplishment. President Obama is the leader of the free world, the leader of all Americans in America. He has attained this high office not by trickery but by the vote of the American people. The American people put him in office. He didn’t get there by magic or playing on the fears and hatreds of low class, trailer trash, meth-headed, mud-diving, alligator wrestling, honey boo-boos. He didn’t get there by delusional traitors, cowards, and sell-outs of their own country. Patriotic Americans, true red, white, and blue blooded Americans who are proud to be Americans put him in the White House because President Obama stands for all true Americans. We are proud to be AMERICANS. The United States stands for US. All of US.

          • Wow way to play the race card when you cant debate on merit ..and oh what stereotyping

          • WhutHeSaid

            What part did you object to — patriotic Americans or honey boo-boo?

          • You’re delusional, Stoll. What race card? Is patriotism a race? Is respecting our president playing the race card? What are you talking about? Race card? Really?

          • When you tried to equate Patriots to Honey Boo Boo …. It shows the typical Liberal Intolerance of a Rahm Emanuel and also that you cant debate on merit fact or logic

          • I get it now. You’re practicing your comedy act on us, Stoll. But you’re bombing really bad, man. You stink.

          • carsrus

            You refuse to list any accomplishments because there are none! PERIOD

      • whodatbob

        Mr. Dominick Vila’s post is as usual thoughtful, well written and respectful of others. Disagreement with his post does not deserve the trash you posted. Based on all the post I have from Mr. Dominick he will not respond in kind. But I will! carsrus you are a Fucking Asshole with Shit for brains.

        • DukeDacat

          I would like to SECOND THAT…………………………….

        • Take a good look in the mirror.

        • carsrus

          thoughtful for a left wing, commie just as most are on this site and u can stick ur fucking reply up obamas ass shithead

          • whodatbob

            Thank you for reinforcing my original opinion of you!

          • carsrus

            another smug little prick

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hey, don’t look now, but I just saw your sister sneak out of the back of your trailer wearing her best T-shirt. Hurry — I think she’s cheating on you!

          • Only Liberals believe in incest bestiality etc etc etc …Im surprized you people aren trying to legalize incest marraige

          • WhutHeSaid

            Well, for people who supposedly don’t believe in incest or bestiality, you redneck goobers sure manage to piss off a lot of sisters, chickens, and sheep. How do you explain that?

      • If he is a DO NOTHING, why do you criticize everything he has accomplished or proposed?

        • His ONLY accomplishmenat have been bad and detrimental to the country so that is why anyone that isnt a brainwashed weak minded Sheep blasts his Commie Kenyan A$$

          • WhutHeSaid

            Every time we hear your bile we know that something has been done correctly; bigots just can’t stand the successes of a black President.

            Please, by all means, continue to squeal, whine, and snivel — it’s music to my ears.

          • What success ? The dimantling of the American Economy , dividing us on race gender class and religion ? causing more debt then anyone ever ?????? If thats music to your ears you are a good loyal comrade …explain it ti your kids in a few years …and please dont blame Bush for your misguided loyalty to a Community Organizer with no executive skill set

          • WhutHeSaid

            I suppose you wish Osama Bin Laden was still alive planning attacks on civilians, yes? Or perhaps you wish that the economy was still in a free-fall, hemorrhaging 800,00 jobs per month, yes? Or maybe you enjoyed watching Americans die in a war that was started over a bag of lies and did absolutely nothing good for America?

            Is that it? Are you unhappy that Americans are no longer dying in Iraq? Do you wish that more Americans were out of work? Was Osama your hero?

            Obama had nothing to do with you bigots discriminating against minorities, women or the poor. You were vile and despicable haters to begin with. Put on your big boy pants and lay the blame where it really belongs — with YOU.

          • I should no better than respond to nitwit comments from a total moron but yours are so ridiculous I can’t help it>

            So reducing spending faster over the past 4 years than any president since Truman (cutting a 1.6 trillion deficit budget inherited from Bush to 1.1 trillion in 3 years) was bad for the country?

            Following through on the auto bailout which saved at least 1.5 million jobs, kept the country from falling into the GOP’s second created depression and revived the auto industry was bad for the country?

            Hounding down and killing virtually all the al Qaeda leadership that was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks WHICH BUSH AND CHENEY DELIBERATLY ALLOWED TO HAPPEN was bad for the country?

            So implementing policies that have brough the stock market from a disaster level of 6,600 as Bush trashed it to 14,000 today was bad for the country?

            Implementing a War on fraud in the Defense and Healthcare sector that have recovered Billions of fraudulently charged monies, more than the 3 previous presidents combined was bad for the country?

            Providing the best security in 40 years for our overseas personnel in his first term (allowing only 2 attacks including Benghazi where 4 people died), while Bush jr. allowed 12 attacks with 62 people killed in his 2 terms, Bush sr. allowed 12 attacks with 61 people killed and Reagan allowd 7 attacks with 31 people killed, was really bad for our country??

            Implementing changes to student loan programs to make college more affordable for students, including doubling Pell Grants which made it more affordable for at least 10 million students was bad for the country?

            Being the first president in American history to get national healthcare legislation that will bring down the cost of healthcare and make it affordable to 40 million more Americans once the legislation is fulling implemented starting in 2014 was bad for our country?

            Implementing changes to immigration processes despite hard opposition from the GOP which brought some sanity to the processing of visas and at the same time allowed his administration to deport more than 400,000 illegals (more than the 3 previous presidents combined) was bad for our country?

            Implementing many changes within government itself and winding down two wars that not only have saved hundreds, maybe thousands of American soldier’s lives, while at the same time reducing the size of government by over 565,000 people during his 1st term was bad for the country?

            Openning up more drilling for oil on government lands and actively pursuing alternate energy sources to the point that America may displace Saudi Arabia as the largest exporter of crude oil in 2013 was bad for the country?

            I could go on for another 20 accomplishments I haven’t even addressed, but I think I’ve covered enough to make it clear that your delusional comments were just that – delusional.

          • Margiemfn

            Independent1, I agree with about 90% of your post. I hope more people read it and share the information. I know I will.

          • english_teacher

            Unfortunately, those who would most benefit from reading it won’t. It’s that allergy to facts that they have which won’t allow them to use verifiable evidence to actually think for themselves.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Great posting. Keep it up.

          • Your comment shows how indoctrinated you are ..You say he cut spending faster then any President ? How can that be when he has spent more in 4 years then the previous 43 President did COMBINED ?

            The GM Bailout was basically a bailout of the UAW Pension funds . The closed dealerships resulted in a net job loss . Also GM used out Tax dollars to build 4 new Major plants in China to employ cheaper Chinese labor

            Clinton should’ve killed Bin laden ha had 3 shots to do it and couldnt phull the trigger . You are a treasonous ass to imply that Bush allowed 9/11 to happen …who writes your talking points Charlie Sheen ?Also Leon Panetta and the Generals all agree and have stated that the intle from Gitmo is what led to Bin Laden ..that was Bush ..Meanwhile Obama had to borrow a set of balls from Hillary to get off the golf course and order the assasination of his Muslim Brother

            The Stock Market is self correcting all the time and always has been able to rebound from bad Socialist Policy …kets see what happens in 2014 when ObamaTAX starts to take over K

            Bush was fighting a war on terror and thats why those attacks happened …That has been largely smoothed over . There was no excuse ( except to Lie and make up a You Tube video stor) for Benghazi . The fact that he offered no help to those Ex Seals during a 7 hour fire fight shows he doesnt respect or care about our people . He should be tried for treason . Under Obama Iran will get a Nuke unless Israel decides to go it alone . Under Obama Al Qaeda is now in control of 20 new African Nations and the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt and Libya …great foriegn Policy right ?? lead from behind right ??? Reggie Love likes it that way

            Idiot …Pell grant funding has been cut 33% under Obama

            The IRS and CBO say that the avg cost of a Healthcare Policy will be 20 K ..that’s more then double the current cost ..where do you get your info from ..I mean thosew numbers I quoted are from YOUR Regime. ObamaTAX insures that no one will be able to afford it but his voters on entitlements will get free coverage .

            Everything you stated sounds as intelligent as Joy Behar and just as misinformed

          • charleo1

            You ought to close your mouth. Maybe then, you’d
            learn something. I’m guessing you’re one of the geniuses the County can thank for the 8 miserable,
            catastrophic years the Vice President ran the Country into the ground, while the mock President,
            strutted around, thumping his chest, playing
            Commander in Chief, while a once thriving economy, circled the drain.

          • CPAinNewYork


            Where do you get your “facts”? I think that you make them up.

            I once worked for a boss who regularly did that. It worked for a short time, but he soon was regarded as a liar by his subordinates.

            The common joke around the office was: “I can always tell when he’s lying. His lips are moving.”

          • WSJ, Investors Bus Daily , US Gvt websites from the IRS DEPT of Labor CBO …also Political Math .com and real clear politics ..these are all good sources …there are many ..Ibviously you dont look at anything that might interfere with your brainwashed programming ,….Baaa baaa

          • WhutHeSaid

            Oh my — now you’re bleating like a sheep? See — what did I say about you redneck goobers? Please keep your love life private, thank you very much!

          • CPAinNewYork


            Congratulations on another hyperbolic tirade. As with carsrus, you offer no rational arguments.

          • Sure thats why you dont cant dispute the facts I posted ..Dumb Liberal

          • CPAinNewYork

            Let me try to understand what you just wrote. You agree to my assertion that you don’t offer any logical arguments to support what you write, but you’re proud of that, because it prevents me from effectively arguing with you. Have I got that right?

            I do? Good. Now consider this: You cannot gain any credibility or support against anyone else, because no one can make head or tail of your arguments. Got that? By offering drivel to someone’s logical arguments, you lose the argument. Others will regard you as a buffoon.

          • To any independent thinker that read it I won, trust me . You see its easy to win when you have fact logic and common sense on your side

          • CPAinNewYork

            Trust you, considering the drivel that you write? I think that you’re a buffoon.

        • carsrus

          I have never criticized any accomplishments, he has NONE! I DO criticize his mean spirited, divisive nature towards all AMERICA! He has divided US by race, creed and financial status! I criticize him for NOT governing, NOT leading and constantly campaigning. I criticize him for ruling by fiat. He is not a monarch nor dictator! Sir, WHAT has HE proposed? Only sequestration, which he so desperately is trying to disown!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yes, every LOSER whines and snivels just as you do. Lose, losing, LOST. Lose, lose, lose. Obama won — you lost. Obama is winning, you’re LOSING.

            How many times must you LOSE before you wise up?

      • charleo1

        My reply to your post was so ugly, it was sent to the censors for review!
        So, I’ll just second what whodatbob, said. His post was a little cleaner.

        • carsrus

          Here’s mine to u stick it where the sun don’t shine libtard

          • WhutHeSaid

            I’m telling you, your sister is out cheating on you. Quick, jump in your pickup truck and go find her!

          • Whut! LMFAO!

      • CPAinNewYork

        If you compare Mr. Vila’s reasoned posting to your insulting, ungrammatical and unsubstantiated scribble, you’ll see that you emerge as the voice of ignorance.

        • carsrus

          STICK it……………u libtard fart

          • CPAinNewYork

            Thanks for verifying my point.

          • plc97477

            a very smart person once said “it is better to keep your mouth shut and be seen as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

      • A Homeless shelter could use him as their population has exploded under Obama . Obama has created more Homeless People then the last 5 President combined and that goes unreported …He Built that and Dominick as a proud commie should go help the other Obama voters in the shelters …Or a mental hospital they are full of liberals

        • WhutHeSaid

          … squealed the nutty right-wing LOSER.

          • Uttered by the IDIOT who has no facts to debate

          • WhutHeSaid

            What’s to debate? Anyone can lie, although I must admit you have more practice at it than most people.

            You are just another squealing Tea Bigot that’s a sore loser. Your nut-bag candidates are dropping like flies, and the entire country despises and ridicules you. Lose, lose, lose. L-O-S-E.

            Now then — you were whining? Please proceed to debate something.

        • Homeless shelters have exploded the past 3 years because of nitwit GOP legislators in Red States that have cut budgets and state services so fast that they’ve thrown millions of REPUBLICANS on welfare, including food stamps. Thats why 15 of the 18 states with the most people living below the poverty level are all Red States; That’s why all 8 of the states sucking the most welfare dollars (some getting more than $2 for each tax $ they send to washington) are all Red States. That’s why 70% of food stamp users are Red State REPUBLICANS! While in contrast – all the 8 states that pay the most in taxes to Washington and are really supporting the country are Blue States – many of them getting less than 70 cents back in welfare for every $ they pay in taxes. If you’re upset about people living in homeless shelters – send a note to your clueless GOP legislator and tell them to stop being idiots and cutting budgets during a recession!!!!!!!!!!

          • Where do you get your info from …Just like the crimes and the ghettos the DEMS own this issue …maybe you should come to the Liberal Utopia of Chicago where I live …Pick up a street wise and learn where the homeless are …They arent in Texas or Indiana …They are in every DEM owned ghetto in every DEM city …Jesus get some facts …pick up a street wise …all the homeless people here sell them

          • WhutHeSaid

            What bag of crap are you trying to sell us today? Do you really think we’re going to believe that Texas or Indiana doesn’t have homeless people?

            It’s always the deadbeat benefit-snorters that squeal the most about public benefits. Just look at the so-called ‘red’ states and how much tax revenue they snort up from the so-called ‘blue’ states. The redneck, bigoted, yee-hawing goobers are always the ones to whine the loudest, yet they’re EXACTLY the ones who snuffle up most of the federal funding.

          • Yeah that is why Ca and Il are Billions in debt and and are looking for bailouts from Red States ..where do you get your info from …Do you think Texas and Indiana are looking for bailouts …No its the Blue States that totally mismanged their budgets that are doing that . The Red States dont need it .

          • WhutHeSaid

            Is that so? Then tell me, goober — why do the ‘blue’ states pay more federal taxes than they receive in benefits, and the redneck ‘goober-red’ states suck up more than they pay?

            Here’s a list of goober states that suck up more federal money than they contribute and the amount they receive in benefits per $1 paid in taxes:

            Louisiana – $1.10
            Kentucky – $1.75
            West Virginia – $2.57
            Tennessee – $1.11
            South Carolina – $1.92
            Alabama – $2.03
            Georgia – $1.09
            Mississippi – $2.47
            Montana – $1.92
            Idaho – $1.64
            Wyoming – $1.16
            North Dakota – $1.45
            South Dakota – $1.58
            Utah – $1.25
            Kansas – $1.10
            Oklahoma – $1.18
            Alaska – $1.93

            Can you say ‘Yee-haw’? Texas doesn’t slurp up more than it pays, but they have the advantage of the oil industry and piss-poor government services for their residents as well. California doesn’t slurp up more than it pays. Illinois doesn’t slurp up more than it pays. In fact, both California and Illinois are states that pay extra to support the goobers in the red states. Other blue states paying for deadbeat goobers and the amount per $1 that goes to support redneck goober states:

            New York – $0.28
            California – $0.13
            Colorado – $0.09
            Minnesota – $0.53
            Indiana – $0.03
            Ohio – $0.28
            New Hampshire – $0.03
            Massachusetts – $0.17
            Connecticut – $0.09
            Rhode Island – $0.20
            New Jersey – $0.51
            Delaware – $0.62

            It’s pretty clear who the majority of the public-benefit-snorting deadbeats are: redneck goobers. Try to lie your way out of this fact.

        • Correction Stoll: Bush/Cheney created more homeless than all of the presidents combined. Check it out.

          • You dont have a grasp of any statistics . In Chicago our Homeless population has quadrupled in the last 4 yrs …Pick up a Streetwise ok

      • RobertCHastings

        Do you work there, or is that where you got your last car? I think they oversold you, it should have been a Razor scooter.

      • lana ward

        Omuslim is a communist. That’s all he has ever known. Saul Alinsky- demonize, marginalize, destroy. The sequester is his, he owns it. Vila knows so much that isn’t so, that’s how the dems work!!!

        • WhutHeSaid

          When Satan finally calls you to your eternal home, you will have to inform him that all of your insults and lies only served to make people happy about Obama. When you squeal in dismay we know that all is right with the world.

        • carsrus

          So glad to read another American voice on this fetid liberal blog u r right on Obuma is Alinsky’s shill, and America’s nightmare!

          • lana ward

            The only thing those on this site believe is what the MSM tells them. They will never believe anything bad about Omuslim, even tho it’s true

    • You are right . To that end the DEMS should’ve passed a budget in the last 4 years . Of course even a Libby like you knows why that didnt happen …If they passed a budget and showed America how badly they have screwed the pooch then even you wouldnt vote for them . The republicans didnt put thenselves in a box as you describe because Sequestration was Obama’s Idea and he threatened to veto anyone who challenged these spneding cuts ..So Obama put his own dumb ass in his own dumb box and now he doesnt want to deal with it . Instead of facing the problem like a man and a leader he just does what a Community Organizer would do . Campaign for what he NOW wants all the while Lying and blaming the Republicans for what he created ..Little Boy has no executive skill set ..Only a race baiting rabble rouser …He will soon be just like Jesse and AL

      • And here’s another nonsense post. Obama has created budgets every year the past 4 years and for the 1st time in over 60 years, spending has gone down for 3 straight years (he dropped 1.6 trillion in deficit spending in Bush’s last budget that ran til 9/30/09 down to 1.1 trillion in 2011-12. And Obama’s budgets have been real budgets – they’ve included all the spending the government is doing – UNLIKE every GOP budget in the past 30 that was a SHAM!!! Every budget since Reagan started the paractice, the GOP has been keeping 30-50% of spending out of their budgets. Bush jr. did that in spades – he kept unfunded war costs, tax cut costs, drug benefit giveaway costs and much more out of his budgets – they weren’t worth the effort congress put in to passing them. Better do some research before you make more nonsense posts.

        • You LIe just like Obama …Obama has not passed a budget cant be that irrationally stupid to believe that can you . There has been no budget passsed in over 4 yrs and that is on the DEM Senate and Obama . Obama to his credit has tried to put forth two budgets and even his own DEMs though them so laughable that they overwhelmingly voted agianst their Muslim Boss . You know before you post stuff you might want to check and get some facts …You are either a brainwashed dunbass or someone who is just as much a LIAR as your Messiah …Show me one of Obama’s budgets dumbass …I mean with idiotic comments like that it explains why Obama got a lot of votes

          • WhutHeSaid

            That just shows how stupid you are: Presidents only propose budgets — Congress must pass them.

            Look, we get it — life is horrible for you redneck bigots right about now. Obama was re-elected, your pickup truck won’t start, the price of beer went up, and your sister’s had a headache for the last 3 months. But that’s just the price of being a goober sometimes.

            You yourself admitted that Obama proposed budgets. In fact, passed or not, Obama’s budget history holds the record as the lowest rate of increase in federal spending of any President in the last 30 years. Republicans ALL increased spending faster than ALL Democrats. They have proven time and time again that they will take any situation and make a complete financial mess out of it — even a booming economy with a federal surplus. It’s ALWAYS taken a Democrat to clean up their messes.

          • As I said Obama has proposed two that were laughed at by his own Party

          • WhutHeSaid

            But nobody could afford to laugh at what G.W. Bush did, now isn’t that so?

    • CPAinNewYork

      The Republicans’ antics are symptomatic of a group that has no philosophy. They’ve degenerated into obstinacy, with no rational plan to solve the problems that they created in trying to convert us from a democracy into a plutocracy.

      They are dangerous, because if they’re successful, they could provoke a reaction that will lead to revolution.

    • tobewan

      Think of what our children will face after March 1st:
      If things start shutting down – your jobs may be affected, the airports and planes may be affected, ferryboats may be affected, and you may have to think twice about going anywhere.

      There will be a BIG upheaval as people SCRAMBLE to provide the necessities to live on, especially Islanders. Stores might not get fresh items in, and would run out of stock.

      The wealthy could care less – it’ll be all the rest of us that will suffer, and they WANT IT THAT WAY. The “GIANTS” of the land want us to be subservient to them, worship them, provide for them, etc. They want control! Even of, and especially of the White House. And they will NOT take the blame, they will orchestrate to blame it on the President. and they are already doing it.

  • Elarenal

    It is time to sequester the Congress. Lock the entire bunch of fools up in the capitol and starve them out until they do their job.

    • carsrus

      It is time to IMPEACH obama

      • Elarenal

        For what? For actually running at least a part of the government on a rational basis in the interest of the people and not that of a bunch of bent ideologs?

      • Is that the only recourse available to a party devoid of rational thinking or ideas? First they impeached a successful president because he had an extra marital affair, now they suggest impeach another for turning around the economy, stop the loss of 800,000 jobs a month, putting in place policies that contributed to the DOW rising from 6,500 to 14,000 points, pushing legislation to ensure everyone, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, gets similar compensation for the same work, proposing legislation to minimize the risk of another financial debacle, pushing for a Veterans Jobs Bill (ignored by the House), and proposing gun control legislation that, with the exception of high capacity magazines, is identical to what former President Reagan proposed.
        Would you care to tell us why President Obama should be impeached, besides the obvious?

        • Dominick, I think most of what you said went right over carsrus’ head – he’s not intelligent enough to grasp all those things Obama has accomplished. And certainly not the other 30 plus major accomplishments he’s done over the past 4 years which you probably didn’t have time/space to include.

        • Turned the economy around? Really? For whom?

          “Would you care to tell us why President Obama should be impeached, besides the obvious?”

          There’s that old race card again. What is obvious is:

          1. Fake birth certificate
          2. Stolen SSN# – doesn’t pass eVerify sorry to tell you. Look it up!
          3. Numerous aliases. Lets see if I can remember them all:

          – Barry Soetoro – the name he used while attending Occidental college as an Indonesian exchange student. Want more?

          – Harrison J Bounel – it’s Mr. Bounel’s SSN# Barry is currently using. This is ID theft, which is a felony. See his tax return online and make specific note of the SSN# he has entered there.

          – Barack Hussein Obama – he put his tax return online which CLEARLY shows the SSN# he’s using. Well, that number was put through eVerify and it failed. Harrison J Bounel’s name came up though. How do you explain this? BO might tell you it was his mother’s fault or his grand parent’s fault. It’s always somebody else’s fault isn’t it? Blame the republicans for it. The gullible will always fall for that one.

          Oh, there are other names he has used and there’s even evidence of real estate fraud. Google it if you dare and see for yourselves. Can’t make this stuff up. You all are supporting a huge fraudulent FELON. Most of you were probably raised much better than this.

          Shame on you for listening to talking heads and rhetoric instead of doing your own research and due diligence. Those of us who do not support this illegal alien LIAR is because we HAVE done our due diligence. You should have done the same no matter who is running for office. No matter the color of his skin.

          The one you so ardently support is an illegal alien and an enemy of the USA working to destroy from within. And you are helping him. His smoooooth words have you mesmerized. You are drunk on his toxic kool-aid. There is help. It is called Due Diligence. Always question authority and always seek truth no matter how much it hurts.

          • CPAinNewYork


            What is this “real estate fraud” to which you and another member of this illustrious group refer?

        • carsrus

          The obvious………………he has NOT upheld the Presidential Oath of Office, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America! THAT, Mr. Vila, alone warrants Barack Obama’s IMPEACHMENT!
          As an aside, He LIES on a daily basis…………right now he is LYING as he flits off on AF ONE, telling US HIS sequestration plan will cause untold hardships for US, which are fabrications of desperation OR Obama is a bold faced LIAR! Tell me, Sir, which is he?

          • WhutHeSaid

            Wow – has your sister had a headache for the last month or something? Calm down, goober.

      • CPAinNewYork


        Care to state any reasons for impeachment?

        • That would be beyond his mental capabilities.

        • Benghazi , Fast and Furious , Fake Birth Certificate , Sealed Personal Records , Treason , disregarding his oath to defend and protect the Constitution …take your pick

          • CPAinNewYork

            Ah. Finally something tangible from Mr. Stoll.

            I agree that Benghazi and Fast and Furious were screw-ups, but you need to be specific about “treason” and what you assert is his failure to “defend and protect the Constitution.” Give us solid examples.

            As to his alleged fake birth certificate: That won’t survive scrutiny, Mr. Stoll. Romney hung his hat on that and failed to prove anything..

          • If Obama could be impeached for terrorists making two attacks on our foreign offices over 4 years with 4 people being killed then Bush jr. should have been impeached 5 times for letting terrorists attack our homeland and overseas offices on 12 occasions with over 3,300 people being killed; and his Dad should have been impeached at least 4 times for letting 12 attacks happen with 61 people being killed; and Reagan was almost as bad lwith 7 attacks and 31 being killed. And the Republicans that led the witch hunt on Fast and Furious had to throw in the towel when they really couldn’t find any wrong doing that was justification for trying anyone. And since you obviously know nothing about the constituion, your claim about president Obama not defending the constitution is just more of your delusional drivel.

        • carsrus

          U bet I will
          This inept, FAUX, phony frauds refusal to preserve, protect and DEFEND the United States of America as the LIAR, twice under OATH, has refused to DO after taking the Presidential Oath of Office! THAT alone should lead to his IMPEACHMENT! NOW, shall I go on……………his PERJURY committed numerous times with regard to the “land deal” he and the “empress michelle” received from the JAILED Resco! U libtards know this marxist-muslim SHILL is on his way to the “ash heap of history”! Mark my words, Bozo, he WILL be impeached before these next 4 “annus horribilis” are through! HOPE and CHANGE
          AT LONG LAST

          • CPAinNewYork

            None of your “reasons” qualifies as a cause for impeachment, because they are all just your opinions. What land deal are you talking about? Who is “jailed Resco”?

            Your frequently unintelligible diatribe is an indication that you’re unable to produce anything of substance.

  • nobsartist

    More useless drivel. trying to convince republiCON governors of this is a complete waste of time. they have all been working with the party NOT to do anything for taxpayers for the last 5 years.

    More useless lecturing. NO ACTION.

    • carsrus

      You, of course, are speaking about Mr. Obama

      • Nice try!! He was accurately referring to the do nothing but rob the poor GOP governors in attendance.

    • Do you call LYING to the American people telling them taxes will not be raised on the middle class, only to turn around and raise payroll taxes so people are taking home less money in their paychecks doing anything for taxpayers? I don’t. You are on planet earth…right?

      • Sorry Betta, the payroll taxes were raised on the middle class because the GOP insisted they wouldn’t support the continued reduced Social Security taxes if those earning above 400,000 were going to have to pay higher taxes. You can thank the GOP for that increase in taxes!!!!!!!

        • Independent are you crazy ? Boehner made sure that the Bush Tax cuts were made permanent for the middle class whnile your guy let the FICA holiday go . That was total DEM and then they LIE to you and your ignorant butt bought it hook line and sinker ….Maybe read the WSJ article on that K …..

          • You obviously don’t keep up with the news much do you?? During the negotiations, Boehner was pushing hard to keep the tax increase to people earning 1,000,000 and over, while Obama wanted to lower it to 250,000 and Obama wanted to retain the tax break for social security. Boehner agreed to go to 400,000 only if Obama would give up his demand to keep the social security tax break. You’re more clueless than Betta.

        • whodatbob

          I am not sure it is possible to reason with this group.

          • english_teacher

            It’s not possible. In fact, it’s impossible to reason with unreasonable people and we would probably all be better off ignoring their uninformed and insulting tirades.

  • carsrus

    From one who has NEVER GOVERNED in over
    4 “annus horribilis” WHAT A JOKE

    • Elarenal

      Don’t use Latin unless you get the grammar right. Try to work at your natural level.

      • amarquez647

        Ver Estatis ubera, bebit ille.

        • CPAinNewYork

          What does Ver Estatis ubera, bebit ille. mean in English?

      • carsrus

        Suck it up

  • Obama your a joke…..which face are u talking out of????

  • whodatbob

    Enjoyed your post! It has the Oboma haters going. must have hit a ram nerve.

    • We just are in awe of the level of misinformation you people believe and we cant believe the American Education system has turned out so many dumbassses with no ability to reason

  • Oh yeah, that’s really rich coming from a LIAR. He says this AFTER Jindal tells him to stop campaigning and do the job! You all didn’t get the memo? Yo’ boy, BO, is the very one the idea of sequestration originated from, but he says it comes from repubs. Classic sign of a pathological sociopathic narcissistic LIAR.

    How do you all sleep at night supporting a LIAR? Is that your obamaphone I hear ringing? Lucky for you I’m not running things. I would turn all your free obamaphones OFF! Then I would make you ALL pay back every red cent to those who have been paying extra for theirs so that you could have a free phone. How would I do that? By taking straight from your welfare checks. You see, us hard working tax payers want ALL our money back!

    • charleo1

      Ah, what Governor Jindal is calling campaigning is what Presidents do as part of their
      job. He should really read up on the Presidents, since he obviously so wants to be one,
      one of these days. They take their agenda to the people. Another thing Republicans seem
      to have given up on, since they determined 47% of Americans were not going to support
      their coddling, and kowtowing to the rich, no matter why they told them they were doing it.
      Myself, I have two phones, and a landline. And I pay for them all, and have much, much
      better things to concern myself with. But, small minds usually deal in small matters.
      You’ve definitely got yours sized about right.

      • The GOP has never brought things to the people because they’ve had the impression the past 30 years that when you’re president you’re also automatically the KING. That certainly was how Bush Jr. operated – dictate what I want to congress and they’ll do cartwheels for me and pass whatever I ask for; and for almost 8 years they did – just like the slaves they are to their rich masters (donors).

        • charleo1

          What gets me is, the Republicans like Boehner seem simply beside themselves that
          Obama will not come out, and make the cuts to Medicare, and Social Security, and
          block grant Medicaid, like they want him to. Honestly, if they want these cuts, they
          should make it clear to their 50/60 something year old base, that’s what they believe
          should happen. And, that the loopholes they talked about all during the campaign
          last year, that needed closing, as well as any reductions to the military budget, are
          off the table. And that’s what they are requiring to dispose of the sequester cuts.
          The reality of the situation is Boehner is unable to deliver a passing bill without
          the Democrats in the House to stop the sequester cuts from taking effect. And, the
          Democrats will not begin to talk about cutting these very popular programs without
          putting more revenue on the table. And I think in this, the vast majority of Americans
          are in agreement with this. In fact, polls have consistently shown, most Americans
          are very much in favor of rebalancing the tax code upward, rather than cutting social
          programs. And, it’s not as if Republicans are unaware of these preferences of the

    • CPAinNewYork

      Out of all your babble, you did say one correct thing: We’re lucky that you’re not running things.

    • Well stated and factual Betta

    • WhutHeSaid

      Stop lying. Everyone knows that it’s the redneck bigots that slurp up all of the public benefits from liberals. You should start paying back all of the liberals you’ve been mooching off all your life.

  • charleo1

    Just in: Boehner, and Cantor are out there lying their little shinnies off, to blame the cuts on
    the President. While the T-Party is saying they consider it a victory if the sequester goes into
    effect. It is delicious! The Righties got stupid, and stupid lite, to choose from. Stupid lite said
    he got 98% of everything he wanted in the hostage taking of the Country’s economy by the
    hard core, El Stupidos in 2011. And I didn’t hear, stupid lite mention a word about the sequester
    in 2011. It was all about how Obama got our credit downgraded, because he wouldn’t cut the
    budget, like the hard core El Stupidos insisted he do, before they would raise the debt ceiling.
    Now it looks like the budget is going to be cut, but now Obama is the bad guy, because he’s
    the one that wanted the cutting all along? Yes! They say. And he could stop it all by just agreeing
    to cut where we want him to. And we can’t stop it because, we’re not in control of our Party.
    So, once again it’s obviously, who’s fault? Well, it’s not mine says Speaker Boehner!

    • faxt42

      what do we expect from Speaker Boehner, one of many no brainer from the GOP

  • montanabill

    Congress, at least the House side, has already passed legislation related to the world ending Sequester to alleviate its impact but still cut spending. The Blamer-in-Chief is still wrangling to get more tax increases without actually reducing a single penny of future spending. Oh Woe Is Us if we can’t live on 2012’s spending plus a few billion more!

    • CPAinNewYork

      “Oh woe is us”? Did you really mean to write that?

      • montanabill

        It was a sarcastic opinion of the President’s prediction of massive destruction if sequestration happens.

  • Charles2051

    He’s got to stop sll this spending, and quit blaming others, he suppose be a leader. Guess best one that gets me, he trying make you believe taxing upper income people going to help, hope no one is buying this, all upper income can cover all their taxes and still pay less than anyone else.

  • carsrus

    RIGHT on! Most seem to be commies on this site…………..and I enjoy pulling their strings

  • TheSkalawag929

    After reading the posts of carsrus, lana ward, betta and all those like them I understand why the country is in the condition it is in.

    It appears as though the rethuglican party has cornered the market on stupid people.

    • carsrus

      Smug little prick

      • TheSkalawag929


        • carsrus

          Betcha u lv one up urs

          • TheSkalawag929

            This is what you consider adult discourse? Really?

            I see why you are on the path to extinction.

          • carsrus

            With barack obama as president America is on the path to extinction
            U included, Bub Really?

          • TheSkalawag929

            How old are you? 10?

          • WhutHeSaid

            Give carsrus a break: His pickup was just repossessed and his sister’s had a headache 3 months running.

          • TheSkalawag929

            Thank you. That explains a lot.

  • opinionated_too

    Meanwhile, Obama can continue to travel around the country spending millions per day for his trips and everything related to them, to campaign for others. He also continues to get paid while others don’t. It’s all on our dime.

    • charleo1

      That’s why we give our Presidents a big fancy jet. I’ve heard four or five Republicans
      gripe about Obama taking his case to the people. As if they’ve never seen a President
      use his political capital, and bully pulpit, to steer the Country in the way he believes it
      needs to go. And yes, the President gets paid, when others don’t. That also is always
      the case. And who’s dime would you say should pay for our Government?

  • Sequestration goes way back 33 years from Repubilcan legislators of the Reagan era. Like Dominick related, it was brought up again by Republicans/Tea Bags in 2011 during the debt ceiling crisis. THEY BUILT THAT. In an attempt to be bipartisan, President Obama did sign the sequester bill pushed by Republican/Tea Bags. The Rrepublican/Tea Bags thought they had him under a barrel, thinking that they can force the sequester as leverage over his head, but they didn’t understand the nature of their own monster. We have to look at what republican/Tea Bags do. They hurt the poor, the helpless, children, and the elderly by cutting the safety nets we have all paid into to help us in our times of need. The money they save in their butchery is used in the welfare programs for the 1%, banking and lending institutions, big-box corporations and industries, and pass checks around to Republican/Tea Bag campaigns. Republican/Tea Bag governors are nothing but a bunch of butchers and hatchetmen for their party bosses, the Morgans, the Kochs, and the like. whast Republican/Tea Bags have underestimated was how high sequestration could reach. Not only would it hurt the poor, the helpless, the elderly, and severely cut safety nets (what they want anyway), but it will hurt government and military contractors, vendors, the welfare to leanding institutions, corporations and industries, and the bottom line of the 1% (what they did not intend to affect). That is why they are whining, crying that the president is out there scaring people— but THEY BUILT THAT. That’s like a football player catches the ball and makes a dash for the goal line and gets flipped into the air. He get up whining about being tackled, crying foul because the other team won’t let him run the ball. It’s just another example that these Republican/Tea Bags are the party of stupid because stupid is as stupid does.

  • After reading most of the comments from the people on the left here I now have a better unserstanding of what happened . Your comments and a lack of knowlege of facts is Horrible . It explains a lot …The Union Public Schools must be failing you . You are all so indoctrinated and you are good at repeating talking points and you only understand Liberal Math . To the point someone down there actually stated the Obama has cut spending …Someone explain to him that if you cut 2 cents and you spend a billion you havent cut spending ok …Look at the Fed Budget available from YOUR own GOVT web sites …Federal Spending has grown 40% in 4 yrs …If you can do math on anything other then a CRAYON level you would be able to understand that that cant be true if Obama has cut spending …K ….Now pass a Damn Budget K ..And remember your blind cult like loyalty to your messiah …is going to be paid for by your kids …I know a lot of you have invested a lot in the last 4 yrs defending his epic failure and you have outstanding loyalty but that misguided Loyalty is going to be paid for by your kids