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Monday, October 24, 2016

WASHINGTON — Normally, a president presiding over 8 percent unemployment and a country that sees itself on the wrong track wouldn’t stand a chance. But then a candidate with Mitt Romney’s shortcomings, including his failure to ignite much enthusiasm within his own party, wouldn’t stand a chance, either.

The combination of the two explains why this election remains close, but President Obama heads into the campaign’s last phase with some major advantages, starting, as Ronald Reagan did, with a rock solid base. These voters will support him no matter what the economic numbers say. Their commitment helps create an electoral map that also favors Obama, particularly with Ohio stubbornly retaining a tilt the president’s way.

Obama also has a benefit of the doubt from many voters because they know he inherited an economic catastrophe, a point powerfully made by former President Bill Clinton in Charlotte. And more voters are enthusiastic about Obama, the man, than about Romney, the man. That’s why Team Romney had to spend so much time at the Tampa convention rescuing Romney’s personal image. It also explains the wide energy gap between the two conclaves.

Democrats were so eager to help Obama that it seemed they were ready to cheer even the reading of a phone book or a grocery list. Tampa was flat. Charlotte was hopping.

In fact, the same candidate dominated both conventions. But the centrality of Obama to this election is also where Romney’s advantages begin. If Republicans are rather temperate about their own nominee, they are resolutely determined to oust Obama. This gives Romney at least some maneuvering room with his base.

The economy’s difficulties form the Alpha and the Omega of Romney’s efforts — and the economic reports between now and Election Day seem unlikely to show a sudden spike upward in the country’s financial fortunes. Romney still has time to convince enough voters that they’d be better off if they changed presidents.

Romney will have a money edge. In presidential races, cash gaps don’t make that much of a difference as long as they are not too big, and Obama’s fundraising will at least be competitive. More worrisome to Democrats is how the super PACs financed by billionaires and multimillionaires might affect House and Senate races.

  • Mitt Romney let the cat out of the bag on Sunday when he admitted that he will not be able to solve all our economic problems in four years, and added that it will probably take him 8 years to accomplish that. This from the leader of a party that has criticized Barack Obama’s inability to solve the economic mess he inherited in 3.5 years! What this tells me is that President Obama’s character, vision, policies and performance have nothing to do with Republicans plan to vote in November. Hard to believe this is happening in the 21st century, in a country that boasts of being a bastion of freedom, democracy and Judeo-Christian values.
    Yes, it is good to see President Obama lead by a comfortable margin in almost every poll, even Rasmussen, but things can change and neither the Obama campaign nor us should let our guard down. Instead, our focus must be on given the President a Congress that is willing to do what our elected officials are expected to do rather than focus their energies on obstructionism to ensure the man they hate is removed from the White House.

    • old_blu

      @Dominick– I noticed Sunday, Romney almost had a plan he is going to stop some of the loopholes most likely not the ones he uses, and he didn’t say which ones, I guess we just have to *wink wink* trust him. (other words he still don’t have a plan)

      Obama/Biden 2012

      • neece00

        I also noticed that the gap between the two is getting bigger with Obama in the lead

        • old_blu

          I am also happy about that, but watch how much money the Koch brothers, and Romney throw at this now.

          • neece00

            Hopefully, that will not make a difference

      • Romney Is Full Of Shit!!! All He Do Is Lie!! Still Haven’t Heard No Real Plans, Just Sound Bites And Lies!! Who In The Hell Would Vote Him For President Cause He Said He Will Bring Jobs When He’s The One Shipping Out The American Jobs Overseas In The First Place!!! Romney Is A Koch Brothers Puppet!! They Give Less Than A Damn About America And The People Who Live Here!! Their Only In It For The Power, Control And MONEY!! GOP/Tea Party Leaders Are Terrorists And Traitors To Their Country And The American People!!!

        • old_blu

          You are right again Fern, as you said below their campaign is get rid of Obama, they haven’t said how they can fix anything.

        • A number of veteran political reporters have noted that, although there is nothing to marvel at in Romney’s mendacity — politicians have been known to lie before — he is remarkable in how he behaves when he is caught in a lie. Typical politicians hem and haw and distance themselves from their lie any way that can, and don’t repeat it. Romney’s response is not only to repeat it, but to repeat it more loudly than before. He’s not only an unprincipled an unappealing candidate — he’s really a very strange one.

          • The Fact That The New GOP/Tea Party Is A Whole New Level Of LIARS!! Just About Every Statement Come Out Of Their Mouths Are Lies!!!


          • the GOP will get worst with this group

          • 1concernedsenior

            Fern, right on –>> couldn’t have said it better myself!

          • USMCBLACKOPS

            YOUR LEADER OSAMA,ooops Obama has lied to the american people since birth ,”what is wrong with you” AND HE STILL IS.!!!!!

          • rothgar


            Put up or shut up!

          • usm, And your proof is?

          • Yet Another Lying Bitch!! YOU!!

          • Idiots like you should have been aborted with the rest of the litter.

          • Walter, Oh my, such brilliance! Such a good use of facts. You are a shining example of your party. Intelligence over name-calling and hate. Way to go.

          • Gee Another Tea Bagging Thug! Did You Not Get My Memo I Don’t Talk To Tea Bagging BITCHES!! STFU!!

          • You made me chuckle!!! He really does have a strange way about him…it’s hard to explain lies lies and more lies!! And I agree with the unprinicipled and unappealing…..

          • obama is great person. like obama come on this earth when something going bad on this earth hard to control by normal person god has send him for special task. he is doing great all true amercian with him. god bless him and god bless usa

        • 13observer

          Fern Honey….can I call you “Honey”? Mr. Obama lied to Organized Labor about Employee Free Choice! He had the votes but we got nothing. I won’t vote for Romney, but I won’t vote for someone who lied to Organized Labor as we represent the middle class and are the ONLY reason it exists. You can’t LEGISLATE enough “welfare programs” to lift someone to “middle class” status. Class warfare doesn’t work!

          • 1concernedsenior

            130observer, you’re full of bandini

          • Class warfare has always worked. Just ask Buffett. He was been quoted as saying that it works and his class has won. Not too susprising when you consider that the Walton family kids, who inherited the old mans money, have more wealth that the lowest 40% of the American people. That’s one family vs. 132 million of our fellow citzens.

          • rothgar

            Looks like its worked pretty well for the 1% class.

            All those public services are provided by professionals who got solid middle class salaries and decent retirements before the GOP consumed the States for ALEC.

          • Ah, the whackadoodle rised again to spout faux lies.

          • Oppose To Romney Lies About EVERYTHING!!! And You Are Crazy To Buy The LIES!!!



          • That Would be Lying Ryan, And Mr. Strip And Ship!1 Who Whole Campaign Is Built On A Foundation Of LIES!!! The Whole Damn RNC Will Go Down In The History Books As The Largest Group Of LIARS Ever Together On One Stage!! RNC=FAILED!!!

        • You can eat shit and howl at the moon.

          • Walter, you graduated from Harvard summa cum laud?

          • I Would But Your Mother Beat Me To It, Tea Bagging BITCH!!!

    • Hell Yeah Our POTUS Got The Advantage< When The Romney Campaign Brings Nothing To The Table But More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy, More Trickle Down Bullshit, And More Wars Hell Romney Whole Campaign Is Built On Obama Bashing And Lies!! Yes We The Smart People Of America Will Be Voting Obama/ Biden 2012 And Voting Against All GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members!!

      • Dianes4babies

        You go Fern! I totally agree with you!

      • Fern I hope you have a job and can keep it. When was the last time you were hired and paid by a poor person. Taxes and regulations are killing this country. I want to keep and spend my money the way I want not some political hack that never ran a business or held a job. Wake up

        • You Damn Right Oliver I Got A Good Jobs And It Ain’t Kissing The Koch Brothers Asses I’m A Nurse!! So You Can Go Back To Your Job Of Being Brain Washed And Kissing The Koch Brothers Asses!! Romney Was A FAILED Governor 47 in Create Jobs He Never Had A Job He Had His Father Money!! And What He Invested In Is Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Job Overseas And Overseas Is Where He Is Hiding His Money FOOL!! Now Go back To Kissing The Rich Man Asses!! While We The Smart People Will Give Our POTUS 4 More Years!!!

          • Amen Fern
            When the draft for the vetnam war was on romney ranoff to France as a missionary for the morman church.(as if they needed one) When the draft ended he gave up that profession and came back to the USA. You figure that one out !!!

          • I can appreciate what you are saying Fern, but can you tone down the cursing and calling people out of their names? We get the message you are talking about and agree with you. Keep giving us your points of view.

        • johninPCFL

          So Romney has $250,000,000 in the bank today. How much does he need to start a new company?

          “According to statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), seven out of ten new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. This is a far cry from the previous long-held belief that 50 percent of businesses fail in the first year and 95 percent fail within five years.”

          Fact is, there are 700k new businesses started each year (info from the SBA), 80% of new companies start with personal savings, and one reason they fail (out of the top seven) is insufficient capital.

          Romney’s smart enough to recognize he doesn’t want to start a new business, which is why he never has. He’s always waded into existing businesses. His business model is to take a controlling stock position in an established company using a minority of his own money, borrow heavily against the assets of the taken company to pay back his initial investment, and pay a huge management fee to himself (and his partners) out of those loans annually. If the company teeters on the edge, he and his partners have already made their profit (and they can safely walk away leaving the debts to the banks who made the loans). If the company makes money, he continues to take his “management fee”.

          GST steel failed owing $400+ million, but Romney and his partners walked with $40+ million in “management fees”. Al Capone would be proud…

          • neece00

            It is hard to believe that after all the facts are out there, people still think Romney is going to help them.

          • What is even more amazing is that some people consider this job creation and a business model worthy of support.

          • LOL When The Fact Is Romney Created Debt NOT JOBS!! Jobs He Created Was Shipped Overseas!! Romney Made Money For Himself Period!!! The State He Ran As Governor 47 In Jobs Creation Hell It’s Only 50 States What Do That Tell You!!!

        • old_blu

          All your trickle down crap hasn’t worked yet, it just sends jobs out of the country, and I’m tired of paying for something that doesn’t work.

          • Old Blu, if the trickle down worked, we would have the best economics ever as the Bush Admiistration tax cuts are still in place.

          • old_blu

            Exactly Maggie I don’t mind paying my fair share, but I don’t like buying something that don’t work, and that is all we are doing with the trickle down crap.

          • Speaking of fair share. Romney said he paid 13% in taxes. I have 20% held out of my pension and 7% held out of my social securety to pay my taxes.And I don’t have any business’s to raid!!

          • old_blu

            I am still a working stiff, and I paid closer to 33% and I’m okay with that, I’ll bet Romney’s 13% counted his sales tax, but he won’t show us, he can see mine if he wants.

          • Same Here But I Don’t Mind Paying My Fair Share As Long As It Help The Needy Not The GREEDY!!!

          • johninPCFL

            That’s 13% from 2010. He paid nothing for the decade before, which is why he has the Cayman Islands and Swiss accounts. Money from overseas dealings stays offshore and no income taxes are paid on it at all. He only pays capital gains taxes on it when he refills his local accounts.

        • Oliver, when was the last time you were hired by a bank or an oil company. You know what? I am happy to have a job so I can pay taxes. I love my country and realize it takes money to run a government. If you are against taxes, don’t enjoy anything they provide.

        • WhutHeSaid


          I like to keep my money too, but when I OWE a bill I’m responsible enough to pay it. How many of MY tax dollars have you snorted up over the years, only to ungratefully and greedily spew out whoppers about it?

          The poor and near-poor ARE the economy, in case you just fell off the turnip wagon. It’s the huge pool of consumers (read: middle and working class) that drive the economy by spending the vast majority of their earnings, no matter how small, on goods that they need to survive. What percentage of the economy do you believe is driven by dancing horsies and truffles?

          Taxes are the LOWEST IN DECADES, so save your ridiculous whoppers. Just fess up — you are a greedy ingrate, snorting up the benefits from other taxpayers like a demon-possessed aardvark while selfishly whining about your ill-gotten wealth.

          The benefits you’ve gotten from this society aren’t free — somebody has to pay for them, and in many cases that’s previous generations who cared about their country (and neighbors) more and sniveled and whined about paying their fair share less.

          Quit whining about paying your BILLS, and be happy that you pay far less than many, many generations of Americans.

        • Oliver
          Maybe you can keep your money in the same overseas banks as draft dodger romney!!

        • Another_Cat

          Are you sure Fern needs to wake up? You are probably correct that poor people don’t EMPLOY other people directly, but they are the ones who spend the majority of their pay at businesses small and large that DO employ people. This is the difference, rich folk have been sitting on thier money, and/or investing or hiding it for the last 5 years…not spending it, and certainly not employing people. Taxes are low, and current regulations are not overly restrictive (though I will agree that they could be better), these are not the problem, businesses will not hire out of charity, they will hire when they need more employees to fill demand. Give more money to the people who will spend it (poor and middle class, in the form of tax breaks), offset that revenue with higher taxes for the rich (whose taxes are the lowest they have been in at least a decade), and businesses will start hiring because they will have an increase in demand. If you do nothing for the poor and middle class, however, all you will see is money going into offshore accounts or investments, many times not even in American companies (that are then taxed at a lower capital gains rate). Tell me how that second scenario spurs job growth, or helps the American economy, because that is what Romney is proposing.

        • Even a POOR person with a good idea can borrow money, get grants and sell stocks in their proposed company to start a business. One doesn’t have to be wealthy to start a business, in fact you will find that most businesses were started by non wealthy people, and they hire workers for them.

        • The Fact Is I Got A Good Job I’m A Nurse Will Skills And Can Keep A Job!! You Are The One Who Needs To WAKE THE HELL UP!! If You Don’t Want To Pay Taxes MOVE!!! Romney Is Just Out To Gut Out America To Get More Money For Him And The Wealthy That It!! If You Are Not One Of The Wealthy You Are In The SCREW LIST FOOL!!!

    • chisolm

      Once again, you accuse people that don’t plan to vote for President Obama of being racist. Why can you not accept the fact that many simply disagree with his visioin, policies and performance? President Obama’s campaign is directed toward creating class and race as an issue. Millions of his past supporters have seen and accept the results of his failed policies and will not vote for him this year.

      • I know for a fact that many plan to vote against him because they disagree with his vision and policies, my daughter is one of them, but there are many who could care less what he does, what he has accomplished, and what he plans to do and simply want him out because they do not like him and do not like what, in their opinion, he stands for. Reflect on the statement made by Mitch McConnell when he acknowledged that the most important thing for Republicans in Congress was to make sure President Obama was a one-term President.
        I am among the millions who voted for him in 2008, and I plan to vote for him again in 2012 because as opposed to what you say I do remember how things were like in 2007-08 and I believe that what he has accomplished in 3.5 years, in spit of all the obstructionism, is nothing short of remarkable.

        • chisolm

          Of course Mitch McConnell wanted President Obama to be a one-term President, just like Harry Reid wanted George Bush to be a one-term President. It is perfectly normal for the opposing party to disagree with policies and visions of the current President. Doesn’t make them racist and it is disqusting for people to imply it does.

          • english_teacher

            It is not perfectly normal, however, for the opposition’s single ideological goal to be that of making the incumbent a one-term president. Nor is it perfectly normal to always place ideology above the good of the country. Since 2008, republican ideology has trumped anything that would help get this country back on its feet if there was the slightest possibility that it might give Obama an advantage.

          • BDD1951


          • old_blu

            You are right english they haven’t cared one bit what is good for America, only what is bad for the opposing party, I don’t think they even care if it’s good for their party, as long as it’s bad for the other.

          • You are absolutely right, English Teacher. There is something scary about a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one.

          • Dianes4babies

            Gee, I do not remember Harry Reid coming out and making a public statement that their #1 goal was to make sure Bush was a one term president!!! And then to do absolutely nothing for the entirety of his term but to make sure that happened! I do not remember the Congress under Bush being complete obstructionists, and denying him everything, blocking everything!!! No, the way THIS president has been treated is definitely like no other!

          • Never Did He Do That !! These Tea Bagging Thugs Think They Spin History Around With Their Lies!!

          • There is a difference between the opposition wanting to defeat an incumbent an incumbent President, and those that either put in place policies or erect barriers to lessen the impact of a major recession on the American people. The GOP has done everything in their power to ensure the economy remained weak and unemployment high to have the weapons they need to attack President Obama, even when they knew that such strategy would cause misery to millions of Americans. That is the difference between Harry Reid’s assumed desires when Bush was in office, and McConnell’s stated goals with Obama in office.

          • Gammaanya

            In reality we did not wanted Bush at all, Florida and Supreme Court gave us Bush again and again. Money talks and BS wins.
            We see the results of Bush/Cheney killing machines. None of them can find their own butts if given the GPS system and a flash light.
            If Bush was so great WHY NONE of the Bushies were at the Convention???? Why – Jeb even say .. well… I love my brother, with a weird smile. I least Jeb got it the meaning of questions of supporting TEN to ONE while NONE of the Candidates did – and they wanted to run this country??.
            Why Palin, Bachmann, Cain did nor speak??? Why all the Republican Governors talking about each other accomplishments (none accomplished anything) but hardly what Romney will do??? They have no plan, they have no merits and plainly they have no idea how to run a country and forget the foreign affairs.
            Even they know that Romney is stupid rich guy out for power and the glory. After all in his Mormon Church he is almost like GOD. NOT.I NEVER heard Harry Reid saying he wants Bush to be one term president for all the world to see and hear. After all the Dem worked with B ush and DID NOT FILIBUSTER anything. All Republicans are racists – (some DINO’S too) but too much of a cowards to admitt. If Obama were white we would not have this CIRCUS. Period.

          • old_blu

            You are right they don’t even bring up the name Bush.

          • Chis, I know this will be hard, but try to be honest here. When did Harry Reid say the number one goal was to make President Bush a one-term president? Fact, please, from reliable sources.

        • Dianes4babies

          Very well stated Dominick!

        • What has O accomplished? Division I know. Rammed a health care bill down our throats knowing most of US didn’t want it. If he is elected he will be a lame duck then watch out you same people will be crying as we will tell you I told you so but you won’t listen.

          • old_blu

            You do know you speak for yourself ………. Right?

          • johninPCFL

            Yeah 193 GOP amendments to build support among the GOP members is “jamming”. Adapting the bill to the STATED COMPLAINTS of the GOP is “jamming”.

            The only “jamming” that happened was the GOP to the American people.

          • You don’t really want to know what President Obama has accomplished as it would disturb your belief system. He selected a bi-partison group to come up with health care reform. They didn’t so he presented a health care reform bill and trying to get bi-partison support, he made a lot of concession. Now, in case you don’t read newspapers or have a televison set, it was not rammed through. It was voted on and passed. That is how Democracy works. He restored pell grants and presented and passed leglislation to reduce the interest on student loans. He ended the war in Iraq. A war that should never had been started and the costs were astronomical. He ended, “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Right now, Seniors are not paying 100% for drugs after they fall into the so-called donut hole. The way this worked was when they ran up $27 00 worth of drugs they paid full price. I knew one family that was paying over a thousand dollars a month.

            If you loan your neighbor your lawnmower and he keeps it long enough it does not mean that he owns it. The 2001 Bush tax cuts were supposed to be a temporary measure to jump start the economy. They did not do that. If they are allowed to expire that is not raising taxes.

            I’ll vote for Presient Obama and take my chances.

          • I’ll vote for Obama also and damed proud to do it. !!!!

          • neece00

            Same here James, and darn proud of it.

          • oliver
            How about the hundreds of thousands of jobs saved by bailing out aqte auto industry?
            As for heath care, I have the best health care I have ever had. The cost of healthcare to the american people has been hidden in the inflated billing of hospitals.You were paying for the uninsured anyway!!! Get your head out of the sand.

        • I could not agree more Dominick. Can’t fix 8 years of Bush bull shit in 3 and 1/2 years.

          • James, I listened to Romney on television Sunday. He said if he got in it would take at least 8 years to fix the problem.

      • neece00

        But don’t you think that any of the failed policies you refer to are brought on by the Republicans that insist he should be a “one term president”. The jobs bill he had on the floor was scrapped by the Republicans, the debt ceiling was helt hostage by the Republicans and an effort to increase transparency in campaign spending by independent groups was blocked by Republicans. Just to name a few. So my question to you, how can you blame Obama for the last 3 1/2 years without even getting into the condition he found things when he came on board.

        • Every bill the Rep. scrapped as you say has TAX increases in them. O wants to tax the rich. Guess who gives him money the poor. O is the used car salesperson and class warfare is his method as he takes the richs money and winks at them about the tax increases. When the rich donate to any political party they expect a payback.

          • old_blu

            Exactly, so why would you vote for them?

          • johninPCFL

            So you agree, Romney’s been bought and paid for? Good.

          • Those are not tax increases, those are letting the tax relief that was supposed to jump-start the economy expire. Governor Romney paid 13% compared to my 31%. Of course the Bush Administration tax breaks in 2001 were a big success and we are still basking in that revitalized economy as those tax breaks are still in place.

      • I clearly see where you are with this! You need a wake up call my friend are you aware that the Republicans sole mission fir the last 4 years was to destroy this man didn’t care about any of his policies just voted against them. What country do you live in? And yes there is racism you idiot!

      • Chis, as usual you are not quite as honest as you should be. I read every post and you are the only one who brought up race.

    • Patrick McCullough

      In reality he didn’t even give Obama eight days to solve the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Romney is on video eight days after the election claiming failed policies.

    • Dominick, you spoke the truth, well said!

    • ExPAVIC


      So we all know the facts and one of those is that if RoMoney wins, we all loose.

      So the task we are faced with now is to enlighten family, friends, co-workers, club members, church members, and people we meet on the street that what the American Taliban Republicans are offering isn’t worth consideration or their votes on November 6th.

      We must get fellow-believers to the polls on that Tuesday, even if we have to carry them on our backs.

      The battle cry is (and it is a battle cry) that “If RoMoney wins we all loose.”

    • 13observer

      Hey Dominick, this is how predictable this administration is….if Obama wins…this is what he will try to get done; take guns from law abidding citizens, but give AMNESTY to more illegal aliens. More healthcare, welfare and foodstamps for all the UNEMPLOYED resulting from the AMNESTY and the “open door” to more POVERTY from Mexico. There will be NO gains for the “WORKING CLASS”…….only more for the “WELFARE CLASS”. Who is your daddy now?

      • johninPCFL

        Ah, bullshit. He has publicly stated that he is NOT in favor of more gun control, Congress has NOT taken up any bills on gun control at all.

        He has given NO amnesty out, just a two-year deferment on deportation. BTW, this president has deported more illegals than GWB in the previous term, and deported more illegals in a single year than any president in history. All the while, concentrating on the felons to allow those who were brought here as children and performed military service (Romney? Romney? Romney?) to get their papers in order to apply for visas.

      • old_blu

        You are a lying piece of shit he never wanted gun control. Just like a teabagger lies lies lies. (no wonder you believe in Romney/Ryan they are liars too)

        Now you have no credibility cuz you are a LYING PIECE OF SHIT.



      • usm, You, like Walter, are very good at presenting facts from reliable sources.

    • o bambutt has screwed up everything so bad that it will take more than four years to get us out of his incompetent slobbering of all the things he has touched.

      • As usual, Walter, you have presented your opinion backed up by facts from reliable sources.

    • It is refreshing to see someone who reflects the facts and not the rhetoric. Obama’s philosphy about deficit reduction is concise; you cannot reduce spending by cutting programs and funding for social programs that impacts the lives of the masses while giving tax breaks to the most wealthy 2 percent. It is infact those working poor individuals that provide the manpower for that wealth. What we need most now is tax incintives to employers to train the long-term unemployed. The jobs are available but the number of qualified applicants are limited.

  • AlfredSonny

    Is it possible for Romney to promise the taxpayers that he will create the Secretary of Tax Avoidance to share his expertise in minimizing or avoiding income taxes?

    • That was good!

    • old_blu

      That’s funny and most likely a better platform than the one they don’t have.

    • He Say That Today Then Just Like The Flip Flopper He Is He Will Change He Mind !!! You Can’t Believe A Word Romney Hood Say!! Romney Is A Big Flip Flopping Lying Ass Money Hoard Thug Who Happen To Be A SOCIOPATH!!

  • misha28_patriot

    Regardless what the president will win. The flic floc of M. Romney to dsatisfy everyone like a ” Used Car Salesman” is showing a man without principle with obcession to sale a car to meet the goal of the end of the man.Though he might be an excellent business man ( by destroying so many families to enrish himself) governing is not business but politics. His compromises with the House of Representatives in Massassuchetts to project the image of successful governor speaks for itself. No M. Romney is not Ronald Reagan. For the Republicans to win the White House, they needed M. Gingrich and not a bad clown.

  • Republicans/TeaParty has one platform and one platform only: get President Obama out. Dot Period. If Romney/Ryan is elected, on November 7th, 2012, they will look at each other in astonishment and ask “Oh-oh. What’ll we do now?” They have never offered a paltform, explained a plan, or gave a solution to what America and all of the nations of the free-world are suffering. Not once. Unemployment is so high because of the obstructionism Republicans/Tea Party are doing in the House. President Obama issued a Jobs Bill in 2010 and Republicans/Tea Party rejected it, forcing the President to say, “I will not allow the House to hold the American people hostage. I will not let them use the American people as collateral damage!” Remember that? And yes, it’s been that long where the American people are suffering unemployment with no relief. Why no relief? On a State level, Republican/Tea Party governors are cutting back and amassing millions of tax-payers’ dollars to use in their Republican/Tea Party campaign and to offer tax-breaks to bring corportations and industries to their States. Once corporations and industries get into their States, they start their businesses with in-house employees they bring with them or out-source their manufacturing and refuse to hire Americans. If an unemployed individual go to seek unemployment benefits, they are disqualified over and again until they become embittered and drop out of the employment market or take jobs for far less money or far below their skill level just to pay their mortagages and stay above water. When we hear talk about an 8% unemployment rate and see corporations advertising $200.00 sneakers, running commercials, and hawking their wares, we have to wonder: who is working for these people? Are they hiring Americans or are their goods the product of out-sourcing or in-house employees? These are questions we need to be asking ourselves instead of empirically looking at a thing and saying that’s what it is. It goes much deeper than what we see. Republican/Tea Party are the most devious, treacherous people of our era. They smell of desperation, and the smell of desperation is the same as aggression.

    • BDD1951

      My sister is a republican, but she will not buy anything that says Made in China or India.

      • She doesn’t find many things to buy, does she?

        • BDD1951

          Well, she doesn’t worry much about the price of anything.

          • neece00

            I take it she does not shop at Walmart

  • joyscarbo

    I saw that Meet the Press interveiw this past Sunday as well. Romney did say that he counld fix things in merely 4 years, he’ll need 8 years for that! Quite the stunning flipflop from how Obama tried and couldn’t do anything in 4 years, except to make things worse. Of course, the economy have been proven to be making a turnaround, no matter how hard the repubulicans whish it weren’t true. Obstructionism must not take place in the next congress. People MUST know their politicians better and look beyond the sound bites.
    The author of the above story was not confident in Obama’s ability to do battle in a debate. I beg to differ. I think that Obama is highly intellegent and competitive and will prepare himself accordingly. He is a very skilled wordsmith and has the ability to articulate the issues and make Mitt fluster and ultimately blunder and studdder. Mitt was already doing this in his Meet the Press interview. He has a very disgenuine smile- very smug and condescending- then he gets frustrated that what he’s saying is being challenged and you can clearly hear the irritation in his voice and the see his upper lip begin to sweat. Romney is unable to declare a platform that he really isn’t into. You can hear it in his voice and see the uneasiness of his body language. Obama is more a more solidly planted speaker who is ablt to convey genuine concern with the mainstream crisise and his solutions for them. He is a great reassurer as well.
    We’ll see how this goes.

    • neece00

      That is why Romney left his convention and went into hiding to prepare for the debate. I thihk Barack will run circles around him.

  • Just because Obama has an edge right now, doesn’t mean the tons of money the Koch Bros and the Pacs led by The Karl Roves of the world won’t saturate the airwaves with their lying bullshit ads, thereby affecting borderline voters, which there are a lot of. DO NOT get over confident and take this election for granted in any way. The perfect example of democrats getting complacent is the Wisconsin Gubernatorial race where the democrat had an edge over that clown Scott Walkler. The dems got complacent and didn’t turn out to vote and Walker won. So vote and encourag all you know to be registered, the alternative to President Obama is more dumb, greedy sons of bitches will be running our country, and our legislation will be dictated by the same assholes that got us into this economic mess…

    • BDD1951

      I just spent 5 weeks in Colorado and the Denver stations were saturating the airways with Romney ads. All of them flat out lies. After the Olympics we quit watching the local stations because of it. We just watched non political cable channels. Anyway, all those just turned us off and I’m hoping that it will be the same with other voters.

  • Oliver, Nothing is killing this country. Our maladies are not mortal. I can’t think of a single regulation that is responsible for our economic problems — except for those that caused our problems by having been repealed, or weakened, or ignored, and never instituted in the first place. These are the regulations that could have prevented our largest lenders from taking their depositors’ money to Wall Street and gambling it on investments in toxic assets — creating a bubble that was destined to burst but heck why think about such things when today and tomorrow and next week you can count on making a killing?

  • We need to stay watchful over these next 2 months you will see a barrage lies from the Romney camp because they are desperate! Not do these 2 fanatics lie but when they are caught they seem like it’s ok to do it! What a strange pair

  • johninPCFL

    Dominick, also on Sunday Mitt admitted that he’s not for scrapping ACA, just “adjusting” it. No restrictions on pre-existing conditions for people who have “continuous” health insurance. Allowance for people to keep their kids on their policies “for as long as theywant to”? What does that mean?

    Fortunately an aide came out a few hours later to explain that Romney’s stance hadn’t changed, that he was standing “firm” on completely reversing ACA, that he liked the pre-existing conditions changes in ACA and would preserve them in his replacement plan (no explanation on how they’d get the replacement plan through Congress.) Then, another aide came out several hours later to “explain” that those changes would apply to people who had “continuous” healthcare coverage. I guess someone from the insurance industry pointed out the $millions they’d lose if the unemployed with pre-existing conditions could easily pick up low-cost coverage …

    The Etch-A-Sketch is just a-shakin away…

    • BDD1951

      Well dang. He says one thing and an aide has to come out and correct him?

      • johninPCFL

        Apparently he doesn’t know what his positions are. Maybe the aide has them written down.

        But, you know his aides also said his campaign wasn’t going to be dictated by fact-checkers. So maybe it just doesn’t matter. Instead of previous history, where months or years of debate and careful consideration are necessary for a candidate to change his position based on new facts or information, now it’s merely a change for which new constituency is in front of the dais?

        Etch-A-Sketch, anyone?

    • old_blu

      john, I noticed that also. And was wondering who’s pulling the strings?

    • 113121

      Actually, because of the SC ruling and the fact that Congress passes laws he really would have to spend several years trying to back out of most of the ACA. that includes all the anti birth control stuff because the insurance companies know it’s cheaper for them to not have to pay for pregnancies and minor children.Day one all he can do is pull back up the Gag Order like they all do on family planning aid.
      He is full of lies to his own supporters. It’s just a personal desire to make himself President at any price and wallow in tax cuts for him and misery for everyone else.
      Obama has my vote. I am very proud of what he has accomplished so far.

  • davidcarmody

    Be prepared for a lot more of Romney lies in the weeks ahead, he will say and do anything to get elected. You must vote if you want President Obama to be reelected for four more years to finish the progress he has started. Forward not backward is progress.

  • Elsa

    Trouble with Romney he cannot get his story straight, at their convention Ann made a point to present her and Mitt as a financially struggling young couple who ate tuna and pasta off an ironing board and lived in a 75 dollar-a- month basement apartment; it changed on Sunday when she admitted that her and Mitt has never had financial struggles. That doesn’t build trust and makes for some wonderful sound bites. Suddenly, out of the blue, Romney will repeal Obamacare but keep some of its features??? He says he needs 8 years to fix the economy and yet claims that Obama has failed because he did not fix it in four. He is just not trustworthy, is secretive, and has no concern for the truth. Not the kind of President we need now or ever.

    • johninPCFL

      They struggled as hard as one might with a trust fund holding $millions.

      All those decisions…which stock to sell…

    • Elsa, I listened to as many speeches as I had time for. It seem like the RNC’s focus was on how poor they were so people, like us, could relate to them. Both Mitt and Ann Romney went to very high end private schools. If your great-great-grandfather was a Welsch coal miner, that doesn’t make you poor.

      • Elsa

        My point exactly. She actually called herself the daughter of a coal miner.

  • I’m British and I guess I shouldn’t be commenting at all on US politics, BUT, I’ve been following some of the campaign for presidential office. I really like Obama, he seems genuine and consistant with his aims and objectives, but Mitt Romney, he contradicts himself all the time and doesn’t seem genuine or stable. I hope the American people vote wisely – Romney is the wrong choice for US president and the wrong choice for the rest of the world.

  • You sound like a bunch of angry liberals to me. Obama is not the God he claimed to be in 2008.

    • old_blu

      I’m sorry Romney is not as God like as Obama, we can’t fix that, and I am a liberal. (very proud of that, but not at all angry)

    • johninPCFL

      I think you’ll find in looking back (yeah, facts are a bitch!) that it was the GOP and teabaggers that continually referred to Obama as a deity. We just looked on him as a better choice than McCain & the Idiot to get things done.

    • Bruce, and you tea baggers are not angry name-calling people and you only present facts and nothing but the facts.

  • this gets to be funny listening to Romney with all his flip flops does he real knows what he is talking about ?

  • There are a few things the media are forgetting about this election: first, GOP moderates are leaving the party to become Independents or even Democrats; second, while the number of moderates having left or leaving is up for debate, it’s bad news any way you look at it because the Democrats already had a 43%-35% lead in percentage of registered voters BEFORE the defections began last fall…whether you believe the number is 5 million (the number I think it is) or 25 million (which is what a report I saw a week and a half ago said), it makes Mittens’ prospects that much more difficult…if it is, in fact, 25 million defectors, the numbers simply aren’t there for Mittens; third, the popular vote isn’t what decides presidential elections; if it were, Al Gore would have won in 2000 (like he actually did—don’t get me started on that)…it’s the Electoral College that decides whom becomes President…remember that many polls that incorporate the EC votes have President Obama winning somewhat easily…most have him getting more than 270 EVs. In 2008, Obama beat McCain 365-173 on the electoral vote scoreboard while winning around 53% of the popular vote…when FDR trounced Alf Landon 523-8 in his first re-election bid in 1936, he won 60.8% of the popular vote…when Ronald Reagan won re-election in 1984, he beat Mondale 525-13 (Mondale barely won his home state of Minnesota for all of his EVs) but didn’t get much more of a percentage of the popular vote as FDR did in 1936.
    Here’s another way to look at this: we pretty much know that President Obama is going to win Hawai’i, California, Washington and Oregon, which account for 76 electoral votes…that means he needs 194 EVs out of the rest of the states…Mittens needs to win practically all of the “big” states, like Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Florida, Illinois, etc. to win the White House, something that’s not gonna happen…
    However, I leave with this warning: people must get out and vote…if you live in a state where the GOP tried to suppress the vote to get Mittens elected, it’s DOUBLY important for people to vote there and vote out the GOP, as they tried to suppress the Democratic vote using the bogus “voter impersonation” claim (10 cases of voter impersonation among more than 600 million votes from 2000-2011 in this country is not “widespread voter impersonation”, the problem that voter ID laws solve).
    This country’s voters need to treat the Republican Party just as they did in the 1930’s—get rid of them in large numbers. I have a slogan for the 2012 Presidential election:
    “W. Mitt Romney = Alf Landon”
    Another one that could be used: “1947-1948 Do Nothing Congress = 2011-2012 Do Nothing Congress”; Truman ran against that Congress and won 303 electoral votes 🙂

  • PGA

    The Republican Party is in disarray. Most of them really doesn’t like Romney. You have the Tea Party which he better not piss off. (The Wackos) Then you have Ron Paul supporters who was causing a mess at the convention. They still haven’t gotten over their lost. Then you have the republicans who doesn’t think Mitt is conservative enough. Then you have Mitt who duck and dodge just about every question. He cannot explain his economy plan to the people. If he have one. He is a train wreck. Will not answer what cuts he will make. He wants people to see him after the election. Just trust him, no way. Finally you have Ryan the habitual lair. You can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He bad mouth the stimulus fund, at the same time requested and received money. He received 20 millions for one organization and $740,000 for another organization. But when asked did he received stimulus funds he said no. He called it wasteful spending spree. Later he admit to receiving the money after being shown documents. Now ask yourself…Do you want those people running things? That’s a big fat NOOOOOOOOO.

  • 13observer

    Yes, I have a little bandini in me, and some German too!

  • holyreality

    Mitt defends himself in 2006
    “You guys are right to look at the numbers, I came in and the jobs have been falling like off a cliff and I came in and they kept falling for 11 months. (and) then we turn around and we are coming back. That’s progress! If your going to suggest to me, the day I got elected somehow jobs are going to immediately turn around well, that would be silly. It takes awhile to get things turned around. We were in a recession, we were losing jobs every month, we’ve turned around, and since the turn around we’ve added 50,000 jobs. That’s progress. And there will be some people who say, well Governor, net, net you’ve only added a few thousand jobs since you’ve been in. Yeah, but I helped stop, I didn’t do it alone the economy is a big part of that. The private sector’s what drives that up and down. But we were in FREE FALL for three years and the last year of that I happened to be here and then we’ve turned it around as a state, private sector, Government sector turned it around and now we’re adding jobs.”

    • johninPCFL

      And yet, on Jan 4, 2009, sixteen days before the inauguration, he’s on the air complaining about how Obama’s policies “just aren’t working…”

      What a jackass.

  • Thank you so much for spelling it out for those who think Romney is such a great business man!!! Obviously you have researched it and I appreciate you posting the truth and making it easy for those who know nothing about good business..mmm right.Romney supporters!!!

  • Actually Mormon missions only last 2 years…am sure he was able to dodge the draft because of Daddy’s big wallet!!!

    • Mary, During the Viet Nam war, the institution I worked for, had a part-time janitor. One night he was telling me that he went on a mission to avoid Viet Nam and was going to school part-time so he wouldn’t be drafted. Eventually, the government told him he would have to be a full time student to avoid the draft. His family sent him to a junior college nearby. He openly admitted he was avoiding the draft.

  • Bob

    All of the comments below are true

  • 13observer

    he will tie himself to this subject but SOMEONE must be giving orders to Eric Holder of “Fast & Furious” fame and Hilary Clinton pushing “global gun control” by way of the Obama administration proposed United Nations “Small Arms Treaty” that just failed to get two thirds of the Senate to adopt it…..and now they are working an “end around” run at yet another gun-grab now sponsored by the United Nations that would take away our Second Amendment Freedoms and give total control to the U.N. Sorry but we have to tie OBAMA to this. Please do some more research on “gun control” instead of listening to Ed Shultz so much who doesn’t know anything about guns….much like most of the democratic party.

  • Thank you Ruth for your comments. I am an American and I am for President Obama also..I voted for him 4 years ago and it is my hope and prayer that he wins this election…I truely fear for this country if it goes the other way.

  • omg johninPCFL….thanks for the are soooo right!!!

  • ayayaboy

    Romney now says he would keep parts of the Obamacare law. Romney does not know where to go with American people. Romney is not a presidential character. Tea party is now getting frustrated with Romney’s inconsistencies and flipflopping before the cock crows thrice.

    • aya, I think the tea party is getting frustrated because when they wound up Romney, he failed to stick to his programming.

  • heisenberg69

    I am from Germany and sorry for my bad english 🙂
    I can not understand why so many people still want to vote for Obama. He is like european politicians, who never worked in the free market, their only buiseness is to live from people tax money and pray socialist utopia to get votes. In germany we have no choice anymore, we have socialist parties only and they all are like obama – more tax, always more national debts (since nearly 50 years !!), more officialism, more redistribution, more very poor immigrants etc…i pay 70% tax of my money for socialist utopia. Look at your goverment depts after 4 years Obama, its only the beginning.
    Believe me or not, but everything is better than a career only politicians like Obama and here in germany many peaple would be glad to have the option to vote a real businessman who realy understand economy. I hope for the world, that america will not go the way into european solialiscm.

    best regards from Berlin and i love your country,

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    Romney is, now, wavering on the ACA (health care act), first saying he would “…repeal [total] it on day one…” and has been doing that all along, until just a few days, he changed his tune to “…I’ll keep certain things…” and “…I like certain thing about “Obamacare”…”. He is, also, starting to back peddle on the tax business. Well, which way are you going dude? You can’t have it both ways.

    He has a campaign ad going in Florida, now, that says he is going to get 700,000 jobs into Florida…that is the very same line of shit, word for word, our dear governor Rick Scott’s campaign ran on in 2010…they can’t even get 700,000 jobs nationwide, much less in Florida. In my book he is in deep doo doo and he knows it!

  • howa4x

    Romneys biggest problem is that he has aleinated Women, Afro Americans, Lations, gays and his right wing rethoric scares independents. He has to soften his stances and just saying he will allow abortion in the case of rape or incest dosen’t cut it with women. Telling the NAACP that he will cut all social programs dosen’t help him with the middle, only the right wing. He has to keep them close and he can’t afford conservatives to sit home so he has to throw some red meat their way. Every time he does that he pushes others away, and what is going to happen with the republican moderates. What if they see the right taking over, maybe they want to sit home and let the tea party and other right wing groups take a beating. Kind of what happened with Goldwater. That would be the only way they can get their party back. Romney also still has a problem with his wealth and being seen as out of touch, His taxes are still hanging out there and who knows how many more Bain problems exist especially since they were hacked and documents are now in the public domain. Does he still have an account in the Caymans? People still are wondering about that. Plus the more Mitt opens his mouth the more doubt he conjures up. He will try to come to the middle on social issues, but the base will try to stop him. Obama has to keep fighting hard, but all is not well on the other side of the isle.

  • E.J. Dionne, take this Rhetoric, and SHOVE IT!!! Come November 6th, the President and the Democrats are going to wipe the Electoral Floor with these Ugly-Little-Rich-Boys!!! These two Hags are going to be looking for their mommas’ TITS!!!! Obama/Biden 2012…

  • Jerpell

    There are 44 million legal licensed game hunters in the United States of America…With an average of 7 firearms each…That’s 308 million separate pieces of firearms, this is said to be the largest army in the world, better known as the silent majority…..We will be heard!
    Remember that is just the licensed hunters….

  • bammy is a habatual liar. He is an anti-american muslam. He has stolen billions of tax dollars and given it to the union bosses and acorn to buy votes.

    • Walter, because of your high education I have gotten so many wonderful facts from you.

      I think greed and ignorance are to two greatest problems in society.

  • ryueire

    Leaving out the two candidates and the political parties for the moment, I have a question, and I may be very naive in posing this viewpoint.

    Hypothetically. Why would not more be made by the media/financial pundits/analysts in addressing the motives of a presidential candidate who refuses to release income tax/method of accrual of income history? If a President gets elected where his/her financial history is not made public; whats to say that they may make foreign/financial policy decisions based not on the welfare of US interests, but instead based on preserving favorable returns on investments this candidate might have overseas, or pushing policies favouring or harming foreign nations which said candidate has a vested interest to enrich his/her concerns? Leaving out judgement of right or wrong, this would be an ultimate venture capitalist’s philosophy for business success, would it not?

    IMO, it should be a make or break issue that candidate make public their financial practices/income history; if said candidate is running for public office and touting their business acumen as a nominating platform.
    More so, running for the highest public office requires that person to answer to an even higher standard of scrutiny.

    Whether one is democrat, republican, devout or atheist, man or woman, regardless of skin color, sexual persuasion, etc., this should be a common sense question all should be asking to protect our nation’s interests when voting on who holds that office.

    Seemingly, the only group that has no interest in this question would be the extremely wealthy, connected, power broker elite. Then again, they probably would already know the answer.

  • 13observer

    Ok?????? so anyone who has more should be robbed. I see. What about the UNIONS? People say; “we don’t need Unions anymore, they are a thing of the past”. Well , I am here to tell you that because of what you speak, we need UNIONS more than ever. Taxation is not the way to take from the rich when we have “overspent”! We live in a capitalist society and the LAW provides a means as to how we can better ourselves. Legally, you have the right to form a UNION and bargain for better wages, benefits and work conditions. This would require that people actually worked at attaining this “right to organize” but they want their government to LEGISLATE wages, etc. The government isn’t going to be there for you all the time, the UNION will be! So stop putting it on the wealthy….they took action to get theirs… you take action by forming a UNION at your workplace and achieve your goals through collective bargaining rather than stealing it by means of taxation! The “rich” pay more in taxes in a year than most workers pay in a lifetime!

  • 13observer

    As a point of reference for your argument, please research (google) “United Nations Small Arms Treaty” to see what Hillary Clinton has been up to regarding “gun control”. You will find that the Obama administration has proposed that foriegn countries decide as to what guns we would have…or not at all…without the American people having a say! Also, while you are researching please google “UN Programme Against Small Arms” and see what else the administration is up to regarding gun control! Obama is doing these things through the various agencies of the government but everyone knows he is giving it his blessings!

  • 13observer

    NO, wait a minute…the problem came when WORKERS STOPPED SUPPORTING UNIONS! You are all to blame, not the wealthy….they got theirs by reaching out for it….you stopped reaching, and started DEPENDING on the government to do it for you! Stand the fu*k up and UNIONIZE!!!!! or are you to afraid to stand up to your employer? If so, you are getting what you are worth….everyone says; “we don’t need UNIONS anymore….REALLY? Look at the declining wages, workers are happy to take what they can get but then bitch about it and blame it on the rich. I am here to tell you, if you want more out of your job…FORM A UNION or stop BITCHING because its not the governments job to negotiate wages and such…. thats what the UNIONS are for!

  • 13observer

    Support candidates that support UNIONS… Obama doesn’t!

    • You know, 130, I asked you before which union and what local you belong to.

  • Note to 130iobservor, Are you on this board because you want to change people’s minds or just to call names? I am going to vote for Obama. Using facts (from reliable sources) change my mind.

  • 13observer

    just try to defend him in November.

  • 13observer

    I can tell you this; I was on the phone call with Obama prior to the 2008 election when he PROMISED organized labor that the Employee Free Choice Act was a PRIORITY…and he lied! He had control of both houses and did nothing but wait until he received enough pressure, then gave “recess appointments” to two NLRB board members whose authority is challenged on an ongoing basis. I am an officer of the biggest International Union in the country, I lobby in Washington D.C., I was a member of the Democratic Party, I voted for Obama, love guns and know when I’ve been fu*ked. I hope I gave you enough information to satisfy your curiousity. If Obama is re-elected he will push gun control and AMNESTY for illegal aliens.

  • 13observer

    I was on the phone with Obama when he told us in Organized Labor that if we had his back, then he would have our back on the Employee Free Choice Act. But it never happened, even with the majority to do so. I am a UNION guy, I know!