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Monday, January 21, 2019

The 2012 presidential campaign might not reach fever-pitch until the party conventions this summer, but Barack Obama’s Super PAC is wasting no time, going on the air this week with a television advertisement meant to define presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney as the candidate of the rich.

The 30-second spot picks up on the Obama administration’s recent focus on the “Buffett Rule,” or ensuring that the wealthy pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes, attacking Romney for paying a far lower rate on his $21 million in earnings last year. The commercial has $500,000 behind it, and is airing in the battleground states of Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, all carried by the president four years ago.

Recalling the George W. Bush re-election campaign’s successful use of early TV spending to plant doubts in voters’ minds about the character and personality of 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, the pro-Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, appears determined to frame this election not as a referendum on the Obama presidency, but rather as a deeply personal argument about economic fairness.

Leaning heavily on a photo of Romney and fellow Bain Capital executives flamboyantly brandishing money in the 1980s, the spot uses a more recent picture of Romney’s face imposed over the old to bring the point home.

Here’s the video:

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38 responses to “Obama’s Super PAC Tags Romney As Rich Guy”

  1. PaulCindy says:

    Oh give me a break with this class warfare BS. Obama and many Democrats paid a lesser percentage than Buffet’s secretary as well. If you talke all the taxes Romney paid on income that he then invested, it is a high percentage. I personally paid ZERO on capital gains when we sold my home for a big profit, and we make about $63,000 anually.

    • gkieb says:

      “If you take all the taxes Romney paid on income that he then invested, it is a high percentage.” …. No it’s not. I’d respectfully suggest watching something other than Fox news. Trickle down economics failed from 2000 to 2008 and we’re still paying the price. When will the Corporate-Right stop being able to convince people of fantasy-economics? We tried it and it failed. If the right would stop obstructing our President, we’d be at 6% unemployment.

      • peter popichak says:

        More class warfare from the left. To bad the libs don’t understand a good work ethic. I’m in the lower middle class and don’t begrudge someone getting rich through his own endeavors. Romney started poor and became wealthy through his efforts. He inherited nothing and worked hard. Wouldn’t everyone like to know about Obama’s efforts. Who supported him, paid his way and backed his Marxist efforts.

        • Richard Harrison says:

          started poor, u believed that lie, than why did his wife say he had stock they will live off and sold some of it to buy a house, Romney has never been poor, he started life with a silver spoon in his mouth, his state was 47th in job creation, he sold businesses offshore, China Pakistan, Thailand, Used the same handouts he rails against now! You need to do some research other than Faux News and Romney’ s lying points, he flips from stance to stance and now wants a Dream Act, to tax the Rich, he will say anything to win, because he thinks Americans are stupid

        • gomez555 says:

          Really? He started poor? Where’d you get your facts?

          • Jon says:

            Unbelievable.. What did he do with daddy’s riches? Give it to charity then sought revenge by having his chum buddies buy out companies so he could profit by the deal then fire everybody? Remember, he does love to fire. Anyone who believes he’s his own man just does not understand the capitalist agenda. If it wasn’t for the middle class, this idiot wouldn’t have a dime (other than what he was given in daddy’s last will and testament).. Get real pete.

        • marsi1952 says:

          ok PETE, LIBERALS…don’t understand work ethics??? amazing. let’s see, let me name some LIBERALS so you to can wake up, a tad…BILL GATES, BUFFET, Steven Spielberg, B Streistand, C. Powell (voted for Obama); gezz you’re right they just don’t get it! So tell me WHO are you proud of? Bush 1 or 2 ? the KOCH bros? Murdock? Rush? Glen Peck? Sara? YOU not middle class in reality, you’re still thinking SOME DAY, the reason there is only 1% is because they want it way… the middle class, where you are comfortable right now, is about to be the LOWER class, the right is squeezing the middle class out. NO Safetty nets, no health care, deregulating our food, creating sickness w our children, and cancer. One last question..if the 1% ‘s job is to MAKE JOBS and if WE raise their taxes it would hurt that attempt. WHERE in the F on the jobs??? So now can we raise their Taxes? since they’re NOT doing their JOB? Pete?

        • roylnash says:

          See, no one begrudges getting rich via ethical, smart, hard work. Problem is, the rich get the breaks the middle class don’t. That’s what’s wrong. The two don’t have to be contradictory. We can get the bucks and still pay our share. Do you pay only 15% on your income? I wish I did! (And by the way, I’m kinda known for my work ethic and integrity. I wonder how many of the people who worked FOR Romney would say that of him).

          • Jon says:

            Actually roy, the rich creates the breaks amonst themselves and the poor and middle class is their prey.. Open Season!!

        • Donald Olson says:

          Someone sniffing fumes from the Tea Party Express. Good work ethic, most Americans feel it is right to earn what you are capable of earning. Not so right earning it on the plight of others. Many look at corps. like Baine as corporate parasites!!

        • amazed says:

          uh, you might want to recheck that statement and look into the facts.

        • johninPCFL says:

          Poor? You mean other than the millions in the trust fund from his father. Inherited nothing? You mean other than the millions in the trust fund from his father.

        • xyz246 says:

          Left, Right, Center….Where are you people come from? Get your fact stright before talking!!!

        • silas1898 says:

          The poor Governor’s son? Really??

    • marsi1952 says:

      Are you 1%? maybe a millionaire? if NOT, then shut up (theres your break) and stand with the rest of us middle class people, that need medicare, depend on social security, that when times get TOUGH, (which Mitt has no idea of) we can still feed our families/food stamps & find a place to safety sleep at night, & our wayward children; & Not loose our homes; remember ROMNEY said NOT to bailing out Auto Industry in the AUTO home in his home of MICHIGAN; said everyone should LOOSE their homes and start over…yea let the bank take your home. Since they stole it. PAULCINDY are you awake or are you pledged to FOX NEWS? this is your wake up call. You voted for BUSH twice, come on wake up. NO PARTIES, it’s about the right person for AMERICAN PRESIDENT. I believe our AMERICAN PRESIDENT is not for SALE, ONE BILLION dollars to be president, is UN-American.

    • roylnash says:

      What you just said (“If you talke (yes that’s how how you spelled it) all the taxes Romney paid on income THAT HE THEN INVESTED…” Can’t do both, fella! Anyway, You gotta be mentally blind not to see the imbalance in the Republican budget proposals and the favoritism given the rich with our current low taxes on capital gains (which is what the rich primarily get richer on). No wonder the Republicans are taunted as the “stupid party.” Tragedy is, what they supposedly stand for, i.e. conservative government and spending, is a good thing and it’s lost in the facts.

    • amazed says:

      yes. that is what they have been saying! and they don’t think its fair!

    • xyz246 says:

      Unless you are a tax accountant you have NO IDEA how the tax system works. By the way, I happened to be a tax accountant. You sold your house for a profit and didn’t paid tax on it that is for everyone not just you, $63,000 a year makes you a lower middle class so don’t talk about something you don’t understand.

    • amsashworth says:

      Money that he earned by not doing a thing. Sitting at the pool side collecting checks. Obama paid 20% because of the amount he gave to charity. Your are talking about apples and oranges. Your capital gains was nowhere near the 20 to 30 million Romney gets every years for what? Just because he learned to use all the tax loopholes well, those same tax loopholes that he and Bain Capital lobbied his friends in Congress and then got passed. Sure it’s legal, but it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. 25800 says:

    obamas is grasping at straws, Romney is rich so what! The Clintons were flat broke when they left the White House they are worth in excess of 50 million pelisi couple of hundred million, JFK was rich and Catholic ! obama class warfare is going no where!

    • Steve Dickheiser says:

      What is your point? We know many politicans are wealthy and they made the loopholes that mainly only the very wealthy can take advantage of. If this bothers people then the only common semnse thing to do is get rid of all the loopholes…

      • 25800 says:

        Little sore cuz your poor, obama will take care of you as long as it is expedient then it’s under the bus with his Grandma that raised him, when his w hore mother ran off again!

    • Richard Harrison says:

      just rhetoric, empty as it is, show some facts of your accusations, There is a difference between Catholic and Mormon. a BIIIIIGGGGGG Difference!

      • 25800 says:

        Not back in the 1960 dickhead a Catholic as president back then was unheard of, you know that if when you were in high school when you weren’t playing with yourself in history class! Old man Kennedy knew the Chicago mob from his bootlegging days and thats how Jack became president ! So the moral of the story is keep playing with tour little willie and you will go blind!

        • 25800 says:

          I get sucker by you new trolls all the time I have to remember that when the post doesn’t make sense, its fledgling flapping his fingers for the first time!

  3. Mitt Romeny is a pirate in every sense of the word … he takes advantage of companies that are not doing well … And puts more and more Americans out of work to line his pockets … Mitt Romney is to American what Cyanide, Arsenic, and Sarin Gas are to humans …


    • Vazir Mukhtar says:

      OK. You’re outraged. Did he do anything illegal. If not, why haven’t the Democrats, instead of going after the AGIs of these guys, go after their practices.

      If you don’t like the laws as written by Congress, lobby your senators and representative to undertake a full review and rewriting of the tax code, instead of trying to put a band aid on it as if it were a small cut, or behaving as if WD-2 and Duck Tape can fix just about anything except the stand off between the Palestinians and the Israelis, Iran’s apparent insistence on having nuclear capability, the infantile madness of the latest Kim-family ruler in North Korea.

      Get real; the Democratic congress (when in control of both houses) couldn’t pass a budget; so we live from continuing resolution to continuing resolution.

      The Republicans aren’t much better, so where are FDR, HST, JFK when we need them. And are there no justices with the common sense, intelligence, and knowledge of the law like Brandeis, Cardozo, Frankfurter?

  4. Ryserfan1 says:

    Did you all learn English as a second (or third) language? That is the only way I could possibly excuse the horrible spelling and grammar you use. Look, it doesn’t matter how rich a president (or candidate) is, it’s how they look at ALL classes of people. Romney has made several inflammatory comments about the poor and that is unacceptable. I would be fine with the idea that we all pay at the SAME tax rate. Class warfare? Call what you want but it’s going to happen because our tax code is broken. Do we want the “war” to be against the rich or the poor?

  5. arthur_notes says:

    I believe that many here are Republicans and Right Wing Conservatives that are very set in their patterns and ways. Personally over the past 10-15 years I have become an Independent and vote for the candidate that I believe will do the best for the government as a whole in Congress, The Senate and for President/VP. In these uncertain times out of a period of great darkness I see some light appearing, some potential financial opportunies arising and the USA regaining its middle class structure that was threatented greatly by the economy and jobless rate. We are still involved with a war in Afganastan and if indicators are what they seem we are headed into uncharted waters with nuclear issues in North Kores and Iran, both of which think we are the devil. Romney was a great Govenor, but he is loosing my respect by compromising his moderate values for his conservative party. I prefer to keep the President that I now know in these troubled times, that does not backstep for his party and is oriented to middle class than support another good ol boy from the “private” club.

  6. ipray4ingnorantpeople says:

    As for you Ramney supporters, you are all living in la la land. I hope you all have a plan if Ramney wins , which he will not. He does’nt care about you, he only care about saving himself and his life style. Ask Ramney were is he hiding more than half his money? I thought so in swiss accounts. Wake up!

  7. Steve Dickheiser says:

    I see many on the right still claim Obama created class warfare. Well why not. Many of the right blame Obama for the economic condition he inherited and they blame Obama for getting us into the Iraq war. Yeah, I heard Michelle Bachmann say this but she said so many idiot things and her followers believe her – as with Cain and Perry, and Romney.

    Obama is only speaking to it and the TP GOP will build on their campaigns to defend and protect the very wealthy and the big corporations. The GOP is the engineer of class warfare. Romney paid 13.9% in taxes in 2010 and that is because he can afford to pay less. I know I can’t afford the loopholes built into the tax system by the wealthy for the wealthy.

    So if you want to say Obama and wealthy Democrats also paid less let’s do away with the loopholes that only the wealthy can afford to take most advantage of. If you do not want Obama to take advantage of what only the wealthy can take advantage of then stop Obama and tell your senators to support the Buffett Rule. Otherwise, the wealthy, including Obama, will benefit most from our tax system and not the UN-wealthy. The GOP is in business for the benefit and protection of the very wealthy and the big corporations exclusively so why also support Obama in these tax issues?

    • Jon says:

      … “Romney paid 13.9% in taxes in 2010”

      .. And he’s not about to divulge what he paid in 2009 – 08 – 07, etc., etc. Fact is, he paid 13.9% because he was forced to by a curious people, imagine what he would have gotten away with if nobody had noticed.

  8. Steve Dickheiser says:

    I saw it here again and I like the term “fantasy-economics”. This is where the TP owned GOP tries to convince the UN-wealthy that their economic plans will benefit us but in fact we aren’t wealthy enough for their plans to aid us at all. Only the strong in wealth will benefit from GOP “fantasy-economics”. But the TP owned GOP are counting on an old adage used in an old comedy skit from the old days of Saturday Night Live. It went something like “we tell you our products and services are the best because you are dumb enough to believe anything we say”. Sounds like commercials and advertising in general. All this is GOP “fantasy-economics”. Thank you who ever used it here.

  9. marsi1952 says:

    U can’t be serious about “flip flopper- 1%- ROMNEY? who said, “Poor women have no right not working and staying home to take care of your kids”, Mitt added “even IF you have a 2 year old at home, and IF you are poor, GO FIND A JOB, get a sitter” and added “Women who stay home are uneducated and poor ” so does that mean being a stay at home mom is only for the RICH, MITT? Or was your wife a loser not working ? Talking out of both sides of his mouth, again! Plans to abolish Planned parent hood ? Will put n place the RYAN LAW, that’s throwing out safety nets, like medicare,food stamps, unemployment, really? then says ROMENY HEALTH CARE is for Michigan only…really? YOU said it was for the country…NOT NOW, now it’s only Michigans? This guy is scary… Rather keep the President because The President is ON HIS GAME…Killed Ben, create healthcare, don’t ask don’t tell -gone; put his boot down on the banks; going after the thieves on Wall street; Helping the small businesses w loans; helping house loss; NO on pipeline; Pulled out our AMERICAN Auto industry, making them #1; gezz the list just keeps on going… Nope our president reflects our best chance to over ride the AMERICAN way of life, killers…TEA PARTY!

  10. 184180 says:

    It just occurred to me… With all the noise the media is making about Romney’s wealth, I don’t recall such bluster and hand-wringing over the Kennedy fortune.

    Or, for that matter, John Kerry.

    Or the fact that John Kerry gave virtually nothing to charity while Romney gave something on the order of $4 million…in addition to his entire inheritance from his father.

    Oh. Wait. I just remembered.

    Romney is Republican.

    Kerry and the Kennedys are Democrats.

    Also, Romney worked for his money.

    Kennedy inherited his.

    And Kerry married his.

    Never mind. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

  11. Itsjustmeagain1 says:

    1. This is not “class warfare”, it is economic warfare. The repubs believe the middle class simply make too much money, and the unions are evil and the cause of their reduced profits. Former Sec Treasury and Fed Reserve Volker made the same comment. We are being driven back to 1910, when working conditions and pay will mirror the waist shirt factories that burned to the ground with large loss of life. The owners walked.
    2. Why is tuition going up? A member of the same class stated the value of having a degree is diminished, there are too many degreed people in the workforce. Raise tuition and student loan costs to limit access to only the deserving (wealthy). You have a smart, talented child but you make less than $60K? You’re excluded, they believe we need more talented laborers.

  12. If Mitt Romney and the Uber-rich, white male dominated, bastion of the Republician Party gets its way we will not have Moslem Shaira law, but a elitist UnChristian Shaira law which will, I guess, be a giant step backward, to total male domination of all females, a heavily taxed working majority living on starvation wages with no benifits, and no taxes on the rich money lenders. It is not the working Demo. or GOP that don’t work together. It is the hard working person that gets greedy and passes that greed on down to the nonworking rich. It really is irrelivant as with any luck we will soon have another Ice-age and all the money and banks will be buried under 5 miles of ice and we will be back to clam shells. And if I were rich I would not bend over to pickup clam shells.

  13. We will get to see ROMNEY’S tax return AFTER IT IS REVIEWED BY THE I M F !!!

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