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Saturday, October 22, 2016

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes, you get the feeling that’s the only King quote conservatives know.

They can’t quote what he said about unions: “We can all get more together than we can apart.”

They can’t quote what he said about poverty: “The solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.”

They can’t quote what he said about injustice: “America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked, ‘insufficient funds.'”

But they always quote the “content of character” passage from King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. They see it as supportive of their ideal of a so-called “colorblind” society wherein race — and racial problems — are acknowledged never.

Sarah Palin is the latest. Last week on the King holiday, she quoted that passage on Facebook and added: “Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card.”

You will hear President Obama talk about race only slightly more frequently than you will hear Mitch McConnell say, “Get down with your bad self!” so there was a moment of disconnect in trying to figure out what she was talking about. Apparently, the reference was to a piece in last week’s New Yorker, where Obama acknowledged that there are “some folks who really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.” He also said some people probably cut him slack for the same attribute.

By now, most thoughtful people would take both observations as self-evident. And you have to wonder: If this mild remark is “playing the race card” what, then, may we permissibly say about race in Palin’s ideal world? Apparently, nothing.

Thus, you will wait in vain for a conservative to speak against the profiling of Trayvon Martin, the mass incarceration of black men under the failed War on Drugs or, ahem, the myriad racially tinged attacks against President Obama. Indeed, other than their cries of pious indignation when some black conservative is mistreated, you’ll wait in vain to hear them say anything about race at all.

  • Dominick Vila

    It is not easy to try to exclude or prevent minorities from voting, calling them names, refusing to correct immigration law problems, and belittle their contributions, and then try to blame a party whose makeup includes a large number of minorities for their demise. The GOP took a position designed to please their base, they now have to live with the consequences of their decisions and live with it.

    • mike

      Dom, who held control of the south for decades? Which Democratic “icon” was a member of the KKK and filibustered against the bill-Sen, Byrd, just another inconvenient truth. If it had not been for the Republicans, whose members had over a 80% yea vote for passage compared to the Democrats 60+ vote in favor it would have never passed. Johnson knew it would not pass without Republicans.
      What party intimidated minorities voters, used dogs for control, etc..
      Pitts makes the comment that Republicans “have never been on the right side of history where blacks are concerned”. What horse manure.

      What party had all three branches of Govt. and yet refused to address this issue? Obama had the perfect conditions to pass it but it was not a priority. In July 2010 the WP reported a meeting between Obama, a small group of Latino Activists and Jarrett and what came out of the meeting was quite clear the WH was going to use the immigration debate to punish the GOP and aggressively seek Latino vote for 2012.

      Produce a sensible law and maybe both sides can come together. Latest Hispanic Pew Poll shows 61% believe stopping deportation more important than path to citizenship. To his credit Obama has sent 2 million back which flies in the face of what the majority of Hispanics want.

      “Belittle their contributions”-pure BS on your part.

      • 1standlastword

        Mike…by way of analogy: Lucifer was a son of Yahweh before he became the ruler of hell so I guess things change

        • mike

          Things are always changing hopefully in most cases for the best.
          I can’t say that about this administration and its leader. Oh I forgot he is the Antichrist.

          • Independent1

            More absolute rot coming from a worshiper of the Devil’s party.

      • pisces63

        PLEASE look up Dixiecrats like Strom Thurman. They fought tooth and nail for any form of racial equality and split from the democratic party in 1948 to become the Dixiecrats. Once John passed the two bills, those lovely democrats became republicans and have remained thus ever since. Johnson even said he feared he had lost the south because of the passages of the bills. NOW republicans want to take away our right to vote with complicitous help of the supreme court. Here, in Ohio, they deliberately destroyed our public schools to open charters like white hat and continually fund them while they perform worse than public schools AND are under federal investigation to boot. Oh, by the by, Mr. Thurman fathered a child by a black woman and kept her under cover, so to speak, until after his death. THAT is really showing so much love, isn’t it??!!

        • mike

          Yet, this terrible man supported MLK Federal Holiday.
          As to taking away your vote-Baloney. Nothing wrong with an ID. You use an ID for a multiple purposes but not to vote, makes no sense. I have for the last 8 elections worked on election day in the heavily black precinct and every election almost to a person present a ID presented even though it was not required. So get off that crap.

          So White Hat is destroying our public schools-What a Crock. They did operate 31 schools and that is destroying education in Ohio, 31 schools. . Yes, under investigation and they should be if they did wrong.

          Why not ask Obama why he won’t allow mothers to move their kids to better schools. He sure destroyed the ability of kids in DC to get ahead, FYI!!! he canceled the program. Why?? Teachers Union

          The article below is what your anger should be toward not some miniscule private program.

          I will not defend Strom on his child.

          FYI I am from Ohio.

          • Independent1

            More utter garbage from a troll!! “Nothing wrong with an ID”. You’re even wrong about this comment!! Voter ID requirements have already been struck down in 1/2 a dozen states. Here’s an excerpt from just one of those: the Voter ID nonsense in PA:

            By Michael Muskal
            January 17, 2014, 10:07 a.m.

            A Pennsylvania judge struck down the key portion of the state’s strict voter identification law, saying it unreasonably hinders people from exercising what is a fundamental right.

            In a 103-page ruling, Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley held that the law’s requirement that the state’s 8.2 million voters show photo identification before casting a ballot was unconstitutional. The law was passed by the GOP-controlled Legislature and signed in 2012 by Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, despite the protest of every Democrat lawmaker.

            “Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal,” McGinley wrote in his ruling.


          • mike

            i know what I saw at each election. The burden is only in your mind.
            What I left out the first time i was asked by the Judge to tell those in line “that an ID was not required, just name and address”.
            They are free and fair,even with an ID, you just need a political excuse to insult and control the people.

          • JSquercia

            I guess you missed the story about the nuns from Notre Dame who had voted continuously for many years but were denied the right to vote .OR maybe the one about the ninety something year old who was enshrined in Pennsylvania’s Voters Hall of Fame but could not obtain and ID
            Even if the ID’s are FREE the supporting Documents required to obtain them are NOT. This is no different than a Poll Tax .

          • mike

            Is that all you got!!! There will always be glitches but of all the votes taken that is miniscule. Only in your political mind is it a Poll Tax. It is nothing like the old Poll Tax.

          • pisces63

            The republican held Ohio house has voted for two more white hat charters while they are failing and under investigation. Most charters are a way for people to bilk us out of our money. A councilman opened one and it was closed immediately as not meeting any type of requirement including a stable building. How many millions had he received? how many more millions are going to the same shoddy charters? Yet, take money from the public schools, including tops in grades and education districts, much, much to their surprise. Spare me the diatribe about Obama and choice. We did not always have choice in Ohio. When I started school at Wade Park, I had to go half days because white folks did not want black kids in schools closer to those students. Some of those schools, just one street over, had less than half full enrollment. Wade Park even had portables built for the over flow. Instead of integrating schools in Cleveland, they over built more schools to keep us separate. Those schools are gone. I attended East High and we were well integrated in the ’60’s. When a plan was put forth to bus black children to the west side at this time of over crowding, the proviso was they could not use bathrooms, could not eat in the lunch room. Had NOTHING to do with the unions, either. As this has nothing to do with them. I vote absentee. The right is determined to take away our vote or limit our numbers and they have admitted it. I registered in 1970 and needed no ID. Never needed one to vote from then to 2008 and i damned sure do not need one now and refuse to show one. There are 12/12 of us little black children who are CMSD graduates. We are also, 12/12 little black children who are college educated from in progress to masters and we did not need any one’s charter to do anything. That’s my four sisters and I and our seven children. Oh, my parents retired as precinct judges and my sister is one, now.

          • mike

            Has Kasich signed it!
            I have not walked in your shoes so will not respond. But I do know we have come a long way and still have more to do!!!
            I was born in IN and our schools(50’s) were integrated and I lived 4 blocks from my school(which sat right between the affluent and poor section of our town), when weather permitted my black and white friends would head to our house play basketball at lunch time(yes we could leave). Years later my dad told me the story of one of the neighbors complaining about the blacks coming to our home, my Dad told him it would continue and drop the subject. Early 60’s my dad ran for mayor and the first leaders of the community to show up at the door were the black leaders with their support and watched with interest until my Dad had a heart attack and had to withdraw. So your experience and mine are totally different. I have other stories, my first experience with racism, one against one of my friends by the white music teacher. I watched him cry, I saw the anger and will never forget. I am a conservative and do understand your story but I truly believe blacks are taken advantage of and enabled by the left and its leaders. I stay in touch with several of my old friends and the conversations have been heated. I am now labeled a Racist by one because I don’t believe in Obama’s policies, it has nothing to do with color and all to do with policies. Obama is a Statist, I am not!!!

            What I do know is the Obama canceled School vouchers in DC after working out with Boehner and Reid to keep it in the budget for 5 years. One year later the Budget sent over by the WH, school vouchers were gone. Why? teachers union and the poor oversight by DOE.

            Appreciate your comments and wish you well.

          • Joyce

            give it up Mike. You can spew all the verbal garbage you want but a troll is a troll and if you look in the mirror, you’ll see about what I’m talking.

          • WiserWords2

            If you don’t want people to know you’re a racist, don’t make statements such as “I am a conservative and do understand your story but I TRULY BELIEVE

            A racist doesn’t believe black people are capable of choosing which political ideology to support. Or that each black person has his/her own reason for supporting a certain candidate. In fact, a racist believes that he/she should be the one to decide which party blacks should belong to.

          • mike

            I am far from a racist. I believe that the democratic party does everything possible to make the black community dependent on Big Government. It seems many in the black community feel the same way.

            Larry Elder

            Steven A Smith




        • Lynda Groom

          Exactly, those Democrats became todays GOP.

          • JSquercia

            And No one knew how better to appeal to them than Ronald Wilson Reagan who started his campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi where those 3 Civil Rights workers were MURDERED by the local good citizens .

          • Aaron_of_Portsmouth

            I wasn’t aware of that fact, but what an insensitive way to start a campaign

      • Allan Richardson

        The pre-Nixon (or maybe pre-Reagan) Democratic party was two parties in an uneasy pragmatic alliance: the original states rights, slavery endorsing, plantation owning bloc in the South, and the rebuilt Northern Urban party made up of the immigrant communities after the Civil War. The latter were pro-worker because their membership consisted of working people (before the idea of a union was legal). They were pro-tolerance because their membership was composed of different groups from different countries having different religious and social customs and languages, who had to tolerate one another in order to work together. Republicans outside the South, and white Democrats inside it, were much more homogeneous in culture and ethnicity, so to many of them, black and immigrant people, Jews and Catholics, Greeks and Poles and Italians and Russians, were “alien.” There were black Republicans for a generation, but then they lost the EFFECTIVE right to vote in the South, and since their party abandoned workers (and abandoned THEM once slavery had been LEGALLY abolished), going with the property owners and the WASP majority’s prejudices, black voters in the states that ALLOWED them to vote became Democrats.

        For a century after Reconstruction, Northern minority and worker based Democratic values and Southern white supremacist values coexisted in the larger struggle to get the South economically caught up with the North, while Republicans considered rich people of all races equal. When the national Democratic party decided to become SERIOUS about civil rights for minorities, especially black people, Southern Democrats either changed their ideology (as Senator Byrd eventually did; and even Gov. Wallace before he died; Byrd was the FIRST Senator to invite the new Senator Barack Obama for a welcoming visit to his office), or changed their party name. After all, Republicans could tolerate racists once their initial goal of legally abolishing slavery was accomplished.

        So that is why the typical GOP canard of “Democrats are racist” fails: Democrats WERE racist, at least in one corner of the country. Then they either quit being racist or quit being Democrats. Dixiecrats are now Republicans.

        • mike

          Democratic party for decades perpetuated the control of the black people and still does. Mainly by their big govt. hand outs. The slideshow LIFE OF JULIA in 2012 depicts the cradle to grave of a women and all that Obama/democrats can and will do for them.

          Obama/democrats whole existence is to control the everyday life of each and every American thru healthcare, NSA spying, IRS, Taxes,, spending, regulations etc.. Obama/ democrats are all about control, control, control. Some day you will wake up and see they are not your friend but it will be to late.

          Clinton said “Big Government is dead”, Obama said it is back.

          • Independent1

            More utter trash!! Can you even make one comment that doesn’t deserve being thrown in the trash can???

            Obama/democrats whole existence is to control the everyday life of each and every American through blah blah blah – all total nonsense.

            ACA requiring people to have insurance, is no more controlling than every state’s requirement that people who want to drive have to have auto insurance so they cannot foist their potential liabilities on the rest of the population. ACA only says, if you want to live in America, you have to have health insurance so should you get in an accident or contract a severe illness, YOU CANNOT foist your medical expenses on other Americans.

            And, what you call NSA spying, was instituted by guess whom, NONE OTHER than the president you love – President Disaster himself – George Bush. Blaming it on Obama is just basic GOP cowardice!!!!

            The suppose IRS scandal was nothing more than a GOP created scandal by your favorite legislator: Darrell Issa – Issa actually fabricated the scandal!!!

            The only taxes that have been increased under Obama are those imposed on people who can well afford to pay more – those earning over $400,000/yr; everyone else’s taxes are lower today than when Obama took office – including those on small businesses.

            Obama is by far the smallest spending president since Eisenhower. Obama’s 1.4%/yr spending increases are far lower than Reagan’s and Bush 2’s increases of greater than 8%/yr and Bush Sr’s of 5.6%/yr. Spending is not America’s problems it is tax Revenues – and the CBO even says that!!!

            Nothing has proven that regulations impede anything- Surveys of small businesses have shown that increase regulation IS NOT hindering small business growth.

            Let’s just put to bed the question of which president is responsible for America’s debts because of excessive spending. Here from the CBO itself:

            The U.S. budget situation has deteriorated significantly since 2001, when the CBO forecast average annual surpluses of approximately $850 billion from 2009–2012. The average deficit forecast in each of those years as of June 2009 was approximately $1,215 billion. The New York Times analyzed this roughly $2 trillion “swing”, separating the causes into four major categories along with their share:

            Recessions or the business cycle (37%);
            Policies enacted by President Bush (33%);
            Policies enacted by President Bush and supported or extended by President Obama (20%); and
            New policies from President Obama (10%).

            Note that aside from Obama EXTENDING SOME GEORGE BUSH ENACTED SPENDING AND TAX CUTS, Obama is only responsible for about 1 trillion of America’s 17 trillion in debts created by deficit spending!!!!!!

          • mike

            So you have a choice of policies, Right? Obama and your ilk think citizens of the country are helpless without the govt.. Such BS.

            I see you are off on one of your tangents about nothing. So all that debt accumulated under Obama not his fault. That’s laughable, Unemployment not his fault, Poor growth not his fault, IRS targeting not his fault, Negative poll numbers, words like incompetent when it comes to the economy not his fault.

            Recession at the end of the Clinton administration inherited by Bush.
            9/11 changed direction of country and finances because of war which was voted on by Hilliary and other Democratic leaders to proceed.

            As to regulations hurting our growth, no fiction there.



          • Randy Grein

            No there you go, Independent1 – throwing facts around like they matter when an opinion is at stake. (grin) Mike’s just on a rant, and (as you can see below) ignores your facts, in fact he laughs at them. In Mike’s world the Federal Gov. sprang fully formed in 2008 when Obama was elected, because any other view makes his views look ridiculous.

            The rest of us, however appreciate your clarification and hard facts.

          • mike

            ACA is about control, no choice in policy, very little choice of exchanges(none in some states), if your doctor is not in exchange, you pay out of pocket to go to him(Sen Coburn cancer doctor not in his exchange). You said “have to have it” no choice get it or pay penalty. Drivers lic. is about public safety, know the rules of driving so you don’t kill yourself or others. ACA is not about public safety. Great difference between them.


















          • Independent1

            Here’s more of the CBO’s analysis of the spending/deficit problems:

            In June 2012, CBO summarized the cause of change between its January 2001 estimate of a $5.6 trillion cumulative surplus between 2002 and 2011 and the actual $6.1 trillion cumulative deficit that occurred, an unfavorable “turnaround” or debt increase of $11.7 trillion. Tax cuts and slower-than-expected growth reduced revenues by $6.1 trillion and spending was $5.6 trillion higher. Of this total, the CBO attributes 72% to legislated tax cuts and spending increases and 27% to economic and technical factors.

            The difference between the projected and actual debt in 2011 can be largely attributed to:

            $3.5 trillion – Economic changes (including lower than expected tax revenues and higher safety net spending due to recession)

            $1.6 trillion – Bush Tax Cuts (EGTRRA and JGTRRA), primarily tax cuts but also some smaller spending increases
            $1.5 trillion – Increased non-defense discretionary spending
            $1.4 trillion – Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
            $1.4 trillion – Incremental interest due to higher debt balances
            $0.9 trillion – Obama stimulus and tax cuts (ARRA and Tax Act of 2010)[53]

            The last item is the only item chargeable to Obama – the .9 trillion stimulus. Everything else is attributable to legislation initially enacted by Bush. (Notice, 6.1 trillion in reduced revenues and Bush’s 5.6 trillion in deficit spending.)

          • mike
          • Jill

            This is paranoid, patronizing, self serving cant. No wonder my parents both left the Republican party long ago, no one thinks for themselves. They simply repeat cant. Anyone who considers themselves a curious intellectual or who believes in the separation of church and state or who accepts the continued existence of institutional racism has no place in the party. I noticed you never responded to anything of substance – nothing about the for profit jail industry harvesting African American men for money in a truly evil new Jim Crow, nothing of substance on the institutional hinderances to obtaining ID many people of color are up against to getting an ID – have you ever researched the data on this or do you just repeat cant?

            This dogma allows conservatives to refuse to look at themselves and their economic illiteracy, their continued insults to American in trouble, their never ending condescending to African Americans and the American people, as if they are children you need to scold. You refuse to look in the mirror and humble yourself that perhaps you should listen rather than lecture on experiences you have no idea about.

            It will take a few more Presidential losses for this sick party to truly heal itself.

          • mike

            Gee Jill, thanks for that garbage called a post.

            Lets start with the accusation of my not addressing Private jails. I was never asked about it for one, but you have asked and I will happy to respond. Check out Jerry Brown new contract with CCA. Isn’t Brown a democrat and he sees nothing wrong. In 2009 Byrd added wording into a Homeland Security bill so I guess the Democrat leadership loves that policy. Strange.



          • Joyce

            keep throwing your citations, what’s the matter, can’t think for yourself? Or can’t read? or just refuse to believe anything that isn’t swallowed and spit out by the fox news team. You need to get a life

          • mike

            I think quite well thank you. On this NM I have given the facts and have continually been called a liar, full of BS, etc.. So, now it is much easier to give the article or articles from legitimate sources that prove my point or refute NM point. You have a choice refute, ignore or deny. Gee, nothing I have used is from FOX. Hmmmmm!!!!!
            Stay in your world of denial.

          • pisces63

            My, My, you really don’t get out much. NSA was started under Trudman in 1951 and guess why? kaisar Wilhelm or Hitler ring a bell. How about Tojo? Their powers wers expanded and paid for one month after 9/11, exactly. The dgitizing of the country was part of the patriot act. Why do you think the bill was footed by the government. When i and like minded peopled complained about this invasion of privacy, we were called anti american and unpatriotic. So spare me the hypocrisy. not working. The IRS has always spied on people they considered against Hoover’s idea of an American or a black person in their place. They did the same and still do to every civil rights group out there including Rev King and his family and everyone from Andrew Young, Julian Bonds, etc, were under IRS and FBI scrutiny. The right thought it was perfectly fine as they were socialist trouble makers wanting to vote and eat in a restaurant, going to school, you know, all those socialistic agendas. yet it is wrong to do the same for right wing HATE groups like the teaparty who puts hits out on this president and family. In Ohio, the federal government paid $3billion in reimbursement to hospitals for indigent patients in 2012. yet, you have a problem with health insurance. Typical. Clinton had a surplus/balanced budget. Clinton created jobs. Bush ate up the surplus and created the deficit. Started an unwarranted, unpaid for war. Created no jobs. Your point?

          • mike
      • ThomasBonsell

        Pitts never said that “Republicans ‘have never been on the right side of history where blacks are concerned’.” He said CONSERVATIVES have never been on the right side of history.

        There was a time when conservative and Republican didn’t mean the exact same thing. Those days are long gone.

        • mike

          You are right but most of those that post on this site do believe there is no difference.

      • Dominick Vila

        Yes, there was a role reversal over half century ago, and that is the reason the GOP has been losing popularity in recent decades. The GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln. Its agenda is now controlled by the Tea Party and demagogues like Ted Cruz and, not surprisingly, they are becoming irrelevant.

        • mike

          Wrong again about the party. We will see in 2014 with house and senate races. Just remember more dems than repubs up for reelection .

          At this time Obama is a burden, and your party is worried.

          It is going to be a fun and interesting year.

          • Independent1

            You’re right troll, we’ll see in 2014 when the American people have really had time to fully digest the devastation that the GOP is trying to inflict up the nation. But considering the GOP’s constant drumbeat of disaster, I’d say a 50% or so favorability rating was pretty good given all the negtives the GOP has harped about. And at this point in his presidency Obama is light-years more popular than President Disaster was or even his dad’s or even Reagan was. None of them had favorability ratings anywhere close to 50% a year into their 2nd terms.

            So I’ll take these ratings for Obama from Pew Research, and we’ll let the chips fall where they may. And if the GOP has some wins come 2014, what good is it going to do them?? They won’t have enough majority in the Senate to override an Obama veto, so it’s likely they can make Congress any more unfunctional than they’ve made it over the past 5 years with their obstruction in both the House and the Senate (by using the filibuster over 415 times). So go eat cake!!

            Here’s the most article from Pew Research:

            Americans divided on Obama by gender, age, race: Pew Poll
            Posted on January 27, 2014 | By Joel Connelly

            Overall, 51 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Obama, while 45 percent share an unfavorable opinion of Obama. Michelle Obama remains more popular than her husband with a 68-24 percent advantage to the “favorables.” But then the divisions begin.

            GENDER — Obama has a 54-41 percent favorable advantage among women, but is viewed unfavorably 49 percent of men. Just 47 percent of men have a thumbs-up view of the president.
            AGE — Obama is strongest among America’s young people, seen favorably by a 55-42 percent margin by those aged 18 to 29, with a 52-43 percent favorable margin among voters 30 to 49 years in age. By contrast, among those over 65, he gets a thumbs down from 52 percent while only 44 percent take a favorable view.

            The poll gives little comfort to the Republican opposition.

            By a 54-35 percent margin, Americans view Republicans as the more extreme of the two political parties, according to Pew.

            A 52-27 percent margin see Democrats as the party more willing to work across the aisle and get things done.

          • mike

            Keep trying!! Aren’t you the one that thinks Big govt is number of Fed. employees. Still laughing.


            If you know how, click on Generic and Obama polls, you will see as of the 1/27 Republicans up in all but one poll, and Obama disapproval averages 52%.

            Not going away, and do I care about thumbs up? Not in the least.

            OMG!!! your yelling!!! Now that’s funny and Lisztman is going to have a fit. LOL!!!

            If you had any brain you wouldn’t respond, so it isn’t my fault you keep the post going. Another laughing moment at your expense.

      • jointerjohn

        What he said was that conservatives have never been on the right side of history where blacks are concerned. Misquoting the man doesn’t help your argument.

        • mike

          Thanks, I have already been corrected. But if you look at most post there is little to no separation between conservative and Republican.

          • Joyce

            When you see a Senator(Schumer) publicly asking the president to use the
            fed. govt., specially the IRS, to go after and silence opposing views
            should scare the hell out of you.

            No Mike, What scares the hell out of me are people like you who think government is the enemy. In spite of some lunatic politicians trying to “shut down the government”, I feel good about my country and our government. I’d rather live here than in China or Russia, thank you very much

      • Aaron_of_Portsmouth

        Clearly, you speak the lingo of someone who didn’t take the time to delve deeply into how and why the political landscape
        changed so dramatically in the 60’s and has done a somewhat magnetic reversal of attitude and focus.
        I have a very well-meaning friend who never ceases to amaze me in how shielded she was from all that happened in the past 50 years and admits she had no knowledge of the prominent events that took place or why they happened.

        • mike

          Clearly have delved into the landscape and find the Democrats want to control every aspect of American life by the Fed. Government. He believes that the wise and enlightened central planners in Washington can manage our lives better than we. They can’t.
          Obama wants to control the economy, energy, healthcare, finance and education.
          The Life of Julia is the plan-Cradle to Grave. What an insult!!!! What a mistake.

          If you want to follow Obama that’s fine, but not to question his moves and not to fear Big Govt. by his administration or any administration is folly.

          • Joyce

            we have the strongest nation in the world and you’re worried about our government taking away your rights? We’re bigger and better than the paranoia you seem to hold sacred.
            by the way, is your name Ted Cruz? lol

          • mike

            It seem you have a problem knowing the difference between “strongest nation in the world” and a government controlling its people. Strongest in protecting against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yes!!!
            Domestically, govt. has become bigger, not only this administration but past administration taking more of our liberties. Patriot Act, Expansion NSA, ACA, list goes on. When you see a Senator(Schumer) publicly asking the president to use the fed. govt., specially the IRS, to go after and silence opposing views should scare the hell out of you.


  • john poldrugo

    I have gotten tired of hearing racism or race card racism happens to be 2000% better then just 50 years ago still getting better but slower if everyone would stop bringing it up at the drop of a hat ,leave it alone its doing very well without media ,politicians ,reverends etc. look back 50 years that was racism not now

    • idamag

      Since the card is in the deck, it gets played. As long as you deny racism exists, it will flourish.

    • Charles Edwin Langford Jr.

      Racism is still alive and well as 50 years ago.

  • whodatbob

    Dr. King was a great man and unbelievable Civil Rights leader. Dr. King’s body of work is uplifting and positive in tone, always inspirational. Dr. King worked for equality for all.
    Leonard Pitts Jr. is usually negative in tone. Often Mr. Pitts allows himself to be dragged down to the level of those he opposes.
    Tone of this article was set in first three statements, one positive followed by three negatives.
    And who cares what the wicket witch of the north has to say?!

    • sigrid28

      If no one believed the “wicket witch of the north,” what she said would be inconsequential. But she has a following, and from this platform, she says what they wish to hear. Her following both confirms her ideas and gives her opponents motivation to contradict what she says, when she is wrong. Racism is not dead. People of good will nationwide, indeed worldwide, will never say it is, no matter how much Republicans dislike being criticized for their overt racism. Your knowledge of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy is selective and faulty. Maybe spend more time studying that and less time listening to Sarah Palin.

      • whodatbob

        I read Leonard Pitts regularly. He is every bit as racist as the people he opposes. He is anti-white, and entitled to his opinion, not pro-equality. Pitt should try to inspire people to find common ground not point fingers. Racism has been part of the human experience forever.
        It is a wast of effort to rebut all lies and misspeak uttered by the wicket witch of the north. If ignored she might disappear.

        • Sand_Cat

          Those who point out that racism is still going strong are thereby to be declared racist themselves?

          • Kurt CPI

            Pitts articles appear here often. I’ve not concluded that he is racist, I don’t know the man. But his articles imply that he is a socialist and that all non-black Americans owe “the guaranteed income” to blacks. I can’t blame Mr. Pitts or any African-American for that attitude – past injustices from slavery to sharecropping to the George Wallace (a democrat) era south rightfully weigh heavily on black shoulders. But despite the selected quotes I don’t believe Dr. King was the socialist Pitts makes him out to be. He wanted equal opportunity as so eloquently stated in his “I have a Dream” speech – the one Pitts is tired of hearing from the mouths of Republicans. But he’s wrong if he thinks history demands that every generation of non-black Americans owes a perpetual atonement for the sins of their fathers. As a national community, we’ve done a poor job in creating that level playfield that Dr. King envisioned. That should be our focus. But at some point we need to say we’ve learned from our forefathers’ malfeasance and move on – as a people united, not the divisive world of Mr. Pitts.

          • pisces63

            Yet, you haven’t moved on. My 7 year old granddaughter doesn’t like you because you haven’t moved on. It is amazing, when one of us calls it what it is, you start whining the race card. Yet, we ARE the race card. The president IS the race card and the bigots play their hand for all they are worth. The sterotypes. I am not poor and have never been. My parents, sharecroppers kids from Louisiana, saw to that. They owned their home. owned a business. THIS black family fits none of your stereotypes at all. When this black man became president the kkk rose again. White supremecists multiplied by the thousands. Hits put on he and his family. Lying on him at every turn and you don’t call it racial? He tkes one day of vacation(actually 242 days his first term) and the hue and cry starts, Oh, lawsy me, he doesn’t need one. Bush took 1,040 days in 8 years and nothing said. Not racial? Mrs. Bush took 40 of her friends to Europe on a presidential plane, nothing said. Mrs. Obama had a birthday party and they bitched and moaned about it. Not racial. Tell it to the marines. The ONLY way it will go away is after it is faced and slugged out. YOu game. I am I am sick to death of your mealy mouth whining and denying the truth.

          • Allan Richardson

            I have news for Republicans. His writings show that ABE LINCOLN would be called a socialist today by his own party. He believed that chattel slavery with whips and chains was the FIRST injustice to be righted, to be followed by WAGE SLAVERY, that is, the helpless situation of being paid less than you need to live on and feed your family, with no power to go up against the owner of a factory or other workplace, since anyone who complained would be fired and replaced.

            Lincoln was killed before he had a chance to put his workers rights program into action; indeed, had he survived Booth, he would have faced a stone wall in Congress both on Reconstruction (which he planned to consist of RECONCILIATION, not revenge) and on industrial reform to lift workers out of poverty. His OWN party may have even tried to impeach him, as they did Johnson in his absence, or even assassinate him.

            Martin Luther King had pro-worker ideas also, which have been called socialist. But there are DEGREES of socialism. Putting a floor under the living standard of families is not socialism; taking control of all industry by a totalitarian clique in the name of “workers,” then oppressing the workers worse than the capitalists did, is socialism.

            Even the guaranteed annual wage may make more sense in a future in which less personal work is NEEDED to produce the necessities of life than we may think. The unemployment today may be just a foretaste of that future; a future which, if handled with more creative, out-of-the-payroll-box thinking, could be much better than even a full employment boom.

            If caring for everyone and arranging a society to minimize poverty is socialism, then what would Comrade Jesus say about it?

          • Kurt CPI

            While there are many variant philosophies of socialism, I don’t believe “taking control of all industry by a totalitarian clique in the name of “workers,” then oppressing the workers worse than the capitalists did…” is part of the declared creedo of any socialist movement. It may well be the result, though, when total control rests in the hands of the few. Maybe we’re just shifting the “few” from corporate moguls under capitalism to government moguls under socialism. Capitalism at least inspires a competitive environment. I’ve seen nothing that leads me to believe that we can work less, all the while producing more, and let everybody do what they want at their leisure. Corruption, not capitalism, is the problem.

          • pisces63

            I live on the history channel and the one thing that came out and was surprising. Boothe did not assassinate solely on the sothern loss but that Lincoln WAS going to allow the vote for the freed slaves. THAT he could not abide. They haven’t changed today, either.

          • Kurt CPI

            You’re absolutely correct, we haven’t moved on. No argument that white people inflicted untold wounds on black people that didn’t end with slavery. No doubt there are racists, white supremacists and kkk at work spreading their hate and justifying it in the name of whatever god they claim to worship. But they represent a tiny minority of the entire white population. Just your statement, [When “one of us”…] shows clearly that you identify as black, obviously implying that I am “a white” – your stereotype of me. The problem is that with that perspective, absolutely everything appears racially motivated. I’m not in denial. Some white people who criticize Mr. Obama object to his policies, not his race – really!. White people helped to elect him, after all. Quoting the Posts’s Jonathan Capehart, “According to a nifty chart from The Post’s polling unit, the president’s white support (39 percent) was the same as it was for Bill Clinton when he was elected in 1992” (Reference:
            In any case, I didn’t mean to sound whining. I only suggest that all the spending in the world won’t address the problem of you considering me an adversary, nor will meeting in an alley and “slugging it out”.

          • pisces63

            Our youngest daugher, now 33, when in high school sat on a senior year diversity ‘sit in’. She was surprised at how may white people are denigrated by white people. she heard name calling foreign to her. Yet, she learned something about inequality and it has stayed with her. She learned of the treatment of Poles, etc. THAT is my meaning. When are you going to have the nerve to have a sit down to discuss the differences. Not a fight. A civilized discussion. ALLLLLLLL presidents had white support. That statement is pointless. Plus you are not now nor will you ever be an adversary. You would have to mean something.

          • Kurt CPI

            If your 7-year old granddaughter hates me it’s because she has been taught to do so. When I was in 2nd grade I found that one of my classmates lived just a few blocks from my house. Mike and I became friends, rode bikes, went to each other’s birthday parties – 7 year old stuff. That summer he moved away. Decades later at some kind of family gathering in a nostalgic conversation, my mother asked me, “have you ever run into that little Indian boy you used to play with?” (“Native American” had not yet become a part of colloquial vocabulary). I had no idea who she was talking about. She couldn’t remember his name, but finally remembered where he lived. As you have of course guessed, it was Mike. As a 7 year old I had no inkling of his race. And my mother wasn’t making a racist statement by referring to Mike as “Indian”.

            Of course all Presidents had white support, THAT is a pointless statement. My point is that white people voted for Mr.Obama for the same REASONS they voted for Mr. Clinton (me included). There weren’t droves of whites who refused to vote for the President based on his race. Statistically race made virtually no difference – which IS relevant.

            In fairness, I live in the northern US – about as far north as you can get (I can see Canada out my front window). I’ve never lived anywhere else. I also live in a small city where community, as far as I have seen, trumps race. So my perspective is probably more idealistic than where racism is openly displayed. As I said in another post, in my idealism I simply don’t believe that every criticism of the President by every American who identifies as conservative is based on race. That’s not to deny the points in your first reply that you made demonstrating that racism is indeed alive in America. But those kkk, white-supremacist, arrogant skinhead bast…s do not represent the mainstream of white America.

          • pisces63

            My granddaughter turned 8 yesterday. When she turned three, she stopped wearing her princess pj’s, playing the dvds, etc. i could not understand why. She would cover them up and say it’s dirty. her parents had to get her new pajamas. She was 4 when i found out why. We were watching the made for TV version of A Raisin in the Sun. I heard her tell her younger sister, see the pretty brown people, the pretty brown ladies l ike mommy, auntie and grandma? I said nothing, just listened to her. She went on with, they do not like the brown president or his brown wife and children. The ‘nasty’ people say nasty things and use bad words. The nasty people do not like the brown people and we don’t like them. She saw it on BBC, her still favorite channel and not from us. We don’t have to you will teach us!! She has been published. This past summer read Jekyll and Hyde and Poe. I learned in the 6th grade. I had no clue i was different!! None. This white teacher called us a bunch of’ ‘n’ word in class. My eyes were permenantly opened after that. No dear, in my family, we teach no such thing, not even my sourthern parents and they had EVERY right to. Why would we, you(euphemistic) all do it sooooo well!! We just wait and you haven’t let us down. That includes my son whose friends were all white and most still are but he learned from white men. My Youngest daughter, too. her middle daughter is anmed after her white best friend but it took one of you to show her blatant prejudice more than once. As a banker, she was at a bank in a predominantly white neighborhood. White people would yell, i don’t want that n waiting on me. Hey, N word get an education. BGSU grad at the time.

          • Kurt CPI

            So, you’re saying that I, myself, personally am responsible for the behavior of some bigoted teacher? Why? Because I’m the same race as him (or her)?
            “A Raisin in the Sun” is an important commentary. Sidney Poitier used film in a a big way to educate the population and bring to light racial atrocities and to expose injustice. We were shown that movie in high school as part of “contempory issues”. The civil rights movement of the 60’s had been in the forefront of media attention along with the vietnam war. The murder of Dr. King was just a few years before. The point of of the play, or in this case the screenplay, is to make a point, and a valid one, using drama and expose`. It’s the film equivalent of a persuasive essay. Surely a 4-year-old does not have sufficient context of life to comprehend anything deeper than the literal portrayals in that play. It’s definitely something we all need to have exposure to, but not at 4 years old. No wonder she hates me.

          • pisces63

            I know Hansberry’s play. Had to read it in college. She was not paying attention to the play, per se, she paid attention to the cast, period. Black people. when I wrote ‘you’, I meant euphemistically you. i don’t know you. Of you, or anything like that. As for this now 8 year old, she can give you an informed opinion on just about any topic, now. She was tested, CMSD, to read AND comprehend on a 6th/7th grade level in kindergarten. She read and comprehended Jekyll and Hyde last summer. Same for Poe. My grandson, 11, read HP’s the Sorcerors Stone at 3. I had read Jack London, Hamilton’s greek Mythology including the trilogy by 12. Iliad, Aeniad and Odyssey.

          • Kurt CPI

            Actually, I knew what you meant by “you”. I was just calling attention to the fact that the euphemistic “you” (you all) still assigns the guilt of an individual to the group as a whole.
            Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the exchange very much, it has been eye opening in many ways. I believe that education and open discussion are the only thing that will ever bring about any progress toward ending the racial divide in this country. I’m a huge supporter of affirmative action although I believe it would be even more effective if the highly-educated graduates were consigned to 2 years of service as educators in under-performing schools. Teachers continue to be among the most influential individuals in people’s lives. There’s no measure of the impact a great teacher can have on students. I don’t know how to stop white kids from being indoctrinated by racist parents. I can honestly say that my own kids have never been exposed to racial bigotry in their home, and I’m proud to say they’ve never given me any reason to take their instruction on these matters to the next level. Our small community and a decent local public school system also reinforce the attitudes and values we expect of them. Maybe as the country continues to embrace these philosophies, hate mongers will be overshadowed by people who are thoughtful and realistic. One can only hope.

          • Randy Grein

            Yay! Right on! (Sound of loud clapping)
            Pisces63, that was great! I hear the same dreck too, only sometimes the assumption is I’m part of the club – hey, middle aged white guy, why WOULDN’T he hate this president? Or so the assumptions go.

            I voted for Obama twice – not because he was black, although that was a nice bit of history that I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime. I voted for him because he was the best candidate. The lies and hate started before he ever got into office, and haven’t let up since. It might have been different if, say it was the Pizza man who won. Genial, at least in public. Safely conservative, more than a little sexist, stupidly, ignorantly conservative. Nothing to challenge the haters. Like Dr. King they had to smear him with every bit of dirt they could find – and when it was in short supply they made it up. Remember Mrs. Obama’s sleeveless dress?

            Maybe someday none of this will matter, and people can just be people.

          • Sand_Cat

            Being a “socialist” is a charge only the ignorant consider an insult, and is unrelated to what prompted the post you purport to be answering.
            Be careful your “racist” charge isn’t just the usual “conservative” projection. It has been accurately pointed out that conservatives often blind themselves to any “racism” except that alleged to be against white males, despite the still overwhelming control of the power and money in our society by that group.

          • Kurt CPI

            “Socialist” is a general philosophy with many variants, but a common thread is that everyone contributes to the greater good. It’s an admirable and humanitarian approach at the philosophical level. I’m probably guilty, like many, of using the general term “socialist” incorrectly, or at least in a context where I might really mean “fascist” or “communist” (which also have their own variants). Still, the idea that socialism has proved itself any less corruptible than capitalism is disputable. Recent history teaches that Soviet stagnation resulted from an extended period of repressive socialism. The Chinese rise to the level of second leading (for now) industrial power was as a direct result of introducing a more capitalist economic environment. Maybe I’m just too old or stupid to see it, but I still believe the human spirit is one that has a need to overcome. Bitcoin is an example of modern enterprise that challenges the accepted standards – but is 100% capitalism. It may fail, but it is nonetheless a worthy effort to take real action in breaking the Wall Street monopoly on money. You think the “Occupy” movement had any of those Wall Street banks running scared? Bitcoin does!
            I don’t deny that racism exists. I just don’t believe (again, maybe naively) that every criticism of the President is race motivated if it happens to come from the mouth of a conservative. Call me crazy.

          • whodatbob

            Aren’t we all?

        • Randy Grein

          Racist? Pitts? Where?
          “I think that word does not mean what you think it does…”

          • Sand_Cat

            “Racist” just means that he doesn’t like what Pitts said, and that – conveniently enough – Pitts is black.

          • whodatbob

            No! I read Leonard Pitts column when it appears because he is often spot on. His anti-white tone undertone I find as offensive as the anti-black undertone that many white columnist use. Both are racist!

          • Sand_Cat

            Sorry, though frankly, white America does owe black America a lot, and we still aren’t really paying: respect, opportunity, and freedom from discrimination. We’ve had a very long time to pay up, but still haven’t really done so. If you object to Pitts’s and other black writers’ “sense of entitlement” about that, I stand by what I said. I could also point out that because black people in this country still have an abundance of real and valid reasons (as opposed to white racists’ mostly imaginary ones) not to care too much for us as group, Mr. Pitts’s “anti-white tone” – assuming you’re right – has at least some rational basis. The real bigots see “anti-white tone” in every black utterance except “Yes, sir, Mr./Ms … Sorry, sir…” I’ve never noticed it; in fact, it seems to me I took strong exception to something he wrote about the Martin-Zimmerman case as being prejudicial against Mr. Martin.

          • whodatbob

            As a retired member of a local labor union leadership I worked hard to insure equal treatment of all members, black,white,male ans female. We were also involved in civil rights on the state and local level. Yes, those who came before us treated blacks poorly and some of our generation still do. That does not justify racism.

            It has been a long fight and there is still a lot fighting left. But we need to fight racism on all fronts.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Pitts is right on target with this: “The silence they preach is not golden. It is poison. It is moral cowardice.”

      Pitts also wrote a devastatingly honest article (that should be read as well) this past August titled: Living in a time of moral cowardice…..Quote: “More galling, it is an era of such cognitive incoherence that conservatives — acolytes of the ideology against which King struggled all his life — now routinely claim ownership of his movement and kinship with his cause……When he was under fire for questioning the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for instance, Sen. Rand Paul wanted it known that he’d have marched with King had he been of age. And he probably believes that. But what people like Paul fail to grasp is that the issues against which African Americans railed in 1963 were just as invisible to some of us back then as the issues of 2013 are to some of us right now. They did not see the evil of police brutality in ’63 any more than some of us can see the evil of mass incarceration now. They did not see how poll taxes rigged democracy against black people then any more than some of us can see how Voter ID laws do the same thing now…..So there’s fake courage in saying, “I would have been with Martin then.” Especially while ignoring issues that would press Martin now…..No, being there took — and still takes — real courage, beginning with the courage to do what some of us are too cowardly, hateful, stubborn or stupid to do: see what is right in front of your face.”

      read all here:


  • howa4x

    If you look at history it was a republican president Eisenhower that sent federal troops to integrate Little rock HS in ’57. He also appointed federal judges that started to turn back Jim Crow rules that kept segregation alive. FDR didn’t do anything about a practice of arresting young black men on minor or trumped up charges, sentencing them to long terms and then selling them to companies that paid them nothing. When we finally entered WW2 FDR told his Attny general to order states to stop the practice, only because he didn’t want the Nazi’s to find out about it and exploit it. In 1948 the southern senators split form the democratic party and formed the Dixie-crats and ran Strom Thurmond as a presidential candidate. Nixon facing challenges from the left turned to the south and opened the doors of the republican party to all the racists and confederate sympathizers. They fit in very well with the western small government ranchers and formed a solid voting bloc seen today.
    so it is interesting that a scholar like Sarah Palin wouldn’t know that history and know that republican party was once on the forefront of ending segregation. Now Palin is allied with the anti government segregationists that form the base of the tea party. It’s interesting that she would know anything about racial politics, or the meaning of any Dr. King speech

    • latebloomingrandma

      She apparently flunked history, social studies, English literature and grammer, and science. She passed basketball, fishing, and shooting—guns and her mouth. Real presidential material.

      • daniel bostdorf

        “You betcha!”

  • Sand_Cat

    The conservatives are silent on race for the same reason they – in the words of an earlier article’s title – have nothing substantive to offer the poor. The two are connected: they have nothing to offer the poor because they see the poor as belonging to the wrong race.
    Troll, please don’t start whining about the “race card.”

    • 1standlastword

      Sand you’re right!! And classism and racism are bed-fellows. Here’ s my point: When it comes to whites the conservative political class demonstrates an intra-racial callousness expressed in the form of pure apathy that allows their (Red State) people to be subjected to persisting conditions that foster legacy poverty including letting corporation contaminate their lands and waters. Further, this conservative political class frequently exploits poor whites for their patriotism, faith and lack of critical thinking skills.

      The white conservative political class has nothing substantive to offer blacks and likewise they have nothing substantive to offer poor whites.

      And now that they are leading the way to the demise of the middle class it should be clear that this is a much bigger issue than race. But I get it…it’ when they try to celebrate a great black icon they start off with a big hole in their credibility.

      McConnell…”my first job is to make him a one term POTUS” has more in common with P W Botha, dared to refer to Mandela as “Madiba” when he made his condolences. I was shocked by this hater’ duplicity

      • daniel bostdorf

        well stated…

    • daniel bostdorf

      great troll admonition….and reminding us of the articles REAL purpose.

      • Leftout

        It appears that the Democrats have been characterized as keeping Blacks in a dependent dependable voting block. President Obama even seems to not want to act as a role model for people of color, for fear of being criticized by his own kind. He along with Colin Powell, Eric Holder, Sue and Condie Rice. Dr. Ben Carson, he actually was Black before the media found out he was Conservative…And many In Prince George’s. County around D.C. Have freed themselves from the Biden shackles of Dependency on the Democrats. These stories are not told by the so called moral leaders of Blackdumb{ Al Sharpton and his ilk) the Blacks are slaves to themselves the successful blacks are not heard, and they would be the best role models …but the media and Father Obama should develop more Bal..LS……courage , and show the values that lead to success like there own life stories and provide moral leadership. Currently leadership is in “the Shadows”

        • daniel bostdorf

          You cut and pasted this from your post august 14th last year…

          • Leftout

            I could not have said it any better, and less passionately.

  • docb

    No they are not!..LOOK at ALL the VOTER suppression LAWS they have enacted and the anti-Immigration laws they push for… And ANTI _WOMEN AS WELL!

  • charles king

    Dr. King also said ” We can all play and be ignorant of the fact but We are all in this canoe together, and if you want to play games with your Democracy then we all will Drown”, Not in those same words as Dr. King said, but You do get the message. I advise all America to take a good long look at Plutocracy in small towns America because there is Where? the Plutocracts are in control and they are buying up or taking the Peoples assets and changing them into private assets and they are getting away with it the racists are riding the coat-tails of these Public officals Who? have used MONIES to buy and shut up The Public Who? aren’t taking care of their Democracy. Wake Up people YOU Are Under Seize by Plutocracts. Check-out Webster’s DICT. Plutocracts and find out What? they are all about, and they are coming from all over the world with their MONIES because they think your Democracy is For SALE. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    • daniel bostdorf

      Interesting take on the article…

  • daniel bostdorf

    Silence of the conservatives. Sounds like a movie title for another “horror story” that Anthony Hopkins would star in….not as Hannibal Lector….but as Rand Paul.

    Pitts is right on target with this: “The silence they preach is not golden. It is poison. It is moral cowardice.”

    Pitts also wrote a devastatingly honest article (that should be read as well) this past August titled: Living in a time of moral cowardice…..Quote: “More galling, it is an era of such cognitive incoherence that conservatives — acolytes of the ideology against which King struggled all his life — now routinely claim ownership of his movement and kinship with his cause……When he was under fire for questioning the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for instance, Sen. Rand Paul wanted it known that he’d have marched with King had he been of age. And he probably believes that. But what people like Paul fail to grasp is that the issues against which African Americans railed in 1963 were just as invisible to some of us back then as the issues of 2013 are to some of us right now. They did not see the evil of police brutality in ’63 any more than some of us can see the evil of mass incarceration now. They did not see how poll taxes rigged democracy against black people then any more than some of us can see how Voter ID laws do the same thing now…..So there’s fake courage in saying, “I would have been with Martin then.” Especially while ignoring issues that would press Martin now…..No, being there took — and still takes — real courage, beginning with the courage to do what some of us are too cowardly, hateful, stubborn or stupid to do: see what is right in front of your face.”

    read all here:

    And now a paragraph from the conservative GOP’s and Rand Paul’s hero the evil to the core Ayn Rand.

    “Moral cowardice is the necessary consequence of discarding morality as inconsequential. It is the common symptom of all intellectual appeasers. The image of the brute is the symbol of an appeaser’s belief in the supremacy of evil, which means—not in conscious terms, but in terms of his quaking, cringing, blinding panic—that when his mind judges a thing to be evil, his emotions proclaim its power, and the more evil, the more powerful.”— taken from “Altruism as Appeasement,” The Objectivist, Jan. 1966 by Ayn Rand

    Rising about all of this “silence of the conservatives” is Dr. King who told us to do something and not appease those with “moral cowardice.”

    “Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism. With this powerful commitment we shall boldly challenge the status quo and unjust mores, and thereby speed the day when “every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low, and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain…..A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.”

  • But when Herman Cain complains that Democrats spent the holiday attacking black people (even though A) only three black people were attacked, and B) they were attacked for being psychotic, not for being black), the G.O.P. can’t get enough of it.

    The truth is something we’ve all known from the start: Obama can’t even fart without them accusing him of reverse racism.

    For them to be satisfied, he would not only have to stop mentioning race ever, he would also have to figure out a way for him to stop being black altogether.

  • Lynda Groom

    When it is perceived to be convenient they will pull the race card yet again. Their track record has shown that over and over again. Of course they will start off with ‘I’m not being racist, but.’

  • holyreality

    The “new racism” is calling a conservative “racist”. So let’s just play nice and not be thugs.