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Monday, October 24, 2016

The bad news is that Florida screwed up another big election.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter this time.

By now, we Floridians have stoically accepted our laughingstock role in the electoral college. To comedy writers, we’re the gift that keeps on giving. What would Jon Stewart and David Letterman do without us?

We are the Joke State.

And, by a stroke of good fortune, it’s much easier to smile today than it was 12 years ago.

Gov. Rick Scott should send a bushel of oranges to every voter in Ohio as thanks for getting Florida off the hook, and sparing the nation from another Bush v. Gore debacle.

The 2012 presidential race was basically over on Election Tuesday when precincts in Cleveland and other key areas began reporting. President Obama’s victory was announced shortly after 11 p.m., while many Miami voters were still waiting in long lines.

To their honor, lots of them stayed and voted anyway.

On Wednesday, Floridians awoke to learn that thousands of ballots remained uncounted in Miami-Dade and several other counties. As the sorting process dragged into Thursday, we all began hearing from friends and relatives living in normal places where elections are conducted without scandal or farce.

Whether it was a text, email or phone call, the gist of the inquiry was the same:

What is wrong with your state?

CBS asked me the same question, and all I could say was, “It’s a freak show.”

Yes, Florida’s ballot was ridiculously long, stacked with dense Constitutional amendments.

Yes, exceptionally long poll lines were made worse by the Legislature’s decision to cut the early-voting period from 14 days to eight days. It was one of several Republican strategies to stifle turnout in the cities, and it backfired.

And yes, Gov. Scott could have made the election go smoother if he hadn’t refused to extend polling hours for early voting. However, there was scant chance of the governor lifting a finger to help urban Hispanics or African-Americans cast ballots, because they often vote Democrat.

  • Florida’s claim to fame maybe assured, but lets not let Arizona off the hook either. Hundreds of thousands of votes not yet counted and a handful of congressional seats yet to be determined. In fact there are enough votes in doubt that the Senatorial decision is again and open question. Our systems, or actually a lack of one, is a national embarrassment. The world is watching and shaking its head in disbelief. American, the world largest democracy apparently unable, or unwilling, to clean up its own house while preaching to the rest of the world. Shame on those responsible.

    • GeorgeRupp

      The world’s largest democracy? Is your remark intended to be part of Florida’s farce?

    • Let Them Keep Talking The More They Talk The More They Are Making The People Mad And The More People Get Mad The More They Vote!! Look Out Thugs We Are Coming Back For More Of You In 2014!! Just Keep On Talking!!! LOL

      • What’s up with cap on every word ??????

        • My Statements My Way It’s Just That Simple!!!!!! It’s Call Freedom Of Speech!! Now What??

          • Zooli

            Fern I Find It Takes More Coordination To Type This Way. They Are Jealous Of You Physical Prowess.

            Amadal–There is a reason for that, but we all know they didn’t get away with it this time!

          • count my like too, fern. 11,534

          • Thank You My Friend !! 🙂

          • Jim Lou

            You might have freedom but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have netiquette.

          • You Can STFU Talking To Me!! Asswipe!!

      • CPANewYork

        Use lower case, except for proper nouns and the start of sentences.

        • Mind Your Business And Just Keep It Moving!!! More Sour Grapes From The Losers!! LOL It Also Got Your Attention Didn’t It!! LOL Just Keep It Moving!! Just In Case You Have A Problem Reading M Y S T AT E M E N T, M Y W A Y ! ! ! !

          • CPANewYork

            I didn’t lose. I voted for Obama. I just think thatv your postings look goofy.

          • Why In The Hell You Think You Can Tell Me What To Do, Raise Your Own Kids, I’m A Grown Woman I Write The Way I Want To Write!! You Don’t Like It Just Keep It MOVING!!! A Least I Know How To Spell!! LOL CPANew York Comments 24 With 8 Likes LOL You Need To Shut Up And Try To Catch Up FOOL Fern Woodfork 2010 Comments 11,491 Likes!! You Don’t Even Get One Like To Each Of Your Comments !! SCREW YOU!! FOOL!!! YOU THE ONE WHO LOOKS GOOFY!! Teach And Raise Your Own Kids!!! I’m GROWN!! 11,506 And Still Growing LOL

          • CPANewYork

            I rest my case.

          • harriet

            CPA lady – handwriting, cursive, spelling accuracy, grammar, swear words, blah, blah were all left in the 20th century (unless of course you’re writing a cover letter for a job).

            Seems your annoyance can likely be traced to something more personal than Fern’s comments. Like her writing or not, her point is spot on and you should respect that in this type of forum.

            Either that, or you really are a CPA!

          • Jim Lou

            The point isn’t whether or not she is spot on. The point is that she loses people when she rants and raves all the time.

            Effective communications, either written or oral, is just that. If I can’t understand what you are saying then what you are saying is lost.

          • BYE BYE!! BULLY!! I Hope I Lost Your Ass And The CPA!! Just Keep It Moving You Thugs Are Worst Than The Trolls!!!

          • Zooli

            You like Fern don’t you, just don’t know how to tell her. Lighten up CPA, I think she likes you too!

          • Jim Lou

            I just liked your post.

          • Zooli

            G O! F E R N!!!!!!

          • Jim Lou

            Why do you suppose that anybody that comments on your posting is a loser?

          • A Loser And A Bully You Are Two Of A Kind!!! Loser Cause You Think You Can Tell Grown People What They Can Do SCREW YOU!!!

        • BDD1951

          Let Fern alone. This is her thing. Why do you care?

          • CPANewYork

            Her comments are difficult to read because of her indiscriminate use of capital letters and strange grammar. If you don’t care, why do you bother to post comments?

          • Zooli

            I think you love her.

          • I like Fern’s comments for the content, not the grammar, punctuation or “Political Correctness”. Really, just read them, like them or don’t like them and move on.

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        • That is all right. That is our one and only Fern. She does it deliberately to arouse what us social psychologists call “cognitive dissonance”. And then people do read her posts to figure out just what in the hell she is trying to say. Now Fern may even understand the following: “Voelker, hoert die Signale bis zum letzten Gefecht, die Internationale schuuetzt das Menschenrecht.” Do you?

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          • CPANewYork


          • Zooli

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            tac so meekey

        • Sounds like a CPA. Dot the “i” instead of letting people vote. Look at the big picture.

          • CPANewYork

            Precision is important if you want to communicate clearly. The “big picture,” as you put it, is meaningless unless it’s composed of well understood limited scope scenarios. All too frequently, “big picture” is just a euphemism for fuzzy thinking.

            Your comment regarding my “letting people vote” is a good example of fuzzy thinking. What is the connection between letting people vote and my comment that starting every word with a capital letter is poor communication?

          • For One Thing You Can’t Tell Me How To Fucking Write!!! Get Your Ass Some Business Fool!!!You Tommy Tucker And No Other Mother Fucker Going To Make Me Change Suck It Up And Keep It Moving Fool!!! All You Up Tight People Can Take A Long Walk On A Short Cliff!!! Cause Now I’m About To Rip You A New One !!! Leave Me Alone!!! Raise Your Kids!!! I’m A Grown Woman!!! I Voted For Obama To Keep The GOP/Tea Party From Telling Me What I Can And Can’t Do!!! You Sure Act Like One Of The American Taliban Members!!!! FUCK OFF!!!

      • idamag

        Fern, Many people, waiting in line to vote in Florida, said that Rick Scott’s attempt to keep them from voting made them more determined.

        • Same Here They Worked On ALL States To Stop People From Voting With The LONG LINES!!!

          • onedonewong

            Where there were long lines the only constant were the number of illegals and colored who couldn’t read the ballot

      • zeldaq

        RIGHT ON, fern

      • onedonewong

        No doubt Mexico held their polls open for 3 days so all the illegals in the US could vote for barak

        • johninPCFL

          It’d be really good if they did.

          Of course, none of those votes made any difference. Except to you.

          • onedonewong

            It was what changed the results in the battle ground states. Seeing as how all the polling show them solidly for Romney. So its no doubt the election was STOLEN once again

          • johninPCFL

            You should run with that. Find somebody to sue or something.

            Maybe You should call Don Trump and Orly Taitz. They’ve both got nothing to bitch and whine about now. You could all have a circle-jerk together.

          • onedonewong

            So you agree that barack and the dem’s stole the election??? Barak received more votes in Cleveland than there were register voters. In Pittsburgh and Philly more than 40 polling locations recorded 0 votes for Romney.
            And yet no mention in the state run media wonder why???

          • johninPCFL

            Sure he did. It’s easy to make stuff up.

            Here, I’ll try: Romney got 300,000,000 votes and the Dems threw them all away to elect Barak using Latinos they trucked in across the border in Waco.

            Wow, that was easy.

          • onedonewong

            So your denying the voter fraud that has been show so far??/ One can only hope that barak is impeached just like Nixon’s dirty tricks

          • johninPCFL

            Sure, all 85 cases over the last decade. But, if you believe Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. that fraud MUST have been rampant, then put your money where your mouth is and go hire an attorney.

            Or, like the rest of the losers, just keep whining and bitching about it.

          • onedonewong

            There was more than 85 cases in Philly this Nov

          • johninPCFL

            Link it, brown eyes.

          • onedonewong

            Try the PA inquirer where 85 polling locations has 0 votes for Romney an impossibility

          • johninPCFL


            Your opinion carries no weight brown eyes.

          • onedonewong

            I just did

          • johninPCFL

            A made-up comment from a mystery rag isn’t a link.

            Nice try brown eyes.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Actually, I believe that the world’s largest democracy would be India.

    • AMADAL

      Anyone notice thee states having the most problems counting votes are Repukelican led? Just saying!

    • johninPCFL

      India is the world’s largest democracy with a population over three times that of the US.

  • bcarreiro

    repatative republicans are the joke. time to get to whats real …this country. if you like obama or not your duty is to the people not just a selected few(cause im rich). florida likes to pull the strings just like jeb bush did for his brother. the all who u know system and not what u know. gov rick scott and all his kings men couldnt get romney/ryan in the lead my friend. maybe if we all go off the fiscal cliff the republican party would know what it is to be a middleclass citizen and would have to actually work for a living. Do they live to work or work to live?……………….neither.

  • This is what happens when people like Rick Scott, the founder and former CEO of Columbia HCA, the company found guilty of MEDICARE fraud and given the largest fine in U.S. history, rise to positions of responsibility instead of paying for what they do. What has been happening in Florida and Arizona is embarrassing. They are making what was once considered a bastion of freedom and democracy look like a Banana Republic. Let’s hope we stop volunteering to oversee elections in Third World countries, laughter attacks can be lethal.

    • The Fact That Watching Those Overseas Elections Gave Them The Ideal That They Can Turn America Into Just Another Third World Country!! 🙁 Good Morning Dominick Glad To See You Up And Around My Friend!!! 🙂

      • The right to vote goes to the very heart of democracy. To deny that right is not only anti-American, it’s despicable in that it diminishes my country.

    • sigrid28

      I second this, along with Fern. In addition to disfunction within Florida and Arizona, we should hold up Ohio and Pennsylvania as examples of the most blatant GOP designs on voter suppression.

      Here in Iowa, on a local scale, it seems that nepotism and cronyism within political parties has put many weak links in the election management chain, and neither party cares enough about merit to put competent people in office. A small army of con men and women then prey on these witless election officials and are impossible to eradicate. They screw up one mailing and then screw up the mailing sent out to correct the problems set in motion by the first mailing. It would be funny if the welfare of other human beings were not at stake. The introduction of college-aged workers and young adult leaders working for the Obama campaign inspired even more mean-spirited tribalism and antics–on both sides. So I have to conclude that it would be best if the elections were not controlled locally or on a state level. Federal guidelines are probably the introduce fairness in a system primed to perpetuate injustice.

      When I was calling voters in swing states on the Barack Obama, I was surprised to hear how many have a family tradition of going to vote at their polling places on Election Day. As with the excellent Souls to the Polls tradition on Sundays before elections, the GOP that claims to have such reverence for family values thinks nothing of making these uniquely American customs practically impossible to endure. Federal guidelines would support these practices which give elections in our country their unique character without obliterating the point of them.

      • latebloomingrandma

        India and Iraq use fingerprinting to “sign in” when voting. Nationally, we could have an electronic fingerprinting system. Once in the system, you’re legal, can vote only once an election, and no chance of voting when you’re dead. For all the high tech stuff in this country, why should another country get ahead of us on this?

    • Zooli

      I know! Rick S. doesn’t want to change the Med payment structure because him & his lovelies know how to bilk it best as it stands. The new comes with NEW OVERSITE. Ricky not like that. (this comment is in response to the Columbia HCA statement, I don’t know it came up down here.)

  • patrick wager-Felix

    Rick Scott is an EVIL man. Rick’s blood is inseperably tainted with racism. Rick is NOT a smart fellow. He is academically WEAK. Some of these fools would have extreme difficulties in their death beds.
    Gog bless America1

    • Rick Scott Just Knew That Crap Of His Would Get Romney The Win!! Like I Sad Let Them Keeping On Talking While We Get Ready To Do MORE HOUSE CLEAN And Rick Scott May Find Himself On Our To Do List!!! Rick Scott Looks Like A Evil E.T He Wont Have To Phone Home We Will Send Him Home To Stay!!!LOL

    • Tom_D44

      Patrick, you just said a whole lot of nothing mixed with a whole lot of obvious hate. I would be curious, however, to know what you think he has done that was evil and what he has failed to do for the state. But please give me some specifics and not just the typical democratic talking points. And I am truly not trying to be antagonistic here. I just want to know.

      • Look at the facts you damn FOOL. Get your head out of Hannity’s AZZ and you will know how sick Scott and the TALIPUBLICANS are. Those [email protected] did everything in their power to steal the election.Plain and simple; they are CRIMINALS.

        • Tom_D44

          Because there is absolutely no fraud in elections that happens on your side? Really? I suppose that bussing homeless people in from the streets and giving them money to vote for Obama is completely ethical? I suppose the black panthers sitting outside of polling stations intimidating people and the DOJ doing nothing about it is just fine? Because the ends justify the means right? Moron. And I suppose that to have someone bring in a person to register and vote all at the same time with nothing more than another person to vouch for his identity is just fine for you so long as it benefits your side. But ask someone to have an ID to vote – thats a crime and the governer of that state is a criminal? You can speculate with your buddies from the MEMO all day long but you are a hypocrite Jerry.

          You can’t have it both ways and thats what you guys do all the time. Voter fraud? There is none except when the republicans do it. Right. I think you are the one who needs to wake up and realize that you are being played by your own side and have been for years. Start thinking for yourself and stop listening to your own propaganda sources. I can’t verify, personally, any voter fraud on the left or right and neither could you – because we didn’t see it. And I wouldn’t speculate on whether it would have made any difference on this election either – but I would be naive to think that it doesn’t exist on both sides. And that is why the real problem is politics itself and the corruption within it. And as soon as you all realize that your side is just as corrupt as the other side the sooner you will all realize that real change will start with the political system itself and the way it manipulates the people with the help of the media.

      • CPANewYork

        What has bullethead Rick Scott done wrong? Let’s see. Oh yeah, he headed a health insurance company that was convicted of medicare fraud and received the biggest fine in history. What else? I believe that he cut the early voting hours to discourage minorities from voting.

        What else? I’m not sure, but I think that he’s basically a typical big business scumbag who should be in jail instead of the governor’s seat. Then again, considering the extent of corruption in Florida, he may be just the right man for the job as governor of Florida.

        • Tom_D44

          So once again, I ask, what has Scott done as governor of Florida that has been evil and what has he failed to do for the state – without using democratic talking points. I didn’t ask what anyone thought of his business background as that is irrelevant and purely speculative based on where you are coming from. If he was a criminal then he would be in jail. Since he is not in jail then we have to assume that whatever wrongdoing he had been involved with was not as clear as you would have it made out to be. Regardless, he is done campaigning and dealing with smear attacks and is now running the state.

          So can you tell me specifically what you didn’t like that he did? You think he implemented voter id laws just to suppress minority voters? You are welcome to your opinion and of course it is just that – an opinioin, just as the Memo is. There is no proof that this was done for voter suppression – only speculation from the left in order to rile up their base. I happen to think that it is very reasonable to produce an ID to vote and I don’t want to suppress anyone from voting. But I am curious to know why you have so little faith in minorities to be able to get themselves ID’s? Do you think they are incapable of doing this? Do you think they are stupid people? Do you think they are too lazy to go out and get it done properly? Are you a racist? I would hope not. I have seen multiple interviews of minority folks who didn’t see any problem getting themselves ID’s and supported those initiatives fully. Why is that such a big deal to you? What else do you have a problem with? Did you disagree with him on not taking the money for light rail? Fair enough although I could dabate that issue with the facts that showed it was going to cost much more than projected and that Gov Scott seriously considered it until his local business backers, who were ready to invest, decided they would do so only if the State assumed all the downside risk of securing the loans and the costs. Did you disagree with him because his administration is involved with the law suit against Obamacare? Fair enough, but there are many people in this country that don’t believe in the effectiveness of that legislation – are they all evil or do they just disagree with you? What else? Do you disagree with him on how he has handled the state budget? The state seems to be doing a lot better financially then, let’s say, California. No IOU’s being handed our around here. Please tell me what he has done that has been so outrageously evil for the state of Florida short of governing from the center right which was his mandate when he was elected? That is what you call it when you barely eek out a victory with a 50%-49% result – right? A mandate?

          • CPANewYork

            I told you what he’s done wrong: he headed a company that committed medicare fraud and paid the biggest fine in history. I told you that he tried to prevent democratic voters from voting.

            He’s a good example of a fascist. In my opinion, he is unfit to occupy a governor’s chair. A jail cell would be a better fit.

          • Tom_D44

            So it’s back to the old “buck stops here” threory. Rick Scott was the president of the company and the company was fined with fraud. Therefore, it had to have been Rick Scott who master minded the whole fraud scheme right? Not anyone else in the company right? I am not defending Rick Scott here but rather playing devils advocate because on a much bigger scale, and with trillions of dollars at stake, and now 4 American lives lost in Benghazi, you don’t seem to hold Obama as accountable for the actions or inactions of his own administration. Why is that so?

            As to the rest of my post, I would still like to hear something constructive that Rick Scott did to the state of Florida that was either so wrong or so evil.

  • atc333

    Had Scott not cut the days for early voting, he might have been able to pull it off. Unfortunately, the blatant crude attempts of Scott and the GOP to suppress the vote in Florida simply demonstrates why we need Federally legislated National standards for voting in Federal issue elections. Likewise, the office of Secretary of State, and those of lesser election officials should be non partisan.

  • nobsartist

    Scott and the secretary of state should go to prison as an example of what happens when you screw around with voting rights and access.

    We need new federal laws to prevent this abuse and hold the people accountable who participate in it.

    • idamag

      Nobs, absolutely, the right to vote should be held sacred and we do need laws to protect it. If they want to make sure every registered voter should be franchised, they would be doing that now. Purging should be against the law. The polls should be available long enough for everyone to vote if that means more early voting. No one should be allowed to accost voters who are in line waiting to vote.

      • grammyjill

        Then we should all write letters to the Supreme Court. They are hearing arguments in Feb. to possibly overturn the voting rights act of 1965.

    • Zooli

      You are so right. I wonder if you know how right you are?

    • grammyjill

      And Hustad in Ohio.

  • Mimi2kool

    Scott tried everything he could do to suppress the Democratic vote, and it backfired on him big time. Serves him right. And Obama still won the popular vote and electoral vote.

  • Scot’s “we did the rigth thing” remark is so ridiculous, no middle school student would accept it. They are far more educated than that. As for Arizona, they have this idiotic sheriff that thinks demeaning people is the “way to go.” Just like Romney. If any one of you thinks forcing people to do things is the right way, then God have mercy on your soul because I sure won’t. Honoring people is what decent, educated people do. You will never see the governor of FL honor anyone but his buddies in the GOP.l He did everything he could to deny people the rgith to vote. THAT IS A FACT. He should be removed from office NOW.

    • He will be removed in the next election. Scott has no problem telling lies which seems to be the primary talent of the GOP.

      • Lying Is Their Motto!! LOL It Only Works On The Dumb , Stupid And The Racist People Out Here!!! LOL As You Can See We Out Number Them !! LOL

    • idamag

      ignore, he can’t be smart enough to be a sheriff. He is a birther.

  • Perhaps it is time to get rid of that despicable governor! He had a big hand in voter suppression! How much did it cost Florida to keep counting those votes days after the end of the election and to keep the polls open so that everyone who had the right to vote could? As far as I can see, Governor Scott is a black eye on the state of Florida, so, why keep him in office? He will only do this again when he gets the chance in the next election- midterms, another presidential election! He should be investigated by the Justice Department and charged with voter suppression!

    Ohio is another terrible shameful state – Husted needs to go and he also need to be investigated! Voters -you stood in line to demand your right to vote, now dump the despicable elected officials who would deny you!

    • Criminals like Scott & his gang as well as that bunch of criminal in Ohio got elected because Democrats took an election (2010) off. let’s start working today and prepare to clean house in the mid-term elections.

    • idamag

      Maggie, trying to supress the vote, or interfering with it, in any way should be a federal crime.

    • johninPCFL

      Florida has no recall statute. He can only be tossed out on his bald head in the next election.

  • Is Florida’s State Song Swanee River? Stephen Foster wrote that song before Lincoln was President of the United States. It says a lot about Florida. Do Floridians want to hold on to pre-Civil War 19th century ideals?

    • CPANewYork

      Stephen Foster was from Pittsburgh and never visited the South. If he had visited the South, he may not have been so motivated to write the saccharin lyrics about that hellhole that he did.

  • jstsyn

    How in the world could Florida put Scott, a convicted Medicare thief, in the governors mansion? Do they read the news at all or look into a candidate before voting?

    • CPANewYork

      Florida rednecks can’t read.

    • idamag

      jst, judging from some of them that were interviewed during the Haily Cumming’s case, I don’t think some of them can read.

  • SeekingOut

    Both times the debacle was under a Republican Attorney General and Governor. Seems to me that the solution is real simple. Isn’t Rick Scott up for re-election in 2014?

    • CPANewYork

      The Florida rednecks and asshole retirees elected him once, so why would he not be re-elected?

  • This ought to be investigated with some indictments and Rick Scott ought to be in jail and ousted from being governor. The rightwing tried every where in the swing states to use voter suppression but especially in Florida. The republican party has truly become a joke.

  • Eagle05

    With a governor labeled as one of the 15 most corrupt politicians in the land it is hard to find comic relief in politics until it comes time to elect a president and Florida gets to count its voters’ ballots. The comedy all started with the cleansing of registered voters. All those falsely registered citizens, my my. The next act was the compressing of early voting concluded by the quick tally lasting 4, 5, 6 – are you guys finished yet? – days. Well, my political angst is much relieved. I hope it lasts until Georgia’s next goobernatorial elections up heah.

  • FredAppell

    The real story here is that America is supposed to be the worlds leading example of how to run national elections. Oops!

  • msrita

    When Gore its was hanging chads. Next electronic Voting which should be illegal.

    Floridians Vote him out of Office when you get a chance.

    The sad part was he tried to keep blacks and hispanics.

  • old_timer_37

    It is clear to me that Florida’s voting problems were deliberate efforts by the Republican Legislature and the Governor to supress minority voting. The shorter hours and long lines affected Metropolitan areas more than the small towns and rural areas where the concentrations of red neck Republicans was greater. The new voter ID laws introduced in several states by Republican Legislatures are further efforts to frustrate the votes of the poor, minorities and elderly who statistically favor the Democratic Party.

    Its time we set national standards for voting and for redistrictng. (The House majority is a consequence of Republican gerrymandering after the 2010 census… not a vote for a split government… the majority of voters voted for House Democrats.)

    At this time, the Republican Party has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it can, legal, shady and illegal, to maintain power including buying votes and intimidating voters. The Democratic Party has done similar things in the past, though not quite so well organized across the nation.

    We need party-neutral national standards and procedures for redistricting, for voter identification and for voting processes which make it uniformly easy to vote.

    In Oregon, for example we vote by mail in the comfort of our homes. This system has been in place for more than a decade, makes it easy for every registered voter, and has a miniscule fraud rate. It could easily be a national model for voting processes. The checks and balances within the process are worthy of the finest quality control procedures in manufacturing.

    • Dukester

      You won’t see federal oversight of elections any time soon. Might be unconstitutional anyway. But all it takes is for the state legislatures to enact laws – perhaps like Oregon’s – to improve the system. Our Democrat legislators must step up & at least introduce these measures. Let the Repubs try & vote them down & look like obstructionists.

  • CPANewYork

    Is the governor of Florida really as big an asshole as he appears to be?

    • Yes.

      • CPANewYork

        I thought so.

    • Bigger. Scott is really a CRIMINAL and should be in prison. It is strange that Floridans can justify imprisoning a kid for a few joints but elect a CREEP (Scott) to be Govonor. Scott defrauded Medi care out of hundreds of millions dollars.

      • idamag

        Jerry, talk about being on the take for government money.

    • Cali_Gali

      This must be a rhetorical question… :o)~

      • CPANewYork

        No, really I want to know.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Yes he is.

  • jonweed

    I lived in Florida for way too many years, almost 30 in all and I finally escaped to NYC late last year. My wife and I could not be any happier. On election day I went to vote, but was a little anxious and unsure of what the conditions would be like, so I went way early in case of lines.

    I guess I had lived in Florida far too long…

    As I said, I got to my polling place hours early, worried about parking and long lines. My polling place was in an elementary school so I was even more worried about parking. I pulled in and grabbed the first spot I could find. 15 seconds down.

    I walked to the front doors, saw a nice sign with large arrow pointing to another set of doors at the end of the building to enter for voting. I walked down and entered, making a mental note of the numerous and abundant empty parking spaces directly in front of the polling place. 1 minute 45 seconds down.

    The room had about 8 voting booths with curtains around them and at least two workers as you walked in to help and answer questions. I told the worker my address and he pointed me to the right precinct table. 2 minutes down… SERIOUSLY!!!

    I went to my table and they could not find my name. I showed them my voter registration card and drivers license and they gave me an affidavit envelope and a ballot to vote. They explained that my name wasn’t there yet because I had just registered to vote in late July, but it would definitely be on their list for the mid-terms. 4 minutes 30 seconds down.

    I went in to vote and filled out the affidavit envelope in about 45 seconds. The ballot was ONE HALF OF ONE SIDE OF PAPER!!!!! Simply divided horizontally by the various parties and office. On the top line from left to right, were all the Democratic candidates, for all the races, from the presidential to the congressional seats. I joyfully filled in the ovals with my pen. 5 minutes 45 seconds down.

    I took my envelope with ballot safely sealed inside back to my precinct table, where it was put in a large, heavy duty bag with a huge lock on it. The volunteers and I chatted for a minute and they all assured me again that my name would be on the generated list next election and thanked me for voting.

    Total time to vote, including walking time from my car and a brief chat at the end, 7 minutes 45 seconds… give or take a few seconds.

    Yes Florida is a huge, pathetic, but very deliberate joke.

    BUT… AND THIS IS THE HUGE BUT!!! The joke is on the voters of Florida because they elected an ultra right-wing, tea party conservative governor who is hell-bent on doing what he sees as his duty to the party by doing all he can to keep minorities from being able to vote. Rick Scott does not give a damn about Florida or its voters. He only cares about his profile in the party and he wanted desperately to be “the Gov. that delivered Florida for Mitt Romney”. Damn all the poor voters that had to suffer for hours, stand in that wind and rain and loose time from work.

    I don’t understand why none of the articles I have read about this fiasco have NOT called out Rick Scott as being TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS!!!! Or pointed out the fact that …



    GOOD LUCK!!!!


  • Cali_Gali

    “Hilariously” accurate article! Im a current Florida resident (a displaced Los Angelino) and Ive NEVER seen anything like the stupidity of Florida. Oooohhhh how I wish I could go back home!! In the meantime, I live among the ding-a-lings! Touche’

    • idamag

      Gali, I guess I got my opinion of Floridians in two high profile cases involving children. One was the Haily Cummings case and the people they interviewed on television. The other was when the evidence was overwhelming and I guess the only thing the jury would accept is a movie of Casey Anthony killing her child – they acquitted her.

      • Cali_Gali

        Hey Mags, Since I dont know what “your opinion” of Floridians is, I can only presumme what it is, since you’ve referenced two (of many MANY) cases involving the death of innocent little tots. (sad face)

        Ive been in this pathetic state 12 years (and thats 12 years too long) hoping things would get better little by little….but it just doesnt. Its actually become SO MUCH WORSE, since Obama (huge smile) came into office because of the divide in the races. Not only is racism alive and well as an entree’, but the entire issue of separatism is also served with every meal, as a side dish!

        I can hardly wait for the day I can move back to the civilized world…another few years to go and Im OUTTIE!!!

  • ObozoMustGo

    The facts are starting to come out about Obozo’s fraud machine and how it likely tipped the election in his favor. Hat tip to Rachel Alexander at Townhall. Go there for the many links to evidence that are embedded herein, but are disabled for this posting.

    I have no doubt that some of you leftist freaks who are reading this right now have participated in voter fraud, but are too chicken to admit it.

    Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud
    Rachel Alexander
    November 11, 2012

    There were many factors that hurt Mitt Romney and favored Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The Democrats portrayed Romney in the worst light possible; as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who wanted to return women to the 1800’s. The left wing media predictably did everything it could to perpetuate that false caricature. Obama’s race was an advantage; voters of all persuasions, particularly minorities, still cannot get over the allure of the first black president. The 47% of Americans on welfare were predisposed to vote for the food stamp president over Romney, wanting the free goodies to keep on giving, despite the long-term unsustainability.

    In spite of those odds, polls indicated that Romney was going to win the election. The economy is close to Great Depression era conditions, and unemployment is almost as high as when Obama entered office. Economic conditions became so dire after Obama took office it prompted the rise of an entire new movement, the Tea Party. Presidents rarely win reelection when the economy is in the tank.

    So how did Romney lose a race that numerous reputable polls and pundits predicted would be an easy win, based on historical patterns? The most realistic explanation is voter fraud in a few swing states. According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio’s Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio’s 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.

    The inflated numbers can’t just reflect voters who have moved, because the average voting registration level nationwide is only 70%. The vast majority of voters over the 70% level are not voting because they want to, they are voting because someone is getting them to cast a vote, one way or another. Those 31 counties are most likely the largest counties in Ohio, representing a majority of Ohio voters. This means the number of votes cast above the 70% typical voter registration level easily tops 100,000, the margin Obama won Ohio by.

    Videographer James O’Keefe, known for his undercover videos exposing left wing fraud, caught a Virginia Democratic Congressman’s son on video in October explaining how to commit voter fraud. Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran, told O’Keefe’s videographer that in order to make a vote for someone else, you’d need two pieces of identification, such as a utility bill, explaining, “they can fake a utility bill with ease, you know?” He went on to advise the videographer that he should also call the voter and pretend to be a polling company in order to make sure the voter isn’t intending to vote. He said that Democrat attorneys would be located in the polling places to assist him if challenged casting one of these illegal votes.

    In another video, O’Keefe’s videographer tells a DNC staffer from Obama’s Organizing for America that she intends to vote in both Texas and Florida. The staffer laughs and says, “It’s cool.” The staffer then prints out a voter registration form for the undercover videographer and advises her on what to do if she gets caught.

    These are just the known instances of attempted voter fraud. How many instances occurred that were not discovered? Obama’s Organizing for America looked up voters in swing states – many who would not have bothered voting otherwise – and got them to vote. How did they get them to vote? They may have given them rides to the polls, they may have offered to fill out and return their ballots for them, or they may have voted ballots for the ones who were not going to vote.

    Many on the left believe there is nothing wrong with committing fraud in order to ensure Obama’s reelection. It is a common tenet on the left that the ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky, the 1960’s radical who inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, taught community organizers like Obama that dishonesty is acceptable if it achieves your political goals. And when caught, Alinsky teaches radicals to deny the wrongdoing and change the topic to put their accusers on the defensive. One Obama supporter brazenly posted on Facebook that he was voting four times for Obama, asserting that the ends justify the means.

    Aiding Obama’s win was a devious suppression of the conservative vote. The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes.

    Voter fraud has been in the works for years. At least 52 employees of the left wing group ACORN have been convicted of voter registration fraud. ACORN itself was convicted of the crime of “compensation,” paying its registration canvassers bonuses to exceed their quotas. In 2008, 36% of ACORN’s voter registrations were invalidated. Left wing political pundit Chris Matthews admitted last year that pretending to call someone from a polling company, then voting their ballot for them, has been happening in big cities since the 1950’s. He admitted he knows that kind of voter fraud takes place in Philadelphia.

    Strong-arming people into voting who really have no desire to vote undermines our form of government. People do not choose to vote because they are uninformed about the issues and candidates, are lazy, cynical, or are content with the status quo. Voting someone else’s ballot for them is cheating the system and essentially giving yourself two votes.

    When people claim that Obama won because the economy was improving, or because Americans generally think he is doing a good job, it is not true. He won through dishonest methods and rhetoric. Many of the votes cast in the swing states were cajoled, some legally and perhaps even more illegally, into supporting him. If voter fraud becomes acceptable, then maybe Donald Trump is right: it’s time for a revolution.

    Have a nice day!

    The tenth rule of the ethics of rules and means is that you do what you can with what you have and clothe it in moral arguments. …the essence of Lenin’s speeches during this period was “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.” And it was. — P.36-37 Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky – One of the most influential men on Obozo’s belief system

    • Wow! You are a long winded FOOL. Proceed to the trainer’s table, Hannity just finished a new bucket of kool-aid or should i say fool-aid.

    • CPANewYork

      Strongarming people to vote? Rachel baby, how about that son-of-a-bitch Murray, the Ohio coalmine owner who compelled his workers to attend Romney rallies or lose their jobs, only to fire almost two hundred workers anyway, because Obamacare will cost too much? He’s probably a hero of yours and OMG.

      The economy is close to depression era conditions? Sorry, that’s just not true. Even if it were true, who caused the financial debacle of 2008? It was dopey George W. Bush and his rich buddies, especially those in the investment banking industry.

      • idamag

        CPA, we could have been in a depression and it has been averted.

        • CPANewYork

          If we had sunk into a deep depression, I think we’d have noticed.

      • Landsende

        CPANew York
        Not only did Murray lay off workers but the CEO of Pap Johns is complaining he is being forced to cut workers hours to less than thirty and raise the price of his pizza’s fifteen cents because of the Affordable Care Act. His workers have always been kept under thirty hours so he wouldn’t have to pay benefits and are paid minimum wage. This is a man worth over 200 million and his own personal golf course on his estate. These business owners are using the Affordable Care Act as an excuse for their own bad behavior. My husband worked for a small manufacturing plant for thirty years and the owner believed in sharing the profits with his employees and paying good wages and benefits. He was still able to become wealthy while looking out for his employees. Today employers seem to forget care more about profits than the welfare of their employees. Maybe that is why employees feel no loyalty to these type of employers.

        • Justin Napolitano

          I don’t know about you but I am boycotting Papa Johns.

          • northroader1775

            100% boycott of papa johns, macys, dominos, chic-fill-a, all fast food, and everything you can find related to Monsanto

            We just need to get a list of all big romney backers and let them know we disapprove.

            btw everyone should go sign the dump trump petetion going around to get macys to remove him from advertizing. I think we should rally Obama supporters and boycott any business that is associated with any birther crap or any citizens united crap

    • bstockinger

      No one forced anyone to vote in any of these swing states. In fact, it looks like standing in line to insure your vote, was a favorite pastime in most of those states. The only attempted voter fraud in NV was a Republican who tried to vote twice. She got caught and was arrested. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean there was a conspiracy, it just means that people don’t agree with your view of the world. Sometimes its simply the way things are.

      • old_blu

        There was one in Oregon also she was marking ballots that were not mark with Republican candidates.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Your copy and paste machine is broke.

    • northroader1775

      He’s not long winded he just learned to cut and paste….he’s really just intellectually lazy. welcome back BOZO…thought maybe you’d had enough…but here we are again. So the first paragraph describes Mitt…rich out of touch etc…sooo that is who he is…also Obama’s race helped him…he’s half black what do you want him to do about it appologise??? this is just one more example of bubble syndrome…this is the same reason mitt looked sooo stupid when he brought up the bengazi thing…he was completely FOXED…it’s a new adjective I’m vetting it means desparately under or ill informed but rehheheheheheally sure you are right. Everytime you trot out one of your horror show diatribes that you cut and paste straight from right wing bubble world blogosphere you prove that you too are all FOXED up.

      and BTW We the people are having a nice day thanks!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Carl Hiassen, useful idiot du jour…. Funny how you leftist freaks think that anyone who works to make elections honest and valid by preventing measures of voter fraud are thought to be “supressing the vote”. How stupid can you people be? Either stupid, or you like conditions that permit voter fraud. I think prabably the latter in most cases.

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “When Obozo called the SEALs, they got Bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obozo, they got denied.” – Navy SEAL’s Facebook posting that was censored and then later uncensored

    • Good to see that a few of you CREEPS are crawling from beneth your rocks. I got news for you “OBAMA WON”.

      • idamag

        Jerry, Obozo is not an intelligent person. he just spout from hate blogs. It is best to just ignore him or her.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Come on bozo, I live in Florida and all Scott and the Republican party did was piss us off and motivated us to go to the polls and vote. Their ploy of creating a lengthy time consuming ballot, restricting early voting days and eliminating voting on the Sunday before the election backfired and they lost big.
      Some people think Scott is a criminal – his company robbed 1.8 billion from Medicare, and should be in Leavenworth not Tallahassee. He has been and continues to be the least popular Governor in Florida history.

      • ObozoMustGo

        You have just proven my point nappy. Any efforts to legitimize the ballot are called supression by you leftist freaks. Nearly 80% of Americans support voter ID and reduction of fraud, except you hardcore leftist freaks who are not honest enough about your intentions to admit that you prefer open balloting and opportunity for fraud. It’s just a fact, nappy.

        Have a nice day!

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • Sand_Cat

      Not that your insult makes any sense, but in any case, even a useful idiot is better than a useless one such as you!

  • GOP the voucher party.

  • bstockinger

    I wish that Arizona and Florida would use Nevada’s election system or a least be willing to look at how other states do this task. Nevada isn’t exactly a liberal state, but a least we seem to understand that computers can make for a more efficient government. We have electronic voting machines with a paper backup record and successful early voting (over half of us early voted). That’s more than AZ or Florida can say.
    Also, why are people so willing to believe that someone would try to vote twice and therefore we have to stop a whole lot of people from voting. Maybe, we the voters, should start to elect people that support a election system without gerrymandering and better voting processes.
    Finally, voters need to learn that non-Presidential election years matter. Too many really bad politicians get into office simply because people don’t vote in non-Presidential year elections.

  • karinursula

    I can only wonder if Florida had their Sh…t together in 2000 and Gore would have won instead of Bush.

  • Why is Rick Scott the govenor of this state. Besides being Republican, his insurance company certainly has taken more money out of the healthcare delivery system than any other single entity..

  • dianrib

    Yes Fla is a mess Early voting much shorter in an attempt to make Obama lose Well Fla -and GOP billionaires like Rove Trump lost GOP blocking everything Must stop or GOP will die off . Boo Hoo Hoo

  • oldnick2

    What you may think of Rick Scott and his administration notwithstanding, you may rest assured they are not stupid. I firmly believe that if the election had ended with Florida as a swing state as in prior election years, we would have have seen another “fixed” election. To think anything else would be an insult to their intelligence. No one can be so ignorant as to perform like this three elections in a row. I can only believe that this was a failed attempt to throw this election to the Republicans.

  • I live in FL. We were going to try and vote early but the long line discouraged us so we waited until election day. Arrived at our precinct place to vote and were greeted at the door. Ask which neighborhood we lived in as there were 3 precincts voting in 3 separate rooms in the building. We entered our room, showed our ID, signed and got our ballots. Found open voting booths, filled in the ballot pages, went to the machine……….done. No waiting. As we were leaving, others were coming. Doubt if anyone needed to wait very long. We live in a Republican area of the state…….wonder if that makes a difference?

  • That just proves when GOD is the plan, no man is able to stand!!

  • We are more than a conqueror!!

  • Dol5

    All States should allow all persons wanting to vote a valid chance to do so! No one should make it difficult for them to vote in a timely manner. It should not make a difference what their demographic, race, sex, etc is. As long as all requirements for voting are met, this means they should be allowed to vote! It is time for all people to stand up and say enough! States like Florida and Ohio should correct their ways. Once this happens, maybe we will return to THE GREAT NATION we once were. We should be ashamed of ourselves!

  • howa4x

    Until elections meet national standards we will have this partisan farce go on. The two parties shouldn’t be allowed to control elections, because both are conflict of intrest. They try to steal our rights to shift the election one way or another. Arizona is a classic example of this sham, 334,000 votes still need to be counted in Phoenix alone. Here they have done everything to deny democracy to the residents. Is it different to the voter supression used in Ohio and Penn.? Republicans stand in front of the flag and call themselves patroits until election day comes, then they become survivalists. Even Russia holds us up to ridicule. With all the technology we have, we could do this from home with computers, with password encripted votes cast. We already know how many people are registered and what address they live at, so what’s the problem. The states that have set out to deny democracy to their residents shouldn’t be allowed to display the American flag on any public building till they adhere to the requirements of free and fair elections. As of now they denegrate what has made this country great.

  • OK. We all know that there’s an election for House and Senate seats (both national and local) and maybe some other local positions in 2014. We also know that in 2016, there’s going t be another presidential election; right? So the thing for Florida to do is start planning now; start training folks to work the polls, how to use the voting machines; what to do about absentee ballots, etc. You have time Florida to order machines and/or repair old ones; plan administratively about opening up new locations, etc. You can redeem yourself Floria. Send folks for training in states that know how to conduct (free and fair) elections; California and Maryland, New York come to mind. You don’t need to sit and wait until the last minute; there’s still time. Get people who know what they doing and who are not puppets of the governor, the secretary of state or any political party. And last but not least, get a new governor and a new secretary of state in 2014 who really care about the democratic process as opposed to to the suppression of his people at the voting booth.

  • Zooli

    Amen to that Lynda.

  • Zooli

    LOL Fern Woodfork–well said! I would have liked to take a peek before you edited it–but NICE—just wonder where would he call home?

  • America voted to save the country from going backward,so lets continue the trend and get all these right wing Republicans,back in there bubble.

  • Sand_Cat

    He attempted to suppress the vote. Obviously you don’t consider that a serious problem, so why should any of us take you to be a serious commentator? And you of course give the standard Republican answer when they can’t convincingly rationalize their wrongdoing: “the other guy does it.” What happened to the party of “personal responsibility”? And while we’re at it, let’s hear the specifics of those Democratic sins, not Fox News talking points about paying people off the streets, part of their overall “Democrats need to take a bath and get a job” BS.
    Since Rick obviously had a big part in the “legal” voter fraud scheme, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that yes, he was one of the masterminds in the corporate fraud, or was aware of it and approved it.

  • onedonewong

    Amazing that every where there were problems the country election board was headed by a Democrat surprise surprise!!!
    And still no mention of 4 states that failed to mail out absentee ballots to our troops on time so they didn’t get to vote…..surprise surprise they all had democratic governors.
    and who insured that absentee ballots from all the states never arrive for our troops why that great patriot barak obama

    • northroader1775

      hey dongonewong you lost…you lost big…and you lost in every possible way. How bout you stop pointing fingers like a toddler and grow up pull on your big boy pants and either picth in and help build a future or head to china with mitt…he’ll create you a job there.

      • onedonewong

        I didn’t write the article some left wing nut did. I would pull my pants up but why should I?? I’m throwing my lot in with the other 47% who voted for barak and start living on the dole and let others support my life style

        • johninPCFL

          Good. So are you retiring on social security or joining the military and volunteering for overseas duty?

          • onedonewong

            Nope just one of the obamatrons living on 2 years woth of UI, welfare foodstamps sec 8 housing free utilities and HC. If its good enough for those who put barak in the WH I might as well join in. As barak and Peelosi said they are the ones growing the economy

          • johninPCFL

            Now you’ve identified yourself as one of the idiots who bought the whole line of Karl Rove/Kock brothers bullshit. Good luck with your future life in the Amana box out by the dump.

          • onedonewong

            Just trying to covered under barak’s big tent where no one works and live off those who do

          • johninPCFL

            Sure. Just keep drinking the kool-aid. Romney actually won, you know. They’ll be announcing it any day now. Just you wait…

          • onedonewong

            I agree when you look at the voter fraud in Ohio, FL PA and Wisconsin Romney may just win

          • johninPCFL

            Sure he did. And easily by 300,000,000 votes.

            Put your money where your mouth is and go hire a lawyer, loser.

          • onedonewong

            This is just more of the same Dem tirty tricks. Hopefully by 2014 every state will require voter ID to weed out the fraud

          • johninPCFL

            Sure. All those brown votes have to be eliminated.

            Nice call, brown eyes.

          • onedonewong

            Just the ILLEGAL ones who have no business here and are a drag on our society

          • johninPCFL

            Which, according to the chairman of the Maine GOP, is all of them.

            Nice call, brown eyes.

          • onedonewong

            there’s 20 MILLION of them

          • johninPCFL

            I heard from Rush Limbaugh that it was 250 quintzillion.

    • rl

      Your guy lost so get over it or not, President Obama will be there until 2016. If you people are not a little more careful who you nominate, the House will switch by then, and the Senate will grow more Democratic, and in 2016 we will have a new Democratic President. America does not march to the tune of the “angry white guy” who hates everyone but himself and is not so sure about him most of the time.

  • scott needs obama care for the ballot boxes///ero

  • Florida also has so many crooked businesses. That is why I don’t do business with any company from Florida. I wonder if that has something to do with all the illegals in Florida, or people that just want to do some type of business and don’t know what they are doing, or people that just want to thieve money from the older people and anyone else who lives there and the country.

  • rl

    Don’t ship them to Kansas. Kris Korbach will probably throw them all out because he did not verify the IDs (he’s the one that sees voter fraud under every rock, board, and leaf).

  • hi muffin-top. still posting, huh?

  • ridemybroom

    Florida isnt it time to get rid of people like this forever !

  • D. Hunnel

    There IS hope — whispers of “Election Reform” are surfacing, and even though concerns about preserving States’ Right of Self Determination may raise ugly heads, We The People seem to have hit a point of “Give it a break — THIS is too ridiculous to allow to continue” — particularly since it surfaced in a large handful of states where it had never been an issue before, and since, due to changing demographics, it is set to happen AGAIN in two years, all OVER the place.

    Don’t let the cockRoachublicans get a solid foothold, they may manage to make it WORSE if they get it together the NEXT time. As Rachel Maddow’s commentary about this subject mentioned, these lines, this chaos and ineffiency — this was very much On Purpose. Intentional. By Design.

    THIS time, shame on them. NEXT time, shame on US — if we LET it happen again!!

  • A freak show it was !I guessed ,spot righ,t what was behind the premedidated delay.It was meant to spring another nasty surprise in changing the result vote-this time it fizzled out and congratulations America!

  • the guy who shot trayvon should be let to put a shot in scotts head with his 9mm and the country would understand that more of why he,d do that scotts an idiot and needs to be ended get him out of office or even better out of life it self then we wouldnt have to worry of himreturning

    They are like Political dogs and should be HOUSE BROKEN