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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Joe Conason, Editor-in-Chief of The National Memo, appeared on MSNBC’s Politics Nation to discuss the current situation in Congress with Rev. Al Sharpton. Conason spoke about the need for Democrats and the president to make it clear to the American people about who is responsible for the consequences of the impending government shutdown and debt default, and how this fight is not only political to Republicans, but personal.

“They’ve ginned up an image of the president as a demonic figure among their base. There are people in the Tea Party base who believe all kinds of crazy stuff about President Obama and it does become personal that way,” he said. “And after a while the president has to take the hint and say ‘Yes, they’re trying to mess with me,’ which he said today, and I think that was right.”

Conason also reminded Republicans about the serious repercussions of letting (unwarranted) personal animus influence decisions about the nation’s financial security. “What they’re doing is not about policy, it’s not about what’s good for the country, because they know what happened the last time,” he warned. “All they have to do is look at…what happened to employment and growth the last time they played this game. If they looked at that, they’d know they must not do this.”

Watch the discussion below, courtesy of MSNBC.

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  • sigrid28

    One of the best aspects of Joe Conason’s appearance on MSNBC is that he is such a perfect surrogate for the president when it comes to making the liberal agenda resonate with voters in both parties. David Frum spent time on Bill Maher last night also, bemoaning the lousy job he thinks President Obama has done explaining Obamacare–you could tell that Frum was warming to the delicious task of spreading this old canard before Chris Hayes, another guest, put a stop to it. The fact of the matter is that President Obama, our explainer-in-chief as some have dubbed him, cannot demystify Obamacare all on his own, though he was pretty brilliant explaining the problem with a government shutdown in his speech at the Ford plant in Missouri on Friday all by his-own self. Chris Hayes argued that Obamacare would have been much more straightforward if Congress has not had to craft legislation in such a way as to appease the many private interests involved in providing medical care in this country and their lobbyists. Presidential surrogates like Conason and Hayes make it look easy, but none of us thinks that the next six weeks will be anything other than a long hard slog.

    • howa4x

      I saw Fromm on the show and thought he was shameful. It’s interesting that all these companies had benefits prior to the ACA. What they are doing is increasing their already exorbitant profits and hiding behind the law

      • sigrid28


    • Brian_pdx

      Sigrid, you are smoking some strong stuff. Keep doing it. We need people like you to continue to self-destruct, just like the republicant party.