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Friday, February 24, 2017

The longer Barack Obama is our president, the more grateful I am that I first met him as a fellow writer.

I may not always agree with him, but I never doubt that he’s thought it through. He is, by nature, a reflective man.

Learning back in 2006 that he processes life through the time-honored practice of putting pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard — led to my trusting his character even when I disagree with his politics. It’s about mindset — or, perhaps more accurately, mindfulness.

As any serious journal-keeper knows, the habit of putting words to one’s experiences forges a life of reflection. I want a president who regularly contemplates the meaning of his life and his impact on the rest of us.

Our first exchange was surely a forgettable one for Obama. He had been a U.S. senator for less than two years but was already the darling of Democrats across the nation after his speech at the 2004 convention. I met him after he flew to Cincinnati in June 2006 to speak at a fundraiser for my husband, who was running for the Senate.

I had taken a leave of absence from my job as a columnist to avoid a conflict of interest and was working on my second book. Obama was working on his second book, too, and we shared the same publisher. The similarities end there, as his first book sold millions and mine was — oh, never mind.

Nevertheless, after we sat down at the table, our conversation quickly turned to writing.

He was like many serious writers I know: cryptic in his descriptions about content but eager to talk about method. He carved out time on long flights, he said, and stole a half-hour here and an hour there. We talked briefly about his first book and how the best writing, no matter the topic, is a journey in self-discovery.

I don’t remember his exact words, but I left that day thinking Barack Obama was willing to do the hard work of excavating the twists and turns of his own life to make sense of where he was going. I’ve harked back to that conversation many times as I’ve watched him as president.

The tumultuous rollout of the website for the Affordable Care Act is indefensible. However, though I sometimes have questioned the president’s judgment, I never have doubted his character. I do not think he lied when he assured Americans that they could keep their insurance policies if they liked them. I think he miscalculated the full impact of this historic reform, which will ultimately bring affordable health care to millions of Americans who thought they’d never see that day.

I do, however, appreciate signs of his continued thoughtfulness.

11 Responses to Our President, The Writer

  1. Liking and or trusting someone because they share the same occupation as you… seems in my opinion rather silly.

    Your entitled to believe that Obama miscalculated instead of lied, I think similarly. I just think it’s silly to write an article that vouches for Obama’s character, on a chance encounter that you cannot remember perfectly.

    So the President of the United States made a great first impression, and he reasons like a writer? So?

      • As far as leadership styles are concerned I think both have merit.

        Bush for all his faults was far more capable of getting his agenda through, and selling his ideas to the public. Whether or not those were good policies is another discussion entirely.

  2. Even if coercion cannot be abolished completely, liberty’s principles can serve as a set of beacons capable of guiding us toward minimized coercion and thus maximum liberty.

  3. Today’s liberalism is an ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up to exploit the sympathies of the gullible and the ignorant.

  4. Since it is impossible for anyone to know what anyone else does best, the only ways to find out are through competitive processes that help us identify our individual skills and abilities.

  5. Thought it through?? This guy knowing nothing about everything. Unless its basketball. He is intellectually lazy reflecting his academic career as a quota placement

    • Jealousy will get you nowhere. And where is your proof of his being a “quota placement”? Your comments point to your definite racist attitudes. Oh, and I suppose his position at Harvard as Editor of the Law Review was also a “quota placement”? You really need to get a better education yourself.

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