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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Commerce Secretary John Bryson has taken medical leave following a series of car accidents that evidently resulted from a stroke. Authorities said there was no evidence that Bryson was driving while impaired by alcohol – but that news didn’t arrive swiftly enough to prevent an obnoxious, insinuating tweet from American Crossroad, the SuperPAC operated by Bush White House political boss Karl Rove.

“How does @CommerceSec have 3 car crashes in 5 minutes and alcohol NOT be involved? #Skills,” snarked whoever was operating the American Crossroads Twitter account around 8 am Eastern time on Monday morning. Half an hour later, someone took down the offending drivel, which fortunately was captured in a screen grab by a Tweep called Josh Dorner.

Whoever typed that gloating tweet would not have had to wait long – an hour or less– to learn that Bryson had voluntarily taken a Breathalyzer test, with negative results. Police had found the Commerce Secretary unconscious in his car after it had collided with another vehicle twice, a nearly tragic situation that might have evoked compassion instead of scorn.

But decency is hardly the norm with Rove, master of no-holds-barred political wrestling. As the mastermind of the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry and the White House assaults on Valerie Plame and former Ambassador Joe Wilson – patriots who are morally superior to him in every conceivable respect – smearing is an impulse he clearly cannot resist, whether he was directly responsible this time or not.

Then again, perhaps Rove ordered the “apology” that appeared about 40 minutes after the original tweet vanished. “Earlier Bryson tweet with hashtag ‪#skills‬ attempted levity (before facts known) and failed miserably. We took it down and regret the tweet.”

That plea scarcely impressed anyone familiar with the combative Rove gang, whose dim triggermen never quite control their itchy fingers and big mouths. “Popped off w/ something snarky B4 all facts in AGAIN, huh?” responded a post that went on to express a doubt shared by several others: “Betting u regret the heat more than the tweet.”

Yes, we learned more about the character of the Rove gang than of Secretary Bryson from this little episode – and what to expect from American Crossroads as the election unfolds. But anyone paying attention has known all that about Karl for a long time.

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  • Rove is a master of dirty tricks, a pig and he clearly has no shame. Perhaps his own problem with alcohol makes him so suspect of the actions of others? Just saying…

    • DurdyDawg

      Where’s Obozo? Probably off preparing a wake for his buddy in arms Rove.. On second thought, he can stay away.. for once I had a good read.

  • I really want to be in line at judgement behind this blow hard. He reminds me of the bafoon who was the bully in school and just continues his escapades. Why anyone continues to give him any press is beyond me. He keeps up his antics, because you do just stop giving this dolt the time of day. He is a very hateful and judgement person!!!!

  • I wish someone would dig up the dirt on Rove and publish it. The man is the lowest form of slime and has ruined this country with his divisiveness.

  • ChristoD

    The classic endorsement of this WEASEL look alike (Rove) was uttered by the Republican Senator Oren ‘Bought and Paid for’ Hatch from Utah. His quote follows: …… as Rove was being investigated vis-a-vis the Valerie P. leak: ‘I have the utmost respect for Carl Rove who’s integrity and honor are beyond reproach’……THIS is the modern day Tea Party drunk Republican party that Democracy is up against. THIS is where reality and nonsense intersect. THIS said about the ‘end justifies the means’ dirty tricks King. THIS about the guy who had the phony letter written that Dan Rather used in a telecast and subsequently was forced to resign in disgrace. THIS about a low life who makes his living being lower than pond slime in the name of Republican Tea Party ideologocal purity. If you are not offended, outraged, livid, angr, pissed or whatever about what this guy stands for, shame on you for you are no better than the likes of him. If this stuff sits well with the reader then YOU have a problem.

  • William Deutschlander

    Rove should be held for TREASON, for his project to destroy the Government of the United States of America!
    Rove is DEMOCRACY’s worst enemy, a Traitor!

  • Ed

    I really have to laugh at seeing the words “Character” and “The Rove Gang” in the same sentence.

  • bluemax1966

    Did anyone bother to ask Karl Rove where he was when Dick “Sure Shot” Cheney shot his attorney, when good ol’ Dick thought his attorney looked like a duck? Where was the blasphemy then?

    HINT: It is called Hypocrasy. Look it up Karl, that is if you know what a dictionary is??

  • catbyte

    I see Rove and gang keeping classy as usual. Rove and his ilk are nothing but political pornography–no redeeming social value whatsoever.

  • Did the Secretary hurt any one? Was he ill?

    These Bastards need to try these FACTS on for size: George Bush started two Wars without a thought of how they would be paid for. Then, he gave the Rich the biggest Tax Cut in History that amounted to $600 Billion; again, with no provision to replace the lost Revenue. Done? No not yet. He had the balls to pass a Prescription Rx Bill that Cost the Nation another $600 Billion! How was that new Budget item paid for? Once again, there were no plan to make up for the much needed Revenue, to pay for same.

    The Sub-Prime Loan Debacle also took place under Mr. Bush. Rack up another $650 Billion Dollars; scammed by his Buddies on Wall Street, in one Fraudulent Loan after another. Bush, and his Over-Sight Officials were asleep at the wheel.

    Then, the Grand Daddy of them all: The Corporate Welfare Bailout known as TARP. Within 72 hours following the Crash, the Wall Street Predators had their Promise of additional Tax Payer Money – – some $750 Billion Dollars. That was George Bush, and NOT B. Obama!

    In Sum, the Democrats Tax and Spend, from time to time; while, the Republicans BORROW and Spend. Makes little difference, as the outcome is the SAME! After all, Reagan and Bush (maybe D. C),have repeatedly, said, “Deficits Don’t Matter.” Wasn’t it another Bush that later said, that kind of thinking is representative of, “Voodoo,” Economics?!

    The GOP has controlled the White House for 20, of the past 32 years. During that period, they ran up huge deficits, because they refused to pay for a thing; and, unfortunately, Trickle Down Economics really meant: Trickle Up; as the Robber Barons at all levels – – with the support of Crony Politicians, worked their Mischief. Today, the Country is in Default – – kept alive only by Printing Trillions in worthless Green Backs.

    While Obama has spent a great deal of money trying to revive the Economy; the FACTS clearly show, that it was Bush and Reagan that contributed the most to the the Nation’s Economic Fall from Grace!


    • Cairndance

      Very well said! Every paper in the United States should be asked to run this commentary!

    • alumahead

      Facts have no effect on the GOP or Tea Party. Truth has lost all meaning over there.

  • If Carl Rowe is nothing else; he, is a Master of Deceit – – an Evil Manipulator – – of the Worst Kind.
    No one is better at telling, “the Big Lie!” With the money from his Rich, Radical Right Wing, Predators; the whole Bunch have positioned themselves to repeat the Big Lie! over and over again.
    They are clearly counting on the Stupidity and misplaced Trust, of Republican Minions – – many of which – – are members of the Tea Party; and, blindly drink the Kool Aid.

    The SuperPACS are now able to BUY any Election they so choose. It happened in Wisconsin; and, and it likely will happen again in Mass. and Iowa.

    Folks, there is a sinister Shadow Government, now in Control of the Country, aided by the Republican Party. Sure, the Political Stooges are still there; Crony Capitalism depends on it. The Puppet Masters remain in the Shadows – – with their Check Books!

    Tis’ a Shame! This isn’t the Country that was passed on to many of us by our Parents and Grand Parents. It will be an entirely different one that is passed on to Future Generations – – if, the Nation survives.

    And . . . this all coming from a former 35 year Republican Voter; who adopted Reagan’s Slogan, “Trust, But Verify! Obviously, the Research showed that the Trust was misplaced; and this old Dude has felt betrayed in so many ways.

  • aaastickit

    Repuicks (aka Repubics) squarley little scumbags they arrrrrre

  • Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and Donald Trump. They are all egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  • joyscarbo

    I’m not surprised by the dirty crap that the republicans pull anymore. What does not cease to amaze me is the hoards of idiot republican followers who co-sign this baloney and don’t call them on it! What has happened to the common decency of the American people that they excuse this kind of behavior for the sake of membership in the republican party?!

  • To be fair, it’s not really a gang so much as it is a failed troupe of clowns, pausing every once in a while to yell “libtards suck!” at each other before the boss trips in the door clutching a swag bag full of pilfered crap from the Fox News set.