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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Republicans will face a clear choice in 2016: Are they members of the party that destroys the economy accidentally, or on purpose?

In the corner of unintentional destruction, we have the George W. Bush Republicans, represented by Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ).

This week during a fundraising trip in Chicago, the governor seemed to reassure donors that unless he’s in jail or asleep with the fishes, he’s running for president. And he’ll be doing it as a George W. Bush Republican.

“The guy won two national elections,” Christie said. “How easy has that looked the last eight years? He was, first, an outstanding political candidate. And I think he was grossly underappreciated by his own country and his own party as a politician.”


Bush is misunderestimated as a politician? A guy who “won” two elections, one after failing to prevent the largest terrorist attack in American history, then followed it up by invading the wrong country. Bush’s political skill — or his willingness to defer to Karl Rove’s invidious politicization of all things — has never been in doubt. Neither has the complete yet likely unintentional failure of his governance, which cost his party the Congress, then the White House.

But praising Bush the politician is a canny move for Christie, who would compete with Jeb Bush both for donors and positioning as the “business Republican” bent on deregulating everything while stimulating the military-industrial-financial complex with tax cuts and deficit spending. That’s if the former governor of Florida decides to run, which the governor of New Jersey is obviously hoping to dissuade him from doing.

Christie has led New Jersey to a “curiously weak economy” but enthralled his party’s funders by lowering property taxes on the rich to do so. This has pleased so many billionaires that more than a month into a scandal that has destroyed any bipartisan veneer he once promised, he still has been taken as seriously as any Republican candidate for president can be.

The party’s other big dog made his latest GOP primary move this week by forcing a dozen or so of his fellow Republican senators to act responsibly when it came to not intentionally forcing America into a full economic collapse. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) filibustered a clean bill to raise the debt limit, forcing his colleagues to be responsible in public by doing something they’ve spent the last four years equating with treason.

Cruz decided that the GOP’s passion for threatening economic default could not be abandoned so easily, even after House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had crumbled so quickly that Democrats were willing to help them Dustbuster their mess up.

Cruz’s desire to extract painful concessions in exchange for raising the debt limit as Republicans did dozens of times after George W. Bush blew the surplus was first popularized in 2011 by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who also broke with his party’s leadership to vote for not paying for bills due on the spending in the budget he just negotiated.

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31 responses to “The Party Of George W. Bush Or Ted Cruz?”

  1. jointerjohn says:

    The next three years will determine the long term fate of the Republican Party in America. Since the late seventies the establishment republicans have played footsie with Christian fundamentalists and other myopic single-issue voter groups in order to do one thing, further the greed and power appetite of the top 1%. Like a sadistic high school bully who asks the ugly girl to dance as a cruel prank, that prank has gone viral. The ugly girl, in this case the Tea Party purists and religious crazies, have moved in and ordered wedding invitations. The establishment party is now stuck with the choice of either continuing to play the game or cut her loose at great peril. I believe they will dump her between now and 2016 and hope that the mega-money from the 1% will be sufficient for them to buy back the political middle-right that is leaving them because that ugly girl has become intolerably possessive and, well, just plain nuts. The most pathetic part of this is the inability of the ugly girl to catch on that she has been used and there will never be a wedding. The great hazard in making allies out of delusional people is that they just become more delusional. The fact that the Tea Party and Christian Right actually think they are a growing force in American politics is one of the main reasons they have to go. A national level political party just cannot be that clueless and survive.

    • jmprint says:

      The ugly girl is more like a prostitute, doesn’t mind being used as long as they get their message and view point out there.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      As delusional and irrational as they seem to be, they are likely to gain more seats in the House and come close to taking control of the Senate in the midterm election if massive Democratic turnout does not materialize. I realize that it is hard for most of us to believe that anyone would support a party with a record like the GOP’s, and candidates that seem like a relic of the Middle Ages, but that is exactly the case in the South and the Bible Belt.
      The challenge we face this year has a lot more to do with a set of circumstances, including too many Democrats running for re-election and several of them being from Red states/districts, than the the record or logic. If you are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration, 100% pro-business, and a religious zealot, you are a hero in some parts of the country, and that is a fact.

      • 4sanity4all says:

        You are exactly right, Dom. If Democrats assume that the public will see how crazy the Right is and not support them, then they will be making a huge miscalculation. The crazy right has die-hard adherents in their single issue voters, people who feel a religious obligation to put anti-abortion zealots into office, for example. And even if you point out to them that support the zealot of their choice will mean economic ruin for them because of his other unhinged policies, they will not see it. It has never been more important for every single Democrat to vote. And get everyone in your family and circle of friends to vote, too.

    • CrankyToo says:

      Thanx for that great post, JJ. You’re dead-on in your assessment and your ugly girl analogy illustrates your points perfectly. Cheers, Bro. PS – See you at the polls in November.

  2. Jambi says:

    The Fundamentalists AND The Tea Party Clowns are BOTH out voted…Clueless and Delusional are good words for describing THE “RIGHT”

    • STMBT says:

      The Democrats will have to make it a top priority to VOTE! in the midterm elections. also it sure would help if we would also donate to the Democrat that runs against ANY Rethuglin, even if it’s only a couple dollars. also we have to get our people to encourage others to VOTE!

      • daniel bostdorf says:

        The Democratic party leaders need to spend some signficant $$ on getting out thevote both grass roots and advetsing.

        Historically, there will be low voter turn out and this could be what the GOP/Koch brothers are counting on.

        We need to have the poor and disenfranchise, unemployed etc rise up and vote in big numbers…

      • Mark Forsyth says:

        The question for some low income folks is when to donate and how often.They have been after me for money since last summer.I think my best contribution will be my vote.

        • 4sanity4all says:

          True. I hate to think that I have to chip in to buy democracy, but I do send a few dollars here and there. Until Citizens United is overturned, it is our little vote against their well funded propaganda machine. So I send some money to put up opposing ads. I hate political ads, and I am very skeptical of them, but I know that they are effective for so many voters who are not as well read as I am. Frankly, I am shocked that single issue voters are so easily won over, but then, P.T. Barnum had a good point. There IS a sucker born every minute.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            I may make a donation come election time but I have to wonder how much all this campaign fund raising exacerbates the problem.
            I have been thinking about those Koch bastards lately.Does anyone ever see them out in public? I was reading about Ilse Koch and her husband this morning.Two of the worst Nazis ever.The husband was taken outside and shot because he stole money from the Reich.Ilse was tried for war crimes and hung herself in prison.The Koch boys do not seem so far removed from the Nazi filth.

  3. howa4x says:

    What a rouges gallery!! Christie will not survive the expanding investigation as new revelations come out every week. The US attorney is looking into botched or criminal disbursement of Sandy aid, and Christie still has to justify why he spent 6 million of the aid on a luxury tower in a town far from the destruction zone represented by a law firm close to the governor. This same law firm is at the heart of the accusations of with holding of aid to Hoboken a town hard hit until they approved a development project represented by that same law firm whose partner David Sampson is also the Christie appointed Chair of the Port of Authority that shut down lanes for political reasons. The plot sickens.
    The rest of the GOP field is jumping in and out of the clown car. Cruz is on a mission to rip the old GOP apart and have the tea party emerge from the wreckage. He did a nice number on McConnell. Paul seems reasonable but you need to dig deeper to revel positions like ending FEMA. He is trying to appeal to young voters by sending messages that he would liberalize drug laws but would deny them access to health care. Attacking Bill Clinton is lame. Scott Walker has problems in Wisconsin and may not repeat as governor. Typical Republican union buster. Same with Ryan. He lost conservative cred on the budget deal and privatizing social security still scares seniors.. Remember Obama carried the state, even with Ryan on the Romney ballot. So who is left. Jindal is a religious zealot and Perry is unpopular outside of Texas. Of course there is always Palin!!!
    So there is trouble in river city, big trouble.

  4. holyreality says:

    No doubt the GOP klown kar has them on the ropes.

    But the Democrats are MOST ADEPT at clenching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Every election, Republicans thuggishly take what they want while feckless Dems want to play nice.

    How does one claim victory when it is within grasp?

    Setp one; List the facts.

    Step two; keep yur mouth shut.

    H/T to

  5. edwardw69 says:

    Ummm. It seems to me that everyone on this site makes sense. On some rare occasions, they get twenty or thirty up votes.
    Now go to the Washington Times or News Max. Letters calling for murder, mayhem, assassination, and lesser travesties get hundreds, if not thousands of up votes. I believe, in the words of Will Durant, that we are “an engulfed minority.”

  6. ThomasBonsell says:

    “Ryan was a leader in the movement that said the only way to fix our mounting debt is not to ask the rich to pay a dime more but to impose brutal cuts on those who are suffering most in the midst of a Great Recession. …”

    A telling sentence. Ryan and his acolytes have it all wrong, because to fix our mounting debt is to first understand how debt is accumulated. That movement hasn’t a clue.

    To understand, we examine the Clinton administration. Clinton had four years of deficits his first term. In his second term, he had surpluses to entire time. Those surpluses left him with an eight-year SURPLUS of $62.9 billion. But the debt rose from $4.177
    trillion to $5.662 trillion, an increase of $1.485 trillion.

    And that happened because of the Reagan Scam. In 1983 Reagan, a GOP Senate and conservative House raised the payroll tax by billions of dollars annually. Because Clinton added 23 million new jobs and reduced poverty from 15.1% to ll.3% hundreds of billion of adfditional dollars flowed into the Social Security trust fund. A 1938 law required all surplus Social Security funds to go to the Treasury in exchange for Treasury IOUs. And they did, turning all that surplus into debt. As long as the working class produces surpluses in the payroll tax, debt will continue upwards. And the working class produced surplus nearly the entire time from 1983 to today, except when Obama got a two-percentage-point reduction in workers’s portion of the taxes. That expired in January 2013.

    Additionally; after the 1981 tax cuts from Reagan, the American aristocracy did not invest in new businesses with its windfall, it raced to the Treasury to load up on debt instruments when interest rates were well into double figures. Enough went to the Treasury that the American aristocracy is now the fourth-largest holder of our debt, just barely behind China.

    All this means is that those who work for a living are subsidizing many who don’t. Ryan doesn’t want to do anything about that.

    • edwardw69 says:

      Those of us here know these things.
      Now go on the Washington Times (if anything, worse those Fox comment sections); type-out the same message and watch what you get: vitriol, insults, scatological references to members of you family, and worst of all, the illogical.
      You will never convince those people. And there are a bunch of them.

      • ThomasBonsell says:

        I know what I would get at such places; I even get some of it here.

        I prefer to associate with civilized people, even though a few uncivilized types crop up now and then.

        • edwardw69 says:

          That’s why I’m here. The one place people don’t go out of there way to make me mad.

          • edwardw69 says:

            Good grief. Wrong there/their/they’re.

          • ThomasBonsell says:

            About your statement above:

            I’m not sure that the people here do know what was said. It seems that even people here don’t know that their pockets have been picked rather adroitly by the Reaganistas for the past three decades. If they did know, they might want their representatives to do something about it.

            PS: You didn’t have to reply to yourself and draw attention to a minor typing error. Could have just hit the edit button and covered your tracks and no one would ever know.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            Those of us who were there for Reagans economic trickle down fiasco do indeed recognize the rip off.We think that it is time for it to end.

          • ThomasBonsell says:

            Of course, everyone who had their eyes and minds open recognized the trickle-down fiasco, but how many recognized the devious method the Reaganistas devised for the working-middle class to subsidize the oligarchs and aristocrats of the nation?

            I haven’t met many people who recognized it or could explain it. Luckily I was well trained as an intelligence analyst by the Department of Defense to see meanings where others only see words.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            I don’t think there were many who perceived the trickle down B.S. who also felt the need to analyze it further than what was obvious.That doesn’t mean that none of us failed to do so.As far as getting ones representative to do something,I have to hope that other folks have reps that actually serve their interests and think along the same lines they do,unlike my own who seems to be more of a t/bagger than a democrat and has come down on the wrong side of every issue of critical importance to New York north country residents other than republicans.

          • ThomasBonsell says:

            I haven’t been trying to tell people of the trickle-down BS because anyone who has any kind of intelligence already knows that.

            I have been trying to tell you how the GOP under Reaganistas has been picking your pocket for the past three decades in order for you to support the aristocracy, a return to the very society our Founding Fathers revolted against. Looking further than just the trickle-down nonsense is important to have an informed voting public. The refusal to look any further is the reason we have so many representatives who do not represent their constituents.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            Sorry Tom,you,re. not telling me anything I don’t already know.Furthermore I think that you are underestimating folks a bit who may disagree with you as to the reason their reps don’t do a better job.That fraction of the population that doesn’t look too deeply at things is the same one that’s been in the hip pocket of politicians for a long time.Anyone who pays a modicum of attention can figure that out without having all the particulars.We will always have know nothings,You may know them as the willfully ignorant.They are the ones who don’t even know why they support the gop/t and most likely vote infrequently if at all.

          • 4sanity4all says:

            I found your additional information enlightening, the information about how the SS surplus was raided. I knew it was, but your post explained how they did it. Thank you, and keep adding posts that go deeper.

  7. TryToLoveOneAnother says:

    Have you noticed that Republican websites do not allow for discussion?

    I’m am constantly amazed that Republican posts are generally full of hate and name calling. I wish for some substance from the Right.

    Note: We did not fall into the pits of hell by giving all Americans the ability to buy healthcare with a preexisting condition. Nor do I care where Bill Clinton put his sperm … that’s his business and I don’t want to hear about it. Also, please check the facts: Reagan and Bush started the deficit train and left it to a Democrat to fix it.

  8. Angel Perea says:

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH; As a student of US History, these republican clowns in congress and Ted Cruz in the Senate are advocating the same economic policies that Hebert Hoover conducted in 1928 that turned into a long economic depression. Their obstruction has sabotaged any efforts to revive our USA economy that was destroyed during same Bush 2001-2008 war creation years and the giveaway tax breaks for the wealthiest without any off-sets in other words as on a credit card! This has created the same great income disparity like it did then! If you disagree, FACTCHECK IT! Get informed and stamp out ignorance! Many Middle Class Americans are needlessly suffering! This is not about political parties; it is about the future well being of our country.

  9. Kasanova El Varon says:

    ted cruz and bush are same axis of evils

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