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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The old saying goes “There are no referees in politics.” But there are fact checkers — Politifact,, The Fact Checker. These “independent” seers like to think they’re defending the truth. But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have figured out how to use them to spread lies.

Many of these fact checkers peer into the words of both major parties and do their best to suggest that both sides are the same – despite the fact, for instance, that the GOP’s nominee Mitt Romney has more “Pants on Fire” rulings than any national politician.

Rarely are fact checkers as unanimous and righteous in their condemnation of a falsehood as they have been of the Romney campaign’s claim that the president took the work requirement out of Welfare. It’s a flat out lie. But it’s also the first ad that has moved the dial for Romney. You may have listened as a Romney pollster, when confronted with that fact that the attack is false, said, “We aren’t going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

Instead of letting fact checkers edit their campaign, Romney’s team has a better use for fact checkers: campaign surrogates.

The “birther” scandal shows that debunking lies does little to quell the lie and much more to spread it. It’s a tactic Mitt Romney has used effectively for a year now as he’s accused the president of “apologizing for America.” That never happened. But to debunk the lie, you have to repeat it. It’s classic “He’ll look like hell denying it” politics.

Although modern politicians are generally too smart to repeat lies about themselves, the Romney camp knows the fact checkers will. So how do you dictate what the media will be talking about tomorrow? Make purposely deceptive statements about the issues you want to highlight.

What are Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s biggest weaknesses? Medicare; the auto bailout; a hugely unpopular Congress and Ryan’s record of voting for Bush-era surplus-blowing policies.

So Ryan systematically made an “attack by assertion rather than accusationabout each of these issues. By making these attacks in deceptive ways that either ignored or left out crucial facts, he forced the media to repeat his assertions.

From the morning Romney announced Ryan as his running mate, the candidates have been making the assertion that the president funneled – or sometimes “robbed” — $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. This assertion is a classic half-truth in several ways. The money comes from savings that extend the life of the program. Ryan voted to keep the cuts but not to fund ObamaCare.

But you see? We’ve fallen into the precise trap that Ryan set.

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  • dtgraham

    The sad truth is that they can easily get away with it. I don’t think Romney/Ryan even care what “facts” they come out with anymore, and they don’t have to. There’s a vast alternative conservative media that’s sprung up over the years, promoting an alternate reality that will cover for them. Furthermore, people know which cable news network, which websites, and what radio talk shows to get their info from, which also preconditions them to disbelieve the dose of reality they’ll get the moment they go outside of that bubble to the regular, normal media.

    You think the Romney people don’t know this. ‘Our campaign won’t be dictated to by facts.’ What?? In my lifetime, I never thought I’d hear a political campaign ever say that.

    We have some very conservative posters here at the National Memo, a few of whom seem smart enough, well read and well educated. Yet, some of their postings on how something went down or what caused what, are sheer unadulterated nonsense from the parallel universe created just for them by the right wing media. Now, how do you think that propaganda affects people not quite so well read or formally educated? It has it’s effect on the political IQ of a voting populace over time for sure.

    • neece00

      You are right, they started out saying that they were not interested in the facts. Well, if that is the case, then the sky is the limit. You can say whatever you want and it doesn’t matter.

    • CPANY

      It’s Obama’s task to debunk the Republican liars. He doesn’t seem to be energetic enough in his campaign.

      He should take a page from Harry Truman and whistle stop around the country, getting his message across. If he doesn’t wake up, he’ll lose. As it is, he’s becoming almost invisible.

      • The bump in the polls was not unexpected. The GOP clambake has been going on all week with TV coverage all over the place. The taking heads from all points of view have been talking about them all week. The entire country got their introduction to Ryan with a slick and dishonest speech. No matter the facts, but good spin none-the-less.

        The Democratic Party and President Obama get their turn next week. After that show the polls will indicate a little bump for Obama and the results of those polls will show things back to where they’ve been for months.

        The attention span of the average American is very short indeed. The late and great Gore Vidal defined USA as the United States of Amnesia. Good and accurate words coming from a word master. For proof of that collective amnesia all we have to do is look to the GOP. They’ve dismissed Bush II from their memories and they’ve been trying to do the same for the rest of us for almost four years now. If not for little brother Jeb there would have been no mention of him at all at their party meeting. Don’t worry Obama and his team are loaded for bear and will come out next week with guns blazing.

        • beaureguard3

          This is true Lynda, but I hate to say it, we have an ignorant electorate in this country and the Republican convention has proven that. Because the choices in the last election of voting in Tea Party candidate’s.

          • cloudshe

            how absurd that you don’t use the Obama Election as the gold standard for proving the “ignorant electorate” point

        • there is an old political addage, whichever candidate leads after Labor Day historically wins the election. rationalize all you want Lynda it wont change reality.

          • And what reality would you be referring too? The way polls swing back and forth…or what?

      • hell whattaya thinks hes been doing only substituting Air Force 1

    • you people are amazing Obama has you believing Romney and Ryan are dishonest like your lieing party is.

      • grammyjill

        you got a computer. check your own facts.

  • old_blu

    I have been working as a middleclass for many years, and I’m ok with that, but every job I have ever had was in it’s design to make the guy on top rich, that is just the way business works. I don’t see it working for the country.

    • There have always been rich, middle class, and poor people and, in all likelihood there will always be since making everyone rich or poor would simply create a plane level field where nobody is either. There is nothing wrong with this socio-economic standard, a long as the wealthy don’t abuse the less fortunate, the middle class has enough to pay for all the essentials and provide their children with the education they need to succeed and prosper; and the poor have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and enough to keep warm in winter. Unfortunately, people who enjoy firing people and who spend millions in houses with car elevators and dancing horses seldom remember the less fortunate…until they need their help or their vote, at which time they don’t hesitate to make fools of themselves pretending to be what they are not. Mitt Romney is not a businessmen, from a job creation perspective, he is a venture capitalist focused on accumulating wealth. His tax plan says it all when it comes to how he feels about the middle class and what he believes is best for us…and people like him.

      • Ed

        Sorry Dominic, you have your history wrong. There has NOT always been rich, middle class and poor. The middle class rose only after WW 2 riding the minimum wage, government college loans and UNIONS. What the present republican party is aiming for is to go back to the point where there is THE RICH and everybody else. Roughly the period between 1911 and 1945.

  • William Deutschlander

    In other words Romney LIES (Rove type Republican) and Ryan swears to the LIE (Rove type Republican).
    The Romney / Ryan theme, do not let the truth interfere with our LIES!
    Come to your senses Americans!
    Thank you Obama Administration for saving our country and the world from the ignorant, flagrant destruction of the ECONOMY of the World, by the 8 years of REPUBLICAN FAILURE resulting in the REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION of 2008.

    • In January 2009 under Bush unemployment 6.8%, national debt under 8 trillion, gas was 1.68 gallon, groceries cost 40% less. Damn right I am not better off thaan I was 4 years ago.

      • This is another example of republican lying – claiming that gas was $1.68 per gallon when Obama took office. Technically correct, but only because of the fact that Republican policies had caused the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression and we were headed off the cliff into the complete destruction of the world’s financial system. In fact, as those of us who were adults and paying attention in those days, gas had risen to over $4.00 per gallon under Bush. When everything else crashed, gas prices also briefly went into a free-fall, but it was a steep trough and the cost of low gas prices was the disastrous economy that the Republican policies caused.

        But here’s a fact: when Obama took office, the Dow was at about 6500, down from 14000. An it was looking very much like it was headed lower – another Great Depression was imminent. So much so that even George Bush’s administration saw the need for a $700 billion TARP bailout – now THAT’s bad. But now the Dow is back over 13000 and the US auto industry an the financial system have been saved and the depression was avoided.

        So, yes, I am MUCH better off today than I was 4 years ago. And so is the United States, and so is the World.

        • interestedobserver2

          You lie. Gas was $1.68 a gallon months before the election and stayed that way right up until Obama took office, when, amazingly, it started the steady climb to the moon that has culminated in today’s ridiculous prices. If you were paying $4 a gallon in 2008, then you were living in France.

          • gallery90

            Uh…The national average gas price in the US has never peaked as high during the Obama administration as it did during the Bush II administration. And I remember paying $4+ during the Bush II administration.

            Of course this is relevant only if you believe that the administration controls, or seriously influences, the price of fuel at the pump. Fuel is a global market.

            Increased production in the US will go to the highest bidder — which might be China. Free market, baby!

            The US will not be truly energy independent in our lifetime — especially when people like my fellow office worker insist on driving a Corvette to work when he could walk across the street to Metro, go up one escalator, and be at the front door of the building.

            Bottom line: I don’t blame the administration(s) for the price of gas. I blame me. It sucks to be me, but that’s life.

          • interestedobserver2

            Someone asked for my sources — c’mon folks read even the LEFT wing papers — they are saying “highest gas prices EVER.” Now how about you show me YOUR sources — you know the ones that say Bush had gas prices at $4 a gallon. Good luck with that.

          • Let’s see your sources, please. Didn’t it ever occur to any of you that since President Obama wants to eliminate the subsidies and wants the oil industry to pay their share of taxes, that the oil industry is going to try and get back at him in this election year? You can also look up the record profits for the oil industry under President Bush.

          • imabrummie

            Your claim that President Obama personally intervened in the price of gasoline is about as ridiculous as Rat Limberdick’s claim of the President setting the course of Hurricane Isaac so it would interfere with the RePUBIC-Clown convention. No pun intended, but neither of those claims holds water!

          • muggsmcginnis

            Moritorium on of shore drilling? Giving Brazil and other foreign countries $Billions of American taxpayer money that Obama borrowed for drilling for oil. Borrowering $Trillion and crashing thr Dollar! Oh No! Obama didn’t do anything to raise prices and inflation, my eye!

          • earldogs

            Oh my we can correct this the minute the new sluge pipe line is open from canda. Only problem is what do you do with the toxic waste left over after the oil is extracted. Canada dont want the toxic wste. If they did they would put in a refinery and ship gas thru the pepr line and ship it to Texas to be send over seas on the world marker, not for use in the USA as you all are told by fox news. There is such a glut of oil in the States now. I west Texas they dont have anywhere else to put it. Tanks are full. In north Dakota they have capped all the wells, no market. The long term contracts with the Towel head countries is what keeps up the price.

          • earldogs

            Wait till Mittens does away with new energy policys such as wind, the addition of ethenal to gas. You will see gas go to 7 dollars a gallon. You see we could drill every inch of the USA and have oil running out of our ass and big oil would just export it overseas. If Mittens is elected he will scrap and new sources of energy, like Raygun did when Carter tried in the 70s to get new sources into our energy policy. To think that big energy and over seas corporations have put 1.5 billion into Mittens election and not want repaid for that is just insane as fox news.

          • You have to be a bus rider to believe that gas was $1.68 a gal be cause I could not fill my tank up for less that $30.00 and that was usually for ten gallons of gas as Filled up before the tank read empty. What world are you living in ?

          • interestedobserver2

            Check the mirror, sweetie; seems like Chris Matthew and MSNBC have done a job on YOU! But of course, we couldn’t possibly admit there is any truth or anything else other than ours out there, could we? I PAID $1.68 a gallon in flyover country (specifically Nebraska) just prior to the One being elected. Of course you’ll call me a liar, but since I really don’t care about your stupid opinion, it really doesn’t matter….

          • You have announced to the world that you a republican because you cannot tell the truth, so everyone else is a liar . FOX has really done a job on you. Find somewhere else to get the facts,I have paid $1.50 or more for gas since 2001 and that was before the unpaid wars of Bush and Cheny . Fact , we export more oil than we import so why all the hypocrisy.

      • Mitt Romney company profited as Steel Mill it owned closed, Goverment bailed out pensions plan.

      • jimruck

        I’m afraid you have some bad info, my friend. According to the U.S. Treasury, the National Debt was over $10 trillion on 9/30/08: are we to believe Bush lowered the Debt $2 trillion in 4 months. Really?

      • neeceoooo

        But your wonderful Mr Bush left this country in the worst mess that we have seen for years and it will take time to clean this up. Why do you think he was not invited to address the convention.

      • neeceoooo

        But your wonderful Mr Bush left this country in the worst mess that we have seen for years and it will take time to clean this up. Why do you think he was not invited to address the convention.

      • Terry, if everything was so wonderful under Bush why was he missing from the convention? I don’t just mean not actually being there, but missing from history and the narrative of the convention. Without his little brother his name would never have come up at all. Don’t you wonder why his party wants the entire country to forget about the 8 years he ran the country in new levels of debt, two wars and the great recession? Seriously my friend?

      • How does that fruit that Bush planted taste? The republicans didn’t want to win the last election because they knew what a disaster the Bush era was and the impending results – why else would they have selected Palin as VP candidate??? McCain took one for the team, big time. But wow! Mitt is the best the republicans can come up with now??????

      • And the national debt when Bush took office was…..

      • Terry, exactly where did you get your facts or do facts matter? In the beginning of 2009, unemployment topped out at 9.9% according to the Bureah of Labor Statistics who is a better source than the drugster. In 2008, people in Oakland, California were paying $4.01/gal for gasoline. I don’t know what kind of a business discount you get for gasoline, but I haven’t paid $1.68 for years. The grocery index rises about 8%/year no-matter who is president. What makes you think the president goes around the grocery stores setting the prices?

        Remember what Mitch McConnell said, “The main goal of the Repubican Party is to see that Obama is a one term president. And, they set about to do just that. You can look up every bill that was presented and you can see how it was voted on.

      • muggsmcginnis

        In the November 2006 mid-term elections, under Bush, the unemployment rate was 4.5% and the growth was over 4%. The Democrats have falsely blamed one man over the years; George W. Bush. It is the Democrats and Obama’s polices of borrow and spend that has been a disaster to the Nation’s economy. The very thing that has gotten us into the mess (the Democrats manipulative power grab) is still Obama’s and the Democrats failed disastrous plan for the future. With 60 straight months since October 2007 of growth under 2.5% and the unemployment rate over the past 42 months being over 8%, President Obama and the Democrat leadership is not making it. The Democrats had plenty of time to do their thing and they did it for the whole world to see and experience. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and America can and will do better!

        Ronald Reagan had the corporate tax rate down to 28%! You can read about it on any Online Encyclopedia! You read about how it was the Economic Engine to 25 years of growth and prosperity between Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush! The longest and greatest period of growth and prosperity in the history of the world! Because of it our Western allies also prospered and it made the Communist Empire and former Soviet Union crumble under its own weight of its Socialist bankruptcy, oppression and corruption! The big lie could not compete in the real world.
        Yes! 100 straight quarters of growth over 3.5% to 6% and unemployment under 5% until the Democrats took over the Congress in both Houses in 2007 and it has been downhill ever since and made worse with Obama becoming president in 2009! Obama inherited the economic mess from his own Democrat Party majority Congress of the 110th and 111th Congress’ from 2007 to 2011.

      • petergunn333

        The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred on March 24, 1989, and the oil companies used it as an excuse to jack up the price of gasoline $4.00+ per gallon.

      • Keith McCartney

        You, sir, are an unmitigated dolt.

      • that’s 8 trillion owing to Dubbya.. most of it spent on wars and ‘reconstruction’ most of which magically ‘disappeared’ in Iraq to end up in fat pockets of the US corporations that were given those contracts.. yes, the Halliburtons and other Bush friends

      • earldogs

        In October 2008 the stock market was around 6500. Today its over 13,000. Water projects fot the western usa budgets to grow veggies in california and arizona were cut by the GOP congress. Leaving thousands of acres to dry to grow a crop. Mr Terry damn you fox news ditto heads for the non truths you spread. George Bush came on the TV in Sept 2008 and said the USA is in the worst finical shape sionce the the great deppression. That it would take many years to up right the ship. All the bull crap and wanting the failure of our country just to get the president out of office as more than hurt the recouvery than anything else. Dont forget if Mittens runs this country down the tubes all he has to do is get on his private jet and go where his money is stashed out overseas. STOP THE LIES.

      • If I remember right unemployment was around 10 or 11 percent ,because jobs were flying overseas or north of the border , the only employment that was up was being a soldier because there were no paying jobs to be had, so most of the young people joined up and that is the only way that Romney is going to live up to his promise of lowering unemployment without government workers is to declare WAR on Iran or someone else and that should not bother any who believes their lies!

    • muggsmcginnis

      The country had it good from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush. It was only in January 2007 when the Democrats took over both Houses in the 110th and 111th Congresses that is when everything went downhill and made worse with the election of Barack H. Obama. Obama inherited the economic mess from his own Democrat majority Congresses from 2007 to 2011. Thank God that the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2011 or things would be a lot worse than what they are now. I hope and pray that Mitt Romney is elected President along with Paul Ryan and the Republicans taking over the Senate and even more in the House of Representatives. The United States then will have another 25 years and more of growth, real opportunity and real prosperity!

  • sleeprn01

    The GOP has taken a page directly from the Nazi playbook; Josef Gobbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, stated that if you tell the same lie long enough and loud enough the people will believe it!!!

    • DFW

      Göbbels got it from Lenin. The Republicans are the successors to the Soviet communists. Look at their attitude toward vote counting after elections:

      “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”–Josef Stalin
      “It’s all over but the counting. And we’ll take care of the counting.” –Rep. Peter King, R-NY, at the White House on election day, 2004.

      The Republicans told the American public right there and then: “we’ll take care of the counting.” And so they did. In Ohio, whose exit polls showed Kerry winning, exactly ONE of the electronic voting machines installed by the Republicans got a forensic examination. In a precinct with 600 or so registered voters, the machine gave Bush 3000 votes. NO OTHER MACHINES IN OHIO were allowed to be forensically examined. The voting machine company declared the 2500+ fictitious excess vote for Bush on the one machine to be a mere “glitch,” but they allowed no other machine of theirs to undergo an independent forensic examination. They DID allow Ohio to decrease the Bush margin of victory by 2500 votes. The USA still lost.

      Republican “anti-communism” is a sham. They are the truest disciples of the Soviet Communists still out there.

      • sleeprn01

        Interesting, I did not know about the election fraud in 2004. However, I’m not surprised by the GOPs voter suppression tactics. I find it curious that only GOP run states had “voter fraud” issues and needed to get laws on the books to “prevent voter fraud” and with only a relatively short time before the election. If any of these cases make to the supreme court before the election it will be interesting to see how they decide. I think that the 2 most radical right judges on the bench. They both attended and extremely conservative convention held by the Koch brothers in California. After that indiscretion they should have been impeached because they demonstrated that they could not interpret the law without bias (corporations are people my friend). Even after the GOP convention I heard no specific plans how Mr. Romney is going to create 12 million jobs, however he did continue to spew the same lies. But I guess that you do not need to give specifics if you are rigging the election. Regards,
        Russell Baker (aka sleeprn01)

        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Paul Ryan: Look Into My Lies

        • Sleep, it was so transparant in Ohio. Early voting was cut out in districts that voted heavily Democrat and extended in districts that voted heavily Republican. If any of you Republicans are real Americans you would fight for everyones’ right to vote. I think the polls should be open 24 hours to accommodate shift workers. As an American I am concerned about voting rights. If I was all for the party (sounds like Communist Russia) I would be cheering supression. However, I am an American.

  • RJDDCD36

    If you like lier’s than Romney and his group are for you. I do suggest that you think though, it will never stop. Remember when Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Or was it mass distraction?

    • old_blu

      @ CPANY– I agree he is being awfull quiet, but I think after next week we will see alot more of him. (i sure hope so)

    • neeceoooo

      It is like their convention theme “we can change that”. They are trying to just change the facts and history and just because they said it, it is true.

  • Any of you parents, out there, remember when your child tried to lie to you. He got that worried look on his face? Think about what the child looked like and compare that to Ryan.
    The working man has been devalued. He has become a tool to make someone else rich and that someone can use him up and discard him.

    • Bodine666

      —– . . . remember when your child tried to lie to you . . . —–

      So, someone else noticed that too.

      It’s not just ryan. Romney’s face looks like a 3-D topographical map when he’s talking. Oh, don’t forget the forced nervous laugh romney has whenever he lies.

      Conservatives know these are lies. They don’t care. The vast majority of conservatives are authoritarian followers. They believe what they want to believe or are told to believe. When faced with a fact and a blatant lie they will choose the lie every time if it goes along with what they believe.

      Another fact about these conservatives is that they can, and do, hold contradictory beliefs simultaneously and never realize it. Their highly compartmentalized minds are like a database with no index. If anyone watched the Daily Show on Wednesday(?) and saw the segment where Samantha Bee was talking to the cons at the convention it was clear these people live in a bubble. The cons all say they believe in freedom and the right of everyone to make their own decisions, that government should stay out of their lives . . . . blah, blah, blah, same old talking points. Now comes the question on women’s right to choose. They were all for gov’t invading every woman’s bedroom and dictating that women must do what the cons want. These cons looked absolutely ridiculous spouting off their talking points and never realizing they are advocating views that are 180 degrees apart.

      What’s sad is the fact that if you attempt to educate these cons with facts they become even more adamant in their beliefs. Their attacks become more vicious, even to the point of physical violence.

      • Holding onto false idols and beliefs is indeed the mainstay of conservative and authoritarian traditions. Becoming more adament in false beliefs when confronted with facts is the disturbing rational at work here. Maybe it is a left side right side brain activity, but I’ve always been perplexed by my ‘righty’ friends when facts get in the way of intelligent conversation. The response is usually ‘I just know it’ or some such equally vague reply. Reminds me of the NRA argument that the fact that Obama has done nothing about gun control is the very reason that he is certainly going to do so. Makes ones head explode in the insanity.

  • desertdustoff

    nit wit mitler and lyin’ ryan, the 2 stooges, the go back team, have just proven that everything a repugnican says is lies. Any body who believes what any body said at the clown convention is a bigger idiot than those two. Lies,lies, lies…what has this country become? The American taliban rethuglicans are making a mockery of this country all over the world. I also wonder why lyin’ ryan isn’t receiving the same flak as akin when he said on WJHL TV that rape was ” a means of conception” referring to his stand on abortion. romney, the plastic fantastic is absolutely embarrassing and sickening: to think we have a fool running for president when he has already been caught at more lies that any other national politician. And you talibangelical, tea baggin repugnicans have just officially picked this fool to be your candidate for president of what used to be the best country in the world. What’s next? nutcase ted nugent for secretary of defense? Repugnican women…shame on you for letting your “lord” husbands tell you what to think and how to vote even when it specifically concerns your body. Shame on you…you are a disgrace to your gender. And condoleezza rice…history has proven you went along with and endorsed all the lies about Iraq with the bush anti-administration…you were one of those lying fools, so I guess that’s why the koch whores dragged you out of academic obscurity because you have already proven how good a liar you are. You are also an embarrassment to your gender.

    • Desert, I only have one correction to your post: The Koch brothers are not the whores, they are the johns. Those that pander to their money are the whores.

    • dtgraham

      Mitler. I like that one.

  • Elsa

    They will get away with every lie, the reason – because of their base. Lies do not matter when you have a base full of mindless followers that do little fact checking or reading themselves or/and are religious racists that think it OK to lie if you are trying to follow “God’s Words.”

  • beaureguard3

    Republicans, profess to be Christians? The Bible, “Who resists the autority of their government resists the authority of God.” “Render all taxes due, respect kings and all in authority.”
    Where’s the respect, it’s not in lies about our President. You can go to hell for lying as well as stealing.

    • Going to church does not make you anymore of a Christian than standing in your garage makes you a car. It would be nice if many of these born agains would take those words to heart. It is action not words that makes one a person of matter what that faith may or may not be.

  • If these people are deliberately lying and repeating the lies, they all need to be sued for libel.

  • beaureguard3

    To the Tea Party for consideration of itself. 28 June 2010 (Beaureguard)

    The fascist rich have enveloped a mind set and a philosophy that has spread through the ranks of the Tea Party producing a state of mind that has overwhelmed their majority. They, the rich and powerful, have produced a phenomenon through psychological streams that has nourished a destructive state of mind that could forever divert our form of government.

    The idea of removing government control over regulating the rich fascists that now control every aspect of our daily lives is counter to our common good. De-regulation and privatization of our publicly owned land, natural resources, utilities, mail, communications, inspections of our food supply and our imports has gotten us to the pinnacle of de-regulation today. Leaving all of this to the integrity of our corporations to do the right thing for our country is ludicrous. Now that we see the result of the B.P. oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, who do we blame? The government control that you never wanted, now you blame. You must always be careful of what you wish.

  • beaureguard3

    You, being a conservative, also believe in distributing the wealth as this article will demonstrate. The Reagan administration started the distribution of wealth from the working class to the rebirth of the rich fascist class. That was the new beginning of greed that we hadn’t seen since the 1920’s. Harvard professor Richard Freeman’s studies found that from the Reagan administration in the 1980’s Corporate America turned against unions and collective bargaining as never before. Union activists were fired at ten times the prior rate and the government did nothing. In fact, they helped spread lies and lip service about unions. In the thirty years since Reagan’s re-establishing fascist control of our government the wage gap between the working class ant the wealthy has increased to the largest gap ever.

  • beaureguard3

    THE FIRST STEPS OF THE RICH TAKE OVER 1982 (Beau) James Gosney

    President Reagan was bad enough as the governor of California. Now he and his administration has started on a quest to end our democracy and re-establish another fascist controlled government. Politicians, bought and paid for came up with a plan. The year 1887, the aristocratic privileged, the fascist rich, decided it would transform itself into a system of power, they would call democratic, as the need for laborer increased. “We’ll be parental in actions and allow the public to rely on our generosity, curb their free spirit and rule through popular sovereignty”, was their plan. Now they established administrative offices for their parental care while in-fact it was a means of control. Persuade the ignorant public to listen to our wants, on their behalf, and repeat consistently until they believe. We must prepare our party members as the tools of government. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. We must prepare our party members as the tools of government. So this is the form of government that has prevailed into our Republican Party from 1887, the first depression brought on by ten years of austerity and the greedy rich wanting more. Again in 1920, 1980. We live it again in their attempt to keep us in servitude. As long as we stay docile and acquiescent in political history we will stay in servitude to our masters.

  • “We have a lot of laid off workers, and more layoffs are occurring,” [Ryan] continued. “And we know, as a historical fact, that even if our economy begins to slowly recover, unemployment is going to linger on and on well after that recovery takes place. What we have been trying to do starting in October and into December and now is to try and get people back to work. The things we’re trying to pass in this bill are the time-tested, proven, bipartisan solutions to get businesses to stop laying off people, to hire people back, and to help those people who have lost their jobs.”

    Paul Ryan efforts back in 2008 in support of the stimulus bill; but you ought to hear Paul Ryan lie now!?

  • “We have a lot of laid off workers, and more layoffs are occurring,” [Ryan] continued. “And we know, as a historical fact, that even if our economy begins to slowly recover, unemployment is going to linger on and on well after that recovery takes place. What we have been trying to do starting in October and into December and now is to try and get people back to work. The things we’re trying to pass in this bill are the time-tested, proven, bipartisan solutions to get businesses to stop laying off people, to hire people back, and to help those people who have lost their jobs.”

    Paul Ryan efforts back in 2008 in support of the stimulus bill; but you ought to hear Paul Ryan lie now!!

  • There should be laws to protect the public from the victimization of lies and distortion in political ads and discourse. It betrays public trust. We have the right to know the truthful policies of our politicians.

    • Julie, there used to be, but they were deregulated.

  • bgolfguy

    So, this is the home planet for the liberal loons. I love how the article has no problem accusing Ryan of lying, but has a serious problem in providing an example. You liberals are so funny. We just love how facts don’t matter for you morons, its all about emotions.

    One fact that cannot be denied is that Liberals are intellectually dishonest, and despite all evidence to the contrary, they cannot see past their ideological ignorance.

    Shhh, hear that??? Its the fat lady singing for your boy Nobama….

    • grammyjill

      Fact- Ryan was lyin about the plant in janesville. Just saw exworkers on tv. He lied about when it closed. Obama tried to help them with training programs or school but Ryan shot it down. You are another that should check your suposed facts before you open your mouth.

    • It is better to remain the fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. Words you should take to heart and remember.

    • Look up the word, “fact.” We don’t need fact checkers to tell us when the Janesville Auto Plant closed. Now go back over your post and check each fact or was it just name calling. As I have said before, I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, but posts like yours make me trust Democrats more. They aren’t as nasty.

  • Fack check stays with their liberal lies and will continue. There are no fack checks., except the people who know obama has to go or will ruin this free nation. that is a fack check – Like It Or Not!

    • You can’t even spell FACT…LOLOLOL

    • grammyjill

      Fact-Romney was a lously govenor. Fact- he left that state was an 18 billion dollar deficit. Fact- Gov. Patrick is still trying to fix the mess Romnay left. Fact-Ryan is trying to remove any rights a woman has to her own body. Fact- Ryan voted for two wars but did not vote to fund them. Fact-Ryan voted for medicare part D but would not vote to fund it. Fact- Ryan voted for TARP but did not vote to fund it. Fact- Ryan voted for Bush’s auto bailout but not the funding.
      Fact- when Romney left the govenors office, he took everything including computer hard drives. What is he hiding? Fact- when Romney “saved” the olympics, he did it with 1.3 billion from the US government. And Oh by the way, he saved the olympics from the mormons.
      Fact- the dow has doubled since Obama took office. Fact- over 5 million people are back to work. Fact- that unemployment number is government jobs not private sector jobs. Fact- new home sales just increased again. Was up 2.3% in July.
      Fact- new home construction is picking up.
      Fact- there would be more if the republicans would pass the infrastructure bill and the jobs act that they have had since June.

    • neeceoooo

      Talk about your head in the sand, you guys really need to listen to the news and not just fox news. And while you listening, listen to what is being said and keep your mouth closed.

  • hawkeyefaithful

    to you people live with your head in the sand?

    You don’t think unemployment is over 8% for past 3 1/2 years and not going anywhere and Obama has nothing to do with this. Medicare is not in a crisis situation and social security goes on forever with addressing the depletion.

    Look at he public union retirement underfunding, there will be reckoning, which I am afraid is coming sooner than later for borrowing monies to pay for something that is not sustainable. As a resident in Illinois with the worse government in the states, it amazes me how everyone is willing to put off addressing the hard facts, let the next guy deal with your own deficiencies, it is the liberal way.

    Go ahead and keep blaming reps. The only thing you seem to believe in is that the country and anyone else that works and strives to do better owe you something for your own inadequacies or laziness.

    • Can you say record fillibuster?

    • Why doesn’t things get done? Try checking which bills were brought up and how each party voted. Find out what a filibuster is. Find out why it was started and compare how many times it has been used in the past compared to the present. and when you are finished, remember the bad economy must be a lie because we are still under the Bush administration tax breaks of 2001. Since he gave those to the “job creators” they created lots of jobs in this country and therefore we have the best economy ever.

      • Maggie, just to amplify your comment: Bush proved that the GOP’s trickle-down economics is the biggest sham ever perpetrated on the American public: The Bush tax cuts were without question the biggest giveaways to the rich in the history of America…and after those giveaways: The fewest jobs were created during Bush’s two terms than during any other president in the past 100 years except for during the term of Bush Sr. In fact, more jobs were created during the first three years of Obama’s term thand during all 8 years of Bush’s two terms: proving clearly that trickle-down economics is nothing but a bunch of GOP BS!!!!

        • ChowT

          Try standing next to Bush in the gents and wait for the Trickle down.
          Thats the Gopers kind of trickle down economy,

          It is a big con.

  • Suburbob

    This is just more bullsquirt from the Liberal Media that feels the need to prop up our White House Idiot. These liberal fact checkers have already today proven to be full of it. But, as usual the worthless minions of the democrat party will believe anything you tell them.

    • Suburb, Wow! I can tell by the brilliant way you presented facts that you could have possibly graduated from Harvard Summa Cum Laud.

  • Karen Pomes

    THE KING OF LIES IS YOURS TRULY!!! YOUR BELOVED BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. But publications such as this as MSNBC are the Obama surrogates and are so vested in making sure he’s reelected logic is nowhere to be found. Obama has made a career out of lies and if you think the American public is stupid enough to fall for his B.S. again you are sadly mistaken.

    • neeceoooo

      And you are getting your facts from Fox News?

    • frankspeaking


      that would be President BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to you

      • Frank, in her world, she has to be ugly because 1. President Obama is a Democrat, 2. President Obama looks different than she does, 3. All of the above.

    • Karen, I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I am not even an Independent. Reason: political parties have divided and ruined government. As James Madison said (when he explained why he was against political parties) they will cause divisiion and chaos. And they have. You, are part of the problem. A decent person would have said, “Here is where President Obama lied…” and presented facts. I watched the Republican Convention and listened to person after person telling how poor they used to be. If your great-grandfather was a coal miner, that doesn’t make you poor. Two of these underprivileged people went to a very expensive private school. I haven’t researched the rest.

    • Come on Karen..let’s see you list at least two lies that Obama has personally made that you can prove…just two. You obviously spend far two much time watching Faux News. Sure, Obama hasn’t been able to keep some of his promises, but that’s because he made them assuming that the Republicans would at least act like true Americans and vote on legislation based on what’s really best for the country and not their future political asperations. It’s pretty touch to keep your promises when the opposing party has come out and said “We’re going to do everything we can to see that you fail!!!” And that’s exactly what the GOP has said and done since day one of Obama’s term.

      • ChowT

        Gopers are angry that a colored person is in the white house.

    • Karen, just a quick add on: I’m a 75 year-old how likes to vote for whomever is truly the better candidate and as such have voted on several occasions for Republicans. But I have to tell you, over the past 20+ years, the GOP has become such a big anti-Christian, lying bunch of hipocrates that there’s just no way I can even stand to listen to many of the candidates speak because I quickly aware that virtually everything coming out of their month is a big lie, intended only to hoodwink their constituents and cowtow to their lobbiests. Yes , the Dems do this too, but no where near to the extent that Gingrich, Limbaugh and other right-wing fanatics have goaded the GOP into.

  • Jacque Allen

    I love Romney – Ryan. Whatever the self-declared media and fact-checkers are saying, people have awakened and are angry. I just went here because I am. The media thought people can stay blind with smoke and mirrors, we’re not stupid. The more the media lies, the more I’m convinced I’m not going to go back to liberalism.

    • grammyjill

      you should watch msnbc. they just did a story on the closing of the janesville gm plant. ed talked to exworkers to get the truth of the matter. result-ryan was lyin. and they don’t like him much cause after the plant closed obama tried to help them with retraining or going back to school and ryan shot it down.

      • grammyjill, I’m sorry to say it but folks like Jacque are the problem we have been talking about. Facts vs lies is of no importance to them. They would rather believe the worst than take a few moments and get educated. She said so clearly ‘whatever the self-declared media and fact-checkers are saying’ is of no importance to her. Even Fox News has said the plant story is twaddle for the ill informed rubes like her. What a sad state we find ourselves when facts don’t matter and the public says out loud that they don’t care. They believe nonsense over reason and reality.

        • grammyjill

          Yea, and if you disagree with them they start insulting you aqnd calling you all kinds of vile things. I was trying to make the case about life of the woman abortions. I have a daughter with a heart problem and therefore can’t get pregnant. I got a reply that was so vile it made me sick. Basically he said that if my daughter couldn’t carry a child she was worthless and should have died already. Some of them are really sick. If he ever responds again I’m not even going to open it.

          • ChowT

            The Gopers mentality are inhuman.
            They are extremely greedy and claims that they are religious, but do evil deeds !

            Their God is Money and Power.

  • Obama took the work requirement out of welfare…get over it. He knows it and you know it. Obama is retiring the Jimmy Carter trophy as worst president ever.

    • DukeDacat

      Mike, Jacque Allen, Karen Pomes, Suburbob, hawkeyefaithful, Leland Krueger.
      bgolfguy, ……………….
      What the Hell just happened?
      Did the Clown Car from the RNC just stop at The Memo?
      Hope you Clowns had a nice trip.

      By the way, have a nice day………..

    • Mike, WTF are you talking about? Even Fox News knows that is bullshit. Keep it real fellow.

    • frankspeaking

      lie much?

    • Mike, Why do you right wingnuts throw out lies all the time? The state’s governors were asking to monitory their own Medicaid, instead of letting the Federal Government do it. All Obama did was give the reins over to the states. He did nothing to change the work requirment that was enacted under the Clinton Administration .

      • Obama is an anti-constitution thug; he does not have the authority to change the Medicaid law. What’s so worrisome to me is all the people who are just fine with a dictatorship presidency as long as their guy is on office. Obama is the leader of one of 3 co-equal branches of the federal government – period!
        Go to church if you need a messiah!

  • interestedobserver2

    You people are all idiots. C’mon, politics is politics, Obama and his handlers lie at a drop of a hat and you give them a complete pass. Plus, your fact-checkers need fact checked too — half the time they’re lying worse than the politicians they are supposedly outing.

    Stop being sheeple. Do the research for yourself instead of relying on idiots like these and paid shills for the various candidates to do your thinking for you.

    • ChowT

      Good to take your own advice.

  • gallery90


    For the past couple of years I’ve saying “Why tell the truth when you can leverage a lie” half in jest. Now I see it is a real strategy.

    This saddens me.

  • DFW

    To borrow from the Eagles:

    My, oh my, you sure know how to arrange things
    Took all those funds from Washington, D.C.
    You denied it all, but your story didn’t change things
    You’re the same old fake you always used to be

    You can’t hide your Ryan lies
    And your ads are a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your Ryan lies.

    • ChowT

      good post

    • “Hope and Change” – the REAL lie.

  • I don’t know anything about Mormons, but do they end up in Mormon Hell for lying? Or maybe lying is okay for them? Sure, all politicians lie, but what is ridiculous is how people will buy those lies or how the media chooses not to expose them.
    And why is Ryan stooping to that level? Perhaps he’s always been there all along. A Catholic and a Mormon playing together? What next? Cats and dogs sleeping together?

    • Eric, I live among the Mormons. They have a strong set of values and lying is not embraced. Just as the Bible says, “A man cannot serve God and mammon(money) at the sasme time. When religious people pander to rich special interests, they are serving mammon.

      • ChowT

        Thats the problem.
        Money is God.

    • And here we have a classic example of what the party of “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” is really about – hypocrites!

  • From the article: You may have listened as a Romney pollster, when confronted with that fact that the attack is false, said, “We aren’t going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

    In other words, politicians have proven that lies get you elected, the truth doesn’t matter, and the majority of Americans are idiots.

  • They all lie, no question about that. The real issue is which way you want our great country to head in? Simpleton half wit lefts love the free handouts, as if it were their birth rite or something. The hard working right just wants to get up every morning and make money to support their family and pass it along to their descendants. Which are you?

    • John Hancock, there is a science to argumentation. It has to be backed up by facts, not prejudice and rhetoric. I can say anything and if I make is sound plausible, chicken little might believe it as I lead him to my cave.

  • ChowT

    A Ryan’s full of lies, and he calls himself a religious person. Shocking.

    • You want to see lies? Read Obama’s “autobiography”.

  • cloudshe

    funny how the “birther scandal” was NEVER debunked by facts, and only went to show what a childish jerk the president is. your whole premise that these guys are “lying” falls apart by the many questionable “facts” you claim to have found. we all knew what a record-setting dirty campaign this was going to be, glad to have you aboard, Scumbag!

  • Ralph

    What’s that noise I here?

    I think it … Yes … Sounds a lot like … Yep … Sure is some good old’ whining.

  • Bodine666

    —– Simpleton half wit lefts love the free handouts, as if it were their birth rite (sic) —–

    Right. We all know how much the left loves the $113 Billion in handouts to big oil in the form of subsidies. An amount equal to twice the amount spent on social programs. —- No! Wait. That was the repubs that voted to keep the huge subsidies for rich corporations, wasn’t it?

    If the farm bill isn’t a welfare program for the right wingers then what is? Paying good, christian, right-wingers to not grow crops. Including bachmann, the righty from MN and her husband’s ‘pray away the gay’ clinic that is defrauding Medicaid out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Cons constantly gripe that almost half the taxpayers pay no fed income tax. The fact they live at or below the poverty level means nothing to righties. Here is one that righties should be griping about but never do. A full 47% of people making over $250,000 / year pay NO FED income taxes. So, why don’t you gripe about that?

    Here’s another that you don’t gripe about: The vast majority of the ‘handouts’ you are griping about go to the conservative ‘red’ states. It’s the ‘lefty’ blue states that support the right-wing moochers. Where is the griping for that?

    If you want to complain about something complain about all of it. Otherwise you appear to be just another right-wing hypocrite, lying by omission, that hates the poor folks.

  • Bodine666

    Typical right-wing rant. No facts. No evidence. No information. Just more name calling.

    Cons actually believe all it takes to prove a story false is to call the author a liar. It’s no wonder the cons live in a bubble. Reality would make their heads explode.

    • “I didn’t have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

      You must have been in grade school not to remember the Clinton administration as one lie after the other, one cabinet resignation after the other.”

      Elephants have long memories.

      • Teen, I suppose you have never, in your life, did a “save face” lie. Clinton was trying to save his and his seducer’s reputation. Ever since Clinton signed the civil rights bill as governor of Arkansas, they were out to get him. It was one thing after another. There were too many variables in the Lewinski affair to not see that she was sent to seduce him. Clinton’s real problem was that he allowed himself to be seduced and it cost him. Now, the type of lying, I cannot understand and condone is lying about other people. You can’t really be an elephant as elephants have a highly defined society where they care about each other. Clinton signed Medicare into law. Republicans want to dismantle it. So, when your grandmother needs medical care and has no means to get it, you can send her a card, “Happy Birthday, Grandma, now die.”

        • ChowT

          ‘ you people die’, the 1% lives in utmost luxuries = GOP.

      • ChowT

        Teen Bo, why pry into people’s sex life.

  • FCS1

    As usual, no substance, no fact, no lies revealed, all emotional rhetoric and personal attack…so typical. From Carter’s failures (singlehandedly almost losing the Cold War (cancelling weapon system after weapon system and retreating from the Soviet surge – Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Angola, Nicaragua ring a bell?), being humiliated by the piss-ant nation of Iran, and wrecking the economy, turning over truly the worst Recession since the Great Depression), to the many and varied Clinton failures (his abject failure to address the AQ threat – multiple AQ terrorist attacks against Americans worldwide and AQ terrorists in the US training and preparing for 9/11 during the entire last year of his Presidency, his failure to address an Iraq containment effort in shambles, and turning over an economy in RECESSION after the high tech stock market burst on HIS watch…Monica was the LEAST of his failures), to the Obama failures (8.2% unemployment, anemic (basically flat) GDP growth, a trillion dollar stimulus package that didn’t stimulate but did drastically drive-up the deficit while taking good care of Democratic party cronies at Solyndra – until Solyndra went belly-up, stupidly stopping the Canadian pipeline now virtually ensuring China will get the Canadian oil instead, a complete inability to LEAD and build consensus by reaching across the isle, an Afghanistan policy adrift, clueless on Syria, and a totally failed economic recovery plan (if there ever was one) – it’s the economy stupid, it’s not about class warfare). Once again, the Republicans will be called in to clean up the mess created by a Democratic President. The big difference you’ll notice over the next four years is that a Republican President won’t incessantly blame his Democratic predecessor for all his problems, whining about the hand he was dealt, he will deal with it. Can’t wait to hear Clinton’s speech at the DNC. I’m sure he’ll bring down the house! If I were a Democrat, I would be embarrassed.

    • If you were a Democrat, the Democrats would be embarrassed.

    • ChowT

      FCS1, I thought Gopers were embaressed with George Bush and asked him not to appear or give a speech at the convention which is a tradition. So who is embaressed?

  • And the repugs all will tell yhou what great Christians they are.

    • ChowT

      Gopers are like what the Bible says, White Washed Tombs, but ….inside……….. is something else……………..

  • Julie Huff

    The economy started its downfall with Clinton in office. The deregulation of banks and opening free trade with China, outsourcing our jobs ect. Obama spent more in his first 19 months in office than Bush did in 8 years in office ( adding more debt than any other president). Quit spending, let the job creators create jobs and stop the government regulations put on drilling companies, agriculture, auto industry ect. Also, quit listening to the media, they don’t tell the truth! if your really want to know, look on each candidates website and find out what their platform really is. You can look on Romney’s with no problem, but to get to Obama’s you have to register and make a donation first.

    • ChowT

      Where was George Bush at the GOP convention.

      Oh, ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dont mention the Bush name.

      WE want voters to forget all the financial mess and deficits that Bush created and we want to blame it on Obama.

  • you right wing nuts are really brainwashed

  • shenboe

    Talk about lies- look no further than this article. You need to go no further than the title “Paul Ryan- Look Into My Lies” to suggest a quote by the VP in order to know that the lies of the author start in the gutter and work their way down from there.

  • It seems that our politics since 2010 have come down to tell lies and when you get into office do a turnaround and do the opposite. Lie #1 we are for jobs, jobs, jobs. Truth- we are against women bettering themselves, we are against Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Truth -our goal is to make this POTUS a one term president. Truth- the h— with the people as we have proven that they will believe anything we tell them, rather than look around and see and think for themselves. We can take away schools and make them believe that this is the right way to go, we can make them puppets so anything that we see will be seen as the truth,. You have to work in order to receive welfare but we’ll say that they will receive a check form the GOV. and not have to work, they will believe us because they have no will to think. THAT,SADLY IS HOW I VIEW POLITICS TODAY ESPECIALLY THROUGH REPUBLICAN EYES. VOTE OBAMA, at least He has been honest even though the Republicans have not given him a fair chance!

    • interestedobserver2

      Yep — exactly. The truth is whatever you say it is because that’s what you “feel” the truth is. You’d never actually do any research to find out the real answers. It’s so much EASIER to demonize those who don’t agree with you. There is a “war on women” because you SAY there is, not because of any actual facts or incidents that you can assess. Obviously Obama is God’s gift to the American people — because you LIKE him so much. And anyone who disagrees with you is probably a Nazi or a pederast or something. And everything that is wrong with America, the world, and probably all space and time is so totally OBVIOUSLY George Bush’s fault! Great, glad we solved the world’s problems. See? We can handle anything as long as someone else is to blame — yes we can! Sheeple come in all forms and clothing styles….

  • AES2

    The biggest lie I remember from presidential campaigns was four years ago when our president-to-be’s explanation for every one of our country’s problems was eight years of failed Bush administration policies. The truth is our country’s problems are the result of decades of malfeasance, incompetence, pandering to special interests, insider trading, and a lot of what ordinary people would be locked up for by Presidents, Houses, and Senates of both parties. Checking facts makes the only debate which side is the bigger liar, and now we have “independent” super-PAKs on both sides making underhanded attacks that their beneficiaries can technically disavow.

    We have serious problems created by both sides in cahoots and that both sides have made worse by doing nothing but blaming the other, and things will continue getting worse until our elected officials start addressing problems instead of pandering to lobbyists and PAKs and bashing the other side.

    • Free4CO

      Decades? Bill Clinton had a budget surplus. The deficits have something in common: The GOP.

  • If you vote for Romney life as we know it will greatly change, and not in a good way. This clown, will just go out and cut all services and be damned if anyone needs help. Anybody can do what he does all one need do is be greedy, and lack compassion and there you go that’s Romney in a nut shell!

  • Free4CO

    Ryan claimed to climb 40 of our Colorado 14ers. That makes his marathon in 3hrs boast look like a white lie. The GOP ticket lacks the integrity to even empress the low standards of the GOP. GOP supporters should vote for Ron Paul to show the GOP how bad they have failed their constituents.