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Thursday, October 27, 2016

When Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, fawning pundits rushed to praise Ryan as a brave, unique snowflake of a politician. Supposedly, Ryan’s extremist budgets make him “courageous” and different from all of the other right wingers in the House.

It’s true that Ryan isn’t like like the average politician. But he is like Mitt Romney.

Ryan has changed his stance on several key issues since joining Romney’s ticket, calling to mind Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom’s infamous remark that the campaign is “almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

Here are four of Ryan’s most brazen flip-flops:

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  • I was really worried when Perry and then Gingrich faded away ~ where is the stupid going to come from now, who will satisfy our craving for vicious arrogance? Why, God, why did You deprive us of this innocent merriment? And, lo, God heard our lamentations and sent us Paul Ryan.

  • William Deutschlander


    • That should not be too hard for him to do considering the fact that Ryan is a member of ts Board of Trustees.

  • desertdustoff

    nit wit mitt and lyin’ryan, wow, what a dufus duo. The koch sisters have definitely proven that there is one thing money can’t buy: SMARTS!!

  • Romney confirmed Ryan’s shift, telling CBS News:
    “Congressman Ryan has joined my campaign and his campaign is my campaign now. And we’re on exactly the same page. And my campaign has made it very clear: The president’s cuts of $716 billion to Medicare — those cuts are going to be restored if I become president and Paul Ryan becomes vice president”

    Okay, got it you are not running on Ryan Medicare Plan you are both running on the Romney Medicare Plan. WHAT IS THAT PLAN?

    • Gammaanya

      Lorraine – ask onedonewrong – he has counter answer for everything and if doesn’t answer your question he will bring up Biden chains (LOL), Solyndra (Started on Bush watch), Fast and furious (Started under BUsh watch under different name), and ofcourse the birth certificate, the college transcript and I am sure next a proof that Obama pisses straight in the toilet.. It was OK for Santorectorum to say almost the same thing but it’s not OK for Biden. Yes, Biden is right, we will be in chains, financial chains. None of the above had anything to do with Presidency but to him and the Goofy Old People like him will shoot themselves in the face.

  • bigspender7

    Ah the Romney & Ryan team — a match made in heaven.

    I predict that these two will come to hate each other in the near future.

  • mikey4912

    Just like Romney, whatever he was for now he is against it and always have been. We wont tell you the details yet wait until after the election. He had no problem with showing Romney his taxes abut will only show 2 yrs to the American People. What a bunch of clowns.

  • Does that mean Ryan will start saying “I was for it until I was against it,” too?

    • Don

      I was for it until polling data or Koch Brothers money told me to be against it

  • onedonewong

    And old Joe Biteeme can’t figure out where he’s at or who has he put chains on oh well thank god he’s done come Nov

  • nomaster

    Two flip floppers make a pair of shoes. Willard the Rat man and Ben the Rat ryan, oh and with their bag of tricks.