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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hypocrisy Alert: Paul Ryan Requested Obamacare Funding For His District

Hypocrisy Alert: Paul Ryan Requested Obamacare Funding For His District

Recently uncovered evidence shows that Paul Ryan quietly requested Affordable Care Act funding while simultaneously campaigning for the law to be repealed, in one of his most glaring acts of hypocrisy yet.

Lee Fang reports in The Nation that Ryan wrote a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services on December 10, 2010, recommending a grant to build a new facility in his district. As Fang points out, “The grant Ryan requested was funded directly by the Affordable Care Act, better known simply as healthcare reform or Obamacare.”

Ryan’s letter can be seen here.

While trying to build a community health clinic shouldn’t be controversial, it is when the request comes from Rep. Ryan. Over the past three years, Ryan has been one of the most vocal opponents of the law that he calls an abomination. Yet it didn’t stop him from requesting “job killing,” “budget busting” funds for his district.

Apparently, while Ryan thinks that health care rights “come from nature and God,” he acknowledges that money for his district comes from the government.

This isn’t the first time that Ryan has been caught using a government program that he derides; in August, it was revealed that Ryan had requested stimulus money while simultaneously claiming that “I’m not one who votes for something and then writes to the government to ask them to send us money.”

As Bill Clinton said last night: “it takes some brass” to be Paul Ryan.

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  • feeeo

    Another typical move from Lyin’ Ryan!

  • …and we’re surprised, why?

  • I wouldn’t vote for these bums even if I were a gazillionaire…..I do not deny the wealthy their vote, just sayin’ that I would not sell out my countrymen even if GOP policies favored my millions.

    • You Got That Right !! You Go Girl!! Ryan Is Just Another Koch Brothers Butt Kisser He Only In It For The Money These people Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor The American People, Control Power And Money Is What On Their Agenda!! RNC Say Nothing About Their Plan Nor Did They Mention Anything About The War And The Men And Women Who Fight It!! All I Heard Is Obama Bashing And A Bunch Of Lies!!

    • The GOP policies are not meant to favored billionaires any way …

      … they are meant to favored billionaires !

      • jerryhulick

        Hey Dave where do you think the bamster gets all his money, from poor people. Who can afford his $45,000 dinners damn sure not me ..Open up you eyes and get of the WH talking points

        • 324516

          who are what is a bamster your mama

          • jerryhulick

            Well in your world you probably call him God or Allah which ever way you swing. Just maybe that could be your daddy, whatever you still lose. go have swig of his great Obama piss you’ll feel better oh and a laxitive.

          • Mr. Jerry, areyou racist?

          • jerryhulick

            why yes why did you ask? Next question if you can think of one. I don’t hide like all libs do I’m right up front

          • Maynard

            Jerry, aren’t you in a quandary? Obama is half white and Romney all Mormon. Do you get brownie points for being half white? If you aren’t rich Romney could hurt you with his tax cuts for the rich and his deductions for mortgage payments. If a black man offered you money, how much would it have to be before you would accept it. That is the true scale by which to guage the degree of your racism.

          • You Mean All Moron!!

          • grammyjill

            remember, he’s half white. just got a better tan than you. and color doesn’t have anything to do with the job.

          • jerryhulick

            He was voted in because he was BLACK( creating a little history) He’ll voted out because he’s incompetent. This mulatto in way over his head and I hate his politics. I don’t want to be a socialist or a Marxist I want good old American freedom

          • grammyjill

            Hate to break it to you but he was voted in because he was the best man for the job. And he’ll win again because he’s still the best man for the job. If you would put your racism aside and really listen to what is going on you would close your eyes and vote for him. Even though you are a racist he votes for you. My sister-in-law is a racist but she is voting for him. She said he’s doing a good job even if he is black, so she’ll vote for him to finish the job, but that doesn’t mean she has to like him or watch him on tv.I think that is the most mature she has ever been. I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s socialist or marxist to try to keep this country out of a depression and try to help everyone have a better life. Please explain.

          • jerryhulick

            Hey Jill have you ever sought a mental heath clinic. Nope forget it your to far in the hole for help.

          • grammyjill

            Now, Now. I thought we were going to disgus this without that kind of shit. You said you don’t like some of his policies. Which ones?

          • jerryhulick

            What policies? He has none unless you call being $5 tillion in debt a policy or 48 million on food stamps a policy and on and on. You have to be smpoking some good stuff maybe the same stuff the bamster was smoking in Hawaii or how about some good coke, hell even told us he did in his book “Dreams for my Mother”.

          • grammyjill

            Who ordered the seals to get Bin Ladin? Who ended the war in Iraq? Who has put 4.5 million people back to work? Yes there are still alot of people on food stamps, but that number gets smaller every day. Couldn’t just let people starve after Bush killed the economy and put people out of work and out of their homes. And in case you weren’t paying attention, Bush left him a 5.1 Trillion dollar deficit. And the old saying “you gotta spend money to make money” is true. If he had not spent a cent, we would have gone right down the toilet. 1929 all over again. Instead of looking at the money spent, look at what he did with it. He paid for two wars, paid for Bush’s auto bailout, paid for Medicare part d(another Bush thing). Then he saved us from depression by saving the banks that controled our economy, then put regulations in so that shit can never happen again. Then his auto bailout, which saved over a million jobs, and not just car builders but all those companies that make the products that go into building cars. He has stopped  the foreclosures and new home buying is up.There is alot more to do, but it all takes time, especially when everything has to be passed by the house and the senate. They haven’t work for us for the past two years, just against him.

          • jerryhulick

            Jill I want some of the that your doing. His jobs recovery sucks fact!!!!~ the rest of you discussion sucks. Keep drinking the koolaid. Wow 48 million of food stamps and on and on yup sure looks to me like burr head is a winning ticket.. Its tough to deal with mental midgets and you need serious help

          • grammyjill

            and you think romney the mystery man who almost put mass. into bankruptsy can do a better job? it takes time to fix someting that took eight years to break.

          • jerryhulick

            You hae got to be getting you info. from the WH cause anyone who can read knows your wrong. Even people from Mass. will tell you he did very good . Indifferent to your Allah who voted, as a part time sen. in ILL. 164 times present. What , he can’t make a decesion so he votes present, much like now. Aah aah, aah I’m pondering the situation I’ll get back to you in a few weeks. NOPE in 2012

          • grammyjill

            No I got my info from watching him while he was govenor.Check it out. You don’t want to believe me, but I lived through it. I watched everyone complaining about the very poor road conditions. For a while he had actually outsoursed most government type jobs. Call your local DMV and end up talking to someone in New Dehli, India. Governor Patrick had ads on tv asking people to please come home. He REALLY sucked as governor. So, I will not give him a chance to do that to the country. Wether you like it or not, I am going to try to save you from yourself.

          • jerryhulick

            Good luck but I think for myself I don’t some socialist telling me what to do and when. I guess in the end Mass. sucks no matter what party is in charge. so if you live ibn Mass. MOVE!!!!!!!!

          • Got anything factual?

          • Quick get the roach spray! Jerry and the racists are coming!

          • grammyjill

            honest question. why are you a racist?

          • jerryhulick

            I wasn’t till I started meeting people like you. I’ll stop there before I write my history, you won’t like it. and remember, “Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer”.

          • grammyjill

            But I do want the anwser. Where I live black people are a rare thing. Unless college is in there are only a few families. But, I think because of that, one of my best friends in school was black. His son was one of my daughter’s friends in school. I had a friend that use to tell me the worst black jokes I ever heard. I guess I was raised color blind, so I don’t understand racism.

          • jerryhulick

            Cause your a liberal. By the way back when it was the libs who stood in the way of segregation but it was the Reps. that brought into todays world. sorry but you’ll always be on the wrong end. I remember back when it was called social actions I use to hear gee some of my best friends were black, NOT. You raised color blind now your just blind

          • grammyjill

            I actually consider myself a realist not a liberal. On some points I am probably considered a conservative, so just a realist. And yes, the parties seem to switch places. Or at least they use to. Now with the Tea Party, I think that is over unless the Tea Party goes the way of the wind. I do support Obama but NOT because he is black.It is because I do pay alot of attention to what is going on in Washington…Todd Akin…Michelle Bachman…Allen West..Darrell Issa…Steven King…Mitch Mcconnell..Paul Ryan…etc. I have to wonder if any of these finished school. If they did, they weren’t paying attention. See, you are looking at color, I’m looking to try to find some intellegence. And I’ve seen Romney do his thing in Mass. He almost distroyed that state. There is no way I want him to get a shot at doing that to the whole country. What Gov. Patrick said at the convention was the truth. He wanted the job but did not want to do the job. That about explains what he did in Mass. Got on TV said I’m the Governor, yea me!  I don’t go on color, record means alot though.

          • Don

            A bamster is a hamster in disquise still spinning himself on the wheel of fortune in his little catch with ryanster also spinning in his own wheel of fortune.

        • highpckts

          Where EVERY sitting President gets it! You’re such a jerk! I suppose you want hin to live on your street, with a car up on blocks, trash cans at the curb and carryout pizza every nite!! Twit!! You couldn’t do his job even with a college degree!!

          • jerryhulick

            I this case stealing it from the public and stupid individuals like you who think your making the world better. All politicians are whores some are worse than others like your little buddy, Bambi.

          • Maynard

            I pressed the liked button because your use of the name Bambi shows originality. There are politicians who are more on the take and most of them have (R) after their names.
            I hate the fact that OBOMBER (original too) thinks he has the right to off innocent people and US citizens with drones. Still I think Rob-me would be worse, so I have to vote for the big O.

        • Jerry, I can say this. Four years ago my husband and I hanging on by a thread. He works commercial construction. His job was ready to collapse. Thanks to stimulus funds his company secured work, they did a good job, came in on budget and now his company has six or seven new, non stimulus projects in the offing. We are better off now than we were four years ago.

  • desertdustoff

    Man, where did they find this loser? rove, the koch whore, didn’t do a very good job of vetting eddie muenster, “if his lips are movin'” lyin ryan. Here is one rethuglican, fun dumb a mentalist who proves abortion should be legal everywhere, and he would have been the perfect candidate. With his propensity for lying, if I was his Stepford wife, I would be worrying about how many times he has cheated on me. How can she stand this immature, insecure, scrawny, little pipsqueak?
    Perhaps she is glad he cheats, then he won’t be in the rut when he comes home. Do you also wonder if she allows him to tell her how to think, how to vote, and what she can or can’t do with her body like most of the repugnican women? they are all a disgrace to their gender. Shame…burkas, ladies?

  • coxel

    Just hope it is brought up at the debates..

  • The duplicity of neocons and Tea Party advocates never cease to amaze me. I think it is important to point out that in addition to using ACA money to build a new medical facility in his district, he tacitly acknowledged the role of the government he demonizes in helping communities get the services they need. So much for their small government and evil government claims! The problem with giving these guys the Pinocchio award is that there are so many runner ups we may need government assistance to make long noses. Maybe we will just rely on pants on fire…

  • hilandar1000

    There is no question that either GOP candidate sells out to the highest bidder, and will compromise any of their statements if they think it will serve their purposes better to ignore what they have said in the past.

    • jerryhulick

      who’s a higher bidder than George Soros. He’s got millions tied up in your bamster. In Brazil, Colombia, oil deals all over the world that the bamster gave millions too but not one cent to our own industries. GM and Crysler don’t count that was money that went to the unions dirt bags

      • hilandar1000

        John Stuart Mill said it very well, “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it IS true that most stupid people are conservative.” Jerry, honey, you’ve got to stop listening to Glenn Beck — he’s making you crazy. I’ll bet good ole Glenn even has a bridge he’d like to sell you. I’m sure you’d want to buy anything he’s selling.

        • jerryhulick

          As common to the liberal mind set you come to the table with nothing. Nothing more than the WH talking points. Mr. mill, whomever the hell it is doesn’t have clue. You might as well said Karl Marx. Back to the drawing board and come up with something worth a damn to chat about. Dear Lord these libs have to work with but stupid stuff.

          • hilandar1000

            I beg your pardon, Jerry. Since you mention Karl Marx so much, I mistook you for a philosopher. Silly me. I assumed that you might be more in tune with the philosophies of an English-speaking philosopher and economist, instead of a German one. However, since you don’t seem to have read anything that either of them wrote, it seems evident that you just want to spout off without actually KNOWING anything about that to which you refer so freely.

            Since you don’t even seem to know who John Stuart Mill is, let me introduce you to him. A contemporary of Karl Marx, he has been called “the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century”. Mill’s conception of liberty justified the freedom of the individual in opposition to unlimited state control. Do you still want to refer to this as “stupid stuff”? — or should we instead try to establish to whom the descriptive word “stupid” truly applies? Better check your mirror, Jerry, dear.

          • jerryhulick

            Oh so many words but again no substance. You Libs really suck. You talk all the great words you were taught in kindergarden (college) but come up may so short. Oh well back to your Liberal grade school and then off to the re-education camp. You’ll be OK after 4 or 5 sessions

          • hilandar1000

            What’s the matter, jerry-boy? Is it a bit uncomfortable to be caught talking about the philosophy of someone whose works you’ve never even read? It’s very interesting that you would mention “substance” under those circumstances. One thing I feel certain you will be happy to hear is that you definitely will NOT be sent back to re-education class, since education classes did not work for you the first time around. Your random words, “come up may so short” — is that part of a sentence that anyone is supposed to be able to understand?

  • Lyin’ Ryan’s at it again!

  • In other words, Ryan is a liar. He and Romney both lied in their speech’s. Do we want liars in the White House?? Heck no. The Republican party has become the party of No, Hate and Lies.

  • As the act is in place, it would be his duty to his constituency to gain any advantage it offers. On the other hand, claiming that “I’m not one who votes for something and then writes to the government to ask them to send us money” isn’t exactly being honest or forthright.

    Sure, he didn’t vote for it, but he did ask for the money the program offered, which is directly and indirectly supportive of it.

    That’s certainly mud in his face, and a lack of integrity.

    :Not fit to hold the Office of Presidency, in which he would be first in line in case of some dire condition presented itself.

    Of course, Romney with no uncertainty would be worse for America, but better for others that do not have to live or work here. Just why does he pander to foreign interests? He in so much stated he shall advance a war with Iran, and our servicemen will be in harms way for that foreign interest, not for the U.S.A…

  • anyasnote

    They are counting on our memory loss, ignorance, gullibility and plainly said STUPID.
    That’s not all, just wait and see or read – more stuff will come down the pike and now what was happening on Democratic Convention they will try to fight and it will be a dirty , very dirty and very expensive fight. My prediction – MONEY WILL WIN and COUNTRY WILL LOOOOOOSE and Lose BIG. Unfortunately racism get s in a way – no questions. Knowing most Americans – they will vote against their own benefit – we already see the results – choosing Tea Baggers. Some can’t even vote now.
    “Slander can not destroy an honest man – when the flood recedes the rock is there” – Chinese Proverb
    The more I know about people the better I like my dog” M. Twain.
    It will get worse. God Help America. Semper Fi

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The real question is why is there any funding for Health Facilities to be built? Hospitals are closing or declaring bankruptcy all over the country.


    I’m not surprised by this. Ryan looks and talks like a slimeball. He fits the mold.

    By the way, do any of you out there remember the television program “The Addams family?” If you do, do you recall the little boy, whose name in the program I believe was “Puggsley”? Doesn’t Paul Ryan look kind of like “Puggsley”? You know, low forehead, nasty expression, etc.

    • oldtack

      I think you got your programs mistaken. Ryan looks much like Eddie Munster and when Romney gets a troubled look he looks like Herman Munster

      • msrita

        Eddie Munster wow that was the good days,

    • msrita

      Yea I’m old enough you got it right on the money.

    • Maynard

      I think he looks like Scooby-Doo, but I hate to insult the poor dog so I would never say it to Scooby’s face. (Hope he hasn’t learned to read yet.)

  • Americanmom1

    Money cant win if we all vote….

  • Now you kow why the peole of his state call him Lyin’ ryan. He is a habitial liar and and is as 2 faced as you can get. Would you buy a used car from this man? Let alone have him as your president?

  • rustacus21

    Why isn’t this a surprise? What’s surprising however, is the fact that the media continue giving legitimacy to his type, when they directly admit they plan to devastate America w/the policies of the last Republican administration, that did the VERY SAME THING! My only question is, was the grant going to some 1 who had an already established (financial) relationship w/Ryan? THAT I think is worth even more investigation than the obvious hypocracy of asking for it privately, while opposing the Affordable Care Act on ‘policy’ grounds in public…

  • Shame on Romney to hire such a liar.
    Obviously Mitt did not do his home work Like McCain.
    Cant be trusted either one of them.

  • aywoods

    So, how much money did the Community Health System, Inc. get? The story is incomplete without the ultimate dollar amount.

  • nobowtie

    His god must be very proud!

  • Took Social Security funds to fund his education, now wants Affordable Healthcare Act funds to fund his consituency, and he has the gall to oppose those two programs for other people’s benefit?!?!

  • ObozoMustGo

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured … but not prove they are a citizen.” – Ben Stein

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

    Have a nice day!

    • Seriously, is that all you’ve got? Lame . . .

    • rmarqua2921

      Maybe you should reread this article, or maybe you can’t read? This article was about Ryan, not Bill Clinton! The author did not even mention Bill Clinton and was not for sure defending Bill Clinton’s indiscretion! Can’t you ever stick to the issue at hand?

    • Mr. Bozo, are you racist?

    • grammyjill

      crawl back under your rock

  • Ryan That says it all Two faced conniving man

  • nonhater1

    Obozo: you are just the person that Bill Clinton talked about last night. Full of hate. Clinton spoke respectfully about GW Bush in his speech and the aid he gave to Africa that saved many lives. But Republicans can say nothing good about Obama, who is 10x the family man that many of them are. I just can’t help but feel it’s plain old racism.

    • rmarqua2921

      Your definition of hate seems to be totally different than mine! I thought Bill Clinton said some nice things about Romney! You see Republicans can’t talk to people who disagree with them…I don’t think most Democrats hate their Republican friends, I don’t! But clearly you “hate” Democrats!


    Typical Repukelican’t. Against everything that they claim increases the debt, unless it benefits themselves and/or their district. Standard since the repukelican’ts, along with Dubya passed the largest pork barrel budgets ever in the history of this nation during the six years they had total controll. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  • alumahead

    It’s hard to visit any political site these days without having to stare at another headline about a Republican lie. How is this party still relevant?

    • Dmullins84

      The Republican Party is riding into the sun set, and soon to be a Party of the past. Mitt Romney and Ryan has run their course and have done the job of taking care of any future they may have had. Obama take the high road and let these idiots continue their plunge into deep dark waters. God Bless America.

  • smittyray

    You have Obama who supports all the lies coming out of his campaign staff and his administration and you have Clinton who had sex with his female intern in the oval office. What a combination. And Obama has the worst record of any president ever and why anybody wants to follow up the past four years with the same person responsible and with Mr. Bite me as his partner.

    • Well you have to say that when it comes to lying , Romney and Ryan have proven to be experts.

    • rmarqua2921

      You learned very well from Romney and Ryan, lie, lie, lie! Anyone who lived through the last four years of George Bush and can say that any other president was the worst president in history…is either sinile or learned so well to tell a lie!

    • Mr. Ray, are you racist.

  • R and R means rest and relaxation for them selves. They see being Pres. and Veep as never having to work again while making plenty of money. America, we must see that does not happen.

  • I’m enjoying the DNC , I hope those of you who think you are Republican are watching! This is what a National Presidential Convention is suppose to be.
    I appreciate what former President Bill Clinton did for Americans last night, who better than a former President would know the inner workings of the White House? He enlightened America….. reference all the downright down and dirty, pathetic issues of Romney and Ryan.
    What are they gonna do now?
    Now America can really look forward to the Presidential Debates……..
    Mr. Clinton showed the United States what to listen for.

    Romney….Lets hear what you have to say, in the Debates………….

  • Ryan…..What a “Hypocrit”….you are!
    Your middle name isn’t “Benedict” is it?

  • msrita

    Poor baby can’t remember he asked for the AHCA.

  • dggrundhoffer

    GOP is fighting within . Extreme and unpredictable they are.

  • ridemybroom

    guess he figured he wouldnt get caught on these things….my my paul…what a wicked web we weave when we first practice how to deceive….what a true spirit of the devil….so much hate and so much propaganda…now is the time for you to fess up mitt…come out come out wherever you are….

  • Really this is all we need is more hipocryts in Washington.

  • desertdustoff

    man, obozomustgo, how I wish this meant you must go…go away, go any where..And still with the quotes that less than half the time are applicable and the other 30% are so far out we are not sure which of the countless lies of the go back boys- nit wit mitler and if his lips are movin’ lyin ryan, the welfare queen-are addressing. I know with your education it is easier to look up things from authors you probably don’t even know and usually misinterpret, but try writing down your own words……slowly……….now……….you …………can………….do………………
    Don’t worry about the punctuation, you can go to your 4th grade teacher and he/she can help you.

    What? You didn’t make it to 4th grade………………………….? What, the repugnicans quit funding your school and quit busing, and quit the free lunch program, and the teachers moved up North so they could get paid a fair wage. What, they spent all the money on the clown convention in Tampa…
    Oh well, maybe you can hunt ‘gators for a livin’.

  • TheSkalawag929

    It doesn’t say much for the integrity of Mitt Romney who picked him as his VP choice, for Paul Ryan for reasons given in the article or the Republican party as the gene pool from which he was selected.

  • xphild

    Should crawl back underr the rock he crawled out from under to run for Congress. A disgrace to the people who voted for him and a card carrying obstructionist as he helps his fellow repugnicans undermine the middle class while he is seeking funding from programs he is trying to destroy. He probably has $ interests in both facilities and stadds to profit from the process. I am sure honest people of WI are embarassed by this whole situation. Hold your nose as I bet there is more going that has not surfaed yet.

  • lourdmar

    Really creepy guy – wouldn’t trust him with my dog!

  • crestdad

    All I can say as an Independent is vote. Get out there and get your family and friends and vote. I was a Republican until Palin. I’m not yet a Demo. But we, the American people have to stop this ridiculous circus act called Romney Ryan. I’m so tired of hearing about the $750,000,000 taken from Medicare. It’s a verifiable lie. And they keep throwing it up. Their super pacs and money will provide the opposite than intended by showing their true colors. Get out the vote folks.

  • This man is a pathological liar. Both he and his co conspirator Romney are sowing the seeds of discord yet pretend that it is the president . They go anywhere the wind blows. They are two empty chairs

  • Steve danna

    What a great GOP convention that was !! yes-sireeeeeeeeee Barb !! Did someone forget to
    invite the two former Presidents to the convention, Like in Father Bush and like in son Bush,
    It looks and sounds the republican party has decided to put them out of sight and out of mind
    for the “good” of the party. The recent GOP convention and its selection of misfits remind
    me of a great big party where everybody there keeps going to the john, but nobody ever has the
    smarts to flush the toilet. Also, wonder where the “cardiac-kid” Cheney was ?, probably still
    counting the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that Haliburton stole in the middle east. Ever
    notice way back when (evil polititions greatest ally, TIME !, everybody forgets.) a screwed up
    policy by the Bush-wacker administation would happen, then and only then would the V.P.
    all of a sudden end up in the hospital and how many times did that happen ? Ya- just- gutta-
    luv-them, they were priceless. My sincerest and deepest condolences to all of the service
    personal that died in combat looking for the so-called weapons of mass destruction that were
    never there to begin with and that is f–king sad. I remember a long time ago when it was the
    Bay of Tonkin (might be a mis-spelt,sorry) incident that happened and just like the W. of M. D.
    one has to wonder what these fools are thinking of when they start this crap, BUT, when you
    sit at a desk and not in a tank or a personal carrier you really don’t have to care do you ? Bill
    Clinton left a surplus when he left office, 8 years later, Bush left us over a trillion dollars in
    debt and a ruined economy. Bush and the GOP wanted to put your social security moneys in
    Wall Street, remember that ! of course not, everybody forgets. Guess where that fund would
    be now after the crash happened ?. I think that 4 more years does it for me and I hope it does

  • jerryhulick

    If the above didn’t come from NM I’d believe it could have legs. but after I read the stories they print I’ve seen better in Mad Mag. or even SNL, the original. After the NYT this is the new fish wrap of news

  • Paul Ryan is so smart, he needs to come over to our side and increase his potentials. Anyone who recognizes that OBAMACARE is the way to go deserves a place on the TEAM!
    Connie Witter

  • adler56

    Like Any Rand he uses the programs he claims need to go. Hypocrites should be deported.

  • they’ll take money from any where then go into denile

  • Man I am glad that I do not feel the way you guys do!! I look around and see the way things are going… I think that Romney and Ryan are my guys!!

    • pi boson

      Perhaps we can go back to losing 700,000 jobs per month, home prices falling, unemployment going up fast and faster, debt, wars, …. Companies are rolling in record profits over the past 4 quarters, yet not hiring; as a shareholder I love it. As a citizen of this great nation, this is unacceptable as they should be investing in people and growing the business while it costs them less.

    • Steve danna

      You all must be blind in one eye and can’t see much out of the other ! you need to buy some glasses fast.

  • pi boson

    This is another example of why historically the GOP runs up more debt, creates fewer real jobs, and gives to those that don’t need it. The GOP is for smaller, more expensive, and MUCH more intrusive government. Statistics-based historical data shows the record.

  • Bob

    Why would anyone like these two claim they have all the cures for the economy and keep them to themselves while so many people are suffering” Do they want a bribe of the Presidents office?
    Or are they traitors to the rest of the people of The United States because they are only putting their interests first? Have they ever said how they are going to solve the problems by giving the rich another tax cut and then taking all the things they can away from the middle classs and the poor? How could you vote for these people?

  • William Deutschlander

    I wonder why Paul Ryan has been tagged as, LYIN RYAN?

  • Now I realy know of how stupid the republicans are , the have two Idots on the ticket and these two don’t know what they are talking about and the two I am talking about is Romney & Ryan

  • DaGoon1865

    It is redicilous to suggest that using a government program which we all pay into is hypocrisy. Someone can easily be against an economic system, but still use the economic system they paid into. THIS IS NOT HYPOCRISY. Should a libertarian living in Cuba starve to death? Should a free-market health care proponent in Canada not get a broken arm fixed? Redicilous

  • Maynard

    There are a lot of great commenters here. Please go to more “mainstream” sources as well to combat the horrific ignorance, if not deliberate evil, that many of the posters on Yahoo are pepetrating. Here is fine, but we need to spread a bit of sense among the other less progressive sites. I do get a lot of insults, but I do not insult back and use evidence, logic and reasoning. That is the only way to make headway. Thanks.

  • No one should be surprised at this. Where are the GOP supporters? Like Jesus said to the woman (who was caught in the very act of adultery) brought to Him by rePublicans, “Woman, where art thine accusers?”. Obama, where are your accusers?

  • JOE

    Ryan and Palin make a good team, they are good liar’s Romney is just as bad

  • ABkr

    Not surprising; more and more Republicans are showing they favor at least portions of the Health Care law. And, in spite of their public cries against it they privately comment on the benefits of the law.
    My own Senator, A Republican, in a written letter to me a few weeks ago gave his support to a portion of the Health Care law that improves the integrity of Medicare and other tax-payers supported benefits.
    It is obvious at least some of the elected Republican representatives have the courage to speak their true feeling when their comments may not be easily heard by the Republican Leadership. It appears Republican leaders force elected representatives to do and say as the party dictates or loose any support for their bills and funding for reelection. At least my Senator is ready to put his support for Obama Care in writing even if he does publically follow the Republican talking points in demeaning Obama Care!

  • gamanami

    Romney/Ryan….like Bush/Chaney…..they fill their own pockets..make their own rules which is not what we want…their messages read…”everyone for them selves”…that is not the America I live in, love and want to live in in…We are all in this together….Do you get the message Romney/Ryan??? We don’t want, your lies, your beliefs…..We don’t respect you, nor do we want you

  • A lot of those Tea Baggers need some Obamacare too. They’re just too proud to ask for it. But they know they need it. Have you seen one lately. Overweight from toomuch beer, weed, and the munchies. Plus that hatred is backing up on them something fierce! All they have to do is ask for it and they’ll get it. After all, the fight to get it was for all of us, even those who sat they don’t want it. But soon, they’ll need it.

  • Steve danna

    Guess who signed the Massachusetts HealthCare Law into being ?????? When he was the
    Govenor of that State ???? FLIP-FLOP Rummy !!!

  • jerryhulick

    Almost like the “bamster”, did he really go to any school. Won’t show his records or nothing else about him. Where really was he born? You like a lot of other lame brains got sucked into the myth. Well the clouds are clearing and the myth is beginning to disappear, just like smoke. You know nothing about this person who calls himself BHO but there is nothing on record proving it other than him telling you its him. I spent 28yrs in the military and you had to prove who you were everyday, Why not him is he a GOD or maybe Allah, whatever he’s a losser

  • GOP is a short abbreviation for gophers. Just like squirrels, hypocriticaly grab as many nuts as they can for themselves. Only the squirrels and gophers don’t accuse other greedy asses of living on the government.

  • Don

    I copied the letter right away as Ryan turned both toward ACA and against ACA or what we know is Obamacare and the ACA people wrote back to Ryan stating that is rwquest would be considered. I find it really strange that he is really a mugwump sitting on one side of the fence as well as on the other side of the fence at the same time. I also find the Romney plans to keep most of ACA when and if he is elected putting some of his own ideas in I would assume to hwlp the rich in this cause and by my saying assume. I am make an ass of u and me.

  • Dazednconfused1

    Every day the sky is blue (usually) yet I hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan saying it is Peachy! They must be blind. So,out of touch it scares me. Obama has 4 years experience and is making headway in Washington and around the world. I feel Obama is the better.

  • Dazednconfused1

    OBAMA – Representing the 98%!

  • i feel the same way. Our country will be in so much trouble if those to bums get elected.