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Friday, October 21, 2016

Once lauded by the Washington press corps for his “courage” and “honesty” in confronting federal deficits and the national debt, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wrote a budget that almost sank the Republican Party — and may still damage its prospects — because he proposed to dismantle Medicare. Yet his party still relies upon Ryan to speak on behalf of its most important constituency, now known in America and across the world as “the one percent.”

Addressing the right-wing Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, Ryan sought to discredit Elizabeth Warren — the Massachusetts Democratic Senatorial candidate, Harvard faculty member, creator of the Consumer Finance Protection Agency, and enemy number one of Wall Street cheaters — for daring to utter an obvious truth. While praising the creativity and industriousness of entrepreneurs, Warren recently pointed out that business cannot thrive without functional government providing police and fire protection, safe and efficient transportation, educated workers, and myriad other public services.

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  • Bobbywalker

    How true!

  • rebecah

    Anyone who thinks Ayn Rand’s stupidity in anything but stupidity, has very little intelligence. Only a sociopath would agree with a sociopath like Ayn.

  • janieliza

    This is what happens when you have a Teapublican who has to have complete silence around him to think… meaning he can’t think when he has to listen to others… meaning he doesn’t know what others think about his pronouncements until after he puts them out there for public consumption… only to find that everyone is against his snarky attempt to damage whole segments of the American population who can afford his interference the least. HE THINKS SENIORS HAVE NO POWER BECAUSE THEY HAVE LITTLE MONEY. But does he know that the percentage of Americans that belong to the baby boomers is greater than the whole Republican Party?… because IT INCLUDES THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. So what dolt in the Republican Party LET this inadequate thinker put out such bold unreliable methods as “BEST METHOD”?

    Better yet, when are the Teapublicans going to come together to find solutions for today’s problems and stop trying to create worse problems? Anybody in that group have any REAL ideas??? Or is this just another fly by night group who took the money from PACS created by the Koch brothers in their attempt to see if they could run the country from their Oil Baron couches? Fly by night refers to vampires and such, because that is what they come out as.

  • pmk

    Doesn’t this discourse suggest that a politician that has never been in business or, for that matter, ever managed a project, any project of significance, tends to allow political considerations to override pragmatic and real world solutions?

    The Republicans are convinced that by giving the rich all manner of tax benefits, it lifts the economy. I don’t believe that there is any compelling evidence that confirms this notion.

    Despite ruinous deficits accumulated for the most part during earlier Republican administrations, the lesson hasn’t been learned by these right wing ideologues. It is becoming more and more an irrelevant party as more voters begin to understand its warped philosophies.

  • Indy 60

    How does Warren showing how the government serves the individual, thereby allowing the individual to be successful get interpreted that the government is more important than the individual? Warren merely showed that to attain success an individual needs government services and that providing those services enables the individual to use his/her money elsewhere. For Ryan to “misinterpret” her statements is not only complete stupidity but outright lying. The real problem, those who follow him fall for it.

  • DianneLee

    The Republicans were elected to state offices in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin etc, with every intention of dismantling every safety net program available to the lower and Middle Classes without ever mentioning that fact in their campaigns. This is going to cost the taxpayers a lot of time and effort because we will have to recall them to prevent any further damage to the people. I appreciate Ryan and the Republican party being honest about their intentions to further enrich the upper 1% at the expense of the 99%. It will save us the trouble of recalling a whole lot of Republican who will never get elected in the first place.

  • TiredTaxpayer

    As was said about a former president, “He was born on third and thought he hit a triple!”

  • nfox

    It’s not that the Republicans are stupid,(which they appear to be at times)they have just been bought and payed for,( along with some Dems) by the corporations, that are trying to recreate serfdom and make us all their slaves.

  • Dave Anderson

    With the approval rating for Congress hovering around 9%, I think the GOP should be pretty proud. After all, that’s about 9 times higher than their constituency. Thanks Paul, Eric and Spkr. Boehner for your refusal to do your jobs. You’ve galvanized the public and put names to the true enemies of the middle class.

  • cminhtown

    I am actually a Tea partier but I am inclined to agree with the comments of nfox. Nothing changes the fact that in the last 10-12 years the top 1-2% income earners(the very rich)have seen a nearly 200% increase in wealth with most of these individuals being a fairly even split of Narcisstocrats and Republiturds. Big business is ruling the roost with the help of the Federal Reserve and as long as there are only 2 parties(which are more sharply divided than ever)then the average Joe – American will always be an afterthought.