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Monday, April 23, 2018

If Secretary of State John Kerry has failed to bring about a ceasefire to end the bloodbath in Gaza, then so has everybody else.

So at the expense of impertinence or worse, here’s my Middle Eastern peace plan. Given the regional appetite for self-serving conspiracy theories, somebody should plant a rumor that Hamas and its accursed rockets are a Mossad intelligence trick. Which, let’s face it, they may as well be. That is, an Israeli “false flag” operation designed to give Tel Aviv a perfect excuse to do what it wants to do anyway: Exterminate all the brutes.

If so, it’s working brilliantly. This is less a war than an uprising in a concentration camp — futile, suicidal, murderous and the product of conjoined fanaticisms. Both combatants see themselves as victims of oppression, and they’re both right. Both sides want what neither can have: the political, if not literal, elimination of its enemy.

Hamas believes, or pretends to, that Israel and the accursed Jews can be purged from the Levant. From an Irish-American perspective, they’re the moral equivalent of what used to be called the “Provisional Wing” of the Irish Republican Army — a gang of self-romanticizing thugs addicted to the delusion that Protestants could be made powerless in Northern Ireland.

Except that the indignities suffered by Catholics in Belfast were as nothing compared to the privation and humiliation inflicted upon Palestinians in Gaza.

What’s less understood in this country is that Israel has zealots of its own: militant nationalists on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extreme right who believe that the territories he calls “Judea and Samaria” (and the rest of the world calls the West Bank) belong to Jews by divine dispensation, and that the indigenous Palestinians have no rights.

It’s to that faction that Netanyahu is speaking when he says, in Hebrew more plainly than in English, “that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the river Jordan.”

“That sentence, quite simply,” comments David Horowitz in The Times of Israel, “spells the end to the notion of Netanyahu consenting to the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

In short, not only no peace now. No peace as long as Netanyahu can prevent it. He may not be so blunt on Meet the Press, but that’s what he’s telling his supporters. Israel, after all, has overwhelming military superiority. Why should it risk anything at all for the illusion—as he sees it—of peace?

The New York Times’ brilliant columnist Roger Cohen, a South African Jew resident in Europe, has an answer.

A lifelong Zionist, Cohen writes that what he

cannot accept, however, is the perversion of Zionism that has seen the inexorable growth of a Messianic Israeli nationalism claiming all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River; that has, for almost a half-century now, produced the systematic oppression of another people in the West Bank; that has led to the steady expansion of Israeli settlements on the very West Bank land of any Palestinian state; that isolates moderate Palestinians…in the name of divide-and-rule; that pursues policies that will make it impossible to remain a Jewish and democratic state; that seeks tactical advantage rather than the strategic breakthrough of a two-state peace; that blockades Gaza with 1.8 million people locked in its prison and is then surprised by the periodic eruptions of the inmates; and that responds disproportionately to attack in a way that kills hundreds of children.

Netanyahu’s response to the slaughter of innocents has been to complain that Hamas wants “to pile up as many civilian dead as they can…They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause.”

It’s a phrase that should follow him for the rest of his days.

Here’s a thought exercise. Substitute for “Palestinians” any ethnic or religious group you can think of. “Telegenically dead…”

See what I mean?

For that matter, reverse the polarities. Imagine that Hamas had the tanks, bombers, the destroyers and cruise missiles, and that those were, well, any ethnic group you can think of, herded into a vast slum under heavy bombardment with their POW tunnels and popgun rockets?

Never mind the endless quibbling over who started what. You might cry out, “For the love of God, show some pity!”

I wonder if Netanyahu understands how many Americans — his greatest allies — have begun to reconsider their unwavering support in the face of this merciless slaughter?

Longer term, Israel’s is a policy born of desperation. Given birthrates, it may have to choose between being a “Jewish state” or a democracy. Soon enough, there will be more Arabs than Jews in Israel. And then what?

Meanwhile, as Peter Beinart writes in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “Hamas’ great ally is despair.” Because the more brutally a people are beaten down, the more desperate and fanatical they become.

AFP Photo/Jack Guez

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88 Responses to No Peace In Gaza, As Long As Netanyahu Can Prevent It

    • Except for a few nations in the UN, they are not putting their men where their complaints are. They should be mandated to supply necessary man power to get the job done. Those young girls, abductees, in Africa are still missing” where are the men, to get them back, and freed, the women are more eager and ready to fight than the cowards that are part of the UN., Leaders are not Leaders, as in Obama who makes a Syrian line in the sand, and Obama is a coward to do the job, he belongs in the UN. The UN is UNcourageous, an UNnecessary, UNworthy of its purpose.

      • The problem is that the UN’s charter makes China (which was originally Taiwan) and Russia (then the Soviet Union) equal members of the Security Council with the US, UK and France, with the power to veto ANYTHING it wants to do. The only significant military action ever undertaken in the name of the UN was the response to North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in 1950, known as the Korean War (or “police action”). The only reason the Security Council was able to act was that the Soviet delegate was absent that day (and China’s vote was on South Korea’s side because it belonged to Taiwan). Ever since then, Stalin and his successors have made SURE that their people NEVER missed another SC meeting.

        So the problem is not that the UN lacks courage; it lacks legal AUTHORITY. Its founders naively expected that the Big Five powers would be the “grownups” in the room, and would always veto frivolous incursions into any nation’s sovereignty, but would always approve “police actions” necessary to protect human rights.

        And, like the original government of the US, the Continental Congress, it can only “beg” nations to pay their dues on time (guess which one is the farthest behind?) and “beg” for soldiers, since it has no standing army.

  1. ‘I do not believe that we would have better politicians if more of them worked elsewhere first.’
    There is a difference between a ‘good politician’ and a ‘good Minister or PM’. A good politician is someone who wins elections. A good PM is someone who uses that election victory to manage the country well. Floating voters are concerned almost exclusively with the latter; political camp followers with the former.
    Our politics are dominated by two party machines. It is almost inconceivable that a member of the Lib Dems or Greens could ever become PM, no matter what their personal qualities. Given that, the first requirement of a ‘good politician’ is to be able to climb up through either the Tory or Labour party. That requires not straying too far from the Party orthodoxy and, if that orthodoxy is to claim that black is white, then our ‘good politician’ needs to agree. Reality is less gentle in most other occupations. While there are plenty of examples of people at the top claimed credit while leaving disaster below them, most people involved at lower or middle-ranking levels learn that to be successful involves facing challenges, drafting a strategy to overcome them and implementing that strategy in an intelligent manner.
    One of the public’s exasperations with politicians is that they seem incapable of doing that. They never answer questions, preferring instead to waffle on in wonk-speak. (The other main exasperation is that they do not seem to be governing in the interests of the British people, preferring instead to represent the interests of corporate, the US, the EU and another country which can’t be named).

  2. I am a good supporter of Israel but I think the path they are taking is not the right one. I heard two weeks ago Natenyahu saying: “we are going to stop this once and for all”. For the love of god this is not going to happen unless Israel eliminates every single Palestine, and this is not going to happen. This is not the recipe for peace. The more killing continues, the more hatred from the other side prospers. I have stopped to watch any News on my TV set regarding this war, as I can’t stand what I see is happening over there. If there is no one who can think right for the sake of living peaceful, I am afraid the war will continue forever!

    • … if I’m not mistaken, U’r correct & there is an historical precedent to the Natenyahu proclamation, I believe, which occurred in Germany & if I not mistaken, involved the annhillation of several millions of Jews, which could only be eventually HALTED by a world war… Have we grown more or less mature, more or less intelligent, since then & do we, as a member of the global community and U.N., not notice genocide when we see it? It didn’t help that we stood mute, 13 years ago, while we authorized a whole series of illegal, immoral military aggressions against backward, innocent nations, authorized by our silence & STUPIDITY, over the fact that those actions were as avoidable as they we illegal? This shows how morally corrupted we’ve become, by accepting the conservative philosophies on economics, education, medicine, science, racial, gender, gerontological relations & YES – even aggression & war. We are no longer ANIMALS!!! Our Democracy has bred that out of us, but somehow, over the last 51 years, we’ve accepted the re-animalization of our culture, by not roundly rejecting the conservative push-back against the HUMAN RIGHTS movement of the 1950’s & 1960’s. We’re all guilty!!! This is the consequence of not holding fast to the virtues of our Declaration & Constitution, that ALL… ‘… (hu)mans are created EQUAL…’ These are life-affirming philosophies that don’t kill or destroy – but they do nurture & respect & enlarge our HUMANITY AND our DEMOCRACY!!! This is the message we NEED to carry to BOTH the Israeli’s AND the Palestinians EQUALLY!!!

      • the problem is when we allowed the traitors reagan and bushes to create the middle east war machine so they could reap the profits. That is when we stopped being an America that stood for justice and truth and became a country of mercenaries with a republican brainwashed population. We lost control when we allowed ted turner turn news in to propoganda

        • Excellent, extremely thoughtful response & thanx for the clarity of vision. I only hope others read U’r comments here & realize that there’s a reason our forebearers invented this Liberal/Progressive Democracy – so that we could share it w/the world & ensure that horrific terrors & monstrously irrational & barbaric ‘governless’ entities like the Israeli & Palestinian ‘overlords’ would NOT have such powers as placing their innocent populations in harms way, because of petty, childish hatreds! Ideally, our Democracy compels us to seek our own & the peace between other nations. It seems Presidents understanding that dimension of our Constitutional governance framework are too far & few between. But Clinton GOT THIS!!! So did Carter, Kennedy, but Lincoln particularly (we should remind Republicans), saw that the safety & security was of the utmost priority – even to the point of going to war to defend it. Now, this may be the case, should the U.N. (w/our participation) need to intercede there, or Syria, Ukraine, Libya or rooting out Boko Haram, which came of age during the time we completely turned our back on Africa (during the ’01-’09 conservative Administration here). There comes a time when are senses clearly tell us what is propaganda & what is reality & we’re clearly there now… Thanx –

    • Tune in to the BBC and other foreign media outlets. You will be surprised by what you see and hear. Suffice it to say that their perspective on what is happening is very different from what we hear from our media.

    • The heathen muslim terrorists are like roaches, they burrow under the ground and they must be excavated out like a bunch or animals. I always supported Israel and I still support them. FT, I don’t think you ever did. Do you think Israel should sit back and let the muslim heathen muslim terrorists continue to fire rockets down upon them or do you think they should stop them once and for all? Face it the muslim hordes don’t get along with each other how is Israel ever supposed to?

      • I think that we are NOT taking in the entire TRUE picture, from EITHER side of this conflict. The vast majority of the deaths that are occurring in Gaza are NOT armed combatants, or even people who can be identified as supporters of Hamas. Israel is waging a sanctioned indiscriminate war against an unarmed civilian populace, and we are complicit.

        • The people of Gaza voted for Hamas, give them what they voted for. When you invite terrorists to dinner and let them hide rockets in your home, you give up your right to be called a non-combatant.

          • Hey Ted,go fly up your Zionist ass and disappear.Israel is not innocent of commiting its own brand of terrorism.

  3. Hamas fires rockets into Israel, Israel returns fire to protect itself and the author is blaming Israel for the number of deaths. Hamas started a war, Israel is not only defending itself, but is attacking the war starter. Israel is not like the US and just trying to make a point. Israel is trying to win a war, not play for a tie.

    • I am with you that Israel must defend itself. BUT defending is all about securing the borders and make sure that those rockets “katusjas” don’t land on your people. BUT going after the attackers is not defending, it is getting involved as well.

      • wow are you stupid! hamas won’t cease fire because they want Israel to stop blowing up their terrorist tunnels into Israel. Defending is absolutely firing back to kill not to make pretty fireworks. Israel takes a dry wasteland and makes it a flourishing green land and the people calling themselves palestinians have only turned it back in to a barren wasteland. True palestinians were Jewish genetically and these people are not. It has gone on long enough, longer than my life and now it is time to just exterminate them and be done with it. Have any arab countries brought back christian or Jewish populations after they kicked them out? Has Germany brought back Jewish people and returned their homes and property? sounds like these pretenders are expecting from Israel what never has been expected in history. The thing is that they were not there first anyway.

        • Have you seen pictures or first-hand descriptions of Palestine prior to the Balfour Agreement? I didn’t think so. Palestine had a thriving agricultural trade going on, that depended on anything BUT a wasteland.

    • Securing the borders is a great idea, as we have in the USA, excerpt when the other side throws rockets, suicide bombers dugs and unknown s across the border. Perhaps Israel should just allow open friendly access like the USA. …no problems here yet…just sayin.

      • they did and were attacked on 3 sides and continue to be attacked because those people believe that all Jewish people must die. It is not like here at all

    • Putting it in the perspective of relative firepower: A Hamas goon pops up from his hole in the ground and pops off a round from his pellet gun. As he prepares his next shot by furiously pumping his Crossman, the vigilant Israeli soldier pivots his GAU14 minigun around and looks for a target. As the Hamas brute fires his second pellet, the soldier presses the trigger and begins spraying the area at 3600 rounds-per-minute of high-velocity, armor-piercing, supersonic bullets. The Hamas criminal simply ducks back into his hole while the bullets race ahead heedless, tearing through plasterboard walls and families. The soldier dutifully empties his can of ammo to ensure that the Hamas creep is dead, but all he’s done is slaughtered dozens of folks who had no connection to the first act.

      • Neither side will win this one. And, it will spin onto US streets when Arabs and Israelis living in the US begin to take sides. I remind them they are first and foremost Americans.

        • Netanyahu and his government are roughly equivalent to our own fundamentalists, likewise with Hamas. When both sides decide that fundamentalism is NOT the path to peace, something positive may happen.

          • I so agree. Extremism has its place when its constructive. When it’s destructive, it becomes a test of human wills to see who is more powerful. No matter has the situation in Gaza ends, both sides lose. Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. This describes the Gaza situation perfectly.

          • You need to step back a few dozen generations to see what the conflict is all about. It surely isn’t a psych101 essay with a latte. It is evil with murderous intent that must destroy the jews at all costs. After Israel is defeated, it will be the infidels with their starbucks. Let’s hope Israel wipes them out sooner than later.

          • First of all, let me state emphatically that if you live in the United States of America, you aren’t Jewish, Arabic, Italian, Polish, German or any other “old country” moniker some prefer to call themselves.

            My father was born in Italy. I don’t jump to every issue that Italy is involved in. This is the precise reason some Jews get themselves in hot water. They live and earn their incomes in the USA…not Israel. This is also true for anyone else who emigrated to this country.

            There are times when Israelis have been instigators in their own problems. Read the NY Post today about the Jewish young adult Weiss who rode back and forth in front of a Mosque where Arabs were worshipping, with his horn blasting Jewish music and 4 Israeli flags flying from his Audi. That’s not asking for trouble?

            Why the hell should those of us who have NOTHING to do with Israel or any country of the Middle East have our US streets overloaded with instigators hot to turn NY City streets into another Gaza battleground?

            The world is watching Israel’s next step. If it’s anything like what they pulled off taking Lebanese land, it will prove YOU are WRONG.

            How dare you even suggest that Israel can “wipe out” another population? Your attitude reeks of the same Hitler premises that wiped out 6 million Jews, 2 million Catholic, Poles, aged, retarded and handicapped. Clean up your human rights act little boi…Yours sucks big time.

          • No, they just need to eradicate the TERRORISTS, the ones you coddle, the ones you make excuses for, the ones you claim aren’t a threat while bombing our allies because they are ‘over there’. With international friends like you, Israel doesn’t need anymore enemies.

          • I am thoroughly disgusted with men like you…”eradicate?” Let me guess. You puff out your chest, pump your fists, open carry your AK-47 in the great hopes your Hitlerian tactics will intimidate the rest of the world? Aren’t you just a tad toooooo full of yourself? I coddle no one..It’s why I and not you, can be more unbiased in my opinions that Israel is the common denominator in its all of its problems.

            All anyone has to do to prove that is see how some still try and impress on intelligent people how they are “chosen.” Who did that choosing? You?

            I am not anti-Israel anymore than I’m pro-Italy…my father’s “old country.” Get off the semitics and smell the coffee. It always takes 2 to tango.

            If Texasses would get the hell out of the Middle East, the perception that the US is wholly pro-Israel no matter what Israel does or doesn’t do, is more of your brand of BS.

            I’m fed up with the pro-Israelis calling anyone who dares to disagree with them, anti-Semitic..Utter a single word about the Mafia and I’ll be the first to call you “anti-Italian.

            I stand by my post that Netanyahu is a warmonger. He’s leading Israel into another mess the US taxpayer will end up paying for.

          • You have no idea what it’s like to live in a place where suicide bombers and rockets from the West are expected, do you? When the citizens are continually faced with imminent death by neighboring terrorists, it is foolish to worry about the ‘cost’. You mock their religion, you sympathize with those that attack them. YOU attack them with disrespect and misunderstanding of where the evil lies. It seems like you don’t understand what evil is. You equate force (even when used defensively) with evil. Your bleeding heart is more dangerous than the threat posed by the terrorists. Israel would love peace. Hamas only wants dead Israelis. Until you understand this, your concerns are misplaced and dangerous in a real world that wants all Jews dead.

          • Sorry if I no longer buy “victimhood” that’s more than half a century old. Nor, do I buy that Biblical spiel about “chosen people” or “promised land.” I may not live in a place where there are suicide bombers..But, I do live in a place where greasing the palms of municipal politicians by Big Money bois to buy up properties and land is considered “promised land.”

            I don’t mock the Jewish or the Islamic religions. Unfortunately for you, I worked in two companies where a certain religion played a huge role in “who” got a promotion and why. In one case, two women, one a Jew and the other a Gentile, were in line for a promotion in a Jewish owned company. The response from the Jewish VP making the promotion decision? “This is a Jewish company. That’s how promotions are decided.”

            I never again worked for a company owned by a Jew. THAT WAS the reason why. Cards stacked against Gentiles and toward their own. Which brings me to the real point of how Jews and Israelis cause their own problems. Are they Jews? Or are they Americans?

            Don’t you dare try and tell me what is common sense. The territory Israel received in 1947 has grown larger and larger by the same kind of eminent domain “spoils of war” BS by Israel as many land grubbers in the US.

            If you take land that doesn’t belong to you, are land owners expected to smile and accept it without reason? I know you have NO idea what having your property salivated over by a land developer or your home labeled “blighted area” by some of Wall Street biggest land developers, who line their pockets and then leave the “blighted area” a haven for their wealthy cronies.

            Do you have any excuse for what Israel did to Lebanon 3 times? Of course you don’t.

            All you want to make Israel a victim when it is now more than common denominator in its own problems. Sorry, but I don’t buy that Jews are blamed, Jews are victims and Jews are hated routine.

            Common sense tells you that when Netanyahu decided not to stop his grand mal seizures of land in the West Bank by Israeli versions of eminent domain, the public saw the bulldozing of homes that formerly housed Palestinians…just to make room for Israelis.

            As for Gaza, Israelis didn’t want to give up that Promised Land from the get go..It’s the reason why they are battling over this at present. If you have NO access out of GAZA and NO ability to bring in supplies, what the hell are you really saying? I’m saying that Israelis instigate trouble not because they are Jews…because they use tactics they hope no one will notice and then expect the victims of their subtle games to just stuff it all down because after all, as we all know…Gaza is Promised Land..Give it up already.

      • Israel has begged these people to leave the area telling them they will be bombed around the rocket sites. These people want to sacrifice their children to create false martyrs and who do you think you are fooling? a pellet gun? seriously? take your head out of your ass

        • Where should these people go? Israel is NOT providing ANY safe havens for those Palestinians who do not wish to be involved in this violence, and those that HAVE been established by the UN appear to be sitting ducks for the Israelis.

          • The ‘safe havens’ established by the UN such as hospitals, mosques, and schools also happen to be where the weapons are stored and being launched.

          • So, once again, where are these people to go? I must assume you are claiming the UN is authorizing the storing of weapons in these places that they are providing as safe havens for noncombatants. Which implies they are complicit in either the use of civilians as shields for Hamas or Israel is complicit in bombing civilians under UN protection.

          • They should go to the same place most sane refugees would go when their ‘leaders’ are steering them in harm’s way-as far away from the danger as possible. That is, if Hamas would allow them to. The civilians serve the terrorists better as tools of propaganda every time one is killed by a defensive Israel measure. Excusing the terrorist presence that has infected the Palestinian population, by labeling Israel the aggressor, only shows ignorance of the actual threat posed by Hamas and terrorism in general.

        • All of the words are important. You have to read all of them to see what the point is. I’ll try to clarify for you: The Palesitinian brings his AK47, the Israeli brings his M1A1 120mm tank gun. Pellet gun versus GAU14. The Palestinian fires his 2 inch, unguided rocket, the Israeli fires his 6 inch, radar directed naval gun. Pellet gun versus GAU14. See how that works?

          • You are trying to equivocate the terrorist’s murderous intent with an argument of unequal firepower. They are playing with fire and are getting burned. Right out of their holes.

    • Were Israel attacking JUST the aggressors, then why are over 80% of the deaths in Gaza Palestinian civilians?

      • They are trying to win a war and save their own people. Hamas puts weapons in schools, they are making civilians targets not Israel.

        • itsfun…How many civilian Jews were killed in the same proportions? Enough with the excuses for land grabbing. How much of the Gaza border does Israel plan to occupy like it did the borders in Lebanon? War is war that fights for human rights and decency…When the odds are against an entire population by an occupying country trying to takeover more land, it’s obvious super-Semitism is in place..Israel can do whatever it pleases but how dare any retaliate when their land is stolen from them?

          And don’t even bother to go there with that “Promised Land” BS…If we believe that pieced of Biblical bias, ALL of the Middle East would be the Promised Land..who are you kidding?

          • I am not kidding or talking about the promised land or the bible. I am talking about people attacking other people with rockets, bullets, etc. Hamas fired rockets into Israel to start this war. Hamas hides weapons in schools and puts their children in harms way. People get killed in wars always have and always will. We can make all the “sportsman like” rules we want for war, but people will still get killed. War has terrible effects on nations, survivors, and everyone and everything around it. Veterans have to live with the terrible memories of getting shot at, and seeing friends maimed and killed. Families lose loved ones. National treasures are lost.

            War is a terrible thing, but if you are in a war, its best to win it.

  4. The Hamas have drawn the line in the proverbial sans, to kill all Israelis. If the Hamas are so yelling to collect on their heavenly virgins, they should be happy to die for the cause, and should be helped to achieve this end. I am not sure virgins are so hot, a little experience , Self-taught or otherwise comes in handy. Hamas are barbaric and have to be eliminated, they call for it., it is in their charter. Next line please.

    • Not True: Here are some famous quotes from Zionist leaders. I have another dozen like these.

      “We must expel Arabs and take their places.”
      David Ben Gurion, future Prime Minister of Israel, 1937,
      Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

      “Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment… Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”
      Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, Complete Diaries, June 12,1895 entry.

      “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.”
      Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of
      General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

      “We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us.
      Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?’ Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said ‘Drive them out’”
      Yitzhak Rabin, leaked censored version of Rabin
      memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979.

        • Give them their freedom, human dignity, their homes and farms back. Then there will be no need to fire any rockets. An aggressor who occupies others’ land and then cries victimhood is pathetic. Just follow the Second Commandment of Moses and laws of Judaism, then peace and security will come for everyone.

          • Yes, that’s the problem. Israelis are Europeans who transplanted themselves there, like others did in North America. But, they and their forefathers never lived in the land of Palestine. European settlers in North America found plenty of open land in the continent to settle down. But in Palestine there was no open un-inhabitated land so they drove local people out of their homes, farms and villages in to refugee camps through terrorism, in violation of the Second Commandment and the Holy Torah. Palestinians were not responsible for Hitler’s actions but they have been paying the price for last three generations. As long as AIPAC controls the US media, financial institutions and the Congress, Israel will continue it’s terrorism against the local population unabated and un-questioned.

          • Interesting. I didn’t know that Morocco and Iraq were relocated to Europe. (They are the 2nd and 3rd largest communities from which Israelis emigrated from). But genetics show that the all Jewish communities (Ashkenazim, Sfaradim and Mizrah’im) are from the Middle East (the closet ethnic group are the Kurds, and probably Assyrians). Palestinians on the West Bank are close to that population with an admixture of Arabian (Among Christians, the Arab component is very low, but like the Ashkenazim and Sfaradim have a lot (20-30%) of European genes). Not surprising since the core Muslim population were local Jews and Christians that converted. The Gaza population is totally different – basically Delta Egyptians with about 20% Arab (Bedouin) genes.

          • Israeli ancestors did live in Palestine though. Abraham, Nehemia, Jesus, etc. all lived there. Later they were dispersed by the Roman empire. After the holocaust the descendants came back. Also, I thought Palestine has always had some Israeli’s living there anyway.

      • Ah, the spoils of the 1947 war , allowed the Israelis to take the territories won….a rule of war. Palestinians became refugees, and Israelis were expelled from surrounding countries also. These disputes have been going on since….and the Sunnis and Shia have been killing each other as a sport. It culls the population ….a good thing to keep Moslems to a minimum as a rule. I am not sure why Moslems garner such sympathy since they treat women, children, with such irreverence. They could easily be Republicans in the US, some Democrats will argue. So the bar room comments attributed to the individuals cited are everyday colorful personal conversations, similar to Lois Lerner , ex IRS fame, calling republicans A- holes. Just sayin….heat of the moment.

  5. How easily false equivalencies are tripping us up these days, such as the penchant among journalists to equate the desire among Palestinians who want Israel to fail with the desire among Israelis who want Palestine to fail. From this false equivalency a second follows, the assumption that equal hatred ought to be balanced by equal power to act on that hatred, as if the laws of hating followed a code, like the rules of boxing. But hating does not work like a game. Each side may hate the other ultimately and irrefutably but that does not rule out the possibility that in reality one side in a conflict may be stronger than the other.

    How can this be? The equivalency proposed by some journalists, who seem to expect enemies who despise each other irreconcilably to be equally matched, does not take into account cultural differences that result in imbalances between the strength of these two ancient opponents, Israel and Palestine. In this imbalance of power, misogyny plays a role. To the extent to which a journalist is complacent about misogyny within his own culture–or merely amused or entertained by it–a journalist may not recognize the ways in which Palestine is undermined from within by the way the laws of Islam undermine the contributions of women, and thus weaken the entire economy of Palestine. Perhaps Israel is stronger than Palestine because women can be part of Israel’s work force and participate in government and all other walks of life, and not just because its government has been able to train a better army and assemble a better arsenal.

    Wherever women’s rights are violated so are children’s, a situation evident even in our country, where the party that wants to interfere with women’s health care also wants to take food out of the mouths of children living in poverty. To the extent to which Islamic extremists and even devout followers of the Muslim religion in Palestine hamper the education of children and sacrifice their health by carrying on paramilitary incursions into Israel, the men behind these exercises impede progress by undermining their strength today and in the future. Perhaps, Palestinians who remain in Gaza and commit to Hamas live in a prison of their OWN making because they savagely ruin the lives of their women and children by way of exploiting the desire for revenge and the impulse to make it the sole purpose for living.

    • Sounds like a misogynist rant to me. Blaming the victims for their predicament is based upon the assumption the the hundreds of thousands of barricaded Palestinian refugees in Gaza are united in their support of Hamas and their desire for the destruction of Israel, while the current attempt by Israel to eliminate all Palestinians is a noble endeavor.

      • Gene Lyons is a misogynist rant, as he indulges in crude talk about women, just because he thinks it is funny. I am the opposite of a misogynist, someone who supports expanding the rights and opportunities of women and ending sarcasm and ridicule of women whenever possible. The war in Gaza would end if Hamas destroyed its tunnels and stopped firing rockets at Israel, in order to protect the people in Gaza who brought them into power. Israel just want the attacks to stop altogether, so they can go back to peace accords that established a Palestinian state. As for refugee status for the many women and children in Gaza, people I would have evacuated, other Muslim neighbors of Gaza do not seem to see a need for this. I wonder why?

        • The current shooting war in Gaza would NOT have even begun had the Netanyahu government pursued peace in good faith, rather than proceeding, unabated, with construction of settlements in the occupied territories. The Palestinian civilians who are being killed by the Israeli assault are largely unarmed and, considering the size of Gaza and the population, they have no place to go to seek shelter. The Jews in Israel have no legitimate claim on the “occupied territories” and are holding them in violation of numerous UN resolutions and international treaties. The issue with Hamas will eventually resolve itself: but will Israel’s issues with the Palestinians ever be resolved equitably?

  6. If we can somehow look at this in real-time, reality terms, we would have to acknowledge 2 things: 1, this is in fact, apartheid. 2, this entire region needs to be under U.N. control, since both parties are too immature to understand that they’re so close geographically and genetically, they need to be ‘FORCED’ to the table & disallowed from MOVING until they come up w/fair, reasonable terms of co-existence!!! Firm, iron-clad & irrevocable & w/an eye for their OWN future of both peoples!!!

  7. Well as Abba Eban once said, the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Israel pulled out of Gaza and left it intact including a flourishing flower business and industrial base , and the crossings were open and trade was brisk between Gazan’s and Israeli’s. Enter Hamas, a group that saw trade with the enemy as something akin to heresy. The way they stopped this cross border trade route was to start sending suicide bombers into Israel. I saw a documentary about a teenage Palestinian girl who received 2nd degree burns because the house she lived in had a bomb factory that blew up. She we sent to Israel for doctors to work on her and could finish on an out patient bases. On the 15th time she crossed she had a long overcoat on and was stopped by border guards, and as they approached she tried to ignite her suicide belt. She failed and was taken down. In her post arrest interview she was asked why she did it, and told how her mother and her boyfriend both Hamas members convinced her to go back to Israel because she was known to border guards, and to kill the doctor and nurses who saved her, by igniting the belt in the hospital
    This is why it will be so difficult to have peace again and open the border. Israel has a responsibility to keep it’s citizens safe, and will not let the people of Gaza roam free in their country again because of a history of mistrust.. Just think that when Hamas could have been building infrastructure, schools, hospitals, they chose to build attack tunnels into Israel. As long as Hamas is in power their will be no real peace.

    • What a Zionist propaganda? A real military super power keeps killing defenseless refugees, kept as prisoners for three generation in their own land, and yet keep claiming to be victims.

      • What would you do as president if the Zeta gang in Mexico started lobbing rockets into Texas on a daily basis? We are the worlds super power. So would you invade an impoverished Mexico to stop the rocket fire, or would you shell them back across the border?
        I knew people that lived in Israel prior to Arafat’s coming there. Trade between the two areas was brisk and healthy and the Palestinians were making money. Once Arafat and his gang of thugs come they wanted a piece of every deal and a skim of the top. I lived next to someone who came from the west bank. He told me the PA wanted bribes to open stores, $100,000 to open a Verizon store in Ramallah. It was Arafat that started the intifada and it was him who paid every suicide bomber’s family $25,000. It was him who snatched statehood from his people by throwing up surd demands into negotiations. The election of Hamas was due to the corruption of the PA. the issue is not a simple as you make it appear and calling me names doesn’t help you understand what is going on. And if your think we are so moral here, we butchered the American Indians for their land and stole it. That is the moral high ground you think you stand on.

        • Here is what the Zionist leaders having been trying to do to the Palestinians all along.

          “We must expel Arabs and take their places.”
          David Ben Gurion, future Prime Minister of Israel, 1937,
          Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

          “Spirit the penniless population across the
          frontier by denying it employment… Both the process of expropriation and the
          removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”
          Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist
          Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, Complete Diaries, June 12,
          1895 entry.

          “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they
          are resigned to live here as slaves.”
          Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

          “We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?’ Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said ‘Drive them out’”
          Yitzhak Rabin, leaked censored version of Rabin
          memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979.

      • You are right, Israel should permit the heathen muslim terrorist hordes to continue to fire rockets into Israel. The only thing muslims excel at are building suicide vests.

        • Islam is a religion based upon our Old Testament and the belief in their common ancestral descent from Abraham. And this is something BOTH sides in the Middle East understand. There will be no peace until both accept their common heritage and act on that acceptance.

  8. Netanyahu said, from day one, he was not one to compromise. He said he would start the settlements again. Every time there has been a peace truce some hotheads violate it. Because Palestine is Muslim it is okay to bulldoze down their houses and settle on their lands. The Israelis have a book that says so. 9-11 was caused by our friendship with Israel. The bullied becomes the bullies. We do need to stop supporting Israel and ask that they affect a peace settlement and ask Hamas to do the same. Again this is an example of religion destroying man’s humanity.

  9. If you study the history of the Israelites, this incursion into Gaza by Israelis is going to end as their modern day “Tower of Babel.” It was pride that caused the Israelites to believe they could build a Tower to Yahweh. It was pride that show their human weakness and caused their destruction.

    Sorry but the Bible isn’t just a religious guideline. It’s inspirational history of how many human beings go far past the limits of their prideful endeavors.

    According to Midrash, “The tower was burned by Yahweh at the top, the bottom swallowed and the middle left to erode over time.” According to the Old testament, after the Great Flood, the children of Noah were scattered over the earth and their languages deliberately “confounded.”

    Perhaps, Netanyahu is the modern day Nimrod building toward his “Tower of Bable?”

  10. Without realizing it, Netanyahu is destroying Israeli reputation worldwide. His destruction of Gaza’s only supply of electricity shows what he is really after: Mass destruction of Gaza. There is always, always, always a price on the head of any man who believes his power is such that he can lead his people past the limits of human rights.

  11. What would you expect from 1.8 million people imprisoned in a tiny territory; prevented from leaving, prevented from living a peaceful life, going through daily checkpoints where they are treated worse than beasts? What Israel is doing is caving its own grave since one day the Arabs outside Gaza will shed their cowardice and mutual bickering and will attack the genocidal nation. The fact that we are providing the Israeli regime with the means to carry out its genocidal atrocities should be considered by the US taxpayers as a waste of our taxes.

  12. Every single word of Lyons’s article is a lie. I am not, again, going to go into a full point-by-point refutation of his lies. Israel has finally decided to cripple a fanatical enemy which declares it’s unchangeable objective is the total destruction of Israel, the killing of all it’s Jewish citizens, the establishment of a one-religion Moslem sharia state AND THEN the eventual destruction of America and extermination of all Jews on earth..just as Hitler desired. In 2005 Israel VACATED GAZA in the hope there would be peace. Since then Hamas has fired over 13,000 rockets into Israel..none with guidance systems, in the effort to kill Jews…any Jews…any where. None of this bothers Lyons who will claim, “oh I am not an anti-semite.” Hamas REJECTED the Egyptian (an Arab state) proposal for a cease-fire two weeks ago. Hamas seized power in Gaza by a revolt murdering the PA officials…throwing them out of windows and shooting them on the spot. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ONE ELECTION IN GAZA under Hamas nor will there be. There is NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, RELIGION, OPINION, OR SPEECH in Gaza for its own ARAB inhabitants. Needless to say there is no rule of law or courts of law.
    THIS IS THE NAZI TERROR STATE that Lyons and the rest of you not-so-secret Jew-haters defend and bleed for.
    I hope with all my heart Israel kills every single Hamas murdering nazi terrorist and LIBERATES Gaza so it can at least be governed by civilized human beings. As to the civilians…in war despite all attempts to avoid it civilians die. All wars..including WWI and WWII. That is the way war is. Every day Hamas commits war crimes just so its civilians can die and Israel be blamed by using them as shields, fighting from their homes, from schools and hospitals. God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • There is NO desire on the part of the Netanyahu government to liberate Palestine. That is such a preposterous idea that simply defies logic and reason. IF that were the true motivation of the Netanyahu government, then he would be seated at the table NOW pursuing a legitimate two-state solution, regardless of whatever Hamas was doing. As we have seen, the Hamas rockets present little if any threat to Israel, and Hamas itself has little support among the Palestinians, except insofar as Israel is literally driving Palestinians into the arms of Hamas.

      • I would like all others reading this exchange that like Lyons his fellow anti-semite, Mr. Hastings lies in every single thing he says including the words “and” and “the.” Not one single statement is true and I invite any reader to investigate. It was the Palestinians that walked out of the last peace negotiations. The Hamas rockets over the last 9 years have MURDERED hundreds of Israelis and wounded thousands. The two-state solution WAS accepted by every Israeli government but it has been rejected by Abbas (never mind Hamas) because they categorically refuse to accept two states for two peoples: an Arab State of Palestine and a Jewish State of Israel. If you read all of Hasting’s comments in this column it is perfectly obvious that what he wants is what Hamas…and in reality the PA too…which is the end of Israel…and he wants that because he really wants the end of Jews. And I want to write it plainly: the Jews of this world have had enough of the Hastings and their blunter, franker cohorts, the Hitlers…there is NOT going to be an end to Israel and its people. And thanks be to God Jews for the first time have the strength and arms to see to that.

        • … but is this really about who’s killed whom? No, really?! Are we going to now tally up a score card? In order to what, be fair or just on/about the body count? These 2 states were closer than they’d ever been to peace in 2000. Word has it that just like in 1980, as was the case in 1968, a certain Republican ‘interest’, obsessed w/power, among other things, ‘intervened’ in the negotiations. Do U understand what I being said here? There’s the political, the secular, the religious & then there’s the diabolical. The hateful. The human savagery element. What really do we expect to come of all this if we don’t follow our commandments proscribed in our Constitution? If we can’t even fix our minds to understand that our Democracy means tolerance
          & an inclination, a determination to put that front & foremost, before all other things, b/c it will intervene in all other disputes, establishing equality among the interested parties. God I miss Bill Clinton as President so much b/c the nation seems lost & bewildered & w/ease, he had the Palestinians & Israeli’s in agreement!!! Or at least agreeing to come to an AGREEMENT!!! What has happened to this nation & the world since 2000?!?! Are we all now really THIS STUPID that we can’t even allow the fundamentals of CIVIC CULTURE guide our intellect back to a humanistic approach to solving such juvenille, childish, petty SQUABBLES as a LAND DISPUTE?! Just REDRAW THE DAMN LINES SO THEY’RE EQUAL FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sieg Heil, again, Herr Stamler.

          I think what you mean, Herr Stamler, is that the Eastern European invaders now have enough American-supplied arms and money to further their invasion and seizure of Palestine.

          And, I take it, that YOU speak for the Jews of the world? Never mind the JEWS who oppose the Zionist entity Israel.

          I guess you’re a great friend of Bibi Mileikowsky then? Well, when you see him again, tell the old klapperschlange that G-d is losing His patience with the Zionists.

    • Sieg Heil, Herr Stamler!

      God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu? Oh, yes. You mean Benjamin MILEIKOWSKY. For whatever reason, the Zionists seem to favor changing their Eastern European names to something that sounds more Hebraic. I guess they’re hoping to fool G-d into believing they’re His Chosen People.

  13. what a major load of bull! indigenous palestinians? There was talk of DNA testing but we haven’t heard anything in years on that. The only way they are indigenous is if they are in fact genetically Jewish. Their purpose for life is to exterminate all Jewish people and somehow we are supposed to feel sorry for them. The only chance these people have is to give up their children at birth and for the rest to be wiped away. Sure it sounds harsh but you can not apply normal reasoning to a people who from birth are taught to hate and kill Jewish people. Today it is Jewish people tomorrow will it be your nationality? So according to the author, the Jewish people should all line up and let the so called palestinians shoot them all.

    • The Palestinians ARE actually Semitic, the remnants of the ancient Israelites. The Eastern European Ashkenazi invaders, and squatters, in Palestine ARE NOT Semitic, and ARE NOT descended from the ancient Israelites. Any Semitic genes the Ashkenazim have, are the result of migration out of the Middle East to Eastern Europe. And that could have been as far back as the beginning of the Neolithic period (10,000 BC). And…there are no Jewish people, as such. There are numerous ethnic groups, practicing various forms of an archaic religion, but there is no race of Jews. The Ashkenazim are dominant in the so-called “Jewish People.”

      • The dna of the ancient israelites is what is being tested, not other genes that are added. The dna comparisons are not being taken from european Jewish mixes. The Jewish genes are easily identified even in a mixed race. The so called new Palestinians are being tested against the ancient genes and there is not a link found so far. With dna testing, the Ethiaopian Jews were shown to not be genetically Jewish but still were given full citizenship based on the fact that it was easily proven that they had practiced Judiasm since before the time of Moses. These so called neuvo palestinians are nothing but hateful landgrabbers with no real claim.

  14. the Palestinian slaughter of innocent women and children could be stopped immediately if American bankers stopped supplying the inhumane Israeli army. I hold them equally responsible as Netanyahu . .Eight years of gross mistreatment is bound to bring a reaction from Palestinians who have seen their orchards destroyed and land stolen for settlement.

  15. What must be remembered is that because Gaza is under the
    thumb of Israel “the average dog in
    the US lives better than the average Palestinian child”. To improve the
    lives of the Palestinians would be an excellent starting point for a 2 state

  16. The Palestinians ARE actually Semitic, the remnants of the ancient
    Israelites. The Eastern European Ashkenazi invaders, and squatters, in
    Palestine ARE NOT Semitic, and ARE NOT descended from the ancient
    Israelites. Any Semitic genes the Ashkenazim have, are the result of
    migration out of the Middle East to Eastern Europe. And that could have
    been as far back as the beginning of the Neolithic period (10,000 BC).
    And…there are no Jewish people, as such. There are numerous ethnic
    groups, practicing various forms of an archaic religion, but there is no race of Jews. The Ashkenazim are dominant in the so-called “Jewish People.”

  17. God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu? Oh, yes. You mean Benjamin MILEIKOWSKY.
    For whatever reason, the Zionists seem to favor changing their Eastern
    European names to something that sounds more Hebraic. I guess they’re
    hoping to fool G-d into believing they’re His Chosen People.

  18. I think what you mean, (name redacted), is that the Eastern European
    invaders now have enough American-supplied arms and money to further
    their invasion and seizure of Palestine.

    And, I take it, that YOU speak for the Jews of the world? Never mind the JEWS who oppose the Zionist entity Israel.

    I guess you’re a great friend of Bibi Mileikowsky then? Well, when you
    see him again, tell the old klapperschlange that G-d is losing His
    patience with the Zionists.

  19. Then He told Peter to put his sword away, for “all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Jesus also told Peter that He would not fight the arrest, for it was God’s will that He drink the cup that was given to Him (John 18:11).

  20. The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and
    rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the
    children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.’

  21. One wonders where some of these supporters of the Zionist entity get their far-fetched ideas of genetics and DNA. The Ashkenazim are not Semites, but that’s okay ’cause they practice Judaism, and G-d “gave” them Palestine. And the Palestinians, who ARE Semites and have been in Palestine since the Year One, and are actually descended from the ancient Israelites, are land thieves with no claim on the land. Shades of Beck and Limbaugh. Or perhaps shades of the early Zionist “heroes” who are revered in Israel. Progenitors of propaganda, and fabricators of a false history, calculated to extol the virtues of the Zionist Saints who invaded Palestine with fire and the sword.

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