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Monday, October 24, 2016

The resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus sent shockwaves throughout the country Friday. Some want to take this chance to re-examine the general’s legacy, while many on the right want to connect the surprising development to their scandal du jour — the tragic attacks on an American outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

Petraeus was scheduled to testify about Benghazi on Tuesday, a fact The Drudge Report immediately cited on Friday when the general announced his resignation and admitted to an extramarital affair.

The implication was, of course, that this must be part of an administration cover-up. Republican talker Laura Ingraham tweeted, “COINCIDENCE?” Then Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of News Corp, which owns Fox News, added:

So why didn’t it come out before the election? Republicans demand to know!

They should ask Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Cantor’s spokesman told CNN that the congressman was tipped off about Petraeus’ affair on October 31 by an FBI employee who was concerned about the national security implications. This was a week before Petraeus informed Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about the affair and was advised to resign.

The investigation reportedly began after the FBI received a tip that Petraeus’ mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell had been sending threatening emails to another woman close to the general.

Republicans aimed to use Benghazi as a way to carve into President Obama’s advantage over Mitt Romney on foreign policy. Mitt Romney politicized the attack the night it occurred by criticizing messages sent out by the American embassy in Cairo before the embassy was stormed and American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered.

Much of the information surrounding the attack is still classified but the GOP’s criticism stems from confusion about whether the events in Benghazi on September 11 were linked to protests in Cairo and much of the Arab world sparked by a YouTube video that smeared the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Though the president responded to the attack on September 12 as an act of terror, the State Department linked it to the spontaneous protests based on information from the CIA.

Former terrorism advisor to presidents Bush and Clinton, Richard Clarke called the GOP’s politicization of the tragedy in Benghazi “just shameful.”

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  • Don’t be too quick to dismiss the CIA Secret prison. Forget that it was Breitbart and just look to the facts.

  • feeeo

    Repubs: get used to it– you lost!


  • the republicans are paranoid. From the very beginning the repbulicans have tried to take down Barak Obama and his efforts. Senator McConnell vowed to take Obama down. Now the republicans are searching for facts that simply do not exist. If we did know better, their actions are close to treason.

    Wake up REPUBLICANS!!! Think of the nation not your pocket books.

    • If Republicans want to engage in conspiracy theories, perhaps we should entertain them and start asking questions about the probability of the Koch brothers, who admit dealing with the Iranian Ayatollahs while sanctions were in place, being involved in the Benghazi attack to influence the outcome or the election. Or why the FBI tipped off Rep. Cantor first instead of the President and the Senate Intelligence Committee, or whether the GOP had anything to do with that witch hunt. Just saying…

      • The GOP/Tea Party Lost Big Time They Just Wont Let It Go And Move On That’s Why We Are Ready For 2014 Where We Will Unite Again And Get The American Taliban Out Of Office!!! Plznnn You Pockets Is Hurting Cause Your Mother Refuse To Keep Taking Care Of Your Grown Ass Go Get A Job Fool!!!

    • And under the failed policies of Obama, ALL of our pocketbooks are hurting, aren’t they?
      A strong economy is good for ALL Americans.

  • Obama let those people die. And watched it happen via live video

    • Please. Don’t waste your time here. Get the help you need.

    • foolsdance

      and your proof of that? You’re just another crazy ass repug digging for a conspiracy. go back to watching star trek you douche.

    • WhutHeSaid

      One doesn’t need to look at your avatar to see that you are a pecker-head. Please confine your antics to your trailer park, and for the love of God please brush your tooth once in a while.

      • LOL Good One My Friend!! LOL

        • WhutHeSaid

          Thanks Fern. What a nimrod — don’t they ever learn anything?

    • bcarreiro

      you know what you sign into.

    • Where were you and your kind the 8 years that Bush 2 let people die and watched it vie live video. REMEMBER THE FACT THAT BUSH 2 AND THE REPUBLICANS HAD INFORMATION FROM RELIABLE SOURCES THAT SOMETHING LIKE 9/11 WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, DID NO FURTHER INVESTIGATION, WARNED NO ONE AND WATCHED ON TV AS HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, MEN AND WOMEN DIED OR WERE SERIOUSLY INJURED. All of that is proven facts.Where you and your kind when Bush 2 started 2 unfunded wars based on lies and he knew they were lies that has killed thousands of Military personnel and innocent people also seen alive and on video
      You and people like you are a hypocrites. You have never said anything about Bush 2 and the deaths he caused to happen but are preaching conspiracy against President Obama and there has not been shred of proof of a conspiracy except in your hateful, full of holes brain.

  • Americkan

    Let them rant all they want,Repubs are killing their own party.

  • What else is new? True or not the Republicans can’t move forward to help this country or the citizens out. They live in a “gotcha” world. What is Congress doing about jobs? Congress got elected on a jobs platform and have spent 2 years distracting the country with attacks on women, gays, Obama administration. Why are we paying them? There should be a performance clause for any politician. If they can sign an agreement with an unelected person (Norquist), and cower under his threats, then they can sign an agreement with the citizens of the United States. Country has got to start coming first. Right?

    • Moonwalker58

      They DID sign an agreement with the citizens of the US when they were elected. Unfortunately, they have failed miserably to live up to that agreement and hopefully the citizens will void their contracts in 2014. The despicable performance of congress, in particular the House members, cannot and should not be rewarded with additional terms for their behavior. In my opinion, their behavior borders on treason and any further obstructionism on their part should be handled as such. Our country spoke loudly on 11/06/12 for action and working together to solve our nation’s problems. Let’s see if they can turn away from Norquist and do the work of the people first, as they should have been doing all along. Grover Norquist has NO business being involved in our nations business! Nuff said!

      • daves

        I clicked on the link here and it didn’t give information on why the state department linked the attack to the you tube video??

        “the State Department linked it to the spontaneous protests based on information from the CIA.”

    • Agree with you in spades. Also, they should be fined and their federal salary be reduced by at least 10%.

    • Shelly I completely agree with you..we MUST stand up and NOT allow this nonsense behavior of I gotcha to continue…. Let the general mend things with his family and retire in peace… In the meantime the congress MUST work with president Obama on move his agenda up

      • No, President Ozero has to work with congress; something he has never done before! President Ozero and the dems have blocked everything the Republicans have tried to do to help this country!

        • What planet did you inhabit for the past 4 years. Bombastic, it was the Republicans who blocked everything the President put forward…or perhaps you were being sarcastic in your comments.

        • I’m trying to understand whom you are referencing in your comment. I’ve never heard of a president named Ozero. Is this a character in a cartoon you watch on afternoon TV?
          On a complimentary note, you do well with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. For a four year old you are doing well with your computer, and reading skills.

          • Blame it on word check, Phillip.. It’s that mutton heads only saving grace.. otherwise he’s nothing but an…

        • Ozero was Bush: 1million 950thousand jobs in 8 years…and got us into an 11 trillion dollars deficit. Obama: 5.5 million jobs in less than 4 years, and more is coming without the help of that red-neck Republican Congress. You need to verify the information you get from Fox News and other right wing tv and radio hosts.

        • concernedgran

          Mr Bombastie, it appears to me that the American people spoke loud and clear on Nov 6, 2012 as to who they believe is responsible for the mess our country is in and who they believe need to work with the president of the United States to help solve these problems. The comments from Mitch McConnell declaring that the agenda for the Republican party was to make President Obama a one term president finally caught up with him. Instead of making your asinine comments, we all might be better served if you quit crying in your beer, pull up your big boy pants and act like an adult and move on. I’m not debating with you, just stating my opinion which is probably worth about as much as your comments.

          • aaastickit

            you have more likes then that scumbag does
            bombustie is an ASSSSSSSSSSSSS
            a NAZI american style hate and disrespect

        • WhutHeSaid

          Obviously you’ve tied your bigot-rag on too tight. Loosen it up a bit and let some blood flow to your brain cell. Better? Always happy to help!

        • Get your head and behind out of the sand Bombastie, where have you been the last two years. They are the blockers and it’s because of narrow minded people like you that keep backing their mess!

        • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

          A few years ago, I learned in a class that when people want to make something sound like the other person is doing it, they will project their true feeling onto others. Mr. Bombastic, you have brought this experience to a new height. Over the last two years, the Democrats have been unable to block anything. Now, I know that sometime Republicans live in a state of denial, but facts are not with you in any way on your comment. Maybe it is time for you and some others to accept that you will repeat anything FOX News tells you and you will not look for any facts on your own because anything that supports your belief system is good. Another thing I learned years ago, “everything that feels or sound good is not good for you.” I have no problem with you disliking the President, however do it for the reasons that really happened not some made up crap that leads you down a road of hate without cause.

        • Replying to Mr. Bombastic


          Try, just once, to get your facts straight.

        • VireTo

          Are you under the influence, or do you live in s different planet that the rest of us? The republican leadership was very clear after Obama was elected in 2008: their main goal was to keep Obama from being re-elected. And did they try! And you blame Obama? Hypocrisy and distortion have no end.

        • capn_america_2

          I’m sorry. Didn’t you get the message on Tuesday? The country doesnt really want the Republicans ideas. Your Trickledown-Voodoo economics dont work.

        • No, John Boehner and Congress has to work with others ! The past two years Congress has blocked everything. Have you already forgotten what they stated, ” We will not work with a Black President and he’s going to be a one term President. “

          • He hasn’t forgotten that statement, he agrees with it. That is why he is still whining like a little baby. Mr. Bombastic, would you like a little cheese with that whine?

        • You really do sound silly you know.

        • Wow – how’s the kool-aide? I’m too tired to cut and past all your obstructionist ways tonight but maybe I will in the morning –

          • Not Kool-Aid Venom Sold To Them By Fox Fake News, Rush Limballs And The Rest Of The Snake Oil Salesman Now They Just Brain Dead!!!

        • coraktp

          The Republicans are trying to help this country only if you define the US as a nation of only mega billion dollar international corporations and the ultra rich, because that’s they only group that will benefit from anything the Republicans are trying to do TO this country. Following the Republicans’ plans will turn the US into another Mexico, a country with a handful of very wealthy people, a tiny middle class that services the ultra rich and 100s of millions of very, very poor hungry people.

        • Mr. Bombastic,
          I respectfully disagree, Speaking from a US Army Ret. 1SG Ron Davis perspective. Working with the Congress must have been complicated. Let;s agree there were some Republicans running on a theme that they will oppose President Obama. We are thought and believe in our Commander -in -chief in the Armed Forces.

        • Girl2013

          If the republican was for everyone it wouldn”t be no problem but u know in real life us poor don”t stand a chance. The republican is for the rich u can tell that by how they fuss over being tax. Through the years and centuries we have always fought among ourselves and thats ashame because we still have to live together until God call us home. It don’t make no matter how much money u got or how less money u got when God call us to be judge it going to be only one line, not for the rich ,black,white,jews, or any other race. We will be standing right there together waiting to be judged.

        • NINA_2_KK

          You have not been paying attention to anyone one other than FOX, because even fellow Rebublicans have thrown up their hands in regards to the extreme rights and Norquist/Rove obstruction at every turn. They got rid of any sane Republican and kept the likes of Bachman. Sad day for the everyday people and the president has to have some one willing to have an adult conversation and not throw a temper tantrom saying let the government go bankrupt as the teaparty would suggest.

        • Ed

          Perhaps you heard somewhere that the president is the only one in this debate who was elected by ALL THE PEOPLE, not a small sample. By all, I mean the majority so don’t give me any crap about how you didn’t. What this means is that he is the one that the congress should be working with, not vice versa.The Republican Party has made it clear that they do not like democracy and intend to destroy this country, and if they can also destroy OBoma that is a bonus!

          • LOL To Bad It All Blew Back Up In Their Dirty Little Hate Filled Faces!!! LOL

        • U mean the PARTY OF NOs U must be out of Ur mind that will never happen because they are not there for any constructive purposes, except JUST SAY NO NO COMPROMISE.

        • Mr. Bombzero, Name calling only show’s how racist you are. its not about Obama, Romney, Democrats or Republicans. Its we the people, Who want both party’s to work together for us. Clearly the republicans fillibustered Obama 31 times in attemp to obstruct ,as mitch stated. That part you must of missed.

        • You can’t work with stupid people ..that is why the Republicans lost. The GOP will not be in power again for decades.

        • Are you REALLY that blind? Tell me what the Teapublicans have done the last two years to help the American people? What?
          All they have done is fillibuster, obstruct, delay, and misdirect every single piece of legislation the President or any of the Democrats have proposed.
          Get your head out of your posterior and STOP WATCHING FOX “NEWS”. You are an idiot. Grow up and OPEN YOUR EYES to reality.

        • Exactly the opposite. The President presented Speaker Boehner with practically everything he could want in the way of concessions well over a year ago — the ‘grand plan’ both hoped for — but Boehner was shot down by the TP zealots. They had no intention of cooperating with the President in any way, shape or form. It was McConnell’s avowed plan to make Obama a one-term President, and he had the backing of Cantor, Ryan, all the TP freshman. Oppose everything.
          The old line conservatives had to go along or risk their careers.

        • ChristoD

          President Ozero ? Is that the best you can do Mr Bombastic ? You are an amateur in a professional world so take your toys and go sit in a corner, you have EARNED a time out. By the way, thank GOD th Republicans have been blocked by the Dems., the Greed Over People party is the party of self immulization so the Dems should be congratulated for protecting them from themselves. Pathetic.

        • 1bythebrooks2

          Somehow, I believe you are a 24-7 Fox News(?) watcher. You have this exactly the opposite of what has happened the last 2 years!

        • You are a liar. The Republicans have done nothing to help this Country especially since President Obama was elected. They even voted against a bill that one of their own introduced to help returning vets and help them to find jobs because it would make Obama look good. President Obama did everything he could to work with the Republicans and get this Country recovering faster until he finally realized that the Republicans did not want this Country to recover while he was President and started working with his party to get us on the road to recovery. The only way the Republicans would help get the road on the way to recovery was for the President to let them have their way and he couldn’t do that because if he had, we would now be a 4th world Country. Instead of listening to people like Rush Limbaugh and watching Fox not new people like you need to read, listen and watch something else to get the truth, Limbaugh and Fox not news have been shown repeatedly to be liars and not reporting the news truthfully. It has also been shown that people that watch Fox not news and listen to people like Limbaugh are not as well informed as others that read, listen and watch a variety of news sources. So go crawl back under the rocks with the rest of the liars and Obama Haters, since you don’t have a leg to crawl on I should slither back under the rocks.

        • Yappy2


        • jvaljon1

          No, Mr. OBombastic: it’s the Republicans’ turn to do what they’ve never EVER done before: advance the fortunes of their ordinary constituents. You remember—the ones whose jobs got sold to China under the Republican’s Precious He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named; aka Bush??? To that extent they must sign the President’s JOBS BILL which has been languishing on Republican desks while THEY (Republicans) SIGN A PLEDGE TO SOME F—-R NAMED GROVER NORQUIST, TO CONTINUE SCREWING THIS COUNTRY’S PEOPLE!

          The Republicans have tried to do NOTHING to help this country. They have tried EVERYTHING, to TAKE this country from its rightful owners—-the American People of the Middle Class, who BUILT IT! It’s long past time for them to go. The American People ignored these dirtbags in order to elect their very first President since Bill Clinton left office in 2000. In 2014 they have to turn their attention to sweeping this Republican Scum out of their cushy offices that WE ARE PAYING FOR!

          Grover Norquist isn’t paying for ONE SINGLE CONGRESSMAN OR SENATOR TO STAY IN OFFICE. WE ARE!!!! Fire EVERYONE who does not do our bidding—but instead, does the bidding of one of America’s worst enemies since Sen. Joseph McCarthy. THEN let these pigs try and collect, from Grover Dearest.

        • Ed

          Mr.Bombastic- The president is the only person who was elected by a nation wide referendem. Guess what. He won! It is up to congress to make some movement after all the obstructing.

    • nhr

      The Republicans cannot admit that the election is over. Casinos that donated millions to Romney’s campaign want to know where there money went. It didn’t elect the candidate they wanted. As far as Congress and jobs, just before the election, 40 out of 45 Republicans refused to sign the “Veterans Job Bill”. They have failed to sign Pres. Obama’s job bill. If they intend to keep this up, Congress is hurting the people! They promised jobs and have not created even “1” job. They have been too busy trying to figure out how to stick it to the middle class and lower. Some have been in Congress too long and it comes a point when it is time to leave and that is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since they do not care about the people!!! Why do they think so many Democrats won?

    • History is repeating here. Repubs having lost to convince voters withbombarding negative adds against the current incumbent, having failed in that, now started another disastrous attempt started exposing BLACK SPOTS in every GENERAL that matters for the smooth running of the Country. The AIM of the party lead by their Senate Minor leader to remove and distroy the credit of WINNING in this election. If U cannot succeed in tarnishing through legitamate means, BRING IT DOWN and enjoy. This is what is happening and may continue further until 2014. with the hope of picking up few more seats here and there. These politicians had the backing of the MONEY BAGS for this WRETCHED motives which no one in SANE MIND appreciate.

    • sdbluestem

      Right on. This Norquist thing is too weird – the fly in the jelly jar.

  • For those of you who claim Republicans are paranoid, think again. Unlike dems, we do not make all decisions and judgments based on emotion. Most of us see the Obama’s re-election as something that we simply will have to deal with — much like when one has cancer — you don’t complain about it, you just do the best you can to remove the tumor and get on with your life.

    • Replying to SA Tom

      As a moderate to conservative Democrat, who in the last decade has become a moderate to liberal Democrat, I found your statement to be rather refreshing.

      Except the likening of President Obama to a cancer.

      Based largely on the extreme politics of the far right that seems to have taken over the GOP, I think your comments about Democrats making all decisions based on emotions to have been over the top.

      If you read many of the posts on this blog, you will see at least as much “HATE MONGERING ” on the right as on the left.

      So, maybe not so refreshing after all.

    • Justin Napolitano

      They only way you can rid of your tumor is to get a lobotomy.

  • Most of you on this site are within the 20% fringe left. Most of America disagrees with you people. Obama was elected because he pretended he was not one of you.

    • your a pathetic troll

    • you are a parhetic troll most of America voted for President Obama . and more people are seeing just how bad the republican Tea Party is . so more repubs will be voted out of office . go back and scratch your butt while watching FOX .

    • Justin Napolitano

      And you SA pretend to know the minds of progressive liberals. You don’t so don’t try to interpret our thoughts. You lost, get over it.

      • Sad That Troll Don’t Know His Asshole From A Hole In The Ground!! He’s Brain Dead From Drinking The Venom Rush Limballs The Snake Oil Salesman And Fox Fake News Been Selling Them!! That’s Why They Lost Big Time!!! LOL

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yes, that’s exactly why the GOP was beaten so badly in this last election — problems distinguishing fantasy from reality. Go give yourself 20 whacks with a ninny-hammer, let all of the air out of your Rush Limbaugh blow-up doll, and soak your over-inflated punkin’ head for 24 hours. You won’t be any smarter, but then you couldn’t get any dumber either.

    • Don’t you mean haters like you disagrees with the people that reelect President Obama. There is one important fact about the election that you and other haters forget it was not only Democrats, Independents that voted for the President also Republican voters who consisted of a rainbow of skin tones, levels of education and financial worth that hate the way the Republican party acts and what it has say about others Actual Republicans, people that know there has to be give and take from all in Congress no matter their party or this Country will never completely recover. If anyone posting on here is within a fringe it is people like you who don’t know the truth when it is right before you and hits you in the face.

  • Teddy Parker

    No! No! No! Now we won’t get to hear Rush “Limbo’s,” or Donald “Chumps” raving and ranting…

    • Sorry But The Jabba The Thug And The Rest Of The American Taliban Members Are Still Whining Pointing Finger Crying And Throwing Tantrums Plus Having Hissy Fit But When They Do Get Thru Digging In Their Asses, Barack H. Obama Will Still Be The President Of These United States!!! LOL

  • republicans are pathetic

  • Lucy Komisar

    If she is his “mistress,” what is he? Her “mister”? Mistress was traditionally used to describe a woman a man was supporting in a second home. That is not the case here. Time for National Memo to find a less sexist adjective. How about lover? Paramour?

  • bcarreiro

    We are in a war against terrorism all over the world and you know what you sign into. we need an adequate leader of the cia, one whose objective cant be distracted. this is just a ploy for the republican party it gives them something to do.

  • Floodgate

    Consider that Cantor may have presidential aspirations for 2016. When he was contacted by a rogue FBI field agent about the damaging information about the general, he certainly could have seen an opportunity to neutralize one of his potential challengers. Cantor is brutal political player.

  • Can’t there be any honest evaluation of behavior of a person that you doesn’t relate to politics? Benghazi was a terrible failure of security that is harmful to ALL Americans, but this site tries to downplay it and talk of Republican paranoia instead of finding out the truth and also the cover-up. We have good people dying here for God’s sake.

    p.s. When General Petraeus was in the Bush administration, he was called General Betrayus by you liberals. Isn’t it obvious that you have the wrong way of thinking on many issues?

    • Justin Napolitano

      Plznnn, Benghazi was a great failure? Then what was 9/11? Try a monumental, colossal, unbelievable, fantastic, stupendous, horrific, fuc up of proportions unlikely to be ever repeated? Four dead Americans in a hostile country is a tragedy but don’t make it something it is not.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I guess we’ll have to wait for all the info, but I’ll bet this is just about sex, period. Petraeous’s reputation has always been one of integrity. And like all powerful men, they sometimes succumb to temptation. It’s throughout history–the Bible, Shakespeare, monarchies, you name it. While it’s the “fault” of the 2 people involved, Mrs. Petraeus dropped the ball, if she met this Paula chick and and didn’t tell her to take a hike. I saw her on the Daily Show, and said “Uh, oh”, and that was way before any of this came out.

    • Replying to Plznnn


      I don’t care if President Obama had the correct information or not, this is INSANELY pale compared to the war in Iraq. Not to mention the war in Afghanistan. People make mistakes. Presidents make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes cost lives.

      As for General Petraeus, I never heard him called General Betrayus by anyone. Liberal or Conservative. And I personally believe that a panel of Senators and Representatives, made up of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans should review his case to see if his actions would in any way cause future harm to our Nation.

      If not, they should request that the President re-instate him to his CIA position.

    • karinursula

      What about the over 5000 Soldiers and so many civilians who died in Iraq in a war that was not necessary. Should we have not impeached Bush after we found out that he lied to us?

    • Your way of thinking is backwards. Maybe I am getting absent minded but I do not remember General Petraeus being called names by Liberals. I do remember him being asked to stay on as Commander in Iraq after President Obama was elected.
      As for your and others conspiratorial theories why did Cantor the Republican whip in the House keep quite about the affair which he knew of before the election and didn’t say anything about it until after the General resigned or connect it to Benghazi, As for Benghazi how can you and the others know there was a conspiracy before the investigation is done. That is the same as going to Court and telling the Judge you know the defendant is guilty because the newspapers and TV says he is. You and people like you are being investigator, judge and jury about Benghazi without knowing one actual fact that has been proven to be true. That is not how this Country does things.
      Why did we not hear a word from you conspiracy theorists when it proven that Bush 2 and the Republicans had been warned that something like 9/11 was going to happen from reliable sources and did no further investigation nor did they try to stop it, remember 9/ 11 where hundreds o children, men and women were killed or seriously injured. Where were all of you when Bush 2 started two unfinanced wars based on lies and thousands of Military Personnel and innocent civilians were killed and still are being killed because the Republicans want the Afghan war to continue. There was no conspiracy in Libya but there sure as heck seems to be one concerning 9/11 and Bush 2 and Cheney should be in prison because of it.

  • Come on…..Ole Newt and Bill did it. He needs to get a divorce and marry this hottie! Time to trade up. A great man has great needs. He is not an Obama or Romney. What do you want a priest or a sneaky spy director? I do not get why this is such a big deal.

  • What was Cantor’s role in the reveal? Were he and Romney up to something? Stay tuned….the Republicans are up to some dirty tricks!

    • People who see conspiracy everywhere, are prone to conducting a conspiracy. Cantor should be fired for his traitorous act.

  • Jack Wormer

    Isn’t paranoia one of the earky stages before sinking into schizophrenia?

  • Justin Napolitano

    This is a copy of a small piece I wrote that was published in our local paper.

    I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist of the Divided States of America and to the notion of no taxes, for which he stands, with irresponsible government, under duress with inequity and injustice for all but the affluent.

    The following is the oath Congressmen recites when taking office:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    No where does it state that allegiance should be given to a narrow minded, self serving person advocating irresponsible and unsustainable underfunding of the United States Federal government. The very idea that many members of congress would abdicate their responsibilities to an unelected, lobbyist suggests not only incompetent behavior but possibly collusion designed to undermine the Constitution of the United States and the financial stability of the country.

    The electorate voted for their representatives to protect the Republic not the interests of a given individual or group. Any Congressman that signed the no new taxes pledge authored by Grover Norquist should be voted out of office

    • latebloomingrandma

      And the almost President Romney signed it also. I’m not a violent person by any means, but somehow, whenever I hear Grover Norquist’s name or see his face on TV, I wish we could bring back tar and feathering. And ride him outa town on one of those wooden rails. By people in tricorn hats. We would have to confiscate them from the tea party.

    • Wonder what manifestos good ole Rush had people sign. When it is no longer the electorate, but the wealthy who rule, democracy is gone.

    • And brought upon charges of treason because they violated their oath of office the moment they wrote the first letter of their name. Seems like we the people have the basis to bring charges of breaking the oath of office they took besides treason for agreeing to do one man’s biding instead of presenting the people that elected them. Are there any Constitutional lawyers or scholars out there that can help to get these charges pressed or know how we the people can?. When they signed Norquist’s book and declared loyalty to him and his pledge, they made him up part of Congress and he has never been elected and should have gone to prison when Jack Abram did.
      In essence when the Republicans signed Norquist’s book they made him a dictator and We the people of the Untied States do not like dictators and this Country is not a dictatorship.

  • So if it is true that Cantor knew as early a the end of September why didn’t he shout it out loud. It certainly would have made the President’s job a little more complicated, eh? And by all accountings Mr. Cantor would have loved to set the President up . . . if he could. But he didn’t. And it certainly not out of respect for the President or to help him along in his re-election bid. Maybe Mr. Cantor needed more time to gather facts. Or maybe he saw a bigger picture in which keeping his information to himself better served the country.

  • Conspiracy? What else would you call it when Cantor didn’t act on his information? He was trying to protect Romney and the Republicans who all adored Petraeus. But from another point of view, why do the crazies (religious, I am sure) attack an outstanding General who served this country for 37 years? Because they are insane, that’s why.

  • marciano3rd

    The Republicans do not give up, do they? Yes, boot them out in 2014!

  • eric cantor knew about this before the prez did; BEFORE THE ELECTION!!!! and he sed nuthin’!!!!

  • Fox News’s owner Rupert Murdock is a man in his late eighties. He could expire any time and he knows that. But he wants to stire animosity and confusion with everybody especialy with the right wing because he has nothing left in his life. He has nothing better to do except incitement to vulnerable and guillable people in the GOP. Murdock was rooted from the U.K because his NewsCorp a sister company of News International which also owns Fox News had engaged itself in disgraceful conduct such as harking into people’s mobile phones, which included the deceased. Several employees of Murdock and his News Corp have cases of malpractice to answer in the U.K Courts. Murdock is not finished with that yet and he has started other extreme mischief in the US. Murdock’s Corporation never get it right, they are always out for extreme mischief and incitement or illegal activities. Look at his tweets about the BBC. Murdock has always been mallicious about BBC getting public funding in a form of TV licence. It eats Murdock to the core that BBC enjoys public support. He would like it to be bankrupty so that he can either liquidate it or buy it in order to reign suppreme in media in the U.K. Murdock is a malicious and very jelousy man who never wants to see anybody doing better than him. Murdock’s Fox News has employed all the right wing nutters such as Karl Rove because they serve his interests better. Murdock waged conspiracy campaign against President Obama by making sure he hired these extremists like Rove and others but to his disappointment he failed in his mission. He will fail again for the last time because he is a man waiting to be taken to the end of life care home to await his day. Murdock is a disgusting moroon.

  • Don’t the republicans have anything else on their plate??? Is this ALL they have??? If it is, then they have got nothing! It is petty, childish, and silly. It shows just how bankrupt the republicans are. Eric Cantor, no doubt, was trying to figure an angle on how he could use these developments to embarrass President Obama prior to the election… They sure couldn’t beat Obama any other way. Romney lost by 126 electoral votes and some 3,000,000 popular votes. He is toast! Thank God he lost… because he damn sure as hell is not qualified to meddle in foreign affairs… which is about all he could do, “meddle.” Anyone who thinks there is something unusual about getting killed in the Middle-East has been asleep for an awful long time! The Middle-East is a volatile environment.

  • So this scandel came out 1 day before the General was supposed to testify before congress and ya’ll idiots see no conspiracy? Really? Are all liberals that stupid, or do ya’ll just have your heads so far up your a$$es that you can’t see the truth?

    • johninPCFL

      So this scandel was reported first to Eric Cantor and y’all idiots see no conspiracy? Really? Are all conservatives that stupid, o do y’all just have your heads so far up your a$$es that you can’t see the truth?

    • We can see the truth. A Republican House leader knew of the affair 8 days before the election and said nothing about it until after Petraeus resigned. That should go to show you and the rest of the conspiracy theorists that a conspiracy never existed and how dumb you all sound. We know the truth also because we don’t watch Fox not news or listen to Rush(fatso) Limbaugh. It has been shown that people that watch Fox not the News and listen to people? like Limbaugh are not as well informed as people that use other sources for their news. Also has been shown that Fox not news watchers and Limbaugh listener are not as intelligent as others either. Slither back under your rock with the rest of the haters in this Country.

  • The republicans were the first to know.


    Instead of putting their energy to rebuild this country, the Republicans is blaming and pointing fingers at the current administrations for everything (Shouldn’t the Republicans be a shame of the affair because Petraeus is one of them?). As long as the Republicans can cash their paychecks on time – they do not care how long the investigation will take and how wasteful of our tax money is!!!

  • Those right wingers like Murdoch dedicate themselves to spreading rumors…the real question in Benghazi is what was Ms. Stevens doing in the low security compound of the Consulate in Benghazi, knowing it was a 9/11 anniversary, instead of staying in the more secured Embassy in Tripoli and to make worse: Mr. Stevens went to Benghazi without his full security detail. You won’t hear this from Fox News or other right hosts on radio and tv because all they do is innuendos, lies, misleading, speculation to deceive their low information listeners who listen to them like zombies and then walk like zombies around spreading said unfounded information. May God Bless America

  • Allan Richardson

    Given the standards exhibited by the GOP to date, Petraeus could STILL end up running for President, as long as it turns out to be ONLY an affair, with no security implications. Right, Newt and Herman?

  • nobsartist

    Their seems to be a lot of lose lips on that republiCON ship. A true ship of fools.

  • notafoxfan

    it is a shame that the “tea party” and the rest of the republicans cannot move forward with americas decision to elect obama again..of course they have had a lot of help from the fox news channel and new gingrich..they think they have found the perfect “conspiracy theory” with petraeus having an extramarital i say..hogwash and b.s.!! get over it people..and by the way, as one newsperson said, if everyone in washington who has had ,shallwe say, an “indescretion” were to be found out, there would be no politicians left there!!!

    • ExPAVIC


      I guess things like that will happen when your wife takes on the same physical appearance as those of your mother.

      • Stupid

        • ExPAVIC


          Are you s—-ing me?

          Get back to me on that when you grow more hair on your balls.

  • commserver

    Another example of military leader following to the Salome.

  • Too many distractions and disruptions concerning the Benghazi affair.GET ON WITH IT! That is much more important than some sordid love affair! who the hell cares? Get to the truth of the threats to our country and do some damn fixing.Fire those that need it, and impeach the president if he is found complicit! Forget the damn adulterous affair and let the military handle it. Get on with securing our nation and forget who the head of the CIA is sticking his head in!

  • Republicans the party who always says things about our founding fathers, well our constitution was written in a time where there were no gays coming out, there were no abortions, there were no contraceptives, hell there were no cars, what I am trying to say is our laws must follow along with the times. It seems to me republicans are stuck in the 1800’s they are all religious nut cases and this is one of our countries worst how do I say this ? hell religion is bad news period ! we can see religion at its worst in the taliban forcing women to hide their faces, forcing women to not be educated, it looks similar to our republican party, they want to force women to live by ( their ) standards, republicans want no abortions, want no company to have to pay for employees contraceptives, why I say why would any human want to force another to live by their standards or beliefs ?? I am not a political genius but I thought we lived in a demorcratic society, we doos dk a



    Whatever goes on in Washington sure beats hell out of what went on during the G.W. Bush eight years.

    Maybe the old, old, used up GOP conservatives should spend some effort to bring their decrepit party into the 21st century.

    Say, does anyone know where to send flowers for the GOP funeral? That mess is starting to stink up the place and should be buried soon.

  • sdbluestem

    FBI engaged in Hoover-sleaze when an agent with the hots for Kelley started an inappropriate investigation. Doesn’t the FBI have more important duties than seizing emails in a private affair. The FBI exercised, finally, some common sense in taking no action when it was satisfied there was no security breach- until the rogue agent (fire him) tipped off Republican Congress, panting for a conspiracy and a way to take down POTUS. The upshot of all this may a tarnished FBI.

    • They say the agent was a she. Must been jealous because she wasn’t the one that had the affair with the General.

      • sdbluestem

        Wow, good gossip!

  • Petraeus and Cantor are both Republicans they don’t squeal on each other.

  • Petraeus isn’t the first person in the spotlight to be caught in a sex scandal nor will he be the last. All of us are human, at least I hope so, and we all do things that we know are wrong. Petraeus admitted his wrong doings which is more than a lot of people do and is now working on getting his’s wife and children’s trust and respect back . Since Cantor knew about the affair eight days before the election and before Petraeus resigned that all should tell all you Republicans and conspiracy theorists that he didn’t think the affair had any effect on what happened in Libya and that is why he didn’t release the information he knew until after the resignation of Petraeus. Remember Cantor is a Republican like you conspiracy theorists.
    The other woman is the one I have no respect for and believe that she was the one that initialed the affair at moment the General was weak. I am a woman and know that as woman that she could have stopped the affair from happening by simply saying no and walking away. So to all of you conspiracy theorists remember if there was a conspiracy, which there wasn’t) at least one Republican House leader was in on it also.

  • Let the general get a good blowjob hes worked hard for it,,fox news retards need to get over it ,,