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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Poll: Americans Say Unemployment Is The Top Problem Facing The Nation

Poll: Americans Say Unemployment Is The Top Problem Facing The Nation

Gallup poll released Monday finds that a 23 percent plurality of Americans say unemployment is the most important problem facing the nation today.

Another 20 percent say it’s the “economy in general.” “Dissatisfaction” with the government, Congress and politicians, or with “poor leadership,” “corruption,” and “abuse of power” comes in third; 19 percent of Americans consider it to be the country’s top problem.

Health care – specifically “poor” health care and hospitals, as well as the “high cost of health care” – is fourth on the list with 15 percent.

Republicans and Democrats are united in their concern over the nation’s jobs crisis. In fact, an equal 24 percent from both parties say that unemployment is the most important problem in the country today – 23 percent of Independents agree.

The economy in general worries Republicans more than Democrats: 22 percent of Republicans named it as their number-one concern, while only 17 percent of Democrats and 21 percent of Independents said the same.

On government and health care, however, a clearer contrast emerges between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Only 14 percent of Republicans feel the government is the nation’s top problem, but a greater percentage of Democrats and Independents – 17 percent and 21 percent, respectively – maintain the same position, which puts the issue third in the poll. On health care, more Republicans express concern – 18 percent call it the biggest problem in the country – but fewer Democrats and Independents feel the same way.

With midterm elections approaching in November, the poll’s findings may serve as a warning for the GOP, whose members are using an almost exclusively anti-Obamacare platform to discredit their Democratic opponents and attract votes. Although another Gallup poll released in early February shows that a majority of Americans still disapprove of the new health care law, to voters, it is less important than pocketbook issues like unemployment, job creation, and the overall state of the economy – subjects on which the Democratic Party’s stances are more popular than the GOP’s.

Even if attacks on the Affordable Care Act appeal to Republican voters, the GOP will eventually need to come up with economic proposals that resonate with the broader public. Doing so would likely mean that the Republican Party would have to either change its position on or suggest a replacement to economic proposals backed by Democrats – like a minimum-wage hike and an extension of federal unemployment benefits.

Democrats, however, have challenges of their own. Only 22 percent of Americans feel satisfied with the “way things are going” in the country – 5 percent less than the 27 percent who said the same a year ago, and 1 percent less than the 23 percent who said so in December and January.

The Gallup poll was conducted between February 6 and 9, and surveyed 1,023 adults nationwide. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Graph via Gallup

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9 responses to “Poll: Americans Say Unemployment Is The Top Problem Facing The Nation”

  1. docb says:

    So those JOBS JOBS JOBS the repub baggers have concentrated on are WHERE? ZIP, NADA, Nothing…All obstruction from the crazy 13% right!

  2. 4sanity4all says:

    If you can’t find a job, you can’t pay your bills, and nothing, NOTHING is more important than that.

    • Robert Roberto says:

      Is Bankruptcy the solution because It can solve the problem, but not permanently, if no jobs are there for you.

      • Allan Richardson says:

        The little guys don’t even have THAT anymore (and the biggest total personal debt now is student loans, which because of Congress’ past actions, CANNOT be reduced by filing bankruptcy). The big corporate leaders use it as if it were just a fancy way to change the name of their company.

  3. Lovefacts says:

    The Democrats would have a winning platform if they’d show how many jobs the Republican Congress prevented by refusing to pass Obama’s Job’s Bill. What they don’t get is that when people are out of work because there aren’t jobs, they don’t spend money. And below is a partial list of what’s been the result:
    1. People don’t spend money.
    2. Business doesn’t sell product, restaurants loss customers, more jobs are lost, and cycle continues.
    3. Foreclosures increase.
    4. Property values decrease.
    5. People get sicker, medical gets more costly.
    6. Families are homeless.
    7. People are hungry.
    8. Hungry children don’t learn and have more health problems.
    And the cycle worsens.

    • LTCErnest says:

      9. And people without jobs don’t pay taxes, so government revenue is down, and the debt goes up due to unemployment payments, SNAP, CHIPS, medicaid, etc.

      • Lovefacts says:

        Too true. Can’t believe I missed that one. What many people forget is that even if the government pays out for these jobs, it gets more money back through taxes and savings on payouts via the support system. Many people just look at the cost and the individual jobs. They forget that the taxes recouped are not only from that one person, but the businesses s/he supports and the people hired to work in said businesses because of increased sales. It ripples throughout the economy from groceries stores to auto dealerships & mechanics to hair salons to clothing stores to restaurants and so on.

  4. howa4x says:

    Republicans wouldn’t vote on the jobs bill, didn’t vote on the stimulus, voted against extending unemployment benefits, won’t pass an infrastructure funding bill and still think tax cuts for the 1% is the answer. They just don’t get it. One day all the dopey people that live in the so called safe districts will wake up and realize the republican party has nothing to offer them economically, and the wedge issues of abortion restriction, and same sex marriage bans are not paying the bills, just a side show. When that happens the GOP will cease to exist as a national party.

  5. Allan Richardson says:

    The reason health care has gone down as an issue is because OWS:
    Obamacare works, stupid! Not for everyone, but for lots of people, the health care problem is getting a lot easier (and many of those whom it is NOT helping can blame THEIR GOP STATE LEADERS, like the idiots here in Georgia). No one who understands what is happening (which exempts most Republican politicians by definition) wants to go back to the status quo ante (that’s Latin for “the mess we used to be in”).

    And so far, I have not heard of any example of someone “being hurt by Obamacare” that did not turn out to be either (1) someone who was taken in by the issuer of their useless “insurance” policy saying “but if you want to pay 5 times as much you can get the same thing” and not bothering to check the exchanges, (2) someone who REFUSED for ideological reasons to check the exchanges, but COULD have gotten a better deal there, (3) someone who would have benefitted from Medicaid expansion but lives in a red state that has vetoed it, or (4) an outright made up Republican lie (they don’t do THAT, do they?).

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