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Sunday, December 4, 2016

bookerA new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday morning finds that Newark mayor Cory Booker is the overwhelming favorite to win New Jersey’s special election for U.S. Senate.

Booker has long been expected to triumph in the contest to fill the late Senator Frank Lautenberg’s (D-N.J) seat, but the Quinnipiac poll shows how easily he seems to be crushing his rivals.

In a hypothetical matchup between Booker and likely Republican nominee Steve Lonegan, Booker came out on top, 53 percent to 30 percent. That 23-point margin is especially impressive, considering that no other Democrat holds more than a 4-point lead against Lonegan in the survey.

According to the poll’s findings, the only other Democratic candidates who lead Lonegan are U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (38 percent to 34 percent) and U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (37 percent to 36 percent).

The poll finds that Booker leads the Democratic primary with 52 percent, followed by Pallone at 10 percent, Holt at 8 percent, and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver at 3 percent. The remaining 26 percent are undecided.

Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, explained one of the reasons behind Booker’s lead by saying, “In the favorable-unfavorable measure, only Booker comes close to being a household name.”

According to the poll, the “don’t know enough” measures for several candidates are particularly high: 63 percent don’t know Pallone, 68 percent don’t know Holt, and 71 percent don’t know Oliver. On the Republican side, 54 percent say they don’t know enough about Lonegan, and 91 percent say the same about Dr. Alieta Eck.

The poll comes just one day after the late Senator Lautenberg’s family announced their support for Frank Pallone. In a statement released by the Pallone campaign, Lautenberg’s family indirectly slammed Booker and referred to him as a “showhorse” more concerned with his own “glory” rather than “New Jersey” and his “principles.”

But Booker’s strong lead seems to indicate that even support from Lautenberg’s family will not be enough to help Pallone — or any other candidate — defeat the mayor of Newark.

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18 Responses to Poll: Booker Holds Huge Lead In New Jersey Special Election

  1. Who cares? Any DemonRAT the losers of NJ choose will be nothing more than a rubber stamp to Obozo’s Marxist agenda to transform the USA into the USSA.

    Have a nice day!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”

    — Winston Churchill

    • LOSERS OF NJ!!!!!! I beg your pardon!? I guess we should stop sending all our tax dollars to the Feds who support lazy crap like you! Have a nice day!

      • Yes… anyone that votes for any DemonRAT in any state IS a loser! Clearly.

        Have a nice day!

        “You cannot make the poor man rich by making the rich man poor.” – Winston Churchill

      • You folks should realize that the Must Go person works for the site. He gets paid by the response. If he had the courage of his convictions, he would call for the assassination of the President, since he claims that the President “must go.” “Must” means by any method. But he won’t.
        Every time you respond to him, he/she/it gets paid. Even hitting the up/down buttons gets him paid.

        • Yeah, sorry, I was an idiot for responding to him. Just made my blood boil. NJ gets such a bad rap all the time and it get tiring to read such insults. I apologize. You are right.

          • NJ wears its bad rap as a badge of honor. There’s already too many people in this state, maybe it scares some away 🙂

  2. BozoMustGo What the hell are you rambling about? Grab a beer an your bible lock yourself in the basement an turn on Fox noise.

    • You are so correct,I would tell him to get some meds or go to rehab to get some help,the delusional twit!

    • Bozo The Clown Is Just Another Annoying Ignorant, Koch Brothers Butt Sucking Troll That Visit Here Quite Often Just To Annoy And Troll This Web Site!! 🙁

  3. Bookers name is well known and he is black and a democrat… enough said, as those 3 reasons will give him the election not because he will or will not do a fine job or be honest or keep his oath of office.

    • LaRae Bailey, It is all to obvious that you have been hanging with the clearly insane right wing nut job, “BozoMustGo”

      • No, La Rae is a true believer: IQ of 76. MustGo is a shill for the site, whose job is to generate controversy.

  4. It is interesting that Lautenberg’s family endorsed Frank Pallone (that is what I thought might be a topic of conversation here before I got side tracked by the clearly insane BozoMustGo).

    Booker has the name recognition, but the endorsement caused me to go dig into some of the other potential candidates. I really don’t know them well (the Democrats) as they are not in my district or nearby to me. Sheila Oliver is much better known, but doesn’t seem to have much support for a Senate seat. What is interesting are the numbers on a match up between anyone and Lonegan (likely Republican candidate). Lonegan has a very long shot no matter who he is up against. He is very far right (in a blue state), and ran against Christie (still fairly popular even among Democrats) and has received (so far) no support by Christie (they apparently have no use for each other). That makes his chances really, really slim unless Christie has a change of heart and comes out swinging (pardon the (non) pun) for Lonegan. That is highly unlikely as Christie is devoting all of his efforts to Christie – he needs a HUGE win in November to give himself national cred for the 2016 Presidential primaries.

    Lautenberg’s family endorsement may make a difference for Pallone, but the analysis is right that Booker is likely to take the Democratic nod, which then would lead to the Senate seat.

  5. Booker is hugely intelligent. He’s also the mayor of one of the toughest cities in NJ. He literally reinvented Newark by his own personal example. This is a leader. Not one many bigots will ever agree with. So…2016 may have Hillary as the lead for presidency. But, speaker of the House? Watch Senator Booker take that one too.

    NJ people are just plain fed up with Republicans saying one thing and then doing another. The Republicans are up in arms in NJ because they can’t get a toe hold on controlling the property taxes they chiefly hand over to NJ big businesses. If the NJ GOP isn’t going to do what the taxpayers want with their tax dollars like making roads and bridges safe, seeing that our colleges are affordable and not wealth pits for lazy butt professors, then, the GOP hasn’t a prayer of re-election.

    And, contrary to Christie’s Fair Haired Child routine with his beloved media, his own second term is at risk. His mouth doesn’t do all the talking in NJ…our property taxes do.

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