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Monday, October 24, 2016

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is now the least popular governor in the nation, and has almost no shot of winning re-election, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.

According to the poll, just 24 percent of voters approve of Governor Corbett, a Republican who was elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010. An overwhelming 65 percent disapprove.

It comes as little surprise that Corbett’s numbers have fallen. The governor’s three years in office have been marked by economic problems and a seemingly never-ending series of controversies. Governor Corbett has suggested that Pennsylvania’s struggling job market is due to rampant drug use among the unemployed, defended his administration’s lack of diversity by insisting that no Latinos would move to Harrisburg, and compared same-sex marriage to incest, among other controversies. Still, the depth of his collapse after winning election by nearly 10 percent in 2010 is startling.

Even Corbett’s own party has turned against him; 51 percent of Republicans disapprove of the governor, while just 37 percent approve. Furthermore, 47 percent of Republican primary voters would prefer a different candidate for governor, while only 42 percent support Corbett to be the GOP nominee. Notably, Corbett still has the support of “very conservative” Pennsylvanians; they back the governor 50 to 38 percent. Moderate Republicans, on the other hand, want to see Corbett dropped from the ticket by a 57 to 31 percent margin.

There would certainly be logic to such a move. Governor Corbett trails all seven of the potential Democratic gubernatorial candidates polled by PPP — former state auditor general Jack Wagner, former secretary of environmental protection John Hanger, current secretary Kathleen McGinty, state treasurer Rob McCord, Allentown mayor Ed Pawlowski, former secretary of revenue Tom Wolf, and U.S. Representative Alyson Schwartz — by between 10 and 20 percent. Republican congressmen Jim Gerlach and Mike Kelly each poll 7 percent better than Corbett in a hypothetical matchup against Schwartz, the early favorite for the Democratic nomination.

“Tom Corbett’s situation just keeps getting worse when it was already pretty darn bad,” PPP president Dean Debnam said in a release accompanying the poll. “It may be the only chance Republicans have to hold on to this office next year is for him to step aside.”

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  • dana becker

    Hey, he can’t be the worst Governor. Rick Scott has that title. Or should.

    • Suralin

      I dunno, man. Take a look at how badly Corbett’s gutted education (higher and lower alike). I’ll freely admit Rick Scott’s awful, but Corbett has him beat in my book.

      Though I admit to being biased on the matter. I had to drop out of college in part because of Corbett pulling state money out of higher education (resulting in an even higher tuition that I could no longer afford). And yet somehow, he can find tons of tax breaks for the Marcellus Shale fracking companies.

      • 1guy2

        Hey, you guys,don’t forget about our Gov. here in SC ,as being one of the worst.We here from her (NIKKI Haley) from time to time,when she shows up to tell us what a good job she is doing,though we can’t figure out what it is. The rest of the time we hear from her is when she is either leaving,or coming back from stumping, for Govs.that hate Obama

        • mikem42

          Forgot about her. She is bad, and with her neighbor to the South, Scott, make for poor representation of two states that could offer a whole lot more to the good of the nation.

      • mikem42

        We moved from Pa. recently, not because of Corbett, but glad to be away from him. He received almost a million dollars from the gas (fracking) industry in his campaign, and refused to push for taxation on the gas produced. Pa. could be in good shape financially if he and his party would fairly tax the new sources of energy in the state. He is a throwback Neanderthal kind of guy, who needs to go.

    • mikem42

      Both should walk the plank, and take Wisconsin and Michigan guvs along.

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    This toxic Tea has to go…less repubs tea,is more.

  • Sand_Cat

    Get real. The SOB will probably get re-elected by a landslide.

    • Joyce

      not if I can help it.

      • Sand_Cat

        I hope you’re both right. Good luck with it.

    • Allan Richardson

      Not if all the voters are ABLE to vote. The only strategy Republicans have to win in purple states is voter suppression.

  • Dominick Vila

    We shouldn’t be talking about things like this. Haven’t you all heard the news? The Democratic party is dead. All you have to do is listen to Tea Party announcements, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, and a few posters in this medium to know that the same polls that predicted Romney’s landslide last year are now predicting the end of Obama and the Democratic party. With such overwhelming and credible evidence, we have no choice but to run for cover…or maybe not. Where is Nate Silver?

    • kanawah

      Have you been listening to the Fox News (NOT) channel?

  • LotusJoan

    If progressives, independents, women and minorities vote we
    can take back everything from the Tea Party. Women are the majority of voters and we need to flex our political muscle.

    If you need a worst among Tea Party backed governors there is a full field in the running. I suggest we start looking for the best progressive governor candidates to put in office.

    • Philo99

      Do you just regurgitate what you read in error filled articles or are you as clueless as the author.

      Corbett was never a Tea Party candidate and never received Tea Party support.

      • kanawah

        You cannot tell it by his actions.
        Most everything he does looks like he is a clueless Transylvania tea bag

        • Philo99

          Don’t let facts get in the way of your vile hatred.

          • 1guy2

            Philo,I f I were you,I would keep a low profile,along with your party,when speaking of vile hatred.

          • precursor

            You really are a sad individual

      • mikem42

        Being in Pa. when Corbett ran and won, he may not have had tea party official backing. The tea party, whatever the hell that is, wasn’t strong there. But, he is certainly in their league in his philosophy and how he governs. Thank goodness Pa. has the large cities to bail it out in most cases. I wish the “Tea Party” would actually register as an official entity, elect their candidates and let the chips fall where they may.

      • LotusJoan

        While he might not have been an avowed Tea party candidate
        he did receive Tea Party support and he does support a Tea Party agenda. I referred to him as a Tea Party backed governor and what I wrote is true, neither error filled, regurgitated nor clueless. Thank you for your comment.

  • Philo99

    This quite a clueless article and shows how little effort the author put into it.

    You can hate Corbett and his policies all you want but to claim he is a Tea Party candidate is flat out wrong and highlights the authors ignorance of facts and details.

    Sam Rohrer who was the Tea Party candidate for PA Governor when he lost the primary to Tom Corbett. Corbett was liberal, Republican insider who did everything he could to discredit the Tea Party and it’s favorite candidate Rohrer. Corbett received 0 support from the Tea Party.

    Let’s try to put in a little effort and fact checking. Pretend the art of journalism still exists.

    • mikem42

      Corbett was never liberal in his entire life. I worked hard enough against him, but he had the fracking money behind him. As for the tea party candidate in Pa., there was never any chance he would win. Pennsylvanis is still after all a northern state, and not simple minded in toto.

      • Philo99

        What do you call a governor that increases spending by $2.3 billion dollars raises taxes on everyone?

        I call that the definition of a liberal.

        • mikem42

          First, he absolutely did not raise taxes on everyone, not even close. He slashed spending for education, pensions, senior citizens, health care, transportation and more. He is selling off all state entities, such as the Pa. Turnpike, the lottery, the State Stores (alcohol) and anything not nailed down. He has spent more money for outside counsel (legal) than any previous governor, afraid to trust the attorneys in house. The spending he just approved for highways came due to immense pressure because the roads and bridges of the state are crumbling. I don’t mean to just be contrarian on this, but check with any Pennsylvanian and you will see that Corbett never has been or will be considered liberal. He certainly won’t identify as such. He has also tried to deny voting rights to millions, something that no liberal, or progressive as I like to call us, would ever do. Expanding voting rights is liberal, blocking them is not.

        • Independent1

          You’ve got it all wrong there; liberals are not big spenders. Conservatives are big spenders. Reagan spent more money in 8 years than all the presidents from Truman to Carter combined. Not only did Reagan almost quadruple the debt – from 826 billion to 2.9 trillion, he actually tripled the debt of California while he was governor there – as did Arnold, another California Republican governor. And between Reagan and the 2 Bushes, they are responsible for at least 90% of our 17 trillion in debt.

          Since Nixon’s 2nd term, every GOP president has spent like a drunken sailor, running up deficit spending, while every Democrat who has inherited deficit spending has actually cut it. Clinton actually cut the deficit spending Bush Sr. passed him and ran three surplus budges before he left office NO GOP president since Nixon has had a surplus budget.

          And interestingly, despite GOP lies to the contrary, Obama is by far the smallest spending president in office since Eisenhower. To prove that, log onto and do a search for smallest government spending president.

        • CrankyToo

          You should consult your dictionary for the correct definitions of the word “liberal”. You’ll find that none of them have anything to do with spending money or raising taxes. You’ll also discover that most definitions of the word have positive connotations. In other words, being “liberal” or “a liberal” is generally considered to be a good thing.

          Oh, and while you’ve got your dictionary open, if you’re feeling the least bit introspective, thumb a few pages to the right and look up the word “moron”.

  • jointerjohn

    The telling numbers in that poll that should have republicans worried is the contrast between approvals of the Governor. With those who identify as as very conservative 50-38, and moderates at 31-57, their future is shaky. I’m not sure there has ever been a time when the two factions of any major party broke by 12+ points. That party’s secondary problem is that they are allowing the faction least acceptable to voters in general dominate both the news and their policies. The number of dumb Americans who can be herded by fear, guns and bigotry is finite, and the far right has pretty much rounded those idiots up already. Where do they go for votes once that pool is dry?

  • mandinka

    His approval numbers are on par with Obama’s so why single him out?

    • mikem42

      Time will tell. Obama won a second term, we’ll have to wait and see if Corbett can do the same.

  • Chumba Wumba

    While democratic processes attach value to each person, collectivism reduces each person to a vessel for the will of pernicious quacks.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Since parents have various ways to advance their children’s interests, we should recognize that inheritance is a superior moral choice compared to other options, such as nepotism.