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Saturday, October 21, 2017

President Obama’s approval rating is down to 46 percent from 54 percent just after the election, but the public still trusts his economic solutions over House Republicans’ by a margin of 8 percent, according to the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll.

Only 17 percent of Americans approve of Congress and only 33 percent trust House Republicans to develop solutions to our economic problems.

The survey delves deep into the issues facing the middle class. And the major finding is that most Americans are not happy with the direction of the country and thus feel insecure about the future. A total of 60 percent of those surveyed said the country is on the “wrong track,” the highest percentage since March of last year.

Economic security seems tied to education, with 55 percent of non-college graduates fearing they might drop down the class ladder, compared to 49 percent of graduates. Notably, minorities are more optimistic about their future than white Americans.

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5 Responses to POLL: Obama Dips, House GOP Languishes And Middle Class Struggles

  1. With the exception of Nate Silver, I take polls with a grain of salt. However, there is no question that President Obama’s decision to tackle some of the most controversial issues afflicting our society is taking a toll on his reputation. The reason his popularity is taking a hit is not because of economic concerns, the economy is rebounding nicely and most people are upbeat about the future. The factors that are influencing negativism among some sectors of our society are his decision to champion gun control, same sex marriage, immigration reform and other issues that many Americans find objectionable.

    • Right on. Fixing the economy is most important issue to majority, these other issues are diversions. Is the economy rebounding or are is just Wall Street rebounging? It is just Wall Street! Jobs are not comming back as fast as Wall Street, and new jobs are paying far less then old jobs that were loss. The Rich are still getting richer and the rest of us poorer. The President I supported twice ain’t doing a thing to improve the job market.

  2. Interesting that there is an emphasis on the president’s poll going lower but still at 46% but not much emphasis on the fact that congress’ approval rating is so low. And why does congress not do what the majority of the people want? For instance 90% wanted background checks but Congress said no. Why do so many on the right want to keep opposing anything the President wants to do? He won the election thus, indicating that most people approved of his policies. The GOP approved the sequester because they what cuts in federal spending, but now that the consequences are happening they blame the President and now they’ve passed legislation so that traffic controller can be rehired just before Congress goes on vacation. Why don’t they stay in DC and do their jobs like fixing the budget?

    • You pose some very good questions. But don’t hold your breath,
      waiting for any good answers. But, yes! Just why in thunder, can’t
      Congress pass a bill, 90% of Americans see as a no brainer?
      Or, support policies, Obama just won reelection on? And, how can
      the Republicans blame Obama for a slow recovery, when they refuse
      to support anything he proposes, to make the economy stronger?
      And, if they are as concerned about the budget as they claim,
      indeed, why are they leaving town? Now, this might sound a little,
      nut-so. Because, we’ve not had a Congress behave in such a manner,
      as we’ve seen, before the election of Barack Obama. Yes, in the past,
      we’ve see the two opposing sides, have some real knock down, drag
      out, fights. Newt Gingrich shut down the government once.
      But in the end, those in Congress held their responsibilities as lawmakers,
      first to the people, and the Constitution, as well as to the institution,
      they were elected to serve, always, above Party politics. And, I’m not
      real sure we can still say that. Why did they choose to leave town, and not
      work on the budget? Probably to have something to complain, and
      demagogue, when they come back to Washington, would be my guess.

    • the 90% is a bogus poll is why gun control did not pass. the public made their feelings known to them and they voted accordingly. Obama pulled that figure out of thin air and nobody even questioned it, just jumped on the number as gospel and repeated and believed it. In fact most cops did not favor the gun laws they were trying to pass. go to which is a police site and read the survey 15,000 cops did on the proposed laws. eye opener for those with an open mind. they are simply trying to decimate the constitution and the second amendment so Obama and Hillary can sign the UN TREATY which clearly states “all citizens must be disarmed” how can this be good for americans? The people are pissed off about the economy, immigration/amnesty bill, mass killings which will not be affected by the proposed gun laws.,and in general because nothing is likely to change until our politicians wake up. that is not going to happen, too many of them have been in office too long and need to go home, all they care about is themselves. these politicians are so busy lying everyone believes them without a second thought. bullshit poll numbers believed with no proof they are right. these clowns are using the people to get what they want. fear mongering fools they are and we are gullible

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