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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Public Policy Polling, the Democratic firm that nailed Barack Obama’s narrow Indiana and North Carolina wins in 2008, says he’s showing considerable vulnerability in Pennsylvania, where Mitt Romney has pulled even at 44 percent to 44 percent, and wins 18 percent of Democrats:

Pennsylvania is looking more and more like it could be a tough hold for Barack Obama in 2012. His approval rating in the state continues to be under water at 46/48. More voters have expressed disapproval than happiness with Obama on all three polls PPP has done in the state so far in 2011. And even though Obama took Pennsylvania by 10 points in 2008 the best he can muster right now in a head to head match up with Mitt Romney is a tie.

While PPP ascribes Obama’s issues there to losing so-called “Hillary Democrats” — the lower-middle class white voters we heard so much about during the primary — the real difference between Pennsylvania, where Obama won by double digits last time, and tougher states he barely won in 2008 where he now actually has better numbers, like Ohio and Florida, is the governor.

Tom Corbett, the Republican elected governor of Pennsylvania on last fall’s Tea Party wave, is no moderate, but he’s not making headlines for trashing unions and cutting essential services the way Rick Scott in Florida and John Kasich in Ohio are. These extremely unpopular Republicans are already a drag on their party’s efforts to recapture the White House, and they’ve only had half a year in office.

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2 Responses to Poll: Obama Weak in Pennsylvania

  1. weak??????????? this spineless, gutless, community organizer who is a I l l e g a l Communist fraud will be shown the door on 11/2012 and we Americans hope the fraud and his racist wife go back to where they come from K E N Y A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President Romney and VP Ryan will turn America around and make her exceptional once again !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This election is reminding me more and more of the 1980 election. Then, it appeared that President Carter and Ronald Reagan were neck and neck in the polls right up to almost election time. We all know how that ended up. 🙂 I believe we are seeing the same thing this time around also. Come the morning after the election our sitting President will be disbelieving of the vote counts showing that he lost by a huge margin. It’s still the silent majority that decides elections. Not pundits, talk shows or polls. So many of us will tell pollsters one thing and vote another when it comes time to actually decide. We shall see. My only fear is that our President will refuse to accept the results and try to hang onto power, thereby provoking a Constitutional crisis. Conversly, our country has become so divided, that if the other side loses and refuse to accept the fact that the President got reelected, that they may very well rise up against him. It is my sincere hope that neither scenario comes to pass and that our country will have a smooth transition of power as it always has in the past and that those oppose to the President will accept their fate for another four years. Here’s to hoping.

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