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Thursday, October 27, 2016

As the Affordable Care Act’s first open enrollment period comes to a close, support for the law has risen to an all-time high, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday.

The poll finds that 49 percent of Americans now support the health care reform law, while 48 percent oppose it. That represents a major rebound from Obamacare’s November nadir — Americans opposed the law 57 to 40 percent in that survey from four months ago — and marks the first time that Obamacare’s proponents have outnumbered its detractors in an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The law’s improved public standing has mainly been driven by Democrats, who are embracing it. 76 percent of Democrats now support Obamacare, up from 65 percent two months ago.

Support among Republicans and Independents has remained relatively stable and low.

WaPo graph

Despite the rising support for the law itself, Americans remain skeptical of President Obama’s handling of its rollout. Just 44 percent approve of the president’s performance implementing the law, while 54 percent disappove. That number, while low, does represent a 6-point improvement from January and an 11-point bounce from November.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll is the second recent survey to record the law’s popularity rising. A recent Kaiser Foundation poll found that a 59 percent majority wants to keep the law in place, while just 29 percent want to repeal it. But other polls, such as the most recent AP-GfK survey, find that the public remains skeptical.

No matter how voters actually feel about the law, Republicans in Congress seem unlikely to change their position on it any time soon. On Monday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) commemorated Obamacare’s enrollment deadline wtih a promise to make a 53rd attempt to repeal it.

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  • Independent1

    It’s truly unfortunate that so many Americans have been so badly informed because of the 24/7 lies and distortions about Obamacare being published by Reublicans. It’s clear that Obamacare is turning out to be huge benefit for millions of Americans. As bloggers post their thoughts here, they should keep the following rollout diaster of Medicare Part D by the Bush Administration back in 2006: Here are some excerpts from an article covering that disasterous rollout (article is from early January 2014):

    As it turns out, these furious conservatives are suffering from a particularly acute case of selective amnesia. Just eight years ago this week, the calamitous launch of President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug program left over six million previously insured seniors without coverage. Hundreds of thousands more could not get their medications as problem-plagued government computer systems, confused insurers, and undertrained pharmacists left subscribers panicked and helpless. But unlike today’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act by Republicans in Congress and in the states, Democrats at all levels helped the Medicare Rx program whose design they opposed.

    As the Washington Post reported in January 2006:

    Two weeks into the new Medicare prescription drug program, many of the nation’s sickest and poorest elderly and disabled people are being turned away or overcharged at pharmacies, prompting more than a dozen states to declare health emergencies and pay for their life-saving medicines.

    Roughly 6.4 million seniors who just days earlier had gotten their prescriptions for free as Medicare/Medicaid “dual eligibles” faced the prospect of going without because of untrained pharmacists and computer glitches. By January 16, 2006, the New York Times reported, many states (most of them led by Democrats) came to their rescue:

    About 20 states, including California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and all of New England, have announced that they will help low-income people by paying drug claims that should have been paid by the federal Medicare program.

    Among the governors taking action were future Obamacare foes Tim Pawlenty and Mike Huckabee, who declared a health emergency in his state of Arkansas. The fiasco prompted the Bush administration to take drastic measures: With tens of thousands of people unable to get medicines promised by Medicare, the Bush administration has told insurers that they must provide a 30-day supply of any drug that a beneficiary was previously taking, and it said that poor people must not be charged more than $5 for a covered drug.

    For those who would like to see more stats of the Part D rollout fiasco, here’s the link:

  • FT66

    We have all the reasons to wear a smile on our faces. Now we are starting to see the light at the end of a tunnel. This is just the beginning and those who didn’t support ACA because it isn’t a single payer, just hold on the hope, we are heading there. What you need to do is to make sure you show up to vote come November, so that we don’t hand over republicans two Chambers and start to dismantle it.

  • docb

    GOTV in November and stop the slide of the obstructionists and fools of the gop baggers!…FORWARD!

  • paulyz

    Because of the “perception” that Obamacare is having more sign-ups only because of the forced fines, future heavier fines, and many enrollees not yet discovering the future costs to them from Obamacare. Most of the people that have signed up are the easier ones because many had lost their health insurance thru their job, or are getting government subsidies. Future costs & loss of coverage will discourage many in the future and without the healthy young signing on, this will quickly unravel.

    • Lola Johnson

      You just keep telling yourself that, Pauly.

    • Paul Bass

      “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!”

      And you don’t even have any statistics! Ha-Ha

  • charles king

    Critical Thinking WORKS, Social Security WORKS, Obama Care WORKS, Medica-Care WORKS, Food Stamps Works, Education WORKS, Democracy WORKS. I am (84 years young) because these things WOKS foany American so you young people out there I Would? question those out there WHO? are against these things that WORKS. The VOTE is still supreme so VOTE those ASSES out of your lives. You know they are. Thank You are the magic wrds in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E KING

  • dpaano

    Since it costs hard-earned taxpayer money each time these idiots in the House vote to repeal Obamacare, I think it should come out of THEIR pockets and not ours! I’m not sure what they think they are trying to prove by continuing to vote for its repeal….all they are doing is hurting their own reputations! It’s getting ridiculous to say the least, and I think the American people are getting tired of it also! There are better ways to spend our money!

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    Hussein Obama’s personal jihad against the Constitution of the United States is destined to fail.

  • paulyz

    As soon as the Democrats & Obama “spin” this as a success all the kool-aid drinkers fall for it as a sliver of hope, when ALL the evidence points to how costly, unpopular, & failing to ensure over 30 MILLION people, when that is the main reason Democrats & Obama stated they needed Socialized Obamacare. I hear that out of the 7 Million only 860,000 have paid their premiums, & most of those signing “ALREADY HAD” health insurance, but lost it BECAUSE of Obamacare!!!

    • edwardw69

      My, my. Aren’t we consistent? And wrong.

    • Will

      First, let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the ACA. There should have been much more done and so many important facets were overlooked, in my opinion.

      I was for single-payer. The United States and South Africa are the only (2) developed, industrialized countries who do NOT offer health care coverage to its citizens. I think that is an absolute travesty in and of itself.

      I’m so tired of hearing that the ACA is “socialized” medicine. Obviously, folks haven’t a clue what “socialized” medicine is and the ACA is FAR from it. The current law is more like facist medicine. I have read the law. It, sir, is NOT socialized medical care.

      Do not forget that the current law was originally a REPUBLICAN idea. But these little, inconvenient facts are always left out of the conversation.