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Saturday, March 24, 2018

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to slide amid increased economic pessimism.

The poll finds Obama’s approval rating at 47 percent, down four points from February and eight points from December — 46 percent now disapprove of the president’s job performance.

Interestingly, Obama’s declining numbers closely mirror George W. Bush’s approval ratings at the beginning of his second term:

pew approval rating chart

Bush never reversed the tailspin, and saw his approval rating drop to a paltry 25 percent during his final days in office.

While some of Obama’s decline can be attributed to a natural regression from the spike he experienced after being re-elected, Obama’s poor numbers also seem to be related to an uptick in economic pessimism. Despite a string of good economic news over the past few months — including a new record high for the Dow Jones and a better-than-expected February jobs report that dropped the unemployment rate to a four-year low of 7.7 percent — the poll finds Americans deeply skeptical of the economy’s future… 32 percent now believe economic conditions will be worse one year from now, compared to 25 percent who believe they will be better, and 41 percent who think they’ll stay the same.

Still, the poll does have some good news for the president. Despite his decreased approval rating, Americans still trust him over his Republican opponents — 53 percent have a great or fair amount of confidence in President Obama to deal with the federal budget deficit, compared to 39 percent for congressional Republican leaders.

Furthermore, the public continues to side with Obama’s budget priorities over the GOP’s — 55 percent say it’s more important to keep Social Security and Medicare benefits as they are than to reduce the deficit, while just 34 percent believe the opposite.

pew benefits chart
These numbers are almost unchanged since June, 2011, suggesting that Paul Ryan’s most recent budget plan — which would slash Medicare and Medicaid in hopes of balancing the budget within 10 years — stands little chance of swaying popular opinion.

The full results of the Pew poll can be seen here

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54 Responses to Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Continues To Slide

  1. Obama is the majority now and the GOP is the minority, prejudice has shifted to the republicans, you can’t trust them.

    • His approval will keep dropping.–Why has Janet Napolitano and the DHS REFUSED to answer congress on why they have stockpiled billions of weapons and ammo??? Why won’t they answer why they have ordered 3000 tanks to put on Americas’ streets???

  2. My distrust of the President has nothing to do with my Disgust for the GOP. It is narrowly based on the facts: (1) The General Attorney will not take on the big Banks that caused the Economic Melt Down, and (2) The President seems bent on caving to the GOP as he did in the first Four Years of his First Term. And, he seems to be listening to one of the
    Richer persons that wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare to Placate this

    • Why has Janet Napolitano and DHS REFUSED to answer congress on why they have stockpiled billions of weapons and ammo??? And REFUSED to answer why they have ordered 3000 tanks to put on Americas’ streets??? WHY won’t they answer congress!!!!

      • Instead of blabbing on – how about some facts to back up your contention for
        a change. Frankly my dear I doubt you can do that.

        • Type in, “Obamas’ Civilian Security Force” you will see Obama saying we need to create a civilian national securty force. Stockpiling all this ammo, police can’t get anymore. Obama is getting ready to start a war against the American people!!!!

      • The same reason Obama talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

        As much as I disagree with you, sometimes you make more sense than the Democrat ass kissers that troll here.

        Just remember, MWRAPS burn so keep some gas around for unexpected bon fires.

  3. President obama is one of the most incredible presidents of all time. Boehner and morans like ryan and the republicans work against him so the 1% can feed off the middle class to support their outlandish ways. To compare a leader(obama) to a follower(bush) is just downright wrong. Obama knows WE cant do shit because of greedy,lazy passive fools in our congress and abroad thats is why the 1% stays 1%!!!!

    • Why has Janet Napolitano and DHS REFUSED to answer congress on WHY they have stockpiled billions of weapons and ammo?? And they REFUSE to answer why they have ordered 3000 tanks to put on Americas’ streets???

      • That’s like asking why YOU refuse to answer why you are stockpiling photon torpedos from the Romulans. In other words, neither Romulan weapons nor the weapons, ammo and tanks EXIST. Outside of your delusions, that is.

        • The DHS admits they exist, they just won’t tell congress what they are for. You really need to pay attention to what’s going on, dim

          • CNN. The 30 some survivors of the Bengahzi attack have been ordered not to speak about what really happened 9/11/12 too

          • Source? It’s hard NOT to know this. Only those who refuse to believe it aren’t aware of this. Ask somebody in the military who doesn’t have an agenda. But suit yourself.

        • So sad. You. Allan. Are sad.

          Go google it. It’s on so many sites on the internet I am having trouble believing you don’t know about it.
          Bet you if the other president that I didn’t vote for was in office, you’d know ALL about it.
          The hyprocrisy that exists in this country in you Dems and Republs is unbelievable.

        • Absolutely untrue. They might have a reason they aren’t disclosing, but I happen to know from DHS people that they have enough ammo now for a thirty year war and weapons to withstand any kind of homeland revolt. Military who are anti Obama due to his policies are leaking information everwhere and assuring citizens that American military will not comply with Obama’s order to turn on American citizens. But DHS aren’t made up of all Americans.

        • Police departments are running low on ammo and can’t get any more. The DHS has it all. You really should pay attention to what’s going on

      • I can only guess and it doesn’t bode well for us, the real Americans struggling to make it day to day, as our patience might come to an end if they (politicians) don’t pay attention to us. So they will kill us on the streets under the ruse of putting down an “insurrection” by ‘radical commies’. Our government who should be looking out for those with no real power is gearing up to demolish the last remnants of the pursuit the happiness in the American Dream for all.

  4. When are people going to disregard polls? Polls reflect a (limited amount) of participants either generically interested in such behavior or anonymous, bored commenters who have nothing else pending or are offered a ‘gift’ for participating.. it doesn’t and can’t predict with absolution on any subject because of the amount of pollsters at any one sitting.. only to stir up things when the media has nothing else to report and to those who organize such things, it has to do with continued job security.. continue the polls, continue the pay checks. I heed polls with a certain disdain because in almost every incident, within a month or so the polls reverse in accordance to how bored the media has become and the level of manipulations that they wish to instigate..

  5. The longer Obama takes to stop the xl pipeling, the more he supports Monsanto, the longer he takes to stop BLM from removing & slaughtering horses, the more I dislike and distrust him.

    • I feel your pain. However with all of the crap he has to deal with right now…Well, it’s like…I have this car in the garage that if restored would be worth $30,000.00, but I don’t have the money to restore it so it just sits in the garage and I hope and prey that some day I will be able to. It’s just the state of the economy right now. If we had the resources to do these things (and without all of the political bickering and fighting amongst ourselves maybe we could) then maybe we would.

      • And by the way people, we should be thinking real hard about not just our BEAUTIFUL WILD HORSES but ALL of our precious beings on this GREAT PLANET. Let’s just choose love…

      • I dont think your comparison is very appropriate. We have plenty of money and if we didnt, the jackass’s in washington would create more jobs to improve the tax base.

        They have proposed NO jobs plan so that means we dont need any and we do not need the tax revenue that goes with them.

          • No, I am ot kidding. You must like drinking Kool-Aid. If we dont have any money, how do we pay for the 10 aircraft carriers on order at 13 BILLION each? How do we pay that multi-trillion budget?

            We just dont have enough money to invade other countries. Plus, republiCONs want you to think we are broke so you can pay more in taxes.

    • Why has Janet Napolitano and the DHS REFUSED to answer congress on WHY they have stockpiled billions of weapons and ammo?? And they REFUSE to answer congress on why they have ordered 3000 tanks to put on Americas’ streets!!! WHY!!!!

  6. These polls tend to be up, and down. But, they do seem to be a kind of a
    snapshot in time, more than illustrating a trend. Rachel Maddow pointed
    out, that while President Obama was receiving the Medal Of Distinction,
    Israel’s highest honor. Two of the cable news outlets covered the ceremony.
    While the third, choose to feature a Q, and A, session with a supposed
    Middle Eastern, “expert,” who was quite sure Obama had mangled his
    relationship with Israel so badly in his first term, he was desperately
    trying repair the damage in his second. So, I’m just sure the folks that
    enjoyed listening to the Q, and A, were pleased to offer their 2 cents to
    a poll on Barack Obama’s popularity.

  7. If the President’s numbers are sliding down among Democrats, it may be because they’re worried he’s going to go back on his campaign promise to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He keeps talking about giving away cuts to Social Security, but why? Social Security is not the problem. It has over $2 trillion in reserves, and besides, it’s not a tax: we all pay into it. I’ve paid in all my life, and now POTUS is going to rewrite my contract? I’m not a Democrat, and I still don’t like it. And why do Republican leaders think only Democrats will be angry over the sequester cuts? Republican voters make up as many or more of those people who will be hard hit, and some of them will switch and vote Democrat in 2014. What are the Republicans thinking? I predict that the Republicans will lose control of the House in 2014, and it may kill the party. It gives new meaning to the saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    • Obama is simply a bush of a different color.

      He has done nothing that he promised aside from looking “forward” while wall street robbed the bank.

  8. I guess had we known that Obama was lazy BEFORE the last election, willard would be king.

    Now looking at the crap that he had delivered over the past 5 years, a crap health care system, NO investigation of the financial industry, No usage of the Sherman Act, NOTHING worth mentioning for the people that were duped into voting for him, and Obama is simply looking like just another bush of a different color.

  9. The situation is not going to improve in the United States until the oil companies are not permitted to gouge consumers at the gas pumps,Wall Street and the greedy speculators are monitored and regulated,and last but,certainly not least eliminating the special interest groups that are controlling and manipulating our congressional representatives! Meanwhile,under the circumstances,President Obama has done an outstanding job!!

    • It’s always been the old blame game Bud.. The dems blame Dubya while the pubs blame Obama.. Meanwhile, NO ONE is accepting responsibility. If anybody has given up on America it’s our own do nothing g’ment.. Look at ’em.. running around looking busy goofing off watching others goof off and becoming enraged because their not the only ones getting away with it.. then playing talking head so we might not notice what THEIR getting out of it. Who’s really at fault?

      • Wow! Only 130. Things seem to be looking up for a change if that is all that has been collecting an astounding salary, all the money that K Street crowd and the Koch Brothers can spread around and a retirement fit for A TRUE ONE PER CENTER as well.

          • So if tghe;y are found out because they are blatant, in your world that makes it a non-criminal act. Rather a uneducated position to post where others can arrive at that same conclusion. Get a life.

  10. Obama is losing in public opinion now, (three points lower than where Bush was this time second term) and that is bad. That is beyond what can be spun by any media. Here are some of the reasons: The blaming of Bush for current financial situation after four years has exhausted its credibility, and people want a real job, not just a paycheck; Over reach in socialist agenda has alienated all but the extreme left or those who don’t know better; the mainstream media which has been in the tank for Obama is now tanking itself (NBC ..Obama’s campaign machine has been cancelled, and in fact all added together, the MSM doesn’t garner the ratings that the single conservative network does)…so mainstream media has lost its credibility or whatever, but inquiring people are no longer interested; African Americans are pissed concerning this adminstration’s main platform of amnesty immigration reform which clearly is a political positioning to gain more votes for 2016…and jeapardizes jobs for African American rightful citizens; Obamacare is hitting the fan and it is already so problematic, the whole or parts are being reassessed for repeal; The social media isn’t controlled by this administration (yet), and due to overkill MSM bias has driven interest to radio talk shows and conservative sources; Both GOP and DEMS are losing favor with Americans, setting the stage for small government party. And finally, Obama is losing in public opinion because Americans don’t like to be lied to or forced to do anything, we are a rebellious lot who know our rights (maybe don’t know the constituion by heart, but we know our rights instinctively). We really do hold these truths to be self evident….

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