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Thursday, September 29, 2016

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, President Barack Obama’s approval rating is on the decline after a two-month post-election bounce.

The poll finds that 46 percent approve of the president, while 45 percent disapprove. That represents a sharp decline from December, when Obama’s approval sat at 53 percent in the wake of his triumphant re-election.

Predictably, there is a deep partisan divide in how Obama is perceived. In the Quinnipiac poll, just 7 percent of Republicans approve of Obama’s job performance, while 87 percent disapprove; those numbers are inverted exactly among Democrats.

Voters are generally pessimistic about the direction of the country; the poll finds 40 percent are very dissatisfied the way things are going in the nation, 28 percent are somewhat dissatisfied, 28 percent are somewhat satisfied, while just 2 percent are very satisfied.

If there is a silver lining for the president, it’s that the Republican House majority is significantly less popular than he is. Just 19 percent approve of the Republicans in Congress, compared to 72 percent who disapprove; even among Republicans, the House GOP’s approval rating is a dismal 41 to 51 percent. And, unlike President Obama, Congress will have to face re-election in two years.

According to the Quinnipiac poll, Hillary Clinton remains the most popular politician in the country — 61 percent have a favorable view of the former Secretary of State, while just 34 percent view her unfavorably.

Photo credit: AP/Luke Sharrett

  • And . . . the wheels on the bus go round and round . . . this is news? Big deal. Numbers go up. Numbers go down. Up . . down . . up . . . down . . .

    What is more interesting in the long term are Hillary’s numbers. They’re not subject to ephemerals. Obama doesn’t have to run for re-election. The republicans are concentrating on him. Hillary is resting, casting her net, making her connections and contacts, cutting her deals, positioning herself, quietly, all under their radar. If she decides to run (and I can’t see any reason why she wouldn’t), the Bagroes are toast.

    She is their doom. She is their nemesis. She has Wa – the power that Being There, Doing That, Enduring, Persevering, and Emerging confers. She has Endured. She has Survived. She emerges a Giant. The Republicans have only dwarves with which to face her. ’14 will be their Dresden. ’16 will be their Hiroshima. ’20 will be their Masada. Beyond that lies oblivion.

    Obama is fighting the preliminary battle. Hillary will fight the final battles. The Republicans are wasting their energies fighting the black man while the white woman encompasses their destruction. Obama will set ’em up. Hillary will knock ’em down.

    • nobsartist

      Funny how bush was able to ruin the country in 2 years, (with help from Democrats) but its going to take decades to fix it.

      It sort of looks to me like not fixing any problems is part of the plan.

      • lana ward

        O is purposely making things worse. I think that’s what I’ve been saying all along

    • sigrid28

      The more President Obama asserts a liberal agenda, the more blow back will come his way. One method of measuring change is to calibrate this blow back. The harder his approval rating is hit, the more he is attempting to push this agenda. He can afford the hits now that he’s been re-elected–and we cannot afford for him NOT to take them, if we want him to get anything done. You’re correct: it is a battle.

      • charleo1

        Conservative blowback often starts as a fabricated blog, on a Right Wing website.
        That claims the Country is on fire with grassroots opposition about one thing or
        another that Obama has eluded to as being something he supports. Like flowers,
        or a mushy card to that someone special on Valentines Day. Where some talented
        ideologue, like say, Eric Erickson, will accuse him of shoving his Gay Liberal,
        agenda down the throats of millions traditional one man one woman couples.
        And, by using the homosexual code words, “Someone special.” to advance his real
        goal. Which, of course is to destroy the sacred bonds of matrimony! The next
        thing we know, Fox is reporting, “Why zillions of married couples are so furious with Obama! Now you have Right Wing, “grassroots,” blowback.

        • Birger_Skruddusvingen

          “Conservative blowback often starts as a fabricated blog, on a Right Wing website.”

          What is a “fabricated blog”?

          • charleo1

            A fabricated blog, is an article asserting a baseless lie, where it’s sent to
            Right wing web sites, such as Red State. Com, Or The Drudge Report.
            Who have a larger following. If it polls well, others up the food chain,
            like Limbaugh, will push the totally fallacious contrivance to a wider audience.
            If it gets a buzz, or sometimes when it doesn’t, Fox News will reference the
            still false information over their bull horn, where other cable news outfits will
            mention that Fox has mentioned it, and now it’s no longer just something a
            guy in his pajamas made up yesterday, it’s now up for debate, in an always hungry
            for something to talk about, 24/7 news cycle. A good example of this, was a “tweet,”
            by Sarah Palin, during the healthcare reform debate. Where she claimed to know
            for a fact that Obama was trying to do away with the wonderful, and generous
            insurance companies, and replace them with a heartless bureaucrat who decided
            if one lived or died, based on the individual’s estimated worth to the government.
            Sarah’s tweet hit the airwaves on Monday, and by Saturday, Iowa Senator Chuck
            Grassley , a member of the panel charged with putting together a bipartisan reform
            bill, was home repeating the lie to his constituents at a political rally.

      • lana ward

        The REAL Omuslim is out now that he doesn’t have to face voters again. What a lying, coward little bitch he is!!! Like he says, the end justifies the means. He is the Anti-Christ!!

        • Please seek out a mental health professional today lana.

        • bjbstarr11

          Lana, Please get a life and get over the fact the President Obama was re-elected. You are a very miserable person.

          • lana ward

            He wasn’t re elected. He bought votes buy promising gifts. Who wouldn’t vote for santa clause

          • bjbstarr11

            What gifts are you referring to. President Obama did not promise me anything. Get your facts straight. As I stated before Mitt Romney lost because he is so out of touch with everyday people. It is obvious you are out of touch as well.

          • lana ward

            Romney Loves America and knows how to turn the economy around. Omuslim is a dumb fuck. He doesn’t know how to turn the economy around and wouldn’t even if he knew how

          • CPAinNewYork

            Look who’s talking about buying votes and offices. Why do you think that the “Super PACs” were created?

          • lana ward

            Who bought votes? Who’s in the WH???

      • When you spend political capital, your numbers go up and down. Personally, I measure his success by the sounds of the bleating and sniveling coming from the bagro loons – the louder they whine, the better he’s doing.

    • I agree with everything you said, except the opinion that the GOP is ignoring Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi Inquisitorial farce was a shot across the bow. The GOP told Hillary what she can expect if she decides to run in 2016. Unfortunately for them, she made them look like a bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

      • In other words, she held up a mirror 🙂

      • Well that wasn’t too hard to do!

      • lana ward

        Dems are starting to see what a farce O is. Our country is falling apart. He has spewed nothing but lie after lie. No, I don’t believe Americans are going to want Hillary, they are going to want someone who really LOVES America and get us back to the thriving country we once were instead of keeping us on the road to hell!!

        • Lana, I don’t know where you live, but it must be a far away country with limited access to world news. President Obama’s economic policies allowed us to overcome one of the worst economic disasters in our history, a disaster acknowledged by former President Bush when he said in mid 2008 that our economy and financial institutions were on the verge of collapse. Job growth the last 4 years is tripled what W and the Republicans managed to do in the previous 8 years. Our auto industry is alive and well, building permits are at their highest point since 2006 when construction tanked. Real estate sales are up. The DOW index is doubled what it was in January 2009…and the list goes on.

          • Ixnay on the Actsfay . . . it makes their heads explode, and cleaning the carpet afterwards is a pain . . .

          • CPAinNewYork

            I think that lana lives in llala land, witgh dippy fern Woodfork.

          • lana ward

            I think you and Vila live up Obamas ass, you sure can’t see how he’s hurting my country

          • CPAinNewYork

            I see how Dubya and the neocons hurt OUR country more than any previous president.

          • lana ward

            Bush did everything he could to keep us safe after Clinton refused 3 times to take Bin Laden!!! God Bless George W Bush!! America loving Patriot!!!

          • Firstallie

            Show your numbers, dont just peat and repeat.

          • Dominick, stay away from the koolaid! Our debt is at 17 trillion and rolling up like a mars bound rocket. thanks to Obama. With his sequester he will put an additional 800,000 people out of work. and you say this is good? Are you from Russia? China? You must hate Americans as much as Obama does.

          • kruller 001

            The sequester actually cuts spending and the growth of spending as well, so if you are blaming the President for excess spending, what do you think the spending is on fool? yes personnel and their benefits, this includes the military vets, pensioners, yes welfare too (50billion), social security etc.. you can’t have it both ways, the sequester which IS a spending cut and then turn around and say folks are losing jobs, cutting spending means police, fire crews, federal workers, will lose their jobs, tell me how else do you cut spending without people losing their jobs

          • Robert Sieg

            not 800,000 out of work but where they lose 1 day per pay period for 22 pay periods and I will remember that in two years so I can vote the R’s out!!!

          • Blowbama Douchebag

            Hey Bo Peep..I found another one of your Uneducated and Uninformed Libtard sheep. KMA, DUMBocrat. If you can get your head out of Blowbama’s a$$ long enough, you will see how that f*cking bast*rd has turned this once-great nation into a raging SH*THOLE of despair and divisiveness….now go catch the short bus back to REALITYVILLE, a$$wipe SOB.

          • We’ve overcome our economic disaster?!!?? What planet do you live on? Unemployment remains in the high 7% and that doesn’t count several million that have used up their unemployment. The real rate is 15% you moron. We’ve lost as many jobs under Obama as has been created. Our economic collapse had everything to do with Democratic insistence that banks give mortgages to everyone, whether they qualified or not. The housing bubble is all about Dem policies and anyone that took the time to follow the finance pages would know that.
            GDP from January 2001 through December 2008 grew at an average annual rate of 2.0375%. The number of jobs created grew by 6.5% on average. Nothing Obama had done in his 4 years has come close to those numbers. So I have to ask: What far away country are you living in? Or is it on another planet?

          • Dominick, I dont know what planet you are on but here on Earth in the USA, more people are NOT employed than they were in 2010. Construction permits are NOT up, I know for a fact as I have worked in that industry for 30+ years now. I dont need someone to tell me it is bad, I see it for myself. The financial collapse you talk about was orchestrated by the Democrats that had oversight of the financial institutions from 2007 on. There are still 23 million americans unemployed so I dont know where you get your information but there were 23 million unemployed in 2010, so tell me again about the fantastic tripling of job growth by Obama. You are either an idiot, uniformed, misinformed or just ignorant. You must be hearing things in Liberal media or some where that is totally FALSE. None of what you said has a shred of truth to it. Go to the government websites to confirm that I am telling the truth. Not to media sites. Go to the source. And the list of Obamas failures go on and on and on and on…

          • Dominick, you must have missed Civics on the day they explained that the legislative branch controls the money. In 2006, Democrats (including Senator Obama) won full control of both houses. I know you libs like to blame Bush for everything, but take some responsibilty. Our economy is a mess now, but when interest rates and inflation kick up, we are going over a cliff. There is unsustainable debt being piled on AND entitlements are being promised that we can’t possibly afford in the future. What is your plan? Kill off the elders on Medicare so we save on SS?

          • jimspix

            I wish someone/anyone would present a list of Obama’s successful economic policies so I could examine their positive impact on jobs creation, national debt reduction, increases in wages of the currently employed etc. Please.

          • TxPharm

            Nice spin. Perhaps the DNC is hiring.
            We have a 16.4 trillion deficit, your share $50,000, and a president determined to add at least another trillion to it every year.
            The Balanced Approach has turned out to be tax hikes, tax hikes, and more tax hikes.
            The stock market is doing great, but that doesn’t help my Millennial children, to whom 7.8% unemployment, half of college graduates vegetating in childhood bedrooms, and Ivy League graduates waiting tables is the New Normal.
            Their generation is too naive and idealistic just yet to see that they are being enslaved by their government.
            In 15 years, the new definition of “rich” for tax purposes will be $60k.
            There is no other way to pay for all these entitlements.
            CBO estimates Medicare, Medicaid, and SS will consume ALL federal revenue in just 27 years. That does not include Obamacare, already doubled to 2.6 trillion, will double again 2020-2030 since Democrats will be unable to front load 10 years tax hikes to pay for 6 years benefits.
            Welcome to the United Welfare States of America.

        • You forgot to take your anti-psychotics didn’t you lana?

          • lana ward

            Has the sky fallin yet as Obama said. Tried to scare us all into giving him his own way. Ha!! It didn’t work!!!

        • Gambler2

          No, the pollsters just didn’t poll a representative sample, thus their findings are inaccurate. President Obama’s approval is very high with Democrats and independents, and BTW our country is not falling a part – not even close.

          • CPAinNewYork

            How do you know that the pollsters’ sample contained a bias? If you know what the bias is, please tell us.

          • lana ward

            Obamas approval is falling as it should. People are finding out what a liar he is!!!

        • CPAinNewYork

          Our country is being underminerd by the bankers. These are the same rightwingers who want to eliminate the middle class.

          • lana ward

            Because of Ocare, states are cutting back employees hours so they don’t have to pay for that God awful program that passed without ONE Republican vote. And that smelly muslim with flies on his face said it was bi partisan vote!!

          • CPAinNewYork

            Government and business are cutting back on staff because the economy is in the tank. Who put us in the tank, Lana? Rhetorical question. It was Dubya and the neocons who tried to pay for the Iraq invasion and the Afghanistan fiasco by issuing bonds instead of raising taxes.

          • lana ward

            Obama and the dems cause the financial crisis to start with–NOT BUSH!!! Obama as a young acorn Attorney sued the banks to give subprime loans that started this mess!!! Type in ,”How the democrats caused the financial crisis ” See Obama speak in his own words! Andrew Cuomo speaks first

          • lana ward

            Employers are cutting workers hours so they won’t have to pay for that God awful Ocare! They can’t afford it

        • CPAinNewYork

          America was thriving before that idiot Dubya got in office.

          • lana ward

            America was thriving until dems forced banks to give loans to those who could not possibly pay it back, which caused the collapse, and Bush got blamed for it. Omuslim has had 4 years to at lease turn it around, but has made things much worse!!

          • CPAinNewYork


            Don’t you think that the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan at a cost of billions of dollars had anything to do with our present financial problems? If you don’t, you’re either incredibly naive or in denial.

            We invaded Iraq at a cost of thousands of American and Iraqui lives and billions of dollars on the false premise that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

            Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and thec neocons knew that Hussein didn’t have those weapons. From Bush’s inauguration on, those three were pushing for an invasion of Iraq to satisfy their personal agendas. They and their companies made millions off sole source government contracts for services rendered to the military and the captive Iraqui government.

            In addition to the loss of lives and our national treasure, we have lost the respect of our allies and have incurred the hatred of the world’s one billion Muslims.

          • lana ward

            We have lost respect because of Omuslim. We’ve lost our AAA rating too. I picture dems in Omuslims little clown cars, Patriots in trucks!!!

          • CPAinNewYork

            Obama didn’t cause the drop in our federal bonds’ credit rating. That occurred because Bush financed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by issuing bonds instead of increasing taxes.

          • lana ward

            The world loves Omuslim, that should tell you something! They love him, but they sure don’t respect him!!!

          • CPAinNewYork

            That’s your response? You can’t address my comment, so you come up with a piece of drivel like this?

          • lana ward

            Muslims hated Bush when he was prosecuting the war on terror, but we NEVER saw an uprising or offensive like what is happening now. Those that hate us, respected our strength, with Obama, now they don’t!!!

          • CPAinNewYork


            Nine-eleven occurred on Dubya’s watch, remember? Are you inferring that the terrorists hate and respect the Republicans? The destruction of the World Trade Center to you is an act of respect?

            As for Dubya’s prosecuting the war on terror: He didn’t prosecute the war on terror. He talked about it, but he didn’t do anything about it. The day after the attack, Bush personally authorized flying members of Osama bin Laden’s family out of the United States. The entire Bush family is in bed with the bin laden family.

          • lana ward

            Clinton had 3 chances to get Bin Laden but his **** was more important to him than our National Security. When Bush was President those who hated us respected us. With pansey, butt kisser Obama in the WH all countries are laughing at us

      • CPAinNewYork

        I don’t like Hillary Clinton. She’s a carpetbagger, just as Bobby Kennedy was.

        Her well oiled public relations machine kept telling us about the great job that she was doing for New York, but whenever I asked exactly what she did that was so great, I never received a definitive answer.

        I definitely don’t want her a President.

    • We need a progressive President next time around, not another corporate centrist—and certainly not one who’s tied to the past instead of leading us, with no strings attached, into the future.

      • lana ward

        We need a President who loves God, country and the constitution. This traitor only loves self and power!!

        • Lana, you are really a sick and warped-minded individual so full of hate. It eats away at your own soul like a malignant tumor. You need to stop watching so much Faux News, Limbaugh the crackhead, Hannity the hater, Rove the raving nutcase, and all of the other right-wing extremist. Admit yourself to a mental hospital. You should not be out among society. You are a danger to society. I certainly hope you don’t own a gun because you are a raging lunatic.

          • lana ward

            Wow! We can tell who has the sick, warped mind by reading your sick comment !! The more people see what traitor Omuslim is really doing to America, the more they will turn on him!! Then he will have more citizens, I mean terrorists, he can kill, without warning. He needs to get the population down so there won’t be so many of us to confiscate guns from!! So he can become Hitler!!

    • Tell me what good liberal policies have done for this country. I am a foreigner and I can tell you that while the US is stuck on stupid the rest of the world is catching up in technology and standard of living. Keep demonizing your productive people. Keep punishing your middle class. Keep passing useless regulation. Keep passing higher taxes. Keep unionizing and making it imposible for businesses to thrive. Us foreigners will keep accepting your millionares, billionares and their businesses until nothing is left of your country.

      • So what are you doing in Miami, then? If it’s that bad, why aren’t you elsewhere?

      • bjbstarr11


        Agree with S. Heydrich. Why are you living in the USA if you do not like it. Go back to your own country.

      • charleo1

        You don’t say what foreign country you come from. But, since you obviously have
        a good command of the English language, I’ll guess Europe. If so, that would
        mean, the greatest Liberal of the 20th century, took Europe back from the Fascists,
        put it back on it’s feet with the Marshall Plan, then gave it back to it’s rightful owners, the Peoples of Europe. But, Franklin Delano Roosevelt started helping the common man in his Country, long before he defeated Hitler. He started to set to
        rights a system the Barons, and the swindlers, had run aground, with their greed, and selfish practices. And laid the groundwork for the greatest economic, and technological leap, in human history. Raising the standard of living for more people, in the shortest amount of time, than any King, Sultan, Potentate, Pope, or Empire that ever existed. And it’s because of his belief in all mankind, not just
        the one’s with a big bank account, that is his Progressive legacy. He made sure every soldier who came home from Europe, or the Pacific, went to college if he wanted to. Or, learned a trade. He believed the Country’s greatest asset was it’s
        regular, everyday citizens. And there is where he made the investment. Not it’s millionaires. You could have every millionaire, or billionaire in the U.S. today,
        move to a foreign country, and we would still the richest Country in the world.
        That’s the power, and consequence, of just one Liberal, applying Liberal policies.


    • The last election shows that republicans has 49% of voters strongly believe in their cause. It only takes a couple percent of independents to swing to their cause. This can be achieved with a moderate republican candidates with firm leadership ability like Reagan. If Obama can’t overcome the grid lock, independents may swing to republican direction if they could come up with a reasonably intelligent and moderate candidates, even Hillary cant save the day. Romney almost had his chance, only if he were more stable, i.e. not confusing voters with flip-flopping and dirty scare tactics, and show leadership capability, he already got the White house.

      I voted for Obama, but I think republicans still have a fair chance. Someone in republican party would also quietly be working toward 2016. Thing is the kind of leadership that could capture the heart and mind of moderate people in both parties are hard to find these days.

    • TxPharm

      Sorry, Don’t think Hilary is a threat. Unfortunately the US is still a very sexist country, or Hilary with her far, far superior resume would not have lost the 2008 Democratic primaries to a wet behind the ears community organizer/ 1 term senator. She would have been a far better president than Obama, who could definitely use some mentoring in the art of the political deal.

      Plus Democrats are about to be forced to face the music on Obamacare, and it is not going to be pretty. Powerful Democrats are already running for cover. They front loaded goodies as talking points for 2012, and now the massive tax increases are starting. In just a few more months, tens of millions of premium jacked, exchange dumped, individual mandated, tax hiked, cut to 29 hours voters will start making noise.

  • charleo1

    So, the President’s numbers are down? Maybe if they would rerun Romney’s rendition of America
    The Beautiful, a couple of times, that would help Obama’s sagging numbers. Anyway, anytime
    you want a low poll number, just ask that, right track, wrong track question. If it’s going great for
    50%, the other 50, will claim they’ve never seen it so bad. I am glad for the 2%! See, that little
    bump in the tax rate didn’t hurt them at all.

    • Tom

      charleo:: Are you sure the numbers are down? I ran a poll for Nixon in 1959 and it showed him ahead in Lawton, Oklahoma. Seems as though Kennedy won anyway. Poles are for prognosticators. Predictions are for fools.

      • charleo1

        Am I sure the numbers are down? Heck, no. I thought they were up! The article said,
        “a poll,” said they were down. It’s funny you should mention Lawton, OK. I’ve been
        through there. Nixon’s probably still ahead in Lawton, where a good number of folks
        are not yet aware of his resignation.

  • bchrista

    Even though I voted for him I am slightly disappointed in him at this time, he seems to be unable to get the car out of first gear and is allowing the Republicans time to heal ther wounds and get reorginized for a second assualt. He had the mandate from the people and he’s letting it slip away, like what happened with the Appeals Court telling him that he can’t do what all other Presidents before him have done and it wasn’t even done by a full court and the three Judges were all Republican appointes what did he expect. All I can say to him is start behaving like the man the people elected and forget the buddy-buddy bullshit the country needs a strong President now, today not tomorrow. Why run for reelection if your not going to do the job the people intrusted you to do.

    • mrbeenie

      He is being a strong President, and so far has done the things I elected him to do, which include stiffening his spine in the face of Republican opposition, proposing fixes to the nations lopsided immigration system, and forcing Republicans to accept a tax increase.

      The Appeals Court Ruling was a partisan ruling, but the President cannot just go and do what he wants at the expense of the judiciary; at the least, it will induce immense backlash from his opponents, and at the worst, he might be impeached.

      I actually like the way he is letting Republicans lick their wounds. Compromise is the only way to govern. Obama will definitely be tougher on Republicans this time around, and will no longer be willing to put up with any of their bs. But that does not mean that he shouldn’t let them try to advance agenda’s of their own; its how democracy works.

      And if Republicans continue to behave like spoiled rugrats in a sandbox, they will pay for it come 2014.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I think he’s been pretty strong and vocal on getting some kind of gun legislation and immigration done this year. But—it’s up to the Congress to write the legislation. He just needs to keep up the pressure.

    • MVH1

      I don’t see how you get that. Licking their wounds? Reorganizing? They are changing what they’re saying only. Nothing in their platform has changed. I’ve seen him out and about pushing issues than before and I see the Republicans slipping and sliding and people pressing them for real change, not just lip service and mostly nobody is letting them get away with just the words. They sure don’t look like happy campers to me.

    • charleo1

      While I empathize with your sentiments, I cannot agree. You are talking about the
      President that ushered through a National Healthcare Bill, with a Congress nearly
      made dysfunctional by the corporate lobby, that fought it with everything they had.
      Secondly, the President has limited official power to act in the affirmative. He may
      not write law, finance a dime’s worth of anything, without the consent of Congress.
      And any act taken by the Executive, is subject to Judicial Branch approval. His first
      two years was extremely productive. Even with extraordinary, and unprecedented
      obstruction in a Senate, ruled more by the minority, than the majority, the people
      mandated. However, the office of a President has no power granted in the Constitution,
      to in any way, legislate the procedural rules to the second co-equal, branch of
      government. I would offer it instead, that the President’s base, his supporters, and the
      source of his power to govern, and drive the agenda, let him, and ourselves down.
      I feel very strongly, that if we permit ourselves to blame our President for what was our own inaction, we will continue to be disappointed, and dissatisfied with the pace of progress.

      • sigrid28

        Exactly right. Democrats were too complacent while ALEC and its tactics took over the Republican agenda. Many Democrats could not believe there were a sufficiently large number of significantly impaired voters to usher in the 2010 Congress and the Red state legislatures that have surprised us all. Just because WE were not in the Faux News bubble does not make those who were powerless.

        I’m still waiting for the new OFA group or the DCCC to come up with a volunteer phone bank so I can influence voters and move along a liberal agenda. I think even impoverished Democrats like me would be willing to wage a snail mail campaign designed to inundate Congress and give the postal service added revenue, but it would be better to do it in a way that coordinates with the president’s agenda. So many want to act and to help, but all that is asked of us is a $3 contribution.

    • Tom

      behrista:: I agree with most of what you said, but remember the president is only one against an army of do nothing teapublicans and the terrain is not very smooth. You think he has it easy because he’s president, but it’s like sending David into a lions den with lions that have no respect for the president.

  • nobsartist

    Thats why I keep saying that he is just continuing bush policies. He looks like a plant to dupe America into “Change” that just isnt going to happen.

    Neither party wants change. They are only interested in lining their pockets now.

    • Tom

      nobsartist:: What planet did that name come from?

  • docb

    Lets hold our conclusions for polls that have exhibited more accuracy over the past 2 years..These are not them!

  • The approval ratings of our Presidents and congressional leaders fluctuate as frequently as the stock market, and those fluctuations seldom reflect policies designed to achieve long term goals. Issues such as gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and immigration law reform are more likely to influence public opinion than economic and fiscal policies. The best thing we can do is focus on what is important and let the zealots simmer over things that should not even be a question, let alone a topic of discussion.

    • Tom

      Vila:: What Obama supporters should do is demand the confiscation of the Koch brothers wealth and give it to South Carolina. Lindsey could use the money.

  • gahoof

    Hey, his numbers are still up with me. And I’m a registered Republican. President Obama has been good for our country. I hope he keeps up the good work. Our country needs him.

    What we don’t need are selfish, self-serving obstructionist House members who are filled with a sense of self-importance.

    • july860

      It is refreshing to hear from a republican and their views of their party today. It bolsters my belief (somewhat) that not all republicans are stubborn and unbending, with party first, nation second.

    • Tom

      gahoof:: You mean there’s still one intelligent Republican in the country . May God help you.

  • ljdave

    I think most Americans hoped that President Obama would be a voice of reason, and that the political leadership (Republican and Democratic) would recognize the realities of the recent election and get down to the business of trying to solve the country’s problems. Much of what has been reported as “news” since the election has been sound bites from all sides which reflect a refusal to consider compromize, which have been notably absent any meaningful ideas, and which simply reinforce the feeling that Washington is dysfuntional. We had hoped to get better leadership from Mr. Obama, if not from Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell and Reid.

    • Tom

      Ijdave: Why are you using an unclear name? My name is Tom and I have nothing to hide. Now lets talk about leadership. Any country boy knows you can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make him drink. I’ll bet the house you’ve never peeled a turnip and eaten it raw. I can show you how, but you probably don’t even know what a turnip is. I can lead you to the patch, but would you pick a carrot, a radish, or a turnip. Now I’ve lead you to the patch, Which vegetable do you pick, peel, or simply cut up wash and eat? You see, the president has lead congress to the patch, but the problem is they’re to stupid to find the turnip little lone be willing to peel it, cut it up, and eat it raw. Have a good day city boy!

  • donbronkema1

    Track Hillary & Elizabeth for 2016

  • SaneJane

    His willingness, or eagerness, to put SS and other programs on the chopping block must be getting a reaction. However, there have been other occasions when I felt heartsick about his apparent choices and it worked out in the end. Maybe this is one of those times.

  • jstsyn

    The fact that Obama would even consider cutting social security loses support. Running around the country against gun ownership rates losing support. There are more important things for a president to do, how much time will he waste? He is midway down a slippery slope and moving fast.

  • MVH1

    One poll and we’re supposed to see things slipping away? I don’t think so.

  • Im suprised the National Memo is actually reporting this story considering they keep saying how wonderful Obama and the Democrats are how evil the Republicans are. All politicians after a certain amount of time in office turn evil. Maybe they dont start out that way but you cannot stay in office for two terms as President or 20 years in Congress without making a deal or two with the Devil.

    • Tom

      steven c:: Seems as though mankind has always had to deal with the devil. Trouble is he resides in the hearts of too many people. If our gum chewing congress could learn how to come in out of the rain they would drive the devil out of their hearts and look out for mankind. However, they are too busy plotting their next venture of the blame game and stuffing their pockets with the taxpayers and lobbyists money.

  • elw

    One poll does not make a trend; it only represent one moment in time, the views of the people who answered and how the questions were asked and the polling method of one polling company.

  • Tom

    Glad to know that particular pole shows Obama unfavored. Obama doesn’t need such people to stay above the Republican fray. When will people learn “to the winner belongs the spoils?”

  • You never give up do you Dom ? You hate the GOP ! We got that already !

  • Ed

    Why would Oboma’s numbers go down? Well for openers choosing to pursue immigration reform before bolstering the economy would be a good place to start! He would have had the majority of the country behind him and exposed the Repubs for the evil tney are. How in hell does he get tangled in side issues? I admire his ability to organise, but he has to do a netter job of prioitising. And what is this stuff with the Republican cabinet members? Does he think the people will blame them when his policies fail? NO! They will blame him! I have had enough of Republican cabinet members who did not believe in the mission of the Department they are sworn to lead!

  • Could it be because of the gun control measures?

  • judgeglenda

    obama needs to stay home more often and work on bills

  • judgeglenda

    go hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The damage Republicans/Tea Bags has done to themselves is irreversible. It will take decades for them to rebuild the the self destruction they have done to themselves. The had learned nothing from the Hoover era, It took them over forty years to recover, and reached their peak with Ronald Reagan. From then on, they have been litterally murdering themselves, and George W. Bush was their Hoover. Their dark alliance with the Tea Bag fringe-right is an anchor around their necks, and has created the image of them as a confederacy of dunces. That image will be with them for a long time, and with the coming of their rising stars, Rubio and Jindal, both who are jokes in their own states it looks to be more of the same. They have painted themselves as traitors to their country, opposers of the general will, and obstructionists to American progress. It’s an embarrassment they are going to have to live with for a long time

  • onedonewong

    They aren’t surveying the right groups in the proper numbers. The polling should e limited to the 47% who don’t pay any taxes, are on welfare and food stamps and in the country illegally

  • montanabill

    I always have a favorable view of an unemployed politician.

    Obama mailed in his State of the Union message. Another rerun of his, ‘laser focus on the economy’, and ‘by the way, I need more money to spend’.

    • Jim_n_Panama

      He doesn’t spend. Congress spends. Try learning something useful, redneck.

      • montanabill

        When your discussion skills amount to name calling, you’d best have your statements correct. Congress authorizes. The President can spend.

        • Try again. The President has no authority in that regard whatsoever. You might actually try reading the constitution.

          • montanabill

            scholarship dot law dot duke dot edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3357&context=lcp

          • montanabill

            Did Congress authorize Solyndra spending? Look again.

  • Gambler2

    Why are we listening to a Quinnipiac poll after their miserable showing during the 2012 elections?

  • Henry Decker is such a liar! President Obama’s approval is 60 percent and going higher. Isn’t is just like Right-wing sympathizers who will find such a poll like Quinnipiac to support his biased claim. That is exactly what Republicans did prior to last year’s presidential election. They had their own pollers which supported their right-wing biases. Their polls turned out to be dead a** wrong and somewhere in an alternate universe. Don’t pay any attention to this media-seeking propagandist.

  • CPAinNewYork

    It all sounds like a lot of baloney to me. He won the elction big time. That’s what counts.

    All the neocon bleating doesn’t count for much.

  • CPAinNewYork

    You’re right, nobsartist. Obama had a chance to go after the big shot bankers two years ago and he didn’t do it. They were guilty of violating the country’s banking laws and got away with it, for now.

    I cannot stand the self-satisfied expression that Jamie Dimon continually wears.

  • CPAinNewYork

    Hey “Tom”:

    It’s “polls'” not “poles.” Poles are people from Poland.

  • CPAinNewYork


  • tobyspeeks

    Fox News even shows a better rating than this. We don’t need no stinkin polls to know what a great job Obama is doing no matter how unpopular he may be on the minority right. Especially after watching the teabagger video showing people how to rig polls and ratings.

  • CPAinNewYork

    lana ward:

    Really? Which states are doing that? Please be specific.

  • CPAinNewYork

    lana: Tell us that you’re joking about buying votes.

    Who is more guilty of that than the plutocrats, who set up huge, non-disclosure PACs to try to buy the elections?

    I believe that all elections should be federally financed and that political contributions should be outlawed.

  • CPAinNewYork

    What you’ve been saying all along is bizarre.

  • CPAinNewYork

    You’re right, but I’d like to add my two cents: After World War II, the United States unselfishly put Europe and Japan back on their feet.

    For that, we have incurred the everlasting hatred and enmity of those countries that we helped, e.g. the English, the French, the Germans, the Japanese, etc.

    Personally, I wouldn’t give most of those people the sweat off my testicles.

  • CPAinNewYork

    We definitely do not need any more Republicans.

  • CPAinNewYork

    Hillary should go…..away, far away.

  • CPAinNewYork

    I’m in favor of banning assault weapons and against rewarding illegal immigration.

  • CPAinNewYork

    Don’t delude yourself Sigrid. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind.
    People change their minds when they reason things out for themselves and figure out what is in their own self interest..

  • CPAinNewYork

    I voted for him, but I’m dissatisfied with his performance, because he hasn’t prosecuted the banks and brokerage house mucky mucks who caused the financial crisis.

  • lana ward is a troll

  • I agree. The more the republicans oppose and obstruct him the better his policies are.

  • lana you are a troll. Go back under the bridge and dont come out again.

  • kounjd

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  • Xiix

    Hillary will be almost 70 by the time the next election rolls around. No one that old has run and won in decades. As Obama has shown, the Clintons can be beaten. Hillary is not Bill and a dynamic young leader for the GOP could almost certainly turn the tables on her. Provided the GOP intelligently picks a leader with the intellectual heft to beat her to death on the facts. There are plenty of targets.

    And then there is the issue of what state the country will be in in 8 years. My bet, not very good at all. Hillary might not want to expend the effort. Or she might be upended by the Democrats’ latest PYT.

    • charleo1

      A couple of questions come to mind. One. Will there be any Republicans left with
      intellectual heft, when the T-Party finally manages to knock out the last remaining
      member smarter than Louie Gomert, in the first round of primaries? And secondly,
      are the facts your hero is going to use to, “beat someone to death,” the fabricated ones
      the Right Wing uses, or the ones everybody else in the Country uses? Like the State
      of the Country? Do you really think it could be any worse than it was the day the,
      “dumb Liberals,” came in and started cleaning up the mess from the 8 year long
      Bush frat party? I’m serious here. Was there anything that wasn’t broke, destroyed,
      or had to be bailed out by the taxpayers? Oh, and I’m sure the Country will remember
      all the help provided by a chastened GOP, when the chips were really were down.

      • Xiix

        I’m sorry you subscribe to the Republicans Ate My Homework theory of American economics. If you had some intellectual heft yourself, you could trace the roots of the 2008 crisis back through several administrations and ill-begotten state interventions into the economy (CAFE, Community Reinvestment Act) that were pushed by your liberal friends as well as conservative ones (if you have any). The ‘facts’ remain that nearly $100T in liabilities are faced by American taxpayers face at Federal State and Local levels. That is not ‘fabricated’, much as you might wish it were so, and the solution is reducing spending as revenue will never catch up. That is something liberals refuse to come to grips with (since it existentially threatens the entire rationale for their belief system), but reality will assert itself eventually no matter which panderer the voters elect.

        The economic crash was also the product of too many people for too long loading up on debt fostered by low interest rates. Yes, Bush contributed but no, he was not the sole cause. Slicing and dicing mortgages we now know is a bad thing, however had people not been rushing out to refi for granite countertops in their kitchens, they wouldn’t have had a market. Things will continue to stagnate and eventually collapse as long as people refuse to take responsibility for their own role in fostering the mess that eventually spilled onto them.

        The country would do well to remember the GOP congress (prior to 2000) that corralled Clinton (who proposed deficits in every budget proposal he produced) and helped briefly right the nation’s finances. It would do well to remember Reagan, who did the very thing the left claimed the ‘math doesn’t work’ on, and lifted the country out of stagflation and high unemployment, increasing federal revenue by 50%. It would do well to remember that GWB’s tax cut led to a massive increase in revenue, peaking in 2007 at almost $3T, the highest it has ever been. They would do better to remember each time liberals in both parties ramped up the spending and squandered those advantages, and put in place mechanisms to ensure it doesn’t happen again. They would also do well to remember the folly of SS and Medicare and oppose new, expensive and doomed to fail exercises like the ACA. And they would be best off if they would oppose and restrain the federal government’s well-meaning but idiotic attempts to ‘moderate’ or control the markets. Dropping CAFE in favor of politically brave fuel taxes would spare us having to bail out GM and Chrysler for the second and third time.

        • charleo1

          You know what the Country would do well to do, is stop listening to
          the Party of corporate shills, anti government ignoramuses, and religious
          Zealots, who’s failed policies, and the economic mess of the Bush years are just now finally being cleaned up. And now, they want their Country back.
          I would suggest, that they at least wait until the Nation’s back on it’s feet.
          Because they have proven they don’t know a damn thing about fixing it.
          But, I never met a T-Bagger, or a Texan, who didn’t consider themselves crack economists. And are convinced everybody else is too dumb to pour piss out of a boot. And, of course, you’re no exception. But, I know a few things for certain. That Fox News is the propaganda wing of the sold out, and worthless Republican Party. And, I know the Country is not impressed with your back alley charm, nor does the majority agree with your back water mentality. Or, your the extremist’s general intolerance of any thing they don’t understand. And, with the Right lately, that’s a bottomless pit, when it comes to all the things the educationally averse, bigots, and assorted gun toting yahoos, that round out the lot of you Conservatives.
          don’t understand. Even calling yourselves Conservative,is as phony as any claims that a mob of thugs, more hired than elected, is even capable of governing in the best interests of the Country. And, just so you know I’m
          not a complete idiot, I don’t count creating a crisis every three months,
          as working in the best interests of the Country. And, I believe a lot of
          Americans would agree.

          • Xiix

            Yes it’s ALL the Republicans fault, even though the Democrats controlled Congress for most of the last 60 years. Never been a good idea out of the Republican party, all brilliance and sunshine from the Democrats. Right.

            Fox is the propaganda wing of the Republican party? You think Chris Matthews isn’t a shill for the Dems? If Huff Post a bastion of centrism? They did a survey a few years back, 75% of ‘mainstream’ media journalists self-identified as Democratic voters. Bill O’Reilly will actually ask GOPers tough questions. ABC softballs and asks Obama how he’s feeling and if it’s fun being President. It’s a bit rich for you guys to b*tch about one media outlet leaning right. That’s that Stalin impulse you guys have. You just can’t stand that there’s one that doesn’t toe your bulls–t line.

            In your lovely prose above you essentially called the 50+M Americans who support the GOP knuckle dragging bigots. I cannot argue with you any further. You are an ignorant, intolerant, racist twit. (I threw that last one in just for fun).

          • charleo1

            It’s interesting, but mostly dishonest,, that those who
            like to talk about the Republican Party as if it is still the
            Party of Eisenhower, or Reagan. They don’t talk much
            about Bush, but the facts are, none of these former Presidents could make it past the primaries today.
            Because the Party that once represented prudence,
            and fiscal responsibility, and Conservatism. Is now controlled by some of the most far right radicals, in the
            Country, who represent some of most extreme ideologues
            since McCarthy, or Goldwater. As far as knuckle draggers,
            I say, if the shoe fits. But in order to determine what the
            new version of Republicanism is, they would first need to
            submit what, if anything they would do about the costs of
            Medicare. So far all I hear is just eliminate it. See what the
            private market comes up with. And if Seniors, living on SS
            can’t afford that, well, the Socialists can come up with
            something we’ll oppose to our last dying breath. And that
            kind of mindset permeates the radicals that are leading
            the GOP. While others work to solve problems, they work
            on political purity, through fear, and money fueled primaries. Not by inspiration, but by catering to the lowest
            of human frailties, greed, and it’s accomplices ignorance,
            and mistrust. The fact that becomes ever more apparent,
            is, the Republican Party is a hollowed out shell of it’s former self. Unable to forge consensus with it’s policies,
            or itself. And forbidden to compromise from their radical views, they are incapable of governing in the affirmative.
            The reason for the dysfunction is they have no affirmative.
            The reason you cannot argue further, is your Party has
            given you nothing to argue for. Like them you are relegated
            to meaningless name calling, and vacuous allegations.
            And like all shams, and con games, they are always found
            out. And as demonstrated in the last contest, the People are
            well their way to doing just that.

          • Xiix

            When the ACA was being debated the GOP caucus offered over three dozen proposals to make it more palatable (including tort reform) that were curtly ignored by the Democrats. For chrissakes how bad at negotiating do you have to be before Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe won’t vote for it? Those two are always good for lending a veneer of bipartisanship to Democratic projects.

            The GOP led House has put literally dozens of bills out, most with *bi-partisan* support. But they never go anywhere because the “Democrat” Harry Reid won’t let them come to a vote. He won’t let his red-state Senators be put in a position where they have to choose between President and their own skins, and he won’t let the President end up with a tough decision on his desk. Nobody holds the Senate to account, so it’s always the Republicans fault. The GOP offers ideas and the Dems mercilessly attack them while offering none of their own. There is NO excuse for Reid’s failure to produce a budget resolution the last 3 years, it is against the law.

            *Nobody* has said kick seniors to the curb. Even Paul Ryan’s apparently too ‘radical’ plan took a leisurely 18 years to get to a balanced budget, specifically to avoid that very situation. People need to open their freaking eyes and understand we don’t have $40T + 26T to meet existing obligations. Something’s got to give. If the Dems have a better idea, I’m all ears. But so far they have said no to everything but the most token, meaningless discretionary cuts. That isn’t going to work. Maybe people will finally get it when they go to cash their SS checks and they bounce.

          • charleo1

            No. You’re not all ears. And limiting patient’s ability to sue for being harmed, was not
            part of the Heritage Plan, they proposed in ’94. The plan the Country adopted! What are
            you all griping about? It’s a market based method of increasing the number of insured.
            It was endorsed back then, as part of the Republican Party’s philosophy that everyone
            needs to take responsibility for themselves. So, when they get sick, or injured, they won’t
            be able to get their hospital bill paid by the people who do carry insurance, Or, the hard
            working taxpayer. Wasn’t that just what they said? A Governor Romney suggested at
            the time, to take their driver license away, if they didn’t buy their own health insurance.
            But now it’s a giant Communist plot, where the government takes control of the economy.
            And sets up death panels. Okay, either the Republicans were not serious in ’94, when
            they purposed the plan. Or, they are not the same Party as they were in ’94. But, you’re
            with them all the way? A 180 degree face about, is what then? The Republican Party
            is just discovering it’s true self? Or, they were lying then, to the citizens of the Country to
            protect the multi billion dollar insurance, and pharmaceutical industries. Or they are
            lying now, in opposition to their own proposition. Now, you’re a fairly bright guy.
            So, why don’t you turn off the Fox box a little while, and take a look at the most unproductive House of Representatives in the Nation’s history. Taking up such pressing
            economic legislation as, redefining the legal definition of rape. Reassuring their religious
            base they have just made doubly sure, the Hyde Amendment is observed, by cutting funds
            for Planned Parenthood. The main, and in some States, the only access poor women have
            to life saving mammograms, and cervical cancer screenings. If bills to limit abortion
            put unemployed Americans to work, we wouldn’t have 8 million people still looking for
            a job. Or, if the number of abortions accessed through Planned Parenthood were 98%
            like Republican Senator John Kyle said, instead of 2% as is actually the case. Republican
            Governors could have put the entire sum of the unemployed back to work giving mandatory vaginal exams to the multitudes of over sexed women seeking an abortion. This is how
            Boehner, and his assortment of lunatics passed their days away. That is the days they
            decided to come to work at all. They voted in the affirmative to repeal all or part of the
            healthcare bill, 34 times. One fellow added up the cost of the House of Representatives to
            taxpayers, and the time wasted on this one useless excuse for governing, and came up with
            5 million dollars they collectively flushed down the drain. But, that’s really chicken feed,
            when the chaos they caused in the economy by refusing to increase the debt ceiling, unless
            some kind of ransom was paid, cost the economy 18 billion dollars. I noticed you said
            since the House was only one third, then how is it they could hold things up? This is
            classic, Right Wing dependence on low information voters. That fail to learn how it
            is their government, they are pretty sure is too big, actually creates law.

          • Xiix

            The Romney plan was intended for a state. I know constitutional niceties are meaningless to radical liberals in a hurry, but the Federal Government simply put never had the power to compel people to buy insurance. The Supreme Court ruling was fatally flawed, substituting the word ‘tax’ where ‘penalty’ was used to get around the unconstitutionality of it, meaning that any behaviour Congress wants from us can simply be achieved by taxing us for not doing it. This has always been something states could do but is extraordinary for the federal government. The GOP was right to oppose it. Tort reform makes eminent sense — some doctors pay upwards of $250,000 in insurance premiums annually. Countless millions or billions are wasted on unnecessary tests, and anti-biotics and other unnecessary drugs administered due to fear of lawsuits. It is estimated this adds 15-20% to the cost of medical care, and guess who pays for it? And by the way, the results of first few years of the Massachussetts ‘reform’ are in, and they’re exactly what we feared with the ACA: massively escalating costs and deteriorating care. Yes, let’s export that to the whole country!!

            The real affront of the ACA was the way it was drafted behind closed doors in Harry Reid’s office. Democrat House and Senators admitted they hadn’t even read it before voting on it, which is sort of.. you know.. their job? They enacted a $2000 penalty for companies not providing insurance to employees. But insurance costs companies $15k a year on average per employee. So what they’ve really done is create a $13,000 per employee per year incentive to drop people onto these faulty exchanges. So to lift up the ones who don’t have coverage, we wreck coverage for everyone else. Awesome. And then they mandated things like birth control, which are perfectly affordable for most Americans, jacking up the cost of insurance further. Gee, I wonder why we didn’t vote for that. And by the way, a large majority of Americans STILL oppose the ACA. That right there should have been enough to stop it. But I guess you liberal elites know better than the people do. I believe all of this was a deliberate effort to destroy the private health insurance system in order to leave a government ‘solution’ as the default. Your own President is on record saying ‘obviously a single payer system is what we want’. The ACA is dishonest, extremely complicated, poorly written, tyrannical and evil. It will leave most Americans with shoddy care even worse than what the Canadians and British have. It disobeys the first part of the Hippocratic Oath – first do no harm.

            You are focusing on a narrow number of House bills that fit your narrative. There are literally dozens of acts covering all sorts of policy (especially employment) that were passed with BIPARTISAN majorities that Harry Reid refused to even consider. I’m sorry you can’t accept this little fact amidst your little victim story. Nothing I can do to help you there.

          • charleo1

            Well, first off. If we’re talking victims, none feel more victimized than a Rich Right Winger,
            being forced to pay taxes. That’s any taxes. Secondly, there were no bipartisan bills passed
            that didn’t circumvent the T-Party. Which the bill raising the debt limit, was exactly that.
            But, I am not aware of any bills with both Democratic, and T-party support. Especially,
            a bill having anything to do with improving the economy. Which they avoided, like the
            plague. By the way, the healthcare bill deals with repetitive testing. And other less partisan
            studies by the Keiser medical group put the savings of tort reform closer to 2%. And the
            opportunity for Republicans to enact some sort of tort reform exists. But, it was only
            brought up so they could act as though they were offering solutions, while fighting reform.
            Of all the bills passing the House, did any of them address tort reform? The answer is no.
            As usual they are pretty good at batting down the ideas of others, but the truth is, they
            don’t give one rat’s ass, if 50 million are uninsured. Or, 100, million. They could not care
            less. And birth control saves money, and prevents unwanted pregnancies, avoiding the
            abortions their religious wing says they abhor. I guess just not enough to make up for the
            punishment the religious wing wants to see for the sin of recreational, and unwedded
            sex the woman has engaged in. And they will also be damned if they’ll voluntarily help
            the woman feed or clothe, the child they forced her to have either. So, again Republicans
            because of the dumb company they keep, are compelled to bow to the would be Theocrats.
            Talk about a politician thinking they know what’s best. You just don’t get any more up in
            people’s business, than refusing to make birth control available, and examining her
            vagina without her permission. That really takes it for the Freedom, and Liberty Party.
            Contrary to your holding that the ACA is opposed by a majority. As it’s taken effect, and
            more people are freed from the exclusionary policies of the insurance cos. The more
            people it helps, the bigger all the lies the Republicans told about it, are proven false.
            Remember what I said about shams, and cons? How they always get found out?
            Want to ruin the health insurance cos.? Don’t do what ACA does. Make it Medicare
            for all. That’s ruining the insurance cos. See, you can figure a lot of this stuff out. But not
            while you’re watch the Fox box all day.

          • Xiix

            Yes, because ALL right wingers are rich. And by the way, the rich pay 30% of all federal income taxes.

            I will not get into the birth control debate with you, it is not an unaffordable expense for the vast majority of American women, and it does not belong under health ‘insurance’. Period. Nor do a variety of other inclusions that have been driving up costs. Polls still show most Americans opposed to the ACA. That will go UP, not DOWN once they start losing their health coverage in droves thanks to that ‘penalty’ I told you about.

            As for Kaiser, that is one report drowned in a series of dozens that demonstrate the negative effects of defensive medicine. You guys really hate the greedy bankers but have this odd love for greedy ambulance chasing lawyers. You never found it odd that 1/3 of all Dem political contributions nationally come from that ONE group? Who’s really in thrall to special interests here?

            And actually HR 5 contained provisions to address tort reform. It passed the House in March, 2012. Also repealed the idiotic IPAB. There are more. Anyway, it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about. Discussion complete.

  • shady shades

    finally America gets it, Obama is not a leader

  • Democrats think that Hillary will run in 2016? haha. With the Bengazi murders and her complete job failure she has just as much chance as Jesse Jackson Jr. for President. People won’t forget her mishandling letting the murders happen then covering it up at the hearings. Then again, who’s left to run for the Dumbo’s? They are all going to prison for one crime or another.

  • CPAinNewYork, when all else fails, blame Bush…lmao.

    • Blame Bush; just more proof that Obama is now the Teflon President.
      Nothing sticks to him.

  • 17 trillion in debt and rising, unemployment skyrocketing, the military and economy on the brink of disaster and gahoof says we’re right on schedule and our country needs more of Obama’s crazy train. lol. what a brainwashed lib.

    • Welfare Suckers still get their ill-earned paycheck each month. No way will Obama deny his voters !!

  • Blowbama Douchebag

    What a TRUE douchebag the POS Pretender-in-Chief TRULY is. BAST*RD SOB….

  • Blowbama Douchebag

    Hey a$$tard…next time, try typing with BOTH hands, you uneducated and uninformed dipsh*t SOB…

  • Blowbama Douchebag

    Another DUMBocrat sheep with his head so far up Blowbama’s a$$, that he needs to feed through hs belly button. MORON LIBTARD POS…

  • Blowbama Douchebag

    DomiDICK….F*CK YOU, Libtard. I gues you aren’t worried about paying back 17 TRILLION dollars and working at KMart. Just give me the $200,000 you owe as your part of BLowbama’s INEPT and UNEDUCATED policies and I will be glad to make sure that bast*rd gets your money, you sanctimonious SOB…

  • harrycrum

    The news press,has there heads up Obama’s ass, and are just a stupid , drugs kill more kids and hurt more people then guns ,we have a snake in the white house, the economy ,polices ,and north korea, and he’s playing Golf, We need someone to lead this country ,Not ,destroy it .And hes up for a medal, How about a slap in the head ,wake up

  • He got all the approval he needed by the idiots who voted for him. Now he can sit back and watch the country collapse.

  • Patriot

    Approval Rating? How about Impeachment!

  • NOamnestyEVER

    but illegals still love the hispanderer and have vowed to reelect him for a THIRD TERM.


    • Kevin Toon

      Well, if you think about it, why should this be just a MEXICO issue? I mean, why does the USA seem to believe that we owe every one in the world a job? Especially with our REAL unemployment far above what the Fed says.

  • When will American’s grow up and stop acting like children?

  • soon2beam

    So what? Corporate Puppet-Monkeys are nothing anyway – except to (propaganda) media lovers.

  • soon2beam

    Is it too late to restore the Republic?

    Oh that’s right, THE PEOPLE must be PARTICIPANTS in order for a Republic to function.

    But The People are occupied by corporate media GARBAGE – instead of paying attention to functional reality.

    Boo-hoo (yawn).

  • FightForFreedom

    Regardless of which of the 2 major political parties hold power – the masters will be very satisfied. Congress has a very low approval rating but is re-elected over and over and over.
    All this talk about future devastating cuts in MIC spending – going from 49% of the world’s total to a mere 48% of the world’s total is just silly – ain’t going to happen. The way Obama is criticized you might think he was not one of “them”.

  • So, certainly while our Obamabot News Media must be in shock or totally confused why the
    sudden sharp drop in President Barack “Gun Grabber” Obama approval rating is once again
    headed down to Ground Zero,when El Presidente for Life Obama thought somehow he could disarm the American people here. Well,well President Gun Grabber the USA is not Pre-WW2
    Nazi Germany where Adolf Hitler disarmed the German people so Hitler could push his own
    personal agenda,and got away with it,but Obama clearly will not achieve that in America!

  • hdevo

    I thought Bush was bad this clown trumps Bush by a mile .I would take Bush back in a flash over this idiot

  • AllanRY

    What I find the most frightening is that the people who are so ‘dissatisfied’ with the Republicans of Congress will vote more Democrats in to the Congress, presume that’s going to give them ‘what they need’, and then whine even *louder* when it doesn’t make even the slightest bit of positive difference for them!

  • Jeff Bottaro

    The only silver lining is the price of gold.

  • Look, you can’t have it both ways. Either our debt is way too high or these budget cuts are a bad idea. My generation is going to have a lot of work to do, and a lot of taxes to pay, to get the debt down to a manageable level. I’m not bitter about it, because I can see reality and accept it. We’re going to have to continue to cut budgets and lay off government workers, it’s simply a fact of life. But in the process we can make the government leaner and more efficient at spending taxpayer dollars.