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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A new ABC News / Washington Post poll suggests that President Obama’s re-election chances are improving as Mitt Romney begins to pull away in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to the poll, Obama leads Romney head to head by a 51 to 45 percent margin, marking the first time that the President has cracked 50 percent among registered voters. The poll also shows that Obama’s approval rating stands at 50 percent — the highest that its been since the spring — and 50 percent of voters now believe that the President deserves to be re-elected. That is higher than the percentage of voters who believed that Bill Clinton deserved a second term at the beginning of his successful re-election campaign.

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9 responses to “Poll: Obama's Re-Election Chances Improving”

  1. Humberto E. Reynolds de Unamuno says:

    Mientras los porcentajes de sus opositores republicanos por ganar la candidatura sumen mas del 50% proyecta directamente de que los mismos Republicanos quieren a otro en vez de Romney. Si sumas los porcentajes de sus adversarios superan el porcentaje de Romney lo que comprueba la conclusion de que entre ellos mismos quieren otro que no sea Romney y el Presidente OBAMA obtendrá la relección- El % que fue a votar por los candidatos es menor que la campaña anterior en todos los Estados que ya votaron lo que indica que puede existir un giro de Republicanos que voten por OBAMA. Este analisis es sencillo y significativo. Humberto E. Reynolds de Unamuno

  2. fordneri says:

    Professor Newt has done more to enlighten America on issues such as legal but unfair and destructive tax law. Legal but destructive vulture and croney capitalism and the legal but corrupt funding practices politicians, Churches and Charities engage in to feed each others greed and need. If God supplies opportunity and motivation and man supplies ability, willingness, action and a sense of style for this cocreative process we call life to succeed or fail. Obama and the democrats should sweep the elections in November. As Newt has eloquently and with incredible vigor pointed out. The out of touch self absorbed republican elite has been justifying their malignant narcissism using Holy Scripture twisted and disseminated by corrupt churches and charities. America is heading for the cliff and we are almost to the point of no return if we do not stop this out of controll Gambling On Propaganda republican party with our votes in November.

  3. freethinker says:

    Rather than be faced with yet another election between two stinkers, I think we desperately need a ‘None of the Above’ ballot choice so that we can tell the political parties that it is time to nominate someone up to the job. We also need laws that protect the candidates who do elect to run from smear. If you can publish an absolute truth that is negative, ok, but any stretch should warrant a lawsuit and a cease and desist. No PAC’s. The candidates should be wholly responsible for their campaigns.

  4. Charles Higgins says:

    Obama needs to be re-elected.He has made some mistakes but,is the best choice for middle class interests.Unfortunately the Citizens United decision will let corporations rather than the American people decide this election.The election should be about the people not rich corporate donors buying influence and the election.

    • mark says:

      obama has had 4 years and — what is there to show but highest out of work numbers since the great depression — 2nd — the highest debt ever — – the usa has already lost its top credit rating — thank u obama– and no plan to turn things around except stories of a great future — americans are stupid but not that stupid to reelect this man – the worst president since carter mark tompson

  5. Swordcatcher 1 says:

    He wants to be every citizens President and has attempted to reach the Republican Party to work with him but has not been able to reach all of them to get this accomplished. They don’t have to love him. All they have to do is to work with him to get the job done. Even two theives have a better working relationship than do our government systems. Two theives have a trust that for now they can get whatever part of a job they have signed up for will be accomplished. After this trust is met, everyone is happy and goes on their way until next time. Our citizens suffer every time some government entity decides they won’t carry through on the public trust.

  6. Swordcatcher 1 says:

    Every citizen that can vote needs to come to the voting both or vote through the mail service. As citizens, we have an obligation to speak up for who we want to run this country. If we don’t vote then we endorse the other side. We say we don’t really care about who runs this country and that can be bad for our country. It can be bad because our leaders may not care either. So is it about a “things leader” that one desires or is it about a “people’s leader” that one is about. As for me, I want a “people’s leader.” I believe this is the kind of leader that Obama is actually. So I endorse such a leader. He is already in the position so why change him?

  7. imabrummie says:

    From all I have seen, read, and heard, it would seem that Obama’s chances of a second term are improving all the time. Heck! I believe my cat would be a better candidate than anything the RePUBIC-clown party have on offer!

  8. Jimmy says:

    You pitiful people drenk obama,s coolade.

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