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Friday, October 28, 2016

Poll: Ohio Anti-Union Bill Less Popular Than Ever

A new Quinnipiac poll confirms what most pundits already believed: Ohio Ballot Issue 2 — a referendum on the state’s controversial anti-union bill — is headed for a decisive defeat on election day.

According to the poll, Ohio voters plan to reject Senate Bill 5 — the measure which would sharply limit collective bargaining rights for 350,000 public employees — by a 57 percent to 32 percent margin. Although polling on statewide referendums is notoriously unreliable (especially in years where no major election is also on the ballot to drive voter turnout), it is clear that a broad coalition of Ohioans oppose the bill.

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  • kurt.lorentzen

    I’ll reserve my judgment until after the election. I believe it will be much closer than 57 to 32.

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  • Wow, the bill is actually called “anti-union”? Isn’t that a catchy title? These so called “jounalists” that are supposed to be catching the subliminal are blind as bats. Let me quote CNN’s John King “the psycology has to kick in”. Americans were always known to have a soft under belly, now we are belly up.