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Monday, January 22, 2018

Of all of the bad polling data that Republicans have seen over the past few weeks, this may be the most troubling.

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Mitt Romney’s support among voters over the age of 60 has collapsed from a 20-point advantage just over two weeks ago to a lead of just under four points today. Furthermore, Reuters reports that “Romney’s double-digit advantages among older voters on the issues of health care and Medicare… also have evaporated, and Obama has begun to build an advantage in both areas.”

The results mirror a Pew poll released last week, which showed Romney with a minuscule 47 to 46 point lead among voters over the age of 65.

Romney’s dependence on older voters can’t be overemphasized; aside from white males it is the only demographic in which he has consistently out-polled Obama, and seniors make up a consequential part of the electorate in the crucial swing states of Iowa, Pennsylvania, and especially Florida. Given Romney’s dismally low support among Hispanics — a group that is very enthusiastic about voting in the 2012 election, as Jamelle Bouie points out in The American Prospect — Romney needs a strong performance among seniors to have any shot of winning.

“If Romney loses seniors, he loses this election, period,” Jonathan Oberlander, a health policy specialist at the University of North Carolina, told Reuters. “A bad showing nationally (among older voters) does not bode well for Florida and other states with big senior populations.”

Reuters notes that older voters disapprove of Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to convert Medicare into a voucher system by a 2 to 1 ratio. While this may not come as a surprise to those who saw Ryan get booed by the AARP last week for promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the drop in senior support suggests that Ryan may actually be a significant drag on the Republican ticket.

If Mitt Romney does go on to lose the support of seniors — and then the election — his decision to pick a man who openly hopes to get rid of “collectivist” programs like Medicare and Social Security will be judged in retrospect as the beginning of the end of his campaign.

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236 Responses to Poll: Romney’s Support Among Seniors Collapsing


    “According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Mitt Romney’s support among voters over the age of 60 has collapsed from a 20 percent advantage just over two weeks ago to a lead of just under 4 percent today.”


    ““If Romney loses seniors, he loses this election, period,” Jonathan Oberlander, a health policy specialist at the University of North Carolina…..older voters disapprove of Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to convert Medicare into a voucher system by a 2 to 1 ratio. While this may not come as a surprise to those who saw Ryan get booed by the AARP last week for promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, this is the first evidence that Ryan may actually be a significant drag on the Republican ticket.”

    ROMNEY’S decision to pick RYAN WHO WANTS to get rid of programs like Medicare and Social Security is like McCain picking Palin.

    No matter how you want to spin it.
    Romney’s campaign is dead.

    What ever language you want to spin it:

    Romney campaign está muerto.
    Campagne de Romney est mort.
    Romney Kampagne tot ist.
    Is é Romney feachtas marbh.
    Campagna di Romney è morto.
    Kampania Romney jest martwy.
    Ромни кампании мертв.

    As my grandmother would say


  2. Obama’s support among women is decreasing. Obama’s support among Jewish voters is collapsing. Obama’s support among Latino’s is decreasing. Obama’s support from black voters is decreasing. You people should write about that.

    • What planet do you live on, fool? The majority of the polls tell a completely different story to yours. I take it you are one of those one percenters who think this pair of clowns, Dumb and Dumber, will give to you at the expense of others.

    • You’re delusional, misinformed or uninformed – either way, you are not worthy of note and I’m irritating myself just responding to this drivel. But it’s hard to stand idly by while liars and soothsayers have their way… Saying so does not make it so and that seems to be epidemic among YOU people (Talipublicans). You do not define the truth, the truth stand alone. Knowingly saying anything counter to truth makes you a liar. You are a liar. Now go away.

    • Sister, I am sorry that you are unable to conceive reality but the only thing that is collapsing is Romney’s campaign. We need and want a President that is for 100% of Americans not just the 53%.

    • This post is about Romney. Nothing to do with Obama.

      SisterH, this isn’t the first time you intentionally distract us from meaningful dialogoue with your Rove/Limbaugh/Beck PROPAGANDA.

      You intentionally spread lies and distortions. You have no original thoughts of your own, other than a “bumper sticker” approach to your thoughts.

      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      or as Adolph Hitler stated:

      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

      Keep the lies coming sisterH….those of us here see right through your fascism and racism.

      Also—go read the 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “History of Civilization” before you post anything again, ok?

      Maybe then you’ll have a real sense of global history and a real ability to have a constructive dialog.

    • Funny all the polls even rassmusen (you know the one the right OWNS) say exactly the oppisite sisterH. If you are listening solely to FAUX Knews you are hearing only opinion and talking points….it’s not news…google presidential polls and take your pick..they all say pretty much the same…Mitt is dead in the water barring a HUGE round of BUSH style election stealing mittens is doomed.

      Now if you would like to take part in a brand new America stick around it’s going to be great. If not move to the Caymans with Mitt.

  3. Our top political priority during this election cycle is to deny the etch a sketch candidate Mitt Romney the presidency. We must do everything possible to make this happen along with making sure every Republican candidate does not succeed in their bid for office. The only good Republican is one that does not hold elected office.

  4. Is it any wonder? People that have lived longer have seen and experienced more. Wisdom is earned. They also are more cautious and can judge through their own eyes what looks and smells fishy …. May be a dead fish.

  5. Support for the GOP in general is eroding among seniors, a critical component of the electorate that votes! The GOP made a horrible mistake in embracing a strategy focused on helping the rich get richer at the expense of the middle class, and proposing the privatization of Social Security, dismantling MEDICARE and gutting MEDICAID to achieve their ideological goals and help offset new revenue losses caused by their largesse towards those who do not need help. Their problems became a nightmare when they promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a program that benefits ALL Americans and seniors and children in particular.

  6. Seniors are smart enough to know that our debt problem has to be fixed or their grandchildren will spend their lives paying for it—–Seniors are too smart to vote for this failure of a president—No one in their right mind wants four more years of what we just had

    • I am very much in my right mind and being so requires me to vote for just one person and that is Obama.

      Obama/Biden 2012 Mitt Romney we still haven’t seen your tax returns but now we don’t care.

      • If you intend to vote for Obama because you have not seen Romneys tax returns you not only are not in your right mind you have lost your mind..

        • We’re voting for Obama because Romney’s math, by all accounts, doesn’t add up – and the powers that be behind the strings want to dismantle SS and Medicare. Romney, who pays <14% tax will have a tax bill of 0% if he gets his way.

    • toejangle:

      You’re either a Republican campaign worker or just plain stupid. If you’re a senior and you cannot see how Romney, Ryan, Wolfowitz and the rest of the neocon scumbags threaten your financial existence, you are ready for the nursing home.

      • Excuse me CPANY we are 16 trillion in debt have over 8% unemployment and have been downgraded by two credit agencies and you are worried about Romney ?? It would seem to me that Obama is my biggest threat. I think you must be an OWS protester who has had one blunt too many this am. By any measurement Obama has been an unmitigated disaster ..

        • toejangle:

          Do you think this whole mess started with Obama? It didn’t. It started with Dubya Bush, who took a stable economy and through gross incompetence and the machinations of his rich buddies transformed it into a huge deficit. A great deal of that came about because of the second Gulf War, from which Bush’s rich buddies profited handsomely.You have heard of Halliburton and single source contracts, haven’t you?

          Now that we have a mess, the extreme right, which has captured the Republican Party, proposes to fix the mess by putting the burden on the backs of the poor and the middle class. Isn’t that rich, toejangle? The bastards that caused the mess and profited by it now want the poor and the middle class to pay for it in terms of money and blood. Why blood? If you haven’t noticed, those being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t the scions of the rich. They’re the sons and daughters of the poor and the middle class.

          As I said in my original posting, you’re either a Republican flack or you’re stupid.

          • News flash for you Bush has been gone four years now, when he left we were 9.6 trillion in debt now we are 16 trillion in debt and have been downgraded twice—-I see you have bought into the class warfare that obama preaches — as for your reference to Halliburton they were the only company with assets in the region hence the no bid contracts—And lastly I am not a republican flack I assume you meant hack—And finally based on your posts you of all people should not be calling anybody stupid—–Because someone has a different opinion than you does not make them smart or stupid it just means their opinion is different. You happen to love Obama and what he stands for and I think he is an idiot—-That is my opinion and I am entitled to it and quit calling people stupid it just makes us all think you are unemployed and on welfare…

          • I’m neither on welfare nor unemployed and I meant flack. A flack is a public relations type who trumpets his or her client’s achievements. We’re increasingly in debt because of the bailouts and the ongoing Republican wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re draining our economy. We cannot afford any more wars and we should get out of the Middle East.

            As to class warfare: Yes, we are engaged in class warfare and the Republicans started it. Hopefully, it will not escalate into the vicious situations that marked the French and Russian revolutions. I am for Obama because I’m not dumb and won’t vote for someone who is trying to reduce my health care and Social Security benefits, as Romney and Ryan want to do. This situation was created by the Republicans, who now want to place the solution on the backs of the poor and the middle class.

            As to Halliburton being in the right place at the right time: How convenient for them. I don’t believe for a moment that they weren’t privy to what was coming down the pike, since Cheney was their CEO.

            Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. It’s my opinion that if you’re not rich or a Republican flack, you are a fool. Is “fool” better for you? You don’t want to be called stupid and I don’t want to hurt your tender feelings.

          • Actually I am rich and you can’t hurt my feelings—-I was just trying to keep you from sounding like such a jack a– but alas I seem to have failed …

          • I’m glad to see that you’re admitting your bias, although you failed to address my points.

            I dislike the rich because of their sense of entitlement. People like Caroline Kennedy, who was upset because she didn’t get the appointment as senator from New York annoy me. Poor little rich girl.

            So, you’re rich and I can’t hurt your feelings. Is that because your riches make you an elitist prick like Romney, who’s immune to any criticism from those he considers to be his social inferiors?

          • I don’t consider you to be socially inferior actually I just consider you to be another loser who is not willing to work hard for what you earn—-Anyone in this country who works hard and is willing to take risks can be wealthy ufortunately there will always be losers like you that have an equal chance but not an equal outcome You refer to Romney as an “elitest prick”——If you can’t admire someone who has two simutaneous masters degrees for their accomplishments—-Then you will always be a loser—Get over it !!

          • As usual, you make assumptions that you cannot support. The fact is that you know nothing about me, except that I’m not on welfare. Everything you say is supposition.

            You’re admission that you’re rich tells me something about you. Your attitudes, evident in your comments, fit in nicely with Mittens’ attitudes and those of his rich friends. I once heard an executive in a former employer complaining that a contractor he had engaged to do some work has sued him in small claims court. He was stunned because the contractor’s bill was “only” four months old.

            The rich are known for being slow payers. I believe that’s because they believe that as members of the elite they are entitled to the services of those who work for them, kind of like the attitude of pre-Civil War southerners to their slaves.

            I’m intrigued by your reference to Mittens’ two simultaneous masters degrees. In which fields are they? How did he earn them simultaneously? Are they so close that he could “double up” on credits?

          • His two degrees are from Harvard one is a law degree the other is a masters in business—I think you have the wrong idea about rich or wealthy people—-I went straight to vietnam out of high school—I failed in my first business idea found success in my second—sold it with a protection guarantee for the employees—-My son is in his third year of med school and studies all of the time one day he will be rich or wealthy and I personally have seen the sacrifice that physicians have to make—I do not know any of the rich you describe but I do know a lot of them that give enormous $$ to charity and work hard to give back to the community..The prize is out there but no one is going to give it to you—It has to be earned

          • Downgraded because of the teaparties sir. More republicans are unemployed and on welfare at this point in time sir. Obama added Bushes war cost to his debt thats why its so high, everyone knows that by now. Bush hid it and didnt have a way to pay for the wars in his budget. How responsible is that? U shouldnt buy into the GOP and their lies

          • One thing that people don’t know is that GWBush never put the wars on the budget – they were put off to the side somewhere, hidden, because Bush team said Iraq would only cost 50 billion. The joke was on us.

            It was President Obama who put those wars back on the budget for all to see (which is part of the 16T you unfairly accuse him of). You have been so poisoned by the continuous smearing of our President that you don’t seem to know fact from fiction. You repeat the same talking points of all the GOP in lock-step. Open your eyes toejangle because sorry to say you’ve been had. Accuse the man of taking a vacation with his family, truth is he has taken less vacation than most Presidents, especially the last one. So knock off the BS.

            FWIW – I am employed, never been on welfare, which is what republicans such as yourself like to accuse anyone who thinks different from them. Your party is pretty devious and I think it would shatter you to realize just how phoney they are.

            One more thng, our credit being downgraded can be blamed on the Tea Party representatives who seem to put their principles above the welfare and good name of our country….and Boehner was helpless to reason with them. Please stop voting in ideological nincompoops who are wrecking the forward progress that our President is trying to make.

    • Sorry to say, but I think most of the Old, with an early stages of Alzh. will vote for R/R, they just hear that Obama took 716B from their medicare. Look how they cheer them on their speeches, unless they are paid to do that.
      SS is solvent, it needs to me tweaked a little by raising the amt. to maybe $125K instead of $108K, or raise it deductions by .5%. Medicare, to be more restructured (ACA does that) to weed out fraudulent claims (Florida’s Gov. was involved in it and was picked to be Gov. – that tells you something about FL).
      My neighbor’s husband tripped on a curb and bashed his head open. Trip by ambulance to a nearest Emergency (7 miles) $1000.00 . In emergency they did Cat-scan, put 30 stitches (staples), had broken nose and let him go home.
      Bill was for $4.700.00. SS did not pay for the ambulance, did not pay of the bill because it was emergency and not 1 night in a hospital. They had to pay the bill.
      5 days later he had to go back because his nose was bleeding and they could not stop it so they put a balloons in his nose and another emergency bill for $3,200.00
      They did not have Part B Medicare and his supplemental did not pay a penny because of not having Part B. Go figure. 2 trips to emergency and later 3 visits to a doctor it cost them over 10K. I was in Germany last year for Oktoberfest and it started to rain I was running back to my car when a slipped and sprained my ankle, I thought it was broken. Ambulance was at the festivities so one of the paramedics checked my foot and wasn’t sure if it’s broken and said we will take to a hospital for an x-ray. So I end up in the emergency, they took my x-ray, nothing broken, gave me a pain killer, ice pack and called a cab to take me back to the activities. I paid the bill in Euro (on my AE) – $475.00 on exchange and AE fees.
      I did not see the charges for the ambulance, and was never billed for it. Cheap. The service was superb. Do I need to say more??? In all these countries people pay into the system and everybody benefits from it, no matter what your financial status – rich or poor. You pay into it according to your paycheck and is redistributed to benefit all equally. If Romney were in same boat he would be charged the same amount for the service but do to his income, he would have to pay more into it.
      How many of us don’t have kids in school but we support the schools with our RE taxes?? It seems unfair, but while your kids grew up and gone to school somebody else paid into it. It’s a chain reaction. I have problem with, is how the money is redistributed once in – overblown paychecks for Principals, for some teachers that can’t teach, pension etc. Overhead, secretary have a secretary etc.
      No question – SS, Medicare needs to be tweaked needs to be looked over and projection 50 yrs a head do not work. Lots of things can happened in the mean time.
      We had surplus with Clinton and Bush and the crooks blew away all the money, and some more, do we need to do that again with Iran, Syria, etc?? NO.

    • The seniors who were supporting this idiot were old school Republicans.. Florida is no longer all the rich older old school GOP.. Many of us baby boomers were and are Democrat and Independents. After Mitt Bumbles so much and rants about taking away the COLA from seniors which does affect ALL seniors not just the other before 55 as they tried to profess. More and more of us seniors who are more educated with college degrees and professionalism know that Romney/Ryan is NOT for us!!!

    • How soon we forget that four years ago the economy was collapsing and Wall Streeters, who mostly caused this, were soiling their pants, that’s how bad it was. How’s your 401k doing today compared to then? The last four years have been better than the four years before. But you’re going to vote to go back to the policies that brought us to a global meltdown and no jobs created even with two big tax cuts that exploded the deficit. How easily manipulated some people are. Pay attention please!

  7. Ryan is more unqualified to be in a high national position than Romney. As people begin to see Ryan for the man he is, they realize how extreme his views are for the citizens of this country. Women look at Ryan as the type of person who wants to dictate their lives and choices with no respect for the consequences. Women are perfectly capable to make health decisions for themselves and no one needs to be locked into a legislated outcome without being able to fully explore the options..
    Seniors look at Ryan as ignoring the reality of life for seniors and elderly. Remember the confusion for seniors and their families as they attempted to decide on the best plan/option for the Medicare part D when it was being implemated? Now imagine the chaos that will ensue when seniors have to decide to stay with traditional Medicare or opt for private insurers. Most Americans do not want this type of healthcare fiasco to fight in their retirement and the burden it will eventually put on their families and children. Adjustments or changes to Medicare may need to be made to keep the program solvent, but the plan Ryan/Romney have offered is in no way a choice that should be considered.
    Romney’s decision of choosing Ryan should be looked at as a major error and as so reflect upon his decision skills, same as McCain choosing Palin.

    • Interesting that you mention McCain choosing Palin as his running mate. What a blunder. I voted for McCain, but I did so with a lot of reservations, the greatest being that Palin would become president if McCain were to die or become incapacitated.

      Since then, I’m glad that McCain lost. He’d have us in a Middle Eastern war by now and Netanyahu would be dictating American foreign policy.









      • I couldn’t ask for a greater compliment. I tried to say it all concisely, and I’m glad you think I did. But, of course, so much more can be criticized about Mitt.

        • Loved your poem….but I took a few liberties with it.

          MITT AND ANN
          AWAY THEY RAN

          HE TRIED IN VAIN
          ABOUT HIS TAX







          • Thanks so much for the valued comment. I worked on it on and off this past Sunday for a period of a few hours.

            Certainly you can share it. I’d be honored.

          • Will you feel as grand when he’s standing before the Supreme Court Justice taking the oath of office? With his wife, Ann and not his “down low” wife, Michelle?

          • Some of the most well spent hours I can imagine. May you do your part to save us from this vile man. Thank you

          • Theresa, you should share this. After all you wouldn’t be a true Democrat if you didn’t perpetuate lies now would you?

          • Oh Michael, start seeing your candidate as he truly is. The hate-fest that the GOP has been running for almost 4 years now is clear as day to those who are not blinded by ideology. Even credible journalists have remarked about Romney’s and Ryan’s many lies, and his flip-flops are legendary. Why do you let your candidates get away with this? You hold them to no standards which is why they have none, except to win at all costs – lie, cheat, smear, whatever it takes. That’s not who we are or who we should become – ever!

        • Of course not. I would be interested as to the reason it should be counted.

          But like those persons numbering 12,500,000 owning cell phones (Obama-phones) are on the 47% “plan”. If you refer persons not having a free cell phone, you receive extra bonus minutes. (Ain’t that sweet-tweet tweet) I presume you know free is my taxpayer dollars.

          Think your poem stinks.

        • Do you understand your Medicare coverages will remain the same with the Romney/Ryan plan? You will not lose it. It may even improve.
          The OPTION will be there for people who want to shop for other health insurance. You don’t have to do it.

          Your Social Security will remain the same and not be affected.
          People UNDER 65 years old will have the OPTION to invest or save their social security while they are still working. Again, you don’t have to do it.

          The Republicans are offering the American choices and options. They are not dictating what you can or can not do.

    • I see you are a lieberal loser. And the dumbos believe your propaganda. go on your huffington post, and don’t bother us TRUTH TELLERS with your whacky, lying, insidious claims. You all will go down this country’s toilet, along with your master communist. How is taking 716 billion dollars from medicare to pay for oguanacare going to help us seniors? You braiwashed, misinformed, lied to kids keep sticking up to the imposter in chief, and see where it gets you if the jackass is put back into office to convert you dumb kids to communism. I fought against the commys in Korea, and am now a 100% DISABLED VETERAN. Do you want this country to go the north korean way, where the people are starving to death, while the armed forces are building up with nukes and the grandson of the commy that started the war over there gets fat and leaves the north in darkness, while the regime keeps building up, or would you like to be in the south that is prosperous and due to OUR sacrifices has a democratic govt.? Wake up kids and don’t listen to your communist idolizing professors, who are going down the tube with you. This jackass is another hitler that will be your demise while going on the talk shows, instead of meeting with the prime minister of Israel while half the globe is on fire, and raising alquaida flags over our embassies, and slaughtered our ambassador, and three REAL Americans, while the jackass goes on a fund raiser to Las Vegas right after it happened. WAKE UP CHILDREN.

      • USMC DAV – thank you for your service . I assume that you are happy about President Obama’s decision to continue going after Bin Laden until the Seals were able to go in and get him, and his efforts to go after Al Qaida. Your rant is so full of the misinformation that I hear on conservative radio and some Fox shows. The conservative media sure can incite fear, anger and hatred in its listeners. You are being played sir and what you are fearful of is so over the top you may want to speak to your doctors about it.

        Maybe no one has told you that the Ryan Plan takes the same 716B out of Medicare. It’s a matter of what they are doing with it. Ryan wants to give it to the insurance companies and President Obama has taken it away from the insurance middlemen and used it to cover millions of additional Americans who are uninsured and to extend the Medicare Program for several more years.

        The republicans have been misinforming you for years. Our President is not a socialist, not a communist, not a Kenyan, not a Marxist, not Hitler or any of the other disgusting things they say to get people like you to hate him. Please consider reading and watching some more balanced information outlets. Thank you.

    • You don’t like Romney but half of the Americans do. Its only a question of politics, don’t take it too hard when Romney takes it all !

    • that was amazing. You said it with such brilliance! He took a dump on the American people and then looks them in the face and says “vote for me” . Debate bounce or whatever, Mitt Romney will never be elected President by America! If the Democrats read this, the campaign would hire you!

    • Too bad it is based on lies and Defamations. But that is what you get when you use dem pols or polls for your info.

      Obama has had 4 years and has solved nothing and has put us more in debt for his socialist and environmetalist big Government power doled out to the people from the generous leaders at the top –the ones who feed off the top end of the government trough.

      Why put Ann into the poem. Dem haters are so obvious. You squeal if anyone does anything even near what you will do or say and laugh with glee at your self congratulatory cleverness. Etc.

      Why I can’t remain in the po’ folk party? I am a populist and the dems don’t help anyone but the ones at the top of their own party food chain. Delusional dems and progs.

      Main complaint. I am too liberal to be a Liberal–like diversity of thought for instance. To be a dem you have to tote the water pails and speak the dem narrative wiwthpout pause. Again etc.

      • Let me see…he passed the affordable care act, we’re out of Iraq, we’re leaving Afghanistan, he kept us from going into a depression, he saved the auto industry, he passed the equal pay for women act, he eliminated Osama Bil Laden and on and on and on. Hmmm, must be somegthing else he “hasn’t” solved. Speaking of delusional….you Righties win hands down.

      • You don’t even realise how much he’s actually done for you, in spite of incredible resistance from the GOP in Congress! He has restored America’s international reputation after Bush ran it to the ground. He’s policies are now turning the economy around, really you are doing much better than we here in Europe who are going through devastating budget cuts, our projected GDP growth rate is about 2%, yours is double that. 4% growth rate is actually what a normal economy looks like so Obama HAS turned the economy around in under 4 years. Affordable healthcare will help millions! It’ll help your granny get the medicine she needs and the kid with cancer who’s parent lost his job, who now gets treated regardless of lack if insurance. These things matter! Investment in education is investment in people and the future. Investment in private business may bring short term gains but companies can outsource overseas, hide profits in tax havens, pay minimum wage whilst bosses get million dollar bonuses. Also, the US doesn’t exist as an independent financial unit! In case you haven’t noticed the WHOLE WORLD has gone through an economic crisis and recovery takes time.

        Romney may know how to run a business but that doesn’t make him a good leader! Massachusetts fell to 47th in job creation under Romney and he left his successor a bilion dollar deficit! Would you trust Donald Trump to run your country?

        Remember your president is your representative abroad, Romney has already insulted Britain, Israel and Palestine and has zero credibility abroad. My friend from Hong Kong said President Romney would be funny for us (Bush number 2 with his gaffs) but not so funny for you. Romney has written off 47% of the country and in his own words he’s not concerned about the very poor! Does this sound like a leader??

        Obama! If the rest of the world could vote we’d elect him.

        ps. Why do you think Romney wants a 2 trillion dollar increase in military spending? Planning a new war perhaps? Mind you that you will be on your own because we are sick of war and we will not join you this time. Nuclear Iran is as much of a threat right now than Weapons of Mass Distruction-Iraq was back in 2003

    • There once was a young man named Barry
      Who reckoned he’s better not tarry
      Wanting a wife and babies
      But being shy with the ladies
      A drag queen he decided to marry

      The drag queen’s name was Michelle
      And Dems cried “ah what a belle”
      Like The Emperors New Clothes”
      They called her ‘a rose”
      ‘Though she looks like a monster from hell

      Now Barry could not really see
      Why most said his gal was a “he”
      Imigine his fright
      On their sweet wedding night
      When Michelle used a urinal to pee!!!

      • Do you really think your so-called poem displays wit or talent? If so, you are deluding yourself. It is crass, vulgar, pointless, dumb and so not funny.

      • Whoever you are you are surely a republican of the same caliber as Romney, who he led a gang to hold down a fellow student and cut off his hair. Bet he had a good laugh over that too. You are a disgrace.

      • I am not American, but from these posts I reckon those who are not for Irene’s poem sound rude and spew much venom, why? The world would be better off without their Mite/Mitt

    • @JoanWIle2

      People who support Romney’s wishful budget proposals should take out their calculator and try to add up his “proposals”. Romney is practicing voodoo economics. His math simply does not add up. Cut taxes for everybody (especially the middle class–if we are to believe him), give the Pentagon $ 2 trillion that they didn’t really ask for and at the same time drive down the deficit. Wow!

      We don’t have an unlimited budget. If you give in some places (via tax cuts), you must do real cutting in other places: education, women’s care. medicare, GI Bill, and the list goes on. Of course, as a libertarian, you would approve of Romney. Less government and regulations are the essence of your doctrine, and this is exactly what led us into the financial debacle that George Dubya left us in. Afterwards Big Banks etc. came begging for a government bailout because they had abused the system when no one was watching over and monitoring their reckless behavior. Obama saved our financial system and in so doing saved our country’s economy and possibly that of the remainder of the world. His budget strategy is based on sound thinking–unlike Romney’s fanciful budget cooked up in order to get votes from the 47% he does not really care about.

      While Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, this state ranked 47th out of 50 states in percentage of job growth. It had ranked 37th in the four years prior. Massachusetts also ranked No. 1 in state debt per person when Mitt Romney was governor.

  9. When Mitt chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate, I said to my husband, “There goes Florida.” It is beyond my understanding why Romney would pick a mill-stone to hang around his neck as a running mate. Stupidity, I guess.

  10. Deservedly, Romney and Rayn both are doing their best to alienate the electorate of their choice. his last comments about Emergancy care for the uninssured indicate that he does not understand even the economics of Medical Care. ER is the last place anyone want to be if he wants to save on Medical cost. The ER cost is the highest in every corner of the Nation. The ER bill will run $thousands as the patient lay waiting, and battary of testing being run unnecessarily. Also, Romney ignor the fact that a healthy population is more productive than sick nation. That is pure economics. Add to it that Romney called it “Socialism”.

  11. This is great news for Obama. The Democratic Party. The more I hear Fox News trying to spin Robme/LyingRyan as the winner and the Polls are all wrong.

  12. Let’s look at Romey! Banked his profits off-shore rather than pay U.S. taxes, rather than obey 401K rules ($5,000 desposit per employee & $40,000 per employer per year) to accumulate $87 million 401K now at age 60 rather than $2 milion legally in 40 yrs. Mitt Romney chose NOT TO SUPPORT HIS COUNTRY WITH HIS EARNINGS DESPITE HIS EXTREME WEALTH. He said look at my principles of the past & you will know who I am. Do we want a President who chooses to live in our great country but chooses not to support the U.S & searches for ways around the laws that the rest of live by. How safe would any of us be with the choices Romney would make as President?

    • Funny you have so much information about Romney cheating on his taxes and yet the IRS does nothing. Why is that? Have you called the IRS and let them in on this hidden secret? Are you the “secret informer” that Harry Reid refers too? Surely George Soros would play you royally for this information.
      The IRS too busy with the “poor man” and all his riches so they leave the rich guy alone ??

      • People with the wealth of Romney can afford to pay the best and most inventive accountants, and they do. They create schemes that even the folks that are employing these schemes don’t understand them. It’s a great big con game that the wealthy have been playing on regular Joe and Jane, the worker and taxpayer, for a long time. Only now it’s magnified and has spiraled out of control to the point of global collapse four years ago.

        Our President has turned that mess around and we are slowly growing. You would give the power back to the con artists, and they ARE laughing at you.

  13. Romney will never be president.

    Latest numbers in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania clearly indicate his run for presidency is over.

    Not only is support among seniors collapsing….even his own party is distancing themselves.

  14. The dimension is known as the “Republican Matrix.”
    per “agent Smith”….”Mr. Anderson….”

    AKA “you people.”

    Go look at the movie ‘V for Vendetta.”

    Says it all…

  15. As a 80 year old senior, you can bet that I will vote democrate. in my life time I have seen enough of the G. o. p and their cut throat tactics on the poor and down trodden citizens of the voter i. d requirements ,this just a ploy to keep some of the poor ,without picture i. d from voteing. if you have registered ,and your name is on the registered voter list then by god you should be able to vote, all the poll worker does is mark through your name when you get a ballot, now who can vote again if your name is marked through. this is all repubilican bull shit.

  16. Obama maybe telling Seniors he will not change Medicare to get their votes. But he is not saying how much longer Medicare will stay funded. There has to be a change, it will come sooner or later. Better to plan, it then just stopping the checks without notice. He will say anything for the votes.
    So don’t be blindsided.

  17. When they picked Ryan, it was so absurdly obvious that it would have this effect on seniors that I concluded that they knew something the rest of us didn’t. I guess not. I guess this falls into the same category as not getting rid of your Swiss bank account and ridiculously low tax rate when you know many years in advance that you’re going to be running for president.

    It’s as if the whole Republican party is intentionally taking a dive – from the Ryan budget to the contraception and rape madness – to going out of their way to vitriolically attack the soon to be majority Hispanic demographic – to holding the middle class tax cut extension ransom to protect the 1% – I mean … how else can you explain their behavior? They’re trying to lose.

    • It must be a trick! They are certain Obama will lead the nation into an abyss, so they can rescue us in 2016 and become the dominant party for the next century or so.

  18. It was obvious from the beginning, when the conservative Heritage Foundation proposed it, that a national healthcare policy based on private insurance and an individual mandate-was a communist plot. Mitt Romney, recognized it as such when he proposed it for Massachusetts and warned people at the time that the plan he later implemented was in fact a communist takeover of healthcare. Now he’s just trying to warn us again before the plan goes into full effect nationwide, yet nobody’s listening to him!

    • You need to pay attention and quit getting your news from Faux. Romney is bragging about it again and claims that he is protecting 100% of the children in Massachusetts. Shut up and go away you troll… Besides, it’s not communism – if it’s anything it’s socialism… Either read or go to college or somehow get informed. Drivel like this just irks me. The Talipublicans must really be getting desperate – more and more of them are beginning to show up here.

      • If so, my apologies Shaysite.

        These days the Talipublicans are working so hard to convert the “utterly unbelievable” into “their truth” often by mindless repetition, it’s difficult to sort out the satire and sarcasm. Doesn’t that explain this sad state of affairs…

        Keep up the good fight!!! (Although I’d much rather read the thoughtful and insightful… but it’s just gotten so bad here lately…)

    • Mr Shaysite, the idea of universal healthcare was actually implemented in Germany under the Third Reich and their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. So this is not a Communist Plot, it is in fact pure and simple Nazism.

  19. That Romney hates Obamacare is obvious and that he intends to revoke it is clear. But he has not yet indicated what he intends to replace it with, if at all. For seniors the issue here is the donut. Imagine if a senior who depends on this (such as my father) what revoking this can mean, yet Mr Romney does not give a damm. A senior has to be out of his mind to vote for him.

  20. Considering how totally imcompetant he seems to be in leading his campaign I don’t see how anybody could think he would be a competant leader of the country. Choosing Ryan, who was the Demoncrats’ dream choice, was an early sign of poor judgement.

  21. TO be fair to mcCain i dont think he choose palin .My thinking is that the rep. thought that if they had a women on the ticket they would get the women vote .they didn,t take into account that the women who vote for the dem ticket are smart, sharp, indepentdent women that aren,t affraid to tell us dem . men that there somethings they can handle for themselves .BUT THEY STILL LOVE IT WHEN THEY KNOW THAT WE GOT THERE BACKS .Then again sarah was as dumb as a brick.

  22. Okay, let’s see now. Romney’s numbers in key swing states are souring, his support among Catholics is collapsing, his support among seniors is collapsing, his support among non-whites had nowhere to go but up – and it hasn’t, people now trust Obama over Romney on foreign policy AND the handling of the economy, and the 47% are still pissed. But he thinks he’s going to win Pennsylvania where he trails Obama by 12 points. Jeez, I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him.

    • You believe the polls?
      Don’t you know that polls have a large margin of error and only get accurate close to an election?

      BTW the 47% nosie is getting about as old as the 1% noise. I am NOT pissed.
      How about talking about the past 4 years – was it good for you?
      It wasn’t for me.

      • v e, we believe facts. You know, those things that Romney will not be ruled by. The past four years were the long digging out from the collapse left by the previous administration. Remember that? It was only 4 years ago you couldn’t have already forgotten. And please remind me how your party was helpful in trying to get the country on it’s feet again. What was that? I can’t hear you.

        Republicans, hypocrits or ignoramuses.

  23. In your dreams, lib writers. The elders recognize a snake oil salesman when they see him, and know when they’ve been conned. Most of ’em are even smart enough not to get conned for the next four years.

    • I’m 65, and I liked Barry Goldwater in 1964. But in 2012, the “snake oil salesman” is Mitt Romney, who wants to prevent me from getting the full benefits of Social Security and Medicare (“SS/M”) for which I paid taxes all my working life (since I was age 16). I think most seniors are smart enough to know that SS/M are transfer payments from younger folks to us seniors. If Romney/Ryan changes SS/M for younger folks (say, those under age 55), that diverts money away from supporting us seniors. And if you take that money away, its basically a death sentence as we really aren’t in a position to go back to work at our ages.

      • Read the plan again.I paid them all my working life, too. I’m retired now, and I’m voting for Romney because he will save Social Security. It doesn’t apply to anyone receiving benefits now, or about to (age 50 and up)It SAVES social security for us seniors and younger people, so that they are not paying into this Ponzi scheme which won’t be around when they are ready to access it. (It will be bankrupt in about 15 years at the rate we’re giving it away to folks with phony disabilities, etc. who have never paid a dime into the system!) Try other sources of news besides MSNBC, CNN and the Obama networks, and maybe you’ll learn something instead of being lied to by the demoncrats. Read the Drudge Report instead of propaganda like the NYT. It’s an effort, but I’m sure you love your country and believe it’s worth saving.

        • Do you really believe that? He will save those programs the way he saved GS Industries, Ampad, KB Toys, Stage Stores, Dade, DDi Corporation. And I am sure he will find a way to stuff his pockets in the process.

          • You mean like Obama saved Solyndra?
            One difference, if I even bought into your argument, is that Romney did not use my tax money… Obama did.

            Did you know that a large number of business do fail? It is hard work and the success rate is not that high. So businesses will fail – that is life.

          • Apples to oranges. The government has always invested in new enterprises – that’s how we come to have the technology we enjoy today. Some win and some don’t, always has been that way. The repubs just jump on everything and blow things way out of proportion. Bush and Company lost 20 billion in Iraq, I hope you were yelling your head off about that, and the waste with Halliburton too.

            Stop belonging to the party that does nothing productive and spends their time inciting division and hate – it’ll get you an ulcer and the country stops dead in it’s tracks. We need to move forward, that’s why I’m voting for Obama.

        • I’m eligible for full SS in two years, this is my 44th year working (worked two jobs for 10 years) and I’m voting Obama/Biden. The politicians know there are many ways to bolter and save Social Security, just like Reagan did when he was president, but they might involve those people who absolutely refuse to pay a penny more in taxes even though they reaped 93% of the monetary gains in the last few years. They want it all at the expense of seniors and the working poor, and the middle class too. The Drudge Report is like Faux news, a shill for the conservative viewpoint.

          If you think the GOP wants to save SS you’re living in a fantasy world. They want their hands on that money to give to Wall Street. Don’t let them, unless you want to live in poverty in your old age and then they’ll kick you when you’re down by calling you a lazy, parasite and a free-loader. The GOP has no shame, no heart and no integrity.

    • He sure is. He’s a cross between Ken Doll (Barbie’s male companion) and Mr. Hyde (of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide).

  24. Serve him right. The man who destroy GS Industries, Ampad, DDi Corporation, KB Toys, Stage Stores, Dade just so he can STUFF HIS pockets have more nerve that a bad tooth wanting to be President. He should be lucky he is not joining Bernie Madoff.

    • KB Toys? Now I am mad.
      At least Romney has NOT destroyed our country like our current leader.
      Obama may be likeable but his has failed as President. Time for real change.

  25. You should change the name of this site to The National Diaper…cuz you are full of POOH! Ask the tax-paying citizens what they think and what they want. Doubt you’ll hear they want more of the same! All Romney has to do is state the facts of Obama’s record and he has it in the bag.

  26. Demoncrats, media, minions…..remember…..your going to wake up nov. 7 with no jobs, 16 trillion in debt, foodstamps will have replaced paychecks, 14.4 real unemployment, $4.50 per gallon gas, food prices doubled…..need I go on ? And a lazy president who is doing just fine….nice and warm in your white house planning a tropical vacation…..oblama is right, you all have become lazy… thougt process whatsoever…..

  27. the mitt is a reincarnation of bush policies..failing banks and companies..stock market bain he said “harvest companies for profit” not jobs taking working americans benefits offshore. worst kind of greed..policies shrink middle class and eliminate medicare and social security as we know it….he does not understand working americans or care…1% vs. democracy vote vote vote

  28. I am a senior and will be voting for Romney. Polls are polls… which means an educated guess but not a very good guess until you get close to election day.
    BTW, the AARP does not represent me .

  29. Bain has a great track record…they saved about 73% of the companies they invested in. Some, like Dunkin’ Donuts, Staples, and Sports Authority went on to enjoy huge success, along with their investors. Others, for reasons of their own, did not make it. But more made it than didn’t. And Bain got them all when they were weak or failing, so I’d say that’s a hell of a track record. As for Obama, he’s invested OUR money in failures like Solyndra, and the other idiotic ‘green’ companies his big donors happened to run, and run they did – with our money in their wallets as they failed, big time. And at (government motors, again, our money) GM, he pushed the Volt – discontinued for lack of interest. He built that. Our money seems to be going down a familiar drain there, too.

    Romney’s track record is a lot better than Barack’s, I’d say. Another fraud and political hack that is interested in one thing – power. He’s enriching his buddies with our money. I’d much rather have a guy who risked his money and succeeded than a fraud who risked my money and failed.
    And just how is Barack going to ‘create’ a million and a half jobs in this economy?

    Oh yeah, work camps. It worked for Adolph, after all.

  30. Ann Romneys worries about Mitts “emotional” problems are not news to those who see him trusting in magic undies & planning on becoming a God…

  31. Thank God seniors will graduate to another world. How many more bias articles can you get out there before election day. The joke is really on you. Obama is a fraud. He’s still belongs to Reverend Wright.

    “I promise that I support traditional marriage-1 man-1 woman.
    “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”.
    “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”.
    “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”.
    “I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.”.
    “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”.
    “I will bring ALL of our troops home within ONE year.”
    “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”.
    “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”
    “I’ll close Guantanamo.”
    “I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”
    “I’ll unite the people of this great country.”

  33. One thing most seniors like me recognize after a lifetime of human interactions – We know BS when we hear it and when we see it. Just because one surround a turd with $100 roses, underneath, its still a turd.

  34. I am a senior citizen and a Vietnam Veteran. I just don’t understand how any senior citizen can support the Romney/Ryan team. It is obvious that they don’t believe that Medicare and Social Security are worthwhile programs. Without these programs, many of us would be dead or on the streets begging. These are programs that were proposed and championed by Democrats. These programs have always been opposed by Republicans. Why should anything change now?

  35. I don’t believe it. Try this:
    VP Debate questions:
    Mod to Paul Ryan: Congressman Ryan, Why did you kill your grandmother by pushing her off that cliff in her wheelchair?
    Mod to Vice President Joe Biden: Joe, you have the cutest grandchildren. How are they doing? Are they involved in sports yet?

  36. Reverend JAA
    Sermon Date 10/07/12
    The title of this Sermon is Birth
    Good Morning Mr. President.
    Good Morning Werld
    Good Morning Jesus aNd
    Thank U 4 this passage –
    Jesus created us, the Earth and The Animals 2 last a long tyme. Hiz Love 4 ALL is unbounded.
    Christ gave choice 2 woman 4 birth, 4 he did not pull the child from a rib. Christ protects the right of the unborn with the bearers instinct, ownership and guilt on this bounded Earth.
    EVERY child that enters Earth brings HOPE and GOODNESS and Satan does not like that. It pleases Satan 2 C the unborn. U R rewarded 4 bringing goodness in 2 THE Earthly TEST GROUNDS OF JESUS CHRIST. U will NOT B punished for your choice, but Christ instills guilt in everyone aNd it can linger with u the rest of your lives. Guilt is the underlying driver towards pro-creation and longevity.
    Christ is simplistic yet complex and he expects responsibility 2 bear children and not.
    EVERY child that does not make it in does not suitify murdering people at abortion clinics.
    Why the child comes in2 our world the way it does depends on the spirit and the balance between good and evil on Earth.
    The hurdles Mankind faces on Christ’s Earthly Test Grounds do not stand in the pure Kingdom of Christ.
    Our existence here is wonderful, magical, angelic and incomprehensible.

    aNd 2day the Reverends proverb is:
    “Do not read things in2 writings that R not.”

  37. Alabama Resident, Elisha Romney
    I am Miz Romney Number 6.
    At least, I think I’m number six but I don’t know that.
    I’m not even sure I am the only black lady just bcause the other four R white & a Hispanic. Yeah, every now and then, the NTB president (meaning Not 2 b) needs a piece of black azz. Every sundaze mornin he comes a knockin 4 some black berry pie but I’m not stupid. These RED white boyz don’t like the sausage wrapper or anell mustard. Instead, this ol boy just keeps me pumpin out kids and sittin on ice blocks. And I sez OK, where is my child support Rom? AS soon as I mentioned it that Man was as hard 2 find as an IVORY BILLED woodpecker or OUR American GREAT VALIANT wolves or OUR Beluga whales or ALL our animals that EVIL Man place on the endangered list WITH MURDER and Satan WEARS RED in America. But now, he don’t get no pie without first handing over his Rolex or coupons to Popeyes chicken. And is this safe sex? Who knows what’s growin on that mans particular.
    So, I Vote 4 the black Man who is Blue. In his second term HE WILL CONTINUE 2 DEFEAT the ideas of the Speaker LUCIFER and Satan, LIKE an XL PIPELINE, and move forward with the ideas of Christ.
    I mean everytime Rom climbs into the backdoor, and without the mustard, while I flops around I keeps tellin him. Forget about VOTEs. U need 2 change from the white boyz platform of EVIL Man and compete with Blue on the platform of Good Man and just try and do it better.
    • I means killing animals with weapons on land in the air and under the sea which supports Satan.
    • I means drilling 4 oil in our Oceans where we have been IN DENIAL of what exists IN OUR OCEANS supporting Satan.
    • I means how can u develop something that is already heaven on Earth, like a Bristol Bay or Arctic or Mountain Top, quiet and peaceful with no motors and noise that exists for Christs OTHER creations?
    U can ONLY UNDEVELOP it 4 Satan WHO WANTS IT and KEEPS TAKING IT with his followers.
    • I means stealing from mom and pop with the RED NYC dirty white boyz La Cosa Nostra Collection Agency.
    EVIL MAN and EVIL Man faces defeat in 2011, 201x, 201 and Man is ON the EnDaNgered List from the SEEN and UNSEEN. Bad white boyz get Majdanek.
    And I gotz a song 2. Y’all know it. An old song
    Blue, blue, my world is BLUE
    Blue is my world
    And RED without U
    Blue, Blue, My world is BLUE
    Blue is my world and RED without U.
    My papa told me as a child.
    Weez R here 2 LOVE each other and take care of the Earth and animals.
    Y’all have a Good Day now, ya hear sez Andy and Gomer.

  38. When SS was enacted in the 30s Nd Medicare was enacted in the 60s, people had a lot of children.
    We Boomers did not.
    Every day 10,000 of us retire, each on track to get 3 times what we paid into Medicare.
    Entitlement spending has increased by 75% over the last 12 years.
    If these facts dont scare the H€ll out of you, please have an Alzheimer’s evaluation.
    The Millenial generation is buried under $1 trillion in student debt. They inherited an economy as bad as the Great Depression, and many will never recover from it career wise. Each of them has a $50,000 share of the present national debt. The fastest growing demographic in this country has a 50% high school drop out rate.
    This is the work force Boomers expect to fund a 300% return on their Medicare tax payments. Most of
    us saw this coimg a long time ago, saw that our parents made out like bandits on a social welfare system they paid little or nothing into, because they created a huge young workforce and left them a
    good economy to generate the necessary tax revenue. We Boomers did neither.
    Seniors who vote against Medicare reform are delusional and selfish. Period.

  39. Wonder how much of the shift was due to Joe looking straight in to the camera and telling seniors to listen carefully!? So far it seems that people have been fixated on their prejudices and maybe, just maybe, as the vote comes ever nearer they are starting to look critically at the potential impact of their votes on their own futures. For each voter who decides they will be better of with MR/PR there ought to be 9+ deciding the other way.

  40. Lying to old people is a positive? Ryan and Romney trying to save Medicare and in no way have said anything about not keeping it for seniors. Ryan has a plan but it won’t be his bosses plan until proven CEO style–not corrupt pol and media presstitute style.

    Obama sighs and
    winks at the Father of Lies
    as once again he tries
    to make the case noone buys

    but those who must fear
    what they most hate to hear
    that later this year
    funds disappear?

    The media swoon as
    their skinny buffoon
    takes his spin to the room
    and states doom and gloom

    to befall the old folks
    who think it’s no joke
    nor a pig in a poke
    and continue to hope

    That to one they put in
    will end all duplicitous spin
    and change with a grin
    the facts that are in

    that state that in truth
    only workable youth
    will be hit by uncouth
    need to fight nail and tooth

    To save for the once employed
    Social Security enjoyed
    and medicare once buoyed
    by contributions now void

    as no payroll no taxing
    and once voters relaxing
    medicare gets the axing

    Obamacare taking place of
    medicare, medicaid. face it.

    You have been had
    which is really so sad.

    Death Panels await u.s
    We let dem pols lie and bait us

    And trusted the mainstream
    news to defend and keep clean

    the process we trust in
    to dig through the pol spin.

    IOW dems and their corrupt media lies and scare old folks. How different are they from money fraud scammers? Rob the old folks of their vote by lying about the GOP doing away with Medicare and Social Security. To late for that. But it is not too late to keep obamacare from becoming the next entitlement to make people dependent and then have to cut benefits or raise age or decide who must die to decrease the number of the 47% who are in need or have paid in?

  41. Ok sorry this is a bit off topic but perhaps America’s senior citizens were shocked and repulsed by Romney’s shameful disrespect for the office of the Presidency that he hopes to win. His rude and disrespectful behavior toward the President ” You will get your turn” will turn off a lot of senior American’s that love their country. Romney behaved just like the high school bully that once shaved off a classmate’s hair because he thought it was funny. What was funny is that everyone involved remembered but not Mitt. Mitt behaved during the debate like he was above the rules, which is how the privileged class lives. Romney meant what he said about the 47%. He is a puppet of the corporate wealth in this country that continues to redistribute the wealth in this country to the top 2% . The man that “Believes in America” does not believe enough to keep his wealth in the USA. Mitt Romney is a plutocrat that thinks he is entitled to the presidency. Other men’s children can fight and die for the country but Mitt made sure he keeps his boys home. Fighting and dying is for the poor and the middle class – after all they are all so easily manipulated!

    • Romney remembers but doesn’t ever apologize. What he does do is lie, all the time. It drives me crazy to hear him tell a lie and journalists not call him on it. Thank you Candy Crowley for putting that arrogant, smarmy bully in his place. He did not like that one bit, and neither did his supporters. Too bad. He’s rude and pompous and has no decency or class.

  42. Obama wins the debate and Romney pulls away in the polls. Impossible? It’s happening. Why? People will vote on the economy and they are not voting for Obama. Romney has won the economic debate and todays rise in unemployment figures is another nail in Obama’s coffin/.

    • Obama improved in his debate performance from the 1st one. He attacked the governor and the audience with rhetoric, not answers.

      The President had nothing to say when Romney listed all the failures of the past four years.
      How many times can he defend a record that doesn’t exist? This is old.

  43. Henry Decker????????When Obama loses and you are no longer on his payroll, give me a call. I can always use a good, first rate bullshit artist.

  44. In 2008, voters over the age of 65 made up 16% of the electorate, and Republican John McCain won that group by a 53 to 45% margin over the ultimate winner, President Obama.

    Similarly, in 2004, Republican George W. Bush won at 52 to 47% victory over Democratic challenger, John Kerry.

    In 2010, senior percent of the total vote increased from 16% to 21% and Republicans won by a 21 point advantage!

    If Romney cannot win the senior vote by a good margin, if it is basically 50/50, he cannot win, for he is also losing women and Hispanics, not to mention African-Americans.

    At this point, Romney appears, with his VP Choice, to have alienated a large segment of seniors who previously voted Republican. This will cost him the race. Ryan was the nails in Romney’s coffin. With Ryan, you lose the women and the seniors. That leaves only one group who are a majority Republican, angry white guys….and they are a minority that cannot win.

    • The seniors and people over 65 years of age have been bullied and scared by the Democrats. Whenever I see the medicare issue and social security issue, the democrats always leave out the fact that the Republicans ideas will be optional for people of their age group. Democrats twist and distort the basic ideas of the Romney/Ryan ideas.

      Desperate measures by the Left picking on the elderly and retirees is shameful.
      I’ll never forget the Obama Pac ad of the man wheeling the person off the cliff. Seriously, this is pathetic and very un-presidential.

      Maybe if the Obama and the Democrats had their own ideas, they wouldn’t have to be bashing Romney and the republicans all the time.

      • Diane, not so much bashing as exposing lies and making fun of. When something is absurd, it is imperative to ridicule it. When something is a lie, it is not bashing to expose it.

        Republicans and Wall ST like to scare folks by telling them Social Security is bankrupt. It has 2.7 trillion in surpluses to take care of the outsized boomer generation, to be followed by a much smaller generation.

        Now 2.7 trillion may not seem like much to you, but it will give SS another 20 years, and let’s face it, in another 20 years, most seniors will be resting in peace. We saved it; we will spend it.
        We paid for it; we will use it. The fear-mongering by Republicans harps on bankruptcy (name another agency or company that has 2.7 trillion and 20 years of solvency for current retirees saved up?) and a crisis. There is no crisis. The crisis is in defense spending, a trillion a year (down from 1.2 trillion with winddown of war budgets), which is nearly45% of all government revenues. Our military budget is 7 times larger than China’s, 10 times larger than Russia’s, and amounts to 45% of all military/security spending in the world by all nations. And this is not even counting the 200 billion a year we pay in debt repayment for previous wars (all wars are funded by borrowing, which is why banks love war), and nearly 200 billion for HS, the VA, and nukes (Dept of Energy), and other non DOD security costs.

        There is the outrage, the waste, the boondoggle, the rip off, the threat, the bleeding pocket book. Apologists defend it by ignoring the 4 to 500 billion a year in non DOD
        budgets. They say it is only 20%. Now, all told, it is 45% of govt revenues, and for the Bush years of full war budgets, it was half of federal revenue.

        Social Security has 2.7 trillion in reserves. Our defense budget is the size of our deficit, and there is no rational reason to have a military 100’s of times larger than our “enemies (Iran? North Korea? Cuba?.

        Why do we have 10,000 nukes (at 30-40 billion a year in upkeep) when 300 would wipe out civilization? Why is our budget 15 times larger than Russia’s?

        And what wars, since WWII, were won by large militaries? Vietnam, a backward nation with no navy or airforce, defeated the US; we lost in Iraq (it is now an ally of Iran) and we have lost in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and violence continue despite “the largest military in history.” being unable to create a democratic and viable government. In fact the two largest armies in history, the USSR and the US, both failed to take control of Afghanistan.

        Big Defense is a dinosaur, a liability, the bankrupter of empires. And it doesn’t work, even against the least funded forces in history (such as the Taliban or other jihadist groups). The reason Eisenhower said that “War settles nothing…it is stupid.” is because he saw that political and economic problems cannot be solved with violence. Big Defense is the belief in Big Violence as the solution, the ultimate tool of survival. But history teaches us that violence only begets violence, and that benefits only the banks, the political hawks, and the Military/Industrial Complex. So long as they control our country, we will have more wars, more debt, more demand for “more guns, more violence….”

        The Republicans are promoting war, as they did under Bush. And we are paying for it.

        • Yes I have saved and will use mine too. I do not want to lose any funds.

          The entitlements (disagree with how the government uses this word for something everyone earned) need some reform and tweaking. I want them to be there for my children and grandchildren.

          As the largest most powerful country who everyone comes to with their problems we will always have the largest military budget in the world.

          Yes, violence begets violence. My faith has been shaken once again, this time from 9/11 and other disturbing events in our country and world. Never knew I could actually feel hatred for people I do not even know.

          I am referring to extremists, terrorists, the Neo-Nazi movement and other evil people with no souls. I do not mean Muslims or Arabs who do not practice Islam.

          Now I feel I have to fight back to protect our country and its ideals, and to protect America for my grandchildren’s future and security.

          • Diane, you wrote: “As the largest most powerful country who everyone comes to with their problems we will always have the largest military budget in the world.”

            This is circular reasoning and makes an assumption refuted by recent history. It is the nations which do NOT come under American (or Western/NAT)) control that are target.

            Afghanistan did not come to us for help. They offered to hand over bin Laden if we showed them our evidence he was responsible for 9/11. Since we had none (this is what Bush, Rice, the FBI and the CIA have said), we ignored this rational request and invaded them in our longest war in history, despite the fact that bin Laden was out of Afghanistan within 3 months.

            Iraq did not ask for our help but the lie of
            WMD and conncection to al Quada (they were actually enemies) was used to rationaize what was, in fact, a war crime.

            Libya did not ask for our help….it was the only real nation on earth with no debt and had the highest level of both civil rights and economic progress in Africa But it is not allowed to be independent (of the global banks and the military)…and so Libya, which was not threat and which McCAin and Lieberman in 2009 had visited to OFFER help to Ghadafi,
            was destroyed and now is experiencing genocide, jihadist and warlord politics, etc.

            Vietnam, where the US killed several million innocent civilians, incl children and women, the elderly and the disabled, did not ask for our help, did not threaten us, but we destroyed it for reasons totallty related to control.

            Iran also is not threat, has no nukes, helped us invade Afghanistan, and has not said it would wipe Israel off the map but rather, that the rightwing regime in Israel would, like the Soviet Union, vanish off the map (not the Soviet Union collapsed without a war, but internally)…so the rightwing in Israel and the US is lusting to bomb them.

            The evidence shows that those nations which do NOT come under Western control
            are then attacked, to bring them under Western control. It has nothing to do with self-defense but is part of the US hegemony project.

            The greatest military in history has been unable to defeat Vietnam, pushed Iraq (the enemy of Iran) into an alliance with Iran, and in Afghanistan, has created neither democracy or peace.

            The US has no reason to have 10,000 nukes at a cost of tens of billions; nor do we need a security budget of one trillion, which is 8 times more than China, 15 times more than Russia, and hundreds of times larger than those nations we are threatening with war.

            In short the huge military budget, which is nearly half of our entire federal revenues, is bankrupting the nation and creating tens of millions of enemies with each bomb dropped. It exists not to defend us (1/4 the budget would still leave us the greatest mitary power on earth) but to feed the greed of the Military/Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower warned us about.) In other words, our huge defense budget exists as a form of corporate welfare, draining money (it is all borrowed, which is why the banks love war) from education, infrastructure, and healthcare, all of which directly benefit the people and increase productivity, profits, and wages.

            Therefore, the lesson is: the greatest military in history has failed to be able to
            defeat even backward nations. Why? Because the problems are political and economic, not military.

            Since 3000 were killed by hijackers from Saudi Arabia on 9/11 (without the US military even getting an airplane into the air), we have sold 60 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia and Americans with guns have caused nearly 400,000 deaths to each other, at the rate of over 30,000 per year. By contrast, nations like Japan have between zero and 12 murders by gun per year; Spain and Austria and the UK, have fewer than 50 per year, and Germany, with 25 million private guns, has less than 300—or 98-99% fewer murders
            of citizens, a rate of terrorism that makes 9/11 pale in comparison.

            I agree with the rest of what you posted and appreciate your civility.

            The way to fight back against this violence is not thru more weapons and violence, but through rational gun laws, abandoning the fatal hubris of being the world’s policeman and bully, and realizing that real security comes thru making friends, not enemies.

  45. Amazing how people can criticize! Walk one mile in his shoes, most people who have the most to say cant even manage their own personal finances nor their own lives, let alone the entire country and the rest of the population!

    ITS B-A-R-A-C-K

    ITS O-B-A-M-A



    THE USA!!

    • And what did Bush and the Republicans do? Left the economy in the worst shape it’s been in 70 years. And when Romney was Governor, his state was 47 out of 50 in job creation. Funny how you haven’t mention this.

      • Yes, but enough jobs were created to move his inherited 2004 Deficit to a balanced budget by the end of the fiscal year (MA State law). He had only 6 months.

        Afterwards his fiscal year ending was a Surplus and he left a Surplus and Rainy Day Fund to Gov’ Patrick in 2008. As Governor he did many positive things and helped
        MA out of their mess between two recessions.

        Please do not criticize Governor Romney’s record in MA. I lived here and experienced it. If you need more faith the look up his OB from 2004-2007.

  47. This lack of support for the etch a sketch man, by seniors among many others, should not come as any surprise to the GOP. No one knows where Romney stands on anything. If he just had some consistency on any topic people of America would get a bit of an insight. The only consistency we see is his inconsistency, weekly, if not hourly.

  48. you can’t be a bigot , racist, and anti-senior like romney and expect 47% of us to roll over and vote for him. doesn’t leave much else, does it?

  49. Joan you are not much of a poet. I would rely on another source of income unless of course you are an entitlement driven person. Oh you do work well then I sure hope you are outsourced to China.

  50. It was the Governor’s turn. If Ms Crowley was doing her job Romney could have answered the question without the President being rude and interrupting, and without Romney having to say to the President ” You will get your turn”.

    Ms Crowley interrupted the Governor 28 times and the President 7 times. I would say this boxing match had a left leaning moderator.

    Did we watch the same debate?

    • No,,,I think you are way off base in your statement,,it’s because Romney was rude and tried to pull the same tactics he did in the first debate by over stepping his bounds and beating his gums too long ,,,,

      • Then you did not watch the same debate. It was the Governor’s turn to speak when the President attempted to interrupt him, which left the governor no choice in this town hall style, then to defen his time to speak.

        • Facts don’t mean much to people like you, so I am not gonna waste my time and post any. Teapubliklans like you only look at things In a narrow minded way, and your main source is fux news and rush limpball.

          • You are rude and unprofessional. This is suppose to be a discussion not a name calling and incorrect assumptions about people.

      • Thanks for being unprofessional.

        I made my conclusion from the information and research I have done.

        I do not see FB, Twitter, and other media sources as just accepting. People need to read and study and learn.
        When someone cites a fact or source, as Mr Dunlap just has, I take the time to review.

  51. And the President wasn’t or hasn’t been?

    Let’s see this with open head, ears and eyes if we are blessed to have them and they work.

  52. As Romney answered a question on gas prices and oil drilling, Obama, who was sitting behind him, stood up and moved toward his challenger. Romney, who had been facing the audience, turned in the president’s direction.

    The two men moved toward each other, often talking at the same time, until they were just a few feet apart.

    The audience gasped audibly when Romney told an interrupting Obama, “You’ll get your chance in a minute.”

    And they laughed when the president, told that the next question was coming to him, said he was “looking forward to it.”

    Applause in the hall also followed both statements from debate moderator Candy Crowley on Libya — about what Obama said in the Rose Garden and how it took 14 days to paint a fuller picture.

    …Excerpt from the Washington Post…

  53. I just don’t understand how anyone could vote Obama. He F’d stuff up and didn’t do a thing he said he would do. You people think he can fix the mess in another 4 years. Get a life he is a poser all talk no action. Worthless excusse for a human being. How can you vote for someone that hid is school records from the world. What is he hiding? You all were fooled by his speeches and BS he spread and now to stupid to understand you were played!!!!

  54. Some of the elderly may crazy, but this one is not. I would not vote for Obama for any reason. He has done nothing but lie and be deceitful. Congress is now calling a Congressional hearing on his Obamacare because of the deceit involved. Everyone had better do some research and search their circumstances and heart before voting for Obama. Romney is getting my vote!

      • You dismiss Romney easily at your own peril. Does he really look like a guy that would throw elderly people under the bus? I think Romney will be the representative for all Americans, Young/old black/white rich/poor I think he is truly and honestly interested in the welfare of The United States, no hidden agenda just doing what is right for the country. He is the best man for the job of President, he understands what it takes to run a country and what it takes to create jobs. Obama has implemented crushing rules and regulations that make it almost impossible for small business to operate and
        employ people and that’s where many jobs come from, small business. Obama has given us a vast number of unemployed, 47 million people on food stamps (where’s the dignity in a food stamp line) 16 trillion in debt and he still insist on blaming George Bush. He won’t even admit his mistakes in getting our people killed in Bengahzi , insisting it was the fault of the video.
        This guy will not take the blame for anything another four years and he will finish the job he has started, The demise of the United States, are you going to help him do that?

      • Thank you for responding, you are assuredly entitled to your opinion. I have been incorrect on some things and ill informed on some things, however, I have done my home work on this as it directly concerns my life. You should check the facts, stop drinking the kool aid and grow up before calling me a lier.

      • Dapne, Obama is a pathological liar, you must know that by now if you don’t you aren’t paying attention to the situation. Pelosi said, “we have to pass it
        (health care bill) before we know what’s in it”. Is that how you pass legislation as important as health care? What kind of health care bill attaches fines under certain conditions? What kind of health care bill exempts certain
        segments of the unionized society? Obama is playing fast and loose with the health care bill because he knows people will consider it on emotion only and not on it’s true intent or contents. What could possibly be wrong with health care, there’s nothing wrong with health care but that’s not what you’re getting. Wonderful phrase “health care” but what does it really mean and what does it really do? That question remains unanswered by this administration. Think carefully before you buy into this nonsense.

  55. Yeah seniors which many of the various flipping Romney’s will you choose? The one who want’s to kill social security and medicare or the one in the debate who changed his positions on everything. Be careful what you wish for!

  56. Why on earth would anybody not want a universal health-care system that guarantees that everyone can get all essential health care services regardless of ability to pay? Most of the civilized world has medicare; it is time the US did too. I support Medicare and have benefited by it several times. I gladly pay more taxes to enjoy worry-free, exclusion-free universal health-care.

    • You have it now, Obama care is just a ploy to let the government control a large part of the economy. The government can’t run anything what would make you think they can provide sustainable universal health care? You are being conned by a political party that will do anything to hold on to power.

    • Bruce, if you want universal health care, then move to England where it has been in effect for decades. Or try Canada where they also have had it for years. You will soon see why people from Canada come here for medical treatment. I find it interesting that you specifically say “Exclusion-free” in your request. As you get older, you will be excluded from more and more services. You also say you would pay more taxes. Well, no one is stopping you from writing an additional check to the IRS and believe me, they will accept it to pay for more Golf outings and vacations for the first family.

      The government has been in charge of the Post Office and it is broke, they have run Freddy Mac and Fannie May and they are both broke. They have run Social Security and it is broke. And now YOU want them to handle your medical care? You must be kidding or maybe you are on medical marijuana.

  57. Senior citizens should be getting the picture. Republicans are the ones for the one percent and only the one percent. Republicans and Paul Ryan are the ones who wants to voucherize Medicare which means harm to more seniors who are not 55. Paul Ryan was also all for privatizing Social Security when Bush was trying to push that through Congress. Thankfully Congress refused that since the stock market tanked when everything else tanked in the recession.

  58. We seniors aren’t as stupid as you would have everyone believe, we know a con when we see it, we’ve been around the block a few times, your “Romney’s Support Among Seniors Collapsing” just doesn’t work. Obama is the one selling the snake oil.

  59. I’m 77, my husband 78, and we stand firmer than ever in support of Romney. I think your story is misleading and inaccurate.

    • Nan and Greyfox, I agree with both of you. I am bumping 70 and my wife has already collided with that number and both of us are staunch Romney supporters. I believe this poll just like believe all the rest. I can make a poll say anything I want by phrasing the question and selection the people I want to poll. This is just more of the administrations trying to make the news instead of reporting it. These polls are to make news and nothing else. Let the administration believe these reports, Just wait until the evening of November 6th when Romney trounces BHO and all of the lawyers BHO has hired have to actually go to work trying to spin lies and deceit.

  60. this is a month old but now we see his numbers back down among seniors. for the same reason. we pay attention to what is being said and recognize when the emperor has no clothes. Romney cant hide behind empty words or flip flop on issues. he is not fit to be president.

  61. Mitt Romney would have had my respect if he had taken ownership of his health care plan and agreed that it was a model for ACA or Obamacare. Obamacare is not perfect as Obama himself would agree but it does not require repealing but does require improving. Bain Capital is just a company that is trying to make a profit for Romney and its shareholders even if this means laying off workers, closing plants and/or shipping jobs overseas. Romney will not be stupid enough to run the country like he ran Bain. However, his flip-flopping on many issues has not been reassuring to independent voters and will lose him the election.

  62. Seniors will see a lie better than anyone. They have seen and heard it all before. It doesn’t surprise then when support for the greatest liar ever to run for President, dwindles , when the facts are known. Whether they are republican or not, they will not support a person and a Party like the Republicans have presented this time around.

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  64. who in the world could write someting this stupid about loss of support among seniors for romney. I am a senior, and I can tell you, I have never seen this many seniors chopping at the bits to vote for romney the next 45th president of these united states.

  65. Joan, how in the world could you be so proud of a stupid make believe poem like that. I guess it takes all kind on this earth, but omg you win for the nuttest.

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