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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Poll: Rubio’s DREAM Act Even Less Popular Among Latinos Than Mitt Romney

Poll: Rubio’s DREAM Act Even Less Popular Among Latinos Than Mitt Romney

According to a new Latino Decisions poll, the Republican party’s attempts to reach out to Latino voters are falling completely flat.

The poll, which surveyed 609 Latino adults and 500 non-Latino adults across all 50 states, found that Latino voters support President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by an overwhelming 66 to 23 percent margin. Obama’s 43 point lead is unchanged from a November Latino Decisions/Univision poll that showed the president leading Romney 67 percent to 24 percent.

One way that the Romney campaign has tried to turn around its numbers with Latinos is by giving a prominent role to Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio. Unfortunately for Romney, the poll shows that Rubio’s signature policy — a watered down version of the DREAM Act — is even less popular with Latino voters than Romney himself.

87 percent of Latinos support Dick Durbin’s original DREAM Act, which would provide undocumented immigrant youth legal resident status, and eventually a path to citizenship if they attend college or serve in the military. Only 10 percent oppose it.

Rubio’s DREAM Act, which would provide undocumented youth who attend college or serve in the military temporary status on a renewable visa — with no path to citizenship — is supported by only 46 percent of Latinos, compared to 44 percent who oppose it.

When asked to choose between the two proposals, Latinos support the Durbin plan by an overwhelming 82 to 13 percent margin. In other words, when compared to the Democratic-backed proposal, Rubio’s DREAM Act is even less popular than the man whose immigration plan boils down to “deport yourself.”

One way or another, Romney will have to improve these numbers to have any hope of winning the election. If President Obama is able to sweep Latino-filled swing states such as Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, then Romney will have almost no path to the White House.

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38 responses to “Poll: Rubio’s DREAM Act Even Less Popular Among Latinos Than Mitt Romney”

  1. truevoice4real says:

    Latinos will not support the racist GOP….

    • Yea, why would they do that, just because they are Catholic, go to church regularly, tend to be vehemently anti abortion and oppose all attempts to normalize gayness. You people think in the most shallow of stereotypes but this is reality. They are just like other people, as soon as they “get theirs” they too become anti-immigrant.

  2. SaneJane says:

    Immigrants smart enough to want to live in the USA will also be smart enough to reject the GOP.

    • Actually Sane Jane, they tend to be Catholic and anti-abortion and thus they have a babies that you pay for by the litter and throw a party when the Pope comes to town. They are church going and oppose gay marriage and many other progressive causes. Must have seemed like a nice thought at the time huh? Think again. Illegal immigration is a stake in the heart of the progressive movement. Progressives might love minorities but minorities hate progressives and think they are stupid and I am starting to think they are right.

      • SaneJane says:

        Their hate for progressives has yet to show up in the polls. At present 60% favor President Obama. In my opinion the President is not a great progressive but he sure beats the other guy.

        • Lynda says:

          You are correct about President Obama. He is not a great progressive or a socialist, a Maxist, Facist or a Kenyan. He is middle of the road centrist and he has tried to govern as such. He spent nearly three years trying to work with people who believe he is not legally holding office and somehow not qualified. As to the other guy the less said the better.

  3. The entire perspective of all those who write on The National Memo is so far left as to be laughable. It is not racist to expect people to immigrate legally and it is not racist to object to rewarding people for breaking the law, driving down wages, bypassing health screenings and bringing diseases into the country and dropping anchor babies that they expect us to pay for by the litter while in the mean time the real government of Mexico is the drug cartels who we created and continue to support with our suicidal war on drugs. When I read the inability for rational critical thinking on these pages, I question how I got so liberal.

  4. owosso says:

    Everyone of you so called reporters are so far to the left you fall over every time you guys try to stand up!!! Just where did you get all the hate you have in you and your stores that made you reporters that way?????

  5. Brad_Allen says:

    I agree with Larry B. completely, if someone wants to come to the US that is great but do it legally. What makes our country so attractive to immigrants is our culture, economy, and our social institutions. Those institutions were built and thrived because people pay fair taxes and obey our laws. When anyone criticizes Obama or latinos for their stances on given issues they are called racist. I resent being the piggy bank for people looking for a free ride. Government assistance or unemployment benefits are fine for short term, defined situations. Take a drug test, try to get yourself on your feet and get ready to contribute to our country and economy like everyone else.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Sorry. The three year old doesn’t have the ability to stop at the border while his parents cross and ask for a visa application, then camp out there while it’s processed. The DREAM act targets immigrants who travelled here while very young, have no memory of ever living anywhere else, and want to stay.

      If they join the military or get a college degree and are contributing members of society, you are not their piggy bank. When you start drawing social security, they are YOUR piggy bank.

      • Brad_Allen says:

        That is a foolish comment. Are you suggesting that the money from my taxes does not go for all the services my government provides including those that I feel are preventable? The three year old you describe should not be here unless he or she is under the care of a legal resident. They can be here physically but should not have access to services that cost money. Under your premise then if I drop off a three year old to a restaurant they should eat free just because they are there? As far as getting a degree or joining the military that is fine, make the parents make those commitments so we don’t end up funding someone for a decade before they contribute. Have you see the deficit socialism has created for this country?

        • johninPCFL says:

          Apparently you missed the title of the article, it had to do with the DREAM act. Attacking the children for the choices their parents made a decade or more ago has no validity.

          It’s not my premise, it is what you suggest that these children had the choice to do. By the way, in many states you may drop off a child at the ocal fire station and they’ll be set up for adoption.

          Your taxes pay for whatever Congress and your local governments decide, not the parents of these children. Those choices were legislated and signed off by the executive branch.

          “Socialism” didn’t create the deficits, Congressional action and presidential signatures did. “Socialism” is just the new hot buzz word.

        • Lynda says:

          You are correct about the deficit socialism has created for this country. Far too many of our hard earned dollars go to farm subsidies, the military industrial complex making weapon systems the Pentagon does not want, big oil and nuclear being given massive tax breaks and loan guarantees. Tax breaks for those who outsource American jobs in the name of capital gains. The top 1% being provided with all the breaks while small business struggles to survive. Wall Street losing trillions of dollars and the loss being socialized and paid for by you and me. Note I did not mention the idiotic Bush Tax Cuts that added over $3 trillion to the countries debt..sorry I just did. Yep, deficit socialism is indeed a problem, but the Dream Act sure isn’t the problem.

      • Bunny says:

        What about the young immigrants parents ? Are they offered citizenship too? Or do they go back to Mexico ?

    • sabahdabby says:

      The Dream Act is targeted at young people who were brought to the US as children. For most of these individuals, the US is the only country they have known. English is their only language. We are not proposing to give them a free pass. To qualify for permanent residency, then need to graduate from college or servce in the military.

      The bar to qualify is high. I have 6 children, all born in the US. Only 5 meet the Dream Act criteria.

  6. When The GOP/Tea Party Wants To Put Electric Fences Where Our Country Divides I Don’t Blame The Latino’s Not Liking The American Taliban!!!

  7. GOP/tea Party All They Do Is Terrorizes Everybody Different From Them!!

    • Brad_Allen says:

      There you go, calling reality “terrorism”. The US has NO MORE MONEY FOR THESE PROGRAMS! It would be great to have plenty of money to support every cause that someone deems worthwhile but those days are gone. When someone brings up the fact that we can’t afford these programs any longer it becomes terrorism. I would be scared as well if I had no way to support myself of my family but turning to the government to fix all these issues will not work. Have you read the immigration laws of Mexico? If we had half of those provisions there would be no illegal immigrant problem. Come of our country and contribute. If you have a family, get the adults into our systems legally and then we will talk about the kids but you are no more special than the person that was already here. This country needs more people to be self-reliant and lower expectations of the government to support you.

      • howa4x says:

        America has no more money because we subsidize big business, like giving oil companies money to drill or agra business money to grow corn, or giving Haliburton a 6 billion no bid contract for Iraq. Bush presided over the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the super rich in history. The 1% ‘s wealth went up 256% while middle class wages were flat. We have the largest gap between the rich and everyone else in history.
        We are moving toward the knowledge based economy and we need educated people of all nationalites. It is this knowledge that will create the future jobs in a high tech economy. China is moving ahead because unlike us they realize this. We spend the wealth of our country running around the world responding to 911 calls, instead of having free higher education for everyone, not just Latinos.
        It was immigrants that moved this country forward, Einstein, or Salk who eradicated polio, and others had the ideas that created new economies. What ideas are we suppressing denying people access to kowledge.

        The reality is that these people are here just deal with it!

      • Lynda says:

        That self-reliant and lower expectations thing works real well for the millions and millions of people whose job has been outsourced or just plain eliminated. There are far more folks out of work than their are jobs, so pulling up the bootstraps only gets the boots on the feet.

      • My Tax Dollars Can Go To The Needy Not The Greedy!! So You Can Keep Kissing The Koch Brothers Ass But I Work And That What My Say Is!!!

      • It’s The Trickle Down Tax Breaks Is What Costing This Country Not The Program So STOP Lying To Yourself!!! CLINTON GOT RID OF THEM AND WE WERE IN A SURPLUS!!

  8. 113121 says:

    The idea behind the DREAM act is to have a way to work towards becoming legal for children. It is obvious that nothing will make you happy no matter what these people do or don’t do. We see that when you support laws that want five year old kids born in this country to people also born in this country to carry what ever ID de jour anybody at all decides to ask for all day everyday of their waking lives. If microchip id implants ever become law it will be the anti-*immigrant* Republicans who pass it. I wonder if they will be satisfied? I doubt it.

  9. William Deutschlander says:

    During the Reagan & Bush 1 years, illegals flooded into this country, despite the fact we had laws that if enforced, would have slowed the flood!

  10. blyvl says:

    Polls have shown that most Americans aren’t opposed to giving amnesty to the few children who, when very young, were brought here by their parents and have grown up thinking of the U.S. as their home. There were many problems with the Durban DREAM Act proposal, but the main objection was that the criteria to qualify were so broad that it would have given amnesty to as many as 3 million illegal immigrants; it wasn’t just limited to those children.

  11. sabahdabby says:

    Eventually the majority (Latinos, etc,) will vote in their self interest and will not be swayed by the Republican hot buttons. The Dream Act will pass. The TeaPublicans will fade. And I will celebrate.

    Taxes will go up to help pay for many of the programs. The majority will demand it.

    And those who are well off, will no longer get a free ride.

    I am retired and expect to pay about 100,000 in state and federal taxes once I am asked to pay my fair share. At this point, we pay a smaller percentage of our income than our son who is single and works in customer service.

  12. nomaster says:

    Though I am a Libertarian and only wish the Republican and Democratic parties the best in their war of lobby and deception I have to say that Rubio of all people should not become their tool. Ideology, loyalty or what to fit, doesn’t mean anything to solving problems when someone’s dime rings so loud. Take for example Romney believer of all causes and none.

  13. perplejado says:

    Allen, your remarks are as empty as the rhetorical of Rubio. These programs, “Dream Act” do not cost money, but will provide an opportunity for young people, brought to this country through no fault of their own, to gain a college education or to serve this country in the military. It is not a free ride. Furthermore, once educated, they become taxpayers and contributing members of society instead of living on the fringes and looking in on what could be. We are sqandering a resource and the obstinance of people of your political philosophy makes me ashamed and it is even more disturbing that the political right also claims to be Christian torchbearers, but treats innocents so shamelessly. Furthermore, undocuments workers, for the most part file tax returns, pay social security tax, (money they will never recover), and all of them pay sales taxes and property taxes indirectly through rents.

  14. Rosa Flores says:

    No definitely not a person which should be trusted, although it is very Spanish, well he is of Cuban parents who easily slacken in this great country do not have to spend thousand hardships as other migrants

  15. ExPAVIC says:

    Oh Brother

    What a bunch. They are worse than the George W. Bush group.

    The American Taliban Party Republicans cannot even pull off an attempt to pander to the Hispanics.

    Rather a difficult task when party platform says to send them all back to Cuba and beyond, but their presidential candidate wants to save one as a running mate.

    The Taliban must often think that Perry, Cain, or even Gingrich would have been a better choice than the one they are stuck with now.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      That’s the problem.. None of those goof-offs were capable either.. What we got was truly the lesser of all evils (but just barely). Fact is, our choice has always been according to the real ‘chooser’.. Who that mutton head is, no one will reveal and each time someone comes up with a name, he leans back in his chair and laughs hysterically.

      • ExPAVIC says:


        I simply can’t resist. This writer used to be a very staunch Republican, Vietnam combat vet, Young Americans for Freedom, and all the rest.

        On day, I think after coming back from Nam and enrolled in college on the GI Bill suddenly realized that the damn hippies were correct and the SOBs in Washington didn’t give a chubby bunny’s butt about the rank and file citizens out there busting their chops, getting shot up and getting nowhere fast.

        At that point I revised my politics and became much happy, but not much richer for the effort, but the happier made up for it.

  16. Blue says:

    Believe me when I tell you that this individual is scarier than anything that Presoident, Barack H. Obama, can do or has done, so far. He is bad news for not just some Cubanos but many working Latino and Hispanos in America and in Las Americas. Same goes double for Allen West!

  17. Blue says:

    Too bad Marco Rubio wasn’t left behind in Cuba before his family figured they were going to be facing the wrath of Fidel Castro, and hightailed it outta of Cuba, before that took place. The Mafia left too.

  18. I Pay My Taxes Let The Wealthy Pay Their!! They Said The Tax Breaks Were Needed To Create Jobs Bullshit The Only Jobs They Create Is Overseas For The Cheap Labor!!!

  19. Get Rid Of The Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Is The Key!!! When Clinton Did It We Were In Great Shape, Then Here Come The GOP Bush With These Trickle Down Crap Tax Breaks!! So STOP Lying To Yourselves!! Those Programs Are NOT The Problem IT’S THE TAX BREAKS THAT IS HURTING THIS COUNTRY!!!

  20. DurdyDawg says:

    NO!! You must allow them to continue down the road they now travel.. Their supporters have confirmed a win this November and like a boss hawg, Mittens assumes their ‘winning’ declaration relates to him and as a back-up, he’s surrounded himself with butt sniffers and yes men who confirm the original confirmation so why listen to the people? He’s got it in the bag.. Any way, you’re not going to approve of anyone he chooses because first.. You’ve got to approve of him.. (show of arms please).. just as I thought. Just allow them to flush themselves down the $hidder and you can say, “Glad I didn’t vote for’um”..

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