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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Poll: Sarah Palin Would Face Uphill Battle In U.S. Senate Race

Poll: Sarah Palin Would Face Uphill Battle In U.S. Senate Race

Sarah Palin may not be as well liked as she thinks she is in her home state of Alaska. According to a Public Policy Polling poll released on Tuesday, the former governor and vice-presidential hopeful currently holds a dismal 39 percent favorability rating among Alaskan voters.

Earlier this month Palin told Sean Hannity that she was considering entering the U.S. Senate race to replace Senator Mark Begich (D-AK). “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it,” Palin told the Fox News host.

Those people are a clear minority; only 47 percent of voters in the Last Frontier State consider Palin to be an Alaskan, and only 41 percent think she should be running for Senate in Alaska as opposed to Arizona, where the Palin family have a home.

Begich’s seat is critical to Republican hopes of winning a Senate majority, increasing the party’s incentive to find an electable candidate. Right-wing activist and 2010 Republican nominee Joe Miller and Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell have formally filed papers to run for the Republican Senate nomination, and there is growing speculation that former attorney general and current Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan may join the race upon returning from military duty in Afghanistan. If Palin entered the race she would be the favorite in the primary, with the support of 36 percent of Alaska Republicans. Treadwell is second at 26 percent, followed by Sullivan at 15 percent and Miller at 12 percent.

Without Palin in the race, Treadwell would lead with 33 percent, followed by Sullivan at 25 percent and Miller at 24 percent.

Although Palin is the favorite among GOP voters, Treadwell is the best chance Republicans have of ousting Begich. When each Republican candidate was matched up against Begich in a hypothetical general election, Joe Miller and Sarah Palin struggle, trailing the incumbent 55 to 32 and 52 to 40 percent, respectively. Begich leads Sullivan by 7 points, and holds a 4 point lead over Treadwell.

This is promising news for Begich and Senate Democrats: if Palin enters the race she would have a good chance of winning the primary, but falling flat in the general election. If Palin decides to not enter the race, Treadwell would likely triumph in the primary, giving Begich a more difficult path to re-election.

Palin has plenty of criticism for Senator Begich, saying he “has not done what he has promised to do for the people of Alaska and that was to represent what it is that the nation needs in terms of energy development and so many other… development issues that are near and dear to an Alaskan’s heart.” Palin continued, “Because he’s on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Democrat leadership. And that’s a shame. That’s a waste of opportunity for our nation.”

Sarah Palin has time to decide whether or not she’ll run for U.S. Senate, but this poll should serve as a word of caution to the Tea Party darling. Not only do 58 percent of Alaskans polled have an unfavorable opinion of Palin, but she ought to know that her approval rating in the state she once led is equal to President Obama’s—and he lost the state by 14 points in 2012.

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88 responses to “Poll: Sarah Palin Would Face Uphill Battle In U.S. Senate Race”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    When the going gets tough the tough get going…over to Fox that is. There is no way hell that lady has the intestinal fortitude to handle and stick to a uphill race.

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    Great decision Sarah! Considering that the odds are against us as a result of a large number of Democrats running for re-election in 2014, some from red states, this development is like a gift from Heaven.

  3. atc333 says:

    What fun! Bring it on Sarah! I can hardly wait for more Palinisms.!

    • Elarenal says:

      A palindrome is something that sounds the same and means the same whether you say it forwards or backwards.

      A Palin-drone is something that makes no sense in any order you say or read it but the sound of which immediately lowers the IQs of both speaker and listener by at least 40 points.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    It’s time we started to see the GOP Bull Male Dominator Party’s backroom strategy for 2016. Right now, nothing is as important to the GOP Bull Males than shoring up every nook and cranny to save Big Oil. Alaska is a Big Oil state is it not? Put all of the pieces of the GOP Bull Male back room agenda together…TX is pushing Ted Cruz, a Calgary Alberta Canadian born Texified Big Oil boi out there. Add their hopes for Senator Sarah Palin, Big Oil Arm Candy Herself and you have the perfect setting for a White House takeover to insure that the Keystone Pipeline disaster waiting to happen is rammed through. Once you see how desperate these big oil states are, you realize just how much of your tax dollars are being spent on handing over tax subsidies into the double digit billions to get Big Oil from taking a single loss in any given year.

    Meanwhile, Big Oil is seething with rage over CA’s near completion of the Mohave Desert Solar Production facility that will serve one-third of all CA’s energy needs. Now do you see why the GOP Bull Males are all massing like Sam Houston at the Alamo?

  5. latebloomingrandma says:

    She’s too lazy to be a Senator. She never did her homework as a VP Candidate. I can’t see her doing any now. She just wants to stay in the limelight. Any speeches she gives are short on policy and long on snark.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Palin is arm candy. That’s what the GOP Bull Males think all women should be…something to look at and nothing more. She’ll be yet another puppet of the bulls who will dictate her every move. Unfortunately, her reputation as a “doncha” and “betcha” precede her. If she is the epitome of intelligence in the US, we are in serious trouble.

    • lana ward says:

      Howard Dean says Sarah Palin is right and has been right all along

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    What really kills me is how much money we have handed Big Oil in just the last decades…Hundreds of billions…when it wasn’t even necessary. The Solar Industry is outpacing Big Oil and there’s no stopping it. When you hear the right wing complain about “wasteful spending” on welfare, unemployment, disaster relief (of which Big Oil is a major contributor to the disasters), SS and Medicare…remind them that the $39 billion the GOP House Bull Males handed to Big Oil could have been better spent on people who NEED that money …not the Big Oil Big Daddies who don’t.

    • almoore says:

      We would be better off giving that money to us poor working slobs that can’t afford to put gas in our tanks. We’ll spend the money filling our tanks to get to work and it will still end up in the hands of big oil eventually.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        That’s part of the problem. Americans have lost their empowerment in government. We have been subtly crafted to believe we should pay, pay, pay taxes but how dare we expect ROI for what we paid? Until Americans stand firm and realize those taxes belong to all of us…not to corporations like Big Oil, these corporations will continue to be supported solely by our tax dollars. When you don’t have to worry about paying your bills because you know the government will hand you billions in tax subsidies for your business, every dollar they rake in is gravy. That’s patently wrong. Profit is what remains AFTER they pay their bills…not before. All of us as individual taxpayers have a right to safe roads, bridges and tunnels. Nothing in the Constitution assures corporations of our tax assistance. The Founding Fathers intended the collection of taxes to be used for the betterment of all Americans…how can we do that if Big Oil insists on $39 billion in just 3 years?

    • dalnb says:

      What always bother me is how many “reasons” big oil can come up with to support their high price of gasoline. It is always an accident “somewhere”, unexpected cold weather somewhere, problems over seas that “may” reduce availability, a fire in a refinery, bad weather slows production, etc., etc., . If I blow a tire on the way to work I don’t get a pay raise to cover the tire costs.
      America made a mistake when they deregulated the oil industry. NOTHING that the nation as a whole relies upon to the extent we do on oil and gas should be left to the greedy whims of the industry!
      As long as our politicians are elected with money from the oil industry though the American people will continue to be ripped off.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        If you go back to the year the Exxon Valdez spill occurred in Alaska’s most pristine region and follow how much Exxon got away with in terms of actually paying for the fine, you’d be roiling in anger. Months after that Valdez spill, Exxon was hit with a fine. Barely a few months after this, they jacked the price of gasoline and oil claiming it was to help them raise money to pay the Valdez fine. But wait, it’s get dirtier and dirtier. They neve paid that fine…not a dime. Until 2007. Check the number of times and the billions in profits Exxon received through this skankola false claim. So you can see why Big Oil Bush was crucial to win both elections for the Big Oil industry. This is the same dirty Texas cowboy trick they are now trying to pull off for Halliburton and Gulf spill with BP now claiming “they can’t pay the rest of the fine.” BS…And so what do the hotcha GOP Bull Males do now? They haul out of Calgary Alberta Canada a born and bred Canadian, Ted Cruz, they hope they’ll get into the White House. Calgary and all of Alberta is Big Oil Country. There are at least 4 Big Oil Corporate headquarters in gleaming gold glass towers in the heart of downtown Calgary. So now they are claiming this Albertan is a “Texan”…yep…just like cowboy CT Bush ’43 was a born and bred Texan…NOT.

      • Bubba says:

        Not all regulation is wrong, despite the GOP regularly preaching the evils of regulation, and the DNC hiding in their offices to avoid having to act. In the absence of regulations, big corporations run amok, and hire hundreds of lawyers to block anything they don’t like. Ultimately, it is our (the voters) fault for allowing this.

  7. Elarenal says:

    “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it,” Palin told the Fox News host.

    Maybe she could better spendering her time at remedial English classes.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      People? Or the GOP Bull Males looking for some female, any female to put out there to compete with Hillary? Rofl…as if anyone could compete with Hillary Clinton. She’s a vunderkind, unstoppable force the GOP Bull Males must reckon with.

      Notice how the kind of women the GOP Bull Males think are presidential material are all cut from the same misguided fabric? And they wonder why women with any education won’t vote GOP?

      • Kansan says:

        Hillary will be 70 on election day, 2016. I expect that will weigh heavily against her. She may have health problems as well.

        Don’t get your hopes up.

        On the other hand, Michele Bachmann is long past her expiration date, at last!

        But expect some other female GOP hopeful, despite its war on women. I suppose Nimrata Haley, might give it a shot. Kelly Ayotte has a reelection campaign in 2016 so she’s out of the picture.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Nikki Haley is another puppet arm candy toy doll of the GOP Bull Male Dominator Party. Wendy Davis would be a better choice. But she’s politically light just yet. My guess is if Hillary doesn’t run, Elizabeth Warren is a shoo in.

          • lana ward says:

            The country won’t survive 2 communists in a row running it ( into the ground)

          • Kansan says:

            I’d rush to contribute to Warren’s campaign, if she was willing to run.

            Woo, hoo! A new sheriff in town!

      • lana ward says:

        Women who don’t vote GOP, have no decency or morals. They are rotten hags just like Hitlery

    • dalnb says:

      I am sure a comments made to her while a couple of friends are having coffee in the morning does not suggest any support for her. Who else would spend any time with her but her quickly reducing number of friends – she needs to listen to more people than her friends and FOX radicals!

    • Kansan says:

      Please! The woman has a degree in reading teleprompters after enrolling in one college in Hawai’i, transferring to a second there, then heading to a community college in Idaho, from there to the University of Idaho, returning to Alaska probably to get her grades up so she didn’t flunk out, and finally back to the U., finishing in just five years.

      She “…don’t need no education. (She) don’t need no thought control.”

  8. DAK27 says:

    Palin continued, “Because he’s on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Democrat leadership. And that’s a shame. That’s a waste of opportunity for our nation.”

    This is too funny for words. A Republican talking about some Senator that “has to go along with the leadership” of their party. The GOP is nothing but two or three crazy people at the top and every other one following. Not a one can have an original thought or action and all take their marching orders from the Koch brothers, Trump or Limbaugh.

    • almoore says:

      If Republicans do step out of line they get treated like Chuck Hagel.

      “I took an oath of office to the Constitution, I didn’t take an oath of office to my party or my president.”

      ~Chuck Hagel

      I have a lot of respect for Chuck, always have.

      • dalnb says:

        A rare person we should all applauded him. There are few, if any, men or women in Washington who can honestly say the same thing!
        A national “Hagel” day should be established to show the American people still appreciate an honest attitude!

      • itsfun says:

        I wish more politicians felt this way. Maybe we could get rid just one or two people running congress. The way it is now, we should just vote for the house and senate leaders. Doesn’t matter who we elect from our own states, they just do what the party leaders tell them to do anyway.

    • idamag says:

      That is funny when the GOP has a list of rules they must follow.

      • Kansan says:

        A very long list, with candidates required to religiously and regularly parrot standard memes, such as “border security,” “confiscatory taxes,” “burdensome regulations,” and abortion.

    • dalnb says:

      Boy you hit it right on the head.
      It seems the Republican party has nothing but followers (and to some extent the Democrats too) in their party with a few exceptions of the extreme radicals who try to balance their acts between Tea Party Leadership and the Mitch McConnell/Karl Rove/Koch Brother gang!
      It is so obvious that the Republican Party insists on their office holders following party doctrine rather than supporting their constituents. Virtually every Republican akes up in the morning saying the same thing like they all had the same dream; it has too come from talking points. When every Republican in lock step with party leaders choose to bypass an issue it can not be because their constituents from across the nation all are on the same sheet of music.
      My Republican Senator frequently appears on television with other Republicans from the Senate and goes right down the Republican center with his comments but he letters I get from him often suggests he is moving in a different direction; unfortunately he still has to vote the way Republican leadership pushes him. Those who fail to support the Republican agenda, follow the Republican talking points and vote as directed are chancing the Republican Party NOT backing their bills or providing reelection money for them!
      Rather than allow elected officials (from either party) to stay on track with their constituents and voice the support the people who elected them to office the vast majority of elected officials respond to those who bought the office for them and their party leadership.
      We no longer have a “government of the people for the people” but a gaggle of followers inspired by big money and led about by those who through greed are buying America!

  9. Catskinner says:

    I doubt if it matters who the Republicans run. Begich only won last time because of the cynical scam the Democrats ran on Ted Stevens. So Begich is toast in any event.

    • almoore says:

      Yea, I get ya. Ted’s investments in businesses that he directed government contracts to had nothing to do with his demise.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Great. Maybe Alaskans can finally get an answer to why Palin got a free house from the contractor she hired to build the Wasilla public arena. Oddly, the arena project ran over budget by half a million dollars, and she got a half-million dollar house for free. Coincidence?

      • Catskinner says:

        If she got a free house, johnin, why is it that only you know about it?

        • Kansan says:

          Within six weeks of her selection by McCain as his choice for VP, the nation became well aware of the possibility of ethics or corruption charges regarding the labor and materials for the construction of her new, palatial, lakeside home in Wasilla.

          Less than a year later, there was talk of an indictment.

          Max Blumenthal at the Daily Beast posited that the most likely candidate precipitating a federal indictment would be the Palins’ relationship with Spenard Building Supplies, the building contractor that built the $13 million Wasilla Sports Complex. Sarah Palin awarded the contract to Spenard Building Supplies just before she left office as Mayor of Wasilla. Todd Palin told Fox News that he and some friends built his home on Lake Lucille, but he did not add that the building supplies came from Spenard Building Supplies. As mayor, Sarah Palin also blocked an initiative that require the public filing of building permits…

          Rumor has it that federal investigators have been digging into records and documents concerning Spenard Building Supplies and its possible ties to the Palins as well. The Palins’ home on Lake Lucille was built a couple months before Sarah Palin ran for governor of Alaska, a position from which she would have at least some potential leverage in awarding construction contracts.

          And there are other ties between Sarah Palin, her husband, and Spenard Building Supplies. According to Village Voice’s Wayne Barrett, they sponsored Todd Palin’s snowmobile team and hired Sarah Palin to do a television commercial in 2004.

          • Catskinner says:

            There were dozens of frivolous law suits filed against Sarah Palin, but the minute her book came out, and she had money to fight them they all went away. Some of us suspect they were trying to provoke her into dipping into campaign funds to defend herself. But she brilliantly resigned as the governor of Alaska instead. And the bringers of suits are still silent.

          • bladecatz says:

            By the way, Todd is a pimp. The woman he coerced into prostitution wrote a tell all book. He has never denied it and the Palins haven’t sued the woman over the allegations. Their silence speaks volumes.

          • Catskinner says:

            It seems like there’s a whole lot of people who have failed to go through with their threatened suits of the Palins as well.

          • Kansan says:

            i find your claim extremely difficult to believe, even though I know that Todd is a douchebag. He and Sarah hooked up in their early twenties. They were high school sweethearts.

            Just because someone wrote something in a book, doesn’t mean it’s true.

            I’ve never heard of it. Can you furnish a citation for a legitimate source?

          • bladecatz says:

            You can read a very good history of the story at Malia Litman’s blog. The story first appeared in the National Enquirer (yeah, I know but they also broke the John Edwards scandal). The name of the book is Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin – Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal. The Boys Will Be Boys title came from a remark Sarah made when Herman Cain’s dalliances became public. There is an interview in which Sarah admits that Shailey Tripp, who worked as a masseuse in Alaska, gave her a massage. I don’t know if you are aware of the speculation that Sarah Palin faked the Trig pregnancy but if you are then you probably know that the speculation began as soon as she got the VP nod. The Shailey Tripp story didn’t break until January 2011 yet Sarah claims that the rumors about Trig not being her biological child are Shailey Tripp’s fault. Shailey said that the massage that Sarah doesn’t deny having received from Shailey took place in March 2008 and that Sarah was not pregnant. Shailey has even shared paperwork that was filled out before the massage and Sarah denied pregnancy. I know the whole thing might seem far-fetched but if you examine the whole story of Trig’s birth then it becomes evident that something very strange happened. There are verifiable pictures of Sarah during the period she would have been pregnant in which her belly goes from nearly flat to enormous in a short period of time. There are pictures of her looking huge 5 days before the supposed birth of Trig but she was on an Alaska Airlines flight while supposedly in labor but the flight attendants claim that the stage of her pregnancy was anot apparent. You can search Sarah Palin fake pregnancy and if you aren’t aware of the whole story about Trig’s birth prepare to be shocked.

          • Kansan says:

            I’ve unfortunately known the Palin family, all dirtbags except for Todd’s stepmom, for 25 years.
            The conspiratorial “fake pregnancy” story is effing ridiculous, on a par with “pulling Building 7” at the WTC and Kenyan-Muslim.
            It obscured the real story.
            First of all, Bristol’s pregnancy was well known even to her peer group (Mat-Su Valley Girls) even those in Anchorage, long before Sarah’s selection by McCain. It followed Trig’s birth very, very closely. It would have been damn near impossible for her to get pregnant that quickly after delivering.

            She delivered full term.
            Palin knew early in her pregnancy that her fetus had Down syndrome. She was famously anti-abortion, though, picketing the Palmer hospital since back in the ’80s, so she had a dilemma. She would have had to conceal the abortion.
            She is also very self-delusional.
            Because she was thin, was very conscious of her appearance and purposely wore loose fitting clothes at the time, her pregnancy was not obvious. Many of her staff were taken quite by surprise when she told them of it.
            So she did conceal her condition. She had the poor sense, because she’s such a narcissist and attention grabber, to schedule a speaking engagement in Dallas very late in her pregnancy.
            Her water broke, just hours before her speech, but she went ahead with it anyway. My speculation is that she was unwilling to miss the opportunity to get into the limelight and consciously or unconsciously, she really didn’t want to have to raise a developmentally disabled child. Parkside hospital was a short cab ride away.
            She was at great risk of having such a child, given her age. She was in her early forties. The chances of a teenager delivering a child with such a condition are extremely low.
            Please note that she already had four widely spaced children, the youngest of whom, Piper, must have been around seven around the time of Trig’s birth. The extensive care the child required would have hugely distracted from her political ambitions.
            I wonder if she wasn’t drunk when she got pregnant, or was just suffering from magical thinking about its likelihood.
            After the speech, she waited for a plane to Seattle, flew there, had a couple of hours layover, then proceeded on to Anchorage. I can’t recall exactly, but the flight must have taken a good 18 hours.
            She was met at the airport by her husband. They drove past three good hospitals (Providence-a Presbyterian facility, Alaska Regional though they might not have done non-emergency deliveries, and Alaska Native Medical Center-since her child would have been 1/16th Yup’ik) all the way for her to deliver in a clinic in Wasilla.
            No sane mother who was concerned about her baby’s health would have done any of that. It is quite extraordinary that he survived despite her intentional or unintentional efforts. Todd was aware of the situation, so he was in effect a conscious party to the process.
            The subject of whether or not she was trying to avoid a miscarriage or a live birth was far too controversial even outside the mainstream media to ever receive publication.

          • bladecatz says:

            Kansan – Are you saying that you are personally acquainted with the Palin family? If so, then why would you have to guess at Piper’s age when Trig was born? Also, though you seem to know the basic story of Sarah’s wild ride, (as we who believe she did indeed fake the pregnancy), call her trip from Dallas back to Alaska, you have some of the facts wrong. Todd was with Sarah in Texas so how could he have met her when her plane landed? Speaking of hospitals, Mat-Su Regional was not even certified to handle the birth of twins, much less the premature birth of a Down Syndrome child. I am not saying that Bristol is definitely Trig’s mother; just that Sarah isn’t.

          • Kansan says:

            Yes, I’ve known them for 25 years. I’ve never hung out with them.

            However I moved from Wasilla the month Bristol was born, four years before Willow and eleven years before Piper was born. Track was a toddler.

            I haven’t lived in South Central for 21 years.

            I was quite familiar with Track and Willow’s serious problems with the law, despite my absence.

            I owned property in Wasilla and Big Lake until ten years ago and still visit with friends in Wasilla and hear from them every week or so, I’d guess. I intended to go there five weeks ago but had some health problems that kept me at home. I heard from four people in Anchorage yesterday and one today.

            I didn’t know that Todd was on the plane with Sarah as I’d never seen it mentioned in print. I did know that he drove her to Mat-Su, though.

            I’ve never heard of a clinic that could deliver children that couldn’t handle a Down syndrome child and am not aware, if it’s true, that Trigg was premature. I don’t know why a clinic couldn’t handle a child that was at or was close to full term. I just tried to call my sister who is an expert but she’s not home nor answering her cell.

            What is your source for those assertions?

            I’ve worked in clinics and hospitals. .

            I asked you for your source on your claim that Todd was a “pimp.” I’ve never heard of the book nor the author. I’m not going to spend time on research to determine whether or not her account can be trusted but I’m guessing it’s probably hogwash.

            I couldn’t remember what month Trig was born, but guessed it was late March. It was mid-April.

            I guessed that Piper was about seven when her little brother was born. I was right.

            I knew that Sarah was doing coke probably years before Joe McGinness ever heard of her. My source was in Anchorage where she’d been working but there was a huge amount of coke snorting going on in Wasilla at the time. I knew she had been busted in Dillingham which has never been published.

            Your notion that Trig is not Sarah’s but may not be Bristol’s is really incredibly far fetched. You think Sarah found him under a cabbage leaf?

            Women are infertile for at bare minimum three weeks after childbirth though breast feeding can delay that much longer. Bristol delivered Tripp full term, 286 days after Trig was born, less than 41 weeks later. Please do the math and give up this silliness.

          • bladecatz says:

            Kansan – Shailey Tripp, the woman who claimed Todd was her pimp lived in the Wasilla area. She claims to have met Todd when he was called to a school where she was working as a substitute teacher because one of the kids who she never named but I assume was Willow, was misbehaving. This was shortly after Sarah was elected Governor. Ms. Tripp also worked as a licensed massage therapist in Alaska. Apparently he befriended Ms. Tripp and they began a sexual relationship. Shortly after, he began sending clients to Shailey Tripp for services.

            I have done research on her and verified her license in Alaska. I have also searched the Alaska court records and Ms. Tripp was arrested by the Anchorage Police Department in 2010 for prostitution. When the National Enquirer broke the story about Todd and Shailey, a spokesman for the the APD, at the request of the Palin family attorney, John Tiemessen, issued a press release stating that there was not one scintilla of evidence connecting Todd Palin to Shailey Tripp. However, there was evidence seized by the police plus the APD records indicate that a person named William Fortier, a tenant in an office adjacent to Ms. Tripp’s complained that he saw Todd Palin at Ms. Tripp’s business and that whenever Todd was there he heard noises that sounded like people having sex. The APD spokesman when confronted by attorney Malia Litman admitted that he issued a statement without confirming facts. Here is a link to Ms. Litman’s report of her conversation with the APD spokesman and a link to some of the evidence linking Todd to Shailey Tripp.



            As for thinking that Sarah is not Trig’s biological mother being “silliness”, there are just too many inconsistencies for me to be convinced that Sarah gave birth to Trig. With the teen pregnancy rate in Alaska being so high, attaining a baby wouldn’t really be that hard, especially a Down Syndrome baby that someone may not have wanted to raise. I, also, am not convinced that Bristol was pregnant in the fall of 2008. Call me a loon but I think some strange things went on in Alaska and are still going on.

          • Kansan says:

            The fiction that there were “dozens” of lawsuits filed against Palin is complete crap. There were some, but the state covered the vast majority of the costs of defense. A few, such as the one filed by Chip Thoma, were found to be frivolous. Even then, the judge refused to award her costs.

            Most that were filed were legitimate, for numerous ethical violations and for her refusal to give up more than 1,100 e-mails that were the subjects of perfectly reasonable requests.Her story, as usual, was bogus. She just realized that she could make considerably more money running her mouth on Fox or campuses or at conventions.

            Sarah has never done anything “brilliant” in her life. The woman’s an idiot.

        • DetroitSam says:

          “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” — Abraham Lincoln

          JohninPCFL, among others, knows about this because they care enough about themselves to be informed.

          You, on the other hand, probably spend yuour days inb your parent’s basement watching Fox. And trolling.

          Google is free, learn to use it.

          • Catskinner says:

            The publication looks a little fishy, not some upstanding journal you’d find on Fox News, but the final question has to be: Why didn’t it play out?

        • bladecatz says:

          Lots of people know about the free house and the pregnancy that never was, also, too.

        • idamag says:

          You are about the only one who doesn’t know about it. None so blind as those who do not want to see.

    • Kansan says:

      There was nothing “cynical” about his prosecution, which was brought by Republicans. Begich is leading all announced Republicans in the polls.

  10. JDavidS says:

    Sarah Palin would face an uphill battle correctly adding 2+2…tying her shoes… identifying the three branches of government…the list goes on…

  11. hjs3 says:

    The gift that keeps on giving…

  12. ram1020 says:

    I don’t think she’ll take the pay cut.

  13. FT66 says:

    I would love to see that she jumps into the competition. This will be like that race of Sherry Angle of Nevada. I have a full trust in people of Alaska, they want to show the nation that they also have power and they can use it whenever they get a chance. Jump into it Sarah. We all learn from the lesson we are taught.

    • idamag says:

      Hey, she has lots of foreign policy experience. She can see Russia from Alaska. Now, try to beat that for foreign policy experience.

  14. sigrid28 says:

    Shhh! If Palin is going to run, just let her take the primary and secure the Democrats’ seat in the Senate for another six years. Oh, wait. I forgot. Republicans don’t smarten up even when the cat is out of the bag. OK to let Palin sell a few more papers.

  15. Lovefacts says:

    As much as I’d love to see Palin run and lose the general election, she won’t. She makes too much money from Fox and her speaking engagements. She’s never risk that. But in case she does, I can just see the ads. “My opponent believes serving two years of a four year term was sufficient as Governor. Can Alaskans trust her not to bail after serving three years of a six year Senate term?

  16. graysailor says:

    Fox is the only channel she can get any coverage. I don’t think she stands a chance but as I often have to remind myself this country elected Shrub not once but twice.

  17. dalnb says:

    Surly the people of Alaska are better educated and understanding than to think Sarah Palin would serve them well as a Senator in Washington!
    No one can say she is not a person of interest and she certainly sprang upon the American people and in spite of her causing John McCain to loose his bid for the White House she has continued to show she is not what America needs in any political office.
    Palin’s political record is one of Quite first and complain more! She has spent short periods of time in various political office from being a part time mayor in a small Alaskan community to a short term governor and a shorter term as a V P Selectee that most people feel was a forced effort by GOP leadership to ensure the Republican Part did bot win the 2008 presidential elections. The GOP knew fixing the mess being left behind by Bush would take a lot of time, money and unpopular decisions and they did not want the Republican Party to show-up as the bad guys over the next four years. That pushed them to bring Palin on too ensure the loss of the Republican presidential nominee.
    Palin took Karl Rove and Dick Cheney serious and truly believes she has the skill and talent to change America! Like so many that seem to be coming out of the woodwork in the last ten-fifteen years she talks a good talk but has shown nothing but an ongoing ability to make a fool of herself and bail-out before it gets too hot!

  18. Elarenal says:

    Thank Mccain for pulling an out of her depth failing governor of Alaska onto the national stage. There was and is nothing there.

  19. old crow says:

    Should be fun when that new book hits the shelves exposing all her lies..

  20. JulieZ77 says:

    Siren Sarah is a little retarded, but of course the right wing morons wouldn’t notice.

    • Kansan says:

      A “little” retarded?

      Just like the Sahara desert is a “little” dry and the Pacific Ocean is a “little” wet.

    • Yvette White says:

      The bitch is a dig bat tell the hoe. To give her man back his balls cause we all know who the man is and that family and it ani’t tod

  21. Mark Forsyth says:

    Palin is a nut in search of a wrench.She should shut up and go help her husband catch salmon.

  22. FT66 says:

    I have to ask National Memo why do you use old pictures of Sarah Palin? For god’s sake the woman will turn to a half century of her life in a matter of few months. She looks now like any woman of her age with grandchildrens clawing at their backs!.

    • idamag says:

      Did you see her lately. She is still good looking, but she now has a new image. She is no longer the Pentecostal poster girl.

  23. Kansan says:

    Palin’s popularity in Alaska was declining rapidly even before McCain selected her for V.P., even though she did massive vote buying by sending every Alaskan a $1,200 check. By the time she quit, she was one of the least popular governors in the U.S.

    This article is right, however. She could win a primary of the hard core faithful.

    She does have a home in Arizona, probably her main residence, but she has one in Alaska as well. Her daughter Bristol, after massive plastic surgery to change her appearance, has just moved from her own home in Arizona back to Alaska.

    Joe Miller, a pathological liar and prodigious hypocrite, was Caribou Barbie’s choice for U.S. Senator to run against incumbent Lisa Murkoiwski. He won the primary against her three years ago, but flamed out so much that she filed as a Republican for a write in candidacy and hammered him in the general election, A substantial portion of Democrats favored her after a relatively unknown place holder won that party’s primary, and she won easily.

    Until recently, Mead Treadwell could have been a strong candidate to replace Begich. However, the newly elected Republican gerrymandered legislative majority passed a bill to give billions to oil companies in return for nothing at all. It was so unpopular it generated a bipartisan repeal initiative which quickly gained sufficient signatures to appear on the ballot next year. As Lt. Governor, Treadwell is in charge of elections in that state and he was foolish enough to allow a bogus internet method for petition signers to remove their names from the petition. Only three did so, out of over 30,000 who had signed. I suspect Mead has sealed his fate with that boneheaded move.

    Dan Sullivan is a dark horse. He hasn’t done anything yet to make himself terribly unpopular, but the potential presence of the other three could dilute the pool of contributors and he is the least well known of the three. He is a Marine reservist, Lt. Colonel, and was deployed to Afghanistan this month for six weeks, so expect him to play the “combat veteran” card.

  24. Elarenal says:

    Palin was pulled from obscurity for the express purpose of making women in politics look like a really bad idea. They have sure gotten a lote of mileage out of this one. Makes me wonder if MCCain really is the Manchurian Candidate??

  25. AmFem101 says:

    Com’on people! Think of the entertainment value!

  26. Founders1791 says:

    Hilarious Bias in this Corrupt Poll of a hard Red State

    Poll respondents – woman 55%, men 45%
    Alaska demographics – men 52.5%, women 47.5%

    Poll respondents – Dem 20%, Rep 32%, Ind/other 48%
    Alaska 2012 vote – Dem 14%, Rep 27%, Ind/other 57%

    Poll actually smears Sarah Palin in Q23 by asking if she
    should run from Arizona instead of Alaska!

    This is a typical “push poll” to further a propaganda meme from this notorious democrat contributing pollster owned by North Carolina liberal Dean Debnam.


  27. Bubba says:

    Please run Sarah. Time to put those final nails on your political career. You took your five minutes, and managed to embarrass America for years. The sooner you run, the sooner you loose, the sooner you go away.

  28. Kevin Craig says:

    Please tell the “Air Head” the senate job requires six years. Given she couldn’t complete four as governor it’s highly unlikely she’ll want the job. Bottom line, it’s a campaign scam for her to refill her empty money buckets.

  29. WaitWut says:

    No chance she runs, this is all about attention. I’m just surprised her daughter hasn’t tried this trick yet, but maybe she got her ego bruised with all those failed shows.

  30. Bubba says:

    Palin would have difficulty winning any election because:
    1) She is ignorant.
    2) She is corrupt.
    3) She is a quitter.
    4) She repeats herself.
    5) She is ignorant.
    6) She is corrupt.
    7) She is a quitter.
    8) She repeats herself.

    And her five minutes were up five years ago.
    I do hope she runs, because she is a reminder of what Republicans have become: populist hacks who prey on fear and righteousness. Sarah hurts the GOP more than the loser Democrats ever will.
    Run Sarah Run!

  31. Jonathan Jammariao says:

    I was so happy to see the end of Palin.

    It is interesting when pretty faces think they can do anything just because they look good.

    Palin forgot that you need a brain too.

  32. Yvette White says:

    I hope that this stupid bitch runs cause it will surly give us back the House IOC she runs its a sure bet,so I hope the bitch runs,and the Republicans know it to.

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