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Friday, February 24, 2017

Carly Fiorina might just might be emerging as the GOP’s alternative to Donald Trump, according to the new Morning Consult poll — but The Donald is still way ahead.

The big news for Fiorina in the poll, which was conducted among Republican voters who watched Wednesday night’s debate, is that 29 percent said she was the winner. Another 24 percent of respondents said that Trump was the winner. All the other candidates were in single digits on this question — meaning that Fiorina was the only one to truly steal some attention away from The Donald, though Trump is still maintaining his overall position.

In the electoral horse race itself, though, Trump is in first place with 36 percent — actually a small increase from his 33 percent support in last week’s poll. Ben Carson is at 12 percent, down from 17 percent. And Fiorina is at 10 percent, up from 3 percent last time.

As the graph shows, the most obvious shift in voters appears to be away from Carson and over to Fiorina, in the race to be the alternative to Trump.

In addition, Marco Rubio is at 9 percent, Ted Cruz 7 percent, and Chris Christie and Jeb Bush have 6 percent each. The graph also clearly illustrates the steady decline of the frontrunner Bush.

Photo: Donald Trump talks with Carly Fiorina after the conclusion of the debate. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson. Graph via Morning Consult.

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53 Responses to Poll: Trump Way Up, But Fiorina Gains Ground

  1. 36%. That is huge. HUGE. It’s also simply amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this in Presidential elections, nor did I ever think that I ever would. My wife and I will sit and laugh and laugh through a Trump stump speech, and parts of the debates. He really tickles her funny bone. She practically burst a gut laughing during the debate when Trump remarked that Rand Paul’s looks gave a lot of material for insults…and then the look on Rand’s face after that. Priceless.

    Trump is the best. Don’t get me wrong though. Please feel free to interpret the word “best” however you want to.

    • Those of us who have lived with constant Donaldisms for more than 3 decades, know Trump has one serious flaw: lack of consistency. He will go after something he thinks he wants and then when something more enticing comes along, he’s gone. His Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City being one of his “wants” that came and went.

  2. Judging by the way Trump harps on other peoples’ looks we can only conclude that he must have a lackey whose only job is to see that mirror never gets close to Trump.

        • Down in the south and across the corn belt, they can’t tell a liar from the Pope. You expected them to know what we all do about Trump?

          Goes to show how utterly ignorant they are. Trump is by far the most dangerous of their GOP candidates for one reason. He is a dirty dealing, double crossing thug who has quite a record of “art” to his “deals.”

          • Thank you…Those links are great. Wouldn’t you think that these people would realize how out of step they are with people in the rest of this country? Can they really be that isolated?

          • I would think that but they seem to be more entrenched in ideology than good sense.
            They thrive on repeatedly hitting themselves in the head with a hammer and then blaming everyone else for their pain.

          • You know as well as I do that any government that falls prey to ideologues ramming their ideology down the throats of the masses always ends up in revolution.

            If you listen to the kids in college right now, they are furious that their now middle aged parents sat back and watched the environment grow ever more dangerous, the government become ever more corrupt and big business as the secret operative of government. This is that THEY are saying.

            For those of us who were 60s protesters, these college age kids are beginning to sound like we did. The bigger difference is that they are most concerned about the direction their country will take them. And they know that conservatism is a huge lie to hide the corruption.

          • My thoughts too.
            Now we have to get them to the polls and not just for presidential elections. We need them out there for state and municipal elections too because that is where politics affects them most.

          • One thing that’s needed is a watch dog group with enough clout to stop the phony claims of voter fraud and attempts to deny voters their rights to vote.

            One of these groups is the League of Women Voters. They should, by now, have already set up watch dog groups in various parts of the country, especially in those gerrymandered voting districts that attempt to prevent voters from voting for petty reasons.

            The other group that needs to do their job is the US Board of Elections. It’s their job to see to it, that elections are fair, balanced and without money influence.

            Once you see that the GOP today doesn’t represent voters but the corporations who fund their campaigns, stricter voting rules need to have razor sharp teeth. Given their way, the GOP would as soon end all elections in favor of running a nationwide corporation, not government.

            We can all focused our state reps on the need for both of these groups to do their jobs.

  3. Attacking Trump during the debate from almost all candidates was a silly move. People especially supporters were watching. It has been a trend when you attack Trump, you go down in polls and he goes up. What was the use then of attacking him and what to do now? Poor calculation.

    • Did you say – it was silly move for candidates to attack Trump? Well then GOP is stuck with Trump. And where is Walker – drowned by the Chris and Trump. I did not see him during the debate.

      • Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Nothing like the white bread GOP boys and lone she wolf all donning boxing gloves. Nothing as wonderful as a GOP “knock down, drag out” in front of TV audiences. And you actually think the American people with any brains will vote for these pretend Mike Tysons? Think again.

          • You have to admit…these guys and gals are a long, long way from the party of Eisenhower and Stevenson. In fact, I see the Wall Street cock roaches boarding buses every day like mindless sheep on their way to branding. That’s what this line up of the GOP looks like. Mindless sheep on their way to herding and branding.

  4. The very fact that some dipshit White Supremacist had the balls to stand up in front of Trump and call the President of the United States a Muslim, while Trump stood there silently tells me all I need to know about how far “south” the GOP has fallen.

    • Eleanore, I always look forward to your comments. Invariably you say what I want to say, but you say it so much more eloquently than I can.

      • Billh…Thanks but I’m unafraid to call the bluff of the GOP or right wing. I know they are gas bags about to explode in their own faces.

        • Unfortunately I can’t be as outspoken as I’d like. I live in suburban Houston, I’m surrounded by these nuts, and most of them are “packin’ heat”

    • Guess you know what Obama is because I don’t. Looks like he joined Wright’s church to further his activist program and it sure worked for him!

      • AWwwwwww…poor you. You didn’t get a pure, white Aryan male in the White House? How about you do us all a favor and get an education…preferably not one in the Corn Pone or Mutton Chops states.

        Do you men and women (and I use that term loosely since you act like 6 year old tantrum pulling brats) ever consider how you sound to others? Or do you only always hear only your own ignorant voices?

        President Obama saved your butt from a disaster you righties were hoping would “eff” up this country so you could take over and march in the streets like a scene out of the movie “Road Warrior.”

        Now, all of you little runts with no brains sit on your butts bone idle and doing nothing remotely productive with your lives.

        In the paraphrased words of JFK, you contrary buffoons believe, “Ask not what I can do for my country. Ask what MY country can do for ME.” Take you Me Me Me BS to your McMommie.

  5. I remember at one of Mitt Romney’s town halls, a lady said something about getting “this monster out of the White House”, and he shook his head yes and did not refute the woman. I don’t remember anyone chastising Romney about this.

    • The kickback is coming about the assertion of “getting rid of muslims”, not from the Obama is not a citizen/is a Muslim. Thinking Obama is a monster is Free Speech (dumbass free speech, but …). Getting rid of citizens is NOT free speech. It is sedition.

      • You are right. However, there have been a lot of comments about the “Obama is a Muslim” meme, It also takes a certain amount of courage to refute that or any extreme disrespect against the current POTUS. If people are running for this office, they should show some respect for the office, while disagreeing with the current person’s policies.
        But of course that is not a reality show mentality that people seem to want.

  6. I had warned Carly and Dr. Carson not to join those Repub and TP men. They are sexists and racists. This woman was way up in performance. But then GOPers remembered she was a woman-not good looking.So they polled lower. I told Dr. Carson to join us Dems; but would not listen to me. He hates Obamacare for it helps Blacks. Carson does not know that he is Black and that Repubs and TPs hate Blacks. You remember how Repubs and TPs treated Allen West at the polls. They dumped him. It is not too late for Carson and Carly to abandon GOP and join us the good people.

    • Not if they want to big the rich more tax brakes, and not if they want to impose on women’s rights, and not if they won’t raise the minimum wage.

  7. Fiorina’s whole basis fgor running is her business record. She ran two companies, HP and Lucent into the ground. Subtract them from the equation and she is just an empty skirt with absolutely nothing to offer.Oh yeah. When she ran for the senate in California she was crushed.

  8. It is a hoax. Trump is just trying to prove that with enough money, $100 million, he can buy the presidency. If the GOP in their primary are gullible enough to nominate this wind bag, they deserve what they get.

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