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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

According to a Quinnipiac poll released Friday, a majority of Americans believe that the Republican party bears responsibility for the gridlock that is paralyzing Washington, D.C.

The poll finds that 51 percent of voters say that there is gridlock because Republicans are determined to block any Obama administration initiative, while just 35 percent say that the blame lies with President Obama lacking the skills to convince congressional leaders to work together.

When asked which party bears the blame for Washington gridlock, 23 percent say Republicans, 10 percent say Democrats, and 64 percent say both parties deserve equal blame. Similarly, 68 percent of voters say that congressional Republicans are doing “too little” to compromise across the aisle, compared to 53 percent who say the same about President Obama.

Even within the Republican Party, voters are clearly frustrated with nonstop obstruction; the poll finds that 49 percent of Republicans think their party is doing too little to work with President Obama on important issues, with 14 percent saying that Republicans are doing too much, and 32 percent saying that the GOP’s level of compromise is “about right.” In other words, a plurality of Republicans want to see their own party re-commit to governing.

These results closely mirror the findings of a Democracy Corps battleground survey and focus groups, in which even red-state Republicans expressed a strong desire to see the GOP work with Democrats.

The Quinnipiac poll also finds that, due to the high level of gridlock in Washington, voters have very little confidence that Congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform. Although 54 percent of voters believe that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay in the country and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship — compared to 28 percent who say they should not be allowed to stay, and 12 percent who think they should stay with no path to citizenship — just 27 percent think that Republicans and Democrats in Congress will be able to work together to pass comprehensive reform. An overwhelming 69 percent of voters believe that Congress will fail.

Quinnipiac’s findings suggest that the American public would likely be receptive if Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Senate Democrats follow through on their threat to reform the filibuster in response to unprecedented Republican obstruction.

The poll also examined the upcoming 2014 congressional elections and the 2016 presidential election. Democrats lead Republicans on the generic congressional ballot by a 39 to 34 percent margin — not far off from the estimated 7.25 percent popular vote margin that would be required for Democrats to win a House majority. Voters disapprove of both congressional caucuses, although the Republicans are far less popular; 71 percent disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling their job, while just 19 percent approve. By contrast, voters disapprove of congressional Democrats’ job performance by a 62 to 29 percent margin.

Quinnipiac’s glance at the 2016 presidential election finds that Hillary Clinton remains the extremely early frontrunner; the former Secretary of State holds a solid 55 to 38 percent approval rating, and leads the highest-polling Republican — Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey — by a 46 to 40 percent margin.

The poll surveyed 2,014 registered voters between June 28th and July 8th, and has a +/- 2.2 percent margin of error.

The full results of the Quinnipiac poll can be seen here.

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100 responses to “Poll: Voters Blame Republicans For Washington Gridlock”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    Gee it appears that the American voters are brighter than I imagined. Of course most of the blame belongs to the ‘right,’ yet there is still plenty of blame to go around. I find it amusing and sad that a full 35% blame the President for not kissing up enough to the members of Congress. The members of Congress are suppose to be adults, and as such, should not require strokes from the President in order to work together. I wonder what these folks think the President could do that would help the congressional types stop the obstruction and actually do their jobs?

    • InsideEye says:

      They are doing their job, everyone has their positions. Democrats hate restrictions on destroying the Constitution . Republicans hate anything that will destroy the Constitution . Stalemate works well, look at how well “The 0bama Sequestration” is lowering the deficit and minimizes spending . I will definitely vote for him next time…. I was wrong about the Presidents Economic theory. Maybe he did attend Columbia.

      • OakenTruncheon says:

        Actually, there are currently two Republican Parties, on is composed of corporate shills and free-lance swindlers. The other is composed of religious cultists and fee-lance swindlers. The all talk a lot about defending the Constitution, but, based on on their actions, most of them have never actually read it, or they only use parts of it to advance their personal agendas.

        The Democrats are a more complex den of thieves.The corporate shills in this box tend to have more diversified portfolios, than the Republican version, but are just as wholly owned. Their task is harder, in some ways. They have to appear populist and progressive, (or liberal, if you prefer, the difference is largely marketing semantics), and sometimes have to tap-dance for prolonged periods. The Republicans have the luxury of being more forthright in their respective venality, or fanaticism.

        Fewer free-lance swindlers remain within the Democratic Party, though this has not always been the case. I attribute this to a general laziness on their part. This doesn’t mean they lack ambition, far from it, this unhealthy combination of laziness and ambition is largely why people become free-lance swindlers in the first place. I suspect they just find it easier to get, and stay, elected as Republicans, due, I believe, to the very effective gerrymandering and information sequestering efforts of the Republican Party, and their corporate sponsors. Democrats, especially their middle-class contingent, are generally better educated, and informed, so they demand a higher class of political malfeasance, usually one targeted at their rather naive sense of idealism and ethical superiority, which is too often rooted in profound moral cowardice.

        • InsideEye says:

          Unfortunately true, it is sad that bills have to be loaded with crony earmarks so they can pay off some of their constituents at home. I want to have more confidence in those in congress. I wish there was a bull horn to use and call them out on these mis appropriations ,They flip off any criticism, and nothing happens, can the common man who pays for this have any other legal recourse other than wait for the next election.

      • Mark Forsyth says:

        The inside eye is blind!

      • RobertCHastings says:

        “Republicans hate anything that will destroy the Constitution.” Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the green curtain. FISA has been around since the Carter administration. However, when was the Patriot Act put into law, and by whom was it signed into law?

        • InsideEye says:

          As you say, FISA HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE 70’s,, and added to since then. There are different times and requirements for different intrusions by the enemy. I used to feel OK by this if used for altruistic national goals. But it seems some information gathering may be out of control, and should be reigned in. Certainly the Internet is fully opened, no one should be surprised at information gathering. other than for National Security, monitored by honorable congressional oversight. Any violations should be severely curtailed and internally dealt with. We do not have to advertise our capabilities to subversives.

        • rustacus21 says:

          Uh, Excuse me, but we should be clear & definitely NOT mix up the very FINE, thorough, CONCISE & clearly COMPREHENSIBLE FISA legislation, that was composed by a mature & responsible Democratic Congress, as opposed to its current disfigurement of slack, lazy, partisan & irresponsibly random representation of the original law (See:! I’m not sure the intent of U’r comment & if I seem a bit on edge, I’m currently under surveillance for… whatever reasons & it’s hard to tell if it’s government, private contractors, or a mix of the above, but my work on a blog ( or my befriending Arab fellow students that I shared classes w/must figure into it. My past is an open book, as is the case w/many Liberal/Progressives also under some sort of crazy investigation, but my point is in its original inception, Democrats AND Republicans presided over an intensely responsible bill, reaching consensus that all could feel comfortable would ‘SERVE’ the American people ably. What happened to FISA in the last 11 years has been an abomination made worse by the error-prone, guilt-ridden 2001-2009 administrations’ paranoia that it was their administrative laziness that allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur & then, made the American people the victims of their stupidity, so we’d not to even notice the confluence of events leads back to their irrational ‘shrinking government’ obsession. Currently, the lack of competent judges (see: has lead to an arbitrary, schizophrenic system that is now completely as out of control as it is incompetent, as compared to what it was ‘INTENDED’ to achieve…

      • Patricia Houghtalen says:

        I have not seen one instance where Democrats have tried to destroy the Constitution. I see many with the obstruction of government by GOP which borders on violation of the Constitution and of their oath of office to work for the people. They have worked for lobbyist representing their finances. Not one thing this year has even been attempted by the GOP that is for the people or the economy. Deleting prevision for food stamps for poor children with the Farm Bill is an absolute crime on the part of the GOP. How low can they go before everyone says no more. This government with its Constitution is suppose to be by the people and for the people not for the rich and by the rich.

        • InsideEye says:

          The food stamp bill should be a separate appropriation , not earmarked as most bills are. Every bill should stand on its own merits. If we need a new bridge on the Missouri River, or a new tunnel across to NY, we should do it in separate bills, it should be nationalized, because it affects all of us, and not pork barreled, hidden from view….there is no reason for that UNLESS, funds are being used for nefarious reasons. All politicos work for, are paid by lobbyist, some may not be influenced, but do take the money. I consider amnesty a violation of the will of the people and against the Constitutional, forcing low income people to pay for insurance also. The rules for the wealthy are wrapped up in IRS promulgations. , written by our Congress. The IRS must be scrapped, and a flat tax for all even Corporations and us.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            The Food Stamp Bill has always been part of Agriculture appropriations. No one but you considers it an earmark. Your estimation of those opposed to “amnesty” is way overblown, probably by a factor of 2, if not more. Perhaps 60 – 80% of Republicans are opposed to it, but not of the total population.
            The wealthy for generations before Ronald Reagan paid much higher tax rates than the rest of us, without all the deductions and benefits of our current tax system and, believe it or not, the wealthy were very wealthy, just like they are today. By the end of WWII the highest tax rate was 90%, and that did not come down until Kennedy reduced it to 70%. Reagan’s cuts reduced the upper rates to half of what they were during the Kennedy administration, leading to one of the few smart things Reagan did – raising taxes, 5 times during his tenure. “Trickle down” was demonstrated in the 80’s to be a sham, and yet Republicans have continued to try to push it through. A significant percentage of the largest corporations in this country have paid no taxes over the past decade, yet constantly complain about the high corporate tax rate. At least you do seem to understand part of the plight of the poor in their inability to maintain insurance on their families, a situation that will be remedied by ACA when it is fully implemented.

          • charleo1 says:

            Thanks Robert! You can lead the them to the water.
            Or as Dorothy Parker said.”You can lead a whore to culture,
            but you can’t make her think.” You know? The Farm Bill?
            Whore to culture? You’re the only one that gets my jokes!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            I thought I was the only who had ever used the “whore to culture” line. We understand each other better than I thought.

          • InsideEye says:

            It is not a true earmark as such, but all bills should be open and not hidden, passed on its own merits. There will be day as in NYC and now Mexico where many are obese, ostensibly , not starving, When food stamps will no longer be necessary….and we will still be making appropriations for it……facetious of course, the Hurricane Sandy relief appropriation was held back because of nonsense earmarks attached to it. If the 47% of citizens and the corporations that do not pay taxes, pay up a bit through a National Sales tax used only for Medicare/healthcare and SSN….There would be a fairly, paid for system. Only the WORKING middle class? are paying into supporting the Social Care Systems. That is why people are getting ticked off.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            IF you are retired and receiving Soc. Sec. and Medicare, you are not receiving these gratis. I pay a Medicare premium of about $100/month, plus and additional supplement premium and part D premium (prescription drugs) of about $180/month, so my Medicare is NOT free and I DO pay taxes on it. My Soc. Sec. check is taxed as income, which it is, and I DO pay tax on that income. I am not unique or unusual in this, and I am among the 47% whom Romney and his comrades (and, apparently you) just blow off. Millions of Americans are in the same situation I am in and being written off as deadbeats and sponges.
            You are still viewing the Welfare system as what it WAS in the 70’s and 80’s, BEFORE Clinton changed it significantly, and still harbor a baseless bias against those on welfare. Food Stamps, WIC, and all the other federally funded programs that give assistance to individuals and families that could not make it without this help are not the excesses of an overreaching federal government but the benefits of living in a CHRISTIAN society that was instructed by Jesus to help the poor and needy and NOT to smother themselves in their own greed. People are ticked off because, as with the ACA, they simply do not understand how these programs work and, lacking adequate information, will listen to whomever provides them with information. And, if the information is propagandized, then what they think about these programs will be affected. Do you think that what people hear about Social Security and Medicare (and the ACA) from Fox and Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck, etc. is NOT propagandized and is the complete truth?

          • InsideEye says:

            My point is that Medicare and SSN are supported / contributed to, only by working citizens…not adequately supported at that, If there was a Nationally ( sales tax) subsidized program for all healthcare/Medicare , SSN it would be in effect contributed by everyone, including documented guest worker/ students……..not only the working citizenry. There seems to be a high percentage of the population that do not pay taxes as working citizenry, but are allowed to use the limitedly funded Social Services. These contributions /taxes should be high enough so that this issue be resolved, no more rancor, or politics or stress on citizens. The books of Antiquity also state that ” surely to help the less enabled , but also says that you should try and stand up to help yourself” ……if possible. There are many that do not. In Boston there are 19K assistance checks going to accounts with no known addresses…..investigation in progress. Small change for Boston. Agreed we need a better Fair system.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Let me pose a question for you. A family of four with an income of, say, $35,000/year pays income and property taxes, pays sales taxes, pays for licenses and registration fees, pays for insurance, etc., all pretty much at the rate that most others pay. If this family is assessed an additional 1% sales tax to support Soc. Sec. and Medicare, do you think the economic impact will be the same for them as it would be for a family of four making $350,000/year? Eliminating ALL taxes in lieu of a 17% national sales tax (proposed in the 90’s by several Republicans) was foolish then, and is foolish today. Requiring those in need to pay at the same rate as those with means ALWAYS adversely affects the poor, something that is diametrically opposed to the dictates of the teachings of Jesus.

          • Lisztman says:

            Regardless of what you may think, InsideEye — MOST of the citizens of this Nation DO work, or HAVE worked. I am now retired. But I worked, and paid into, the SSI/MC system, for over 40 years. Don’t tell me I’m getting something for nothing. Mitt’s “47%” included people like myself, who are no longer working; the military, who don’t use the “normal” system; students — who, yes, are of working age, but, for the most part, not working much beyond, perhaps, a small part-time job. The ACTUAL number gaming the system — staying at home and doing nothing when they could be contributing, is a VERY small percentage. I would suggest that the percentage of 1%-ers gaming the tax system is significantly higher.

            A VAT (National Sales Tax) is mostly regressive. While buying BMW’s would definitely apply only to the upper classes (and bring in lots of revenue) — there are all sorts of things that one buys that might be considered necessities of life. As long as the National Minimum Wage is mired well below the $13/hr that constitutes poverty level for a family of four, a Sales Tax further punishes those who work their butts off for minimum wage… at perhaps several jobs… and perhaps work for one of those employers that limits their hours to 30 or so per week so they can be denied any sort of health benefits, sick days, vacation, and the like.

            Before anyone in D.C. dares to raise taxes on the minimum-earners, they need to a) increase the minimum wage to at least a subsistence level; b) close all those “tax loopholes” that Mr. Romney was talking about; and c) eliminate the preferred tax rate on Capital Gains. Income is income, period.

          • InsideEye says:

            I agree with you in every way. A VAT would be used only for healthcare and a modest SSN retirement. Medicare and SSN of course is paid into, by the WORKING citizens, and we are of course”entitled” to our paid for….almost ENTITLEMENT” care is not paid into by many and people use the benefits of it without contributing. RobertC asked would a 1% tax Hurt? …if you are making $24000, that is $240…..$350000 is $ 3500 , even with Obama care there is still the same number that have to be subsidized. the VAT would capture contributions from every human,, since it is based on purchase of products, services, on every level including corporations, money launderers , drug dealers, cash pizza shops, wayward expired guest Visa, and other illegals in the shadow, citizens. The more one spends the more you contribute….on every level . We are a consumer nation. And that drives all economies. ….we enjoy the product and we donate to our future well being as well. You can not raise taxes on minimum earners……but we all pay sales taxes everyday……it should be channeled to health care and basic social services firstly.

      • BDC_57 says:

        where are they doing there job all they to do is get the black guy

        • InsideEye says:

          What black guy? Not the President? He is not even “black”if you mean President Obama???? Harry Reid , head of Senate, even remarked, “he may not be black enough “. Do not know what that means.

          Most of the remaining 48% of voters plus 10% fluctuating Independents are certainly against his policies. Certainly not against the President because of his pale color. Many whites and 98 percent of Blacks supported Obama . So all of those whites showed us that racism is over except when perpetuated by Al Sharpton etc.

          If a Black person votes republican is he or she a racist. Only Chris Matthews can tell us.

    • AlfredSonny says:

      49% proves that the public needs more information about GOP’s excessive use of filibuster tactics that prevented Obama from improving America.

      • jointerjohn says:

        Yes, but it is hard to inform the public about issues that matter when news sources spend more air time on celebrity gossip and coverage of overpaid adults playing children’s games than on real news. Of course, they are simply responding to what their corporate sponsors want…….hey…wait a minute, do you suppose there might be a connection between newscasts for dummies and an uninformed electorate? NAAH, didn’t think so.

    • neeceoooo says:

      It doesn’t matter how much he strokes the members of congress, their agenda is to obstruct and that is what they will do.

  2. Jesse4 says:

    Now, if the public can just do something about it at the next election.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      This is where all these polls will count, IF they even matter at all.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        The last election proved that our polls should not even be compared to an educated guess. Unfortunately, recent elections and/or appointments in red states and red districts suggest the likelihood of pragmatic decisions is slim to none. Hard line Republicans will vote for whomever has the letter R next to his/her name. Their record, qualifications, political platform are immaterial. Deep inside, what most Republicans wish to have is a super majority in Congress and a Republican president to, hopefully, overturn Roe V Wade, repeal ACA, dismantle MEDICARE, eliminate MEDICAID, get rid of Affirmative Action and appoint as many conservative Supreme Court Justices as possible to ensure the changes are not reversed.

        • gvette says:

          Dominick, I almost fell out of my chair with that one. All the dems voted for Obama. Tell me what qualifications Barry has.
          he’s never even run a popcorn stand.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Graduated from Columbia University, graduated from the Harvard Law School where he was president of their Law Review, and was a community organizer. I realize the latter is almost a crime among the disciples of the anti-Christ, for me it means he has first hand knowledge of the problems that afflict our most vulnerable citizens, their aspirations, and the barriers that make it almost impossible for them to become productive citizens and enjoy the same opportunities everyone does. The latter may not be important to people like you, who prefer to vote for elitists whose only concern about the poor and the lower middle class involves the availability of cheap labor to landscape their mansion, nannies to take care of their kids, maid, and all those on whose labor they depend to enjoy their lavish lifestyle.
            Most importantly, Barack Obama’s character, his demeanor and values have proven to be an uncharacteristic asset and a major element in his ability to do the right thing. He is one of the best Presidents this country ever had. Hope your chair has four legs…

          • gvette says:

            He has done his job. He sure fooled you. As he’s out there pissing away your money, you think he’s the greatest.

            I’m not so sure being a community organizer really gives

            him anything. Our country isn’t exactly a community.

            He’s selling our jobs out of the country at an alarming rate.
            I guess you like that. Well Dominick, enjoy your day!!

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Gvette, outsourcing began in earnest when former President Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, re-established diplomatic and trade relations with China in the 1970s. The erosion of jobs, that was already taking place at the time, accelerated to the breaking point when cheap labor and a huge market opened the doors to American investment and sales.
            Republicans should make an effort to be consistent with their claims, either Obama is in the pockets of big business or he is a socialist, but not both.

          • gvette says:

            He’s a socialist. We both know that.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            No, I don’t know that. In fact, everything he has done proves that the opposite is true. A socialist would never propose and sign a healthcare program that uses for-profit insurance companies to administer it. A more likely option would be something like the systems in countries like Great Britain, where the government owns and operates the hospitals and labs, and where doctors are government employees. Another example involves his decision to transfer Space Shuttle replacement responsibilities to the private sector. A better example of American-style socialism would be Ronald Reagan’s ER freebies, subsidized by the Federal government.
            The goal of a socialist is to transfer property and services from the private to the public sector.

          • gvette says:

            That’s pretty much what I see he’s trying to do. It’s happening slow, so you won’t notice it.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Would you mind giving the rest of us a couple of examples of socialism consistent with the philosophy expressed by Marx and Engels?

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            What we see is the gradual turnover of government functions to be taken care of by the “Corporation”. It’s a dangerous trend.

            Instead of our Federal Government becoming more powerful as the right insists is happening, the absolute reverse is more truer.

            Read a book Titled; Shock Doctrine by, Naomi Klein. It is explained in perfect detail what and how is being done to the American Public.

          • neeceoooo says:

            You are such a moron!

          • BDC_57 says:

            morons are smarter than gvette

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Do some of your own research. Where I live, the main industries (aside from tobacco) for generations were textiles and furniture. Where are our clothes and furniture made today, and what industries in the South are no longer in existence? This happened a LONG time before Obama entered public life. Before you start bandying about terms like “socialism”, please learn what the term means. It is more than just a talking point for conservatives. Jesus’ community of apostles was socialist in the truest sense, giving as you are able, taking according to your need. Sounds like something we should all be striving for.

          • Sick of everything says:

            You are one ignorant moron. Just what did we get fooled on? I don’t agree with everything he does, but all things considered and with zero help from the GOP he’s done a lot for us. Pissing away money? He has spent less, lowered the deficit, deported more illegals, and 35+ months of growth. I could go on but the point is we have to many gullible and ignorant morons in this country that have been brain washed into thinking the GOP does a good job for the country. Selling our jobs??? What a friggen idiot.

          • fishingfly says:

            You forgot about getting us out of Iraq, which was draining precious blood and dollars from our nation for no apparent reason.

          • Sick of everything says:

            Yes, very true. I could have went on and on but I made my point. It’s interesting to see what the Pres has done in the form of a list. Dozens and dozens more then we ever hear about. Rachel Maddow did a segment listing Obamas various accomplishments and there is a web-site called that has the entire list. It’s pretty damn impressive after hearing all the bs about all these supposed things he’s done or not done. All these a-holes talking shit about the Pres needs to check this out, especially if you compare it to Mr worthless (Bush).

          • Lisztman says:

            @Soe: Not only that — there might be asterisks next to a whole bunch of accomplishments — much of what he has managed has been in spite of GOP attempts to bring him down, to obstruct those endeavors.

          • Independent1 says:

            Sorry gvette but we’ve gotten rid of the money pisser presidents: 3 GOP drunken sailor spenders named Reagan, Bush and Bush who are responsible for 14-15 trillion of the current 16.8 trillion in deficits. The guy we’ve got now has more brains than all three of those guys put together. He’s managed to cut Bush 2s idiot spending level more than in 1/2 in 4 budget cycles – he’s actually cut spending faster over the past 4 years than any previous president!!! He inherited 1.6 trillion/yr spending from Bush 2 and the CBO projects this year’s deficit will be less than 700 billion – that’s cutting almost 1 trillion/yr in spending in just 4 years. And he’s done that partly by creating more jobs over the past 12 months than either Bush would have created in 6 years – Bush Sr wasn’t in office 6 years so his total for 4 years doesn’t even come close to what Obama has created in the past year.

            And if you’re looking for the guy that’s been sending all the jobs to China, fortunately he lost the last election – his name is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney and his cohorts in the corporate destruction and ship jobs to China industry using leveraged lbuyouts, has destroyed millions of American jobs while leaving hundreds of thousands of older workers with no pension. Mitt Romney, the American job destroyer.

          • gvette says:

            Reagan’s First Term – $656 billion increase

            Ronald Reagan’s Second Term – $1.036 trillion increase

            George H.W. Bush’s Term – $1.587 trillion increase

            Bill Clinton’s First Term – $1.122 trillion increase

            Bill Clinton’s Second Term – $418 billion increase

            George W. Bush’s First Term – $1.885 trillion increase

            George W. Bush’s Second Term – $3.014 trillion increase

            Barack Obama’s First Term – $5.806 trillion increase

            summarize, the National Debt increased by huge amounts under each of these
            presidents. However, the largest increase under any President, whether for one
            or two terms, occurred during Barack Obama’s first term, which saw an increase
            of $5.806 trillion to the National Debt.

          • barneybolt12 says:

            That’s because he put the two wars that Bush 2 started and put them in the budget, for all to see. Job growth is up the last 40 mo. and the debt is going down. All this without any GOP help. Just imagine what our country would be like if the congress worked together to fix the problems we faced after Bush 2 left office. No the GOP would have none of it. Just imagine what the country would be like if McCain/Palin were in charge. Continued wars, no regulation of industry (Koch and record unemployment. You see the GOP has no plan the help the country. There quick to point out whats wrong but offer nothing to solve problems. John Boehner complains that the President needs to lead. I wish he would take his own advise and reign in is caucus and get thing done. Where are the JOBS GOP. This is what they ran on in 2010. To date the number of jobs bills passed by either house 0. So stop whining how bad things are under Obama. It could be worse.

          • 788eddie says:

            Well, I’m another Republican who voted for President Obama (the second time around). Why, you ask? Because of all of the congressional obstruction there has been against this president.

            I guess I’m part of the “backlash” against the Republican party.

            I used to even donate to the GOP. Guess where my money is going now.

            My party had better “straighten up and fly right” if they want me back in the fold.

          • Sick of everything says:


          • RobertCHastings says:

            Our country most certainly IS a community. Look the word up in your Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary and see what the definition is, then see just why you feel that does not apply to our country. We are all part of a larger community whose goal is to improve life for all of us, not just our separate little cliques. In spite of the fact that our democracy is not really a democracy, it was still established on social principles that assure ALL of us have equal rights and responsibilities, and that the larger community would work to that end for ALL citizens.

          • corbogey says:


            Anyone who doesn’t see what an amazing man this President is must be living in a communication bubble where facts do not penetrate the walls of the bubble. It is amazing that nothing ever seems to faze him. No president has ever been treated so unfairly as he is but he keeps on keeping on.
            I am more proud of this President than any President we have ever had and he is the first Democrat I ever voted for in over 50 years.

          • neeceoooo says:

            I am so embarrassed because of the BS that the republicans put him through at every turn. He can’t get a drink of water without them turning that against him, disgusting…

          • midway54 says:

            An excellent post, and especially your observations about community organizers. The plutocracy has taught the rubes and assorted rednecks to view them as left wing socialist conspirators subverting “our American way of life” (as defined by the rightwing plutocrats and their propagandists) whose “radical hero” was the late Saul Alinsky.

          • Jim Myers says:

            Unlike his predecessor, who managed to bankrupt every business he ever owned, except the ball club.

            And I suspect that “Daddy” and his cronies told “W” to keep his hands off of the ball club. The club had plenty of talent, capable of running a profitable business provided “W” left it alone.

            However, he did manage to bankrupt the United States, all 50 States, and most of the rest of the world.

            Quite a feat. Hopefully, one that will never be repeated.

            While at the same time making sure that a few of the Industrial-Military Complex businesses managed to siphon off Trillions of Dollars in Tax Payer funds.

            And, lets not forget all of the “WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY.”

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Not all the dems, just like there were pubs who voted for Obama.. What Dom meant is that those more fanatical voted the ‘R’ not the person just as many dems did with the “D”.. Also maybe it’s true that Obama never ran a popcorn stand, he also didn’t buy up the neighbor’s lemonade stand, tear it to shreds then collected tax breaks for his failure.

          • Sick of everything says:

            Good one!!

        • OakenTruncheon says:

          Five Thirty Eight

  3. AlfredSonny says:

    Only 51%?

  4. mgcanmore says:

    I had to laugh at McConnell’s comment toward Hillary regarding “the Golden Girls”. He’s hardly one to be criticizing people with advanced years . . .

  5. OakenTruncheon says:

    You really, really, can’t be the party of both the Hamptons and the hillbillies.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      No, but the Republican Party is sure turning out to be the ultimate McCoy / Hatfield Feud. And, just as ignorant through and through.

      • OakenTruncheon says:

        Indeed. The Republican Primaries should provide much theater. But I fear 2nd Amendment solutions are not far off. Still, better they turn those home arsenals on each other, than on the rest of us.

      • Mark Forsyth says:

        I take your point but I don’t think we need to denigrate the Hatfields and McCoy families to the level of Repugs.

  6. Catskinner says:

    If we didn’t have such a perverted media people would realize Obama is the problem.

    • OakenTruncheon says:

      You flatter him without realizing it. He is not that powerful, being not so much a cause, as he is a symptom. Nor do exposure to better arguments, and more information convince many to change their strongly held opinions.

    • Larry Jones says:

      Guess you feel a majority of the American people must be perverted. He was re-elected by a majority of voters this last election in case you missed it.

      • Catskinner says:

        We didn’t have universal Voter ID in the last election. You might have missed that.

        • Larry Jones says:

          Oh! I forgot must be voter fraud for President Obama to have reached a majority. Spoken like a someone who believes that only ineligible minority voters were voting for Obama. The funny thing about it was, only ignorant, uneducated white male voters were the only group that smittens rommney received the majority vote from this last election.

        • fishingfly says:

          Try applying a little logic for a change. Now follow me on this. Obama won the popular vote by 5,000,000 votes. He even won states where the Republicans won House and Senate seats. Now if those 5 million (plus another million or so other frauds that would have made Romney the clear winner) voted for Obama illegally, how come the Democrats didn’t sweep the House also? Please give me a logical explanation. Oh yeah and while you are at it please tell me how those five million plus voters (and their close friends) managed to not speak a word of this to ANYBODY and not one person was arrested for it. You need to go to another home where they keep a closer eye on you.

          • Catskinner says:

            I’m not going to follow you, ff. You’ve demonstrated you don’t know what you’re talking about. The only thing states that matter are the swing states, and that’s where the damage was done.
            I refer you to the curious case of the billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Ahhhhh… now here’s one with some wisdom and insight into the truth! Obozo’s praetorian guard (aka 90% of the media) makes sure nothing goes against their messiah. Not even the truth.

      Have a nice day!

      “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

      • Sick of everything says:

        Well since he WAS reelected by a lot, he will be leaving in Jan 2017. Cartoon was really stupid, says a lot about you. One more brain dead douche bag right winger. One more thing Bozo Boy, the next time you have a thought…………keep it to yourself.

      • fishingfly says:

        If your best argument is a cartoon, then your best reasoning is a joke! That’s what you have to do when you have nothing else.

    • Sick of everything says:

      Great, another clueless moron. Ya that’s why he kicked Rummnies sorry ass pretty bad last Nov.

  7. Dominick Vila says:

    The fact that Republican members of Congress are responsible for the gridlock that has all but paralyzed the legislative branch is not in question. In fact, the GOP leadership proudly admitted their obstructionism was part of a strategy to ensure Barack Obama was not re-elected.

    • plc97477 says:

      It didn’t work.

      • Sick of everything says:

        Yes we have made progress regardless of the right doing it’s damnedest to create as many problems and obstacles as possible. Just think if besides what the Pres did on his own the ass-holes in the GOP actually did their job and helped pass a jobs bill and helped the people that still need help. Our recovery could and would be a lot better right now. I’m pretty sure we could have used the $50+million the GOP wasted on 35+ attempts to repeal ACA for something much better. The GOP is a disgrace and a huge embarrassment to this country, this includes all who vote for and or support these useless jerk-offs.

  8. Larry Jones says:

    When the Senate leader of the Republican party says his number one goal was to make sure President Obama was not re elected the last election, says all there is to say. This attitude is what is driving the Republicans, not the good of the country. They have put the good of their party ahead of doing anything good for the country. Their agenda is what is driving them, not the agenda for getting anything done for the country. Oh well, those who only want their way and no compromise will keep voting for their R candidate. After all, FOX news is brain washing them pretty well.

    • neeceoooo says:

      You are so right, this started 5 years ago

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Larry… the implementation of Marxist policies IS NOT considered by most Americans to be a good thing. Therefore, it is a legitimate function of the opposition to prevent the implementation of the Obozo regime policies. Further, whether it is a Republican or DemonRAT in office, it is a legitimate function of the opposition to attempt to unseat them. This is the way it works. You leftist freak morons just simply think everyone should rubber stamp your socialist messiah’s policies. Too friggin bad!!!

      Have a nice day!

      “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

      • Yvette White says:

        Your an asshole just like your part but all this dose is make it known that we will not be puting your party in charge of anything in this country for the next 200 years,and by then all of you assholes will be dead and the sooner the better,can not wait until 2014 and 2016,cause we all know it will not be a Republican
        ,you jackass.

      • Yvette White says:

        And by the way where’s your sheet and hood at to day?

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          eeeewwwwwwwwww!!! Yvette throws the race card down. SHOCKER!!!! Anyone that disagrees with Obozo’s Marxist agenda must be racist, right? hehehehehehe

          Answer one question, Yvette, if you can be honest.

          If I am racist, who would I vote for… a black conservative or a white progressive socialist?

          Go ahead… answer the question.

          Awaiting your response I remain…

          Have a nice day!

          “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King

      • Sick of everything says:

        All of you right wing ignorant morons need to be shipped off to loser island. How can anyone one be that god damn blind and still function?! And oh by the way loser, the Pres is not going anywhere until about the 21st of Jan 2017 and even then it will most likely be Hillary replacing him. It’s obvious that you have the same screwed up mindset as the useless a-holes in the GOP, their “legitimate function” is to do the damn job they got elected to do and NOT spend all their time and our tax money wasting time trying to bring down the Pres, which by the way did not even come close to working. It’s ignorant jack-ass morons like you that are the problem, and all of you need to be dispensed with sooner rather then later. You and people like you are a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Sickinthehead…. clearly, you are a racist bigot with a huge chip on your shoulder.

          Have a nice day, and remain oblivious!

          “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

  9. ObozoMustGo says:

    The poll should have asked if Americans support the blocking of Marxism being implemented in America. Of course, 20% of you leftist freaks that dominate this site would approve, but the rest of American would APPROVE of Republicans blocking such nonsense.

    Have a nice day!

    “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

  10. Budjob says:

    If Jesus Christ was seeking office as a republican,I wouldn’t vote for him.That’s how much I dislike,distrust,and despise republicans!!

  11. elw says:

    Of course most American know that the GOP is responsible for the lion share of the gridlock in Washington. It is the reason they have been losing National elections. Things will only get worse for them.

  12. rustacus21 says:

    These polls are absolutely meaningless, since conservatives understand that in the off-years, they raise holy-heck & act like complete idiots & during the election year, when voters are tuning in – for the most part – more attentively, conservatives behave like the Pastors child ought to – for the most part. No wonder they treat WE the People like fools; that’s how we (or ‘SOME’ of us anyway) act, for returning them to office over & again. They know this. They also aren’t worried about it, as Citizens United & the propagandized media, buries articles like this, under of ton of garbage, between now & election day, 2014…

  13. Sick of everything says:

    The useless GOP is to blame 100%, they seem to be proud that all they want to do is nothing for the country and just stand in the way of any kind of progress. GOP= USELESS Grand-Old-Pricks.

  14. montanabill says:

    You call it ‘blame’, I call it ‘appreciation’.

  15. ridemybroom says:

    maybe if Hillary does run she then can hush fox news and glen beck…these repubgnats they always leave a sting mark somewhere !

  16. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    We all knew the GOP Bull Male Domination Party couldn’t keep up their two year old tantrums much longer. They are seeing the improvements in Wall Street, healthcare reform and yes…even renewable energy. Congratulations to the state of CA for its new Mohave Desert solar energy site that’s due to go online before the end of 2013…This is the most gratifying news for renewable energy in the country yet. This desert station will serve 1/3 of all of CA energy needs.

  17. tax payer says:

    The President is a Democrat, but the Republicans have the upper-hand, so I guess the Republicans control the House. Isn’t it great to be a Republican.

  18. OakenTruncheon says:

    So, voters blame Republicans for the gridlock, who do the voters blame for the Republicans?

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