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Saturday, March 23, 2019

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, voters were paying close attention to Mitt Romney’s bungled response to the attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East — and they overwhelmingly disliked what they saw.

The poll shows that 43 percent of Americans followed the news about the attacks, more than have followed any other news story this year (including the presidential race itself.)

Of those who have followed the story, only 26 percent approve of Romney’s comments on the situation. 48 percent disapprove.

By contrast, 45 percent approve of Obama’s handling of the situation, compared to 36 percent who disapprove.

The poll confirms that voters had just as negative of a reaction to Romney’s late night press release and early morning press conference as the press did. Along with his disastrous international trip over the summer and his failure to mention Afghanistan or Al Qaeda during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Romney’s poor response to the crisis may cement voters’ fears that Romney cannot be trusted to run American foreign policy.

The Pew Research Center conducted the poll from September 13-16 among 1,001 adults.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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34 responses to “Poll: Voters Reject Romney’s Libya Response”

  1. david says:

    Thats not how Fox tell it according to them every poll is biased that show Obama leading hell they own poll show Obama leading but they don’t mention that little fact.

  2. Lynda says:

    I can’t help but wonder just who those 26%ers are in our community. How anyone could approve of a politician using the tombstones of recent dead to try and make political points. It was shameful and those who believe Mitt did the right thing need to take a closer look at their positions.

    • ryueire says:

      Unfortunately, those that have supported Romney through all his gaffes are people who have way more biased views: not liking a black man as president, or that the majority of Americans are too “liberal” or not Christian enough, or they think of themselves as being the wealthy who pay too much tax so the lazy poor can siphon off the govt, or they just are unhappy complainers who blame everything on those around them, and never looking in the mirror or having the courage to admit that they might be lacking themselves.
      Morally bombastic, philosophically lazy, bigoted, misogynistic, sexist, and lacking the strength of backbone from refusing to acknowledge there could be something they could do different or change of themselves.
      Like minded narcissism and lack of empathy.

  3. UTGDI says:

    Polls are only a snapshot, but the continued gaffes by this expert “manager” is becoming a trend. Also this is the time when people start paying closer attention to the elections. Governor Romney better knock it out of the park in his debates with the president, or I believe that he may be toast come election night.

    Some of his arguments are being questioned as the election enters the final push. Instead of keeping to his most effective messages, he appears to be putting out fires on a daily basis. Most of which were started by his own campaign and the “biased” coverage that it recieves. Sorry to let him in on a secret, but just because you contiue to say something over and over again, doesn’t make it so. Perception may slant your way until the premise is undermined by the facts.

    • The Romney campaign is in self destruct mode, and the blame game and finger pointing already began, ignoring that the people really responsible for the outcome of an election and not the strategists and speech writers but the candidate. Mitt is not ready for prime time and most Americans realize that.

    • You are right, a lot of the problems Mitt Romney is experiencing are the direct result of the things he says. Everytime he opens his mouth he commits ritual hara-kiri, and his campaign strategists are not too far behind him…The Romney campaign is in self destruct mode, and I suspect most Republicans are well aware of that, and the fact that they nominated the wrong man.

  4. I can’t believe the National Memo had the audacity of suggesting that the words of a man who wears Versace are not elegant! The only reason the latest polls show this man remains competitive is not because of his intellectual acumen or the strength of his “plan”, but because Tea Party enthusiasts believe the best way to remove Barack Obama, the man they hate, from the Oval Office is by voting for Romney.

    • SIMON says:

      DOMINICK u must be a idiot if u don’t get all this that Romney is doing and by the looks of things you are still on his side, u must be a big Romney supporter, im not ashamed to admit i did vote for Obama in 2008, I know he didn’t do much, and the gas prices keep raising, but i will not vote for Romney due to this and the videos saying that he does’t care about the lives of 47% of the U.S. I will refuse to vote for a man that says this and is caught saying it but refuses to comment on it, what would he do if he got president? just shut everything down and just forget about those 47% of the U.S. citizens? just think about the things that hes saying behind all of our backs that we don’t know about, i just don’t trust him sorry….

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        Simon, I believe that Dominick is for Obama and not Romney, if I read his comment correctly.

      • Looks like my poor attempt at sarcasm got me in trouble again! I am a Democrat, and I plan to vote for President Obama not because I am a Dem, but because I respect him as a person, admire what he has accomplished against tremendous odds, and support his policies and vision.

  5. I am losing “friends” daily over this outrageously egregious campaign atmosphere….I simply CANNOT align myself with those people that will not see these “candidates” for what they are, and more importantly, what an administration headed by them would do to my country.

    • CAThinker says:

      I feel your pain. I work in the defense industry – the guys I work with can barely contain their outrage for Obama (they don’t know that I prefer Obama over Romney – and probably will never know. I do have to work with them every day.) But it is fun (and interesting) to ask them what makes them so angry. I can’t tell what they’re most angry about, but the latest thing they were angry about was immigrant amnesty. That by giving these people amnesty that the welfare rolls were going to explode and the Government was going to take away all their money and give it to them… It was kind of a rambling argument, but that wasn’t a surprise, most Talipublican rants are… Anyway, my suggestion: don’t expose yourself, but listen and see what crackpot stuff came out of their mouths, then see if you can track it back to Rush, or Glenn, or any of the other fascist media nutjobs… It’s entertaining!

      • SaneJane says:

        I too have been a closet Obamaite but recently told an old friend that I was a Democrat. Result, my phone stopped ringing. My husband died last month and only two of my close group of classmates called to express condolences. I noticed yesterday that my own sister “likes” Mitt Romney on Facebook. One of my oldest friends, a transplant from Michigan to Alabama, told me recently she supports Romney because she is undecided about same sex marriage. My brother-in-law is making end-of-the-world preparations in case Obama is re-elected. I am bewildered.

        • randel says:


        • Landsende says:

          Most of my friends are republicans and they know I’m an independent and usually agree with the democrats on the issues. We know that our friendship is more important than politics so we have agreed to disagree and not discuss it. Once in awhile they will send me a political e-mail and I just politely ask them not to send me anymore. If your friends put politics ahead of being there for you in your time of need they really aren’t the kind of friends you want or can depend on. My condolences on the loss of your husband. My husband died suddenly 15 years ago and if it wasn’t for my best friend (a republican) I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. Don’t be discouraged, not all republicans are bad, you just hear from the more rabid ones.

          • SaneJane says:

            Thank you for your kind words. My exposure to more rabid Republicans can easily be explained, I live in Alabama.

          • S-3 says:

            If the saner and smart Repubs/Religous bunch made their voices heard more often, than no one would hate poilitics so much IMHO, but I know there’s more to it than that.

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        Cat, I am a registered Republican but voted for Obama and will do so again. Romney represents everything I am against. He thinks monetary wealth is the only measure of a persons worth and reiterated that opinion with his “47% of Americans do not pay taxes and are leaches” rant. Do not let those that wish to bury their heads in the sand silence you. Speak up when you hear nonsense and do it in the intelligent way you seem to be able to do, evidenced by the writing in your post. Those that would turn their back on you just because you have you own political opinions are not friends to begin with. Refused to be silenced because many think that if you are silent you agree with them; tell them otherwise.

  6. How about the pole in Massachusetts, where Romney served as Governor for four years. He is trailing Obama by 16 points. And this margine is getting larger by the week. His pole numbers are so bad he is dragging Senator Scott Brown down with him. Two poles this week show Brown trailing Warren by 2 and 6 points! Most fomer governors of a state would be running as a favorite son. Yet you never hear Romney talk about his accomplishments as governor.

  7. howa4x says:

    The republican base are not the sharpest tools in the shed as they say. There is a core group of white men who think the answer to every overseas situation is to just get tough. They see it as a manly thing and it pervades their retoric. The Arab spring unleashed 1000 years of repressed emotion. Yes they are going to act out. Lets not forget that we supported their oppressor for many years. Egypt went from a king to military coup, same in Libya and tunisa. We’ve had riots in America. During the anti vietnam war rallies there were 100s of thousands marching, and then as now some violently. Mitt shows a complete missunderstanding of the situation. He thinks Obama has a magic wand that he could just wave and all will fall silent. He still hasn’t said what he would do differently. Right now he looks weak, like a person led around by the nose by Netanyahu. Come on Mitt Lay it all out for us. How would you stop all this?

  8. njgranny1 says:

    Dear CAThinker, Your co-workers should thank their stars they have a job and do they realize those jobs are tied to the President’s policies on defense and support of our fight on our war on terror? Maybe you should speak out for the things you believe in, and the “devil be damned!” Some people just parrot what they hear on Fox news and the non-thinking Rush wannabees on the media. There may be other Obama closet supporters in your workplace.

  9. I am outraged that we have politicians that are running their mouths and putting our state department staff at risk. God help us if it is Mitt Romney answering that red phone!

    I distinctly remember the right telling us for years that criticism of a sitting President during a foreign crisis was unpatriotic? They said that the criticism embodied our adversaries oversees. Loose lips do indeed sink ships.
    Patriotism aside, just how would Mitt Romney have handled it differently?
    Just like everything else – no details, no plan, no vision just lips flapping.

  10. Starde says:

    Frankly, what do we expect. Let’s face it…it was the greedy Republican party under George Bush and sicko Cheyney who wanted to fill their already over stuffed wallets and seize Arab oil. They concocted a war with even people in their own cabinet coming out now saying the WTC was an inside job. Stating no one in their right mind can explain why Building 7 went down since it was not even near the others. More and more examination of the films of 911 show explosions going off and all the buildings collapsing like they were demolitioned. This, to begin a campaign of fear in America so they could usurp the Constitution of America and take away American rights while claiming to protect us. How are they going to protect us? They are the ones that awakened a sleeping giant. They villianized Moslems who are the majority religion of the world. They were pals with the Saudis who actually co-conspirited with them to hit the world trade buildings. I think everyone can recall when Bush was told about the hit, he continued to read to the children. No reaction at all. Why? Because he already knew. He was just waiting for it to happen. Placing himself among children in order to look innocent. He never read to children before or since. America hates to look at things. We hold onto our prejudices and refuse to move forward, even when its for our own good, because a segment among us, believe they are superior. They came into this land, owned by people of color, and began killing and taking and seem to think this can play out throughout the world forever. It can’t. You can’t strike an innocent country, seize their oil and act like they are the guilty party and that America is above apologizing for the wrong they did. Did you really think those bombs Bush dropped on Iraq, were 4th of July explosions as he made it out to be. People actually died. Women and children died. Do you think if America were to experience the same, there would be no bitterness. Come on now! Its time for America to wake up — George Bush put America in the worst place ever financially, selling America to China wherein now we rely on their t-bills and bonds to keep us afloat. He plunged America into two wars and now if we listen to Isreal, Iran is next. How are we to afford these wars? How? It has destroyed the American economy – get all these John Wayne wealthy cowboys you want to put into the White House don’t care. They can buy their kids out of the war, your kids are forced to fight. Its an undignified war because we were not right to go there. We never apologized with some blaming President Obama. They say President Obama is kissing China’s ass, well if he doesn’t, they will pull their money out from under us and if you think things are bad now, just watch how much worse they can get.

    Yet, America has plunged so low educationally, we have people willing to put more rich out of touch guys back in office because they do not like the smart and human guys color. Now, how stupid is that? How stupid. You cannot fight the wind. America is turning brown. That is a fact. The pendulum swings and those on top, eventually fall to the bottom. You can only hope that what you have done was not so evil, that once others take your place, they do not remember how cruel you were. There is so much hypocrisity going on about skin color any way. Do you really think that people of color do not see how in love with dark skin white people are? They can’t wait to get a tan. Its so silly because while white skin is being marketed you are tanning it, browning it so now you are not even white — you’re colored too. Silly billies! How hypocritical, how nonsensical all this stupidity is — its time to educate yourselves and grow up. You cannot run that kind of control game much longer but blaming folks for what they cannot change and in fact do not need to change, they are absolutely lovely as they are and you know it.

    But back to the running of this country — have you seen any thing more ridiculous than the folks that the Republicans have been running — its disgraceful. People with all the money in the world to educate themselves, falling short and sounding stupid. So out of touch they may as well live on Mars for all the knowledge they have about the people at large. You have these rich guys talking about taking away social security and telling you borrow from your parents. Now how stupid is that? At a time when people are under employed and struggling they tell you they don’t want government to help you out that you should be free and go on your own. Just how are you supposed to do this when these very guys are the owners of these corporations that are sending jobs overseas. And let’s not forget although Romney he will change unemployment, he is the very guy who was known as the “pink slip” king. Remember, judge a person by what they do, not by what they say. Romney is so arrogant that he tells America “Kiss My A__s, I do not have to show you my tax returns. And his equally arrogant wife looks down through her nose at the people with an attitude of “do you know who I am, how dare you even ask me for tax returns.” Now, despite all his rhetoric, this is what the Romneys have shown you — so look at it! Do you really think once in office this man and his side-man who is even worse, would bother to keep their word. You have heard over and over what he thinks of you — He uses words like “victims,” people who do not need help because they have safety nets. This is a man who has lived in priviledge, surrounded himself with the priviledged few for so long he is totally out of touch with reality. That is not what America needs. No, let’s face it, both Democrats and Republicans a like, can we afford a new Bush in office, especially now that the middle east is on a tangent.

    Bush opened a can of worms and then loaded his pockets with America’s loot, and rode off in the sunset, leaving America to hold the bag.

  11. Elsa says:

    Nice, and good news.

  12. devilindetail says:

    These missteps are only going to be amplified in the debates. There are 3 Presidential debates and the questions are likely to focus on topics and answers both candidates have raised during their Presidential campaigns. If Romney looks like he is sitting out in left field with some of his rich buddies like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, imagine how well he is going to come off in the debates addressing and attempting to justify these comments. Mitt is self-imploding and the outcome of his speaking is only going to become more and more obvious over time.

  13. johnnyloveuall says:

    i think , that all the country over sea, hope mitt win so that they can push the USA. in too a world war because they no mitt is a money man and is out for the rich only, and will put all the middle class on the front line ,mitt have no understanding on what to say or what to do about nothing ,he just want to be president power is what he want he has a lot of money, you see who backing him the same one s that put us in this shape in the first place ,

  14. Dave Kruse says:

    Republican followers are brainwashed in hate, racism and intolerance.

  15. ayayaboy says:

    We voters must know that Romney is not one of us. Romney is one of them … Donald Trump & others. Romney is after making more money with powers.

  16. I do a cartoon almost daily in support of Obama. Romney has foot in mouth disease ten time worse than Joe Biden. Check out my facebook page ask to be my fiend. There is good political discussion there. I have asked some of the women why are you supporting Romney (how can a woman support him? I still wonder and no one has told me why) But I still see them post I like Romney. I hope they still like him when he giving his condolence speech. I have my cartoon for the day after the election already drawn. It is a good one.

  17. qew123 says:

    Well, Hell what can I say. The proof is in the pudding! People, sometimes, nall all the time, its best if you don’t have anything good to say, its best to keep your MOUTH close. I feel sorry for Romney, because he did put his foot all inside of his mouth. Nevertheless, We are such a Forgiven Country, that if another Country’s dog came over to USA and poop on Washington White House yard, we’re so quick to say he didn’t mean no harm, he had to poop somewhere. Well that may be true, but why all the way to the white house? The same goes to Ticky Mricky Romney, why did he put down the poor. He could have answer the question without the negativism on the poor. Hell, its their fault that American’s are poor mostly. people can’t get jobs, everybody’s scared of Government shut downs and etc. The prison system is all messed up, Hospital and Nursing Home abuse is everywhere, along with Doctors all about the money in Pharmacuetical contracts in keeping people sick to come back and forth to them. Hell this country is alllll about MONEY. Its just a dam shame that people like myself mid-class to poor can’t get any of it. All going to the High Class and Rich and Famous. I don’t want anybody to give me shit, I don’t used the governement for help, I worked hard for my money, but I am disable and no longer able to work to pay any Taxes anymore, but It do not mean I didn’t pay any. So those comments from Tricky Micky Romney, are for the Birds and that other country’s Dog who have already poop and got away with it. We Americans can continue to let that happen again, then we lose our Children to war because of what some Dum body said or heard. What about the Facts. We need to take care of us first, then work to help other Countries next. Ameica, its time to stop being a Door Mat for other Countries and take care of Home first. I don’t mind reaching out to others, but I will make sure my family is taken care of first, before given all we got just to gain respect or allies. I’m sorry if I make someone mad, but the Truth is the Truth. where has the LOVE gone in America? We need to do away with fighting each other over power and come together as one, before we lose this Country to another one. ” think about this” they are watching for errors here, and we are showing plenty. Wake up America and look around us and see whats all inside of America. The Ememy could be already here Again. Because we are sooooooo friendly to let everyone become Americans, a land of Freedom. Liers! Don’t you believe that and because its gonna get WORST before BETTER! So get Ready. It does not matter about whos the President, worst is worst and better is better. Do like the BIble say do, if you’re a believer, ..”Just Pray unto GOD for Answers”. Amen!

  18. alumahead says:

    Mitt is going to need a new hobby on the morning of November 7th.

  19. Rodney says:

    to sane jane just read your post you are in my thoughts it does get better in time those who are true friends don,t care about who you vote for but about you

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