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Saturday, March 23, 2019

According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, Texas governor Rick Perry (R) has improved his weak poll numbers and is now a strong favorite to win re-election if he runs for a fourth term in 2014.

The poll finds that 45 percent of Texans approve of Perry’s job performance, with 50 percent disapproving. While hardly impressive, that number is a net 8 percent improvement from PPP’s previous poll in January, which found Perry at just 41 percent approval with 54 percent disapproving.

Perry’s recovery has been driven by his improved standing among Republican voters. 81 percent of GOP voters now approve of Perry, while just 16 percent disapprove; that represents a net 23 percent gain from January, when GOP voters approved of Perry by a 68 to 26 percent margin. It appears that Perry’s high-profile demonstrations of his right-wing politics — such as his total opposition to any and all gun reforms, and his outspoken support for a restrictive anti-abortion bill — have helped him consolidate support.

The governor’s new-found strength among his base is reflected in his 46 to 34 percent lead over Texas attorney general Greg Abbott in a hypothetical Republican primary; in January, he led Abbott by just 3 percent.

The poll also found that the other star of Texas’ recent legislative drama, Democratic state senator Wendy Davis, has benefited greatly from her 11-hour filibuster of the abortion ban — 39 percent of Texans now have a favorable opinion of Davis, while just 29 percent view her unfavorably. Furthermore, her name recognition has doubled from 34 percent in PPP’s January poll to 68 percent today, and 45 percent of voters approve of her use of the filibuster, while 40 percent disapprove.

Despite Davis’ rising popularity, however, Perry would still soundly defeat her in a hypothetical 2014 matchup, by a 53 to 39 percent margin. This has actually increased from Perry’s slim 6 percent lead over Davis in January. The rising deficit underscores the basic truth that, unless a Republican nominee hemorrhages votes from his or her own party, it is almost impossible for the GOP candidate to lose a statewide election in Texas.

Perry also holds solid leads over all the other Democrats polled. San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is the strongest-performing Democrat — trailing Perry 50 to 43 percent — but he has declared that he will not run for governor.

So despite Texans’ lingering ambivalence about Perry — in addition to his negative approval rating, a whopping 60 percent say that he should not run for re-election — he appears to be a strong favorite to win re-election anyway. And if Abbott does manage to defeat him in the GOP primary, it would be little comfort to Democrats — the conservative attorney general leads all the Democratic candidates by double digits (with the exception of Davis, whom he leads by 8 percent).

Texas may be slowly trending blue, but the Lone Star State is still very likely to elect a Republican governor in 2014.

The full results of the PPP poll can be read here.

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65 responses to “Poll: Wendy Davis Popular, But No Match For Rick Perry”

  1. Howard15 says:

    A good old fashioned get out the vote initiative for Latinos in Texas will change the whole complexion of TX politics. It is only a matter of time. Wendy Davis someday will be Governer of TX or any job she wants. Ted Cruz will pull another Jim DeMint and shamelessy be forced to quit the Senate. Be Patient!

  2. Paul Julian Gould says:

    It’s sad and very unfortunate that so many in our country are willing to sell out to whichever candidate throws the name of Jesus into every issue, as Gov. Perry does, as our previous President did, and so many others… talking the talk is never the same as walking the walk, and Gov. Perry has shown that whatever Christianity he claims to practice, his actions don’t line up… and a narrow, exclusivist and fundamentalist interpretation of the Master’s teachings is not all there is to putting those teachings into action.

    • Independent1 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, the supposed Christians who bow to the GOP dogma obviously are so clueless about what the bible really teaches that they wouldn’t understand that there’s a real difference from what Rick Perry represents and what a true Christian is really like.

    • lana ward says:

      And your “people” chant Hail Satan over Amazing Grace!! You’re discusting

      • Paul Julian Gould says:

        Seriously, lana? Just who the hell are “my people?” You don’t know me, and I’ve never posted on National Memo before – just that I happen to live in Texas and the subject of this post happens be something I care very much about. And it’s rather telling what you’re all about for you to jump right in with a non-sequitur about “my people,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Take a look at my avatar… would rather indicate that “Hail Satan” is not what I tend to chant… and for you to lob a verbal spitwad into this thread is something I find rather disgusting, so maybe we’re even on that score.

    • Marcy says:

      . I just don’t think JESUS, my Jesus would really know them or the church’s they attend. I am not saying there aren’t good Christians, but the one’s in the news just don’t make the cut.

      • Paul Julian Gould says:

        I have an ex-sister-in-law up in northwestern Oregon that attends a little bitty austere Baptist church that makes it a point to have “Independent and Fundamental” on their sign outside… the sort of place that makes Jerry Falwell look liberal and Joel Osteen downright skyclad pagan by comparison. She, and those in their church think just like the worst of what’s been related here… and on Facebook will defriend anyone who respectfully and gentlemanly disagree… the worst of the “Birther, Truther, Kenyan-socialist-nazi-communist-tyrannical-dictator” crap, all couched in the “just sharing in the love of Jesus” smarmy, sickly-sweet way we’ve seen in so many.
        Can’t speak for anyone else in her congregation, but she’s pretty seriously clinically mentally ill otherwise, and has been most of her life…

        What’s the others’ excuse?

  3. Maxwell123 says:

    When Rick Perry was running for the Republican nomination for President, he came across as a very uneducated stupid person. So I say to all you Texasan who are willing to vote him back into office ” You deseve whatever he throws at you.

    • Paul Julian Gould says:

      Indeed. But unfortunately, many of us who voted for Bill White instead still have to live under this lunacy as we do not have the wherewithal to get the hell out of this beautiful but legislatively willfully ignorant and stupid state.

      And I still have to wonder just what the hell was wrong with the man, compared to Governor Goodhair, save that White is a Democrat and there are all too many in this state and in this nation that would rather cut their own throats than vote for anyone with a (D) after his/her name. And, in the same way would vote for Satan himself, as long as Ol’ Scratch has an (R) after his name.

      It’s not necessarily a Texas thing, as there exists a large, flabby, angry, confused and willfully ignorant mass of these yahoos spread out across the land.

  4. Lynda Groom says:

    Astounding that a full 45% approve of their governor. It goes to show just how little attention to detail is important to Texas voters.

    • ChristoD says:

      Actually Lynda, it simply shows that Texans are RABID Republicans who today are more radical in their conservative values.

      • Independent1 says:

        Totally agree with your comment, but I’d make just one suggested change – “who today are more radical in their misguided conservative values.”

      • Paul Julian Gould says:

        Please do not include the very many who are not Republicans, who are progressives, liberals, or at least leftward of Attilla the Hun, and we are as gobsmacked, pissed off and have palm prints indented into our foreheads from slapping them repeatedly.

        This state is gerrymandered all to hell, otherwise there would be no Louie Gohmert or Steve Stockman. The former village idiot represents a small district that just love the Ferengi-looking SOB, and Stockman, after multiple political failures was able to represent another small district that was pretty much created just for him. Small districts, big, loud mouths and a whole lot of stupid.

        There are people of reason that live here – I happen to be one as is my wife and many if not most of our friends. I’d love to leave – New Mexico is very appealing for many reasons. I’m a Los Angeles born and bred guy that wouldn’t go back there for the reason of cost of living, but yes, we’ve had more than enough of the idiocy and want the hell out of here. We are living on a public school teacher’s salary (my wife), and no one wants to hire a 56-year-old hippie that’s been working in the tech world as a developer and technician for longer than many of the mid-level executives have been on the planet…

        But please be assured that there are large numbers of decent, reasonable people who feel stranded and trapped in this very strange place.

        • lessthantolerant says:

          So after you pathetic liberals shit all over California you moved to Texas to earn a living? By all means drag your sorry ass out to NM!

          • ChristoD says:

            Speaking of pathetic, sorry asses how is life on the planet Alternate Reality that morons like you define as ‘the US is coming apart because I say it is’. As for shitting all over people, welcome to your world where ‘women need to be put back in the kitchen and kept pregnant to continue building the white master race’. For those that think like you, you are all neanderthalic, a—— doomed to the trash heap of history. Count on it.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            LOL! What a dimwit you appear to be. You can’t be a successful woman unless you can abort a child. Interesting.

          • ChristoD says:

            Actually I have been told I am a little slow but I sense that compared to you, I could be positioned as a mental Corvette while you as a rather slow, dull, boring…..well you get the picture, Mr. Neanderthal. Just out of curiosity, WTF is this BS ‘aborting a child and being a successful woman’ coming from ? Talk about dyslectic thinking.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            seems you are unaware of the noise that comes from your mouth!

          • ChristoD says:

            Brilliant retort, BRILLIANT ! Now you can go back into your slimy rat hole, Mr Einstein.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Do you hear anything you say? Tell me something, do you feel more like a successful woman when you abort your child?

          • ChristoD says:

            First off Einstein, I am not a woman. The picture you see is of my deceased wife. Second, if you had any balls you would tell me your name so I could introduce you and my right fist. How DARE you ask a woman, ANY woman, a question like that. How dare you, you f’in a——. You are a gutless piece of shit. I am dead serious about knowing your identity, you are not fit to be described as a human being.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Ouch, I am now so afraid. Such a man as you has me terrified.
            Please do not threaten me unless you wish to post an address and location you wish to meet. I have aloft at 909 Walnut, you guess the city.

          • David2020 says:

            Kansas City.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Do you have a Danish flag as background for a reason? Do you hate them, too?
            The red flag (I guess you like red) with the black swastika seems a more appropriate background.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            You really are as uninformed as you make out. research the reason for the moniker, by the way, I have see three others who like it and have followed my lead.
            Try again dick head.

          • Sand_Cat says:


          • lessthantolerant says:

            do you measure all of your successes by the number of times you have been knocked up and murdered the child?
            Hint, close your legs more.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            Shitting on people? Seriously? Thank you for that well thought out and erudite comment, lessthan… y’know, I might just decide to stay here just to piss you off. Notice that I’m posting under my full legal name, and not hiding behind a mildly insulting nickname… I rather think that says a few things.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            And furthermore, thanks to the “pro-business” but very much anti-worker policies of those whom you seem to support, this educated, experienced and, some say downright nice guy, is out of work, as they’ve made it only possible for me to pursue some sort of minimum wage McJob for which it costs me more to work for than I make in salary… so take your Texas rightwing blustering bullshit and stuff it wherever it will fit.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Go back to the cesspool you created in California.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            So, by this enlightened, genial post we are to assume that you are the face of the mis-named modern “conservatives” in Texas? Small wonder why the world laughs in bewilderment. And I say “mis-named” as there is nothing about the current right wing, whether in Texas, or elsewhere that is in any way conservative. The right in this country is authoritarian and reactionary, fearful and undereducated, and nothing like the true conservatives of history.
            So there.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            True I am an unenlightened liberal.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            But, I get it… you’re obviously one of those folks that, for some reason, find it amusing to show up on blogs and insult people, call people names, and contribute absolutely nothing of substance to any conversation, with the sole purpose of derailing discussions, inflaming commenters, and basically acting like an ass… the textbook definition of an internet troll… never understood the attraction of trolling, but as it’s as inevitable as the sun coming up, I choose to be amused by it, and conduct myself as a gentleman, regardless of the boorish behavior of trolls. Hope your life is going well otherwise… one would hope your behavior here is not an indicator of how crappy your life must be otherwise.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            And, as your words, in all their glory, stated on a publicly-accessible forum will reside on some hard drive somewhere in the world until the world is no more, I have to say, your mother must be so proud.

            And if you’re any indication, the training department at Troll Central must be suffering severe budget cuts along with the rest of us… just saying.

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            Although I really don’t understand why I believe I owe you an explanation for a damned thing, I moved here to be with the love of my life and marry her, as she has had an established life in El Paso for more than 30 years… She is a teacher at a Title I (low income, largely immigrant or military) public school, and takes an active part in attempting to make life better for people, unlike internet trolls who spew their ignorance with every word, and obviously, thereby, contribute nothing of value but fertilizer.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Take your beaner and move back to California, after all its your shithole and you should live in it!

          • Paul Julian Gould says:

            ‘scuse the hell out of me???!!! Beaner??? Seriously??? For what it’s worth, my sweetie is as Irish as they come, down to her red hair and freckles. Your comments on this thread to me, or to others don’t really do much to forward whatever you think is the right way to be, dude, and your bigotry against those of Latino extraction was just waiting to come out… was just a matter of time, as you’re being the typical and not very original garden-variety internet troll.

            I do find you rather amusing in your rage, though, so there is that.

    • Fern Woodfork says:

      Rick Perry Is An Idiot!! He Also Never Study What He Had To Say Before Millions Of American!! Rick Perry Looked Like A Real Dumb Ass In The Primary The State Of Texas Should Be Shame To Have A Knuckle Head Fool Like Perry For Governor!!! 🙁

  5. jmprint says:

    So I wonder how these polls work, nobody has asked me or anybody I know for our opinion. We will fight hard NOT to have Perry or Abbot as Governors of Texas. These puppets are a dime a dozen, they work strictly to line their pockets and their friends.

    Do you really think that if Perry cared about every life, we would have death penalty in Texas.

    Most teachers, women, gays, ethnic groups must not have been included in these polls.

  6. stcroixcarp says:

    Is there any way to build that border security fence across the northern border of Texas?

  7. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Perry is a pretty boi who swaggers and drawls his charm into every word of that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth routine. If men are the only voices in TX….it sure does remind the rest of us in other states how close we all came to becoming the United States of Texas.

  8. john says:

    I am not a Texan but I have heard of Governor Perry and looked at his own list of accomplishments and a little searching some background, did not take much effort.
    I also, as many, have just heard of Senator Wendy Davis and also did some checking.
    I would recommend all Texans do the same.
    I do not think the stated poll is consistent with my research conclusion.
    Polls are polls and so what.

  9. docb says:

    She has been on the US Stage less than 2 weeks.. perry has been making a fool of himself for over a year..Just wait and see what she decides to do and how this plays out…I know I and many other women stand ready to write checks and knock on doors.

  10. Mary Ann Hoogeveen says:

    Not surprising,people from texas do not seem to be bright so they will get what they deserve.

    • jmprint says:

      Not Nice Mary Ann, there are a lot of intelligent people in Texas, many did not vote for the asshole, but we do have to deal with it.

      • Independent1 says:

        jmprint, in defense of Mary Ann, after the complete idiot that Rick made of himself during the Republican debates, the fact that he has gotten reelected 3, or is it 4 times, doesn’t leave people from outside Texas with a very good impression of the intelligence of Texas voters. (Me thinks that Texas needs a term limit for its governor at 2 terms)

        • jmprint says:

          Trust me I wish it were that way. It Texas there are a lot of male chauvinist pigs hiding behind religion.

          • Independent1 says:

            So I’ve noticed. And I surely sympathize with you and other logical thinking folks that live in the state. I was stationed in San Angelo for 18 months at Goodfellow Air Base 50 years ago and enjoyed my tour there very much.

          • jmprint says:

            Texas is what it is because the the people, not because of the politicians. The people make the state shine bright like a diamond and the republicans politicians make it stink like shit.

  11. J Wright says:
    It looks to me like there is a lot of fuzzy math in those poll numbers. Has anyone verified those numbers? To all of you fine citizens of Texas, hang in there. You CAN beat the Republican money machine. There is no way in the world those numbers are accurate.

  12. OakenTruncheon says:

    2014 is a long way off.

    • Independent1 says:

      Yes, and we can keep our fingers crossed that somewhere along the way, Texas voters will wake up and see how Rick and his cronies are virtually destroying a wonderful state and vote them out of office come election day in 2014.

  13. Budjob says:

    My opinion of Rick Perry is and I believe this to be true of most religious conservatives is,if you could extract their brain and place it on a razor blade,they would think they are on a four lane highway!

  14. lessthantolerant says:

    I bet she would have a following if she wrapped those lips around some tube steak. She looks like she could pull a bowling ball through a garden hose. I wonder if she has check with Michelle on strengthening those jaw muscles?

  15. Dominick Vila says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I also expect Rick Scott and other people who should be serving terms in jail to be re-elected by people whose decisions are driven by intolerance and overt hatred towards women, ethnic minorities, and anyone who does not share their ideological convictions. A casual evaluation of Tea Party logic would raise serious doubts about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

  16. EZ2figure says:

    Rick Perry: too much hat, no cattle. He has alienated 50% of the Texans, (women) and more across the nation.. HIs shoving Christianity down the throats of Americans by attacking our liberties is unforgiveable. Texas has no healthcare requirement for corporations, so they flock to Texas, but the workers end up one injury, or sickness away from disaster as Texas is one of the lowest wage per capita states in the union, and the majority of new jobs Rick Perry touts are minimum wage, with no benefits, and seasonal labor, with even less.
    So the question is: Shall we have our liberty to decide the size of our families legislated, based on unpopular religious dogma that only one party pushes down our throats, or do we want to continue to have the right, and access, to healthcare clinics that Rick Perry plans on shutting down, by making it illegal for them to provide services guaranteed by our federal laws?
    This Rick Perry bill forces Planned Parenthood clinics to have access to hospitals, and bans hospitals from admitting them! This is hypocrisy!
    This bill will shut down dozens of clinics that care for the poorest people in Texas, while Rick Perry refuses to entertain the Affordable Care Act, in his state, for now! This is a recipe for disaster and Rick Perry’s Texas doesn’t are if you cannot afford to buy healthcare! Rick Perry’s solution: Die gracefully in Texas! Hang yourselves!

  17. ridemybroom says:

    RUN WENDY RUN !!!!!!!!

  18. ridemybroom says:

    I think you beat that old ….maggot

  19. ridemybroom says:

    Rick Perry destroying the state of Texas…nah he wouldn’t do that…he couldn’t do that…he’s already ruined it…. no sense in destroying something when you already destroyed it…little ole Rick the once used to be democrat is like a child on a big wheel and dangerous…but you people in Texas let him get like this…now you need to find a way to get rid of him and the trash…wont be easy…but I have a feeling it can be done if you got together and went on a grass root effort to get rid of the pig….he squeals no different when the pain hits him…get in there and fight for his removal….

  20. Sand_Cat says:

    Where do they get these idiots?

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