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Friday, October 21, 2016

The current overblown financial brouhaha is perhaps more accurately described as the fiscal “curb,” since the only “cliff” is the one the GOP has fallen from in the minds of the majority of Americans. Two new polls released today show the public sides with President Obama and the Democrats in the negotiations, while House Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans hold historically low approval ratings.

Both the NBC/Wall Street Journal and Pew Research Center polls show the president’s job approval rating exceeding 50 percent. According to Pew, Obama’s 11-point jump from January to a post-election 55 percent in December contrasts sharply with George W. Bush’s 10-point decline to 48 percent in his 2004 re-election year.

And while the Pew poll shows a healthy 55 percent of the public believe President Obama is making a serious effort to reach a budget deal, only 32 percent believe Republican leaders are making a serious effort to work with the president. Only 25 percent of those surveyed by Pew approve of the job Republican congressional leaders are doing, while the Democrats received a 40-percent job approval rating. Boehner’s approval rating is only 28 percent. The NBC/WSJ poll put the GOP last in the ratings of 11 political figures and institutions and 45 percent of respondents gave the Grand Old Party a somewhat or very negative rating.

Both surveys show President Obama has a clear mandate to raise the tax rate on household incomes above $250,000, with the approval results at 69 percent for Pew and 59 percent for NBC/WSJ. Also, 68 percent of NBC/WSJ respondents say the president has a mandate to cut taxes on middle-class families earning less than $250,000.

The majority of Pew respondents oppose raising the Medicare and Social Security eligibility age and are against federal cuts to transportation, education, programs for the poor, and the military.

Also in the NBC/WSJ poll, reflecting a major shift in public opinion, for the first time a majority of respondents — 51 percent — support marriage equality.

But Republicans could have much bigger problems to deal with than a popular president and their own unpopular ideas. A GOP pollster recently concluded that the Republican Party has “run out of white voters” and risks becoming a “regional party,” as the last election proved, with the overwhelming minority turnout for Obama and the Democrats and formerly red states such as Virginia and Florida going Obama-blue again.

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  • nobsartist



    • MRD1056

      Love you comment and I counldn’t agree more. The only way to win is to stand your ground and don’t give in to these crazies!!!!!!!!

  • Most Americans support President Obama’s proposal for one simple reason, it reflects the wishes of most Americans! Two thirds of Americans believe the tax rate for our highest earners should revert back to Clinton era levels, when all segments of our society benefited from the effects of fiscal solvency, and a robust economy that helped create 23 million jobs.
    I believe it is fair to say that most of us are sick and tired of gridlock, petty arguments, lots of hot air and little action. We demand solutions and those that stand on the way to progress are likely to be booted out of office in 2014. That’s why so many Republicans are abandoning the Norquist pledge, obstructionism, conspiracy theories, and finally agreeing to do what people expect our elected officials to do. Act like grown ups.
    Spending reductions are also needed to reduce our budget deficits, borrowing and accumulation of debt, but it is going to take time to do that in a way that does not hurt the economy and our standard of living. Instead of a Norquist pledge, all Congressmen and Senators should sign a pledge to the American people promising to revise the tax code and find ways to reduce spending before the end of FY12.

    • old_blu

      Most of America is backing the President, that’s why we voted him back in, that was his platform.

      I seen on the news this morning that even 61% of the Republicans are okay with the taxes going up on the people who make over 250k, now we just need the people who represent them, and America to climb on board too. If they don’t I think they are going to be in real trouble in 2014.

      • Melvin Chatman

        Always wondered if the Earth was once “Flat” – Let’s go over the CLIFF just to see what it’s like!

        • old_blu

          I’m absolutely ready to jump with you, and everyone else. (some are not going to like it but I’m ready)

          • neece00

            I’ll go with you all over. We can all hold hands while we go down. Feel the love!

        • The repubs. still think the earth is still flat, they need to catch up.

      • dsand1445

        Well said old_blu

    • mugwort2

      By spending reductions I hope you don’t mean cuts in medicare, medicaid, social security. There are people who depend on them. If Medicaid is reduced this could mean people of low income are without medical coverage. OTOH I can’t presume what you meant by what you wrote.

    • StacyJB

      The gridlock is ridiculous. We need fillabuster reform and I swear we need to ban party caucusing when Congress is in session. Republicans clearly did not learn anything from the 2008 election and don’t seem to be learning anything from the 2012 election. Let them keep to their tactics and as Mr. Marks said, they will become a regional party. Even RED Arizona was far from a landslide for Republicans. I think a number of ‘red’ states will be swing states in the coming elections and Republicans will be increasingly marginalized. We’ll all be thankful for that. We just have to survive this mess to get there.

    • Lisztman

      If the GOP truly wishes to help rather than hinder — they could start by identifying all those “loopholes” that they proposed closing. In addition to altering the marginal tax structure, we could all benefit from the removal of deductions about which most of us can only dream, and which require a high-level accountant or lawyer to understand and use to advantage.

    • When they fall off the flat world we will be safe becouse we know the world is round, they still thinkit is flat.

  • Southlib1

    Boehner’s position is just that…a position. He IS a politician and he WILL fold… eventually. It’s the “eventually” that will be most troublesome.

  • bandrulz

    Boehner would have folded weeks ago except that Pres Obama has caved in so many times before and he’s holding out for the pres doing it again.

  • mistero6374

    My father always told me to vote against senatorial and congressional incumbents unless there was an overwhelmingly good reason to return them to office. It seems to me that rule applies to Boehner and his followers.

  • idamag

    And when Congress approval rating has dropped to 7 at one time, you can see that the American people are aware that Congress is a liability to Democracy.

    • BDC_57

      Their a bunch of idiots that think we the the people will bow down to them we will not.

  • mistero6374

    Republicans ought to remember that political parties sometimes become irrelevant. Then they wither and die. Remember the Whigs?

    • Sand_Cat

      The Republicans are far from irrelevant. So long as they can get anybody in office, those few can likely cow a Democratic majority into backing down or even passing Republican bills much of the time.

  • Our we going to back to Obama’ first four years where the repubs vote no no on everything and want to get us back in a recession which they started in the first place.

    • Sand_Cat

      Unfortunately, very likely, and very likely with the same strong, determined Democratic action to overcome their opposition that we saw in those first four years.


    Instead of trying to deal with the same idiots that have opposed the President in his first term, why not simply “kick the can down the road” for 90 or 120 days and try to deal with the newly elected representatives? Maybe, as being newly elected will be a little more willing to put Americans first and their own agenda’s aside.

  • sleeprn01

    President Obama,
    I support your platform and I do not want you to bow to the GOP. I would rather go over the cliff than have them get their way again, the GOP needs to recognize who won the election. I addition I would not negotiate on the debt limit, let the GOP take responsibility for crashing the global economy; hey they are professionals at, having tanked the economy once already.

  • Sand_Cat

    The most important point in the article, made in passing, is that George W. Bush’s “approval rating” sank 10 points to 48% in his 2004.
    I’m getting old, and maybe I don’t remember right, but it seems to me that there was an election that year, and that George still managed to win that election, or at least keep it close enough to steal (as has been alleged). Whatever, I think he was still president until January 2009.

    The other day, there was an article saying Mitch McConnell was the most unpopular guy in Congress, or something similar, but still saying he’ll probably be re-elected.

    So what are “approval” and “popularity” worth?

  • the GOP can’t hear their constituents they work for Grover Norquist and Sheldon not the people.

    • idamag

      They turned their backs on the American people to sign the godfather’s pledge.

  • onedonewong

    the State Run Media at its best

  • plainenglish

    You mean the poles at the stripper club? Only a complete fool would believe that levying taxes on the wealthy will do anything other than put a minute dent in the deficit.
    This president is offering ZERO spending cuts. If today, we’re 16 trillion in the hole thanks to the idiotic spending of Bush followed by the astronomically idiotic spending of Obama, where will be in 4 years after no cuts in spending?
    It’s easy to see how this story is going to end.

    • ryueire

      “astronomically idiotic spending of Obama” where are the figures that support this statement?

      Or are you a parrot for what the far right has distorted for so long? 716 billion in savings on waste in healthcare costs? Money spent/planned for infrastructure upgrade so the US can remain economically/technologically competitive in future? Pell grants and cutting out bank fees for student loans so that more Americans may have the educational tools to compete in the 21st century? money spent to increase researching alternative energy independence (although 500 billion to Solyndra was a bad gamble)?
      Or the fact that President Obama put the actual costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan back on the books, as that was what should have been done in the first place by the three stooges ( Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld)?

    • idamag

      Maybe, you should go back and find a reliable news source. He has offered billions of dollars in spending cuts. We cannot run a government without revenue and we don’t get revenue from the workers in India. They are not buying American goods so everyone loses.

  • rustacus21

    I was watching the 1st in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movie series the other nite & suddenly realized I see this whole ‘fiscal cliff’ thing in a completely different lite; U remember the scene – on top of the building w/the guy threatening suicide & Martin Riggs offers – no, ‘promises’ to bring him down alive. Goes up, has a little chat w/the man, then cuff the 2 of them together! After failing to convince the man to leave, w/the rationalization that if he jumps, it makes him a murderer, for killing a cop, but failing to make up his mind fast enuff, Riggs takes command of the situation, telling the disturbed man, ‘… lets just jump together – I got nothing better to do…’ & over the ‘cliff’ they go… I caught an epiphone from this scene, suddenly realizing this is where the nation is heading, when – IF we actually do go over. The administration & Democratic Senate are doing their all to speak reasoned rationality to conservatives – to no avail. After 12 consecutive years of hurt, pain & suffering, the American people have had enuff. 4 years ago, conservatives had chances to end it then. Then, in the 2010 MidTerms, they had an even better chance, but chose obstenance & continued suffering for the American people by not doing the obvious. Now, it’s time, w/a Democratic Senate majority & a President that @the very least, will ‘hear’ reasoned arguments, it’s time to all jump together… & let the chips fall where they will in 2014 –

  • It’s time to say it, once and for all:

    White men are no longer the majority.

    End stop.

  • turnipgreens

    doesn’t the GOP get it yet? It may take 2014 Dem resurgence to take back the majority to get them to see that this country is not as divided as they want it to be.