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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Poor Rich And The Scrooginess Of Congress

It’s at this time of the year that generous, big-hearted Americans reach out to aid the less fortunate among us — like those who’ve recently been knocked down by the recession and seen their incomes plummet. I speak, of course, about our nation’s severely squeezed millionaires.

Yes, many in the infamous 1 percent class are no longer feeling like a million bucks. According to a new federal report, the income of these high-living swells averaged a robust $1.4 million in 2007, but after Wall Street crashed in a heap of greed late that year, their average income took a tumble. In 2009, it fell below the millionaire threshold, leaving these poor rich folks struggling to make it on an average income of only $957,000.

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8 responses to “The Poor Rich And The Scrooginess Of Congress”

  1. CharlesPowers says:

    i wish i was part of the one %

  2. Maricia12 says:

    Republicans accuse President Obama of being a socialist and “redistributing wealth” taking from the rich and giving to the poor. From what I see, it appears to be just the opposite, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Another lie busted. No surprise here.

  3. Claudia Brown says:

    Dear God, help them to understand that You are watching. I pray for their understanding, and Your mercy. Amen

  4. pidlezen says:

    It’s right out of Karl Marx…… he feared that governments would only enact the reforms that socialized the status quo and protected the upper class rather than real reform that benefited the workers.
    Yep… government is OK as long as it protects the profit margin of the wealthy and as long as the rules it enacts guarantee the prosperity of the “haves.”
    But then, “socialism” is a dirty word when it actually gives health care to the working class, protects workers rights or protects the environment.
    Shame on teh 2 faced conservatives. Hope Jacob marley pays each one of them a personal visit this week

  5. gfking01 says:

    Republicans, or should I say Tea Party terrorists now, want to fold their arms and once again change their position to opposing whatever is asked of them – at the expense of 160 million middle income Americans.

    I wonder if those brain dead individuals who voted in these jokers last time around have changed their minds yet. Perhaps when they get a look at their pay stub, eh?

    Greg @ (one of the REAL small business owners).

  6. mcchatman says:

    I fail to see why everybody is so upset with the current T-Publicans – they just doing what the “Master” says!
    Slaves don’t have any input and can’t be held accountable for any ignorant things they say or do.
    Their Dignity has been wiped away with Corporate Cash and only fill the role of Government Officials to protect their true identities as “Corporate Slaves”
    Surely you can’t expect nor predict what they’ll say or do next, because you youself may be a decent and respectful person with compassion for others,and, your DNA won’t let you “Go There”
    So give the Slaves some slack, cause they got mo money than you and me, just no dignity – I’ll take Dignity any day!!!

  7. dpaano says:

    President Obama has done his best for this country despite having to “allow” concessions in order to get even the simplist thing passed by the House…a group of freshman Tea Party Republicans who have absolutely NO knowledge of economics or what they are doing to this country with this foolish actions! Unfortunately, some of these concessions are going to be hurtful….our President should HAVE to give “concessions” in order to help this country, but when you’re backed against the wall by idiots….you do the best you can even if it means that some of the country will suffer for the greater good! It’s just too bad that the Republicans can’t understand what they are doing to our government with all the cuts, etc. Do they NOT understand that cuts mean that people are put out of jobs, unable to purchase goods, unable to pay payroll taxes that go into running our country, unable to live relatively safe? Apparently not…..they are too selfish and too well paid by the Koch Brothers to give a damn about the rest of us!!! Let them live one winter season in Maine with $100 for heating oil to last the entire winter…how many would change their minds???

  8. dpaano says:

    Sorry….I meant that our President should NOT have to give concessions in order to help this country!

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