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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

There was never any reason to think that Donald Trump’s stump-speech assaults on Wall Street banks and hedge funds were even momentarily sincere — but millions of working and middle-class voters loved his ‘populist’ rhetoric.  

 Emerging from that gold-plated jet, Trump would roar about cracking down on the financial vultures who had fattened while everyone else suffered, as his fans cheered.

 He wouldn’t let those paper-shuffling crooks escape their share of taxes any more. He was paying for the campaign from his own massive fortune, so he would owe allegiance to nobody but the American people. He excoriated Hillary Clinton, who had accepted tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, warning that the Democrat would dance to Wall Street’s tune.  He even aired a television commercial, late in the campaign, that vowed to free the country from the “globalist” designs of Goldman chair Lloyd Blankfein and investor George Soros.

 Voters enchanted by Trump’s promises may not have known that he owed his wealth and the continued existence of his business — despite multiple bankruptcies — to bankers at places like Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Deutsche Bank (and still owed them hundreds of millions of dollars). They probably didn’t know how quickly he abandoned his bogus promise to fund his own campaign, turning to Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs veteran and predatory mortgage lender, to raise millions.  

 And they surely didn’t know that Mnuchin openly boasted he would become Treasury Secretary, the very reward that Trump awarded him — or that various other Wall Street figures, from Commerce nominee Wilbur Ross to National Economic Council chief Gary Cohn, would dominate Trump’s appointments.

 Now they do know — or they should, if they’ve been paying attention. But do they realize yet how badly Trump punked them?

 On Friday, he delivered a multi-billion dollar gift to Wall Street by eviscerating the Dodd-Frank financial regulations passed in the wake of the 2008 crash. One of his two executive orders instructed the Department of Labor to delay and ultimately destroy the fiduciary rule that required financial firms to offer advice only in their clients’ best interest — rather than self-serving schemes for self-enrichment. With that single stroke he encouraged the banks to fleece working Americans of their retirement savings, with an implicit promise that the government will do nothing to stop or punish them.

 According to a report released last year by the Obama administration, the fiduciary rule would save Americans from $18 billion in financial cheating annually. Goldman Sachs estimated that the rule would cost financial firms as much as $25 billion per year. Either way, undoing the rule is an enormous favor to Wall Street — and a gigantic gouge of consumers. 

 At the same time, Trump’s other order directed his appointees to undo the regulations that protect Americans from another Wall Street meltdown — which could again cost millions of Americans their jobs, homes, and health care. Campaign promises to revive the Glass-Steagall Act, a Depression-era law that separated banking from investing, have been forgotten, along with the ‘populist’ pledge to require that bankers pay income taxes like everyone else.

 Indeed, the effective control of Trump’s agenda by banking interests became obvious even before he signed the orders to tear down Dodd-Frank. Within days after taking office, he signed an order that undid a planned decrease in federal mortgage insurance fees, forcing higher costs on hundreds of thousands of American families – -but enriching the private mortgage industry and investors in mortgage securities. Which is another way of saying that he did another favor for the big banks.

 As president, Trump has also effectively abandoned any ‘populist’ attitudes toward the national debt and the federal budget. During the campaign, he advanced the radical idea that debt didn’t matter because the government “can print money,” and hinted that he was prepared to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure investments that would employ millions of workers. But in office, his appointees turn out to be old-fashioned Wall Street deficit hawks who want to slash discretionary spending, which will be ruinous to the economy. And his infrastructure “plan” so far appears to be nothing more than another set of tax breaks for the wealthy. That scheme would mean billions in bond underwriting profits for Wall Street.

In Trump’s economy, there will be winners and — as he would say, mockingly — losers. The winners are the fat and happy bankers he once pretended to attack. The losers are the poor suckers who believed him.

IMAGE: After signing, President Donald Trump holds up an executive order rolling back regulations from the 2010 Dodd-Frank law on Wall Street reform at the White House, February 3, 2017.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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222 Responses to ‘Populist’ Trump Punks His Credulous Fans (Again)

  1. If they do what they did to the country in 2008 the American taxpayer won’t be bailing them out. They well be shooting them instead.

    • I know history has a way of repeating itself I just didn’t think it’d be so soon after the 2008 debacle. When will Republicans ever learn ? Unfortunately never apparently ????

      • cant teach the GOP gang of pinheads and idiots any tricks at all new one old ones thy just find the worse ones and stick to them for the sake of the country of course . for the sake of the next grave thy put us in

      • That said, we’re no better served by our Democrat party representatives. They just sit back and acquiesce and they’re on the same path essentially needing to constantly raise money for the next election as soon as the current one is almost over.

        • It’s a vicious cycle particularly for House members who face the voters every 2 years. I know there are some pols who acknowledge they spend more time raising money than doing actual legislating. All too often they vote more on how it’ll affect their fundraising than if it’s just good legislation. There’s far too much horse trading which definitely is not in their constituents best interest. One thing I’d love to see go away are PACS but that’s just not going to happen

          • Given what we’re talking about, add a few zeros.

            But more seriously, it’s nice to talk about “getting money out of politics”. How do we get there is the issue. I don’t see a real way forward on that. This in turn, renders specious those arguments that Democrats need to pay less attention to their Doners and more attention to the People.

          • You might be right, but Bernie Sanders was able to get enough money from his donors to keep campaigning… CAN be done without going to corporations and big PACS to get our people elected. But, I agree, it is a great argument as to how we would get rid of Citizen’s United…..with the Supreme Court loaded with conservatives, we’ll never be able to get rid of it!!!

          • I seem to recall Sanders running low on money several times. But Trump may well have rewritten the book on how much paid TV advertising is needed.

            I’m frustrated with the idea that things will miraculously get better. I’m looking for practical ways to defeat Trump and all he stands for.

            We’ve got the ballfield we have. I’d rather worry about winning it; than complain that we’re not playing in a different park.

          • Corporations make big bucks on campaign spending, so the campaign ads can run for limited time before the election. A month maybe. I hear it works in some other countries.

          • What’s a campaign ad?

            What about the several Super Bowl ads that were anti-Trump?

            Ads on political issues?

            Fox “News” 24/7?

            Remember that every limitation limits “free speech” and so has Constitutional problems.

          • We need to keep pounding home the fact that FOX is propaganda covered with a mask of news. We need to have opposition publications comparable to the Enquirer and Globe. And we need a fairness doctrine that requires, demands, and enforces equal air time for opposing views, as we once had in this country. So that radio doesn’t fill every spare minute of air time from one coast to the other with RW hate-dems propagandisa. That would be a good start.

            But my experience and education tell me we will have to have a collapse first. And be ready to with plans to pick up the pieces. So far, i see no logical way in current climate to take down the bazillionaires and their flunkeys. Neither the prospect of another Nazi style powertakeover or invasion of California by the chinese tickles my fancy. Nor do the ideas that america is either the laughingstock of the globe or the overt enemy of every other nation on the planet.

            I take comfort in knowing that as things are we all will be dead in another generation or two (me sooner than that), as the global air conditioner shuts down when the poles finish melting. We might not even care who runs the planet when folks are dying of the heat and lack of food crops. And I don’t even read dystopian literature, except, and i recommend it “The Road.”

          • Limit spending so payoffs from deep pockets are not necessary. If there are any, disqualified, no matter the vote count.

          • Okay. Opponents have illegally contributed to every candidate running. $50 grand to get him out of the race? Easy call.

          • I doubt that anything is easy, but by working together, instead of fighting each other over details, maybe it can be done. Other countries are so much more civilized than this one. Here it seems a race to the bottom, and someone has to answer the call of those who toil without expecting high office as a reward, someone has to stand tall and lead the rest.

            Elizabeth Warren would be my choice, but she doesn’t want the job and I feel her wants must be respected or the worker bees will feel let down by their own dreams.
            And we are all worker bees, no matter how small our contribution, and see how you would not get your almonds, fruit, honey, and so on, w/o the labor of hives of bees all focussed on getting the job done. The harvests are a side affect of all that work. I dream of a country where the side affects are good govt. good roads/bridges/eater supplies/ solar power farms/ enforced fishing quotas, a bed and 3 meals a day for every man, woman and child, no more fund-raising on the backs of those who can least afford to pay fines and so end up in labor camps making prison companies and low or no wage companies richer by the day. And dark skies at night, every kid a good education and summer camp, every mother a support system from childbirth coaches to help in finding support resources when they are needed…..every father the right to have new father leave w/o penalties, and on and on…..but without a goal, a dream, a tug in the right direction….then where do we end up? Right here where we are, shoveling money at those who have more than enough for ten lifetimes… corporations who live to grow like fat worms in the tomatoes and ruthless corporate people who persuade and cajole us that we need their stuff/junk. Now I need a nap. Enough is enough. if people don’t get it then Canada will eventually need a wall of its own.

          • I’m thinking that the way the demonstrations and voter candidate turnout is improving, the Dems won’t need nearly as much fund-raising in the next cycle, b/c so many will be worked up and ready to vote for steady and capable candidates instead of the dominionists and their supporters who run now.
            We have to keep up a steady stream of public messages in all forums about what dems can offer and what the RWers (the plutocrats, the dominionists, the anti-women, anti-working people, bigots, anti-Americans) are supporting. If people agitate for shorter election periods, limits on spending, etc…perhaps change will come like puddles after a rain.
            If we declare that PACs are not going away, then we have given up before we even try. Is that any way to win back our country from those who would destroy it?

            The House has always been a problem, since each member is speaking for the people of one state and telling the country that the state s/he represented was of one mind. From my years of watching, it was the Senate, working for the whole nation, than softened the hard-line demands of the House. If we can work towards the needs of all the people, including the down-and-outers, the more helpless, and even the bigots-some of whom will realize the govt works for their welfare, too, then maybe it will be a little easier on those who come after us and who will have to keep up the pressure.

          • But it can if enough people raise enough hell about it. It’ll take much work, but if we just say it won’t happen and don’t try………????

        • Snort of derision.

          Dodd-Frank was passed by Democrats.
          The “fiduciary rule” was imposed by Democrats.
          There were sever other proposals filibustered by the Republibans.

          No, both sides don’t do it.

          And it’s that kind of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

          • Deride all you want but deride to the right person. And don’t be such a self righteous jackass. I get you’re pissed about everything and want to lash out at the first opportunity but your reading comprehension skills suck big time. You offer nothing but insults and that will get you nothing in return. Keep that one-sided view. Democrats keep thinking they’re winning and then they taken down worse each time. I’m no Republican. The whole system is rotten from the inside. You don’t fix anything by blaming every single thing on one side. I return your snort of derision and identify you as part of the overall polarized and polarizing problem. This was a discussion until you hijacked it with pissiness.

          • I scoff at your childish insults.

            That you’re not a Democrat is obvious. Equally obvious is that you have no practical plan for moving forward.

          • I’m certainly not a Republican. You’re just a bitter person looking for a fight. What, you want a 140 character practical plan? You’ve got to be kidding. Extrapolate much? I hope you don’t think your methods lead to anything productive no matter what side you fancy yourself on. If you’re a Democrat, I suddenly realize why Trump’s voters are complaining so loudly about the unnecessary insulting nastiness heaped on them by the “lefties.” You shot your arrow into the dark and totally missed your target and probably alienated someone who’s on your side. We’re done here. You have nothing to offer except insults and rage.

          • I continue to scoff at your childish insults. It’s apparent you’ve nothing better to offer. Then again, personal insults are the last refuge of the incompetent.

            If you are not a RW troll, you’ve certainly picked up their prediliction for projection. I’m insulting you, I’m full of rage, another snort of derision for both.

            We’re done? No, we were done when you had nothing constructive to offer.

          • And, childlike, determined to have the last word.

            One can only hope you’ll mature as you get older.

          • So let me summarise for you:
            “The Democrats aren’t doing their job” – no evidence.
            “I am not going to tell you what they should do” – No plan.

            Please contribute more.
            That’s amazing.

          • Hahahaha, you scoff. That’s rich. Pseudo intellectualism is an annoyingly juvenile attempt to appear intelligent.

          • Whereas sitting on a forum to mock and degrade the conversation whilst supplying drivel is SO adult.
            I am in awe of your maturity.

          • Oh, I didn’t know one had to answer your command. And your last line, how very Trumpian of you. And never amusing, witty nor interesting.

          • You don’t have to answer anyone’s command.
            But the funny thing is that by not answering any points in the post you are replying to, you look like what you obviously are.
            A paid Astroturfer.

            I was inviting you to act like an intelligent forum poster. You know… one who explains their point of view with evidence, and answers the points they are replying to.

            Because being here just to metaphorically “pee on the mattress” by ad hominem attacks and attempted diversion is a Trump thing. Which makes you a Trumptard.
            What does your binder say about replying to that, Troll?

          • Such language unnecessary when polite discussion is called for. The use of gutter language solves nothing, contributes nothing. And marks the user as less than helpful in solving problems. Grow up and come back and play here when you do.

          • I’m thinking there will soon be a Woman’s Party. Then many of you will be ducking and running. Unless you get your name on the party list right early. Get in line after the men who were in the marches. Those of you who still think Woman can’t rule, look up Lysistrata.

          • No idea. Don’t care. Not the time for individual blame. Only for recognition that the wrong righties put us in this position and somebody has to take charge. Women do it all and in high heels, while men sit around and pizzle. So get out of the way and support the women who do want our country to be better, while not supporting the gazillionaire women and men who would destroy the nation the better to make its wealth all theirs.

        • That is entirely untrue. Obama raised the taxes on the rich enormously and used it to pay for the ACA. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

        • You’ve got a point….with Citizen’s United, our politicians no longer depend on their constituent’s money to get them elected….all they have to do is spend a big amount of their day “dialing for dollars.” I’d be embarrassed if I had to do that as a politician!!! Seriously!

      • What the hell you talking about? Their the ones who will profit from all this.. Even if it will only be a small percentage of them.. That’s the way it was planned out in the beginning and like the last time, this time will be just as profitable for them because this go round they hold all the marbles. If you follow the money you will realize that this is no exaggeration.. The destiny is the rich will absolutely become richer as the rest of us this time will be living in various areas of tent cities. Only blue states will be our asylums but we must act quick because even those states will have their population limits. Myself, when I feel the worst about to happen I’m finding an area that has as good weather as possible all year long.. I’m simply too damned old at this point in my life to survive a homeless winter.

        • You have no argument from me on this matter. I don’t like how the deck is stacked against the little guy. I don’t make the rules because if I did there’d be a lot less panhandling from our lawmakers and make them do the job they were hired to do

          • Panhandling for alms on the street by the poor and homeless is strictly forbidden but the politicians begging in public for millions is not only accepted but actually encouraged. Once elected, all they have to do is “go along to get along” for a couple of election cycles and they are set for life whether or not they are re-elected ever again.

          • wouldn’t you agree that it’s not our obligation to remind them of that fact.. After all they were the ones who swore the oath that not a one since the early days of our parents actually took seriously.

          • That’s the problem…..we pay their salaries, but they make their money from lobbyists! We need to get rid of the lobbyists or outlaw them from hobnobbing with our Senators, etc.! With Citizen’s United, that also gave the go ahead to corporations to own a piece of our government…..a BIG piece!!! We may pay their salaries, but we get nothing for our pittance!!!

          • Here is the real funny part: The conservative voter wants that “Conservative” Supreme Court along the lines of Scalia. They foolishly want more of ‘Corporations are people’ ‘money is free speech’ that old voting rights law is out. Congress will re-do it and update it…..right. Nobody learns. Then again half the voters didn’t vote. Now they complain. Dweebs!

          • I’ve come to the conclusion that conservatives are fickle!!! I don’t think they know WHAT they want or HOW to get it! It’s pretty pitiful that they keep making the same mistake time and time again and never learn from them!!!

    • sounds like a fix who knows it might not help as much shooting them BUT IT SURE WILL FEEL GOOD and while thy do the shooting make sure thy save enough AMO for the ones at the very top

  2. A practical step would be for Democrats in Congress to abstain or not vote on the next debt ceiling extension,or government budget shutdown impasse.

    But the only important thing is to insure the Republicans own this economy & the RWMO don’t get to pass this off as “business as usual”.

  3. The article points out an over-all status of the mental fitness of Trump’s supporters and the diagnosis in the past and now is grim. Every conservative talking head and pundit in the media world has been feeding messages over the airwaves to Americans for decades now, with a subsequent erasure of critical thinking skills of those already inclined to be force-fed populist crap, and conditioned to accept everything they hear at face value.
    Any con artist in politics and unscrupulous businessman knows a sucker when he/she sees one, and Trump has found millions of pigeons to fleece.

    • ive said this many times and ill keep saying it the government should be doing a FULL PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION EXAMINATION on DONNY DUMP that clown isn’t mentally fit to work a toll booth never mind the country

        • close advisors and anyone that dose any kind of investing DONNY DUMP is so much a greedy bastard that he will go for money before he thinks about what can happen by the law . see now the DUMPSTER is in the house he thinks he is untouchable he’s greed will hang him and himself im thinking before the 4 years are up . but if not then the law will catch up with the clown after . then you can watch what the POS dose best lie through his teeth all the way to jail . then again how he is falling back on all his campaign promises one can think it will be one of his very brain dead followers that drops the hammer on the POS once and for all . then the whole family can all TELL ALL and make money off books . how he did it all raped ,fraud, con, stole and scammed every thing and every one that had anything to do with the CLOWN

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  4. and the followers of the DUMPSTER PUNKED then Now they do know — or they should, if they’ve been paying attention. But do they realize yet how badly Trump punked them? thy know nothing again all of DONNY DUMP followers are BRAIN DEAD all those clowns don’t know there azz from their elbow as thy see it today and all the time of the POS’s Campaign thy was just so happy for the free DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and the biggest joke of all is that thy are so brain dead thy still stand by the CLOWN thy can be looking up at the DUMPSTER as he is throwing the dirt on them in the grave the clown put them in and those brain dead morons will still be smiling and cheering the DUMPSTER full of B/S

  5. We are heading back to that scary time of 2008 when the banks almost failed under Bush and Cheney’s non-leadership. Most retirement accounts lost half of their values, a loss that took almost six years under President Obama’s tenure to recover. What’s saddest is that most of the Trump supporters will not get their jobs back. They probably do not have retirement accounts and many depend on federal assistance. Coal will not be a viable energy source, but yet these same poor people voted for Trump. With Trump’s getting rid of many regulations, what will restrain the greedy corporations in America? When the next natural catastrophe that occurs due to this loosening of regulations, will people wake up to the fact that they’ve been conned? I used to believe that Americans deserve better than this abuse by the wealthy, but now I am not so sure.

    • So many Americans are plagued by short attention spans, plus the modern day habit of demanding instant gratification. Ripe pickings for a reality show con man.

    • Americans DO deserve better than abuse from the wealthy. Sadly, the least educated among us elected the candidate who proudly boasted about his abuse of other, weaker people.

      • That is the most perplexing part of what is happening. How could so many people either not understand the implications of the policies that Trump is enacting on his own, especially the repeal of Dodd-Frank, or support it? Have millions of Americans forgotten what happened during President George W. Bush’s tenure, and the mess we were in when President Obama was Inaugurated in January 2009? A return to the days of ENRON, AIG, Bernie Maddoff, and financial piracy by the banking industry, point to another financial meltdown. Sadly, this time we may not have a Barack Obama in office when it hits to keep us from falling down a financial-economic abyss.

        • The saddest part, Dom, is that it’ll hit his supporters harder than most of us. And, they don’t even see it coming because they’ve been blinded and brainwashed to believe every lying word coming out of 45’s big mouth!!

        • It’s called brainwashing, Dom. 24/7/365 coast to coast drumbeat of lies, exaggerations, half-truths, wild imaginings, and drug-induced fantasies. Broadcast to the defenseless ever since the end of the fairness doctrine. The rest of us learned critical thinking skills in the good public schools.

          • Sadly, that is happening everywhere. I overheard a bizarre conversation at a local restaurant yesterday. When a woman asked what was Obamacare, a man walking by responded that it is a socialist program run by the government that forced his best friend to change his insurance policy, and instead of paying $2K a year, with no deductibles, he now has to pay $8K, with high deductibles. He conveniently omitted that the substandard policies that some people had before the ACA did not cover everything, that in the event of a major surgery the insured would have to rely on MEDICAID because those policies did not pay the full amount of hospitalization, and that the $8K his friend is now paying is being subsidized by the government. I chose to ignore the whole thing, and couldn’t wait to get out of that joint.

        • It’s taken more then 40 years for the brainwashing on tv and radio to bring us to this place. I’m so happy i refused to listen to the RW propaganda and the “preachers” that helped shove the RW swill into the brains of the gullible.

    • How come I didn’t recover some of my losses? And prices on everything went up to soothe the egos of the corporate hierarchy in the new Church of Trump, Bannon and Pence. Hail them all.

  6. However you cut it, the President of the United States gave permission to those who invest our money to place themselves ahead of their clients (that would be us) to take our money and enrich themselves even if that means hurting the investor. Dodd Frank wouldn’t allow that but Trump does. That IS quite disgusting. He didn’t drain the swamp, he made it bigger and put more alligators in it. Lucky us.

    I’m not a Constitutional lawyer but can a law enacted by Congress be actually changed by the President with only his signature without the court or legislative involvement?

    • NO, unless they let him. It seems like Congress continues to stand back and do nothing. Watch videos of republican leaders in and around Trump activities on t.v. They are gushing and throw themselves at him like he is a big hero. Pathetic. Sad. Disgusting. Congress will not step in and take corrective action with the Bozo. Most of us recognized Trump’s personality and leadership style way before the election. We knew what was going to happen and voted accordingly. Trump supporters seem to like the blowhard, plow ahead, blow things up attitude and it will cost us dearly.

  7. Howard Stern was reported to have voiced concern for his friend, Donald’s, mental state lately.
    When a “colorful” character like Howard is worried about what direction a buddy is headed in, then bells and whistles should immediately be sounding.

  8. Looked at your “most popular posts” lineup. What do I see?

    Post after post of anti-Trump agitprop.

    You know what I reflect on, every morning when I arise?

    That Barry O is no longer President.
    That his surrogate Hillary C is not President.

    Whatever Trump might or might not do, or accomplish, that he prevented Barry’s 3rd term is a wondrous thing.

    (And you know, Liberal Tears aren’t so bad to contemplate either! )

      • Well, you’ve got us dead to rights. Tip of the hat. I read your zerohedge link about how the liberal/progressive left has an alliance with the one-percent ruling oligarchs to wage war on the working class, and to snuff out world peace and start wars.

        Personally, I can’t tell you how many bankers, hedge fund managers, and arms manufacturing CEO’s that I’ve met at meetings of the Socialist International. I told them. I told them all of my suspicions that you were on to us.

      • A. That site is hilarious. Is it run by the RNC?
        B. Your opinion would matter if President Loser actually made any sense… or knew anything about government or governing. Since it’s painfully obvious to even the stupidest people that he doesn’t know anything about either… I suspect you’re a paid Astroturfer… and not a very good one.

        Just one of the many examples he provided of his stupidity this week was the “Muslim Ban”.
        “Why?” I hear you ask… in a 5 year old voice…
        – It’s Unconstitutional. Even as part of a layman’s reading of the Constitution. It breaks about 5 major parts and a number of minor parts.
        – President Dumbass didn’t bother to check to see if it was Constitutional first. That’s pretty special… even among idiots.
        – The Judge that blocked it asked the Government Lawyers basic questions about statistically what public good it was going to do, versus the harm it had already done, and also asked for their legal basis for the Constitutionality of the Ban… They couldn’t answer. Pause and contemplate that for a second… The GOVERNMENT LAWYERS didn’t have any idea how to argue the legality of the Ban in court, and neither could they supply any useful idea of how it helped…
        – President Dumbf**k obviously also did not ask any of those questions… as total Terror Attacks from Syrian Refugees to date = Zero. Vetting is 2 years long… and, really try hard to understand this point: THEY DON’T GET TO CHOOSE WHICH COUNTRY THEY GO TO. If you think people in this program pose a threat of any sort, you have to be a knuckle-dragger.
        – The arrant stupidity and self-interest of banning those particular 7 countries…. but the countries that actually originated, coordinated, and funded the 9/11 attacks… Saudi Arabia and Pakistan… NOT BANNED………. Isn’t it weird how those countries Trump has business in aren’t on the ban list DESPITE actual terrorists coming from there….
        – He and Spicer and Conway all called it a Ban… until he decided it wasn’t a Ban… then they all said it wasn’t Ban… then blamed the media for making up the word “Ban”…. then just said “call it whatever you like”. Hahaha

        In summary:
        To call just this one example of F**kface Von Clownstick attempting to “govern” a screaming Dumpster fire of incompetence and ignorance doesn’t really do it justice.

        And as a bonus… he has done far more than that.
        It’s only been two weeks, and I could literally list another 10 really idiotic things he has done. Things that will cripple or kill the people that voted for him, no less.

        So, Astroturfer… What does your binder say about rebutting that?

        A nice ad hominem attack and an attempted subject distraction are entirely expected…
        I’ll hold my breath.

        • And the funniest part of his calling it a “ban” and then saying he never said that is that there are so many actual tapes of him calling it a “ban.” And, there are also tapes of both Conway AND Spicer ALSO calling it a “ban.” Do they not realize that when they lie, there are TV tapes out there that prove that they lied? 45 sure has a bunch of idiots surrounding him….I guess they are all in for “alternate facts.”

    • So you don’t care if Trump crashes the economy, helps builds up Russia as the world power. You don’t care when Trump helps destroy the environment. You do know when he sinks the ship we all go down, the banks don’t ask your politics when they come and take your home. You do realize you can’t drink polluted water even if you are right wing. You may have hated President Obama because you were told to by your masters and believed their propaganda but all their lies will not help you when the sky falls on you.

      So far Trump has used the EO’s to change laws, and repeal rules and regulations. These are they very same things you said were not aloud under Obama because they were un constitutional. He has make it legal for more mentally ill people to buy guns, made it so coalmines can dump waste into our streams, turned the banks loose to do as they please, moved to not just take insurance away from 20 million people but also let insurance companies rip everyone else off. He has set a record for the fact court blocking of an EO in history.This is what you have gotten in his first two weeks.

      He also has managed to himself disliked by most of our allies and trusted by none. He even pissed of the Pope. So much for being the leader of the free world, you are no leader if no one follows.

      • Aaron, do you really think the banks and Wall St should be de-regulated? Do you really think these regulations hurt the average American or the average bank? I like protecting Americans better. Obama did some disappointing things and I have no idea what he might have accomplished with an even slightly cooperative Congress. But the fox is in charge of the hen house now and we will all experience that for at least another four years. So far, Don has acted on some of his campaign promises. But have any of these actions helped you?

    • Sigh, you are obviously not a very patriotic person; someone who is rooting for, and not against, our country.

      Your words sound traitorous to me.

      I do happen to feel that traitors should be shot.

    • Correction: Trump had nothing to do with with President Obama not running for a third term. Had he been able to run for a third term, he would have won. Even trump knows that! If you educated yourself you would too!

      This travesty of justice is a temporary situation. Enjoy it while you can.The grown ups will be back to fix things again.

      A mere 27% of ALL registered voters supported Trump in the election. 73% of ALL registered voters either voted for Hillary, wrote in alternate names as they didn’t like either candidate or sat in out because they didn’t like either candidate. It’s already been established more people voted for Hillary and won the popular vote. There are no valid arguments to the contrary.

      Hillary is out of the picture now. What remains is the 73%, the majority, who either despise Trump or at the very least didn’t like him enough to bother to vote for him. Since that time, he’s done nothing to prove any of the 73% majority were wrong in their initial assessments. Just the opposite, in fact. He has reinforced their correct assessments.

      Trump has made it clear, anyone who didn’t support him in the election is “the enemy”.

      Recently in a closed door session when they trying to figure out how they were going to get out of repealing the ACA without a plan, a congressional member who was taped, referred to those who didn’t support Trump, as “the enemy”.

      So keep in mind if you live in a place where your representative is a republican and you didn’t support Trump, you are the enemy.

      Also keep in mind, 73% of us didn’t support trump in the election, so they have lots of enemies.

      We are the majority. Hold that thought. It’s fact

    • Sigh, your guy won. You are getting screwed as bad as the rest of us. Get over it. Oh, and I look forward to seeing your “conservative tears” in the coming weeks as you realize Teflon Donnie’s betrayal of your beliefs finally hits home.

  9. The intolerant, leftist, anti-American, anti-White, obstructionists have lost it. Trump has been President only 2 weeks & not one leftist has waited to see how great our Country will become again, while you ignorant, hateful Socialists screamed how we didn’t give Obama a chance. We gave him the benefit of much doubt, & we have clearly seen his disastrous policies ruining many American lives, Trillions more in debt, unemployment, low wages, more division & poverty, criminal Illegals released, etc., etc. Take a deep breath you haters & you will be in for prosperity for all with President TRUMP!!!

    • If you thought Obama added to the debt you haven’t seen anything yet. Increase spending while cutting taxes on the rich. If he does half of what he says he will the debt will double in less the four years. You say he hasn’t been given a chance but he was elected in November and has had three months of running his mouth about all the things he will do. He has filled his cabinet with the very same people who have created the problem you are complaining about under Obama. Trump is a man of his word so he will do everything he promised. We have a pretty good idea what is coming then and God help the USA.

      • We can start with the billions that he wants Congress to give him to build a wall that (1) no one wants; (2) can’t be built in many of the areas along the border; and (3) is fraught with problems from Day 1!!! We can add that to the debt because there’s NO way that Mexico is going to pay for the wall….they don’t need a wall and don’t want one!!! If WE want a wall; we should pay for it! How 45 can even THINK that another country should pay for something they don’t want, won’t be on their land, and is useless!!! He’d be wiser spending more money on technology like motion sensors, drones, dogs, more border guards, better equipment, etc. And, what’s REALLY STUPID is that there have been fewer people coming over the border from Mexico in the last 4 years than ever…..there’s NO need to build a stupid wall that the hard-working taxpayers would end up paying for!!! If he wants a stupid wall….maybe he and his billionaire cronies can pool their lunch money and build it themselves….he could call it “The Great Wall of Trump.”

        • No building a wall until Congress appropriates money to pay for it. One good wrinkle our forefathers left to help ward off evil geniuses.
          But going on and on about the wall, especially in the smooth seductive voice he uses, is a handy tactic to keep his captive slaves on point. One thing he can do well is talk people into deals that will skin them and leave them as roadkill under his limo.

        • The only ones who have believed even one thing Trump has said are you mentally challenged right-wingers who are too clueless to even realize yet that Trump is leading America down the path of destruction.

          It was Trump’s election that caused the 4th quarter GDP to hit its lowest point in the past 5-6 years at a projected 1.6%/annual growth rate – making the entire 4th quarter of 2016 the lowest GDP growth quarter since 2011!!

          And just wait until these idiot companies that added employees since his election because they thought Trump was going to spur the economy when they find out that consumer spending has nosedived since Trump was elected and even more since he took office because of all the fear and uncertainty he has not only created in America but also around the world!!!

          • Once again you have shone us what a Dummy you are. Trump wasn’t yet President the last Qtr. of 2016, OBAMA WAS!!

          • He was elected with 2 months to go in the quarter and right away started building his cabinet from Hell. He incited so much fear across the country that the economy started to plummet virtually immediately after he was elected. Obama was a lame duck – he had no influence over what took place the last 2-3 months of his presidency!! Wake up idiot!!

          • Tsk, tsk, more stupid excuses as always. President Trump (inaugurated) Jan. 20th, 2017. What a fool you are for ALL to see. LMAO.

          • And even Trump’s nominee for SCOTUS is calling out Trump for his constant asinine comments:

            Washington Post News Alert:

            Supreme Court nominee calls Trump’s attacks on the judiciary ‘demoralizing’ and ‘disheartening’ to the independence of the courts

            Neil Gorsuch’s comments to a Democratic senator came as Trump continued his days-long crusade against the judicial branch, after a Seattle judge halted his controversial executive order barring immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. His comments were confirmed by Ron Bonjean, a member of the judge’s nomination team.

    • What a total load of absolute garbage!! You are a foul mouthed worthless piece of crap!!


      And well more than 100, 000 Americans are alive today only because Obama insisted on getting Obamacare Passed.

      Millions upon millions of retired Americans were breathing easier over the past 8 years because under Obama the stock market tripled in 8 years for the 1st time in history since the Dow has been over 2,000.

      Millions of Americans have jobs today because under Obama there were 82 straight months of jobs growth, the longest period of positive jobs growth in American history BY ALMOST THAN 3 YEARS LONGER THAN AT ANY PREVIOUS TIME!!

      And millions of Americans who lived in poverty when the last worthless Republican president left office have gotten out of poverty during the past 8 years as the poverty rate across America plummeted by more than 3 percentage points during those years.

      And there are still millions of Americans working for an American-run auto industry, because Obama had the nerve to insist on bailing out the industry and applying a stimulus which kept America out of the GOP’s 4th created depression!!

      And I could go on and on listing things Barack Obama did that are helping millions of Americans every single day. You can’t list one thing the GOP has ever done to help any American outside of the upper 10%!!!!!!

      • Well…..the GOP DID sit on their asses for 8 years and did absolutely nothing outside of naming a couple of post offices….isn’t that important? SNARK!!!

        • Sorry! The DailyKos is not part of the corrupt right-wing biased MSM and I have validated what it publishes enough times to know that I can be very confident in what I read from what Kos publishes!!

          It’s the right-wing biased pathological lying, propaganda creating, right-wing MSM with outlets like Brietbart, Faux News, etal that need to be avoided at all costs!!!

      • Jeez, Indy….you do understand, don’t you that brainwashed people, like Pat there, will never accept the facts if they are in conflict w/ his brainwashing? You are wasting you time. Reality is in a far far away universe for this poor soul. And he’ll never reach it……..b/c he can’t give up the fairy stories he’s been fed……..

    • This is all Trump is good for – making chaos out of nothing!! He’s not long for the presidency!!

      Trump throws Washington into state of anxious uncertainty

      Policy pronouncements sprout up from the White House in rapid succession.

      Some have far-reaching implications, most notably Trump’s temporary refugee and immigration ban, but others disappear without explanation, including planned executive actions on cybersecurity and the president’s demand for an investigation into unsubstantiated voter fraud.

      The day’s agenda can quickly be overtaken by presidential tweets, which
      often start flashing on smartphones just as the nation’s capital is
      waking up.

      “The last two weeks feel like six months,” said Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.

      Some businesses are on edge, too. Amid fierce customer opposition to Trump’s immigration order, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dropped out of a White
      House business council. Other executives fear theirs could be the next
      company to wind up in Trump’s crosshairs for a high-cost government
      contract or overseas factory move.

      “There’s dread in corporate America to wake up every morning and see what the latest tweet is,” said Tony Podesta, a prominent Washington lobbyist.

      • The best thing about the past 2 weeks is that 45 has totally pissed off not only our foreign allies, but he’s even pissing off the Republicans in Congress, the Senate, and the House!!! This should be an interesting 4 years if he continues! Pretty soon, he won’t have a party to worry about….he’ll be a party of his own making, which will probably prove to thrill him since he just loves the adoration….even if it’s just him!

    • Well, Patrick, I intend to give Donald J. Trump every consideration that the GOP-controlled House and Senate showed our last president.

      After all, that’s only fair, right?

      • Obama received much more consideration & benefit of the doubt! Trump wasn’t even President & the Leftists attack him mercilessly.

        • And the pathological liar just keeps on spewing one lie after another!!

          Eric Cantor & GOP Leaders Plot to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting – On Obama’s Inauguration Night

          On January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy with Newt Gingrich and GOP Propaganda Minister Frank Luntz.

          The Guest List:

          Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
          Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
          Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
          Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
          Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
          Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
          Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
          Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
          Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
          Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
          Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
          Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
          Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

          Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich – Failed GOP candidate for President

          Newt Gingrich confirms meeting took place in an interview with Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on June 12, 2012 SHARPTON: In fact, let`s go to a book that Mr. Draper wrote about the night of the inauguration. There was a meeting at a hotel near the inaugural ball, about a mile away … He writes about that night the plan was to show united and unyielding opposition to the president`s economic policies … And Draper writes that you told the group — you, Newt Gingrich, “You will remember this day…you will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown.”

          If there was a commitment from day one, before he ever took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office, that everyone was going to obstruct him, then what he`s done has been almost unbelievable, against those kind of odds, Speaker Gingrich.

          NEWT: The first is, it was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it… I said to Callista when we left the hall — because we were at the Capitol for the inaugural. As we left, I said, you know, if he sticks to the kind of moderation and bipartisanship he`s been describing, he willsplit the Republican Party. He`ll govern like Eisenhower and he`ll get reelected. Now this is — this is the inaugural day.SHARPTON: I`m glad you admit you had it.

          Your posts are worthless dummpkoff, no sane person here takes any stock in them whatsoever. You’re an absolute loser!!

    • I mean, this racist drivel was in response to an article pointing out that you are nothing more than a useful idiot for billionaires, and it’s really telling. Your only motivation is hurting other Americans, and you’ll do it even when you make your own life worse. You are hilariously stupid.

        • Why, an escapee from Bellview Sanatorium accusing someone else of being brainwashed!! You clearly don’t have enough of your own sanity to be making that comment.

          • Fine with me. Obama has did his job of dividing America, as we see from all of you anti-American, anti-White lefties. Enjoy your hate & intolerance.

          • Yes I do get that you think incredibly stupid racist things, incredibly stupid racist guy. It’s right there in the label.

          • Sorry that you’re functionally illiterate! Your dimwitted struggles with your own native tongue are not, however, in any wise my problem.

          • It’s also weird that a neo-Nazi traitor such as yourself, who supports a foreign dictator’s puppet President, thinks they are in a position to call OTHER PEOPLE “anti-American”.

    • Well, Patrick—Looks like you got a lot of warm fuzzy responses for your usual idiocies. How do you manage such amazing consistency in posting drivel after drivel??
      Ask your komrades in Moscow to email you some new lines.

    • Change that to anti-white supremacist / neo nazi. Trump is the useful idiot of Bannon a neo-nazi. You just can’t admit you are a sucker.

      Suggested reading for everyone who wants to know exactly what trump is doing:

      “The Origins Of Totalitarianism” by Hannah Arendt.
      Elliott Lusztig (Twitter name) made these points and I thought it was worth sharing. See if you think it rings any bells or at the very least give you a few chills:


      Hannah Arendt in her book The Origin of Totalitarianism provides a helpful guide for interpreting the language of fascists.

      She noted how decent liberals of 1930s Germany would “fact check” the Nazis’ bizarre claims about Jews like they were meant to be factual.

      What they failed to understand, Arendt suggests, is that the Nazi Jew hating was not a statement of fact but a declaration of intent.

      So when someone would blame the Jews for Germany’s defeat in WW1, naive people would counter by saying there’s no evidence of that.

      What the Nazis were doing was not describing what was true, but what would have to be true to justify what they planned to do next.

      Did 3 million “illegals” cast votes in this election? Clearly not. But fact checking is just a way of playing along with their game.

      What Trump is saying is not that 3m illegals voted. What he’s saying is: I’m going to steal the voting rights of millions of Americans.

      Fascism is the opposite of conservatism because it refuses to acknowledge reality as a limitation on the scope of human will.

      Unfortunately most conservatives in America today only have an eye for that phenomenon when they see communists doing it.

      No harm ever came from overestimating the danger of a political situation. Whole civilizations have been lost from underestimating it.

      • Give it up, you have been brainwashed into being anti-American. You will see how President Trump cares about all “Americans” as long as they are here LEGALLY, and not a threat to American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants. After a few years, maybe your eyes will be opened!

        • And the fantasies just go on and on!! When are you ever going to assimilate enough brain cells to get out of being the totally clueless idiot of the NM???

        • Enjoy your alternative universe, along with your alternative truths, Patrick. When President Bannon gets through with you, you will be well and truly ——. As will the rest of us. But at least we will see the train coming down the track as we try to get out of the way. You? Mashed cat.

        • Oh the old anti-American rhetoric as a deflection.YAWN
          Trump cares about Trump. The WH gig is to further his business interests. His “concern” for the middle class and poor had an expiration date and that was election day. You were his useful idiots and he looks at you as “the help” again.
          Poorly educated. Especially loved by Trump because they believe every lie he tells them. SAD.
          If you start educating yourself now, in a few years you could be at baseline intelligence . Yuge.

          • Trump even said that he loved the uneducated…….he knows he can con them much easier than those of us with a modicum of intelligence! You know, the ones that didn’t vote for him because we could see his lies for what they were….a major con job!

          • Exactly and his supporters didn’t even catch that he was insulting them. Not even when he said he could shoot someone and they would still be supporting him. He was playing to a wider audience during the entire primary often at the expense of his supporters. I believe many were poorly educated in the sense they had no idea what his agenda really is. Let’s face it, Fox watchers aren’t deep into facts or doing any further research. They take most things at face value. The others who supported him, the Bannon followers knew exactly what his interests are and that they could get in the door on his coattails. Not all republicans are racists but the vast majority of racists are republicans. Keeping in mind this isn’t the GOP of old, but instead the hijacked GOP filled with American Taliban types it was a perfect opportunity for them and all they had to do was play to trumps ego. He’s a bottomless well of need for adoration.They probably only had to compliment his “big hands” 😀

          • Another interesting fact is that he went back for a “THANK YOU” rally and told those that attended that he had actually lied to them about many of his promises because he needed their votes. And, they just went on applauding him……total idiots! I wonder how much it will take before they realize that he is a con man and didn’t mean much of what he promised or can’t do much of what he promised!

  10. you mean the biggest lying loser DONNY DUMP . one has to understand only with all the BULL could he had won he should be sending his B/F from Russia PUTTHEAD and his newest B/F from the FBI COMA COMEY big time thank you for helping the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW do what he dose the very best FRAUD,CON& SCAM his way to the white house . he will have the HAMMER DROP on him . and with the clowns ego more then likely his own hand will be on the hammer/// judges keep the BAN ON BANING THE DONNY DUMP’S BAN and if and when it go’s to court judges think of this , if someone murders someone and there is a tape on them saying that thy did the murder any judge in their right mind wouldn’t throw out the tape and say that the guy didn’t mean it or some other BULL- CRAP . so the DUMPSTERS own words called it a ban on a faith and that’s against the U S Constitution the judges should see the DUMPSTERS ban for just what it is and what he meant to be . its funny how so many really too many times his brain dead staff and followers all try to say he didn’t say that and it wasn’t what he meant . if anything the DUMPSTER says every thing just the way he means it and he dose always add his CON to his words making it so he can mean something else . but don’t let the DUMPSTER fool you as he has ohh too many poor people that had anything to do with clown . and this pile high of stanch has the stones to say (THE SO CALLED JUDGE) its more to go to him as being a SO CALLED PRESIDENT he is a deranged child minded clown that in his pea brain he will never grow up . to save the country and the world this SYCO needs to have a full psychological evaluation examination for he isn’t fit to run a toll booth never mind the country

      • no drama and not too many words for at least 3 people to read as for being nice ? well that’s the nicest I can be with out getting a note sent home from the teacher

      • ps I feel this is the nicest I can be also >ICE time to kick down the DUMPSTERS WIFE’S DOOR to her place like thy do for the other’s DONNY DUMP is a hypocrite in the fullest line of all his BULL CRAP. his hair-bag wife is an illegal alien and she is the same illegal immigrant with a criminal record . she lied when she was in the STATES on her VISA pass . and the truth the DUNNY DUMP DUMPSTER him self should be charge with aiding and abetting she as a criminal (as the DUMPSTER AIDING HER MAKES HIM A CRIMINAL ALSO . where’s the GOP gang of pinhead’s on bring to the floor an investigation on that pair that swing from the back of a bull ? not only are thy both criminal’s and law breakers . you can bet that the DUMPSTER hjas been holding that over his HAIR BAG wife’s head from the time she started being this illegal criminal immigrant alien . and still to this day an investigation can still be done there’s no statue of limitations on that law of her (and the DUMPSTER lying about her status of and whys and what’s of her being in this country . come on all the reporters DO YOUR JOBS and put these things in the news show the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER FOR THE ILLEGAL LYING HIPERCRITE HE IS he has broke the law and is an exterior to the crime of aiding and abetting the entering to the USA of an illegal immigrant criminal alien . it should and has to work on her and him . the law is the law no matter who you are even if you might be the star of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW

  11. Today I have watched as journalists on my TV machine kept repeating that Trump’s base is happy because he is keeping his campaign promises. Only on AM Joy did anyone bother to point out how he is doing the exact opposite of what he promised when it comes to his repeated promises about Wall Street. The opposition from Trump and Republicans to making financial advisors work in the best interest of their clients is mind boggling and deserves as much attention as his Muslim ban. It is not surprising that his supporters do not know about it given the relative lack of media coverage.

    • He’s implementing the only part they care about: a racist police state that punishes the Wrong People for not having the same opinions as the Tea Party whackadoodles. All the rest was only ever pretend moral high ground, and they knew that – they are perfectly willing to put themselves and their whole families out of work so long as they get to live in a higher class of cardboard box than brown people.

      • My husband sent an article to his Trump-supporting siblings about Trump’s/Republican’s opposition to insisting financial advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients. They were appalled. And they are typical Trump voters – college educated, affluent, suburban. Yes, Trump won a larger share of the white working class than was expected but the average Trump voter is educated and more affluent by quite a lot than Hillary voters. That is, they are typical Republicans who care a lot about their wallets. They are OK with banning Muslims, abortion, etc. but not getting cheated. Thanks to Fox and a lazy MSM they actually believe Trump was a fabulous businessman who will make our economy great again so they can get wealthier. They were not pleased to hear that Trump is OK with them getting fleeced by their financial advisors. There are millions of Republicans like them. Putting a spotlight on Republicans desire to pick their pockets is more likely to turn them against Trump than other issues. Trump is breaking one of his most effective promises – to stop Wall Street from cheating main street. Democrats like Warren and Bernie need to put more focus on this ASAP.

        • Trump was elected by 36% of the US economy (no, really). The people who have the most to lose voted for this.

          Also Sanders isn’t a Democrat.

          • And returned to being an independent once he lost.

            It was a real gripe for me that the Sandernistas were perfectly willing to be Democrats in trying to take over our Party, but dumped us when things didn’t go their way completely.

        • They should have realized that something was up when he nominated several of his Wall Street cronies to his administration!!! Shades of “draining the swamp!!” Are people that dense that they don’t see that he’s going to take this country back into a depression very soon!!! All the jobs that were filled during President Obama’s administration will suddenly be gone; companies will be put out of business; people will lose their homes, and I could go on and on!!! But, they won’t believe he conned them until they’re sitting in the street wondering what hit them!

          • Fox News will blame Obama and the Dems so they will, too. Right wing propaganda is our biggest problem and one Dems and the mainstream, media have not addressed for years.

          • I couldn’t agree more. If the Dems don’t really start doing something to discredit the right-wing biased MSM, their chances of winning future elections are going to be slim no matter how qualified their candidates are.

          • MSM like fake news CNN, or MSNBC, or just about all MSM . And quit listening to dailykos & the like.

          • Hey dummy, President Trump is using Executive Actions like your pal Obama, to classify your Socialist Billionaire George Soros, a National Security threat. What goes around hey? We learned your devious tricks, now will bite you in the ass! LMAO.

          • And of course you’re too ignorant to realize that the President has not authority to do what you just stated!! It is clearly unconstitutional for the President to attack any individual!!

            What kind of a moron are you?? Just like Trump!! Too stupid to realize he’s not the CEO of a company and has no authority to write such an Executive Order.

            But not to worry, his days as President are already numbered – he won’t be in the Oval Office 60 days from now!! So gloat while your idiot mind lets you!! Because all that gloating is going to come crashing down!!!!!!!

          • Trump & the rest of real American, learned how to “get it done” by Executive Order, thanks. What goes around & by whatever means necessary. Necessary to fix decades of your leftist, failed Socialism!

          • Trump knows how to get it done? Is that why half his EOs violate the Constitution and have been thrown out or are unenforceable?? And is that why even his Muslim Ban is being thrown out?? What a joke!

            And failed Socialism??

            Is that why there have been almost 3 years longer postive jobs growth than at any previous time in history?

            Is that why the U.S. is now the largest producer of gas and oil on the planet for the first time in history?

            Is that why the American Auto industry is makingmore profits today than when Clinton was in office? And millions of auto workers are still working and not homeless?

            And is that why no recession has started in the past 8 years when no Republican ever got through their terms in office without starting a recession or depression??

            And is that why American soldiers are not involved in fighting any major wars around the planet unlike under the last 2 Republicans??

            And is that why more high school graduates can get student loans for less money than under any previous president?

            And is that why more illegal immigrants who have cost America big dollars have been rounded up and deported than under any two previous Republican president??

            Do I need to list more things Obama has done than any Republican presidents have ever accomplished to prove how totally asinine your idiot comment is???

          • Indy, I appreciate this post, but it’s a waste of time trying to educate those who have been programmed by radio/tv for the past 40 years. They can’t change what they “believe” and I do hope that when they have major hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc., they don’t expect the “socialist” agencies of govt –that they “believe” are so evil– to rescue them from the fury of nature. But they will, and will whine if they don’t get the socialism they are programmed to hate. That’s one thing we can depend on. I’ve been reading lots of “backs and forths ” and see no redeeming value in arguing with them. It just uses up bandwidth and gives this old “socialist” a headache. It’s like pounding nails through bricks, you bend the nail and or break the brick. Waste of time for any who think…. But thanks, anyway for confirming that there are more of us out there in the jungle that is now Amerika.

          • I’m still waiting to hear if 45 ever sent FEMA down to Georgia to help out after the tornadoes hit then. I know that their governor asked for help, but we’ve never heard if help ever arrived!

          • MSNBC, hahahaaaa, that completely Socialist fake news. LMAO. Start listening to opposing views you leftist stooge.

          • And President-in-fact Bannon writes the executive orders.

            “Lawyers? Who needs ’em unless I’m trying to skin someone in the real estate biz. And I own the Congress already.–DJT

          • Shouldn’t you be getting your affairs in order, and packing? Deportations are escalating, their coming for you soon dummy, hahahaaaaaa.

          • When Trump and the GOP get done destroying the U.S. economy and the American way of life, it’s you and your white supremacist fascist friends who are going to be looking for places to hide!!! And breadlines to find even a few crumbs of bread to eat!!!

          • Don’t worry, Indy.
            Whiney little pukes like Patrick can only talk tough online. Real life is too hard, too complicated, and too frightening for them.

          • But with you & millions of your ILLEGAL friends deported, there will be MORE crumbs for us!!! LMAO…

          • You apparently have no idea of the misery and suffering that took place for year after year in the 1930s after a Republican during the depression when things got so bad people were throwing themselves out of windows from skyscrapers because they had lost all reason to live; they’d lost their jobs and there were no other jobs around; they became broke and couldn’t afford to even buy food.

            Just wait lowlife until spring comes and companies try to get into high gear again in the building, farming and travel industries and they’re unable to find enough immigrants around (including illegals) to do the manual labor they need done and company after company, maybe the one you work for, has to go belly up. And millions of native-born Americans start losing their jobs and go on unemployment driving up America’s debts as the economy spirals into a depression.

          • I’m stockpiling canned goods and drinking water. Good thing i have a large basement. And making a larger garden area for raising food (butternut squash keeps well if kept cool).
            Too bad history as an educational subject has been shut down. People who don’t know the past can’t understand that the past repeats itself about every other generation. I’m saving pennies to drop in the cups of the RW beggars who bought the lies. Let it not be said i have no compassion for “the least of these.”

          • And watch the prices of goods go up because farmers, etc. will have to attempt to hire Americans to do the same jobs. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to find many that are willing to work in the fields all day, so you can expect fruit and vegetable prices to go sky high! But, they don’t think about these things because they don’t have a logical bone in their pitiful little bodies!

          • Well MJ Hoop, I wasn’t talking to you, but that is why we have LEGAL “seasonal” Migrant Workers. But if the Millions of Illegals went home, our taxes from overcrowded schools, free health care, unemployment & crime, would more than offset any price increases from removing Illegals.

            p.s. Only reason Migrant Workers had done this work was they used to go back to their home Country with the money they made, & it was worth 12 times as much! Children of Illegals won’t do this work either, especially if they are paid $8.00 per hour & live in the US. Comprende??

          • We have legal immigrants here and many send money back to Mexico to support old parents and wives and kids who don’t live here b/c they don’t have the papers or the will. I just have a problem with labeling a whole class of people as “Illegals” w/o knowing if they really are or not. But this conversation is not going anywhere, so will do you a favor and bow out.

          • You know, had our Congress & White House over the decades enforced our Immigration Laws, we wouldn’t have this mess, all politics. I personally think LEGAL, Law Abiding, Hispanics make wonderful Citizens. It is all the Illegal crap that ruined it !

          • Talking to these Putin-paid trolls is nothing but a major waste of time. You ask them valid questions….they deflect! Just block them and not have to deal with the stress of trying to change their brainwashed minds!

          • Facts mean nothing to the brainwashed hoi polloi.
            I’m thinking people like Patrick Henry are always in line to join the military to protect the privileges of the guys at the top.

          • Hey dummy, start packing, time is running out for you!!

            ICE Just Arrested More than 600 Illegal Aliens in 11 States
            This is making America safe again […read more]

          • Sorry but nothing more than right-wing ‘alternative facts’ aka LIES!!

            Many of those immigrants that were deported were women who were deported while their kids were in school. They weren’t even allowed to get home and make arrangements for someone to take care of them. And the majority of the 600 had no criminal records and were 10 times less likely to commit a crime THAN YOU!!!

            Deporting those immigrants is making America less safe because it’s giving terrorist orgs like ISIS and al Qaeda more propaganda for them to use in recruiting or converting native-born Americans to terrorists already here in America!!!!!!!

          • Independent1….you’re preaching to the choir. These right-wing idiots have NO idea what’s going on…..they have been watching too much FAUX News or reading Breitbart!

          • The absolute stupidity of you right-wingers is mind boggling!! I never realized people could be as clearly stupid as you people prove yourselves to be!!!!!!!

          • And this is why 45 was elected…..from the absolute stupidity of his followers who, by the way, have NO idea how our government works and were totally conned (or as I say lately, “conwayed”) into believing 45 could work miracles!!!

          • Maybe so, but the stats don’t lie. It’ll be hard for people to blame President Obama when it has been clearly shown that the unemployment rate dropped dramatically in his 8 years! You can’t argue with the numbers!

    • His followers have one problem….none of them have ANY idea how government works. If they did, they would have realized that he couldn’t do much of what he promised he would do!!! But, they just followed him like sheep, and they still are following him. Not sure exactly what it’ll take before they finally realize they’ve been conned!

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    • the brain dead supports are to stupid to even know that thy been used and screwed . as DONNY DUMP talks about the forgotten men and women its all his BRAIN DEAD supports that the DUMPSTER has forgotten

    • The unfortunate part is that more than 95% of Trump’s supports are so mentally challenged they don’t even realize yet how much they’ve been lied to.

      • Us deplorable Americans? Typical leftist, intolerant attitude. Now WE deplorables are back in control of OUR Country, not you miserable Socialists.

      • Or perhaps don’t care?

        If he delivers, that’ll secure the Religious Reich, regardless of what else he does.

        If he delivers corporate tax cuts, that’ll secure the Corporations, regardless of what else he does.

  13. Those of us with brains who didn’t vote for 45 knew this long before he was elected! How would Mnuchin KNOW that he was going to be the Tresury Secretary even BEFORE 45 was elected? Maybe 45’s followers can answer that question because it seems fishy to me!!! He has NO intention of following through on most of the ridiculous promises he made to his so-called “followers.” In his first rally after his election, he even SAID that he lied to get votes and that many of the promises he made would not be followed through. Yet, these so-called “followers” still don’t see the light!!! I guess when he takes away their healthcare, ends up causing their taxes to go up, or when they lose their homes to feckless bankers….they just MIGHT see that their god is nothing but a stuffed shirt!

    • hello there hope alls well with you and yours . and the DONNY DUMP dosent deserve a number should be titled for what he is a DUMPSTER FULL OF B/S and that’s as nice as I can be for that clown car driver

    • ok i think im on the track of one of DONNY DUMP’s kids >>

      A man sees a sign in front of a house: “Talking Dog for Sale.” He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard. He goes into the backyard and sees a black mutt just sitting there.

      “You talk?” he asks.

      “Yep,” the mutt replies.

      “So, what’s your story?”

      The mutt looks up and says, “Well, I discovered this gift pretty young and I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.”

      “I was one of their most valuable spies eight years running. But, the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger and I wanted to settle down.”

      “So, I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security work, mostly wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings there and was awarded a batch of medals.”

      “Had a wife, a mess of puppies, and now I’m just retired.”

      The man is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

      The owner says, “Ten dollars.”

      The guy says, “This dog is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?”

      The owner replies, “He’s such a liar. He didn’t do any of that stuff.”

  14. ok sorry about the missing comers slash’s periods and what ever others makes the English requires ive gotten grade marks and points from wanna be English teachers . I just make the point im a carpenter by trade so if I could fix it with a hammer of a saw I would /// this DONNY DUMP is mentally unstable BIG TIME !! all this bull is to feed his addiction of being an attention junky . the courts should (if thy should even hear this at all ) take this on facts alone and rule on this for just what and how the DUMPSTER set and plans it . its a block on a faith one faith anything else that the judges look on to this will be just falling into the DONNY DUMP lies . (which he tells more of them then any truth ) as DONNY DUMP see it there is so much more attention in lies then any truth and his addiction to attention he needs this as his fix . the high courts has to take every thing that the DUMPSTER been saying for the start of his election and the words that have been said framing it just the way he wants and means it a block of a faith and that’s it .and that is against the constitution . if some one is caught on a tape saying that thy killed some one and then after say no thy didn’t . the courts wouldn’t be so stupid to saying ok now we believe you didn’t kill some one . its more like admitting a confession . all these gang of cowards in office (mostly GOP gang of pinhead idiots yes others also ) are scared of the DONNY DUMP CLOWN fear not the clown behind the wall the thing you should fear the most is the more you let the DERANGED CLOWN getting away with his BULL he is a DUMPSTER full of it always has been and always will be the more scary thing is all should fear is the longer this deranged clown is in the house . NOT THAT THE BIG TIME SCARY PART ABOUT IT ALL //// again just try to get my point and save the grading of my report thank you lol :)~

  15. ICE time to kick down the DUMPSTERS WIFE’S DOOR also DONNY DUMP is a hypocrite in the fullest line of all his BULL CRAP. his hair-bag wife is an illegal alien and she is the same illegal immigrant with a criminal record . she lied when she was in the STATES on her VISA pass . and the truth the DUNNY DUMP DUMPSTER him self should be charge with aiding and abetting she as a criminal (as the DUMPSTER AIDING HER MAKES HIM A CRIMINAL ALSO . where’s the GOP gang of pinhead’s on bring to the floor an investigation on that pair that swing from the back of a bull ? not only are thy both criminal’s and law breakers . you can bet that the DUMPSTER hjas been holding that over his HAIR BAG wife’s head from the time she started being this illegal criminal immigrant alien . and still to this day an investigation can still be done there’s no statue of limitations on that law of her (and the DUMPSTER lying about her status of and whys and what’s of her being in this country . come on all the reporters DO YOUR JOBS and put these things in the news show the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER FOR THE ILLEGAL LYING HIPERCRITE HE IS he has broke the law and is an exterior to the crime of aiding and abetting the entering to the USA of an illegal immigrant criminal alien . it should and has to work on her and him . the law is the law no matter who you are even if you might be the star of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW

  16. Foreign investors are fleeing the US Treasury market, canceling TPP has minimized US Agriculture’s chances of selling its product — especially the big commodity products like soy beans, wheat, etc. that depend on foreign markets — to Asian countries, leaving those markets to China, and immigrant workers have abandoned US farmers, leaving crops to rot in the fields. Loss of faith in the American economy, more expensive public debt, major economic loss to come in the agricultural interior, higher cost of American produced food basics. All set up within just 2 weeks in office! It’s amazing what this man is accomplishing.

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