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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Speaking today in Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama finally came up with a way to describe Mitt Romney’s sudden memory lapse about the positions he’s taken in the six years the former governor of Massachusetts has been running for president.

“We’ve got to name this condition he’s going through,” the president said. “It’s Romnesia.”

He then laid out the symptoms of the condition so that “no else catches it.” They include not being able to decide if you’d sign a bill that would support equal pay for women, forgetting that you said employers should be able to decide if women can get contraception and denying that you want to give tax breaks for the rich, even though your website says otherwise.

President Obama also had some good news to victims of Romnesia, “Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions. We’ll fix you up.”

Within an hour after the president first used the term, #Romnesia was already trending nationally on Twitter. Some examples:





Here’s the complete transcript of the president’s remarks:

But now that we’re 18 days out from the election, Mr. “Severely Conservative” wants you to think he was “severely kidding” about everything he’s said over the last year. He told folks he was “the ideal candidate” for the Tea Party, now suddenly he’s saying, “what, who, me?” He’s forgetting what his own positions are, and he’s betting that you will too.

I mean he’s changing up so much – backtracking and sidestepping. We’ve gotta name this condition that he’s going through.. I think it’s called “Romnesia.” That’s what it’s called. I think that’s what he’s going through.

Now, I’m not a medical doctor but I do want to go over some of the symptoms with you because I want to make sure nobody else catches it.

If you say you’re for equal pay for equal work, but you keep refusing to say whether or not you’d sign a bill that protects equal pay for equal work – you might have Romnesia.

If you say women should have access to contraceptive care, but you support legislation that would let your employer deny you contraceptive care – you might have a case of Romnesia.

If you say you’ll protect a woman’s right to choose, but you stand up at a primary debate and said that you’d be “delighted” to sign a law outlawing that right to choose in all cases – man, you’ve definitely got Romnesia.

Now, this extends to other issues. If you say earlier in the year I’m going to give a tax cut to the top 1 percent and then in a debate you say, I don’t know anything about giving tax cuts to rich folks – you need to get a thermometer, take your temperature, because you’ve probably got Romnesia.

If you say that you’re a champion of the coal industry when while you were Governor you stood in front of a coal plant and said, this plant will kill you – that’s some Romnesia.

So – I think you’re beginning to be able to identify these symptoms. And if you come down with a case of Romnesia, and you can’t seem to remember the policies that are still on your website, or the promises you’ve made over the six years you’ve been running for President, here’s the good news: Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions.

We can fix you up. We’ve got a cure. We can make you well, Virginia. This is a curable disease.

Women, men, all of you. These are family issues. These are economic issues. I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as anybody’s sons. I believe America does better, the economy grows more, we create more when everybody participates, when everyone’s getting a fair shot, everybody’s getting a fair shake, everybody’s playing by the same rules, everybody’s doing their fair share. That’s why I’m asking you for another term as President of the United States. I need you to help me finish the job.

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60 Responses to WATCH: President Obama Diagnoses Mitt Romney With ‘#Romnesia’

  1. I would like to see the President say he and his wife are probably the first in the White House to even know what a student loan payment ia about. Tell the folks until my book sold we were making student loans while raising a family.

  2. The absolute BEST description for Romney’s clueless, reversing my position, I can’t seem to remember, I never said that, let me tell you what I mean, selective amnesia I can’t recall or even remember, twisted truths and misrepresentations, and yes pants on fire lies I have heard to date!!! Mr President, while so many others have called Mitt foul names and a liar, you sir, are a class act! Proud to vote for you!

    • It’s All Bullshit Romney Just Trying To Close The Deal And The Brain Dead Buttwipes That Following Him And Voting For Him Is Just Full Of Shit !! Plain And Simple!!! You Know And I Know These People Know Romney Ass Has Been Lying And Flip Flopping, Morphing And Shape Shifting Thru-out This Whole Campaign!! These People Are Either Dumb Stupid Or Just Down Right Racist Cause They Seen What Bush Did To This Country Any Why In Fact The GOP/Tea Party Has Hid Him From All Events!!! Cause Romney Supporters Know Bush FUCKED THIS COUNTRY UP!!! It’s Up To Us To Give This Our Best And VOTE!!! Romney Will Put Bush Polices Back In Place And WORST!!! It’s Time To Clean House PEOPLE!!! VOTE!!! ROMNEY IS FULL OF SHIT HE KNOWS WHAT HE SAID IT’S These Dumb Ass People Seems To Like Being CONNED!!! We The Smart People Of America Will Not Be CONNED We Will Vote Fro The Man Who Is Looking Out For ALL The America People Not Just The Rich!!! Obama /Biden 2012

  3. There is a cure for Romnesia, of course! We have to remember that when Obama ran for office 4 years ago, he promised to “bring change to America.” And boy did he ever!!! It’s the kind of change nobody likes! BTW, unemployment improved in California, it’s now officially 10.4 statewide!.. and in the 6-county central valley it’s about 14.5! — Remember that all you idiots, if you remember to go to the polls!

    • Put the blame were it lies: with the Californian Legislators. If it weren’t for the Feds intervention, California would have an unemployment rate of 30%.

    • Nothing like calling people idiots to really cement your argument.

      Romnesia: forgetting that the GOP destroyed the country’s economy so severely that it nearly took us into a depression. Romnesia is forgetting that such economic destruction has never been fixed in a 4-year period. Romnesia is forgetting that the big federal jobs bill was blocked by the GOP House, not to mention the more recent jobs bill for veterans–also blocked by the GOP in the House. Romnesia is forgetting that California is in fiscal crisis because of a GOP-led proposition that makes it impossible to raise taxes without a 2/3 majority in the state legislature, which the state GOP refuses to vote for. Romnesia is forgetting that the soaring unemployment in CA is directly tied to layoffs in public-sector jobs due to the GOP refusal to permit taxes to be levied. Not to mention the infamous GOP Prop 13, which made it impossible for CA to tax property at its real value. Romnesia is when you can’t remember that there’s a direct connection between low taxes and high unemployment.

      You have a severe case of Romnesia, my friend. There’s a cure for it, but only if you’re willing to seek help.

      • I love Joe Biden saying that Ryan and the others talk about the mess Obama inherited as if came from the SKY . But it was the RESULT of THEIR policies
        such as creating huge Tax cuts skweed towrds the Wealthy , putting Two Wars on the Credit Card , putting the Medicare part D on the credit card and Forbidding Medicare to negotiate Drug prices .

        He also hit the BIGGEST loophole of ALL “carried interest” t and Capital Gains . The return to the Clinton Era Tax Rate on Capital Gains would ensure that Mitt paid 20% rather than 15% . Of course returning to the idea that Unearned income should be taxed the SAME as Ordinary income would be even better . The Simpson bowles Commission recommended this and GET THIS Reagan (yes THAT Reagan) Actually did IT

    • Mssas, it’s a bit puzzling to me how GOP lovers like you can be so clueless..have you been living on another planet the last 4 years? Where were you when John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both stated that their NO.1 priority for the next 4 years was to see that Obama would fail?? (We’re had some op ed articles recently questioning these two couldn’t be charged for treason for alocating something that in all intents and purposes was intended to be detrimental to the country….I would have voted Yes!) Dreaming or still in diapers somewhere? Why do you suppose that these idiot legislators have not been giving success parties now for having done their best to accomplish their no.1 goal?? Because they well know that if they admitted just how treacherously they have gone about trying to destroy not only Obama, but the country and its people, Romnesia Mitt would have zero chance of being elected. So instead of celebrating all they’ve done to stall the economy and keep millions of people out of work, and through millions more out of work with their nonsensical budget cuts during a recession…which not only added to our deficits to coverl the unemployment benefits but also added to the deficits because with so many people out of work, tax revenues were the lowest in decades and no where near enough to even cover the country’s normal operating expenses. One of the GOP’s biggest lies, is that Obama is a big spender…what a bunch of crap!! Spending is down dramatically from Bush’s disasterous 4 years, but so are tax revenues because of all the people not only George, but mentally retarded GOP legislaltures in many states threw out of work with unwarranted, stupid budget cuts.

    • MSSAS

      Appears you have your head up your sas. Tell us how badly Bush screwed things up, then comment on the last four years.

      • Let’s see: Bush intentionally ignored at least two warnings from the CIA about a potential al Qaeda attack giving it no priority which could well have allowed it to 1) he allowed the first terrorist attack in over 150 years from a foreign attacker to hit America..9/11 happened on his watch which killed 3000 Americans; He then started a half hearted attack in Afganistan to supposedly punish the Taliban for harboring the attackers and to supposedly kill bin Laden, but not only dide he allow bin Laden to get away because he had more pressing business in attacking Iraq, but also by making the Afghan war a secondary priority he allowed it to fester for years which kept costing us money (adding to the deficit); Then he started an unwarranted/unnecessary war in Iraq based on blatant lies about Iraq having WMDs which killed more Americans (about 5,000) and which also cost us more money (adding more billions/trillions to the deficit); then while we were at war, and knowing the country couldn’t afford to lower taxes without adding more billions to the deficit, he had Congress pass two unfunded tax cuts (notice, like the war costs which were unfunded (adding to the deficits) the Republicans also decided to pass unfunded tax cuts to also put them on a credit card. Bush knowing that he was adding billions to the deficit, decided to start cutting subsidies to the states that the Feds make to help states pay for Federally mandated programs like Medicaid, interstate highway repair and other federal mandates. These reduced subsidies were putting pressure on state budgets which eventually drove many states to the point of bankruptcy..purely because of a decision made by Bush to cut his budgets rather than bit the bullet like Clinton and raise taxes. And even knowing states were struggling, he came up with the disasterous no-child-left-behind-law which put another huge pressure on the states that his budgets also didn’t fund. And although it may not been fully his fault, both the financial and housing sectors were running amok creating very risky investment and housing instruments that you know ended up creating such a slow down in the economy that many financial companies and even the auto industry were on the verge of bankruptcy and again, it was on Bush’s watch. The events culminated in a recession very similar to one another GOP president, Coolidge created in the late 1928s; unfortunately the American people were foolish enough to vote in another Republican, Hoover, who turned that recession into a total stock market crash and world-wide depression. Have I given you enough?

      • I forgot to comment about the past 4 years: After President Disaster (aka Bush) had managed to run the country’s deficit from 4.9 trillion to 10.6 trillion, he passed on to Obama a 1.9 trillion budget that didn’t include the war costs and which included another 1.3 trillion in debt; so to that point Bush had run up 7 trillion in debt, which was almost twice what every other president before him had run up. But that wasn’t the end of his terrible spending: he and the clueless Republican legislature had passed numerous unfunded bills that have continued adding to the deficit under Obama: two tax cuts, an unfunded Medicare drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry, and a number of unfunded state mandates like the disasterous no-child-left-behind law. Plus, Bush had so decimated the workforce with 800,000 lost jobs/month during his last year, that federal tax revenue income wasn’t even keeping up with the normal expenses of running the country. So despite Obama’s every effort to try to cut the deficit (what he could do with the GOP determined to make him fail and refusing to pass any legislation that could have helped the situation) the deficits have continued to rise; not being helped by nitwit GOP legislatures in numerous states cutting budgets that required cutting workers which just added to the deficit to cover millions more unemployment payments. But despite all that, Obama has managed to have the stock market more than double during his term, he succeeded with the auto industry bailout, he’s almost decimated al Qaeda by killing a bunch of its leaders and even bin Laden, the immigration situation has almost reversed itself with more aliens leaving than coming and Obama’s administration has deported more illegals than any president since Eisenhower.; and on top of all that, there have been 31 months of positive jobs growth and the 114,000 new jobs last Sept was more jobs than President Disasters was able to create in any 3 mos period during his disasterous 8 years in office.

  4. Romney may recall that on DAY 1 he’s going to repeal Obamacare. If he does, he won’t be able to have his preexisting ROMNESIA treated under his plan. Nor will the 30 million other people who would be covered under Obamacare.

  5. Question

    How could you possibly be so stupid as to vote for Mittens RoMoney who hasn’t given anyone a straight answer in the past six months?

    And, the GOP stands there and shuffles their feet after they offer the likes of Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachman, Gingrich, and Mittens as potential POTUS candidates. Does the GOP actually think we are that stupid?

    No wonder the GOP is dying and ready for someone to throw the dirt on the coffin.

    • Unfortunately, yes, the GOP DOES think we are that stupid. Cynically twisting everything Romney and Ryan have said into something palatable to the middle class, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers have lied a second-class politician into a first class liar. Romney is, however, realizing what most liars eventually come to realize – the moreyou lie, the more lies you have to remember, hence Romnesia – lie-memory-overload.

      • Problem here is that lying is a way of life for Romney and Ryan. They are low life pieces of crap. That stint with Ryan at the Soup Kitchen???What a jackass! Even Ayn Rand would have puked! What a phoney a-hole!

    • All Those People You Mention The American Taliban Should NEVER Be In Office In The First Place!!!!! It’s Time To Clean House People!!!!! Rick Santorum Said It Best Out He Own Mouth”” We Will NEVER Have The Smart People On Our Side””” Finally He Speak The Truth!!!

    • As we get closer to the end of the road in this election, I am concerned that the backing and the treachery and the shell games played by Romney and his cohorts are going to do us in. I keep praying for the best but it is almost an apoplexic feeling I get when looking at the man and seeing him sneer at the last debate with a challenging look in his face over the comment the President made in the Rose Garden about calling the Libya matter an “act of terror”. I thought Obama handled it beautfully and I was glad Candy corrected the governor. Of course she got hell for it from Faux News and Limbaugh but who cares?! Was very proud of her!

  6. Romnesia is a pre-existing condition and is covered by Obamacare. Romnesia disease is a wandering-flipflopping disease that makes the Republican nominee to lie and change positions always without shame.

      • Romney’s son wants to hit a US president? Is such threat not worse than home-made terrorism? If a US muslem had threatened to hit a US president, won’t we Americans call it a terror threat or radicalism? Romney’s think money is everything but they are wrong telling lies against the middle class, women, and immigrants around America.

      • and a psychopath to boot…even worse is the dough boy Ryan who reminds me of a skunk…stinks from the outset….Randian follower my ass! I read her works in 1967 long before the wimp was even born. She would vomit about his using her philosophies to describe himself as they are totally contradictory to everything she stood for. He is no John Galt and certainly not a true capitalist.

  7. Here is something else about how Romney operates. He is partner in a high tech company in Indiana that will be closed at the end of December and the jobs and equipment will be shipped overseas to CHINA. It that is not bad enough the American workers who are losing their jobs had to train these Chinese to do the job and while they were in the US being trained the plant couldn’t fly the USA Flag on orders from Romney and his partners. Romney will say he no longer has anything to with that plant , yet his holdings are in another trust overseas with him being the sole owner and the only one able to do anything about what happens to the holdings.
    Here is something all Romney supporters need to need to know, the workers at this plant begged for Romney to talk to them, they asked by letter and e-mail no letter or e-mail was answered by Mr Big Money. They begged him to save their jobs, which he could have done, and again no respond. This should show all of Romney’s supporters how little he cares for the United States of American and the workers in this country. Even while running for President he is still shipping American jobs overseas to China.THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT NEED A PRESIDENT THAT SHIPS AMERICAN JOBS OVERSEAS ESPECIALLY TO CHINA.

    • That’s Not The Only Company Romney Is Invested In That’s Closing And Shipping The Jobs Overseas To CHINA!!! Mr Strip And Ship Has No Business Being Near The White House!!! VOTE!!!

    • Yes, just like Freeport and Senata. He wouldn’t appear there either. Of course, he will diavow his connections with Bain and talk about his “Blind Trusts” ..Bull crap! If he is such a smart ass business man, why doesn’t he know what his investments are? Actually, he really does but he doesn’t want us to think we are on to him. He thinks we are stupid. He makes me sick and his wife is useless.

        • Yes, anyone who will buy that bridge to nowhere is a real idiot. So, why doesn’t somebody call him on it? You know, like gee Gov, you are such a great business/enterprenuer and yet you don’t know where you multi-billions are invested? PLEEEASE! If you don’t know about your own portfolio, why should we think you would care about the country’s? Somebody, please help!!!

  8. Romney needs to be really checked out by a doctor…i dont think he remembers anne’s name half the time …dROMented also a good name for him…as for Ryan…Ryanittise would be excellent for him…every time you around him he exposes you to something different every day…another name for mitt would be Pmittmonia….

    • Ryan is more of a fraud than Romney. He hasn’t worked for any company other than the USA govt. He makes me ill when he debases government and yet profits from it in more ways than one. Further, he looks like a dumb ass with his weigh lifting photos….

  9. @ExPavic…..remember 2 things in this life as you go along…only the ignorant and the stupid vote for republicans in this country…..i hope that answers your question ?

  10. Obama you are definitely the best thing to happen to America’s political history since Abraham Lincoln!… Please American re-elect Obama, he is just too good to be a one term president.

  11. Of course, there are some things he doesn’t have to address and doesn’t bother to lie about. Consider this: NPR had an interview yesterday featuring a person from the National Journal and a pediatrician from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia talking about poverty and children’s health. The doctor is spokesperson for a medical group focused on children’s health. That group sent a letter to the Romney and Obama campaigns asking three questions about what they would do for children. Obama’s campaign returned a lengthy response outlining what he has done and what he plans to do. Romney’s campaign replied that they weren’t going to answer the questions. The content is not surprising, but the arrogance is breath-taking. If he feels no need to respond while campaigning (the first date phase), we can just imagine what he would be like as president. It is frankly chilling.

  12. I think Newt Gingrich is suffering from Romneisa also. Check his primary comments about Romney against his recent comments about Romney and you would think he was talking about two different people. And even though the Affordable Care Act covers pre-existing conditionds I am afraid that in Mitts and Newts case this disease is untreatable and incurable.

  13. FERN: I AIN”T MAD AT CHA!!!!
    I’m writing a Script for a Movie about a “SHAPE SHIFTING ROMNEYHOOD” Character who awakens from a 10 Year COMA in a SWISS Bank Vault who thinks he’s ENTITLED to be GOD and PRESIDENT of the USA!!!
    He thinks this is possible because 47% of Americans are STUPID and the other 53% are IGNORANT like HIM!!

  14. I have been saying for weeks now that I concluded Mitt Romney is sick. That what I thought all along to be a lack of character is really something more serious in the way he needs to default to a lie over even the most simple of questions and positions; the way he dissembles; distorts, manufactures, etc; that it was pathological, but I, as an RN at that, could not identify it.

    The President named it!! I love this man. This is priceless. It’s a great wrap up for the most bizarre presidential campaign in history with the most bizarre candidate ever. This is the only way in which to address what we have before us, what Mitt “built”.

    Joe Biden said “Romnesia” is contagious because Ryan cannot recall the budget bill he submitted to the House that they passed !

    And a pundit on MSNBC wonders if “Romnesia” is an FTD….a Fox Transmitted Disease !

    I love the President’s delivery of this…..I’ve saved it and will call it up every now and again when I need a good laugh!!

  15. I can only assume they thought we would be buried with all that money thrown at ads, movies, “exposes” and that we would meekly allow them to take our voting rights away from us. Ha !

    unemployment rate


    I ass

  16. I assume they thought we would be influenced by the filthy money, the voter suppression, and the fact that the high unemployment is still Mitt’s company sending jobs and companies overseas for big profit in his retirement, right under our noses.

  17. His company just closed Sensada in Illinois; he is closing them up faster than the President can aid these people. He and his company are the reasons for unemployment, not the solution for it.

  18. The President hit it out the ballpark identifying Mr. Romney as having Romnesia! Mr. Romney is not the person we need becoming our next President because he will not look out for the middle class/poor in our nation. Mr. Romney can’t relate to the masses of people that work hard to put food on the table for their family every night.
    I am certain my President will be re-elected! I have made hotel reservation for my family already for the inauguration on January 21, 2013. Looking forward to seeing everyone across the nation coming just like in 2009, it was a “Life Time” experience for my family and me. President Obama/Vice President Biden will get the job done completely during their second term in office.

  19. Best Award for a One liner/one word description to fit the biggest blowhard ever! Even the Salt Lake Papers don’t endorse him. Here is a guy who had his friends hold down a guy with long hair so he could cut it, and now a son, (play Tagg shall we?) who wants to sock the President in the face while investing in voting machines! Wow! Talk about transparency! And what gets me is there are people out there who are waffling and women, of all people who are undecided? Hello???

  20. Mitt Romney also has a case of multiple personality. He just has not released their names. At this time you just do not know who will show up. I presume Mitt may be the mild one and Willard the nasty one, and the other person is who agrees with all the republican clowns who are busy in describing types of rape and want women to carry their rapists babies! ! ! I suspect the reason why he has not released his tax records it is because we will find out how much money he claimed for psychiatry out of pocket, and America will find out that he is a lunatic.

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