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Sunday, October 23, 2016

President Obama Personally Oversees The Terrorists ‘Kill List’

President Obama Personally Oversees The Terrorists ‘Kill List’
  • runawayslavegirl

    Keep the Kill List what a way to go!!!!!!!

    Now we need the goto prison list!!!!

    • Can’t happen – too many politicians of both parties would be on it.

      • DurdyDawg

        Only if they turned on each other.. How are we gonna convince the judicial system that there’s criminals in the midst.. Hell, the first ones they’ll look at is their advisors while their advisors look at them. Haven’t you noticed? No where in congress nor during the campaign is the word “crook’ allowed to be spoken. What does a politician feel when another politician ball face lies and gets away with it? (jealousy).

    • EdC

      We have one, but it is usually innocent people that get on it, like what happened to slave girls in the south a hundred and fifty years ago. And that list is not in the Liberals pockets.

  • JohnRNC

    This is one of those “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situations. How does one “fight back” against the kind of terrorism we’ve seen during the last decade. Invade every country where they are hiding and training? Tried that already and it has just about run our economy into the ground (which, by the way, is part of the strategy of the enemy). The use of drones on specific targets makes sense on a number of levels, not the least of which is cost. In case we haven’t noticed, this is not like WWII or any other conventional war. The attackers are not on aircraft carriers or in tanks. Therefore, we have to develop a strategy that matches theirs and bears a similar footprint. If they choose to hide amongst the general population, they are being cowards and putting their families and neighbors at risk.

  • Ed

    The issue is not the “Kill List” per se! The bigger issue is that by demanding the final decision making power he is demeaning the office of the Presidency! And besmiching the Nation which prides itself on the rule of law. This is much different than Eisenhower demanding final approval of U-2 overflights and then lying about it. This has the odor of dictatorship. He should have left it in the hands of a committee. He cannot be the only person to order this!

    • EdC

      So lets see Ed you think he should go to Congress and say I want to kill so and so, then has to wait a month so that it can be leaked to so and so, so that so and so can go get away. I don’t think you, as group would have said that when Bush thought he had bin Laden cornered in the mountains, Once again with the Republican double standard is in effect, while the Republicans are actually saying they are out to make sure there is never another Democrat in the White House again, you can call Obama a wannta be Dictator.



    So Bush was too chicken to go after the Al Qaeda and look what happened until Obama got started, nailing about 2,400 of those Mellon Farmers.

    So if Romney gets in he will pray for the Al Qaeda and they will listen.

    Obama says hello to Osama and Gadhafi where ever they may be.

  • A shame Danziger does not live on Earth where the problems are real and our enemys must be destroyed before they destroy us.