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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.


The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich said he’s doing “performance art” as a White House correspondent in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profile, reinforcing that his role is less of a journalist and more of a sycophantic troll.

Wintrich, who was behind the “Twinks4Trump” photography exhibit, was hired by the far-right fringe (and often wrong) political blog The Gateway Pundit as its White House correspondent in February. Since then, Wintrich has adopted the Trump administration’s playbook for delegitimizing the media, including referring to anything critical reported about the administration as fake news and attacking media organizations like CNN. This coincided with the propaganda effort by the Trump administration to rely on pro-Trump shills to spread its message. Additionally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Wintrich admitted that “Half of what I do — well, on social media specifically — is f—ing with people.”

The Post-Gazette’s July 14 profile noted that Wintrich “has yet to ask a question in a White House briefing” and that he “doesn’t have formal journalistic training” and “wears his [pro-Trump] allegiance on his sleeve.” The Post-Gazette also quoted Media Matters president Angelo Carusone, who explained that Wintrich “is not really doing what a White House correspondent does, but he wasn’t supposed to. They’re looking for that moment when they get a viral response.” From the Post-Gazette:

Mr. Wintrich, who previously worked for a New York advertising firm, has yet to ask a question in a White House briefing. But he’s already scored a different kind of journalistic coup: being confronted by another journalist.


When Mr. Wintrich gained White House credentials in February, The New York Times reported “concerns that the Trump administration, which has called the news media ‘the opposition party,’ is favoring outlets more sympathetic to its views.”

For his part, Mr. Wintrich told the Times “We will be doing a little trolling of the media,” referring to the online practice of goading opponents into lashing out and making fools of themselves.


He wears his allegiance on his sleeve, penning stories like “Trump Administration: One of the Most Transparent in US History, Open to Media,” which countered media grumbling with reminders of secretive practices by President Barack Obama.


Mr. Wintrich has largely avoided such controversies. But few of his roughly 100 Gateway Pundit posts since January have drawn on his White House access: Policy issues, like a recent post on internet policy, “get minimal engagement,” he said.

Many posts rely on material reported elsewhere. And often, Mr. Wintrich himself is the story.

“I consider some of what I’m doing to be performance art,” he said, adding that “quote-unquote serious journalists are doing performance art themselves, but they don’t understand that.”


Angelo Carusone, president of liberal media-criticism outlet Media Matters for America, said Mr. Wintrich “is not really doing what a White House correspondent does, but he wasn’t supposed to. They’re looking for that moment when they get a viral response.”


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12 responses to “Pro-Trump Troll Says He’s Doing “Performance Art” As Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent”

  1. FireBaron says:

    So, a wasted article on a waste of human life. Tilda Swinton (of whom my negative opinion so often shared) is a “Performance Artist”. This clown is just that – minus the makeup.

  2. Just another small-minded juvenile male from a privileged background who feels the world owes him a favor and that his status and complexion allows him to be abusive, imperious, and ill-mannered to boot.

    What is it with little men like this who never made it out of adolescence? And why are they attracted to Trump, and/or anti-social behavior? Perhaps too much privilege, being pampered by society by default because of what he projects, and just continuing to show the world just how pernicious and perverse partisan politics, mixed with a lack of a standard of morality—at least a standard that conforms with norms established by all the Religions.

    Morality doesn’t derive from materialism and arrogance—rather, the latter are outcomes of a lack of “morality”, as defined by the Messengers of the past, and reiterated with much extra elaboration by Baha’u’llah, for today’s unique and curious qualities and our technologies, along with social factors. Qualities that were unheard of in the past, and factors unimagined by previous generations.

    Evidently, this troll and other trolls, are a subspecies indicative of a devolution of a group of men, primarily those who are products of Western values and households that have redefined a sub-morality that suits their specific agendas and distorted sense of what it means to be human. (Anne Coulter, and a small number of other women of the same privileged background, feel compelled to be in the same category as these effete men).

    • ORAXX says:

      I suspect he thinks the world owe him more than a favor. The world just owes him. Period.

      • Independent1 says:

        That attitude of ‘elitism’ seems to have permeated the vast majority of today’s Republicans. Because they think they’ve ‘made it’ on their own they think they have a right to look down on those who have not yet ‘made it’. When in reality, them making where they’ve gotten on their own is more often than not also a figment of their own distorted world view and imaginations – like with Trump who clearly thinks he’s ‘made it’ and is a great business man, when in reality, he’s only where he is today because he cost his Daddy millions upon millions to bail him out of one failed venture after another.

        • ORAXX says:

          If Trump had been dealt Barak Obama’s hand in life, the question today would be moot. Very few people would have ever heard of a used car salesman named Donald Trump.

    • dpaano says:

      The problem is that people born into wealth have a totally different mindset than the average US citizen….you know, the ones that actually OWN our government and pay for it out of their hard-earned dollars!

  3. ORAXX says:

    He comes across as an entitled little twerp who doesn’t begin to grasp the historical significance of what’s happening. Evidently, the future of the country is just a game for him.

  4. Richard Prescott says:

    Alec Jones tried that ploy to get custody of his children. At least that southern judge recognized it was more performance fart that art.
    What this twit needs is to be drafted, no deferments for what he does, and then learn some reality. That used to work, but since we no longer have the draft knuckledraggerheads like him act the way they do. He is typical of why Millenials have a bad rep. Just the other end of it.

    • I of John says:

      I agree with you on the draft. I think things would be a lot different in government if all or most of congress/president had served first not to mention jokers like these who think they are above common decency.

  5. pics fixer says:

    Job one of ANY Fascist minded regime is to eliminate or at the least, delegitimize the press [media] so that the only information the citizens get is from the leader. All other news and information is fake. In a sophisticated society that’s how dictators come to power. Then it’s too late. History proves that.

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