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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3 Responses to Putin Admires Himself

  1. And now…… The REAL cartoon of the day.

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    Have a nice day!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
    — Winston Churchill

  2. Not quite accurate though. Putin is committed to “capitalism”, albeit controlled, which is more like fascism not socialism.

    In a social democracy, there is a mix between public and privately owned enterprises which keeps the economy going. Take France and Germany as excellent examples. French and German state owned rail systems both turn healthy profits, are responsible for keeping fossil fuel exports down, are the largest single employers in their respective economies. and provide an excellent alternative to flying, driving, or taking a slow bus. (would that you in the U.S. had such excellent public transportation.

    When Britain privatized British Rail, its service went downhill. Well organized, state owned rail actually makes a profit- is the biggest single purchaser of high tech equipment, and are the largest employers in their respective countries. (See France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy as good examples of “public – private partnership.” )

    After massive protests, both Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church seem to be backing down on the 7 year jail sentence they wanted for the “Pussy Riot” protest song in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow. There was some quiet intervention from European governments and big European corporations which do business in Russia there as well. We shall see how the girls´s lawyers hadnle the case now under the new conditions. Putin is backing down on that one because it would have queered too many EEC Russian business deals.
    The Russians do want to build a second Northstream pipeline from St. Petersburg under the Baltic to Germany. They do want to build a Southstream gas pipeline under the black sea, through Turkey and Greece, (servicing Greece and Turkey, and then going onto Southern italy.) They do want export more oil over a Turkish pipeline, and run more through existing European pipelines.
    (The Russians are opening the Barashnekoff Oil Shale field with the help of Exxon and Norwegian Stadtoil- (the two companies have the expertise.) The Barashnekoff in SW Siberia is a field 80 times largere than the Bakken in the U.S. with an estimated reserve of cloise to two trillion barrels of oil. And they certainly don´t want anything, including Putins own thin skin, getting in the way of using Western co-operation to open that field.)

    Putin proved his committment to the Democratization of Russia during the 92 attempted Putsch against Gorbachev. And don´t forget he had to deal with Islamicist terrorism coming out of chetna and other areas. Don´t forget that he tacitly allowed American and Allied nato forces to use Russian Airspace in going into Afghanistan… to get at the Taliban and Al Qaida. and leaned on the other members of the central European federation like Turkmenistan and Tchadjistan to allow NATO Froces to pass. And don´t forget the Russians have another neighbour to the south-. called China they also have to deal with.

    Putin cannot be compared to Stalin. Stalin was a Georgian from the transcaucasus. Putin comes from St. Petersburg- which even in the Czarist days- was the most westward looking part of Russia, a region which was never under the rule of the Moslem Golden Horde of the Khans…
    During the Soviet days, he was with the Soviet Intelligence in East Germany. And while Condoleeza Rice was guiding Geporge Bush in the negotiatios for the reunification of Germany, Putin was also providing input to Gorbachev – in those critical negotiations regarding the re-unfification of Germany.

    Tired of having Russia Siberian natural gas ripped off by Belorussia and Poland while it was pumped through to Germany, he closed a deal with then German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder to lay the Northstream Pipeline from St. Petersburg to the Germany under the Baltic sea, and are now building out Northstream two, providing natgas at world prices (in the cellar thanks to Fracking in the U.S..)They are also opening up “Southstream”, carrying nat gas from central asia under the Caspian sea, across the transcaucacus itchmus – across the black sea. Reliable delivery to the EEC.

    Putin inked a deal with the Germans to “winterproofed high speed ICE train transport- and put five billion into r & d to winterproof it- so that it can safely travel at 300 kmh at – 50 degree celsius temepratures with wind chill factors. (That is what they have in common with the Chinese which also use High speed Velaro trainsets from Siemens.)

    He was also involved in deals for General Motors building factories in Russia, and the VW group building factories in Russia to make VWS and Audis to fill the Russian needs dproviding jobs to Russians, thank you, diversifying the Russian economy. They are also building European EADS- jet turbines and and a Russian version of different, smaller EADS/Airbus planes. Stalin. No, the comparison is more to be made with Czar Peter the Great of Russia if anybody.

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